The Last Great White Hope?

SUPERMAN TRUMPIs Donald Trump a real hope for White America — or just the best we can expect right now?

If you think about it here for a minute, this whole business about Donald Trump revolves around the fear of White Americans on where this country is going — most of whom are fairly clueless on the depth and breadth of it all. Since the Internet, some of us now know the media has been vigorously keeping us Whites in the dark on a wide range of subjects. But regular White people do suspect something is just not right.

Already the racially brainwashed, multicult leftists and the usual, big mouthed Jew intellectuals are going nuts, saying “White supremacists” and “right-wing extremists” are all for Donald Trump — like that is so horrible. Man, us White people can’t say one GD thing anymore before these wackos start in on us. Soon, they’ll be calling Trump a new “Adolf,” believe me.

Now, there’s going to be those who say “Trump says nothing about the on-going White Genocide and displacement programs in our lands, how criminal the homies truly are, or anything at all on the Zionist Jews — so has to be a phony.” Not necessarily true. Hell, Trump could think the same way as any of us do, but is smart enough to keep his big mouth shut — even around his closest friends and family. There’s no telling how the wrong people could get word of what Trump personally thinks deep down.

It may have been something he concluded decades ago, or maybe it was something his father talked to him about. Today’s dynamics of Jew backstabbing and subterfuge were just as bad way back when — perhaps even more so — since there was no Internet where like-minded Whites could bounce observations off one another, put two-and-two together, transmit writings and suppressed facts of history to get “the big picture” when it comes to the perfidious Jew’s activities. They can’t let this go on much longer.


Oh lord, do I know the talking with family and friends score. Even though my father was pretty well-read about history, I could not express my thinking to him, simply because I didn’t want him to worry his beloved son was going all Nazi boy on him. It’s really one of my biggest personal regrets of my life since I’m fairly sure Dad would have understood the deal with what he already knew, especially the Holocaust schmeil. Hell, the two of us could have got all tatted-up as skinheads together (big LOL just for me, knowing what dear old dad looked like).

All that being said, it’s also indeed possible Trump is being used — with or without his knowledge — to placate the rapidly growing angry White masses.

It also possible they already know the racial makeup of America will now prevent Trump from being elected in the end. With the media’s apparent daily efforts to whittle away at Hillary’s numbers by promoting “server gate,” they may well be trying to pave the way for the Commie Jew Bernie Sanders to get in office. What could be sweeter for them to follow up Obama, but with a Jew boy?

Such a president would be just the ticket for spearheading more anti-White commie changes, such as the removal of the Second Amendment and the disarming of White people — just what the bastards need to complete the NWO and further our race’s destruction.

Remember, the people we are dealing with here, are expert manipulators of public opinions, have total control of the mainstream media and — most importantly — are working according to their agenda and timetables. Not only are they the opposing force, but have the refs, radio and TV play-by-play coverage, along with most everyone else in the stadium at their behest in one form or another.


Ben Carson is obviously using the color of his skin to further his ambitions. He constantly shows how stupid he is, yet the liberal media neglects talking about that because of “PC” and always making it out like blacks are so great. Disgusting.

Then we have Dr. Ben Carson — pretty much a political idiot, banking on himself being a “person of color who’s conservative” for all the race brainwashed retardicans hoping not to look all evil and racist by supporting a White man. Everyone knows this is the real deal with this bozo — just too gutless to say as much on air.

Carson was on his way to kiss a little serious Jew ass in Israel (they all have to, haven’t you noticed?), when accompanying reporter Jason Zengerle of GQ magazine (possible Jew) relates how he asked his Israeli guide: “In the United States, we have Republicans, Democrats, and independents — what do you have?” Zengerle said the guide explained: “Likud, Labor, and other smaller parties that animate Israel’s political scene and jockey for power in Israel’s parliament, the Knesset.” Carson then asked him “And what is the role of the Knesset?”

Carson also didn’t even know the three Baltic states were already members of NATO. He also said it might be easy to just “sort of slip” the Palestinians down into Egypt from Israel — like that will fix all the problems of the Mideast.

He thought former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan was the Secretary of Treasury (God knows what he really understands about the Fed to begin with). He didn’t even know Greenspan’s name in the first place, calling him “Andrea Mitchell’s husband.”

And I don’t care if he was a neurosurgeon, either. There’s plenty of doctors, astro-physicists, professional people, etc. out there who might be reasonably intelligent but it doesn’t make them into great leaders. Plus, we don’t really know the extent of his surgical work at all — often this kind of thing is a team effort and it’s doubtful we’ll have chatter from those on “the inside” getting reported, again because of “PC.”

TEXAS COP MURDERMeanwhile in Houston, Texas, (flooded with criminal blacks because of Katrina) a black coward viciously murdered a White cop for no reason at all — that is, unless you factor in that he was a White. The media reported it (how could they not?) but avoided like the plague talking about the cop guy being White. You could see how they tip-toed around the issue. Jew-owned Associated Press is now putting out the story the black was merely crazy — nothing to see here White people, move along. The narrative they subtly and constantly enforce is that blacks can’t be racist murderers like White people and we should only be sympathetic. Total BS! Blacks brutally kill White people all the damn time — often simply because we’re White people.

American Politics is just so F***ED anymore. Sorry for sounding all nasty and crap. It just drives me batcrap insane how America’s head is under control by Israel traitor Zionists, socially destructive Jews in general, diversity-touting PC police and all the stupid inanities they act like is so important in the media.

Every little shark encounter in the ocean or any handicapped person winning some BS contest gets reported on national news like it’s such a big effin’ GD deal. They act like we’re supposed to cry on que.

Let me just point one damn lousy thing out to anyone out there in TV land who might have stumbled on my oft censored little site. Just think it out a bit, will ya? I’m not asking you to go out on a street corner with a sign or anything. Here’s what I want you to think about:

Ever think us Whites have been getting our chains jerked? I mean why the hell do we all got to be democrats or republicans, liberals or conservatives, or sometimes braggingly try to think of ourselves as independent? Who decides what’s what? No, I’m not trying to hit on you with a plea for donations to a new party or something. I’m just asking you to do some personal philosophizing about the topic when you get a chance.

Just think about one thing: We absolutely never have ANY political candidates get anywhere on the national stage or interviewed on mainstream TV who say the least thing bad about Israel. Now why is that?

Same thing going on with the media. If media people were so lovey-dovey liberal types — you know what I’m talking about — than why the hell don’t we see them doing reports on all the “oppressive” crap Israel does to the Palestinians, how we’re always attacking Israel’s enemies, or if they don’t like women getting used and abused, then all the Russian sex slave whore houses in Israel? Or how about Israel calling illegal aliens “infiltrators” and actively policing the border and deporting them?

Don’t you get what’s going on?

— Phillip Marlowe


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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82 Responses to The Last Great White Hope?

  1. Dave says:

    I saw that, Hoff. The image of the the poor Syrian toddler has been hijacked for use in their agenda.

    Just get this right. No one wants to see that. The child was a casualty in a conflict he did not create. It’s a damn shame.

    I read deeper in the articles (aka the comments) and found a jewel. Why don’t the Muslim/Arab countries take ownership of their fellow man? They contribute money to the actual fight but depend on is Whites (in this case Europe) to deal with the casualties. They have money. Why is it our job? Why is it always our job to deal with the repercussions of these never ending wars?

    Arabs need to take care of their own.

  2. Dave says:

    Surely these families should be more welcome and comfortable amongst their own! Why don’t the Muslims have an equivalent for Christian missionaries?

  3. sog says:

    yeah so wikipedia giving hitler hubris ,pissed me off somewhat ..he had vision and humility ,something jews can only pretend to have especially fecal encrusted clowns at kiryat joel hole …all those fucking wastes of space and oxygen over there learnin that indoc of hatred and genocide for whites ..then what are jews ..the name came into play litterally from a written and performed play where the term the old bearded jew etc sucking infant cock i suppose it might have should have said instead so the truth could be told like julius streicher might hae said …etc …heh heh kiryat joel only rem inds me of russian shitkikes coming here and getting SSI on a fast track like the shit licking asylum seekers ..does that mean they are looking for an asylum the usa a mental asylum or could we say send them all the all the kiryat joels in america …dont jews like diversity ..i think not since they did put all the swartzas in concentration segregation in the stolen zog infected land ..of which palestins were there for 2500 years and built all that shit over there jews care ..yeah they care ..okay laugh track needed here …and a seditave break before the break with reality occures …ahhye …kiryat graduates will fake their way first to a fake level of knowledge and then become one of those pices of shitylike a shitfaced fly buzzing around heads of state looking to get their assfaces in the camera and look all tough and clever can see the grin under their dead faces while some asshole head of a controlled by kike state signs all the citizens rights and assets and futures away ..anchors away or is it anchors aweigh ..either way fuck these demonic bionic /biodemoniacs in black hats and funeral suits ..i think when they go shopping for handme downs their frinds in the funeral business probably strip all the dead mofos of their clothes and givem to thier parasite jew talmudic student freinds ..with freinds like that who needs demons …ahhye …typical converse in a joel is where one demonic talmud warrior needs new suit as they wear em everyday for months and when they pass em down to other demonic bros do they wash them first or do they make the recipient deal with it …lol…these jew fuckers in nyc especially wont rent to gentiles if the kike is a property owner and kikes that own large occupancy buildings more often tha not dont pay any fuel bills or any bills and make the peope who do business with them take them to court and who controls the judiciary ..ehh ?.. ol #7 noses ..cosa nose-tra …when jews learn self defense they learn jew-jips-you and the other one ,jew-shits -you ..ahhye …its a jew jew jew jew effin jew world ..intersting subject these orthodox habittats for lo functioning jewish morons ..i think the imbecile immigrants would hardly be noticeable there since all the kikes are just as black from lack of hygeine ..ask patton …or was he nickenamed ralph after that horrible stinking day he met with the cesspools on legs …rip patton ,but he was a stupid bastard and till he learnt the hellish truth after the fact right it goes more dead dude for the grist mills of the busy little clever jews …i think the world is growing more and more hateful and vengeful towards these bloody workers of iniquity …
    jews are not a race or a religionn ..talmudism is a secret society and the other part that binds them together is hoobriss ..ahhye ..blood libel and so it looks like a non homogenous race and could be in 20-30,000 years but it would be better if they were discontinued with prjuidice asap ..they are a loose fraternity of like minds ..seeking same level of criminal genetic attraction ..this is the fuckin truth …

  4. Dave says:

    Motherfuck! I’m sorry INCOG but this shit with no paragraph separation pisses me off. I’m pretty sure it’s on purpose. By no means am I the best writer but at least I try. Seriously, WTF!

  5. bubba says:


    Fuck em.
    Rot in Hell Frenchie Frog Phuque

    If there was any country that could have turned the tidein history…it was these coquesuckers.

    Wasn’t it these turds that had/allowed /supported the French Revolution…a precursor to Bolshevik Revolution…and were an incubator to the “3rd wave” attempt of Jewish Global Power aka “democracy”?

    They are the equivalent of Gentile Jews…backstabbing treacherous arrogant entitlement whores.

    …don’t call me ….Pierre and Josephine….may your kin be hunchback bellringers and you can all jump from yer Eiffel(Freemason) Tower….payback time from and from all the other European roots…… ya coqueweeds.

  6. sog says:

    ahh shit i did forget to add the funny scandal the ashkanazzis did to the sephardics in israel in the 50’s or so ..the ashkanuseas took all the wonderful little sephardic kike chirrens to the wonderful summer camp for future dead kikds and brain damaged experemtees ..its called the “WRINGWORM SCANDAL ” …SERIOUSLY look this shit up …under the guies of wringworm and curing it cus we know all jews have it and all 100,000 kike spawns had it ,,such a cohencidence suuch a deeeeeel …the jewish devils decided to nuke their fellow devils with 20,000 -70,000 times x-ray levels on their domes to cure te jew worm sickness ..i dunno yall could probably write this up funnier but i does the best i can …100,000 children ,future talmud parasites gett zapped ,and 20-30,thousand +kids die most rikki tik ,,gee it must have been a holocaust or something and the rest were extremely fucked up and disadvantaged meaning many thousands lingered around for a while and kyked er kroaked and all the rest had sever brain damage etc ..yaaawn are these the same x ray machines that that ass fister chertoff had delivered to all the airports ofr x-raying gullible sheep to the radiactive cancer slaughter …im sure they are the same machines and were probably spray painted and re valued at 100 million dollars apiec and sold to the aipac controlled zog american communist guhbbuhmin ….oy effin vey ..who says crime dont pay ..with jews you lose and all their crimes pay …
    if you google it you see some jews talkin on it ans some denying it and saying anti semites claim it happened etc ..typical
    oh yeah and mengele gets top billing for all the jewish fables and defamations and propaganda …right ….
    a link from our very own northerntruthseeker ” s archives
    heres another one ..good -no good ..ahh
    imagine what palestinians have gone thru ..4 millionn murdered by jews since the 20’s but geared up in the 40’s ,…more on that later

  7. God bless ye, sog.

    Whatever happens, Washington will win in Syria, because the United States has not one, but two different policies with regard to this country. Either there will be peace, and President Obama will be praised for having successfully negotiated with Iran ; or else the Syrian Arab Republic will be destroyed and occupied by NATO, and a few US generals and NATO will be praised for having brought an end to the bloodbath. Here, Thierry Meyssan reveals the underside of this double policy, in particular the plot that was hatched by the NATO Deputy Secretary General for Political Affairs.

    I no longer trust, as if I weren’t leery of it before, The Truthseeker website. Notice how it names Syria as an “Arab” republic. Bullshit.

  8. davein ozz says:

    get into his vids but he never mentions the yids, why is that

  9. Jerry Burnett says:

    Sog, your posts, barren of breaks and paragraphs, reads like the ramblings of a disorganized mind. Ramblings, even from an intelligent soul, are still mere ramblings and put a burden upon the reader that smacks of conceit by the author, who can’t be bothered to dress up his thoughts in a presentable package to attract, as well as inform.

    See if you can’t take a step back, spend appropriate effort to form your thoughts into coherent sentences and paragraphs, according to the time-honored rules of English composition, so that those of us who value your thoughts can be drawn to your posts without the dread of having to punctuate, and extract, the valuable thoughts you are trying to express.

    Give us better composition, Sog, your thoughts are worth it, don’t you think?

  10. sog says:

    hey jerry ..blow me …the real waste of time is a stupid comment from areseholes like yourself …..f—- you …it is arrogant to think your way is best mate …sod off …
    the people that matter to me on here know the same shit i do and so iam really just communicating with them …if thats arrogant so beit ….they either get it or they dont ..the people that do on here are of superior intelligence i being arrogant or am i celebreting hi intelligence of white peopel …oh my word i meant to say “people”..

    wasnt worth responding to ..i hope your satisfied ..hmmm never seen you anywhere before on any blogs ..where arr you from ..
    i have some advice ..dont read my shit ,its obviously above you or not agrreeable to you for some other reason ….

    “Give us better composition, Sog, your thoughts are worth it, don’t you think?
    …does it make me arrogant to think my thoghts are maybe more precise than yours even in a more abstract form ..
    can you not think for yourself outside the box …..not my problem ..
    god bless yee back AOTP…
    I admit that most f the writers here are much more focused and aticulate and i have said that all along ..and most here are smarter than me as well as i have statede all al,ong ..s-o WHERR–ya bBBEEN JE-R-R-Y…HEH HEH

  11. Jerry Burnett says:

    Sog says: “i have some advice ..dont read my shit”

    Got it- skipping over Sog’s posts henceforth.

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