Just Try Taking It Away You Sorry Bastards


As the latest Afro “American” victimhood palooza continues to flood America’s airwaves 24/7 once again, the lying Zio anti-White mainstream media is propagandizing hard to take down the Confederate flag from the South Carolina state grounds and to remove it from sales or any license plates that some states like Virginia allow. The social engineering creeps are bound and determined to strip away the least vestige of White pride they can dig up or make up.

True story: Years ago I knew this really cute blond girl who worked as a secretary at this company I was doing work for. Mid-twenties, very pretty and, alas, married (like I had a chance, haha). We were buds, probably because she knew I was a fellow Confederate sympathizer and always decent to her.

At the time, they were trying to get the Confederate flag taken down in South Carolina (they removed it from the main state capitol flag pole and put it in the war memorial area nearby). One weekend, her and her lucky White husband were going down there to take part in the planned protest against taking it down. I couldn’t make it and still feel bad about that.

That weekend, I watched the national news (probably ABC) about the pro-Confederate flag protest and later saw the photos she took of the event. The news portrayed the whole thing as poorly attended; the edited shots in the TV report showed only small knots of people, like in alleyways, perhaps as they were going back to their cars. Close-in shots of participants were always of the homeliest, most “redneck” ones they could find. You could clearly tell that was who they were looking for. No overhead or “big area shots,” either.

The photos the secretary showed me the following week were completely different from how the news had it. Thousands of good-looking White people filled the city streets and parks, proudly marching with the Confederate flag. You can’t imagine the rage I felt thinking about how huge the head job the traitorous media was doing to this country. And still is, matter of fact.

PRO FLAG DEMONSTRATORSThe filthy media won’t show you any images like the above because they want you to think hardly anyone else shares your belief structure. They manipulate this country by using this “herd instinct” trick all the time (like with a ginned-up liberal polls they cite during TV reports). It takes a brave and smart person to buck the BS.

They’ve been up to this trickery since the very beginning. Oh, sure, you have your pretend conservative outlets like FOX news that so many White proudly slap themselves on the back for watching.

Folks, FOX is a placebo, a purposeful panacea for White interests.

I once told my brother that FOX news was a Potemkin Village for White people. I’m not sure he understood what I was getting at. Or more likely didn’t want to. It means a faked façade put up to fool someone — referring to a pretty little village built in Russia specifically to keep this woman Czar happy and in the dark as to the real situation vis-a-vis the serfs as she passed through in her fancy carriage.

FOX news doesn’t care about common decency and us White Americans. Rupert Murdoch is always issuing pronouncements from on high supporting lefty efforts and diversity. It’s now obvious: FOX is just as bad — probably worse — as MSNBC, NBC, ABC or CNN when it comes to the destruction of the White race. Hell, they fully support gay and tranny crap, just by not covering the subject in any real way (another form of trickery by the SOBs).


FOX also totally avoids the real deal about immigration of non-Whites into our lands. Just stop and think for a minute on all the BS going on with African boat people invading Europe from North Africa. FOX hardly says a word about it — or one thing about the blacks not getting deported, or what happens to them once they get into Europe, now do they? Nor do they touch the subject about what it’s really doing to White demographics in the countries once considered as our lands. They don’t want the regular White person they target to get a clue.

Or how about all the horrible black-on-White crimes or black mob hate attacks on innocent Whites you only read about on the Internet, of which they don’t report a word. Sure, you might have Bill O’Reilly acting all tough and jacked-up once in a Blue Moon, but that’s about GD it.


The Church of the multiplication of the fishes and loaves was burned down by Zionist Jew land stealers in Palestine within hours of the Church shootings in Charleston. Anti-Christian Hebrew curses were spray painted on the walls. Funny how the mainstream news media in the US totally ignored the story.

Then make note how MSNBC, CNN, ABC and all the rest of the mainstream media news outlets are all on the exact same plane as FOX when it comes to lousy Israel and any kind of Mideast muzzie business. Get the connection?

Right after (or possibly in conjunction with) the Negro church shooting in Charleston, Zionist nutjobs in Israel burned down a Christian church in Galilee — one of the oldest Catholic Churches on the planet. Of course, the traitorous US media including FOX said not a word. If Muslims did something like this, the media would be reporting away — like we’re so sure they really give a crap about Christianity.

Get the BS hypocrisy going on these days?

The Israeli Jew land squatters (who freely steal property from the Palis to build giant housing complexes paid for by rich American Jews) partially burned the Church back in 2014. The Israeli authorities (our bestest little buds in the Mideast, remember) let all the Jew suspects go free. They don’t care. They all know they can get away with it, too, since the Jews now have America by the short hairs.

Now getting back to the Confederate flag: South Carolina governor Nikki Haley had a big press conference broadcast in real time on all the cable “news” shows. The TV rats already knew it would be about taking down the Confederate flag flying on the grounds of the state capital. They’ve been jabbering non-stop since that White guy shot up the black church (it may well have been staged event using a drugged-up patsy).

Haley tried to say it would not affect anyone who wanted to fly it privately. Yeah, like we all know how long that will last. Hell, last month the black head of the North Carolina NAACP tried to get two perfectly innocent girl students expelled from a college because they put up a photo on their personal site showing themselves waving the rebel flag at a battlefield. Mark my words: They will eventually outlaw the southern stars and bars (I know that’s really the Virginia flag and not the Confederate naval flag, technically).

I have at least one, but I suspect a couple of others (my ancestry is really cloudy on one side), ancestors who fought for the Confederacy. The one I’m certain of, was wounded in a major battle and died in Richmond’s Chimborazo hospital complex (probably from septic infection). Plus, I’m fairly well read on the “War of Northern Aggression” and the causes leading up to it — many of which had zilch to do with the lousy Negro slavery crap they go on and on and on about.

Note how the media blithely ignores the fact of all the White men who died fighting in the Civil War — or all the White male Gentiles who died fighting in WWII. It’s like we never, ever did anything for the creeps. In return, all we get these days is us White guys getting pissed in the face in the media, TV commercials or at work and on college campuses.

Robert E. Lee: One of the finest men this country produced.

Robert E. Lee: One of the finest men this country produced.

To this day, Robert E. Lee was one of the finest, most ennobling men ever born in America. When today’s PC creeps attack him, I know that its pure hate for the White race, especially since Lee peacefully ended the war at Appomatox when he could have easily instructed his men to go guerilla on the Yankees.

For today’s PC forces to work to deny my Confederate heritage merely to satisfy a bunch of now incredibly spoiled, murderous and criminal parasites sucking on this country’s tit is enough to make me seriously bat crap furious.

Oh yeah, one more thing, my ancestry is solidly Quaker — who never, ever kept slaves. The other side was probably too mountain poor to have any in the first place. Hell, they might even have been pro-Unionists (perish the thought).

The black race sucks so much it’s not funny. It’s actually infuriating, when you see this worthless race portrayed as heroes 24/7 in the media. The mothers now think they can get away with just about any damn thing they want.

Then the media made a big whoop-de-do about Obama using the “N-word” in a radio interview. Funny, if any of us Whites had the temerity to say “NIGGER” publicly, we would seriously risk loosing our livelihoods, while getting treated like the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler himself. But it’s always A-OK for these stinking GD niggers to say it out loud, right along with freely calling us crackers and rednecks any damn time they please.

Let’s take a look at that word “WHITE SUPREMACIST.” They love using that word, don’t they? Yet, it’s a fact of history all the things the White race has accomplished (and all the things we’ve done for the world). I don’t think, but know Whites have been this planet’s greatest race. It’s so incredibly obvious, you would have to be a blithering idiot not to realize that (such ball-less worms are only concerned with not appearing racist, regardless of what they think inside).

Have you noticed the huge uptick in brainwashing in the media lately? Every time you turn around they are putting out a new slickly produced holocaust documentary (NatGeo had a big one Sunday night on Anne Frank). These filthy Jew rats are anxious as hell us White Americans don’t go all Nazi on their asses — as we should.

This is in addition to the non-stop coverage of the least problem interaction between cops and blacks. The media insanity of black victimhood is so over the top, Whites are now awakening in droves to the BS.

The Confederate flag business is just another big step in castrating the White race. What they really want is to make it illegal for Whites to own firearms of any sort. They know us Whites are starting to “get it” about the Jews and their Agenda of slow, but continual destruction of our race, and fear us organizing and putting our weapons to good use. Especially once the dollar finally goes kaput and the “Agenda” calls for even more obvious commie NWO global governance efforts.

And I say it’s long past the time we show them they were right to fear us. Big time.

I’ve been ready. Are you?

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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171 Responses to Just Try Taking It Away You Sorry Bastards

  1. Frank Fredenburg says:

    The Book Burning Begins: Movies, Book Covers And Computer Games Being Banished … Calls For Taking Down The American Flag, Bulldozing Southern Memorials, Removing Flags From Children’s Toys And More


    The whites that are supporting this don’t realize what is going to follow it. Look at the whites in South Africa that now live in squatters camps, if you want to know what is in your future.

  2. mikey says:

    remember, when the jew attacks you, “he also disables all of your virus software”
    leo laporte, a famous tech expert.

  3. Bailey says:

    Flanders @ 5:37,

    Ditto !

    And who is Mary Sullivan ?

  4. Bailey says:

    Frank , we already have many tent cities occupied by once employed, stable living Americans. No gov. assist for them , just for niggers and spics.
    It’s the change that nigger spoke of.

  5. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Memphis: Negro Mayor Vows To Desecrate The Grave Of Nathan Bedford Forrest


    This is how far these people will go.

  6. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Rod Dreher’s Bolshevik Revolution


    This article points out how the conservative movement is filled with backstabbers. It also mentions that soon Christianity is going to be condemned as “hate” and homophobia. All it will take is a lone wolf Christian terrorist shooting up a gay pride parade for the same people to launch a similar campaign against the Christian church.

    He’s probably right.

  7. Smitherines says:

    SC Haley is NOT white parents are immigrants from India!
    This hypocrite has audacity to talk about White bigotry and their confederate
    flag when her parents ancestral home is currently burning all kinds of
    Christian churches, could imagine Obama if it was synagogues, he’d
    threaten India with war!

    Haley was born Nimrata Nikki Randhawa[1][2] in Bamberg, South Carolina, on January 20, 1972, to an Indian Sikh family. Her parents, Ajit Singh Randhawa and Raj Kaur Randhawa, are immigrants from Amritsar District, India. She has two brothers, Mitti and Charan, and a sister, Simran, born in Singapore.[14] Haley is a graduate of Orangeburg Preparatory Schools, and Clemson University with a B.S. in accounting.[15
    Rash of Christian churches being burnt in India:

    Ann Coulter

    une 24, 2015, 12:01 pm
    Ann Coulter: Nikki Haley ‘an immigrant’ who doesn’t understand Confederate flag

    “Well, she doesn’t,” Coulter responded. “The Confederate flag we’re talking about never flew over an official Confederate building.”

    “It was a battle flag — it is to honor Robert E. Lee,” she added. “Anyone who knows the first thing about military history knows that there is no greater army that ever took the field than the Confederate Army.” Extracted from Coulter’s piece.

  8. Smitherines says:

    Hilarius artwork worthy for your site ICM

    “The Grievance Industry”

  9. ClueLess Endeavor says:

    Incog Man,

    Please answer my original, and very simple, question:

    Simple Question:

    Has the alleged suspect*, Dylan Storm Roof, via his own spoken tongue- made any verifiable statement to either the police or the press that could possibly implicate him with an alleged shooting that allegedly occurred last week in Charleston, South Carolina [USA]?

    Yes / No / Don’t Know

    *Reminder: Via Anglo-Saxon/American law/tradition/custom- a suspect that has been lawfully taken into custody is always to be considered/presumed innocent until proven otherwise.

    Again, please answer.


  10. Smitherines says:

    Love and Hate in Dixie
    Friday – June 26, 2015 at 12:11 am

    By Patrick J. Buchanan

    “I will never be able to hold her again, but I forgive you.”

    So said Nadine Collier, who lost her mother in the massacre at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, offering forgiveness to Dylann Roof, who confessed to the atrocity that took the lives of nine churchgoers at that Wednesday night prayer service and Bible study.

    If there is a better recent example of what it means to be a Christian, I am unaware of it. Collier and the families of those slain showed a faithfulness to Christ’s gospel of love and forgiveness that many are taught but few are strong enough to follow, especially at times like this.

    Their Christian witness testifies to a forgotten truth: If slavery was the worst thing that happened to black folks brought from Africa to America, Christianity was the best.

    Charleston, too, gave us an example of how a city should behave when faced with horror.

    Contrast the conduct of those good Southern people who stood outside that church in solidarity with the aggrieved, with the Ferguson mobs that looted and burned and the New York mobs that chanted for the killing of cops when the Eric Garner grand jury declined to indict.

    Yet, predictably, the cultural Marxists, following Rahm Emanuel’s dictum that you never let a crisis go to waste, descended like locusts.

    As Roof had filmed himself flaunting a Confederate battle flag, the cry went out to tear that flag down from the war memorial in Columbia, South Carolina, and remove its vile presence everywhere in America.

    Sally Jenkins of The Washington Post appeared front and center on its op-ed page with this call to healing: “The Confederate battle flag is an American swastika, the relic of traitors and totalitarians, symbol of a brutal regime, not a republic. The Confederacy was treason in defense of a still deeper crime against humanity: slavery.”

    But if Jenkins’ hate-filled screed is right, if the Confederacy was Nazi Germany on American soil, then not only the battle flag must go.

    The Confederate War Memorial on the capitol grounds honors the scores of thousands of South Carolinians who died in the lost cause. And if that was a cause of traitors and totalitarians and about nothing but slavery, ought not that memorial be dynamited?

    Even as ISIS is desecrating tombs in Palmyra, Syria, the cultural purge of the South has begun.

    Rep. Steve Cohen wants the name of legendary cavalryman Nathan Bedford Forrest removed from Forrest Park in Memphis and his bust gone from the capitol; Sen. Mitch McConnell wants the statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis removed from the Kentucky capitol.

    Governors are rushing to remove replicas of the battle flag from license plates, with Virginia’s Terry McAuliffe the most vocal. Will McAuliffe also demand that the statues of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson be removed from Monument Avenue in Richmond?

    “Take Down a Symbol of Hatred,” rails The New York Times.

    But the battle flag is not so much a symbol of hatred as it is an object of hatred, a target of hatred. It evokes a hatred of the visceral sort that we see manifest in Jenkins’ equating of the South of Washington, Jefferson, John Calhoun, Andrew Jackson and Lee with Hitler’s Third Reich.

    What the flag symbolizes for the millions who revere, cherish or love it, however, is the heroism of those who fought and died under it. That flag flew over battlefields, not over slave quarters.

    Hence, who are the real haters here?

    Can the Times really believe that all those coffee cups and baseball caps and T-shirts and sweaters and flag decals on car and truck bumpers are declarations that the owners hate black people? Does the Times believe Southern folks fly the battle flag in their yards because they want slavery back?

    The Times’ editorialists cannot be such fools.

    Vilification of that battle flag and the Confederacy is part of the cultural revolution in America that flowered half a century ago. Among its goals was the demoralization of the American people by demonizing their past and poisoning their belief in their own history.

    The world is turned upside down. The new dogma of the cultural Marxists: Columbus was a genocidal racist. Three of our Founding Fathers — Washington, Jefferson, Madison — were slaveowners. Andrew Jackson was an ethnic cleanser of Indians. The great Confederate generals —- Lee, Jackson, Forrest — fought to preserve an evil institution. You have nothing to be proud of and much to be ashamed of if your ancestors fought for the South. And, oh yes, your battle flag is the moral equivalent of a Nazi swastika.

    And how is the Republican Party standing up to this cultural lynch mob? Retreating and running as fast as possible.

    If we are to preserve our republic, future generations are going to need what that battle flag truly stands for: pride in our history and defiance in the face of the arrogance of power.

    URL here:

  11. Smitherines says:

    Spain had slavery for 400 years: prior and after the American South, they also
    brutalized the Native Americans here and in Mexico, yet no cry for their
    flag or racist Apartheid Israel’s flag to come down? Also, I wonder
    if Rep. Steve Cohen wants the Zionist flag down, don’t hold your
    breath waiting with these hypocrites!

  12. Smitherines says:

    Steve Cohen, well Tenn that’s what you get when you elect one of them

    Hey Steve how bout an end to this racism:

    The current furor in Israel about the “epidemic” of African refugees “flooding” the country is unfortunately not new. Nor is the plan by the Netanyahu government to throw them into concentration camps or expel them. In 1969, Black Israelites began to arrive in Israel from the U.S. They claimed to be Jewish, but Israel’s rabbinical establishment rejected their claims. This meant they could not become citizens.

    Finally, the Golda Meir government in 1971 began the process of expelling them. Over the years hundreds have been. Though there is now an uneasy truce, with 5,000 currently living in Israel. So Bibi learned this trick of turning a cold shoulder to Black refugees from a beloved leader of Israel’s Labor Party. So much for Labor’s liberal Zionism.

    Thanks to David Sheen, one of Israel’s foremost activists on behalf of the African refugee community. He’s dug up this racist letter written to Golda Meir, after she’d expelled some of them. There are more examples here.

    Though the circumstances then were different than now, when there are 60,000 African refugees in Israel, these sentiments Golda preserved, even at that early period, are reflected precisely in current racist Israeli attitudes. MKs rabble-rouse, calling Africans a cancer among the Israeli nation. Not far at all from this calling them a “5th column.”

    The American Jew who wrote this letter to the Israeli prime minister was little better than the Likud when it came to issues like these that threatened Israeli Jewish hegemony. In fact, the racism reflected in this letter would be little different in tone or substance than the views of Meir Kahane.

    On a related note, I reported here that Bibi Netanyahu, as late as 1989, demanded the expulsion of Israeli Palestinians for many of the same reasons Golda’s American Jewish interlocutors saw Blacks as “polluting Israel” and “bad” for it.

    URL here:

  13. INCOG MAN says:


    How do I know? They got this guy already hanged. They don’t give a damn about any presumption of innocence once those photos of him with the rebel flag came out. We got nutcases ready and eager to kill Whites.

  14. Smitherines says:

    Go ahead contact Steve tell him all about it hey why not the Zionist flag
    come down after Confederate, that’s certainly a symbol of racism:


  15. Smitherines says:

    Sally Jenkins wants this racist flag gone she’d feel the same about the Zionist flag?

  16. protocolsRtrue says:

    @ Bailey. Thanks for the solution to my dilemma of what to do with my American Flags when they wear out. I have 2 one in the front yard and one in the back. Whichever one wears out first will go to the vfw (Veterans of FORIEGN wars) flag retirement drop box and I think Boy Scouts burn them properly. When the next one wears out I will take it to the county museum and ask them to display it somewhere.
    I will replace them with something but it won’t have a rainbow on it.

  17. Bailey says:

    You can find nice ones in antique shops, got mine at a yard sale for a couple of bucks.

  18. Flanders says:

    A jew hasbarat shearing the sheep!

    “‘All Churches in America Have Muslim Spies in Them’ Who Are ‘Cataloging’ Every Jew and Christian in Preparation for Jihad, Warns Author Avi Lipkin”


  19. Flanders says:

    PRT and Bailey, I was reading at an European site the other day and some young people had invented condoms which changed different colors depending on the differing types of STD’s that the condom came into contact with. I could imagine all of the niggers in the US walking around with rainbow dicks.

  20. Flanders says:

    Niggras are almost all “house boys”. It goes back to when the jews had them for slaves. They would laugh, dance and act silly hoping to entertain their masters and get out of doing work as field hands. They haven’t changed. It’s the jews who’ve changed the messages they give them in order to use them against real people. Entertainment and no or little work, the blacks love it, and get to use their soapboxes to try to get better status over the other nigs.

    A black female, Professor Charshee McIntyre, tells about the jews who near-monopolized the slave trade.

    “The case of the Newport merchant-shippers is instructive because these Jewish merchants not only engaged in the actual trade of capturing, buying and selling Africans but also profited from other industries ancillary to it. The shipbuilding industry in Newport, partially financed by Jewish moneylenders and owned by many Jewish shipbuilders, profited handsomely from the transporting of enslaved Africans. These Jews also gained from insuring the slave ships and their cargoes.

    Newport was not the only seat of Jewish activity in the buying and selling of humans to make them slaves. One Samuel Jacobs, a troubled son of a well-to-do Jewish merchant in Quebec, also journeyed in 1785 to Jamaica to become “a man” by taking up the life of a merchant. Bertram Wallace Korn, in Jews and Negro Slavery, claims that “Jewish Settlers in the West Indies Colonies were at least as influential as those on the North American mainland.” Benjamin Monsanto from the Hague and his wife, Clara, from Curacao were Marranos (Christianized Jews). They lived in Natchez, Miss., and engaged in the international and domestic slave trade.

    Writers who discuss Jews and slavery and/or the slave trade tend to give the impression that no Southern Jews engaged in the practice. But Korn dispels this myth and documents the Southern involvement, particularly after the American Revolution. He picked the 18th and 19th centuries because “the colonial period was the heyday of slave importation from Africa, and Northern Jews were far more active in this aspect of the slave trade than Southern Jews.”

    Korn used figures from “An Estimate and Analysis of the Jewish Population of the United States in 1790.” Georgia and Virginia census analyses were destroyed, but he compiled the following:

    When we reconcile the numbers in the tables to find how many enslaved Africans each family was likely to hold, we arrived at Jewish slave-owning families averaging 2.5 enslaved Africans in the North and 5 enslaved Africans in the South, with an overall total for both North and South of +4.5 enslaved Africans per family. If we average the percentage of the entire Jewish community holding enslaved people (particularly Africans) in this table, we find 40 percent, a figure much higher than the percentage of slave-owners in the rest of the country.

    However, if we check that ±40 percent against 129 wills of Southern Jews, 33 disposed or discussed slaves, giving up a 25-percent ownership among the Jews, equaling the rest of the U.S. census in 1860, which cites 75 percent of Whites not owning slaves at all.”

    From about 3/4ths down at the link.

  21. Bailey says:

    Great information on the jews and their slave trade Flanders.
    The post above that i must say is a little out of character for you but, LMAO!

  22. Flanders says:

    Since I get such a good review from T-Bone, and because the subject is important in understanding what is going on today with Charleston, and every other matter too, here is an aspect I consider to be very important.

    “Flanders, I read this at TFT. I hope you don’t mind me re-posting it here [Hofflandia]. But its friggin brilliant.”

    Television is the new Frankfurt School

    The American people are being subjected to mass judgment by stand-ins for the Frankfurt School. The entire Media, and the full range of MSM communicators are, in fact, acting in the stead of the Frankfurt School.

    The lineup of celebrity images, politicians, and cultish types of personality figures which are paraded in front of the public’s eyes by the primary controllers within “American” MSM are used for the purpose of establishing them as substitute controllers of public opinion.

    The purpose of such charades as we see placed on television screens daily, and the full MSM range of publications in the longer term, is to convince people that – a person’s actions are not important [the deed of alleged killings]; rather, the issue is the psychological attitude of the public—as determined by the lineup of those voices and faces mentioned earlier, who stand in the stead of the social scientists – those of the Frankfurt School.

    They are intended to change attitudes of the American people – by force exerted through easily influenced masses.

    The media controllers demonize all people who hold certain beliefs by placing representative strawvictims (or perpetrators) in their faces. The main purpose is to demonize whole groups of people who hold valid beliefs, beliefs which the controllers want to change in the minds of the mass public, and to compel conformity by swaying the masses. It is classic Marxism applied primarily by jewish controllers behind the scenes.

    It worked for the jewish controllers in the earlier days in the Soviet Union – so, now their ideological replacements are doing the same in the US.

    The purpose behind the public parading of Dylaan Storm Roof is, not so much about his individual actions (which will be determined in a courtroom). The public spectacle parading is done more to change mass public opinion by holding whole groups of American people who hold legitimate ideas and opinions (opinions which are not only legal and traditional to hold, but rationally necessary in order to maintain a secure American society) into being demons scorned by the rest of the world.

    Consider and contrast with this description for instance:

    The Theory of the Authoritarian Personality

    “The Frankfurt School devised the “authoritarian personality” profile as a weapon to be used against its political enemies. The fraud rests on the assumption that a person’s actions are not important; rather, the issue is the psychological attitude of the actor—as determined by social scientists like those of the Frankfurt School. The concept is diametrically opposed to the idea of natural law and to the republican legal principles upon which the U.S. was founded; it is, in fact, fascistic, and identical to the idea of “thought crime,” as described by George Orwell in his 1984, and to the theory of “volitional crime” developed by Nazi judge Roland Freisler in the early 1930?s.

    When the Frankfurt School was in its openly pro-Bolshevik phase, its authoritarian personality work was designed to identify people who were not sufficiently revolutionary, so that these people could be “re-educated.” When the Frankfurt School expanded its research after World War II at the behest of the American Jewish Committee and the Rockefeller Foundation, its purpose was not to identify anti-Semitism; that was merely a cover story. Its goal was to measure adherence to the core beliefs of Western Judeo-Christian civilization, so that these beliefs could be characterized as “authoritarian,” and discredited.

    For the Frankfurt School conspirators, the worst crime was the belief that each individual was gifted with sovereign reason, which could enable him to determine what is right and wrong for the whole society; thus, to tell people that you have a reasonable idea to which they should conform, is authoritarian, paternalistic extremism.

    By these standards, the judges of Socrates and Jesus were correct in condemning these two individuals (as, for example, I.F. Stone asserts in one case in his “Trial of Socrates.”) It is the measure of our own cultural collapse, that this definition of authoritarianism is acceptable to most citizens, and is freely used by political operations like the Anti-Defamation League and the Cult Awareness Network to “demonize” their political enemies.”

    [Excerpt is from the bottom of the page below]

  23. summerled says:

    speaking of Newport all you have to do is look at the size of the Jewish cemetery’s you know the ones with the fences around them i guess thay were all protesters

  24. Bailey says:

    It seems that all kike cemetaries are fenced in with locked gates.
    More than once i needed to pee and had to wait till’ i found a rest room.

    Yea Flanders, great stuff !

  25. Frederick says:

    Smitherines says:

    June 26, 2015 at 7:58 pm

    “Their Christian witness testifies to a forgotten truth: If slavery was the worst thing that happened to black folks brought from Africa to America, Christianity was the best.

    Charleston, too, gave us an example of how a city should behave when faced with horror.

    Contrast the conduct of those good Southern people who stood outside that church in solidarity with the aggrieved, with the Ferguson mobs that looted and burned and the New York mobs that chanted for the killing of cops when the Eric Garner grand jury declined to indict.”

    Good one bro!!

    I just selected the best of what you posted. I don’t know really anything about this Christian Church, whether its organized or independent.
    The point is: If some form of Christianity is practiced properly it can have good results. Aside from all the politics and religion involved, its just a church and somewhere its got a Holy Bible that may be read by the preacher or whoever.
    Its a far cry from any mosque, synagogue or sikh or buddhist temple all these so-called holy books are taught to kill or hate and spare forgiveness for the enemy.

    Spare forgiveness for the enemy, “What the hell is that?!” Well suck up to that, because that is really how to conquer the enemy. Jesus Christ said this himself and General Lee practiced this also! When the full force of the Roman scourge of crucifixion via the jews. Luke 23:34. Its all supernatural, spiritual ways and means for a holy God dealing with enemies.

    Hey, I really detest our common foe but this is why the Gospel really sucks!

    With the Holy Bible alone it’s also possible to change the evil N….s heart to accept his blackness and take responsibility! But not often enough, as the truth (the Gospel) really sucks again! No riots happened in South Carolina verses NON- Churches in riot states where blacks were killed. (Just an observation) People without Christian values, exclusively blacks are likely to be of an animal like behavior, no morale compass. This doesn’t mean it absolutely won’t happen with church going people, but its more unlikely.

    Now the topic: Its very impressive about the Confederate Flag signifies, and it really sucks to see this distorted, so what’s new about making libelous claims about the truth? As we know already nothing, get ready for more! But more so General Robert Lee, if we could be half the man he was, we’d be of a different mind set and united nation for one cause!


    For us white folk the Holy Bible would unite us to conquer this evil, and regain control!! Faith In Christ can do the impossible as the jews rejected this and chose to sign up with the enemy , other gods.

    Do you think that any other religion can give us such man as General Robert Lee? NOT in Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, not even the pagan gods of Hitler nor Nero worshipped or pagan gods of whatever will release us from this curse and give us true freedom. The Christian biography on the General is of immense value we would have been living in a much better world!


  26. ClueLess Endeavor says:

    Dear Incog Man,

    Thank you for your honest reply of “Don’t Know” to my question posed to you earlier within this above article’s comment thread:

    How do I [Incog Man] know? They [the Jews that have been Attacking America] got this guy [Dylan Storm Roof] already hanged. They don’t give a damn about any presumption of innocence once those photos of him [released by the Jewish-controlled media (now 99% of all USA media)] with the rebel flag came out. We [Southerners/Americans] got nutcases [stirred up and provoked by the Jews] ready and eager to kill Whites.

    For readers just dropping in, my question to Incog Man was this:

    Simple Question:

    Has the alleged suspect*, Dylan Storm Roof, via his own spoken tongue- made any verifiable statement to either the police or the press that could possibly implicate him with an alleged shooting that allegedly occurred last week in Charleston, South Carolina [USA]?

    Yes / No / Don’t Know

    *Reminder: Via Anglo-Saxon/American law/tradition/custom- a suspect that has been lawfully taken into custody is always to be considered/presumed innocent until proven otherwise.


    Question #2:

    Incog Man, in your above reply- I noticed that you referred to a flag (that was historically used in battle by the Southern Confederacy during the War of Northern Aggression*) as being the “rebel flag.” Were you [Incog Man] born and raised in the South [Dixie Land] from parents who stemmed from a proud Southern blood-line/heritage?

    Yes / No / Don’t Know

    *Reminder: At the time of the war, northern/union [USA] Jews then referred to the war as the “War of Southern Rebellion.” Now the Jews simply refer to it (and teach it as) being the “Civil War.”

    Please answer.

    Again, thanks for your earlier reply.

  27. Frank Fredenburg says:



    Manning is back talking about Obama the Mack Daddy. That guy cracks me up.

  28. N.B. Forrest says:

    All of this sudden maximum effort attack on the Confederate flag & White Southern history generally – every single aspect of it – is due to the Goddamned JEWS (as of course are this week’s huge Supreme Court usurpations): it is kikes who control the media, and therefore the political whores like Bitch McConnell, Light-in-the-Loafers Lindsey Graham & Shitt Romney, and also the fellow-travelers who run the biggest corporations like Walmart, Amazon, Target, Apple, ad nauseam. They particularly hate the Confederate flag because it represents not merely the South, but also the Real America created by the Founders: a WHITE union of SOVEREIGN states. And Marse Hymie just won’t have that, because it’s a reminder of what used to be – would STILL be, if it weren’t for the presence of the alien parasite jews – and crucially, what MIGHT be again, if enough Whites will it so.

    But in an unintended way, this Big Kosher Push is good for Whites: it builds their impotent rage to the boiling point as they see the “White GOP” traitor-scum thrusting their asses in the air instead of fighting back; they now begin to fully realize that their vote means less than nothing, that they have no representation or power whatsoever.

    And that leaves them with no choice but to seek out radical, openly WHITE anti-JEW alternatives to a system that has dispossessed & betrayed them.

  29. Israel Findgold says:

    Waving a confederate flag in NYC or in any jailhouse is equal to a death sentence. Mobs of niggers will beat or rape you to death. If you want to commit suicide try waving the flag after midnight in Times Square.

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