Alex Jones Deletes David Duke Interview Video


The video I have embedded below the “continue reading” button is the full, uncut video first put up by Alex Jones’ Infowar site as heavily edited — followed by Infowars completely deleting it off their Youtube channel. With the attention this censoring behavior is now getting, they might reinstall it and then act like nothing happened.

Apparently, it shows Jones getting “owned” by David Duke, or more likely it was removed by his Jewish handlers because Duke’s message is just way too persuasive to let Whites hear — conspiracy theorists or not. The video below was captured and then uploaded by a guy named “TheHorsenation.” It may not last long, knowing how infiltrated Youtube is by Jew HasbaRATS, or even openly by massively-funded Jewish special interest organizations like the SPLC and the ADL  — all of whom understand what kinds of Goyim thinking is dangerous to the tribe in the long run.

Sure, a lot of what Alex Jones awkwardly tries to say is true, especially in the first part of the video. You have to include some degree of truth for effective misdirection of the more emotional, easily moved types out there who can’t bear the thought of hating Jews and getting thought of as an evil goose-stepping Nazi. This basic tactic has indeed confused White people for many decades now. You have to watch the whole thing to get how Duke quietly destroys Jones with ample logic and evidence. The man has been right from the start!

I’ve always mistrusted to some degree Alex Jones from day-one. My guess is that Jones is pretty much watched like a hawk by his internal Jew handlers and his multitude of Jewish advertisers, right along with being personally corralled by “PC” (the real reason for PC has always been to protect Jewry from us potential “anti-Semites” and fascist prone types, who love going around in matching shirts and combat boots).

Plus, Jones is married to a Jew woman, which would legally allow his progeny to immigrate to Israel (if your mother is Jewish, then you’re a Jew according to them). Some have also suggested with very good reasons, Jones is a clever misdirection “plant” by the powers that be, under the auspices of a Zionist multibillion dollar Austen, Texas, intel business named “Stratfor” (there’s plenty of other Military/Industrial operations out there milking the “War on Terror” deal). Would not surprise me in the least.

JONES JEWSThere’s a multitude of creepy Jews associated with Alex Jones. The above is merely a handful I quickly copied from my hard drive (too busy for much these days right now — I’m not getting the dineros like Mr. Jones does).

You see, in today’s brave new Jew world order, you might get away with saying a few things about “PC,” Third World immigration (ala Trump) or maybe even a bit on how criminal the homies truly are, but never, ever can Whites dare touch the real, unspoken “Third Rail” in the “Overton Window” — which is Globalist, Zionist Jewry. Or else they’ll call you a big Nazi hater boy like moi. Like I’ve said from day-one: These are the creeps who have been busy destroying White countries and our race from the inside out. David Duke nailed it.

I’m just not nearly so nice a guy as David Duke, as you might have noticed. I can’t stand for one lousy damn minute the violently criminal “DINDUS” who kill us White people all the time and the Holohoax lying BS.

Here’s the video, which I’m told is uncut. Watch now if you can. Direct link to read and make comments:

Alex Jones sounds patently ridiculous at times, talking in circles and spouting BS about “Anglo-Germanic Death Cults,” the Illuminati, nebulous Old World monarchist and Vatican cabals, Saudi money running Hollywood, Robot replacement future (for real), etc., etc. You can see he’s not really sure about anything.

Yes, there has indeed been Globalist conspiracies among upper crust Europeans and Fabian society types, but it’s readily apparent such groups have been taken over or mostly supplanted by a Zionist Globalist power nexus behind the NWO — obviously pushing a wide variety of Multicultural brainwashing programs of White people, mass immigration of the Third World into the West, White Genocide and, of course, the Israel Zionist agenda.

Otherwise, our media would have a totally different complexion. No doubt at all, this is what’s going down, jack.

All that is in addition to the many little Jews out here in the real, day-to-day world behind Marxist, liberal agendas and just being general societal trouble-makers, immoral slut puppies, faggots and the usual financial scam artists, as so many Jews are wont to do.

If you are a White person, you need to wake up. Bad. But you also need to display the courage of our American Republican White Forefathers and do a little explaining to those fellow Whites around you. Hell, tell the homies too, for practice (they are often more Jew aware than you think). We need everyone to immediately act as agents in any possible way to spread the word before it’s too late.

You already know they are going to call you a big hater for the least little thing you might say in defense of the White Race. Like I always say: May as well go all out!

— Phillip Marlowe

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

— attributed to Voltaire, but was probably written by one of us hater types. Still, it makes perfect sense — that’s why it’s so believable Voltaire could have said it. Voltaire DID, in fact, expose the Jew many times in his writings, like the time he really did write:

… [Jews] are, all of them, born with raging fanaticism in their hearts, just as the Bretons and the Germans are born with blond hair. I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not some day become deadly to the human race.

— Voltaire, Lettres de Memmius a Ciceron (1771).


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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145 Responses to Alex Jones Deletes David Duke Interview Video

  1. Smitherines says:

    ABC News just stated “we have his manifesto but we aren’t going to release it
    or the video” which tells both or one is laced with racial hatred and scorn???

    Funny, they were more than willing to give you everything on the Chruch shooter
    and then some, and why does he get called “sick” or “mentally ill” but the church
    shooter was a HATE crime, it couldn’t be that he was crazy too???

    Someone finds his manifesto post it!

    They did the same with Santa Barbara shooter: he want on and on about HATING
    White girls in his manifesto which THEY suppressed also!

  2. INCOG MAN says:

    OK, got a post on all this.

  3. ICU says:

    Never mind.
    I should have known better.
    I let my guard down, was insufficiently caffeinated the morning of The Scary Gun Story and hot, fresh, steaming, stinking “Nooz By Jooz” twanged me because my Jew Jive Meter wasn’t switched ON yet.
    The Virginia Shooting thing is bullshit, although what I said about hollow points and niggers is still valid.
    I’m quite sure that the police agent that shot the horrid negro in it’s spectacularly ugly head, instead of escorting it safely away to The Crisis Actor Protection Program Hideout & Safe House, used a hollow point; you know, to be sure.

    NTS, Jeff C. and others have seen The False Flag waving around, and I now see it.
    The clincher, the equivalent of the Brit TV talking head yammering about WTC7 falling while the building is still standing behind her, is the Tweet by the poofy looking “secret boyfriend” floated 12 minutes BEFORE the badly produced and directed Scary Gun Incident got the “ACTION” cue.
    Secret Boyfriend with the large ring binder photo album he kept secret AT WORK and his way too gay clothing and hair styling choices (?PINK JEANS?) are just a bit too much.
    As another horrid negro ( O J “Slasher” Simpson ) was wont to say, “Rilly, Man.”.

    We are now, again, subjected to yet another horrid negro’s managed-by-jews will and intent. That, being the vile Eric Holder’s declared plan of action to “brainwash” people into accepting strict gun control…as in, confiscation. The Synagogue House Niggers Holder, Soetoro, Lynch etc. and The Synagogue Doormen and Parking Valets McCain, Graham, Huckabee, McAuliffe etc. PLUS the servile flappy lips on TalmudVision couldn’t spew their anti-gun, disarm YT blather fast enough…sparing us the whole Nyggah Be Haytin YT thing….
    unlike the obverse in The Charleston Mystery Shooting Theater thing where it played as The Confederate Flag Hates The Wonderful Negros That Enrich Our Lives Every Day In Every Way.

    jews and niggers MAKE YOU HATE THEM !

    The sooner this dead Constitutional Republic breaks up into Freedom Of Association independent polities, the better. It’ll be messy, but it’s inevitable.
    It has happened to EVERY decrepit, rotten, corrupt empire throughout History; most recently The USSR. Why should The USSA be any different ?

  4. Dave says:

    The Nazi’s are coming? There are no Nazis! The jews have hunted down every single person they could at this point. They have rounded up the 80 year old janitors now.

    The truth is that they are the Nazis. Of course the real Nazis actually fought against their agenda. America had a cold war with the communists but the Germans actually fought and died in battle against these traitors. The American fight just involved allot of military contracts that made many people rich and richer.

    I was a young man in America at the time that the media and government taught us about the evils of communism. After living though that time I’ve learned that the Germans were the ones who actually fought and died against these mostly jewish liberal scum bags.

    It’s just logical that their next move was to have us destroy their Arab enemies. Seriously, everything had become so commie “PC” these days that is no surprise that they want us to destroy their enemy for them. They are not our allies they are a war mongering scab on humanity.

    The fact the everything is racist except hating Arabs is the most truth telling fact of today. Don’t be racist but hate Arabs…. Lol

    The man behind the curtain is the jew. Jesus confronted them face to face for you. Don’t be a damn fool!

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