Time For A New American Revolution!

It’s Long Past Time We Teach The Stinking Spoiled Brats a Little Respect!

Are you not sick and tired of the non-stop Negro BS every minute? You can’t turn on the TV for a lousy GD five minutes before we have to listen to this out-of-control race yapping away over something bad a “racist” White did to one of their criminal street gangstas — “dindus” who never, ever do anything wrong (“he be good boy” they stupidly insist).

Then right away during the commercial break, we see them beaming — all happy and crap in nice, new, clean clothes — comfortably living over here instead of filthy Africa or Haiti. Plus, the backstabbing Jews in the media always make them out as the good guys and heroes in movies and TV — never, ever the murderous criminals and worthless economic parasites like most of them are in real life.

Here’s the deal, my friend: Nothing will ever please the truly spoiled and rotten black brats. The point to all the politically correct BS and latest ginned-up black victim tempest-in-a-teapot is to keep the White race intimidated and distracted while they destroy our morality, our political demographics and continue the gradual, silent genocide of us in our own lands. Up to now, the bastards have gotten away with it, too, because the White race has really been too nice for its own good.

You think I’m just being a big “hater” guy for no good reason? One who might run off and hurt some poor widdle innocent Afro Americans who never do anything bad? And it’s only us White people who can ever be racist, right? WAKE UP AND SMELL THE GD COFFEE. Blacks brutally murder White people all the time (click “continue reading” for a few). Racist black mobs even attack us on the street just because of us being White. The Jew media works hard not to report on all this — they want the regular White person to stay stupid and asleep — instead of getting all up in their faces with pitchforks and stuff.

WHITES KILLED BY BLACKS 37 POST 2000Every so often, I do up a photo montage of recent murders of Whites by blacks and keep them on a page up under my banner called “WHITE VICTIMS.” Go there and scroll down for a minute or two and you’ll get what I’m saying.

The Nation-Wrecking bastards doing all this to our country literally bank on you keeping your mouth shut (the real motive behind “PC”). When they do succeed in re-engineering society (like the recent traitorous SCOTUS ruling for gay marriage and totally bizarre tranny crap), you can see them acting gleeful and smug all over the TV. The stinking, lousy GD punks have actually been in a silent guerilla war against our race.

These people cannot allow for any truth contrary to the sacred “PC” tenants to reach the masses. They never cared one bit when a White person gets victimized by the darker races. Sometimes the hypocrites even have the nerve to say “we had it coming” — like each of us deserve it because we’re White and possibly have slave holder ancestry or secretly conspire among each other to hold back the noble Negro.

If anything, us Whites have done everything possible to give the black brats a leg up.

And it’s quite unbelievable how wacked out the multicult freaks are. They’ve now got all kinds of ridiculous BS theories out there like “White privilege” they use to justify their White-hating programs and insane reasoning.

In fact, not only does the lying media, but the NWO government actually promotes such things in our lands. Little unpaid guys like me are doing everything we possibly can to warn you on what’s going down — and always on a shoe-string budget.

Trust me: Once they have any kind of success, the White-haters want even more. Every day, it will get much, much worse for our race and Christianity. Before our eyes, they are turning us all into a degraded, satanic, moronic, spat-upon minority in our own lands.

Arm up (while you still can), speak out to friends and family — spread the message of what the creeps are doing. You, reading here RIGHT THE FLOCK NOW, can contribute a little something to the now rapidly growing awakening of the White race.

Thank you.

— INCOG MAN, 2015

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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86 Responses to Time For A New American Revolution!

  1. bubba says:

    Kris says:
    July 5, 2015 at 8:34 am

    SHOCKING: Bundy Ranch Standoff Linked to Communist Chinese Land Grab

    Recall the Iron Mountain report…effectively a strategy to create a new enemy boogeyman for the population to fear. Fear of destroying the environment aka create environmentalism was implimented.

    The EPA was created in 1970….coincidentally around the time inflation began to spike .

    Add it all up.

    Some wise sages say the EPA was created to freeze land uses under the auspices of environmentalism, in other words, the result is a massive land bank. Of course, this creates limited supply of land to use, driving the price up…again inflation.

    Keep in mind that this protected land , usually uses BS excuses like rare species exist there etc. However, the real reason is that the land is being banked as collateral for OTHER parties when the time comes.

    Given the inflation and the US money supply has increased to approx. $ 20 trillion, and China holding much of this …it will demand collateral which will be hard assets = land =loss of sovereignty aka the United States of China.

    Frakking real intent??? was to poison the water and get people off the land.
    They want us all herded into cities using the means and methods described above.

    One can guess much the bailout money was weaponized to create the above scenario., with various trade agreement like TPP which we still don’t know much about.

    So, the Bundy Ranch is a canary in the mind on how this will all unfold.

    At this rate Mount Rushmore faces may be replaced with Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee etc.

  2. bubba says:

    Re: Greece and its debt crisis

    If you read the various stories, one thing that stands out is how GERMANY is being made out to look like a Scrooge re: loans, bailouts for Greece etc.

    Oh…you Kike Jews are so” clever”…does your treachery ever end ?

    You send 100’s of millions to their death in (2) World Wars, basically over your goal to steal Palestine…,

    …….seek to demonize Germany in perpetuity with Holohoax…likely keep Germany ZOG occupied with bitch Merkel, and not allow it to have its own Constitution(even though those pieces of paper appear to be increasingly worthless )…

    …..yet without Germany as a KEY nation in Europe, Europe would be a worse shithole than it is now…

    …you Kikes got in bed with Greek traitors and took on enormous debt, putting the country into the mess its in…

    Yet Germany is getting shit on…again

    Two things Jews…

    (i)…a few points for cleverness
    (ii)..However….bad news….LIES and DECEPTION are at their pre-collapse peak…more and more are waking up and there will be nowhere left to hide..

  3. protocolsRtrue says:

    @donv. I don’t know where you copied and pasted this one from but some fact checking should be done first. I believe the Police Officer was trying to defend himself from an out of control white hating racist giant gorilla.

    “Today we are confronted with our police departments, large and small, receiving training in brutal and merciless tactics by Israeli instructors both in Israel and here. In addition, the cops are brainwashed by Jews from the Anti-Defamation League. They are brainwashed to protect Jewish interests and to destroy the enemies of the Jews.

    “This is in addition to the fact that all police are licensed to kill, for any reason or for no reason at all. That’s what started this so-called race war in Ferguson, a killer cop under the influence of Judaism. Let’s not forget – Jews really hate blacks. Most cops understand that it’s basically okay to kill blacks, all across America.

  4. mickey mouse says:

    so they already killed us, we are just the walking dead now.
    waiting to die at our appointed time. we are defeated standing on two feet.

    what will you do with your time left?
    you will get pissed off and lay waste to every thing that brought
    on the bondage and suffering of our people.

    soon it will be lights out “mission accomplished” we are already dead meat.
    so W T F are we going to do?
    the time for bitching and moaning over our predicament has run out.
    CATCH AT LEAST 10 minutes of this video.

  5. mickey mouse says:

  6. Ray says:

    It is illegal in Israel for a Non-jew to marry a yid. You also cannot live in one of their cheaply made housing units if you are not a jew. It is like the old jewish conundrum, Free Ham. Yet, we give 3 Billion a year to the most advanced economy in the Middle East, with their anti-Christian bigotry. Israel, is nothing but a pimple on the face of the map of the Middle East. Their putrid presence will eventually be wiped from the face of the earth. The Noses will be gone, good riddance.

  7. Argo says:

    I’ll post a comment of a user from dailyslave:

    WWIII is scheduled to start sometime from 2017 to 2020 and it will start as one against Iran, and/or possibly Russia.

    Why 2017-2020? Because jews are hypersuperstitious, and having it begin on the 100th anniversary of their huge success over Russia in 1917, not a revolution but a takeover by a hostile alien force, gives them more confidence of their success in the next great culling of Whites on behalf of the jew agenda. Add 2 or 3 years because things don’t always go exactly according to plan.

    Plus, they’re also going to deliberately repeat the timetable that worked for them of 10 years of economic depression (1929-1939) followed by WWII. So the crash of 2008 plus 10 years.

    And likely to kick it off will be a nuclear detonation in the U.S. (either launched by sub off the coast or brought in by ground), committed by jews in America coordinating with Mossad jews, but blamed on whoever is to be the new enemy.

    As to which U.S. location will get that dubious honor of being the sacrificed martyr to get us whipped up into a vengeful frenzy, some “American heartland” town works well since it provides us with average middle American dead to identify with while being a location that has few jews, and is not vital to the U.S. economy.

    However, added to that list of potential targets of false flag nuclear destruction should be San Francisco, which over the past several years has been a favorite city of Hollywood’s to depict being destroyed (Planet of the Apes, Godzilla, San Andreas, X-Men 3, Pacific Rim, Star Trek Into Darkness). Jews, again being the superstitious borderline autistics that they are, believe in the magic that to depict something to a wide audience makes it more likely to manifest in real life, kind of like the supposed reason for the cave paintings of hunting animals were rituals to ensure a successful hunt. And just like how New York City was the Hollywood favorite to depict being attacked/destroyed in the years leading up to 9/11.

    So to summarize, here’s the odds:

    WW3 begins 2017 to 2020: 80%
    Enemy is Iran and/or Russia: 60%
    Impetus is the false flag nuclear destruction of a U.S. city: 50%
    That city is San Francisco: 40%

  8. bubba says:

    JEWS: Celebrating Centuries of Control

    Jews have accomplished so much. And for these final years of jewish dominance, they are going to soak it all in! Trigger warning: this video is like another Shoah.

    PS – This video was pulled from jewtube after getting 2,000 views in one day. It was then pulled from liveleak within an hour. That’s why it is self-hosted here, and may load a little slowly. Be patient, it’s worth it!

    PPS – This is a satire of SNL’s “Whites” skit.



    Just caught this…please share and make it go viral !

  9. Davy says:

    New postings on the British Voice: wwwthebritishvoice.org.uk

  10. Davy says:

    New postings on The British Voice: http://thebritishvoice.org.uk/

  11. Davy says:

    Muslim UpRising all over Paris, French run for their lives

  12. Frederick says:

    Again in Paris,

    So much for free enterprise, Paris / France goy government agitates goy immigrant stinky taxi drivers to conspire against Uber drivers (ride share). Monopolies hate competition!!



  13. Israel Findgold says:

    Scientists must work on a tranquilizer that will pacify violent impulses. Too many crimes are committed because of genes needed only in tribal warfare. The genes needed to survive in the jungle are not needed in civilized nations. Impulsive violence is an African disease transported to other continents.

  14. protocolsRtrue says:

    Civilized nation? It used to be.
    Chicago police: 7-year-old killed amid weekend violence

    Police say 47 people were shot in Chicago over the holiday weekend. Seven people were killed, including a 7-year-old boy.

  15. spumoni says:

    Latinos better known as Spics are using welfare benefits to explode the California population. They are a nasty tribe of knife wielding criminals with an unemployment rate of 40% and growing. Unless Nigs are boated back to Africa and Spics chased across the Rio Grande North America will be worthless land in a few decades.

  16. Traveler 2 says:

    When whites begin to gel together and riot and cost the government money, then we will be listened to. Complaining to each other and writing your paid off congressman will not do it. Instead of sitting home in our homes and watching the propaganda box we should be in the streets. Go to the streets. If you must fight,….fight. You will find that it does not hurt that badly to get in a fight for your rights; especially when you are fighting for your rights and the future of your children. In fact the whole ‘marching thing’ is exhilarating. Until you do…you will be ignored.

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