Leo Frank Met Justice a Century Ago Today!


On this great date in US history, bold Southern White men — grimly determined that a child-rapist killer meet his well-deserved fate — dragged Leo Max Frank out of prison and strung him up by the neck until dead, right after Jew backroom dealing had almost saved his worthless hide.

A few rarely seen pictures below “continue reading.”



hires of lynchingLEO FRANK STRUNG UP


The men who boldly took care of the matter were from Georgia’s highest social, legal, and political strata. They dubbed themselves the “Knights of Mary Phagan” and the police never bothered them one iota over the affair. What today’s corrupted media will never tell you, is that the public everywhere were pretty much happy as hell the murdering punk got his just deserts.

Perhaps there’s more than a few today who deserve the same treatment?


If you want to learn what really happened, please visit The American Mercury on the Internet and read their August 2013 Leo Frank Case reports — they are publishing an absolutely superb multi-part series on the centennial of the Leo Frank trial. It’s chock full of images and thoughtful analysis you would never get from Jews who go out of their way to distort what happened in the Fulton County court-house 100 years ago.

Introduction to the Leo Frank Trial:

One Hundred Years Ago Today the Leo Frank Trial Began. http://theamericanmercury.org/2013/07/100-years-ago-today-the-trial-of-leo-frank-begins/

Week One of the Leo Frank Trial: http://theamericanmercury.org/2013/08/the-leo-frank-trial-week-one/

Week Two of the Leo Frank Trial: http://theamericanmercury.org/2013/08/the-leo-frank-trial-week-two/

Week Three of the Leo Frank Trial: http://theamericanmercury.org/2013/08/the-leo-frank-trial-week-three/

Leo Frank mounts the witness stand http://theamericanmercury.org/2013/08/100-years-ago-today-leo-frank-takes-the-stand/

More analysis and articles to come, so stay tuned…

Visit The American Mercury: http://www.theamericanmercury.org

Other articles about the Leo Frank Case by the American Mercury:

100 Reasons Leo Frank is Guilty

Did Leo Frank Confess?

Who Really Solved the Mary Phagan Murder Mystery?

Leonard Dinnerstein’s Pseudo-History on the Frank Case


LEO FRANK TRIAL LIBRARY: The Internet’s largest repository of Leo Frank case information.


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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48 Responses to Leo Frank Met Justice a Century Ago Today!

  1. No Kosher tax = cheaper than Zyklon B says:

    I hope at least the rope was Kosher…but with bacon grease lessens the greenhouse gas effect.

  2. Hoff says:



    Som jew”paper” wrote: They, the two murdered, was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Ikea on Monday is the wrong place and the wrong time to be? Then what place and the right time for swede to be in all of Sweden? Ikea is a strong national icon. It’s Sweden.

  3. Hoff says:

    The swedish coustgard is right now transporting blacks by the thousands from Libya to Italy. Norwegian coustgard also have ships in the mediterranean sea.

    All of Europe are being flooded with blacks and syrians right now.

  4. Nationalist says:

    If White people do not start standing up for their rights then we will be subjected to Jewish aggression. Only National Socialism can save the White race and Christian religion from the Jews master plan of extermination.

  5. Flanders says:

    For those who find such things interesting, as I do, but only when I run across them.

    “Your “Chinchilla on Mars” posting is a needless, pointless, frivolous distraction that will damage your credibility… The “chinchilla” is a rock that has features somewhat reminiscent of a chinchilla… Please remove the posting, or at least mitigate it by saying that it is probably a rock. – Robert D. Pickar, San Pedro, California”.

  6. Bailey says:

    The ADL will be doing some brainwashing today in Jew York.


    Hey Abe , the goyim are learning the truth.
    Nobody is buying your bullshit anymore.

  7. Xaesar Novembrus says:

    There is not enough ammunition in the world with which to solve the world’s problems. However, a few well placed shots may be enough to mitigate the rising tide of tyrannical disorder being imposed on people everywhere.

    Everyone has at least “one shot” at making a difference. At the same time, keep in mind that “unfortunate accidents” tend to happen at some of the most opportune times. The first step is to protect yourself and then protect those around you.

    Resistance is never futile.

  8. Bailey says:

    The Palace theater is a nice place , good events , good crowd.
    So when I saw the morning news about a shooting after a concert there I was a little surprised. No surprise though that the event was a rap concert.


    I had trouble getting on here incog , are you under attack ?

  9. No Kosher tax = cheaper than Zyklon B says:

    A little off topic…(but in this Jew run world isn’t it all connected ?)

    Geologist predicted EPA’s “accidental” toxic spill into Colorado river a week before



    ” I came to Silverton this summer to enjoy my retirement, appreciate nature and prospect the mountains for unique minerals. I came here to enjoy a simple life with no TV and no politics, but unfortunately that has changed. Your EPA dilemma has caused my blood to boil.

    Based on my 47 years of experience as a professional geologist, it appears to me that the EPA is setting your town and the area up for a possible Superfund blitzkrieg.

    But make no mistake, within 7 to 120 days all of the 500 gpm[gallons per minute] flow will return to Cement Creek. Contamination may actually increase due to disturbance and flushing action within the workings.

    The “grand experiment” in my opinion will fail. And guess what Mr. Hestmark will say then?

    Gee, “Plan A” didn’t work so I guess we will have to build a treatment plant at a cost to taxpayers of $100 million to $500 million (who knows).

    Reading between the lines, I believe that has been the EPA’s plan all along. The proposed Red & Bonita plugging plan has been their way of getting a foot in the door to justify their hidden agenda for construction of a treatment plant.After all, with a budget of $8.2 billion and 17,000 employees, the EPA needs new, big projects to feed the best and justify their existence.


    Sounds like a environmental 9-11.
    Planned…no “accident” and the citizens lose again.
    Hang em all high!

  10. No Kosher tax = cheaper than Zyklon B says:

    May be a good time to watch “Dr Strangelove “again.

    Every time I see some politicians and bureaucrats in media …. certain scenes for that Kubrick classic come to mind.

    To call people at the upper echelons of power and control psycopaths is becoming redundant. I posted some of the Kay Griggs 8 hours of interviews…and this was done in 1998..even before G.W.Bush and when the internet was getting popular…YOUTUBE wasn’t even around then.

    The basic premise is people at the top, or aim to be at the top, get “Jewified”…Luciferian… anything goes, all is permitted, the ends justify the means.

    The Elites…the Jews …..create the “Chosen DNA “monsters as part of their cradle- to- grave upbringing. The Jews also infiltrate the Goyim ranks to create Shabbos Goy monsters, thus they are all on the same page.

    For Example: Yales “Skull and Bones”…Griggs stated that what happens is the recruits are placed nude in a coffin and all sorts of gay sex acts are performed on them by their Skull and Bones “brothers”. Obviously now “in”…. and can’t get out…or else.

    As was my suspicion when reading listening to Dave McGowan’s stuff…it was finally stated that high ranking Military offer up their children to be MK Ultra’d or worse.

    Griggs bluntly stated that higher ranking military MUST get involved in sexual perversions..ie Gay sex…wife swapping…orgies…unreal debauchery to be part of the IN crowd and advance their careers.

    Many are profiled while young if “got the right stuff” and groomed throughout career.

    Should be clear that all such clubs groups , fraternities such as Freemasons etc. are testing and recruiting grounds to either find and/or train the psychos who rule over us.

    Henry Makow last few posts dig deep into this issue.

    Leo Frank….if not for old school justice…… the” old boys network” of Jews and Shabbos Goy would have kept him protected….maybe even made him President.

    Leo Frank memory should live…he is our poster boy for what happens when the masses kick asses…f*ck the system..its designed to fail us……let’s take this b*tch down yesterday

    There are probably 1000’s of Leo Franks out there under our noses.

    However, like many things, I do see pushback as more are waking up.It appears the rats are turning on each other…a sign that they can no longer maintain their programming of a cool “in control” fake optimism facade. Child abuse cases are continually coming to light. Those in power are squirming…they see we are connecting the dots and who they point to.

    When the chaos is in the upper ranks we are on the road to victory.

    ..keep the rope handy, Nuremberg em all…

  11. indigoxxx1 says:

    Gory murders are extremely interesting, fans spend most of their lives reading their details. But the most interesting are cases where bloodthirsty Jews mutilated young goyish ladies. The Ann Frank files were stimulating, it surely awakened many masturbatory. There are millions of bloody murders by goys, most get little attention. If a yarmulke was found at the foot of a lady mutilated by Jack The Ripper, it would cause more headlines than the start of any world war.

  12. Karen says:

    Screw Leo Frank, innocent or guilty. I don’t care. Thousands of innocent people have been unfairly lynched, burned at the stake, tortured, commited to death by gas, hanging, electric chair, lethal injection, firing squad and buried in sand in a nest of red ants. The mindless mob sucks. One jew is lynched AND WE NEVER HEAR THE END OF IT Please, put up a new article, and from the comment section it seems that no one else gives a fuck either.

  13. Greg Pearson says:

    Happy 100th Anniversary of Justice for Mary Phagan Day! A salute to all those who participated in this most wholesome event! We will never forget their heroic actions- and, apparently, neither will the ADL, the B’nai Brith, nor World Jewry! Why is this story of import today? Because our entire reality is currently being constructed by vile khazar “jew” neanderthals whose most fervent wish is to inculcate a system of religious, political, and police control and surveillance of every person on earth in order to establish a New World Order wherein any one of them will be able to do to any gentile, regardless of age or sex, what Leo Frank did to Mary Phagan, and not only suffer no consequences but also, on a whim, be able to kill anyone who might possibly object!!!! This will be accomplished by the institution of Noahide law, as prescribed by Congress and signed into law by Herbert W. Bush in 1991, and is the precise goal outlined by the Elders of Zion in the Protocols. And once Noahide “law” is established, the Sanhedrin are free to enact ANY OTHER LAWS WHICH THEY MIGHT CHOOSE. And these laws are “to be enforced by every jew around the world.” For an example or two of things the Sanhedrin might see fit to codify into law, refer to the Talmud. Pedophilia, murder, theft, rape, and as all goyim are seen as cattle, what we might call cannibalism, and they might call blood passover. Set into law forever, failure to obey/acknowledge-punishable by death, to be enforced by every jew around the world, while all the jews are not bound by those laws. The wet dream of every khazar psychotic. And you can bet they’ve got some real clever plan to force it upon us. Time for every gentile to become a “Knight of Mary Phagan”, form local chapters and take action within the legal system and without before TSHTF, starting with nullifying/repealing/banning any Noahide “law” in the US.

  14. Karen says:

    Kind of like in the USSR

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  16. Smitherines says:

    Karen says:
    “August 17, 2015 at 4:19 pm

    Screw Leo Frank, innocent or guilty. I don’t care. Thousands of innocent people have been unfairly lynched, burned at the stake, tortured, commited to death by gas, hanging, electric chair, lethal injection, firing squad and buried in sand in a nest of red ants. The mindless mob sucks. One jew is lynched AND WE NEVER HEAR THE END OF IT Please, put up a new article, and from the comment section it seems that no one else gives a fuck either.”

    Karen, Yes good insight I’m sick of hearing about him and they always use this
    for “propaganda” as being victims, it’s like Russian author Fyodor Dostoyevsky
    (Crime and Punishment) had alluded at with Jews, he felt they may have
    financed the Cossack, as Bubba states on here, no publicity is bad and
    the elite Jews have always thrown the poor ones under the bus so they
    can SCREAM “antisemitism.”

    Dostoyevsky, said “how is it these people are victims when their brethren
    CONTROL all the banking houses in Europe.” As your Toronto article on
    the Russian mob (which is all Jews, Zionist Mafia really) control of the global
    “Kiddie Porn” industry illustrated. He stated this back in like the 1860s, so
    their power has grown exponentially!

    All though we may end up in Spamblinka Karen, this thread is BEATING a
    DEAD HORSE: not only do 99% of Kwan know nothing of this incident, they
    DON’T care, as evidenced in me sending his first thread on it to like
    15 people, NONE gave a response!!! It’s like they believe or it’s 100 years
    ago and Kwan are like”who cares!”

  17. Smitherines says:

    Typo It’s like they believe meant It’s like they DON’T believe it, JewS and Blacks
    can only be victims to Kwan IN THEIR DUMB DOWN BELIEF SYSTEM!

  18. Frank Fredenburg says:

    MOSSAD Asset And Jew War Monger Rita Katz Brings Back Bin Laden!

    Actually, the son of BL, which must mean her psyops campaign is running on fumes to dredge up this turd.


  19. Cowboy says:

    Amen, i`ll drink to that! people had superior morals back then.

  20. No Kosher tax = cheaper than Zyklon B says:


    IMHO Leo Frank, Jonathan Pollard etc etc. are perfect examples to hold up like a crucifix to a vampire.

    Tit -for -tat….if the Jews are going to ad neaseum shove bogus stories ( kosher interpretations) down our throats,…we should at least regurgitate certain olde issues so the” Jury of the Global Population” is in session 24/7/365.

    IMHO…the tide(and table) are turning…The Jews are stuck like sh*t to a blanket…they are stuck in a web of deceit and the spider is f*cking hungry !!!

    Those that say they never heard of Leo Frank etc. would get curious with the proper goyim inspiration…do a “search”….and inevitably come across conflicting “truth”.
    When people see conflicting stories….the intelligent ones have an inherent desire to seek “the truth” and separate the BS. Till now, they have had the lazy person’s approach to accept the status -quo as conclusive = like TV= case solved = “The End”=time for more beer and nachos.

    THUS:…..You can lead a Truthseeker to water AND make them indulge to a truther- stupor if you create the proper bait/curiosity temptation.

  21. Bailey says:

    I gotta agree with bubba, it was conflicting stories of 9-11 that got me here to begin with.
    Never cared about jews until then.

  22. The Elder of Zyklon-B says:

    Keep in mind that Jewry blathers the following all the damn time: “Never forgive. Never forget”

    How about some reparations for the Phagan family descendants, There must be at least 6 million of them by now.

    The Heretics’ Hour: On the significance of the lynching of Leo Frank 100-years ago


  23. No Kosher tax = cheaper than Zyklon B says:


    THE FORWARD – How the Forverts Reported Leo Frank’s Lynching

    The following is a translation by Chana Pollack of the Yiddish Forverts coverage of the lynching of Leo Frank on August 17, 1915



    Intriguing how they have the chutzpah to create a subjective meme to protect a tribe member.

    Ya gotta think objectively and critically (aka Non Jew)

    Is it a combination of Jew power and Jew delusion(its vat I tot and thus it is beink da troot ??? hey is dat diamonds in dee tOYlet paper ??? ), ……………whereby they can submit any bullsh*t… consciously or otherwise..and expect the Goyim etc to blindly accept it ?

    Again, IMHO the Leo Frank story is one that should & will wake up a lot of Goyim….the evidence and the justice has withstood scrutiny….many Goyim have been convicted on much less.

    Leo Frank case is entry level 101 course to Holohoax, …9-11….Palestine…Bolshevik Revolution…..WW1 and WW2….almost every EVIL event in history and why this planet is a sh*thole.

    More evidence of Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny existing than believing Jew Lies.

  24. Hoff says:

    Anybody really think the jews would hesitate one sec to do this? EU is FLOODED with “refugees” right now.

    Austrian intelligence says US organizations are funding immigration into Europe


  25. Bailey says:

    Hey Hoff ,

    Smells like George Soros’ filthy money.
    You’de think the trafficers could afford better boats.

  26. No Kosher tax = cheaper than Zyklon B says:

    Riot police in violent clashes with Kos refugees as tempers fray among increasingly desperate migrants… while so many die trying to cross the Mediterranean in one ill-fated mission that their bodies have to be winched ashore in a CONTAINER

    –Violent clashes erupted between Greek riot police and migrants who were queuing to register at a police station
    –The bodies of 49 migrants, who died from suffocation, arrived in a large cargo container at Sicily’s main port
    –Bodrum, a Turkish beach resort, has seen an influx of migrants looking to enter Europe via Greece
    –Thousands are making the short crossing from Turkish coast over to Kos on inflatable boats each week
    –Around 7,000 migrants, mainly Syrians fleeing the civil war, reached Kos last month, twice as many as in June


  27. Bailey says:


    At 7 minutes into this recording Mark Dankof says that Netanyahoo threatened Obama with a grassy Knoll reference.
    Check out the open letter to Obama on the link, Dankof is starting to make his presence known.


  28. No Kosher tax = cheaper than Zyklon B says:

    A bit of a rhetorical(ReTORAHcal?) question…

    We are indundated by these yappy Jews who have infiltrated so much of society.

    How is it they are consistently on the same page…
    I know it can be due to anti Goyim…read the Talmud…as part of their upbringing
    …….but still, there must be some Jew central info hub which they access for updates and to be consistent and fine tune their message.

    I recall Jim Stone writing about his planned conversion to Judaism…and his attendance at a synagogue service which was simply a political speech.

    What do you folks think?

  29. Frederick says:

    No Kosher tax = cheaper than Zyklon B says
    What do you folks think?

    But its not what I think, its what it is!

    I’ve been their synagogue cults to visit and ask questions in the past. The more you attend their indoctrination sessions then as all cults you will be pacified over time that you have found the truth and therefore, this is the “Jew central info hub which they access for updates and to be consistent and fine tune their message”, as you stated!

    Its truly by the power of satan!

    Got what you need?


  30. No Kosher tax = cheaper than Zyklon B says:

    Thanks Frederick..

    Hope others submit their views…

    A few miles from where I live…there is a Chabad Lubavitch on the 2nd floor of a commercial building. Before I got Jew Wise I just thought it was another “religious” group.

    Below is commercial units…one of which is a Pizza place(so the sign says)…….THAT IS NEVER EVER OPEN. WTF?

    I also noticed over the years the Tribe would take single family houses and use them for services or other tribe groups for a short time.

    A real kicker was a Protestant church that moved…sold the old church to some Jews…who used it as a synagogue…were too cheap to fix the roof…used tarps..and later the property was developed into condos.

  31. Frederick says:

    “A few miles from where I live…there is a Chabad Lubavitch on the 2nd floor of a commercial building. Before I got Jew Wise I just thought it was another “religious” group.”

    Yeah, I thought the same too years ago, (a religion with Christianity,) I was wrong) until I started reading the Bible! Then I began asking real questions and the talmudic rabbis began avoiding my questions, the last time I was told to leave. They don’t discuss the Messiah with Jesus, whom they utterly despise, nor do they discuss passages of the OT.


  32. Truth says:

    @ No Kosher tax = cheaper than Zyklon B says:
    August 18, 2015 at 3:42 pm
    Hope this helps. If anyone knows what site this is from please post.
    I recently read this (below) somewhere on the internet and i am in the process of locating the article but the organization is referred to as the Kehilla I believe.
    At each level each person is responsible to contact the 7 people below them.
    West and East
    1 KING = Akad Ha’am, the Unknown and Uncrowned King of Jewry throughout the earth, whose identity is kept a guarded secret. Then
    1 east + 1 west = 2 Prince?Sponsors, who each make 7 calls.
    Then falls the seven?times? seven organization.
    7 + 7 14 Arch-Censors. who each contact 7, etc.
    49 + 49 98 Ministers.
    343 + 343 686 Heralds.
    2,401 + 2,401 4,802 Couriers.
    16,807 + 16,807 33,614 Schrivenors.
    117,649 + 117,649 235,298 Auditors.
    823,543 + 823,543 1,647,086 Mutes.
    TOTAL 1,921,601 PERSONS (JEWS)

  33. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Outing The Fifth Columnist Jew War Mongers


    This article names the jews.

  34. Truth says:

    Here is one:

    This article has a “Ca” instead of a “Ke”. (Cahilla as opposed to Kehilla)

  35. Smitherines says:

    Canadian police target conspiracy theorists


    By Kevin Barrett on August 17, 2015

    Hate Squad cracks down on book talk

    On August 16th, two undercover EPD officers attended a book talk at the Rossdale Community League Hall in downtown Edmonton.

    The officers were investigating We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo: Free Thinkers Question the French 9/11,

    Edmonton, Alberta

    The Edmonton Police Department’s Hate Speech Squad has launched an investigation of a scholarly book that questions the War on Terror.

    BANNED-IN-CANADAOn August 16th, two undercover EPD officers attended a book talk at the Rossdale Community League Hall in downtown Edmonton. The officers were investigating We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo: Free Thinkers Question the French 9/11, which has apparently elicited complaints from B’nai Brith Canada.

    Out of uniform and posing as ordinary audience members, the Hate Police officers watched my book talk. During the intermission between my lecture and the subsequent presentation by University of Lethbridge professor Anthony Hall, the officers flashed their badges and identified themselves as members of the Hate Speech Squad. They said they had received a complaint referencing “conspiracy theories” and “anti-Semitism.” (How a scholarly book that includes essays by several highly accomplished and reputable Jewish contributors, as well as one by an even more Semitic Arab Muslim, can be called “anti-Semitic” is a mystery.)

    The lead officer told me: “I didn’t see any problems with anything I heard during your lecture.” On behalf of the Department, he accepted an autographed copy of We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo dedicated “To the Edmonton Police Department Hate Speech Squad – thank you for thinking freely.” The officer said the book will be placed in the Departmental Library.

    The Edmonton PD’s We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo investigation raises interesting questions. Are Canadian police departments now charged with giving a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” to books and book talks? Are Hate Speech Squad officers getting training in literary criticism, investigative journalism and historiography so they can serve as competent peer reviewers and censors? Had the officers disapproved of the lecture, could they have arrested us? If they later read the book and dislike it, will it be banned in Canada? Conversely, if they like it, might they offer a blurb: “Terrific stuff! Certified 100% hate free by the Canadian hate police!”

    But seriously, folks: Doesn’t the policing of books and book talks have a chilling effect on freedom of speech and academic freedom? And how and why did this particular book draw the attention of the Hate Police?

    “The person who stated you were involved in hate crimes is Amanda Hohmann” emailed Joanne David, the Edmonton event organizer, to Anthony Hall. Amanda Hohmann is the Coordinator of the B’nai Brith Audit of Anti-Semitic Incidents.

    Professor Hall was outraged: “They call themselves the B’nai Brith Audit of Anti-Semitism. Auditing! We live in an era of auditing fraud. The banksters are experts in disguising what’s going on through creative bookkeeping. It’s interesting that the concept of audit is now being applied to policing people’s ideas.”

    So who was responsible for sending the Hate Police to our book talk? Anthony Hall was unable to get a straight answer:

    “I called the B’nai Brith office but wasn’t able to speak to Amanda Hohmann. I asked to speak with CEO Michael Mofton and Senior Legal Counsel David Matas. I indicated it is a serious matter and that I have never been associated with a hate speech crime. So I want to know who complained, what is the nature of the complaint, is there a text involved? It seems that someone said that our speaking was going to somehow be a violation of some hate speech principles. I wanted to know what the rules are, if there are any rules. Are people just free to snitch anonymously? Can people turn in their partner because they’re mad at him or her? It gets to the whole essence of the Global War on Terror, that people are subject to these repressions. They don’t know what they’re accused of, who is doing the accusing. There’s no due process. It’s an authoritarian police state atmosphere, an East German Stasi type of worldview. And this is creating maximum dissension, distrust and suspicion of one another. And this seems to be the agenda of neocon tyranny. Here we are right in the midst of an election. These issues are front and center. Bill C-51, now the Anti-Terrorism Act 2015, is like the Canadian Patriot Act. (Bill C-51 was passed in the wake of Canada’s 9/11, the Ottawa shooting of 10/22/2014.)
    The 10/22 false flag brought fascism to Canada

    The 10/22 false flag brought fascism to Canada

    “The Anti-Terrorism Act empowers CSIS, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, to become a kind of Canadian gestapo. This raises the question: Is the B’nai Brith now an adjunct of CSIS? How are we to tell the difference between the B’nai Brith and the Harper government? And of course there’s so much irony, because the specious interpretations of 9/11, 10/22 (the Ottawa shooter event), the Charlie Hebdo event, and so on amount to hate speech! Their purpose is to generate hatred towards Muslims, and to whip up and instrumentalize and exploit Islamophobia for political gain to the neocons. So the agencies responsible for policing and arbitrating hate speech are deeply involved in generating a type of speech, and defending a type of speech, that creates great hatred towards Muslims.”

    As of this writing, B’nai Brith has not returned Professor Hall’s phone calls asking for an explanation. Neither, for that matter, have the Edmonton Hate Police:

    “I called the Edmonton Police Department. I couldn’t even find out the name of the officers. They gave me the phone number of the Hate Speech Unit. I called and left a message, but they haven’t gotten back to me.”

    Richard Awid, manager of the Rossdale Community Center in Edmonton, said there had been several complaints asking him to cancel the event. The complaints were apparently vague and unsubstantiated. Awid, to his credit, stood his ground and allowed the book talk to proceed.
    En route to Jasper with Anthony Hall

    En route to Jasper with Anthony Hall

    The Edmonton talk was the final episode of my five Canadian events with Anthony Hall. Two days earlier, our talk in Jasper was introduced by a forceful disclaimer disassociating the owner of the venue – the United Church of Canada – from the event.

    Anthony Hall writes:

    “This experience we went through in Jasper and especially in Edmonton seem to be a prelude to the kind of relationships we can expect with the police, the government, and one another. This kind of thing is going to make the university as we’ve known it impossible. I can foresee security clearances for classes and Hate Police officers sitting in.”

    In today’s Orwellian world, it seems that critical inquiry is being redefined as hate speech, radicalization, or even terrorism.

    The B’nai Brith Canada website states: “In the future, the League will explore further use of legal means to halt or disrupt the operations of known terrorist organizations with representatives in Canada. The B’nai Brith legal department will play a key role in this effort.”

    Are scholarly books now considered a form of terrorism?

    Anthony Hall adds: “I find it very troubling that there is this notion of ‘radicalization,’ that everyone just nods their heads assuming it means something. Are universities being defined as agents of radicalization, and professors considered their representatives?”

    Hall adds: “The most extreme agent of radicalization in Canada right now is Stephen Harper and the cabal he represents. Imagine having a hate speech hotline when the Prime Minister is running on hate speech! The term he always uses (to incite hatred of Muslims) is ‘jihadism’.”

    URL here:

  36. Frederick says:

    I heard about that event, incident!
    The Edmonton Police Service is they most progressive of all Police Departments in all North America. I was even told by them 2 years ago riding the LRT (subway) to hand over my pocket knife as I had it in a sheath on my belt , or they’d get it from me, no reason or rhyme. Then there is these two rainbow people getting it on in there seat on the LRT and that’s kosher!


  37. protocolsRtrue says:

    You got to love it. The subway child porn dude lived in Zionsville. That, my friends, is what we call a clue. Put barbed wire around the whole place and search every house I’ll bet we find more child porn and lost or missing children. Read the last sentence.
    Subway spokesman Jared Fogle is expected to plead guilty to charges of possession of child pornography, Indianapolis’ Fux 69, reported Tuesday.

    According to Fux69, sources said that the pitchman will accept a plea deal on Wednesday and that the U.S. attorney’s office will hold a press conference Wednesday afternoon to discuss the charges and plea deal.

    Fogle’s attorney, Ron Elberger, had no comment when reached by Fox 59 regarding the reported deal, saying that any information regarding the charges would come from the U.S.attorney’s office. He did confirm that Fogle’s suspension with Subway continues.

    On Tuesday night, Subway tweeted, “We no longer have a relationship with Jared and have no further comment.” It offered no other details.

    Fogle, 37, who became the sandwich chain’s spokesman in 2000 after losing weight as a freshman at Indiana University by eating an all-Subway diet, lives in the Indianapolis suburb of Zionsville.
    @FF 6:48 should be read by all especially military and ex-military.

  38. protocolsRtrue says:

    Lazy fucking jew cant even make his own sandwiches.

  39. protocolsRtrue says:

    Just one article by this Lt. Colonel who worked at the pentagon. She has many. One of her earlier ones that caught my attention was when she first got assigned to the middle east division a civilian secretary that worked there told her if you want to last in this place never say anything good about palistinians or bad about israel. I’ve worked at a military installation about dc. Most civilian employees are jewish mossad intel. Watching the real military to make sure no one who is not a brainwashed israel firster patriotic American lasts long or moves up. The only exceptions are the niggers they have to hire and fill quotas to polish and buff their fingernails all day. Anybody that puts America before israil will be bribed blackmailed and destroyed with professional slander and smear and character assassination campaigns.


  40. soandso says:

    We need to drop the K from clan and get some real Clans working again. It only takes 3 people to form a functional Clan.

  41. World Changer says:


    Subject: Jared Fogle – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    IT IS A JEW!!!!

    Personal life
    Fogle was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, the son of Norman Fogle, a physician, and Adrienne Fogle, a teacher. He is Jewish. His bar mitzvah took place in Israel and he was confirmed at his Conservative-Reconstructionist synagogue.[18] He married pediatric nurse Elizabeth Christie on October 14, 2001. They divorced on October 18, 2007. In November 2009, Fogle became engaged to teacher Katie McLaughlin[19] and the couple married in August 2010. In January 2010, People magazine reported that Fogle had gained weight but was planning to restart his weight-loss program to stop the backslide and slim up for his wedding in the summer.[20]

    On November 7, 2010, Fogle completed the New York City Marathon in 5 hours, 13 minutes and 28 seconds. Jared, wearing bib number 57-459, finished in 36,968th place out of 44,829 runners who finished the race.[21]

    As of 2013[update], Fogle, who is 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m) in height, weighs 200 pounds (91 kg). He is reportedly worth $15 million, and has a “black card” for free food at Subway restaurants.[7]

    Legal issues
    In August 2015, federal prosecutors said that Fogle will plead guilty on charges of possessing child pornography and traveling to pay for sex with minors. Allegations involve at least 14 minors including 1 that prosecutors say Fogle traveled from Indiana to New York City where he paid engage in sexual acts with a then 17 year old girl. Fogle faces a jail term of 12.5 years. For his guilty plea, he has agreed to serve at least 5.[22][23]

  42. kerdasi amaq says:

    Although, from the subjective jewish perspective(the only one that counts) leo frank, really, is an innocent man!

    Can anyone tell me why?

  43. Jerry Burnett says:

    Because ONLY jews are human, everyone else, included Mary Phagan, is a subhuman, and MURDER implies killing another human being (a jew), from a jewish perspective.
    Frank’s killing of Mary Phagan is tantamount to a person shooting a dog – to be wept over (maybe, if you are an animal lover), but, could NEVER be considered MURDER (from the strictly jewish perspective).

  44. Great article, Incogman…

    The day will come when we will have a statue dedicated somewhere to Mary Phagan, victim of the blood thirsty mentally damaged Jew and their criminal power elite…

    I also see that the usual Hasbara agent “Karen”put in her two cents claiming somehow that we are all sick and tired of this Leo Frank/Mary Phagan writings and history…

    I for one am absolutely NOT sick of these reports, and I say keep them coming! It is obvious that the Hasbara/JIDF agents are at it again and have agent “Karen” trying to push the arguments away from these fabulous reports…

    Yes, the psycho Jews picture the rest of us as subhuman and that we are nothing to them other than “cattle” and the “best of Gentiles are to be killed”… These are right there in their heinous and most diabolically evil books, the Talmud, and I DARE agent Karen and the other Hasbara to show that this psycho books shows otherwise…

    Sadly the day is fast approaching when it will be US versus THEM when it comes to the battle between good and evil..aka.. Good Gentile versus Evil Jew… and the only solution for their crimes against humanity will be to have all the Jews imprisoned, sent into a permanent exile away from the rest of humanity, or to face the ultimate punishment for their evil in either death sentences or lynchings…. I do pray that as human beings we find a solution to their evil without having to put them to death….

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