INCOG MAN PSA Series Poster 10


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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75 Responses to INCOG MAN PSA Series Poster 10

  1. sog says:

    the war for japan was over a year before the jew house of satan hell bomb went off at %2 fission over hiro …etc …the commie led allies bombed ALL 70+ jap cities to rubble and bone but left 4 cities intact …japan screaming for mercy aka suing for peace in congress ,,they were done to be well done soon ..the jews would have a bombed berlin but did not have time as the war ended so they opted to pseudo nuke dresden nuke ,nuke type anhilation ..a true holocaust by fire …look up holocaustianity . com ……tells a deal breaking tale of murder and murder …98% of targets against germany were all civilian as were jap targets in concluding todays bed time story the jews wanted a fully functional operative unblemished target aka city ,,,fully populataed etc to drop the new toy on ..booom …body counts are impossible when bodies are evaporated by ionizing death rays …lovkap dot com says there were 5 million minimum inhabs in hiro and nagi… oppenheimmy says he is the destroyer casandra or what ever other god or goddes of mass death he was possessed by ..the filthy kike was over joyed at his products end result …
    comcord naval staion was tested with a nuke to in 45 …port chicago was without any doubt a nuclear gun trigger test device ..or how does one evaporate 2 ,400 foot steel liberty ships …google this shit if you want …
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    ok back to japans remodeling via atomic resettling ..japan gets goaded into attacking someone and people here go to jail for letting it happemn ..oh yeah people then knew it was a frame job then ..they knew that american coward traitors politician nutsac likkers let the attack on non usa pearl harbor …we know that ,,etc because germany had a war pact with japan it was the wierd twisted backwards reasoning the jews use to send american gollum marching into france and germany …the goal was to anhilate germany …a genocide dressed up as war or else why would 98% of your carpet and repeat bombing regimen include civilian hi population concentracione areas ..hmm why infuckingdeed …jews blah quack blather about 6 million shitkikes getting righteously smoked but it never happened and while they were lying to the world they were torturing and slicing raping stealing killing 80 million russians and had indeed murdered 4-5 millio armenians and assumed their houses and properties and asets and businesses …this is communism …you dont use money or usary to gain property ,you use a gun forgive me for going off topik but i want to post this as if it may help to put puzzle pices in the right places ..?.
    on slaves ..and the rediculous attack on the confederate flag …the usa flag is just as guilty of many atrocities ..real ones
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    oh well …
    so when the colonies were getting ready to ban jews like grant did from the war areas with thier carpet sacks ,the jews fomented the colonial war for profit …sounds right enough.
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  2. sog says:

    poster 10 is hot …here here ..

  3. sog says:

    top intel orificer says we did ISIS …duhh mofo might mean something if he said we also did hamas plo al kida (toilet) etc ..we meaning jew nited states guvvy ….
    question is how do you have a united states when you have 51 separate staets with the 51st stae (israel) being overlord of all ..
    a friend of michael gentle giant turd brown or is it brown turd got shot by coppers down ferguson way ..another goodified niggro …remember that boy that dragged thet nigger byrd around with his truck ….national holiday here ..
    when niggers stop being niggers ..ehh ok i doubt that will happen …

  4. sog says:

    forgive me for saying this but does anyone think niggers will be shown the error of their ways without withering suppressive return fire …not likely ..not at all likely the niggers are gone and lost to all desency and they are allowed to riot and kill and rape and get special consideratio in the courts etc ..this is all part of the many faces of jewish communism is it not …the nigers are nothing more than subliminal slaves to the jews and following their orders as faithful knaves to jewry as their cannon fodder foot soldiers …
    way i see it there are millions of trigger nigger serial killers and rapists on the streets of america …free at last to kill rob rape and hold guns sideways ..when i used to smoke ganja ,niggers made me laugh cus they look like chickens walking down the street and they look funny as hell anyway …i cant understand a word they say inless they were brought up in england ..hell the niggers from britanistain dont even sound like jungle boogers ..
    and let me repeat i am not encouraging anyone to do anything illegal except to righfull defend oneself and family ..
    power to the white people …

  5. sog says:

    pizza driving is now thee most dangerous job and it aint eevn chitlains and fatback or watermellon n fried chikkin gnomesayyn ….
    fuckin worthless nigger according to his behavioural coontent robs a blind woman ..
    im surprised the ebonix degenerate didnt rape her as well

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