Depleted EBT Card Foils Black Terror Plot


New Black Panther Members Plotted to Blow Up Ferguson Police Station But Ran Out of Cash on EBT Card


Brandon Orlando Baldwin, 22, and Olajuwon Davis, 22 were indicted on charges by federal agents. KMOV reported:

Two St. Louis men were indicted Thursday after being arrested by federal agents in November.

Brandon Orlando Baldwin, 22, and Olajuwon Davis,22 were indicted on charges involving the conspiracy to maliciously damage and destroy a building, vehicle and other property with explosives and the illegal purchase of firearms from a Cabela’s store.

The indictment stated that Baldwin stated that he wanted multiple bombs to use against people, buildings, vehicles and property.

Davis and Baldwin allegedly viewed a recording of the detonation of an explosive or bomb shortly after Baldwin’s statement.

A week after viewing the recording Davis and Baldwin traveled to a location where Davis took possession of what both men thought were explosives or bombs and were arrested and have been in federal custody since.

Brandon Orlando Baldwin and Olajuwon DavisThe two militant dindus wanted to bomb a police station in Ferguson, Missouri — just didn’t have enough of the taxpayer’s dough. Maybe some rich Jew Nation Wrecker like George Soros might have helped? [INCOG]

This undated handout family photo shows Dorothy Booth, a retired 71-year-old college psychology professor who was beaten, stabbed and robbed at her home in Lancaster, Texas, south of Dallas, in 1997. A neighbor, Kimberly McCarthy, 51, convicted and sentenced to die for the slaying, received a reprieve Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2013, about five hours before she was scheduled to become the first woman executed in the U.S. since 2010 and only the 13th since the Supreme Court in 1976 allowed capital punishment to continue. (AP Photo/Handout Family Photo)

Dorothy Booth, a retired 71-year-old college professor was beaten, robbed and stabbed to death at her Texas home, in 1997 by a crackhead black bitch named Kimberly McCarthy. Once the wife of Aaron Michaels, the founder of the New Black Panthers, McCarthy is thought to have murdered other elderly women (almost certainly White) for dope money. She was finally put down in 2013. Funny how one never sees any “hard-hitting” crime stories on this sort of thing in the mainstream media, like NBC’s Dateline, huh?

Olajuwon Ali is the local leader of the New Black Panther Party in St. Louis. Last year he released a video inviting local blacks to join his group.

This week the Brandon Orlando Baldwin and Olajuwon Davis admitted in court that they were planning to blow up a police station and murder St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch… But they didn’t have enough money on their EBT card!

Breitbart reported:

Two members of the New Black Panther Party who met in Ferguson during protests over Michael Brown’s death admitted in court Tuesday they planned to blow up a police station and kill the prosecutor involved in the case.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports 23-year-old Olajuwon Ali Davis and 24-year-old Brandon Orlando Baldwin each pleaded guilty to multiple explosive and gun related charges in federal court today. Federal agents who tracked the duo’s conversations by phone and text message say they planned to target Robert McCulloch, the prosecutor who handled the Michael Brown grand jury, and Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson. The plot involved blowing up cars using remotely triggered bombs and also using bombs to blow up a police station.

The men were arrested last November after paying an undercover federal agent a total of $250 to purchase what they believed were three pipe bombs. Davis put up $100 and then paid another $150 three days later, when he met the agent to pick up his bombs. Baldwin said he was broke and needed to wait for his unemployment check to come in before he could contribute. In addition to buying the “bombs,” Davis and Baldwin bought guns which they intended to give to like-minded individuals in order to “be like an army.”

INCOG MAN: So where’s the national media on this story?


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. bubba says:


    Canadian taxpayers are unwittingly funding a massive, 125-participant sex party for ‘LGBTQ+’ disabled participants in Toronto this week, Breitbart London can reveal.

    PS watch the video



    I am sure glad in my younger days that Monty Python came on the scene…

    Those were the days that while society was albeit changing, ….I think Monty Python sorta prepared (inoculated???) one to be ready for REAL absurdity of the future…

    The retarded BS posted above reminded me of the Black Knight scene

  2. Flanders says:

    A Florence, Alabama event known as “First Fridays” turned into a horrific racially motivated rampage. A father and his fourteen year old son were attacked and lynched by a large group of young blacks. The perps beat them and zapped the adult victim with a taser. He was hospitalized because of his injuries. Then they turned on the mother and a four year old. – MORE:

    Local jew media is CENSORING the race of the attackers.

  3. Karen says:

    I watched a few Monty Python movies and while everyone around me was laughing I didn’t get it. I thought they were lame, no offence.

  4. Karen says:

    Withnail and I is in my humble dish washers opinion the funniest movie ever made, and it’s very subtly pro White.

  5. bubba says:

    Monty Python Predictive programming (aka uber satire is the crystal ball)

    Compare this with YOUTUBE video below:

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