Greedy Disney Jew Replaces American Workers

BOB IGER GLOBALIST JEW XPRTI guess I should say they care about our tax dollars going to Israel every year and our boys continually fighting wars for the NWO so Israel will be the safe — while creeps like him support Third Worlders coming over here to take American jobs. But that’s a little too much Jew crap to put into one photoshop artwork. [INCOG]

Top Disney Jew Bob Iger took home 46 million last year as he replaces White American workers with foreigners

From: Daily Slave

$46 million for the Jew CEO of Bob Iger in just one year alone. With that type of salary you’d think he’d be happy and do everything he can for his employees. Nope, instead he decides to fire them and force them to train their foreign replacements. It doesn’t get much more Jewish than that.

The bottom line is that Disney is an evil Jewish run entity that has been completely subverted and Jewed. People should boycott Disney until they rid their enterprise of all the Jew profiteers running it.

From EPI:

There was a lot to celebrate in the Magic Kingdom this year. The Disney Corporation had its most profitable year ever, with profits of $7.5 billion—up 22 percent from the previous year. Disney’s stock price is up approximately 150 percent over the past three years. These kinds of results have paid off handsomely for its CEO Bob Iger, who took home $46 million in compensation last year.

Disney prides itself on its recipe for “delighting customers,” a recipe it says includes putting employees first. They tout this as a key to their success in creating “a culture where going the extra mile for customers comes naturally” for employees. One method of creating this culture is referring to its employees as “cast members.” In fact, Disney is so proud of its organizational culture that it’s even created an institute to share its magic with other businesses (for a consulting fee, of course).

So, you would expect a firm that puts its employees first to share the vast prosperity that’s been created with the very employees who went above and beyond to help generate those record profits.

Well, how did Mr. Iger repay his workers—sorry, I mean cast members—for creating all this profit? Not with bonuses and a big raises. Instead, as the New York Times just detailed in a major report, he forced hundreds of them to train their own replacements—temporary foreign workers here on H-1B guestworker visas—before he laid them off.

BOG IGER WITH MICHELLE OBAMABob Iger posing with Michelle Obama and someone in a Mickey Mouse costume. Besides whoever this is (might be laid off by now), neither one of these smiling creeps have ever cared one GD bit about regular America — especially any White Gentile. Hell, they hate White people and have zero problem screwing us over. NEVER PURCHASE ANYTHING DISNEY OR GO TO ONE OF THEIR MOVIES! [INCOG]

INCOG MAN: Had enough of these filthy, arrogant Jew bastards yet?

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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90 Responses to Greedy Disney Jew Replaces American Workers

  1. Hoff says:

    That’s my girl. This is in Helsinki, Finland. She pepper spray the nigger, then drag the didndonuffin back into the store. One min.

    K Kaupan varas jää kiinni Orginal

  2. Where are all the true blond white people? I take it as a compliment when people ask me what country I’m from. Last year when I went with my 11 year old blond haired daughter, people, usually gooks and sometimes white people would ask what country we are from. They did not think we were American. When I watch videos like the one from Finland, seldom do I see white, I mean true white people anymore. It’s pretty sad. But it doesn’t bother me one bit when people ask what country I am from, not one bit at all.

  3. One other thing I must say. When I was in that rat hole Somalia, the nicest people there were the Pakistans. Don’t know if I spelled that right. Anyway, they were actually very kind and humble. They were the ones getting shot at left and right. But they were ALWAYS giving us Americans gifts, you know, like food, or cups, just simple things. One man asked if I would like to have this cute, baby white goat to take home to America. He kept insisting that I take this gift from him. A goat. I tried explaining to him that I could not take the goat back on the plane to America. He was kind of insulted. He just did not understand that America does not allow us to take pets back to the U.S. But the offer was really sweet and I hope that as time went by, that nice, humble man understood this.

  4. Sorry, but I meant to say that when I took my 11 year old blond daughter, I messed up the sentences. I took her to Oahu, Hawaii. That place was sooooooooooo crowded! Every place we went we literally were the only blond tourists. My kid even asked me why we stand out, and why do the people just stare at us. At crosswalks, waiting for the light to change, there were NO light haired people. In the elevators, which were jammed packed with gooks, we were the only white people. But I must say, gooks are smart and they caused no problems to us. At least they work and know how to save money for trips like that. I shouldn’t call them gooks. This is wrong on my part.

  5. Bailey, I meant to tell you that in all the wars I was in, like Gulf War one and Somalia, I and other troops kept questioning why we were there. We often felt like it wasn’t our war to fight. I’ll tell you what, many nights over there in Saudi Arabia, I’d lay awake in my cot, cold as hell out there in the middle of the desert during those freezing, winter nights, and I’d ask myself, who in the hell are we fighting for? I’ll tell you something else: the thought of the Jews crossed my mind several times. I’d think, are we here losing good, American lives for the Jews. Whose war is this, anyway?
    Before we were sent out on dangerous missions, we’d get these long, drawn out briefings. I recall now, looking back, that during these briefings, we were told that we have to protect Israel against Saddam Hussein because if we didn’t, the Iraqis would pulverize them.
    Of course, we would agree like a bunch of brainwashed morons. But still, I’d often ask other troops that if things are really so bad, how come Israel is not fighting with us? We never saw one Israli troop, not one. As time went one, I started realizing that were shooting at the wrong people. This became very, very depressing. And the crap that’s going on now over there, is even more depressing. Well never, ever win any of these wars because they are stupid, ridiculous PC wars, and were losing good people for nothing. This causes major depression.

  6. Smitherines says:

    Michele Ellis says:
    June 15, 2015 at 7:36 pm

    “Bailey, I meant to tell you that in all the wars I was in, like Gulf War one and Somalia, I and other troops kept questioning why we were there. We often felt like it wasn’t our war to fight. I’ll tell you what, many nights over there in Saudi Arabia, I’d lay awake in my cot, cold as hell out there in the middle of the desert during those freezing, winter nights, and I’d ask myself, who in the hell are we fighting for? I’ll tell you something else: the thought of the Jews crossed my mind several times. I’d think, are we here losing good, American lives for the Jews. Whose war is this, anyway?”
    Michele Ellis

    I explained that to Bailey and Bubba, he isn’t dogging you anymore, I explained
    two sides of the same coin: my dad in Burma jungle WWII O.S.S. guerrilla
    warfare miles behind Japanese held territory and my cousin Mickey in 68
    TET Offensive in Vietnam.

    Dad figured out later the kike was causing wars and making money on them,
    Mickey is still mom’s apple pie and Old Glory, you couldn’t pipe wrench
    reality into his head, he has a “belief system” and the Zionist Jew running
    the world doesn’t jive with it!

    I explained: most of these kids feel they are fighting for us, they buy the
    propaganda, not cuz they are stupid, their heart is PURE and INNOCENT
    and it’s the first time in their lives for most, they are making difference
    in things,” Ohhh Lord, they know not what they do!” And yes, I’ll honor
    everyone just like my pop and my cousin until the day I die!

    PS just look for “red curly line under the word” in Firefox browser anyway,
    its shows you the word is spelled wrong and Blond or blonde is accepted
    spelling for that color.

    Or copy and past paragraph in Word: spell and grammar check it then copy
    it back if you are worried, most looks fine what you write, you just write fast
    and that’s OK.

    Please, I didn’t get any “As” in English.

  7. Smitherines says:

    Pakistani and most other Muslim people are humble and reserved the
    total opposite of Zionist Jews, but through Hollywood and TV brainwashing
    24-7 the Western World sees them all as evil Jihadist!!!

    Like Henry Ford, stated, back probably close to 100 years ago now,
    “The Zionist’s Christian puppets are worse than their masters, they’ll
    cut each throats for them.” What we call “Zionist Christians” today and
    there are a lot more of them than Zionist Jews!

    By the way if you want to know spelling and what word means you can Google
    it first, it gives you proper spelling, and definition, I always confuse
    “affect” and “effect.” Still don’t know proper time for one or the other?

  8. Bailey says:

    Michele is cool , i caught what i thought was a slip early on.
    We’ve all taken our lumps here , i’ve taken many.
    So to Michele i offer an apology, stick around Michele you are among the most jew wise on the net .

  9. samuel says:

    incogman have you seen this one jew Bernie Sanders a duel citizen born in Israel running for American presidency .

  10. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Disney Blacklisted Displaced American Workers

  11. Wow! Thanks, Bailey for saying I’m wise about Jews. Maybe it’s because I’ve been all over the world, and as you know, my my is Austrian and as a kid, I’ve picked up things about Jews here and there. The other day, I put that stupid Jew movie on called, Meet the Fockers. Everyone of those characters is a Jew. My daughter was watching some of it. I pointed out to her the sick, Jewish, toilet humor. I turned that garbage off and threw out the DVD. But you see, see, how they want to pollute young minds with that sick toilet filth? I sure wish whitey would wake up. They fall for that crap. That is NOT white humor. Anyway, thanks, Bailey. I also like to study the pictures on this site. Man are they great.

  12. Thank you also, Smitherines . I’ve actually learned a lot reading what you write, and bubba and bailey and SOG, etc. Then I put it all together and figure things out. This site has opened my eyes even more. Another thing I have figured out, but you guys already know this. The Jews actually use their filthy, toilet trash humor against us, to keep us dumbed down. When we are dumbed down, we can’t think. And I know that Jews know we are smart, or we could be smart, so that’s why they want to keep our minds cluttered. I bet deep down they are terrified of us because we are not afraid to stand up, at least we are not afraid when our minds are uncluttered. They MUST keep us stupid. And sorry,guys, I know I write like I’m speaking fast. Ok, talk to you later, and thanks.

  13. Bailey says:

    Michele, good read here for you.


  14. debbie says:

    have you not heard latest news?disney halted the replacements—-also my daughter works for Disney as an agent,,and I can tell you WE ARN’T JEWISH!

  15. Bailey says:

    Got a link to a news story that says so?

  16. Bailey says:

    The only source comes from the Jew York times , buried in it is a first hand account by a techy who was forced into retirement (see the link to his blog.)

    Global jew can do anything it wants and then print anything it wants in a global jew rag , it’s up to what you believe. But it doesn’t matter because the damage has already been done at Disney and just like behind any curtain there lurks a jew.
    Jews overreach to the point of exposure and then just say something else and it all goes away.
    You may not be a jew but your daughter certainly works for jewry, Not Walt Disney or his greedy sell out sons.

    Don’t feel so bad Debbie , most everyone who has a job in Amerikwa works for jewry in one way or another and with our earnings we get to pay global jewry and we get to pay for generational welfare and immigrant invaders.

    Perpetual motion – jew style !

  17. John Taurus says:

    In Charleston, SC last evening a “Blond head man in his early twenties” allegedly shot and killed 9 Black people. Sounds like a false flag event arranged by the Jews or our government to incite more Black anger at White people. This has been going on for over two years, starting with Zimmerman. Even Blacks can get “Blond” hair. Some Jew bleached his hair to look like an “evil Nazi” and staged a false flag event to incite race riots. Also, this was called a “Hate Crime” . Blacks kill and murder Whites every day in every city in America, yet, they are called robberies and no Black is charge with a hate crime. Whites, WSHIT, the brown spot on your dial is hitting the fan. Prepare.

  18. Bailey says:

    @ John,
    Agreed, total jew op.
    Look at the video i left on the next thread, smells like BS.

  19. Holly says:

    So sad because Walt Disney could not stand the jews. They boycotted him out of Hollywood, because he would not give them the rights to his films. He struck a bargain with Howard Hughes, who loaned him the money for his own studio. They never stopped ragging on Disney. They hated Hughes too, wanting a piece of his airline- I personally believe the jews drove him nuts, which is why he became so paranoid.

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