Demonic Jews Excited Over White Demise


Paul Krugman on the glorious coming demise of White political power.*

By Kevin MacDonald @ Occidental Observer


Another demonic Jew, Joe Klein, is not only a big leftist propaganda writer for TIME magazine, but is always going on TV to Jew spew the masses. (INCOG)

In this 2014 interview (beginning @6:00) Paul Krugman, commenting on the “craziness” of American politics, says (more or less verbatim): A lot of the craziness comes from cultural/ethnic issues—rural White Americans who feel they are losing their country, and they are right. They are losing their country. In the end, the power they now have will go away, but it’s a very difficult and dangerous time until then. The future is represented by Mayor Bill DeBlasio of New York, “but Ted Cruz of Texas is still out there.”

This I think sums up elite/left opinion in America (after all, Krugman writes for the New York Times) and the West generally. The bad old days are nearly behind us with people like Bill De Blasio and his mixed-race family firmly ensconced in positions of power and presiding over super-diverse New York City. They are the wave of the future. The road ahead will be manageable, although dangerous and difficult. The key to the non-crazy future as envisioned by Krugman is to lessen White power. (Another example: Joe Klein writing in Time that it is necessary to import millions of non-Whites as a cure for “our poisonous biracial era.”)

Krugman specifically mentions rural Whites, the people who for decades have been the bogeymen of Jewish political imagination in America. This quote from Terry Cooney’s book on the New York Intellectuals (a Jewish intellectual movement) sums it up:

[The New York Intellectuals associated rural America with] nativism, anti-Semitism, nationalism, and fascism as well as with anti-intellectualism and provincialism; the urban was associated antithetically with ethnic and cultural tolerance, with internationalism, and with advanced ideas. . . . The New York Intellectuals simply began with the assumption that the rural—with which they associated much of American tradition and most of the territory beyond New York—had little to contribute to a cosmopolitan culture. . . . By interpreting cultural and political issues through the urban-rural lens, writers could even mask assertions of superiority and expressions of anti-democratic sentiments as the judgments of an objective expertise.[1]

Jewish political strategizing at least since the end of World War II has always been about overcoming the power of White America, and particularly rural White America—hence the strong support and activism on behalf of non-White immigration and support for other constituencies that have different ethnic interests than Whites (e.g., Blacks, Latinos) or Whites who have been convinced not to identify with White interests (many White feminists and White LGBT, as well as the legions of Whites who personally benefit from the anti-White revolution, and of course White victims of the constant barrage of media propaganda). The process of disempowering White America, inaugurated with the 1965 immigration law, has been in place for 5 decades and is on the verge of success.

family_de_blasioThe kind of cover shot that gives Jews woodies all over. Mayor De Blasio gave the “Central Park Five” wilding apes 40 million dollars of the taxpayer’s money. He also recently gave the family of that Godzilla Gorilla who resisted lawful arrest while selling untaxed cigarettes, Eric Garner, 5.9 million. Talk about Ghetto lotteries! (INCOG)

I disagree with Krugman’s analysis somewhat. It’s not just about rural White America. It’s about disempowering non-Bill DeBlasio White America, and that’s a lot more than just rural Whites. In the 2014 elections, Whites of all social classes, all age categories, and both sexes voted Republican. These voters would be a lot more likely to vote for Ted Cruz in 2016 than they would for Hillary Clinton.

It’s interesting that Ted Cruz has been pretty much the only Republican candidate who is not attacking Donald Trump for his comments on immigration and John McCain, presumably because he sees himself as appealing to the same constituency—White voters fed up with spineless politicians who prostrate themselves before the ethnic lobbies and who champion whatever views their pollsters tell them to.

Really though, the Paul Krugmans of the world have little to fear from Cruz given his strong support for expanded legal immigration (and he’s hopeless on Israel). Their longed for demographic changes will go ahead as scheduled under a Cruz administration, maybe not quite so quickly.

But unfortunately, that may well be the case with a Trump presidency as well. On July 13, Michael Cohen, “Special Counsel to Donald Trump,” claimed in an interview with CNN that “Donald Trump is a champion for legal immigrants.” Peter Brimelow notes that at a recent speech in Phoenix Trump “hinted” at support for increased legal immigration.

So in my nightmare scenario, the Republicans nominate a populist candidate who appeals to the Republican base, and he is elected. There’s huge optimism among these (overwhelmingly White) voters that we finally have a president who will “take back the country” and actually say what these voters are thinking. They finally elected someone who will destroy the scourge of political correctness. And it all happened despite an unrelenting outpouring of hostility and predictions of an imminent fascist takeover that rained down daily from the New York Times and the rest of the mainstream media.

And then President Cruz/Trump expands legal immigration with the enthusiastic support of the Republican Congress. After all, they certainly wouldn’t want to be called racists, and besides businesses benefit from cheap labor. Plus we get a war with Iran.

Paul Krugman et al., for all their sputtering about the difficult and dangerous times ahead, have nothing to fear from Cruz/Trump. Unless, of course, like Obama on Israel, this president who won as a populist actually does the right thing after saying whatever he has to to be elected. We can hope.

[1] Terry A. Cooney, The Rise of the  New York Intellectuals: Partisan Review and Its Circle (Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 1934–1945), 267-268.

Mostly Jewish German Leftist politician, Gregor Gysi, calls native Germans “Nazis” and their extinction “fortunate.”

* These demonic Jews have been in a silent racial war against White Gentiles and Christianity from the very beginning. What don’t you get, White people?

its working

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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93 Responses to Demonic Jews Excited Over White Demise

  1. Jesse says:

    The jews know they are a bunch of historically distrusted rats, manipulating , deceitful , shit disturbing , war mongering , genocide inducing , greedy nation wreckers. They know what they are so they try to disguise their Jewishness by changing their last names. Just another example of how instinctively deceitful these evil pricks are!! They have caused far , far more death than any other race but all we are allowed to know about is the holohoax!! 6million jews didn’t die and mass gassing didn’t happen , this I’m certain. Most jews ( if not all)know that the holohoax is the biggest , most sustained , and profitable lie throughout history . Just another example of how deceitful and distrusted this parasitic race is!

  2. The Elder of Zyklon-B says:

    Speaking of Romania

    It is coming to Jewmerica in due time.

    Ninja is absolutely correct here about the southern fried folks. I have been living amongst them all my life and can tell you most of them are hopeless. The most hopeless of all are the judeos. I don’t call them Christians any more because their love for all things Talmudic trump any allegiance they profess to have toward in Christ.

    Their world view is formed for them by Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Mark Levin, World Net Daily, Television/ movies, and the public school system.

    “Of course most southerners are all about our gun rights, but I’d say about 99.9% of them count fake “Israel” and the Jews as our allies. They are totally focused on the muslims, not knowing that it’s the Jews who are sending the muslims over here. ”

    Dave’s posted video @ July 23, 2015 at 10:08 pm explains it very well

  3. bubba says:

    HNIC gets Trayvon’d ?..or Michael Brown’d?

    It makes sense insofar as getting the major race riots going on simultaneously .

  4. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Are Polish Roma Gypsies Related To Ashkenazi Jews

    Years ago I seen a show on the TV that mentioned a racial link between Jews and Gypsies. I wish I could remember the name of the show but it was too far back. I found this short article about a genetic link between the two. It is a little complex. That would explain why Gypsies act the way they do.

  5. The Elder of Zyklon-B says:

    Meet der hoffjude to Jefferson Davis, Judah Benjamin.

    hoffjuden = palace jews

    If one wants to know the truth behind Jew World War I and II, they have to learn who the hoffjuden teams were behind Wilson and Roosevelt.

  6. bubba says:

    Romania and olde Europe…

    What people don’t realize is how many Countries comprised of small regions cantons.

    My family came from south central Europe from a German canton.Next to it was another ethnic group…. you would have these “little islands ” of different groups who respected each other’s historical territory.

    In general, it would be a pretty peaceful co-existence.

    What appears to be the common curse is the Kikes would force these territories to consolidate into larger nations for self -defence, or else the hegelian dialectic aka opposite of pick them off one -by- one. This appears to be what Germany was forced to do, as France, Spain and England had gotten played by the Jews.

    Germany was cornered and painted as a monster in 2 World Wars, when in fact it was simply trying to defend its people.

    Germany as trying to take over the world as the instigator aggresor???
    ….is ludicrous, it would have been suicide, so the de facto logic is Germany was engaged in strategic defensive mode.

    This also shoots holes in any Holohoax bullsh*t.

    Of course….the world is so f*cking stupid….the Germans gave them a short window post WW2 to figure it out, but they let the Kike Jew rat in and infiltrate.

    USA !!!!……USA!!!!!! JOOSA!!!! JOOSA!!!! JewSA!!!!! JEWSA!!!!!

  7. saxe says:

    Der Talmud gehört verboten.

  8. bubba says:

    Roots of Judaism..?

    Not claiming expertise, but try to put some older puzzle pieces together.
    There is literally squat in the archeological record indicating any sort of sophisticated existence for Kikes other than nomadic and/or parasitical .

    Again, referring to Giuliani’s shows…various ancient groups followed “jew” patterns ie the Tribe of Dan

    The “Jews” have also inverted the biblical record….they were the ones who oppressed the Egyptians…using same tactics throughout the centuries. The Egyptians had their wealth and resources stolen, the people starved(Holomodor?…Irish Famine?) and the final straw was “multiculturalism” where other groups from Africa migrated into Egypt.

    The “Jews” were allied with the Phoenicians, master navigators…during the Bronze Age….lots of evidence of copper mining in the Great Lakes areas.

    King Tut?
    …his tomb was pillaged before the publicized opening. however, he had a pair of sandals..each with symbol of two different enemies..the Nubians(Jews allies) and one of original Jew tribes…so as he walked he would symbolically step on and crush each one.

    Like a western movie…the original Kikes were more likely merciless savage nomads that staked out trade routes, and did ambush raids aka controlling commerce and other crucial internal and external activities. It should be a given their roots can be traced to key physical choke points of trade routes , ie Silk Road…and use combination of force and treachery to rape and pillage their victims.

    They are renowned for spying , intelligence gathering, manipulation of leaders and false flags. Master the aforementioned and any soul-less minority can rule the world.

    As time went on…Jews realized no need to be savage ambushing tribes, simply take charge of what evolved into modern banking.The trick was to stay one step ahead before too many Goyim caught on…but get in good with their leaders.

    Jews a race?
    I think not…its more a “belief” system,
    ……. but as time went on, the “Jews” had to have some unifying force …bloodline is a classic. They realized that they had to add more camouflaging mythology for the Goyim to think they are special…God’s Chosen etc…of they would have been wiped out long ago.

    Their Torah/ Talmud??? is nothing but a mind fuck rule book designed by psychopath leaders to keep the members in line…remember they are the most brutal against their own.

    In modern times, people have been so duped they allow the “Jews” a free pass for crimes than any other individual or groups would be imprisoned and/or executed.

    Most Jews are Ashkenazi aka white?
    …of course…doesn’t it make sense that to gain such power they had to parasite off (and bland in with ) THE best race…the WHITE European race…

    In summary, IMHO, they are nothing but 2 legged demons that over 1000’s of years have finely tuned their ancient thieving barbaric ways of theft and exploitation to what we see today, right under our noses.

  9. Smitherines says:

    Bailey, Bubba, Fredrick , PTR…etc

    “How Many More Times????” Is Kwan going to deny the Jewish Vermin their
    due guilt to so many of the world’s woes????

  10. bubba says:

    The Elder of Zyklon-B says:
    July 25, 2015 at 3:09 pm

    ” Ninja is absolutely correct here about the southern fried folks. I have been living amongst them all my life and can tell you most of them are hopeless. The most hopeless of all are the judeos. I don’t call them Christians any more because their love for all things Talmudic trump any allegiance they profess to have toward in Christ.”

    Yeah…they have been “Scofield” ed 2.0

    It appears the NeoCons really fooled em.

    The Commie Jews did a ramp up via their Neo Con transformation…around the time of Carter’s exit and Reagan’s entry..making everyone feel the left wing was crushed and the Right Wing was the answer !

    Wasn’t it about this time the TV Cable Channel universe exploded…and the Moral Majority became a force ? The business of televangelism was exploding and all them thar ” fire and brimstone” holy roller preachers were everywhere?

    While the NeoCons and politicians were transferring jobs overseas via Free Trade…Savings and Loan scandals.etc……the people had faith in Jimmy Swaggert…Jim Bakker…Pat Robertson…Jerry Falwell…Billy Graham…Benny Hinn…Robert Shuller….
    (BTW: did you know many of them were highranking FreeMasons?)

    Then its easy to slide in other fat pigs (with S-o-u-t-h-e-r-n accents of course) like John Hagee and twist the Bible to support God’s Chosen ……hallelujah…die for Israel!!! ..the (Scofield created )rapture…..and we all go to_____?!?!
    ( ….starts with “H” !!!!)

    Man……if those Southerners ever woke up to the fact the Jews have f*cked them over since Day 1

    ….that I’d pay to see…!!!!!

  11. Bailey says:

    Do you believe that shit B-E Devil ?
    If Zappa was a gypsy than so am i.

  12. Truth says:

    @ Frank Fredenburg says:
    July 25, 2015 at 3:16 pm
    “Are Polish Roma Gypsies Related To Ashkenazi Jews”?
    As an aside:
    Cher Bono once sang a song with the title “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves”
    There is another version done by a little known artist named “Selfish Nono”

    Sung by Selfish – Gypsys, Kikes and Thieves ~ Lyrics by G. O. Yates

    I was born in the wagon of a travelin’ show
    Mama would go down for the money they’d throw
    Papa would scam whomever he could
    Preach a little Scofield Bible
    Sell adulterated drugs that were not any good

    Gypsies, kikes and thieves
    We’d hear it from the people of the town
    They’d call us gypsies, kikes and thieves
    But every night foolish goys would come around
    And lay their money down

    Stole us a Goy just south of Mobile
    Made him a slave bled him for a matzo meal
    I was sixteen, he was twelve but he could
    Took full advantage of him
    And papa took his turn as he recited Talmud

    Gypsies, kikes and thieves
    We’d hear it from the people of the town
    They’d call us gypsies, kikes and thieves
    But every night the foolish goys would come around
    And lay their money down

    Never had schoolin’ but papa taught me well
    With his smooth Talmudic style
    One day I noticed I’m a gal in trouble
    And all papa did was smile
    Said we’re gonna have a grandchild

    He was born in the wagon of a travelin’ show
    Mama gave head for the money they’d throw
    Grandpa’d scam whom ever he could
    Preach the Scofield Bible of lies
    Sell that moonshine liquor that would kill ya for good

    Gypsies, kikes and thieves
    We’d hear it from the people of the town
    They’d call us gypsies, kikes and thieves
    But every night foolish goys would come around
    And lay their money down
    Wake up you “Foolish goys” and become “A Real True-Hearted White Man”

  13. Bailey says:

    Excellent !

    Anyway , the jews tried to fuck Frank Zappa and they couldn’t.
    Who cares that he lived in Laurel Canyon ?
    What the hell does that prove ? Zappa was a business man and if he made a living exploiting the hippy lifestyle early on so effin what ?
    He also admits to his infidelities and Gail knew it was just business , how the fuck do you think he met her ?
    The Mothers would put on shows with fresh fruits and veggies being thrown around the theater and the NY audience loved it.

    On “Trouble every day” Zappa sang , ” you know people , i’m not black but there’s a whole lot of times I wish I can say i’m not white”,

    That always bugged me but that doesn’t mean that Zappa was a nigger lover , does it ?
    Many negroes worked with Frank though the years and some work with ZPZ still.

    You wanna float BS around here about musicians, tell us about the jew promoted “big hair ” faggots of the early eighties.
    tell us about that piece of shit Aerosmith and how they collaborated with niggers to further degrade white culture.
    Fuckin’ Go Go bar music at best and the clear channel jews push that shit in your face like it’s something to never be forgotten, they also love to push that dead fucking queer , Freddy Mercury , if anyone’s a gypsy piece of shit it was him – well , maybe Bono too.

  14. Bailey says:

    Elder @ 3 :09,

    Great post and this is worth repeating ,

    “Of course most southerners are all about our gun rights, but I’d say about 99.9% of them count fake “Israel” and the Jews as our allies. They are totally focused on the muslims, not knowing that it’s the Jews who are sending the muslims over here. ”

    Yes sir , That’s why WE fight them over there so WE don’t have to fight THEM here and the kwans have the freedom to go to a ball game or some shit.
    Need liquor , gas , cigarettes , coffee , munchies , a place to spend the night?

    The evil muslims are here to help you while the JewS military is out saving you from the muslim,
    without it you wouldn’t have nigger sports – freedom at it’s best.

  15. B-E-Devil says:

    So Bailey you’re saying a zappa show was like a carnival act.
    Carneys are one in the same as gyps.

    You almost sound like an obongo supporter.
    Just doing what he has to do in order to be successful no matter
    who is taken advantage of. It’s only business.

    I’m really not trying to bust your balls, but zappa was a predator
    in my opinion.
    That’s why he never did drugs, but encouraged others to do so.
    He could then be in control, since they did not suspect
    that they were in the company of an opportunist.

    We really don’t need to waste time here discussing what he was.
    You can like his music if you want. I won’t hate you for it.

    Only song of his that I thought was ok was ” I’m The Slime”.

  16. mark says:

    What about Cruz??? Thats a Lie from Krugman.

    Cruz is 1000% for Israel and his with works for goldman sachs

  17. Bailey says:

    His music was full of anti drug messages and early on the hippy culture was mocked.
    His employees were not permitted to use drugs while working , on their own time they did as they pleased.
    Read HIS book , not the trash that others wrote about him.

    Is this what you’de consider encouraging drug use ?

  18. Bailey says:

    Here’s the opportunist encouraging drug use.

    compare that to any Gene Simmons interview.

  19. angelo spumoni says:

    Hillary as president will get the half breed vote and Trump as vice president will get the Nordic pure breed vote, its a sure winning ticket. Trump will have his family appointed to ambassadorships and Chelsea will become sectary of state.

  20. indigoxxx1 says:

    White power is still alive but it is semi-invisible. the Mulatto president and the mixed marriage mayor of NYC create the illusion of the demise of white power. Elitist whites still are in command, while the ordinary white guy is being beaten down by half-breed thugs. Hypocritical elitists keep their distance from black and mulatto scum, but bad mouth poor and powerless whites by calling them racists.

  21. Frederick says:

    Smitherines says:
    July 25, 2015 at 11:41 am

    ‘If I Were the Devil’ Video by Paul Harvey 1965”
    Got it bro, but many here don’t realize its true signaifagance. Its a true reflection from the heart Talmudic CS Rabbic teachings. Let me add, the God of the Bible is also a myth so is satan, so lets start our own cult maybe lets image it as the “Extraterrestrials
    from the unknown God!!!” and sing ‘Image,’ so be it! Yeah I can respect that?? The next greatest fraud or false flag of all time, its already in the makings, and its going to suck in everyone what’s left now is to believe its real! This is part of the great deception. Anything but Jesus Christ is todays answer.

    I always liked Paul Harvey, I hope he’s a good guy?

    “I am trying here to prevent anyone saying the really foolish thing that people often say about Him: I’m ready to accept Jesus as a great moral teacher, but I don’t accept his claim to be God. That is the one thing we must not say. A man who was merely a man and said the sort of things Jesus said would not be a great moral teacher. He would either be a lunatic — on the level with the man who says he is a poached egg — or else he would be the Devil of Hell. You must make your choice. Either this man was, and is, the Son of God, or else a madman or something worse. You can shut him up for a fool, you can spit at him and kill him as a demon or you can fall at his feet and call him Lord and God, but let us not come with any patronizing nonsense about his being a great human teacher. He has not left that open to us. He did not intend to.”
    ? C.S. Lewis

    – Blessings

  22. Hoff says:

    This statement by Daily Stormer is a masterpiece!!!


    Please understand this: Blacks don’t respect you if you give them control of your society. It is looked at as weakness, and they will destroy you because of it.

    If you don’t want to rule over them in a master-servant relationship, you have to separate.

    I will make it even shorter: Down on your knees and beg fogivnes nigger!

    I know this from real life experience.

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