Depleted EBT Card Foils Black Terror Plot


New Black Panther Members Plotted to Blow Up Ferguson Police Station But Ran Out of Cash on EBT Card


Brandon Orlando Baldwin, 22, and Olajuwon Davis, 22 were indicted on charges by federal agents. KMOV reported:

Two St. Louis men were indicted Thursday after being arrested by federal agents in November.

Brandon Orlando Baldwin, 22, and Olajuwon Davis,22 were indicted on charges involving the conspiracy to maliciously damage and destroy a building, vehicle and other property with explosives and the illegal purchase of firearms from a Cabela’s store.

The indictment stated that Baldwin stated that he wanted multiple bombs to use against people, buildings, vehicles and property.

Davis and Baldwin allegedly viewed a recording of the detonation of an explosive or bomb shortly after Baldwin’s statement.

A week after viewing the recording Davis and Baldwin traveled to a location where Davis took possession of what both men thought were explosives or bombs and were arrested and have been in federal custody since.

Brandon Orlando Baldwin and Olajuwon DavisThe two militant dindus wanted to bomb a police station in Ferguson, Missouri — just didn’t have enough of the taxpayer’s dough. Maybe some rich Jew Nation Wrecker like George Soros might have helped? [INCOG]

This undated handout family photo shows Dorothy Booth, a retired 71-year-old college psychology professor who was beaten, stabbed and robbed at her home in Lancaster, Texas, south of Dallas, in 1997. A neighbor, Kimberly McCarthy, 51, convicted and sentenced to die for the slaying, received a reprieve Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2013, about five hours before she was scheduled to become the first woman executed in the U.S. since 2010 and only the 13th since the Supreme Court in 1976 allowed capital punishment to continue. (AP Photo/Handout Family Photo)

Dorothy Booth, a retired 71-year-old college professor was beaten, robbed and stabbed to death at her Texas home, in 1997 by a crackhead black bitch named Kimberly McCarthy. Once the wife of Aaron Michaels, the founder of the New Black Panthers, McCarthy is thought to have murdered other elderly women (almost certainly White) for dope money. She was finally put down in 2013. Funny how one never sees any “hard-hitting” crime stories on this sort of thing in the mainstream media, like NBC’s Dateline, huh?

Olajuwon Ali is the local leader of the New Black Panther Party in St. Louis. Last year he released a video inviting local blacks to join his group.

This week the Brandon Orlando Baldwin and Olajuwon Davis admitted in court that they were planning to blow up a police station and murder St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch… But they didn’t have enough money on their EBT card!

Breitbart reported:

Two members of the New Black Panther Party who met in Ferguson during protests over Michael Brown’s death admitted in court Tuesday they planned to blow up a police station and kill the prosecutor involved in the case.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports 23-year-old Olajuwon Ali Davis and 24-year-old Brandon Orlando Baldwin each pleaded guilty to multiple explosive and gun related charges in federal court today. Federal agents who tracked the duo’s conversations by phone and text message say they planned to target Robert McCulloch, the prosecutor who handled the Michael Brown grand jury, and Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson. The plot involved blowing up cars using remotely triggered bombs and also using bombs to blow up a police station.

The men were arrested last November after paying an undercover federal agent a total of $250 to purchase what they believed were three pipe bombs. Davis put up $100 and then paid another $150 three days later, when he met the agent to pick up his bombs. Baldwin said he was broke and needed to wait for his unemployment check to come in before he could contribute. In addition to buying the “bombs,” Davis and Baldwin bought guns which they intended to give to like-minded individuals in order to “be like an army.”

INCOG MAN: So where’s the national media on this story?

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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65 Responses to Depleted EBT Card Foils Black Terror Plot

  1. Jesse says:

    These pieces of shit will burn down and destroy everything BUT the welfare office ! You’d really have to be blind, deaf and dumb to not be annoyed by their criminal behaviour, or have a varying degree of negro fatigue!

  2. summerled says:

    LOL!! TNB that’s the best one yet stupid and incompetent

  3. bubba says:

    I’ll give this a big yawwwnnnnnnnn.

    Sounds like another Boston Bombing B.S. hoax.
    White ,Black, Green, Orange Polka Dotted perps…

    These end up being yet another ca$h cow for the Justice Industrial Complex…the taxpayer always loses.

    Follow the money/Cui Bono

  4. Bailey says:

    Feds tracking phone calls of militant niggers?
    WOW !

  5. Flanders says:

    “Maybe some rich Jew Nation Wrecker like George Soros might have helped? [INCOG]”

    We already know some about Soro’s involvement with the burning of Ferguson. I agree he or his shady fronts are involved with this, too.

    Another expert on Civil Rights tells us the truth about them, David Duke:

    “The same establishment that preaches the holy writ of racial equality and amalgamation, never lets Americans forget the right of Jews – in fact, the holy obligation of Jews – to maintain their heritage both here and in their Jewish state. It reminds us constantly, from the pulpit of television, of their unmatched godliness, their eternal innocence and victimhood. Their pundits and scriptwriters unabashedly proclaim Jewish mental, cultural, and moral supremacy. They are canonized daily by their media, while those who dare utter a contrary word are muzzled or demonized. A tabernacle of the new religion of the Holocaust stands squarely in the midst of the American Acropolis of Washington, D.C. In that shrine the American people can worship the Chosen People and feel guilt for their sins against them. There they can learn of the worst transgression of all: questioning the only true “civil right” – the Jewish right to rule us culturally, spiritually, and politically.

    The alien oppression would be bad enough by itself, but our masters clearly planned the extermination of our kind. Once I understood that, I could no longer remain silent about the realities of Jewish power in the West. Their continued dominance would sweep away our folk in a rising tide of immigration, miscegenation, non-White fecundity, and White self-sterilization.

    The alien-dominated media keep most White Americans completely unaware of the ongoing dispossession of our people – and [are] another segment cheering it on. I began to see that the media was the most powerful weapon they used against us, so I focused my next inquiries on Jewish infiltration and domination of the American mass-communication media.” – David Duke, from the last portion of, Chapter 18, Jews, Communist and Civil Rights, in his book, My Awakening

  6. Nationalist says:

    The reason the national media did not report on this story is because they are pro Black and anti White. If you are White and continue to read, listen and do business with the mainstream media you are helping them to dismantle and destroy your own race which does not make any sense. Stop playing their game and come join the pro Christian Nationalist movement.

  7. bubba says:

    Old bromide re Media…

    They can be bought off cheaper than a $5 hooker…

  8. Flanders says:

    The author of this long article detailing information about Soros does not indicate that he has jew-awareness despite the fact that most leftists names whom he mentions in connection with Soros are jews. He does not indicate, either, an awareness that communism is jewish and that it has always been run from the US, from heavily jewish cells, rather than from the Soviets. Despite that, this is an important and well written article detailing much about Soro’s activities, and other jews and leftists, which many people will want to spend some time exploring. The excerpt is from about the mid-point of the article, under the subheading, “Financing the Progressive Movement”.

    Soros is, in the jargon of the left, a “fat cat” — perhaps the biggest fat cat of all time. And his funding recipients constitute a who’s who of the left, including the extreme left. These are the forces in society that want to see more government control over the private sector. However, their agenda is economic, social, and global.

    This “fat cat” supports the causes embraced by the organizations he bankrolls. These include drug legalization, strengthening the United Nations, opposition to the death penalty, euthanasia, tax increases (including a global tax), immigrant rights, prisoner rights, feminism, abortion rights, and homosexual rights.

    One notices that Soros finances the establishment of a number of “rights” that have never been self-evident or God-given rights under the American system. This reflects the influence of Soros’s mentor, philosopher Karl Popper, a communist in his youth who writings were later adopted as a basis for “democratic socialism” and the notion that government can bestow rights and manipulate the transformation of society on a gradual basis. Popper thought this approach would make Marxism’s emphasis on the alleged inevitable historical process and violent revolution unnecessary.”

    Obama’s Master George Soros: Supporting America’s Enemies at Home and Abroad | The Soros Files
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Share Alike

  9. sog says:

    hey do ya think that anyone might go out on a limb abd declare niggers as american terrorists yet …when the combined forces of nbpp and islam niggers conspire to commit a crime no one investigates ..sounds like jew meddling …
    we know the marxist branch and sub branches of judiaism talmudic forces own the usa as well as china and basically russia …never mind that ther is a kike president in all the south american countries and mexico for that matter ..all this talk of blame and whites and cops etc …remove the police from the nigger run cities .the effin absolute hell to them …they will resort to african tribalism as they always do and are waging a nigger jihad against whites ….kinda funny that islam was the real upstart and continuing saga in the efforte to take enslaved niggers and transport them across the oceans before the jeews i suppose but the jews have owned the ocean shipping businessess from way back anyway so the jew slave ships later did not only move niggers sold to them by other tribal african conquerers of these sods but they moved watered down liquor and shitty trinkets to africa shores to trade for the future din doo dat n shiyt zombies …all we hear is black slavery the jews put a indentured time of service clause in there to be able to sell more servants ..andrew johnson nigger freedman was the first to re capture a slave and go to court to make him a chattel slave by court order for life etc ..the nigger done ran off cus his indentured toime was up but the nigger owner stole him back ..look for real the amount of people playing the indentured nigger game als played the indentured white slave game and it was 2 % of coloinal americans of which half were jew owners and the other half were freed niggers who by the wway actually owned more slaves than whites did ….whites had no protection under any law like niggers did ..
    there are many links for which i have no time to post at this juncture ….but how odd that american jigabooz embrace a religion that brutally enslaved them and still does today ..mauritania passed anti slavery laws in 2007 or so ..blacks have always enslaved blacks and whites ..muslims captured milions of white slaves thru millenia wher 400,000 africans were brought to the usa 12 million were taken to south america by muslim corsair vessels and jew trtanshipment etc ….niggers have stockholm syndrome i guess …as long as a religion is touting the death of qwhites they are on board ….as a note here most white slaves shipped to west indies and the usa were worked to death but more cruely in the indies ..10’s of thousands ….fuck the nigger terrorists …they want to blow shit up now ..they still be obamas sons and sheboons n all so after fast and furious i guess an american nigger can do anything they want with immunity built in …the fuckin sharpton wants to make it a federal felony to shoot a worthless shitboon to defend yourself …..can you see the jew behind all this …..

  10. Hoff says:

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Siding with the White House in a foreign-policy power struggle with Congress, the Supreme Court ruled Monday that Americans born in the disputed city of Jerusalem can’t list Israel as their birthplace on passports.–politics.html

  11. American born says:

    Run of the mill American street nigger trash are increasingly converting to Islam.

  12. zulu-X-treme says:

    It’s interesting to me that folk(s) on a government welfare program using tax payers money to destroy/kill/harm hard working folk(s) who are not part of the welfare program… Surely there should be some system of recourse? If you are involved in any crime and are presently on a welfare program you should have all your rights removed/stripped and government support should be terminated for life? How can it be allowed? There’s something clearly/really wrong with a system of government that allows criminals to be financed by the exact folk(s) who are being killed / raped / murdered / tortured / etc. and then to truly make matters worse ‘they’ are then housed and fed, get free medical treatment, free gym, free TV, etc. and again it’s the hard working folk(s) who pay for all of this!!!

  13. Eric says:
    Thanks for the link above,,sog..and yes,all gutterments on Earth are CONtrold by the jid.

  14. EnzilDennistoun says:

    As much as I loathe these animals, this smacks of a classic fed sting using dumb niggers as the patsies.

  15. bubba says:

    John Nuttall, Amanda Korody found guilty in B.C. Legislature bomb plot

    However, Crown prosecutor Peter Eccles argued the couple used what they believed were authentic terrorist connections to secure several kilograms of what RCMP officers have testified were fake explosives to arm a trio of pressure-cooker bombs brimming with deadly metal shrapnel.

    “They weren’t entrapped,” he said outside of court. “It was done using old-fashioned undercover police investigation technique.”

    The court watched covert video footage showing Nuttall and Korody planting the bombs beneath decorative bushes flanking the B.C. Legislature early Canada Day morning.

    Recordings played in court showed the pair saying they believed killing women and children was acceptable so long as they weren’t explicitly targeted in the attack but rather died as collateral damage.

    “We’re AQ Canada, Al-Qaeda Canada, that’s who we are.… We’re sleepers who’ve been woken, that’s what we are,” said Nuttall to Korody in the video.

    Nuttall and Korody initially faced four charges, but earlier this month Justice Catherine Bruce told the jury that, due to legal reasons, they would not be required to make a decision on the third count of the indictment — facilitating a terrorist act.

    Just like the story above on INCOGMAN I think these are all psy-opps. They want the public to fear that disenfranchised youth (of all races) will turn to Islam etc ..or old boogyeman like “Black Panthers” and ” join the revolution “.

    It ain’t that hard….once you step back a bit and see the bigger picture with pattern recognition…especially us in INCOGMAN-Land.

    Say like Kristallnacht…German retribution ?
    …or was the murder of Ernst vom Rath by Jew Grynszpan ,and the riot…all at the hands of the same groups…ie the Jews then started a riot so the Germans looked bad and thus more Jews wanted to leave Germany .

    I think the Lone Gunman theory was an imbedded in our psyche especially since Oswald and JFK…when in fact in the majority of cases there is a huge supporting cast in the background.

  16. B-E-Devil says:

    Many of us don’t just call the jews “rat face bastards from the
    sin-a-go-go of satan” for nothing.

    Anyone who just spends a little time observing their
    behavior should easily see this.

    “All jews carry a reptilian gene and have reptilian physical features.”

    Do a search on
    “How to recognize and identify a jew”

    The two first search hits show Part 1 and Part 2 of PDF files.
    Read them and also observe the photos. One photo has ICM’s work.

  17. Anton Chigurh says:

    Niggers are an armed insurrection in America. We were lucky these 2 clowns were too stupid & cheap to make a real bomb, like Tim McVeigh. So even if these apes are off the streets, there are other chimps that are like bio time bombs waiting to go off on YT. I’m sick of the media blackout on nigga crime (pun intended).

  18. What an ugly, stupid, disgusting race of people. Worthless, worthless, worthless. Niggers are dumber than gorillas, way,way dumber and actually uglier. Some rag bag nigger in my small white town is at it again. No shirt, ugly back boots and shorts and dreadlocks . He’s out there on the corner jumping around, waving his arms all around and shouting at the cars that go by. Man, what a sight. I still can’t stop laughing. Maybe he’s on crack.

  19. Bailey says:

    I’d suggest running his black ass over but you dont want to eff” up your hot rod.

  20. bubba says:

    I totally agree with the subtleties of nature…far more lies beneath the surface that ultimately manifest itself in the “product”.

    I was listening to an archived Giuliani show and his guest was mentioning some intriguing anomalies in nature…He was saying that if you place an object like say cutlery under a jug of water…the water will assume a unique internal fingerprint , which changes if you put a different object.

    Same with fetuses….the actions of the pregnant mother do imbed into the child.

    ( on the same topic….if a woman has numerous male sex partners…each and every one of these males sperm DNA/coding is imbedded in the women for life…ugghhhh)

    Jews ? their stereotypical looks and actions are the culmination of 1000’s of years of satanic in breeding…these Frankensteinian INCUBUS are set in motion upon conception.

    After birth…the Tribe simply makes sure the KikeBot stays in tune with the 1000’s of years of Kike programming.

  21. You are right, Baily. Wouldn’t want to mess my beautiful, Hemi Challenger. It’s the only thing I own and I love it! Won’t ruin it on some stupid, punk ass nigger.

  22. Flanders says:

    Our friend, T-Bone is unable to access Incogman, but he left a couple of items from The Forbidden Truth over a Hoff’s that should be shared.

    T bone

    Read this at TFT (I like Scott’s response):

    Ryan Paterson
    Jews very much hate Christ. As I found out first hand when I asked some guy, who I didn’t know was Jewish, if he was looking forward to Christmas. He went crazy and flew into a rant about how Judaism was superior to Christianity.

    He was a repulsive person who thought that Jews were an intellectually superior race. Yeah, please show me this sparkling intellect because the most intelligent people I have known are European: Dutch and Germany specifically.

    Also, he was disturbingly power hungry so he kind of fit the profile of a Jew.?

    Scott Roberts
    And just think of the disgusting crap they celebrate (the mass-murdering and torturing of their enemies). Really, what else needs to be said about a people who give their children a “Bag-of-Plagues” as a gift (I shit you not, look it up), just before they gather around to suck the blood out of a child’s freshly butchered penis?

    on June 7, 2015 at 7:02 pm | Reply T bone

    Bag of plagues:

    A fun and educational way to involve children in the Passover experience.
    ? 1 red disc for BLOOD
    ? 1 frog for FROGS
    ? 1 small black bug for LICE
    ? 1 lion finger puppet for WILD ANIMALS
    ? 1 cow mask for CATTLE PLAGUE
    ? 1 sticky hand with white dots for BOILS
    ? 1 plastic ice cube with red crystals for HAIL
    ? 1 large green locust for LOCUSTS
    ? 1 pair of sunglasses for DARKNESS
    ? 1 – 12 pc. puzzle for DEATH OF FIRSTBORN
    Ages 3 and up

    Notice how it says “fun and educational”. You cant make this shit up.

  23. Flanders says:

    I thought that Garlic was supposed to protect us from vampires!

    “The propaganda of certain powerful (religious) groups (the same powers who defend the barbarian mutilation of male infants known as circumcision) wants to make people believe, garlic can be healthy, but no clinically reported evidence suggests it is actually effective. Herbalists have caused a great stir amongst the scientific world in regards to the use and consumption of garlic, stating that garlic eats up the brain. Scientific Research, although partially disputed, has shown that garlic shockingly impaired brain activity.”

    “Foetor” is a distinctive odor that is offensively unpleasant. The belief that Jewish bodies exude a foul odor, the Foetor Judaicus, was common among medieval Europeans. The Foetor Judaicus, the smell of heavy garlic among Jews, is not proof of racism, as some would like to contain, it seems only natural to complain about someone’s foul smell.

    “With a whiff of foetor judaicus, this passage makes a strong correlation between Jew and excrement, pointing to the sewer as the place where a Jew can be found; perhaps he belongs there. ” – John Foxe and the Jews by Sharon Achinstein in Renaissance Quarterly”. [End quote]

  24. Bailey says:

    Does that mean that t bone is going to make his return ?

  25. Karen says:

    Jews intellectually superior? The average IQ in Israel is 95. Every European country is 98 or higher, Italy’s average is 102. Jewish success is based on collective group action, like termites.

  26. bubba says:

    JEW IQ ???

    They try to draw you into a surreal world…and then have you under their control…

    2 of Family members’ friends just got accepted into Medical School , and of course their families and friends are ecstatic….

    However, if you do some UNlearning and realize what a Kike Jew scam modern medicine has been , you just cringe and shake your head when no one is looking.

    How they get you is they set the bar high…work your ass off…literally sell your soul in blind loyalty and adherence…then they got you for life…

    You are now a member of a “professional mafia” that will protect you, right or WRONG, as long as you follow the professional standards, which are continually entering a slippery slope.

    If you do show integrity and an open mind…(sorta like the Holohoax)..your license is pulled and all that time and money is gone…


  27. Jesse says:

    Black Bear in our neighborhood was shot by police – true story
    Media says police are aggressive to bear for simply being black!
    Eye witnesses say bear had its paws up saying “don’t shoot” , officer says bear charged at him and he had no choice but to put it down. Mama bear says “he wuz a good bear , he dindu nuffin wrong, he wuz turning his life around! Da poleaace be raciss!!” New movement among young Bears called #blackbear lives matter lol.
    The police did have to shoot a black bear in our neighbourhood and that came to mind. Thought I’d share (-;

  28. Bailey says:

    Why not? They shoot dogs in their own homes.

  29. Bailey says:


  30. Bailey says:

    How the hell do you copy and paste on a stupid phone?

  31. bubba says:

    Jesse says:
    June 9, 2015 at 5:48 pm
    Black Bear in our neighborhood was shot by police – true story

    Geez I hope it wasn’t this one….

  32. Flanders says:

    “The daily life of the black minorities is just heart wrenching.

    They wake up each morning wondering how they are going to survive another day, On the First Friday of the month they wait at their mailbox waiting for the mailman to show up and deliver their $975 SECTION 8 Check so they can take it to the Low Income apartment complex office and pay the $20 difference for another month of living there.” [continues]

  33. Karen says:

    Smitherines, this ones for you….

  34. Hoff says:

    Bailey says:

    June 9, 2015 at 6:14 pm

    How the hell do you copy and paste on a stupid phone?

    Take the text you want to copy. Point and Press for two or three seconds.

    Same thing where you want to copy-past the text.

  35. Kris says:

    We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.

    This is the most important goal, objective for us white people.

    Our race is our nation.

    But we must not retreat. We must not be painted into a corner.

    Whites must stand up as one nation in Europe, North America(US and Canada), Australia+New Zealand and Russia.

    We must NOT give to our enemy OUR territory! Not without a fight. And even if they would defeat us on some part of the front, we must take it back from our enemy.

    Dont be a victim.

  36. bubba says:


    Karen can come out to play AFTER she has done the dishes and mixed me a… …whatever.

  37. Bailey says:

    All that’s true Flanders and more.
    Recently my girlfriend was in the hospital, i watched three different black dudes limping around the ER. One by one they were called into a little room, each waked out within a minute. I’m guessing that they were given prescriptions for pain meds. All three left smiling.

    I meant walked away, i hate typing on stupid phone.

  38. bubba says:


    re phone issue

    I know times are tough…but eventually we all have to upgrade

  39. Bailey says:

    Yea but none of the switchboard operators will speak english.

  40. bubba says:


    ……..try this retro tech..last resort
    Back up plan “olde tech” fails is to use smoke signals from concentration camp ovens..

    NOTE: Remember the UV spectrum of color”semifor” codes after de gassink and tips to the barber

    Elie Weasal sez:
    Polish Kikes are purple..
    ..German Kikes are GREEN (envy)..
    .Shepardic Kikes are Brown.

    ..yada yada YIDa

  41. Bailey says:

    Yea , Morse code may work , smoke signals may get a little confusing though with all the colors.

  42. gregorz says:

    blacks have an emotional side to there violent out bursts that is easily manipulated by their master /leaders. a hyper feminized western world would make those emotions even more transparent ie iam a victim of oppression and colonial slavery etc etc. that is why no person with enough intelligence wants to live around violent apes because they are too irrational and the very best of them are only mimicking western man to a degree and will revert back to kind when in company of each other.

  43. Jesse says:

    That’s true Gregorz, too bad everyone doesn’t notice or refuses to anyways . Pretty sure even the HNIC would revert back to his black low impulse control and violent ancestral outbursts if surrounded by 3-4 more homies.

  44. Jesse says:

    Niggerz are an unevolved, uncivilized, demonic, sadistic, murderous, thieving, crime prone, violent, drug fuelled, rage filled race with low IQ (borderline retarded), very low impulse control, no future time orientation, no compassion, respect or empathy, and ugly as fuck!
    Not racist if it’s true and I used a Z in niggers lol

  45. Bailey says:

    I was dissecting a Life magazine from 1952 and came across this interesting ad.

    In 1952 you could take a gay voyage that touches the loveliest lands of the Mediterranean,

    Egypt – Turkey – Lebanon – Syria.

    Vat , No Palestine ? – Oy Vey !

    Unbelievable , the filthy jews were genociding Palestinians while they ran cruise ships to all of these wonderful places , neighboring states of where the slaughter and expulsions where taking place.

  46. bubba says:

    gregorz says:
    June 10, 2015 at 2:34 am
    blacks have an emotional side to there violent out bursts that is easily manipulated by their master /leaders. a hyper feminized western world would make those emotions even more transparent ie iam a victim of oppression and colonial slavery etc etc.

    No different with Jews…
    These people have strength in numbers…they work like packs..the herd mentality to be triggered in an instant.

    Perhaps watch the movie” Brotherhood of the Bell” is loaded with info.
    The lead character has had a very successful life…but is called in to do an obligatory ugly chore for the Brotherhood, then his whole life unravels when he realizes his success is owed to them.

    No different that Kikes Sayanim etc.

    When ones tribe comes calling you feel obligated to join the pack….or there will be consequences. Most whites aren’t or weren’t like that aka say not interested..BYE.

    All those child abuse cases in Jewish communities…the Jews do NOT want it to get out…lots of pressure that victims do not come forward, regardless of the individual impacts. If this is the attitude you know its got to be a HUGE generational problem.

  47. Flanders says:

    The GMO racket operated by Monsanto and other jew agri-management (jew-monopolizing) firms are the ultimate control mechanism designed, not to help the world and it’s citizens, but to enslave the masses — THAT IS: each single individual ONE of us, IN each and every country.

    “Free trade agreements, such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which involves the United States and 11 other countries, and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the US and Europe, have major implications in terms of our economy, our daily lives, as well as our states- and national sovereignty.

    While they’re deceptively described as free trade agreements, they’re actually lead to forced trade, and by setting up international laws that supersede national laws, they create a situation in which quality and safety of food is virtually guaranteed to be as low as possible.

    Many European countries worry that these trade agreements may undermine or circumvent many of their established laws against GMO’s and other American food practices, such as disinfecting chicken in chlorine and the routine use of hormones in beef production, neither of which is permitted in the EU.1

    Based on what has happened with other trade deals, such fears are warranted.”

    That is why the additional question asked at the site is more rhetorical in it’s nature:

    “Why are Free Trade Agreements Negotiated in Secret?”

  48. bubba says:

    Re : German citizen Ursula Haverbeck exposing Holohoax and the consequences..

    In the deceptive world one can never be sure what goes on behind the scenes….
    Regardless, this Ursula Haverback matter may be a global flashpoint…ie the Kikes and their minions may have this backfire big time.

    When they charge 90 year old men with war crimes is bad enough…but the public lets it go by in the memory hole..the ol “male? = evil! ” thing.

    HOWEVER…I don’t care how fucked up this world has gotten…I just can’t see the public tolerating any Gov’t mistreating an outspoken grandmother who may face 5 years in jail ?

    I highly doubt they will do much except slap on wrist, but once in this neutral mode, the great unravelling may commence…ie people are fed up and will take charge.

    The Kikes bit off more than they can Jew. I don’t care how big the lie is and the powers behind keeping the genie in the bottle….NOTHING can escape the Truth eventually escaping…in fact, the backwash may be far worse.

    Keep an eye on this one folks…..there are many doing so.

  49. Flanders says:

    Incogman, My comments are not going through. This is the 4th comment. One from last night showed to be in moderation and the first one today showed moderation. The 3rd one just acted as if posted but did not post. There was only one link in each.

  50. bubba says:


    If trouble posting

    Try this(it has other options as well)

  51. Flanders says:

    Bubba, You have a response to one of your comments here at Incogman that I reposted at another site. Your comment appears with my comment at June 9, 2015 – 6:11 pm.

  52. Karen says:

    Dishes are done, martinis are on the mantle, OK? If you’re interested in those bands from the 60’s & 70’s google Allen Klein, typically talentless but vampirish jew parasite manipulator and precursor to todays gangsta rap and other crap.

  53. Flanders says:

    A nigrossess teaching her little negrette to celebrate victory over our (already diverse) White people, and to disrespect America – and her EBT card had not even yet expired!

    McKinney, Texas events

  54. bubba says:


    Canadian taxpayers are unwittingly funding a massive, 125-participant sex party for ‘LGBTQ+’ disabled participants in Toronto this week, Breitbart London can reveal.

    PS watch the video



    I am sure glad in my younger days that Monty Python came on the scene…

    Those were the days that while society was albeit changing, ….I think Monty Python sorta prepared (inoculated???) one to be ready for REAL absurdity of the future…

    The retarded BS posted above reminded me of the Black Knight scene

  55. Flanders says:

    A Florence, Alabama event known as “First Fridays” turned into a horrific racially motivated rampage. A father and his fourteen year old son were attacked and lynched by a large group of young blacks. The perps beat them and zapped the adult victim with a taser. He was hospitalized because of his injuries. Then they turned on the mother and a four year old. – MORE:

    Local jew media is CENSORING the race of the attackers.

  56. Karen says:

    I watched a few Monty Python movies and while everyone around me was laughing I didn’t get it. I thought they were lame, no offence.

  57. Karen says:

    Withnail and I is in my humble dish washers opinion the funniest movie ever made, and it’s very subtly pro White.

  58. bubba says:

    Monty Python Predictive programming (aka uber satire is the crystal ball)

    Compare this with YOUTUBE video below:

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