Attack on Confederate Flag is Attack on White Race


By Dr. Patrick Slattery @ David

White people, just like every other race, were not born yesterday. We share a long history with all the other people on earth, and that history, human history, includes slavery. It includes despotism. It includes conquest. But it also includes beauty and learning and all sorts of achievements. And it is so hypocritical for the Zio media and Zio elites to denounce whites for slavery while ignoring the histories of all other Peoples who practiced slavery, just as it is also hypocritical to ignore the great contributions made to civilization by Europeans while setting aside entires months to the glorification of the contributions of other races. (Of course, Black History Month itself is as much about denigrating whites as glorifying blacks.)

Robert E. Lee: One of the finest men this country produced.

General Robert E. Lee was one of this country’s most honorable and beloved men. (INCOG)

Robert E. Lee is absolutely the one person who most symbolizes the Confederacy. Every state in the south certainly has dozens of schools named after him. Think of Washington and Lee University in Virginia, one of the top small colleges in the country. (It’s football team fight song is a jazz standard, by the way.) Lee Highway stretches from New York to California.

You and I honor the soldiers that fought in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, even though we understand the wars were wars for Israel. But to the veterans who fought in these wars, they were about preserving American freedom. The same with the Vietnam War, the Korean War, the World Wars — all wars that I think America should not have been involved in. Still, I would not call for tearing down memorials to these veterans. I respect the feelings of those, or the loved ones or descendants of those, who made the sacrifices.

Now, The Civil War was about much more than slavery — there were huge economic, political, and constitutional issues at stake, although slavery was intertwined with these issues. But for the vast majority of those who fought in the war, and for their families, they were not fighting to protect slavery or to end slavery. So I think it is just as wrong to insist on taking down the Confederate flag or statues of Confederate leaders as it would be to insist on removing all the memorials to those who fought in our other wars — wars that I don’t think should have been fought and that I don’t think were ultimately for a good cause.

Ultimately, the Confederate flag controversy is an attack on that segment of Americans who identify with it as part of their heritage, and should be viewed as part of a greater attack on the morale of European Americas by a Zio elite that wants to demoralize us and marginalize us as it ultimately seeks to replace us.



Just because she’s a little old lady, Dr. Ruth is supposed to be so cute and lovable talking dirty. With the help of fellow Jews all thru-out the media, she’s been milking bucks off this “schtick” for decades now.

At the very moment all the Zio cable “news” shows (including FOX) happily broadcast in real time Friday morning the removal of the Confederate Flag from the State house grounds in Charleston; ABC’s cooking/Jew media cornucopia show, Rachel Ray, had on this so-called “sex-expert” Dr. Ruth Westheimer (now looking so old it’s a wonder she’s still alive, let alone practicing what she preaches).

The shriveled-up old Zionist midget (the 4′ 7″ woman is also a big hero to Jewry since she supposedly worked as an Arab-killing sniper in the 1948 Khazar Jew theft of Palestine) took sex questions from the studio audience —  really stupid crap, like from this one “nice black couple” who smilingly asks her what the best way to take their personal “sex toys” out in the woods just in case they might want to get it on. Right.

By the day, the Jew Zio BS and Jew perversions afflicting America’s head gets more sick and more ridiculously insane.

Basically, Jewry has been using “PC” to hide behind while they sleaze us all up — distracting White people as they continue to destroy our race’s demographics in our own lands, so they feel comfortable we won’t have enough power to go all Nazi on their asses. It’s now crystal clear what these historically devious rats have been up to.

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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146 Responses to Attack on Confederate Flag is Attack on White Race

  1. soandso says:

    Mark my words, the next thing their gonna ban, even before Holocaust denial will be Trump denial.

  2. protocolsRtrue says:

    Another one from a drunkin’ rabbi drinking a colt 45

  3. protocolsRtrue says:

    rabbis don’t drink beer douchebag they drink wine. Only slaves drink beer because the egyiptions figured out that instead of carrying more loaves of bread or flour and shit we could just let them drink this energy drink.

  4. Tom says:

    The original attack on the Confederate Flag by the man who may have singlehandedly engineered the South’s defeat–Judah P. Benjamin. After doing his dastardly deeds, many Southerner’s wrongly believed him to be suffering in a “Yankee hell hole.” In reality, Benjamin was enjoying the fruits of his treachery–bening set up by Rothschild as a prominent London barrister and, later, as a British chief justice!

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