We Badly Need Negro and Homosexual Controls

VESTER FLANAGAN BRYCE WILLIAMSJewmerica Needs Common Sense Negro And Faggot Controls


All of these Jews and Marxists are once again coming out and saying that we need to ban guns because of the recent shooting of two journalists live on television. I strongly disagree with this ridiculous viewpoint. If anything, this proves that what we need are common sense Negro and faggot controls. The killer was a gay Negro. It is also not the gun itself that did the killing, it is the mind of the individual that did the killing.

So why do I say this?  Here’s a brief explanation.

Faggots are mentally ill. In fact, many serial killers have been identified as homosexuals.  This proves how this disgusting type of behavior is a mental illness and in extreme cases a very dangerous one.

Many Negroes are emotionally driven and violent savages. On average, they commit more violent crimes than other races. It has been made worse with the Jewish-run media agitating them and blaming White people for all of their problems.

As a result, we need to put faggots in mental institutions and figure out a way to get as many Negroes over to Africa as possible. Such initiatives will help ensure a much more stable and peaceful society in Jewmerica.


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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144 Responses to We Badly Need Negro and Homosexual Controls

  1. DDDDuane says:

    The Fuhrer might be “dead” but he is the closest thing we have to a “Patron Saint”…
    Hitler (and every German soldier and civilian victim) gave their lives fighting a futile battle against the evil jew virus….These were among the most Honorable people in history and what they attempted and their memory should be celebrated by us….(Along with the soldiers who fought and gave their lives for the Confederacy….)….
    The “Slavs” weren’t the only slaves in Europe….Are you forgetting every nation was using the feudal system until the middles ages and beyond?….

    A small percentage of the foreigners currently invading Amerika are so Aryan looking I only patronize the local Russian (russian jew) owned Russian supermarket chain that employs them here in NYC…Mostly Russian/Ukrainian teen-twenty’s blonde girls and nice looking young men….Most of these young people look straight out of a 1930’s Berlin Nazi rally….Although technically “Slavs” these people are identical to the Aryan the “Volk” Hitler frequently alluded to….. Purely Aryan looking with no sign of “putin type” gook genes… I tend to be slightly friendly to them because of their racial stock (It’s always a pleasure to see pure White people) but they seem to be reserved, paranoid and weary of foreigners (White Amerikans…)….

  2. Malie Mapour says:

    This a wonderful website, and really want to encourage and uplift the creator of it; you’re doing a good job for you white-race and keep up the good work. I will financially do my part when I get employed and I hope who are right now should give their racial support as well as their financial support. You’re one of the very few white out there that is facing our vicious , mortal and brutal black and jewish criminal; I want to know that, we white are the SUPERIOR-RACE and therefore should not fear or intimidate by those inferior subhuman criminals. Kee going and keep exposing the true of those beasts and their demonic-satanic agenda to destroy the white race in our civilized countries. I pray daily that, the ALMIGHTY-GOD will fight for us lead us to victory and bring destructions on those ugly dogs.

  3. Malie Mapour says:

    I appologized for my writing errors; I was typing fast and as a result. But what I meant to write on my previous comment was, ” This is a “Wonderful -website” and I want to encourage the creator, and to keep stand up to the jewish establishments along with their slave niggers; I wish all those disgusting black beasts could go to hell right now where they all belong. And it’s sickening, bad and even evil—-when white traitors are selling their race to those black devils—so they could get fame, wealth or whatever they are seeking from those niggers for themselves and don’t care or don’t realize that those are savages that will devour them in a second…

  4. Malie Mapour says:

    The major SOLUTION—-if not the ONLY solution to stop black on white crimes, are for white people to separate themselves from blacks—in everything. Don’t have anything to do with them and stand our ground to fight and destroy whoever comes near us. Blacks are our mortal enemies—and have always been; it’s just sad that many, many white people love to hang out with those ugly black beasts so they could feel good about themselves and their wont be any competition; how come beautiful wants to hangout with the ugly? unless the beautiful is insane—looking for non competition and want attention. This is killing many whites and they need to realized that, their stupidity, greediness…and even selfishelness will destroy them—not those niggers they are hanging out with. Light and darkness don’t go together. Wake up and be ONLY with your white race and prosper, and live….

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