Give ‘Em Hell Donald Trump!


Look, this is NOT an endorsement of “THE DONALD” for president. Yeah, yeah, I already know his little princess daughter is married a orthodox Jew Zionist (she even converted, which is ridiculous since most rabbis don’t accept racially non-Jews as Jew). Money has it’s uses. And Trump does kiss a lot of Jew ass. Hell, he wouldn’t even have got this far otherwise (which is the REAL problem, if you ruminate on that for a minute).

I just got sick to my stomach watching all the liberals in the media jumping down Trump’s throat these days, simply because they can’t have any White man talk about immigration, unless it’s in the approved MULTICULT way, i.e. being all for the flooding of our White countries by the flotsam and jetsum of the planet.

OK, so maybe McCain was a war hero — once upon a time. But that was GD then and this is GD now! Plus, what Trump boldly said via a supposedly “live” phone interview with that bony creepess, Martha Radditz, on this morning ABC’s “This Week with George” is exactly what I think too (Trump ruled her totally, since her libtard bias was so embarrassingly obvious).

RINO John McCain is a huge Israel suck-up and buddy-buddy with the creeps screwing us Whites over. I actually think McCain and that closet homo RINO pal of his, Lindsey Graham, are purposeful figureheads supported and put in place to placate White conservatives. Both of them are AMNESTY traitors, plus ISRAEL TOOLS. Hear what I’m laying down, brother man?

Oh yeah, SCREW all the other RINO Retardicans running for office. Especially that Jeb Bush POS. Globalist elite-owned punks like him should just STFU and crawl back to daddy. Momma didn’t want him to run.

MCCAIN AT AIPACHere’s him at AIPAC (“American” Israel Political Affairs Committee) greeting the party faithful. Or is it party TRAITORS?

MCCAIN AND KENNEDYHanging with Teddie boy Kennedy, while unveiling a new Immigration Amnesty plan.

SCHUMER AND MCCAINYukking it up with Chuckie boy Schumer on whatever the precious Jews want.

McCain_and_Syrian_rebelsMixing it up with Syrian Muslim forces, furthering the Zionist hegemonic agenda in the Mideast — killing and destroying enemies of Israel — his real masters.

ohn_mccain_joe_lieberman-HOLOHOAX MUSEUM 2Getting a helping hand from Joe LIEberman putting on the sacred Jew beanie at the holohoax museum in Israel. Visiting Yad Vashem or the “wailing wall” is the same as kissing International Jewry’s ass, if you get my drift.

ohn_mccain_joe_lieberman-HOLOHOAX MUSEAUM


John McCain (Sen. R-AZ):: Obstructionist Republican Clown

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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140 Responses to Give ‘Em Hell Donald Trump!

  1. Bailey says:

    Can’t argue with that Flanders .
    See you at Hoffs !

  2. INCOG MAN says:

    Normally, I don’t like to get into “whosthejew” but you might be right.

    Kris goes into my SPAMblinka unless he can ‘splain himself.

  3. Flanders says:

    It is not Belgistan, jewboy, it is Jewistan – in EVERY White country where jews are allowed to conduct treason.

    Anyone who is uncertain about that need only look at this page above, and at the further pages linked at the top, and then at other countries which are linked at the bottom of the page.

    I suspect that the jews are allied with the Muslims at certain top levels. They have always operated together in the past, except for the jew and Rothschild invasions into Palestine.

  4. Bailey says:

    I’m stuck in Hoffs jew filter, i’m on a different device and my e mail addy is different.
    Kris seems to want to blame the muslims for the jews enabling them.
    Not good, eat some pork !

  5. bubba says:

    May suggest Incoglanders avoid creating internal turmoil…

    I personally am starting to lean towards Giuliani’s premise that the Kike Jews have either created every religion(…..yes even Christianity)…….. or at minimum infiltrated every one of them.

    Fine Tune your basic terms of reference…many of us appear to be of and/or from a generation that was groomed in what is truly important ….and what else can F*ck Off and die.

    Cry of the ancestors !!!!!

  6. Flanders says:

    Thanks Incogman. It’s good to see that you are on top of it.

    Let’s all get the campaign going:


    No one wants terrorists to have nukes.

  7. Recon Ranger says:

    Mc Cain was a POW when this old soldier was crawling the jungle floor in search of cover and concealment and an advantage of firepower while under fire… I’ve seen heroes in action… I have seen heroes who saved others while putting their own lives in total danger and I have seen them save men while getting themselves killed… Good ole Donald is 100% correct in his conviction that Mc Cain is no hero… He is not, was not and will never be one… He is a traitor to the American Military and the American Public….there was a rumor in the 90’s that before the Vietnamese embargo lifted in 1994 by the scum bag clinton that mc cain had all kinds of cash sitting in a hong kong bank account just waiting for him to ” Influence” clinton to lift the embargo… take a look back and see what took place and one can put the puzzle together quite easily… I am a firm believer in that theory… Mccain is no hero and is a traitor. Hoo Ahh to all and we need to stop this bs at once… stand up all you American patriots… don’t be afraid to say it like it is and to stand for what is right.

  8. Flanders says:

    Hoff: If you come by or can read this, I have left a message for you today, and Bailey has a message that he is “stuck in Hoffs jew filter, i’m on a different device and my e mail addy is different.”.

    I hope everything is going alright for you, as you have commented only a time or two recently at Incogman. Let us know that you are ok.

  9. Flanders says:

    I agree with you, Recon Ranger. Your daily profession was being a hero, and you do know a fraud when you see one. Semper Fi to you.

  10. Frederick says:

    INCOG MAN says:

    July 20, 2015 at 9:25 pm

    And the rest to note, maybe Kris explain this or does it make any since?

    Kris says:
    July 16, 2015 at 6:36 pm
    We are confronting an all out war against Christianity and Western civilisation from all sides.
    Vicious islamic jihad.
    Jewish hostility. Animosity.
    Degenerate, rotten, subdued western ratpacks are backstabbing us.

    Kris says:
    July 19, 2015 at 8:04 pm
    George Carlin – The Final Solution (a video)

    Aren’t these two comments contradicting?

    (The person of George Carlin the Christian blasphemer, mini-anti christ and Pharisaic jew atheist! (It’s no secret, he is just that) Also Thomas Paine another blasphemer, you can’t make this stuff up.)

    Thanks for supporting your jew atheist Carlin in your war against Christianity!

    My concern and is those that patronize Christianity, the Bible (verses used for there justification) or Jesus Christ to support there claims.
    And later they quote, use sources of anti- Christian material to again justify there agenda, isn’t that hypocritical? You’d have o be brain dead not to know who George Carlin or OR Thomas Paine?? I call it very sick!

    I don’t care if your atheist or secular I can respect that but don’t quote the Holy Bible and not know the true significance, its NOT just another damn book!

    Have some respect man!


  11. bubba says:

    Re Jew Wise:

    I have a a small congregation of open-minded parties…who I slowly feed the evidence from various sites….One is ex military….another has an Armenian spouse who fully aware of the Armenian “Young Turk” genocide(which spilled over to start WW1)

    Other parties are very savvy on multiculturalism… cultural marxism etc… etc…but the Jew factor may be too much of a blindside hit.

    Always a balancing act…but man…. the amount of good info is becoming overwhelming…which extrapolates to the dam of truth is bursting…

    As I said many times before…a BAAADDD time(aka worst time in history) to be a Jew…hell hath no fury like Gentiles on shoulders of generations of ancestors crying for justice…

    Its payback time… Mofo Shlomo

    …..not today or tomorrow
    …yesterday !!!

  12. bubba says:

    Re Samson Option???

    IMHO…another Kike Jew red herring…they always have gullible goyim chasing shadows.

    I submit they have nukes planted in various cities already

    “Predictive Programming”

    In 2002, a Syrian scrap collector uncovers a large unexploded bomb buried in a field within the Golan Heights, and sells it to a South African arms dealer named Olson (Feore). Olson recognizes it as an Israeli nuclear weapon that was lost when the A-4 Skyhawk carrying it was shot down during the 1973 Yom Kippur War. He later sells it to a secretive far-right cabal seeking to impose a white supremacist world order, led by Austrian billionaire and neo-Nazi Richard Dressler (Bates). Dressler’s aim is to transform Europe into a united fascist superstate. He intends to start a nuclear war between the United States and Russia that will devastate them both.

    CIA analyst Jack Ryan (Affleck), is summoned by Director William Cabot (Freeman) to accompany him to Russia to meet President Nemerov (Hinds). In Moscow, Cabot and Ryan are allowed to examine a Russian nuclear weapons facility as prescribed by the START treaty, where Ryan notices the absence of three scientists listed on the facility’s roster. Cabot sends Special Activities Division operative John Clark (Schreiber) to Russia to investigate the missing scientists. Clark tracks the missing scientists to a former Soviet military facility in Ukraine, where Cabot suspects they are building a secret nuclear weapon that Russia could use without any way to trace it back to them.

    Ryan and his colleagues discern that a crate from the facility in Ukraine was flown to the Canary Islands, then sent to Baltimore on a cargo ship. Ryan warns Cabot, who is attending a football game in Baltimore with the President about a bomb threat being in play. The President is evacuated before the bomb detonates, but the city is wrecked by the ensuing shock wave. To escalate the situation, a corrupt Russian Air Force general who has been paid by Dressler sends Tu-22M Backfires to attack a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier.

    Ryan learns from the radiation assessment team that the isotopic signature from the nuclear blast pinpoints it as having been manufactured at the Savannah River Site in South Carolina in 1968; evidence which would seem to exonerate the Russians. In Syria, Clark tracks down Ghazi, one of the men who found the bomb, now dying of radiation exposure. He tells Clark that he sold the bomb to Olson, who lives in Damascus. Ryan’s colleagues at Langley infiltrate Olson’s computer and download files that implicate Dressler as the person who bought the plutonium and who is behind the Baltimore attack.

    Ryan is able to reach the National Military Command Center in the Pentagon and get a message to Nemerov, saying that he knows that Russia was not behind the attack, while also asking Nemerov to stand down his forces as a show of good faith. Nemerov agrees to do so as President Fowler follows suit. The participants in the conspiracy, including Dressler, are later assassinated. Presidents Fowler and Nemerov announce new nuclear disarmament and counter-proliferation measures in joint speeches at the White House, as Ryan and his fiancee Dr. Catherine Muller (Moynahan) listen on.



    Note that Affleck was in movie “Pearl Harbour”…just before 9/11
    …as PNAC et al had talked about a new Pearl Harbour for USA was necessary
    ..then them evil Muslims hijacked them planes and damaged Larry(the cockroach) Silversteins’ valuable twin towers !
    ..such anti – $emiti$m .

    I don’t have to beat a dead horse…(may get Kike Jews excited)…but OMG…look at this script/plot.

  13. The Elder of Zyklon-B says:


    The point is that International Jewry represents the” GD invasion and TSUNAMI” as you say. The fact that there “hard working/taxed, average Joe Sixpack Juden out there is not the issue.

    They openly boast about their role, as voiced by the Jewess Barbara Spectre and many other of her self chosenite brethren.

    I’m with Flanders.

  14. Frederick says:

    “May suggest Incoglanders avoid creating internal turmoil…”

    (Then what the h… are provoking this crap?)

    “I personally am starting to lean towards Giuliani’s premise that the Kike Jews have either created every religion(…..yes even Christianity)…….. or at minimum infiltrated every one of them.”

    Christianity for starters is NOT a religion, and was invented or formed by the Man God Jesus Christ, meaning followers of faith Him. A more secular educational 101, you know you take root or noun word ‘Christ’ and adjective’ is added to make Christianity, amazing isn’t it? I’m really surprized at the extreme Ignorance, its sad.

    I think this is more relevant: “I personally am starting to lean towards Hitler was created by the zoinists (…..yes even the Nazis)…….. or at minimum infiltrated every one of them.”

    I hope now after I’ve been provoked, that I’m NOT creating internal turmoil…?”


  15. Bailey says:

    Hard working juden?
    I know one , hell of a good mechanic.

  16. The Elder of Zyklon-B says:


    The point is that International Jewry represents the” GD invasion and TSUNAMI” as you say. The fact that there “hard working/taxed average Joe Sixpack Juden out there is not the issue.

    They openly boast about their role as voiced by the Jewess Barbara Specter

  17. INCOG MAN says:

    Just added a picture of McCain over in Syria with Muslim terrorists.


  18. The Elder of Zyklon-B says:

    Would you like a can of Zyklon-B while you are in spamblinka for delousing purposes?

    I have a direct line to the spamblinka kammer.

    They don’t call me The Elder of Zyklon-B for nothing.

  19. INCOG MAN says:

    Yeah, getting low on Zykon-B these days. Had a big influx during the Baltimore riots and I had to put my stocks to use on Negroes. It takes twice as much to be affective with simians.

  20. INCOG MAN says:

    I put Recon Ranger’s comment up as quote of the week.

  21. Flanders says:

    We all know that regardless of the reasons he is in the race, Trump is stating that which all real Americans know to be true. The jews do not want their MAJOR parts, in the stealth Immigration passage, to be exposed.

    “Many people feel that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is
    unconstitutional. They feel that it infringes on private-property
    rights by forcing private businesses to bend to the federal
    government’s employment rules, and that it violates states’ rights,
    since it compels the government to involve itself in civil-rights
    matters within the various states. The law also clearly infringes
    upon the freedom of association desires of White people. In effect it
    became illegal for whites to protect themselves from blacks, or in
    any way to refrain from mixing with them. Today anyone who calls
    for a return of the true [Constitutional]civil right of free association will be attacked…”.
    “The Hart-Celler Act amended the McCarran-Walter immigration act of 1952. The McCarran-Walter law had mandated that immigrants be admitted into America based on their national origin. The Hart-Celler law abolished the national-origin rule and replaced it with family reunification, aka chain immigration, i.e. the close relatives of immigrants already living in America were allowed to immigrate to the U.S. as well.”

  22. Flanders says:

    To attack Trump for saying what every American wants to be said is the height of hypocrisy, even for jewish media. They have done too much in trying to hide treachery committed against America and true Americans during the past.

    Let’s remember that most Americans while he was in office, and most Americans even later, had no idea that Lyndon Johnson was involved in at least three major ways with US and Israeli jewry. LBJ was involved in the forced immigration and “civil rights” frauds, the treasonous attack against the USS Liberty and the USA, and by himself being a Crypto-jew. That does not even count LBJ’s involvement in the assassination of JFK, or in the cover ups which followed, and many other scandals, including the extension for personal profit of the Viet Nam war.

    “Lyndon Johnson’s grandparents and mother were jewish. Johnson is jewish, too. The mother (maternal lineage) is traditionally the carrier of the jew lineage, although that rule has often been expanded. So, race is THE determining factor for jews. People can be “adopted” into the “religion”, but must racially be jews to be considered truly “kosher”.

    “Johnson’s Jewish family tree Huffman and Perrin had a daughter, Ruth Ament Huffman ,who married Joseph Baines and together they had a daughter, Rebekah Baines, Lyndon Johnson’s mother. The line of Jewish mothers can be traced back three generations in Lyndon Johnson’s family tree.”

  23. Flanders says:

    Incogman, the guards have an important one in moderation @12:23.

  24. Flanders says:

    “It was the American Jewish Committee (AJC) which first vigorously advocated for open immigration in America beginning in 1914 until the great watershed in 1965.” – Balder [below is from AJC]

    “From its founding in 1906, the American Jewish Committee (AJC) has been a strong voice in support of immigration, participating actively in many of the major immigration debates of our time: opposing reductions in the flow of legal immigrants; supporting increased “family unification” immigration; supporting efforts to reduce the flow of illegal immigration within the context of established civil liberties protections; supporting generous immigration policies regarding refugees who are fleeing persecution, as defined by U.S. law; opposing the denial of government benefits to non-citizen legal immigrants; and supporting programs designed to educate and integrate new citizens.” [A different statement is below w new link]
    “II. Reaffirmation of Prior Policy Positions
    The American Jewish Committee firmly believes that current legal immigration levels should not be reduced and that doing so would not solve our nation’s security problems and would put American society at risk in the long run. AJC further believes that serious attempts should be made to ensure that, within current levels, all those who wish to immigrate to the U.S. have the opportunity to do so. History has demonstrated that immigrants enrich this nation economically and culturally, and immigration remains a central ingredient to retaining America’s economic strength and its proud tradition of democratic pluralism. A fair and generous immigration policy reflects our highest values as Americans of freedom, opportunity, and family cohesion, and also benefits us materially.”
    Consistent with these beliefs, AJC supports the creation and/or reinvigoration of, as well as increased funding for the following programs and practices designed to effectively acculturate immigrants, including:
    A) American Values Education. Increased support for programs for adults and children such as Hands Across the Campus, a program administered by AJC’s Arthur and Rochelle Belfer Center for American Pluralism that is utilized by public schools across the country, with its core “American values” curriculum that emphasizes the importance of understanding democratic ideals, civic values, and pluralism for both native-born and immigrant children. [Flanders assures you that jews have a much more extensive network than they admit here, for the importation and “acculturation” of new “immigrants”.]
    B) English Acquisition. Greater emphasis on the importance of learning English by newcomers—adults and children—with greater funding for such programs so that all who wish to do so have the opportunity to learn English upon their arrival in the U.S. or soon thereafter.
    C) Community Participation. Recognition that acculturation cannot be accomplished without the significant participation of community institutions.”

  25. Flanders says:

    “There was an article about the “good deeds” done by the ADL’s chairman, the Jew called Abraham Foxman. First of all, I shall start by explaining who this man really is. Foxman is a Jew of eastern European origins also called the Ashkenazi Jews. He was baptized as a child into the Roman Catholic Church and claims to have survived the so called holocaust. He rose through the ranks of Jewish elites to claim chairman of the ADL and continues the long historical lies of the organization. Now, what exactly is the ADL for those who are not aware as to their evils.

    They proclaim themselves to be legal defenders who will protect Jews from defamation, but this is nothing more than a coverup. At first, they were dedicated to protecting Jews when gentiles (rightly so) defended themselves against Jewish aggressions and Jewish plots to usurp their local laws. Then they merged with other organization of Jewish characters like AIPAC; all of these Jewish organizations operate as one thought and mind and can safely be labeled Jewish Lobby Groups that fight for what is in their own tribe’s best interest and not what is in the best interest of their host nations. The ADL has chapters all over the western world, but in the eastern nations and Islamic nations that are somewhat aware of Jewish supremacy, they don’t dare go into such nations for they will be ripped shreds (a certain justified case).

    But what makes the ADL such a dangerous organization isn’t the fact that they have tons of money, influence, and votes at their own disposal but the fact that they have managed to cloak themselves under tremendous lies that they are out fighting for the freedom of all people. The ADL is NOT about fighting defamation against Jews but they are all about diversity, multiculturalism, and the racial destruction of the white race. That is why the ADL advocates for unlimited mass immigration into white western nations, this is why they advocate for the so called rights of the faggots and homosexuals (knowing that it will lower the population numbers of the gentiles), this is why they fight for the survival of the fake Zionist state of Israel. Yet, they refuse to adapt the same rules of engagement and doctrine for their own people.”

  26. Flanders says:

    “Ever wondered why Muslims generally kill Christians and have a fixation with raping and killing White Europeans, and not the Jews who’re supposed to be their primary mortal enemies? When was the last time you saw some Jews being killed by Muslims? Oh yes, that’s right, a stray bullet or rocket injured some Jew in Israel recently, and Sadaam Hussein lynched a few and there was that atrocity of sexual mutilations in Mumbai. But the rest of the time Muslims duped by assets of the Jews are either blowing themselves up or killing off Whites and Christians for the Jews, or serving as a proxy army in some Jew orchestrated conflict that provides a pecuniary advantage for the Jews or a geopolitical advantage for stolen Israel in the first instance.”

  27. Flanders says:

    If I am not mistaken this is the umbrella group which is being set up by Soro’s son, in order to centralize and control, even more, the jewish networking and hasbara activities against the interests of real Americans. It is set up solely to represent the interests of jewry and those minorities whom the jews use, in order to assist jewry in accomplishing the jew’s goals.

    While Americans operate in small groups or individually, as is the custom among our White European stock, we are opened wide to the becoming “legally” and stealthily savaged by the communalized, centralized jewish networking. The jew operates as a foreigner in our midst, craftily using what once were our laws against us. The jew’s intent is to work for our harm, while the intent of most Americans is to operate for the good of everyone. There is nothing fair about foreigners in our midst who stealthily commit treasons leading to the destruction of America – and of Americans.

  28. Hoff says:

    Flanders: New post, it’s all yours.

  29. Bailey says:

    As if the amerikwan voters aren’t stupid, here’s the jewess pelosi.

  30. Hoff says:

    As we now know, Obama had been supported and cultivated since 1992 by Bettylu Saltzman, the daughter of Philip Klutznick, Chicago’s leading Zionist, to be the first “black” president of the United States.”

    The First Time I Heard Of Barack

    During the period of roughly February 1992 to mid 1994, I was making frequent trips to Moscow, Russia, in the process of starting a software development joint-venture company with some people from the Russian scientific community. One of the men in charge on the Russian side was named V. M.; he had a wife named T.M.

    Short text and mandatory read.

  31. Hoff says:

    Here are the jews that trained Obama Nobody to be puppident of America. 8 min. Mandatory.

    Jewish Americans for Obama

  32. Hoff says:

    In this video the AIPAC mafia jew Richard Perle explains in two minute how the Jews control US Congress. Mandatory. You can start at 31 min.

    The Israel Lobby (vpro backlight – 2007) 50 min.

  33. protocolsRtrue says:

    On a somewhat lighter note. Today in history U.S. Forces land on Guam after pounding the shit out of the Island for days. It didn’t tip over.

  34. Bailey says:

    I apologize , the link @ 9:52 didn’t post right.

    Here is jewess Nancy Pelosi spewing more jew nonsense.
    Bad as it is that adults don’t have a fuckin’ clue , now the jews want teens to vote.

    Typical jew BS !

  35. Bailey says:

    Yea , nice timing pRt ,

    Just look at that stupid nigger Hank Johnson and then imagine what we’ll get when teens vote.

  36. Bailey says:

    Hey Hoff , You forgot to include a vomit bag warning indicator with that jews for Obama video.
    Man that was rough but is worth watching.

  37. Bailey says:

    What a lying , jew ass kissing , POS scumbag.

    if the jews love him so much maybe they should take him and his handlers back to Israel when he’s done fucking up the country with his fundamental change.

  38. bubba says:

    Re: “The Truth”

    An old Jew trick is to lay out the truth about Jews…
    Read Churchill quotes…which are often quoted by truthers…yet he was one of their biggest whores.

    Herzl even said that anti-semitism will be their biggest weapon, they love it. The more truth that comes out the more people get pissed off and if they say something, the Kikes have another anti-semite to expose to the gullible public.

    Trump could lay out all the dirty secrets of every elected official, past and present, but is it really going to change anything ?

    I think the public is a combination of so dumbed down and numbed to scandal that it doesn’t know which way is up. The Kikes have turned society into a relativity cesspool, so people have no classic terms of reference.

    Trump is becoming sensory overload venue so that any POS can slide in.

  39. Someone else needs to search for the article but I remember reading something about McCain starting a few jets on fire aboard a carrier while hot dogging. The article also stated no one wished to fly with him due to his untempered, flamboyant piloting.

  40. Davy says:



  41. protocolsRtrue says:

    I don’t believe that McCain was responsible for the Forrestal disaster. He was one unlucky pilot though. 2 theories. Either a serious cover up was going on or 2: In politics your opponents will always try to smear and slander you. Even if it’s not true all they have to do is say it. I remember the second Bushes election cbs ran a story about his service record that was totally false and misleading two nights before election day. Then they make a contrite apology for their false report AFTER the election. Their damage had been done.

  42. bubba says:

    McCain is becoming a distraction here…

    ….lots of stories about what ? happened on the ship….

    Lets get back to Kiken Rodent hunting

  43. Frank Fredenburg says:

    MIT Jew Fellow Attacks Whites, Foundations Of America

    They never stop.

  44. Flanders says:

    Thanks Hoff for that posting space at 2:34am. I’ve now filled it. For anyone going to the link, the first comment will actually be the post. I mention that since it can be confusing.

    Those are good links that you left about Obama being known to Russian communists before the American people even knew about him, and on the jew lobby by Perle.

  45. Bailey says:

    Yea, Thanks Hoff for clearing me from your jew filter.
    Sorry for the confusion.

  46. bubba says:

    InStaTITz of HiIyEr MIT Harvard etc

    IMHO….who cares ?

    The Kikes have infiltrated so much of academia, for 100’s of years and what they haven’t skewed they have bastardized.

    Like IVY league….the Kikes get daddy to write a big endowment check because Shlomo and Esther are stuck in Grade 9….

    Does anyone seriously believe in much of the research coming out of these places?

    Lets see…oh a degree in SJWfor Midgets – Climate Change Patriarchy – Womans Studies…wow..

  47. Flanders says:

    Victims – 2015 to June – Image is with 4 sections –

    1. Blacks murdered by White people 2. Media reaction to 1.

    3. White people murdered by blacks 4. Media reaction to 3.

  48. Flanders says:

    bubba: “Does anyone seriously believe in much of the research coming out of these places?”.

    Why do you think Pelosi wants 16 year olds to vote? It’s young people who have been exposed to leftist thought in schools and who either gain their basic understanding of life from Television or from their peers who have had that same type of leftist and media exposure. They have not been exposed to real life, and some of them never grow out of it. They are taught to trust “documentable” sources and don’t realize that the only “documentable” sources are those provided and allowed by jews. Anything that truly exposes jews is not allowed publication at the outset, slapped with some type of “nasty” label, or is removed and banned altogether.

    Marxism by jews proceeds inter-generationally. The first generation is taught to be “liberal” minded. One next level is taught leftist, and the next generation is taught more leftist, until the final generation has become a full jew tool who has no ability or desire to think independently in truly rational and open-minded ways.

  49. protocolsRtrue says:

    Well, McCain IS featured prominently in the lead of this thread. I guess my point is that Trump is a distraction. Why is he feuding with John McCain anyway? Is McCain running for Prez? I may have missed the announcement. My point is that McCain HAS run elections repeatedly he’s in the Senate and he ran for prez in the past. And every time an opponent will have a smear and slander and character assassination crew spend every working minute trying to follow you around and dig up dirt and make secret recordings and ask you stupid “gotya” questions then edit the answers out of context. Believe me I know this from how scumbag coward traitors committing treason piece of shit zog agents operate. These allegations about McCain were not the brainchild of Donald Trump. These things have been around for awhile.
    It seems like jew media is trying to amp up the niggers again this time with an out of control mentally fucked up nigger bitch (which one isn’t) that hung herself in the Texas jail.

  50. Bailey says:

    It’s those patterns that we look for Flanders.

  51. protocolsRtrue says:

    That’s right Bailey and Flanders our Forefathers warned what would happen in a democratic form of Government when people who do not actually pay taxes get the right to vote on how to spend OTHER PEOPLE MONEY. Have we not learned that from niggers who don’t work wont work and never plan on working living off the government (working taxpayers mostly white)? Some 16 and 17 year olds will get their first jobs. But usually low enough income that whatever they pay in withholding federal income tax and payroll taxes social security and Medicaid will be returned to them along with an earned income tax credit. But we also know that millions of other 16 and 17 year olds will NOT get a job but choose to have babies and go to the social welfare great society program office and sign up for free food and free medical care and free housing and free cash money and free government cheese commodities distribution and free sailfones. Now who do you think Ms. Pelozi believes these 16 and seventeen year old kids are going to vote for? Whoever promises them the most free shit of course. And their baby mommas and baby daddies? Who do they vote for? Same. PLUS– just like from Flanders post. These kids are fresh from their (still IN) their commie Marxist jew libtard public school brainwashing indoctrination. MY solution is this. If you don’t actually PAY taxes after all the calculations and credits and exemptions and deductions then you should NOT have the right to vote. It’s easy to vote for things when you have no skin in the game you don’t pay other people do. And it’s also easy for politicians to propose and promise some of the most ridiculous bullshit ideas just to get votes. Hence 18 trillion hard debt rising fast 70 trillion unfunded LIE-abilities. Plus your going to have public money union schoolteachers telling these kids who to vote for also.

  52. protocolsRtrue says:

    Social security and MEDICARE comes out of payroll taxes. Medicaid is for people who have little or no income because they don’t work wont work and never plan on working. Sorry for the mistype. Now nicknamed obamacare. Some people truly need it elderly and disabled through no fault of their own. It wasn’t meant to be a permanent program for young able-bodied people whatever their color may be. College kids get to vote at age 18. Now what have THEY been taught in school AND college all their lives? 90% socialist libtard Marxist commie jew bullshit.

  53. protocolsRtrue says:

    McCain aint even running for prez. He’s trying for another run in the Senate next year. Why don’t trump drop out and move to Arizona and run for the Senate there and then they can duke it out for the primary election there?

    McCain had said previously he expected to be a top target in the next election cycle. The Arizona Republic recently reported that Tea Party groups are stepping up efforts to find a GOP primary opponent for McCain, who has long angered conservatives with his support for overhauling the immigration system. (amnesty)

  54. bubba says:

    Flanders says:
    July 21, 2015 at 5:29 pm

    Marxism by jews proceeds inter-generationally. The first generation is taught to be “liberal” minded. One next level is taught leftist, and the next generation is taught more leftist, until the final generation has become a full jew tool who has no ability or desire to think independently in truly rational and open-minded ways.
    Well said…

    I look back and shake my head at the devastation wrought by the Feminutzi movement just within my own extended family…

    Have an in -law whose journey through femi-nutzism aka Kike Looney- Toon Male Bashing Marxism reeked a heavy toll on so much of the family
    ….like I’m talking her leaving young children…divorce….numerous moves….numerous boyfriends…alcoholism…needing longterm re-hab…finally 30 years later at some form of stability, though will likely stay single.

    Her Ex??? (who took the kids) rebounded nicely, great guy…..found a new spouse also divorced…with kids…sort of a mixed Brady Bunch family … he’s retired …did well, had nice inheritance…life is good.

    I look at this Feminist KikeBot movement…its almost scary if it wasn’t so ??? funny??? …..abstract???…a sick satire of gender role reversal ?

    …we’ve all known a minority of dudes who would nail anything with boobs and a pulse…but seriously…women these days seem to be OK with the Kike created persona of vaginal vampires. You can call men pigs, but even pigs are choosy.

    The grass is NOT always greener on the other side of the hill…often the green is actually regret and envy.

  55. Angelo Spumoni says:

    He never dated a big beak Jewess or a Congo lady. His tastes are for Nordic women. The Yidesses and Congo’s call him a colonialist slave master.

  56. protocolsRtrue says:

    Good documentary on right now. PIVT network. It’s called “You’ve Been Trumped”.
    On tomorrow again late night. It’s about him trying to get some Scottish people to leave their coastline property so he can build a golf course resort. The politics and inner deals.

  57. protocolsRtrue says:

    Today in History: This version a little different from the official report.

    Rocket causes deadly fire on aircraft carrier

    A fire on a United States Navy carrier stationed off the coast of Vietnam kills 134 service members on this day in 1967. The deadly fire on the USS Forrestal began with the accidental launch of a rocket.

    During the Vietnam War, the USS Forrestal was often stationed off the coast of North Vietnam, conducting combat operations. On the morning of July 29, the ship was preparing to attack when a rocket from one of its own F-4 Phantom jet fighters was accidentally launched. The rocket streaked across the deck and hit a parked A-4 Skyhawk jet. The Skyhawk, which was waiting to take off, was piloted by John McCain, the future senator from Arizona.

    Fuel from the Skyhawk spilled out and caught fire. The fire then spread to nearby planes on the ship’s deck and detonated a 1,000-pound bomb, which killed many of the initial firefighters and further spread the fire. A chain reaction of explosions blew holes in the flight deck and had half the large ship on fire at one point. Many pilots were trapped in their planes as the fire spread. It took a full day before the fires could be fully contained.

    Hundreds of sailors were seriously injured and 134 lost their lives in the devastating fire. Twenty planes were destroyed. It was the worst loss of a life on a U.S. Navy ship since World War II. Temporary repairs were made to the ship in the Philippines before the Forrestal headed back to Norfolk, Virginia. It was repaired and put back into service the following April, but never returned to Vietnam.

    John McCain narrowly escaped the fire and, afterwards, volunteered for duty on the USS Oriskany. Just three months later, his plane was shot down over North Vietnam and he was taken prisoner. He was not released until five-and-a-half years later, in 1973.

  58. indigoxxx1 says:

    Trump and Hillary will be a winning ticket.

  59. indigoxxx1 says:

    Hillary is keeping a long distance from Bill and Monica if she wants to look like a prudent president.

  60. Bombala says:

    Im betting Hilary wins. The Elite love the Clintons.

  61. peter says:


    Wake up all people – ignorance is turning our world into an uncontrollable mess.
    Quality people are being subjected to incompetence by way of the democratic system.
    Existing democratic system cannot support a discipline to protect all people’s interests.
    Quality people will have to take initiative and stop the stupidity created by the majority of so called financial heads misusing all people’s circumstances.
    Quality people will have to encourage all real men in the interest of women and children to remove all incompetent politicians from the democratic system as soon as possible.
    Please copy and paste this onto as many as possible comments available on the internet even if it is not related to the discussion – just get it spread around the world.
    Quality people can then start to redesign the democratic system in the interest of all of us.

    As an example of many proofs, read one of thousands of comments /articles/statements :- Money is main threat to democracy says Russian elections chief
    Published time: 20 Jul, 2015 15:20

    Please understand this principle: we must all respect a blind person but we must not turn emotional and allow a blind person to drive a vehicle or fly an aircraft.

    The only way, we as the people in every country can secure an acceptable future, is if the democratic system is changed to ensure an honest political platform, that is subjected to a principle of the death sentence should dishonesty occur. Any person wanting to become an elected politician should understand this principle or else avoid the political platform.

    The natural world is dependant on REAL MEN and REAL WOMAN, but they are being undermined by UN-NATURAL MEN and UN-NATURAL WOMEN who are actually high risk psychopaths, disrupting peoples natural circumstances.

  62. protocolsRtrue says:

    Another day, another “undocumented worker”. This ones a real gem. We’re getting the best and the brightest all right. They are all so accomplished and successful in their native countries that they just decide to chuck it all and come to America and share their wonderfulness with us. “He was seeking a better life”. Yeah. I’m sure coming to America was automatically a better life than the prison sentence he was about to serve in Belize. And look on the bright side. The people of Belize don’t have to pay for him for the rest of his life the American taxpayers do. He’s a young one too. How many other violent career criminals get released early into civilized society due to overcrowding to make room for “undocumented workers” ? Somebody must have decided that we wanted to be the worlds prison system also.

  63. protocolsRtrue says:

    I wonder if we can get the israilis to take down their border fences and take in some of this “our diversity makes us great” stuff. Let the jews put people from 75 different countries in their school systems and teach them Hebrew and Yiddish. They have plenty of jewish doctors they should take in more of the worlds huddled masses into their free medical care system. Speaking of free medical care I wonder if dual israili-American citizens who live in isrial but get to vote absentee in American elections get our social security checks the free Medicare and Medicaid obamacare stuff. Maybe that’s another reason joe Biden announced that this was such a big fucking deal. American workers now pick up the tab for jew medical care in israel?

  64. Bailey says:

    Welcome to amerikwa!

  65. protocolsRtrue says:

    California taxpayers spend 95 million on interpreters. Ready to spend millions more on this jobs program for immigrants.

  66. protocolsRtrue says:

    California has the nation’s largest court system spread out over a vast geographic area with many rural counties. The state has about seven million residents with limited English proficiency who speak over 200 languages.

    The courts have also faced funding cuts in recent years that have seen courthouses close and staff cut. There is no estimate yet on how much it would cost to provide interpreters in all cases, but the plan approved by the judicial council said the courts would need more than the $92 million they were spending

  67. 0jr says:

    tromp is a distant cousi of billary

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