Smelly Turd Worlders Invade Europe By The Boat Load


Over the past week, Israeli dual citizen-controlled ABC (Stanley Gold of Shamrock Holdings) “World News Tonight with David Muir” has been doing manipulative, anti-White lying reports left and right. It’s getting so obvious us White people are royally getting the shaft that it boggles the mind how much sheer gall the media now has these days — in addition to making INCOG MAN completely bat crap furious.


Here’s the pool party “promoter” posing for a bathroom selfie while acting all ghetto tough. This stupid little black bitch needs to get parachute deported right into the Congo jungle immediately — no questions asked, do not pass go.

First, they kept on showing that video of the screaming Negress in a bikini (right) getting arrested down in McKinney, Texas. Slick nice guy anchorman, David Muir, solemnly warns the viewing audience that it might be too painful to watch — like the squirming brat suffered so terribly from an Evil Racist White cop forcefully trying to hold her down, so he could handcuff her. And OMG, the racist cop also drew his weapon and came close to brutally gunning down nearby innocent peeps of color!

What they forget to tell you is that the pool party was a separate, totally private affair, signed up long in advance and limited to only local homeowners and 20 guests. The uninvited black mob had absolutely no business there in the first place. Once again, another ginned-up, total “narrative” hoax, foisted in the media to torque-up White-hating homies across the country.

Seems little miss Afro bikini twat was hosting a loud, typically obnoxious, foul-mouthed, degraded hip-hop music party in a neighborhood park next door and had the Negro nerve to also advertise it as a pool party (the gangsta wannabee labels herself a “promoter” ha ha). A mob of Afro primates from all over, probably high on “purple drank,” rushed on in, hopped fences and pushed around a couple of poor security guards. Plus, they physically assaulted a White family of females out in the parking lot, threw beer bottles at cars, ran around screaming anti-White profanities, all the while jumping up and down like the crazy ape race they truly are.

I am like so sick of this stinking GD race!

Now comes word the White policeman seen in the video has resigned. The media has been gleefully reporting on this like it’s another big victory in the ongoing “class struggle” against racist White people. The spoiled little black bitch just got the guy’s career ruined. Plus, him and his family have had to flee their own home to a secret location due to violent black death threats. Meanwhile, openly racist New Black Panthers and Nation of Islam apes have descended on the town and are marching around like they own the place.

Black criminal behavior and Afro militancy is getting more and more insane by the day. New Jersey had a big hip-hop “concert” or whatever the flock they call it, this past weekend, too, where attending wilding apes once again went nuts (they can’t gather in crowds of more than 3 before some kind of crap happens) and attacked cops and New Jersey state troopers (who used to be tough, no-nonsense hombres who took no BS). As usual, Zionist Jew-controlled ABC news also conveniently neglected to report any of this, even though the visuals were, shall we say, dramatic.

Instead, they dredged up just about any old BS White crime they could find; making a huge deal about a couple of escaped White convicts in New York and showing their mug shots every second, and acting like the entire country had to be scared as hell from the dangerous, murderous White guys on the loose.


America’s new dangerous desparadoes.

Let’s not forget the national media reporting on the new “Bonnie and Clydes” — idiot runaway White teen lovebirds (right) who robbed a single roadside convenience store, stealing a box of shotgun shells (OMG!) and a bag of Doritos or two, during a three-state “crime spree.” If it was blacks, chances are real people would now be dead. The media finds a new rural White teen couple to seriously describe as the reincarnation of Bonnie and Clyde every few months.*

Or how about the old White guy who robbed the realtor babes — like blacks don’t do this kind of thing all the time? Oh, but the ever-so-innocent black males will usually rape, strangle or bludgeon dead any perky nice White ladies, and we know they can’t allow us Whites to hear anything about crimes like that.

Then we have ABC’s Alex Marquardt (who used to report Zio news from Jerusalem Central Crime headquarters), doing an “exclusive” report on black boat people from Africa packed aboard rickety vessels by human smugglers in Libya out to make big bucks. ABC continuously calls them “economic and war refugees” — like all us White people, for the umpteenth time, need to be so sad about your typical African crap, or sob over them drowning in the Mediterranean sea en mass. We must happily accept them into our lands — so they can suck down government taxpayer money, rape our women, rob and murder us, loudly pray to Mecca 5 times a day in the middle of the street and riot down the road over some stupid BS or other.


It’s said that a half million blacks are now waiting in North Africa to make it into Italy and Spain — or any civilized Western White European land. America would be just as nice too, maybe better. Ever since the Rothschild NWO power nexus took out Libya’s Khaddifi (who kept this kind of thing from happening), they’ve been lining up over there to get on any kind of boat bound for Europe. Oh, they know life will be easy going if they make it. No more eating mud cookies and rancid, Ebola-ridden monkey meat bought down in their disgusting outdoor markets or getting machine-gunned on the dirt streets by the latest African Papa Doc police slash political party enforcers.

The ABC reporter briefly and carefully alluded to private organizations other than the Italian navy using ships to save the poor black refugees adrift on the high seas. This just in case the rickety vessels sink and they don’t somehow make it to land on their own. Human smugglers actually bank on the weakness of our race, by using cheap, worthless throw-away vessels to maximize profits. And we all know blacks never could swim for crap — lifeguards don’t call them stone people for nothing (or at least quietly to themselves these days).

So who is paying for those privately run, NGO vessels and EU operations? The United Nations and the EU actually has people in Africa instructing Africans on what they will get once they arrive in Europe — in other words, promoting them to make the trip. Plus, they have publicly said the blacks will not be sent home against their will. They get to stay.

Note how the US media doesn’t tell us anything about all that, now do they? And boats cost big bucks — fuel, crew, captain, docking, registration, licensing, life vests for the stone people to wear while coming aboard, food and water to serve each of them during their final mini cruise ship leg to White countries before they find them somewhere to live on the government dole.

Anyone who has ever had a boat knows boats are holes in the water you throw money into year after year. Hmmm, it’s a lot like the black race we have living in what used to be our countries, come to think.

This is crazy… this is crazy… this is crazy…

The Jewish destruction of our lands keeps going on and on, doesn’t it? They are bound and determined that us White Gentile people don’t have any of our own countries, or even one say in what happens to the places we live.

I mean just think about it here for a minute. It’s not like I’m talking about some far-out conspiracy nonsense — this is going on right in front of our faces! They are literally allowing Europe to get flooded with blacks. They are not even talking about how to return them back to Africa and find a way to make them fix their own lands — because that’s not what “they” really give a damn about in the first place. Get it?

And trust me: They will be bringing these African boat blacks into the USA as well, if not already. Of course, that’s besides the ones from Africa and every other non-White nation they allow to fly over here for good as legal immigrants to steal our jobs, in addition to the never-ending illegal invasions of Mestizos from Mexico and Central America (still going on).

Basically, White people, your lands are being stolen right out from under you. How do you like them apples? Just think it out and you’ll be just as pissed as moi.

Sure, your libtard multicults are all for the invasions of our lands — just like making all of us White people back here bend over to kiss the spoiled black militant asses every minute of every GD day, or feel guilty about slavery a million years ago.

If you can’t do any of that, they want you to go gay or transgender at the very least.

Yep, we got ourselves some brainwashed idiot liberals following the lead of Jewry, who have been manipulating our people to self-destruct in a wide variety of ways. These lousy Jews have been behind all sorts of “psyche wars” and subversions against our race for decades. It’s now absolutely clear what they have done and are doing to us White people.

Let me ask you something dear reader: Are you not sick of the BS yet? Get in the game NOW so we can put a stop to the stinking GD trouble-making bastards!

— Phillip Marlowe

* This new “Bonnie and Clyde” BS is simply ridiculous. The original Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow ran loose for two years way back during the Great Depression, robbing everything they could and killing about 14 people (9 police officers), before six justifiably skittish lawmen blew them away using high-powered 30.06 fully automatic rifles in a roadside ambush on May 23, 1934 in Bienville Parrish, Louisiana. They didn’t even bother to give them a chance to surrender.

I guess us White people don’t get to have our own lands anymore, huh? Even after all we’ve done for these backstabbing hypocrites over the years.


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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135 Responses to Smelly Turd Worlders Invade Europe By The Boat Load

  1. Smitherines says:

    bubba says:
    June 13, 2015 at 3:27 pm

    Re Video above

    Love what the Kike Heyman is saying…just about every Jew Spew except the HoloHoax. Classic Jew line about “only place in Middle East without oil” ???
    ..why need it, you steal everyone elses.

    …….and Jew Holidays are about survival?
    …not = Holocaust of Gentiles who don’t agree with Jew lube?

    @ Bailey, Bubba

    I got news for the only reason they are there is cuz of the oil around them,
    “Black Gold” it’s the last 20th Century monopoly OR commodity they
    didn’t own, but do now through FAKE proxy wars on terror and spreading
    democracy IN places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now Syria and Iran.

    They know Iran is years from a nuke weapon, but they want the oil
    and also to shut them up, they have been an historical country for EXPOSING
    Holocaust frauds!

    Think about it: 75% of the Jews there are socialist or communist atheists
    so if you didn’t believe in God, then Moses NEVER took you there, the
    main reason they got back Palestine after WWI. They use the RUSE of
    world Jewry returning home, but like Hitler had laughed about, “They only
    want Palestine to set up a world criminal network where they are beyond

    Everything they do is a RUSE or SCAM with an ulterior motive for one of
    their Satanic interests.

  2. bubba says:

  3. protocolsRtrue says:

    Before jew media abc nbc cbs and most newspapers ass press (AP) agent provocateurs stir up too much shit they should read this story. The boy who gave the fake gun to the little nigger warned him how real it looked. So exactly what ARE the police supposed to do? Tell somebody to pull the trigger and see if a real bullet comes out before defending themselves? Another jews stirring up their useful stupid niggers situation.

  4. protocolsRtrue says:

    I like the line about trading the gun for ONE of tamirs sailfones. This little 12 year old nigger must have had a pretty good paying job or his parents (baby momma and baby daddy) did.

    CLEVELAND (AssPress) –
    A boy who loaned a pellet gun to Tamir Rice on the day the 12-year-old boy was fatally shot by a Cleveland police officer told investigators that he warned him to be careful because the gun looked real.

    Investigative documents released Saturday by the Cuyahoga County prosecutor say Tamir Rice’s friend had traded the airsoft-type gun for one of Tamir’s cellphones the morning of Nov. 22 and planned to get the gun back later in the day.

    Tamir was fatally shot outside a Cleveland recreation center by rookie patrolman Timothy Loehmann after the officer and his partner responded to a 911 call about a young man waving and pointing a gun.

    The prosecutor plans to ask a grand jury to determine if criminal charges are warranted.

  5. protocolsRtrue says:

    So how many sailfones did this twelve year old nigger have? Obviously more than one. 3? 5? 15?

  6. Maggie says:

    We’re finished in Europe. They’re going to overrun us, thanks to the Zionists pigs. The only white people to survive will be in Russia.

  7. finn says:

    Incog, respectfully, we disagree on terminology: you refer to Africans as a separate race, when it seems clear that they are a separate species.

  8. sog says:

    alabama bubba good to see you back n all …nigers are physiologically human …but i will say that they are from lower evolutionary dead end plane wheras whites were created …my opinion and also many animals have far more dignity and respect for other creatures than this crack baby ghetto nigger shaved ape specia…calli em monkeys is for descriptive and adjective color …whereas monkeys are dangerous and unpredictable if the bananna supply gets low so are some monkeys good but most niggers are weaponized drooling zombies brainwashed by their zio marxist boshevik kike masters …islamic niggers are the most retarded fucking non human that exists ..the arab shitstain moslem is a drone of satan and jewish propagation and propaganda the beginning of islam in 740 where the rapist mureder mohammed began his brainwashed unwashed satanic cult the jews were in the thick of it and crytpo members as were the triumverant leadership of turkey by 1915 and crypots called donmeh jews who were moslem outwardly and talmudic bloodsuckers inwardly as are the modern day shitkike diaspora diahrhrea trails of jews into crypto catholics and jesuits and to paganize christianity ..hitler said that the nationalist german movement was a christian movement and not to be fooled otherwise ..the hitler of the brownshirt and beerhall era was a superbly talented artist ..the hitler later couldnt fingerpaint a stitch ..hail national socialism and the efforts of a white christian nation to be free and self governing and soverign and to stand up to the jews but the jews still owned 40% of german real estate a legacy of abject poverty in germany post ww1 ,a war that germany could have won anyway and a war that was completely formulated by the global jew mafia …hitlers mistake was to eliminate the brownshirts and to keep jewish counsel not completely slavisly occupy france and keep millions of troops there and to not build prper defense on french sea wall …rommel noted this and on record ralied against the rediculousness of such foolish situation ..nuff said right ..rommel was drummed out of rank and committed suicide ? ….and 7000 ships that was no secret came to d-day ..where was the blitzkreig defense of germanys inn ocent population against jewish genocide of germany dressed up as war …hitler generals railed against such a foolish attack on soviet jew union and africa ..too many fronts ….he should have annhilated all brits on dunkirk and actually smoked 6 million kikes..but the truth is he was coddling and catering to them by putting them in ghettos and cities away from the war….
    now because america swallowed the jew jenkem and went exuberantly off to war in europe to destroy our white brothers and to allow comintern international to proliferate we now have jew rule globally and is why instead of the utopia we could haev we have the jews promise of utopia and only to look harder to see it and when in reality we have global ruin and poverty put on us like a talmudic yoke …

  9. sog says:

    more on point also i have seen many of these HUD peojects underway in many fine white suburban areas ..the greezy traitor homo obama has declared many places to not be diverse enough and so the real meaning is that hud will be weaponized and given extraordianry powers to build nigger and muslimm shithoels anywhere they want …govt buys up private prop in a nice area and gets to put up section 8 ghetto for shaved apes and spicoons in the name of affordable housing…right and the whites who dont qulify to live there get to suppoert the unwashed anti white masses who flock to these new buildings like rats to shit …
    but the dark side of the coin is that all these buildings have to be demolished after a few decades cus of new jack city mentality ..they call the owners slum lords but its the lo iq stupid niggers that destroy the property again and again so it becomes unsafe and impossible to fix anything after it is fucked up by worthless lazy niggers to the pint of no return …there was a progject hirise in san fransicko that they demo’d finally after much a doo about crime and some nigger got tossed of the 10th floor ..maybe he slipped on a a bannanna ….either way it goes whites have paid the tab for nigger housing and the demo of such and now they are building more places right in the middle of once decent areas …looking at baltimore it could hadly even be noticed that they send all the somalian refugee scum there as welfare colonialists …here to stay forever and a day and the white man will get to pay ..the niggers hatwe white flight ….even around northern calif i notice a noticeable influx of nigger oids noew padding and knuckling around at last free at last ..everything be free n shit fo duh trigger nigguh mud dinka groids ….free medical free this free that …there never has been such a welfare support of such a group in history …white culture and groid culture DO NOT MIX no matter how the shit kike spins it to idiots out in ididot land on the talmudvision and jew media ..
    niggers also want to be able to commit crimes and just be left alone to do it ..when they are arrested they suddenly call the law racist when most crimes niggers commit are racism to whites on black is racist as well as niggers hate niggers to right ,lol ..
    so what is racist ..if a nigger calls a white oerson a cracker mother fucker that isnt racist ..shit we have to stay current on waht the niggers callem selves now …i think it went from black to negroe to african american and if you dont use the current description of said dead end race you are a racist ..and sharpton wants to take it up a nothch and make it illegal to kill a felonius nigger in the act of trying to murder YOU or your FAMILY …
    it doesnt get any weirder in america except around mlk day in the ghetto ..
    kids and the look alike guns have caused a lot of kids to gunned down by zio traine kwaps on the streets of zog/amerika …most of em white though and when one little nigglet gets shot he can thank the niggers who create the environment of fear with all the murders they commit and all the cops they execute every year like the fuckin genlte turd giant in fergeson tried to do ..simple nigger behaviour dynamix ..inescapable by dna criminal deranged lo miq sullen and hostile demeanor at best on a good day ..
    any nigger seeking to separate themselves from the redundant gauranteed insanity of their peers must completely forsake the internal ghetto soul and not backslide …id prefer they do that over in africa and not in our right to white countries ..the only solution ois the only solution here ..besides our borders needing our military to gaurd with extreme prejuidice we are having eneemies from abroud brought here to be our enemies internally and what does the constitution say about this ..same thing that intelligent common sense and survival says …………
    moslems should be treated as open season to start with ..

    Jihad Watch is a blog (may have been removed from internet)affiliated with the David Horowitz Freedom Center (an organisation described as being far-right by the Southern Poverty Law Center)……so the splc considres the safety of innocent white women as right wing etc …do moslems rape niggers ..i dont think they belkieve in bestiality but i could be wrong ..why are niggers attracted to a cult that hates white people and was the original group that transhipped african slaves to all parts of the world and not just maerica ..the jews were more involved in american transhipments of groids etc..answers are obvious ..niggers are stupid and racist ….anyway look how jew pedia tries to maintain the religion of peace islam narrative on the site.
    is there anything morris whore dees wont do ..apparently not as he is a convicted child rapist and people still give him money …the guy is a recalcitrant shit tard ..

  10. sog says:
    i guess his website is kaput …
    my prayer is that all white americans wake up with a 50 cal silenced scoped night vison ,air conditioner and beer dispenser weapon next to their pillow and 50,000 rounds of practice ammo ….obama has the same dream but it came true for fast and furious and the comunist cheka homeland sekuritat army ..they got millions of “practice”rounds and carte blanche to shoot peaceful white protestors cus obama hates white people never mind peaceful white protestors ..but bear in mind that obama is just a wether vane of jew internal idiology ..

  11. protocolsRtrue says:

    Another policy/program that I guess they would call a success and working as intended. Last paragraph.
    Tens of thousands of illegal immigrant women and children streamed across the U.S. border last year seeking asylum and protected status, claiming a “credible fear” of going home to the violence in Central America. President Obama addressed the crisis through increased border enforcement, more detention beds, more immigration judges and pressure on political leaders in their home countries.

    But a year later, new data obtained exclusively by Fox News shows the policy isn’t stopping the influx. Not only are illegal immigrant women and children continuing to cross the border in large numbers, but the majority charged with crimes aren’t even showing up for court.

    “That strategy is obviously a complete failure because such a high percentage of these people who were not detained have simply melted into the larger illegal population and have no fear of immigration enforcement,” said Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies for the Center for Immigration Studies.

    Statistics released by the Department of Justice Executive Office of Immigration Review show 84 percent of those adults with children who were allowed to remain free pending trial absconded, and fewer than 4 percent deported themselves voluntarily.

  12. Israel Findgold says:

    There is not enough water in the Middle East to quench every thirst. Arabs must be gassed to leave enough water for the Yids to drink and bubble bathe.
    Vans used by the Nazi`s to poison passengers with exhaust fumes have been modified by Israel. Cargo haulers can now painlessly poison thousands of sand niggers and dump them into the deserts of Arabia. There are fifty haulers ready to go. Only a green light is needed by the Knesset.

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