Memorial Day 2015 — Think About It!


On Memorial Day, 2015: Stop and think things out.

You can easily see what they have been doing to America and the White race: Mass immigration of Third Worlders into our lands (and not just America, either) to destroy our race’s political demographics; shipping our jobs and manufacturing overseas; forcing us to accept homosexuality, transgenderism and other sick forms of family-destroying immorality; freely trashing White people as the baddies or idiots in the media all the time; constantly attacking members of our race with “PC” and “racism” accusations; brainwashing our youth and women to join the pink team or breed ourselves away with other races. Hell, just turn on the TV and you can see all these WHITE GENOCIDE efforts in real time. It’s now obvious what they have been up to.

The backstabbers are banking on YOU not having the guts to speak out.

On top of all this, the fancy suit-wearing Israel-Firsters in the US government and Globalist-owned media, are constantly playing NWO chess games supporting Zionist Israel’s Mideast Agenda — that you White guys in the military always have to deal with in the end. Who’s really running this country? Know what I’m saying here, slim?

It’s now time for us Whites to come together and put a stop to the lousy punks USING US!


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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88 Responses to Memorial Day 2015 — Think About It!

  1. mikey says:

    zappa has an italian name but he 50 percent Jew

  2. Bailey says:

    And I always thought this was a site for exposing jewry, asshole !

  3. Panzerschreck says:

    “The authority of the State can never be an end in itself; for, if that were so, any kind of tyranny would be inviolable and sacred. If a government uses the instruments of power in its hands for the purpose of leading a people to ruin, then rebellion is not only the right but also the duty of every individual citizen.”

    ~Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf.

  4. bubba says:

    Hoff says:
    May 25, 2015 at 8:55 pm
    If you go through Canadas Rockies, and go to Banff and Jasper….one dirty secret is that Ukrainians were interned there and used as slave labour to build the parks system.


    More info thx.


    Ukrainian Canadian internment


    Conditions at the camps varied, and the Castle Mountain Internment Camp[9] – where labour contributed to the creation of Banff National Park[10] – was considered exceptionally harsh and abusive.[11] The internment continued for two more years after the war had ended, although most Ukrainians were paroled into jobs for private companies by 1917.

    Even as parolees, they were still required to report regularly to the police authorities. Federal and provincial governments and private concerns benefited from the internees’ labour and from the confiscation of what little wealth they had, a portion of which was left in the Bank of Canada at the end of the internment operations on June 20, 1920.[12] A small number of internees, including men considered to be “dangerous foreigners”, labour radicals, or particularly troublesome internees, were deported to Europe after the war, largely from the Kapuskasing camp, which was the last to be shut down.

    Of those interned, 109 died of various diseases and injuries sustained in the camp, six were killed while trying to escape, and some – according to Sir William Dillon Otter’s final report – went insane or committed suicide[13] as a result of their confinement.

    etc etc.

  5. kerdasi amaq says:


    It’s sad that a White man working as a cop got killed, but, it’s good to remember that cops have no duty of care or obligation to protect you from criminal assault. Their role is to protect the system; the way those Agent Smiths, in the film, protect the The Matrix.

    I would regard the brains of cops to be ZOG occupied territory-many cops receive special training in you know where-to the point that they should be regarded as ZOG zombies. The onus of proof is on them to show that they are on the side of ordinary Americans as opposed to being government goons of the political parties(federal government) that employs them.

  6. bubba says:

    More on Canadian Ethnic cleansing..

    Kitchener, Ontario

    The extension of the Grand Trunk Railway from Sarnia to Toronto (and hence through Berlin) in July 1856 was a major boon to the community, helping to improve industrialization in the area. Immigrants from Germany, mostly Lutheran and Catholic, dominated the city after 1850 and developed their own newer German celebrations, and influences, such as the Turner societies, gymnastics, and band music.

    On 9 June 1912, Berlin was officially designated a city.[9] Anti-German sentiment during the First World War led to the abandonment of much of this heritage. For example, churches switched to English-language services.

    In 1916, following much debate and controversy, the name of the city was changed to Kitchener; named after the late British Field Marshal The 1st Earl Kitchener.[9] After the war, local historians and civic groups promoted a new heritage that emphasized the county’s Pennsylvania Dutch roots. Illustrated souvenir books, a popular novel, and site markers celebrated this simplified, nationalistic version of the founding.[10]

    Herbert Kitchener, 1st Earl Kitchener,_1st_Earl_Kitchener


    Following the defeat of the conventional Boer forces, Kitchener succeeded Roberts as overall commander in November 1900.[25]

    He was also promoted to lieutenant-general on 29 November 1900[26] and to local general on 12 December 1900.[25] He subsequently inherited and expanded the successful strategies devised by Roberts to force the Boer commandos to submit, including concentration camps and the burning of farms.[13]

    Conditions in the concentration camps, which had been conceived by Roberts as a form of control of the families whose farms he had destroyed, began to degenerate rapidly as the large influx of Boers outstripped the ability of the minuscule British force to cope. The camps lacked space, food, sanitation, medicine, and medical care, leading to rampant disease and a very high death rate for those Boers who entered.

    Eventually 26,370 women and children (81% were children) died in the concentration camps.[27] The biggest critic of the camps was the Englishwoman, humanitarian, and welfare worker Emily Hobhouse.[28]


    So, renamed a Canadian City from BERLIN to “KITCHENER”… honour another British War Criminal..(redundant).

  7. Bailey says:

    At the risk of mikey calling me a jew for posting jew news , I found this kind of interesting.

    It looks like BB Kings daughters are out to win the nigger lottery.

    Check out the comment section mikey , it looks like a whole lot of people are getting tired of niggers and their constant BS.

  8. Flanders says:

    The author posting this message calls it: “Subliminal martial law message for our seniors – compliments of AARP.”

    After seeing the video I must agree.

    I’m not surprised, as the author seems to be, that AARP is producing or partnering in this message. It has always struck me as being a classic leftist jew type of operation, engaging in exclusive “prestige” networking in order to stealthily pass on leftist ideas while making a profit doing so, and making the jew-cooperating organizations utilizing the networks appear to have popular public appeal.

    “By the Blood of the Lamb posted the first video below tonight. I watched, I listened, I heard most of the news story in the background. A young mother sits very calmly knitting as her radio or TV station gives a report on martial law being conducted somewhere in her country.

    First reaction is – this is a joke – and then – no way!

    So I watched the second video below which is the original. Sure enough, you can hear the “news” fairly easily. Something about encouraged to lock and barricade all the doors and further on – “…local governments to declare martial law. The president is asking that citizens find safety and remain calm. Authorities are working their hardest to contain the outbreak.”

    A good video below is summarizing some of American’s problems, but showing no awareness about who America’s enemies really are. The same goes for the comments to the video.

    There can be no consciousness, and therefore no effective resistence among Americans who do not realize that America’s problems are almost all because of jewish traitors who stealthily work in the background to bring about converging conditions which bring our country and it’s true citizens to permanent and continuing crisis.


  9. mikey says:


  10. summerled says:

    yeah jews love the number “6”

  11. bubba says:

    Re: BB King ?

    Follow the shekels.

    You follow these celebs deaths, a large % of them are murders…..especially celeb blacks.

    They are easily suckered in by Kike Jews agents and lawyers, who rip them off royally.

    When they get older and past their prime…the Kikes speed- dial the Grim Reaper …and the Kikes cash in on the post mortem marketing.

    Watch BB King affiliated sales shoot up.

  12. bubba says:

    On my “Kitchener” post earlier…I stumbled across a REAL beauty of a tale of intrigue…one I haven’t heard before

    …the rabbit holes never ending branches.

    Post later

  13. protocolsRtrue says:

    Can anybody tell me definitly if this guy was a jew. I know he was black hand backed and other things but are they covering up the fact that he was a jew?

  14. protocolsRtrue says:

    And speaking of winning the nigger lottery… Can you believe the daughter of the classic example of an agent provocateur sharpcoon has the niggerdasity to sue the city of jew York for five million because she tripped over the sidewalk. Niggers. So pathetic, so predictable. If it weren’t for so many federal dollars flooding jew York shitty to keep it afloat I wouldn’t give a shit. But like every other jew/niggertown the ONLY thing keeping it from starving and crumbling is OTHER PEOPLES MONEY. Otherwise it would fail and collapse overnight.

  15. bubba says:

    protocolsRtrue says:
    May 26, 2015 at 6:52 pm
    Can anybody tell me definitly if this guy was a jew. I know he was black hand backed and other things but are they covering up the fact that he was a jew?

    My info is he was a Jew…

    However, remember the Golden Shekel Rule

    ALLLLLLL Wars are BANKER steinbergitz Wars = JEW TRIGGERED WARS

    They even admit it.

    Princip may have been worse than a Jew…a shabbos goy patsy

    …either way he can F*ck off and rot/burn/shag Andrea Dworkin in Satan’s time share for histories traitors.

  16. Flanders says:

    PRT, I’m inclined toward Princip having been a jew despite all the other denials I’ve seen elsewhere. I had a very good article about the beginning of WWI which described him as a jew, but it is packed away in my storage files and very difficult to access. I did some search following your question and came across this good thread on Stormfront which indicates that whether Princip was or was not a jew that he was likely operating under the guidance and instructions of jew freemasonary. Trial transcripts in the thread seem to confirm that. I’ve only read the first page of the thread, but it is interesting and I don’t know where the rest will lead. I hope this helps you.

    I’ve been intending to commend you for your command and sharing of pertinent sections of the Protocols. Your excerpts tend to make jew-led issues under discussion appear much more clearly.

    Thanks for your work. I know that understanding the Protocols appears easy, but is actually a lot of work. Being able to relate them properly to specific issues being discussed helps place the significance of them in the proper light, and assists everyone in understanding that this treachery by jews against our White people is a long and continuing path.

  17. Flanders says:

    PRT, I forgot to leave the link.

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  19. protocolsRtrue says:

    Thanks Flanders. As a man who loves my country I almost feel a sense of duty to try to get people to at least objectively look into the subject. I want to grab them and yell DANGER! DANGER! WARNING! But they don’t want to hear it and they don’t want to believe it. You quickly find yourself an outsider. A Nazi racist. Any jew will try to get you fired (but they do that to all white guys anyway). The smear and slander campaigns start. I’ve been on a watch list like I’m some kind of Tim McVeigh or something. I’ve had homoland security scumbag cowards traitors committing treason piece of shit zog agents “Track” me for twelve years fucking with me and trying to destroy my life and livelihood. Traitors committing treason with their polluted fucking zog agent badges will do anything their jewmasters tell them to as long as they keep getting paid their fake jew printed money.

    So important it is in protocol#1 paragraph 3. ………………. rare indeed are the men who would not be willing to sacrifice the welfare of all for the sake of securing their own welfare.
    That one statement above is one of the bedrocks of what jews rely upon so often and at so many levels to get the scumbag cowards traitors committing treason to do what they are told and put the interests of a foreign country and foreign people ahead of and to the detriment and harm to their own country.

  20. sog says:

    it isnt so much about what cops could be or were once upon a time and that includes the majority who were corrupted by the other corrupt cops point is vague but cops are never there when crimes are being committed and could not logistically be at 99% of the places when crime occurs ..the cops are being taken from flux to a much more corrupt anti constitutional level by the jews …and all the while we are being more and more disenfranchised from our birth right of self protection …it is kill or be killed out there …it is a battle field on the guerilla leval and i say gorilla level ..the black gorilla families who are terrorist hate groups who murder whites all day long with impunity …and laugh and jive about it as well as plan more mayhem ..what are cops doing to stop this internal terrorism ..thier hands are tied by jewish protocols …people fought and died for honor and country but were serving the jewish overlords,global overlords .
    cops kill more whites than blacks …isnt much cops can do to stop the escalating tribal warfarea among american apes and who would want to …let em kill each other off and the mexicans as well ….its hard to say well there a few good mexxies or niggers but there might be 1 or 2 among the millions ..maybe but the batrtle lines dont allow for such luxuries as pretending that we have friends in other races and races who openly mock and hate us …the kwaps are more and more resembling what the global kikery wants it to …cops always protected the elites and always will ..and if you are really elite you hire private security ….there are 35,000 nigger millionaires in america and 100% of billionaires here and abroad are jewish ..the 38 or so new billionaire club in russia are all khazzar-ashkanazzi….
    jews comntrol ALL global banking ..the feds and the currency rates and rates of interest etc ..they control the carlysle group and the wall street monster …the jews caused the closure of hundreds of non jew banks some years ago by controlling the fdic and the enforcement arms of banking ,,,,they should have all been wiped out instead of kicked out of nation after nation leaving them to migrate to a new host and to refine the art of blending in and infiltration and subversion …this group of multi diverse racial lines calling them selfs jews is a big lie but they have been global terrorists from day 1 …
    their rabbis get laws passed in countries giving the jew more power all the time …this country once had separation of church and state and freedom from religion if you liked ….jews support islamificationn also of nations to help break them down like in syria in palmyra where the religion of peace killed hundreds of women and children and lined the streets leave islam is a death sentence ..i think most women in islam are prisoners of the sect and are too afraid to leave and develop islam syndrome which is a more malignant form of stockholm syndrome …islam is a sick and twisted manifestation of jews alter ego ..yet while they oretend to be bitter enemies you never see any jews attacked by arabs or other muslims anywhaere ..suicide bombers are brainwashed and drugged and strapped up and taken through security checkpoints by a mossad handler or they would never get through and innoicent people never get through either sometimes ..the suicide bomber blows up mixed ethnix but never a 100% jewish place like a temple or a business or the headquatrters in tel aviv …and what of all the anti tank and rpg shit the “palestinians ” are photographed with all the time ..these are jews posing as hamas and when jew tanks and bulldozeres come in to a town to destroy it how come they are never smoked by these supposed prolific rocket launchers …hmmm.
    the russian gangsters coming to israel also try to blow each other up and it makes good copy and for blaming palestinians …most palestinians only have rocks to throw …pretty much it …there was stupid tv seiries really stupid called sons of anarchy ..absolutely fucking lame but they supposedly were getting their guns from gaza ..heh heh ..toy guns ..otr that new invention called a non gun is invisible and uses wishful thinking as ammo ….i dont care for islam and they should be exterminated mostly the men but palestine also had multitudes of christians as well ..these are not arabs like others they are separate unique group of semite people derivatives who have lived there for 2000 years way more than the skank israelites ever supposedly alllgedly did …so that makes jews the most anti semitic people on the face of the earth ..gotta roll ..
    hey bailey did you make a new freind …wtf is mikeys problem …anyone that can turn on someone who is a real believr is suspect to me ..he’s dead to me at this point …his sites moving west and his are info gathering sites as far as im concerned even if it aint so …baily is as real as they get around here and where the fuck is barney ans sassy at …..

  21. sog says:

    bubba says:
    May 25, 2015 at 3:35 pm

    Anyone see whats wrong with this as a LICENSE PLATE?

    “370H55V” ?
    yeah its hangin on michello bammys fat ugly stanky ass…beep beep …

  22. protocolsRtrue says:

    6/6/6—- Operation OVERLORD (D-Day). Rest in Peace. Man when I think about all the death and destruction and suffering and waste of human endeavor in all these wars it almost brings me to tears. Why? And when will it stop?

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