The Bonfire of Jewish Vanities


Haven’t you noticed all the ridiculous crap now going on TV these days? Please tell me you have. How about all this “PC” business getting worse and worse by the day? And how America and other White countries in Europe and Australia are becoming flooded with the flotsam and jetsam races of the planet, right along with totally nasty, filthy as hell stuff in the media? Why is all this being done to us White people?

Who gave these filthy, holier-than-thou hypocrite creeps the rights to trash our lands and our brains from the inside out? Well, nobody — from top to bottom, Jews feel free as a bird. After-all: They are the “CHOSEN ONES” don’t you know?

Ever since the goodly land of America foolishly allowed these rats to immigrate here from Europe and Russia back in the 19th century, Anarchy, Marxism and all sorts of other “isms” soon followed. Indeed, ever since it’s been one form of social upheaval and wars, right after another, especially in the last fifty years. Meanwhile, their already rich international forces set the stage for financial ownership of the entire country, by tricking our elected government into granting non-elected, shadowy people the power of the purse (the Federal Reserve) and taxing all us working stiffs into paying the interest (the federal income tax). For a century, we have slaved for them four months out of every year — if you even have a job, thanks to today’s Globalism (the rootless cosmopolitans have been behind all that, too).

Everything you see going down today is the culmination of decades of brainwashing us Whites of the Western world with “PC” and NWO Globalist crap. The Jew media and all the other financial and political Jew power in our lands, first created social taboos to keep White people intimidated from saying a thing while they gradually worked towards a day when Jewry owned the planet. This Jewish “Zeitgiest,” has methodically undermined our societies, bilked racial frictions, weakened our morality, the family unit and our racial cohesion and demographics (which was always the real target).

Now everything is coming to a head, as America convulses from a perfect storm after decades upon decades of social-political-racial insanities wrought by these subversive bastards, while they continue getting filthy rich and even more biblically immoral. At the same time, they jack America into war upon war in the Mideast for the regional hegemony of lousy state of Israel.

These self-absorbed creeps are even open about their never-ending social engineering activities. They call it “Tikkun Olam” which means “fixing a broken world.” In their supposed Jewish “infinite wisdom,” the arrogant creeps believe only they and they alone are intelligent enough to do this. They even have a mandate from God or YAHWEH himself (if a God exists, since most are fairly atheistic). PLUS! Their victimhood at the hands of us Evil White Gentiles has made them oh-so-sensitive and oh-so-caring of the oppressed little guy. Yeah, right.

Decent, hard-working White people are killed ALL THE TIME by the filthy, criminal blacks and we never hear one GD thing about it. It’s because these nation-wrecking rats could care less about our race, even though we gave them a place to immigrate to and 418,000 of us Whites died in WWII — mostly fighting against fellow White brothers in Germany trying to free themselves of the Jewish menace raping the country. The sorry sacks of international Jew crap SUCK. Big time.

No matter what the real story behind Baltimore’s Mr. Freddie Gray, Esquire (a known criminal who was really just a two-bit little GD punk), the black state attorney general RAILROADED the cops involved, all to satisfy the black urban mobs (who really didn’t give a flying damn about anyone — just wanted the chance to “act black” and get some free stuff). From the start, the traitorous media failed to report on all the things done for “the poor oppressed” blacks in Baltimore by the taxpayer, long before such violent tantrums and looting.

Very probably Gray was trying to self inflict a few minor head wounds to put together a legal suit against the city, but went a little too overboard in the police van (he was probably high as a kite on something).

Blacks make tons of dough running false injury scams exactly like this. Actually, it’s more common than you think. If they get a corrupt MD to declare them unfit for employment and a convenient Jew lawyer to file the paperwork; they can also collect monthly social security disability checks — while they laze about, review video games and sell dope. It’s the perfect urban business subsidization plan!

Did you know the city of Baltimore received more than 1.8 BILLION from Obama’s stimulus plan? 467.1 million in education and 26.5 million in crime prevention primarily spent in these black areas. How about the fact Baltimore public schools get lavish spending, with over $15,400 per student? They get free music instruments and have Olympic-sized swimming pools, for chrissakes. But with all that, their test scores are among the worse in the nation.

That’s why I always say here: The black race SUUUUUUCKS! Big time. Obviously, the media is doing whatever they can to protect the image of this obviously worthless race.

White America, listen up: The traitorous, Jew-owned and controlled media has long been doing whatever it can to intimidate White people into silence by using the most ridiculous of events — like Thomas Wolfe’s book “The Bonfire of the Vanities.” Watch the news — it’s always non-stop black viewpoints and White guilt manipulation over the most stupid crap. Almost never a word otherwise. I’m certain you’ve noticed. Whites are getting totally screwed over.

The media never cared about contrary evidence involving Freddie Gray. They acted in this exact same way over Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Michael Brown and several others in the last few years. They always paint blacks as innocent as the driven snow — when that’s always a fairly rare thing in the ever crime-prone black community — not waiting one moment to roll out the “narrative” of black victimization at the hands of us forever-racist Whites. The media people don’t care one bit about truth at all!

America now chokes on the stench of Jewry

RICHARD FLETCHER MONTAGE xprtRichard Fletcher was beaten almost dead by a White-hating mob of more than 50 black teens, including girls, in Baltimore just this past April 22nd. So how come the media neglects to report on such things (happens all the time)? Because they don’t want White America to know!

MATTHEW APPERSONOn Monday night, ABC NATIONAL World News Tonight reported on George Zimmerman getting into a “road rage” incident with one round fired at his truck, just missing him. They treated it like it was a completely random event, even implying that a pistol-toting, violent Zimmerman was possibly the one at fault — when they and everyone else already knew the person who fired at Zimmerman was a guy named Matthew Apperson, a big LEFT WINGER nutcase who has been stalking and threatening Zimmerman for months. ABC later mentioned briefly an earlier encounter Zimmerman had with the guy, which would logically negate any randomness like how they first portrayed the event. They just can’t bear to report anything on lefty, black or non-White violent acts — if they can get away with it.



What we have going on is that the GLOBALIST JEWS already have a battle plan in the Agenda and are setting the stage to mask or complement the next step. Exactly what is in store is unknown to this goy at the moment, but it is most definitely just around the corner. Most likely it’s several things since Jewry does things in combination to keep us confused and guessing so we don’t see them behind the curtain pulling the levers.

My guess is that they know the dollar has reached the end of it’s lifetime. Inflation has eradicated most of it’s purchasing power, in addition to other global powers looking for alternatives for the petro dollar as a Global currency. Libya’s Khadiffyi was trying to do exactly this and you see what they did to him, didn’t you?

Also, the Zionists want to get us into a shooting war with Iran — to completely eliminate them as a Mideast power that could threaten their pet project of the last 100 years or more — Mother Israel. Syria and Iraq is for all intents and purposes gone as a threat. Egypt and Jordan are bought off with YOUR tax dollars.

Once this big war with Iran starts, the Zionist Jews in Israel will start active Goyim genocide operations against the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. Americans will be too screwed up in the head over our own casualty reports coming in from Iran ground invasions to care one bit.

What we’re dealing with here is a Satanic race, quite willing to see dead bodies piled up in heaps across the planet — just as long as they are not Jewish.

You might laugh all that off as the ravings of a mad man. I only ask you to contemplate the sheer number of dead back during WWII. Some 55 to 60 million people died horrible deaths all over the place.

What occurred shortly after? Nazis were hung dead in show trials, guilty or not of war crimes. Some were tortured for false confessions and even executed vengefully on Jewish holidays. German civilians were uprooted, starved to death and shot down like dogs. Women were gang-raped and murdered en masse by Soviet soldiers — urged on by Jewish Commie Commissars. Millions died from starvation. Hundreds of thousands of German civilians were kidnapped from their homes, bundled aboard trains for slave labor projects in Siberia, most never returning again to their friends, families and homelands ever again.

Palestine was then illegally invaded by cargo ships full of Eastern European Jews (financed by rich American Zionist Jews). The stage was long set by backroom machinations of International Jewry working ever since the 19th century, when the Ottomans controlled the place. Thousands of poor Arabs (Christians too) living there were slaughtered, entire Palestinian villages massacred and bulldozed over by crazed Jew terrorists and at least 850,000 completely innocent people were run out by these invading Jew nutcases — hell-bent on securing their “Promised Land” BS.

Ever since, the White Western World has been subjected to BS after BS after BS after BS by these bloody, subversive, manipulative bastards living rich and unmolested in our countries.

Let’s have a conversation on race!

Haven’t you noticed how they always say this? But never, ever allow us White people to really say what we think? That’s because they don’t want us White people to know what other Whites might think. The public altitude manipulators have fully understood this “Herd Instinct” business from day-one and have used it relentlessly to manipulate not only America, but our race.

But why? Because the real power structure are using this country like a bitch, no doubt whatsoever.

They really can’t have totally free speech for White people. This is why you have certain topics specifically labeled “hate speech,” so they can somewhat hide things from the knowledge of the general public who can only take in so much.

Case in point: The “Holocaust” (probably the biggest case in point). This is something that occurred 70 years ago, yet the public’s narrative on the subject is relentlessly enforced. Actually, it’s the only history legally enforced in many countries in the Western world. For White people to have the least doubt that the Jews were ruthlessly victimized by evil White people is extremely dangerous to the status quo — especially our continual support of Israel.

Or how about 9/11? Tons of evidence points to a “let it happen on purpose” or more likely an even worse full-on “false flag event” — designed to jack America up, so we get into endless Mideast wars setting the stage for Israel’s hegemony over the region. What they really want is to eject or even genocide whatever pathetic Palestinian remnants still living in sacred Jew lands they say God himself gave to them.

They’ll blow up the Muzzie Mosque of the Golden Dome in Jerusalem, so they can erect their Third Temple to Satan or whomever it is the creeps really worship. Now that would really give the bastards woodies!

Meanwhile, the subversive Jews over in our lands will continue flooding our countries with non-White Third Worlders and promote interracial sex all over the airwaves, so our race eventually breeds itself out of existence. Forget about belief in Jesus Christ. Once they destroy us White people, that’ll be the first to go.

I’m just going to lay it all out for you:

Most of the BS going down today is because of subversive Jew rats living in our lands.

— Phillip Marlowe



100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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145 Responses to The Bonfire of Jewish Vanities

  1. protocolsRtrue says:

    The guy who shot AT Zimmerman has been charged.
    A new story is emerging out of the philly train crash and being investigated. Possible vandalism a window may have bee struck by a rock or something. Time will tell. Some of us gave the conductor a bad rap earlier.

  2. Bailey says:

    Would a broken window cause a train to gain speed upon entering a reduced speed zone ?

  3. protocolsRtrue says:

    It dont seem possible unless the conductor freaked out and fainted or something maybe? He originally said he can’t remember what happened. FBI is on the case.

  4. ICU says:

    The ‘Hood in Killadelphia where the train went KA-FLOOEY is one of the most vile Industrial/Nigger/Reekin Mestizo+Negrito/Ruins imaginable.
    It would be no surprise at all if a “teen” or “yoof” or “cholo” or “pendejo” or “mang” or even a “beyetch” or “puta” threw or shot something into the lead car’s windshield.
    The lesser hominids in that area have unique concepts of what is “Fun”.
    If you’re a tourist in Philly and you’re there while one of Da Reekin Pride parades is being smeared on that afflicted city, featuring various mongrel freaks on homemade tricycles, sporting PR flags, made from parts of stolen bicycles, and get the urge to puke like an African vulture…
    go see the parade…
    or take a drive through Kensington or some of the skreetz off of Kensington AV or Frankford AV.
    Make sure your doors are locked and your safety is OFF.
    The alternating puking and laughing parade experience is sure to make your visit memorable, if you survive to the degree that you’ll even have a memory.
    Oh, I forgot…
    Did I happen to mention that Philadelphia is a really screwed up urban Hellhole ?

  5. bubba says:

    Bailey says:
    May 16, 2015 at 11:21 am
    Would a broken window cause a train to gain speed upon entering a reduced speed zone ?

    Cui Bono…
    Let the dust settle and the truthers analyze the facts..then the truth oozes out.

    Who knows??? I am still hearing new info re 9-11….

    Is human error the only possible variable…or was the train designed with a remote override system, ie someone elsewhere could take over the controls.
    I’m no expert, but to purposely derail train would usually take high speed at a change in direction…ie a curve.

  6. protocolsRtrue says:

    FBI is investigating along with ntsb because another train got hit 20 minutes earlier in it’s windshield. Engineer might not remember due to his concussion. I can tell you from experience I had a serious concussion before and woke up in a hospital bed 1 or 2 days later and had NO idea what happened to me or why I was there.

  7. Here is a list of synonyms;


    New World Order

    Jew World Order

    One World Government

    Hell on Earth

  8. bubba says:

    If the FBI is involved..
    …..say goodbye to all the evidence
    …. and say hello to the next patsy(Eskimo terrorists?)

  9. Schmit says:

    A poor immigrant is brutalised by an evil cop in Germany.

    This cannot go on any longer. Everyday poor immigrants are brutalised by evil cops. We really need another Jewish-led commie revolution to stop all this violence and hatred …

    Jews care so much about coloured people, why do we hate them so much ? *ironic*

  10. Schmidt, Smitherines and bubba, you know, you guys are right: when I was in the first Gulf War as a youngster, I and others would question things like, why are we here? And, I think we’re shooting at the wrong people.
    Same thing in Somalia. It was like, what the hell are we doing in this hell hole? Clinton said crap like, don’t fire unless fired upon, and don’t lock and load your weapons when you leave your compound. You must keep your ammo in your ammo pouches.

    What kind of crap is that?

  11. Sorry, Schmit, I spelled your name wrong above

  12. Bubba, what you said about tyranny above is right on target and very well said. Wish I could write as well as some of you guys. I don’t come across as clear sometimes, so now I try and keep it short. Anyway, very well said, bubba

  13. Isn’t George Zimmerman a Mexican jjew? I thought Zimmerman was a Jewish name. Why does the stupid media keep referring to him as white? God, people are sooooooo stupid.

  14. Schmit says:

    @Michele Ellis

    I heard kikes send more whites to die for them than any other race, is it true? I mean, did you have the impression only whites were doing all the Jew-work ?

    What is the racial make-up of the army? This could be crucial in case of civil unrest.

  15. Bailey says:

    Michele is finally figuring out that she fought in jew wars.
    Hang around Michele and you’ll be teaching your father all of the things that he missed and it’s of great importance that you’ll teach your children well.

    Not only are you waking up to the jew , I’ve seen in posts of yours that you’re also a motor head, the only thing sweeter than a female gear head is one that drives a big truck.

    Sorry if I rubbed you the wrong way in the past , we’ve all taken our lumps here and only the strong survive. I can talk about cars and automobilia all day long with you but it may come off as a forum slide and we don’t want that.

    For now keep your focus on the jew and the non-white pets.

  16. Schmit says:

    Yes Zimmerman is often Jewish. Jews (who invaded Germany) tend to have stupid names. If you understand German, you notice that their names often mean something.

    Zimmer= room / man=man (for Zimmerman)
    Gold=gold / berg=mountain (Goldberg)
    Rosen= roses / feld=field (Rosenfeld)

    They often tend to have stupid names. Well if they keep it.

    No wonder Jews say he is white. It suits their agenda.
    They also said the “virgin-killer” Elliot was white. His father was a kike. The mother was an Asian. Yet for the Jews, the little bastard was white.

    Jews always lie. They can never be trusted.

  17. Bailey says:

    I see that that I’m not the only one that thinks a train can be driven by wire , especially in a location that was supposedly deemed unsafe and was waiting for serious safety upgrades.

    Thank you bubba !

  18. bubba says:

    Michele Ellis says:
    May 16, 2015 at 4:15 pm

    I didn’t write that, I wish I could claim credit…author is in the link.

    However…I really respect and admire those philosoper-wordsmiths than can grab the zeitgeist and define concepts as they have either evolved or been lurking in histories underbelly …then the rest of us have our AH-HA!!!! moments….someone has nailed it !

  19. bubba says:

    Example of mind f*ck;


    It is heavily guarded…right?
    …but what are they guarding…?

    (i) is it tons of gold ???
    (ii) protect the secret that all the gold may be gone ???

    IMHO….it is either empty or vast majority of it is gone…do a little research to see why I think so., truthers can guess why.

    Anybody been there lately….? or for cheap effects its gold plated tungsten?

  20. Thanks,guys,and bailey. Motörhead is so funny. Wish I could post a picture of me on this site. I loved driving those trucks,but I was so feminine. I am not bragging,but I had and still have natural blond hair, green eyes, etc. you see, I believe that a woman can still be feminine and change truck tires and do stuff like that. I still love to dress up and wear pretty perfume and stuff. I am not like those butch women you see out there. Yuck! And yes, you guys are really opening up my eyes about Jews. I speak fluent German cause my mom is an Austrian. I do know the Jew names, but thanks . See ya!

  21. sog says:

    yeah i second what smitherines said about ya michelle …hot ……nuff said …
    my father spoke fluent german and was in ww2 ….not a real happy guy …a dark cloud of death followed him wherever he went …he was agood man tho ..he has passed on to the fatherland in the sky …one of the best mechanics i know is a woman ,honest and attentive to minutiae detail……tough friggin girl to …ahhye
    keep that charger shined up …..peace

  22. DTTJ says:


    About the jewish names. Therefore, Einstein, known the world over as THE prime example of jewish claims of being so much smarter than us average goyim – his name translates to one-stone.

    Albert Onestone, the greatest mind of all time who just happened to be a jew. Go figyah!

  23. KA Telegraph says:

    It is now 70 years since the war for the survival of the Germanic people. There was no actual reason for allied soldiers to fight,

    The Germanic people have been demonised and the Jew has gotten off, all his crimes seemingly forgotten. The Nordic Peoples left without any nation of their own and the idea of Germans living on their own slammed…

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