Jew Faggotry Now Set Loose Upon America


By Eric Striker @Traditionalist Youth Network

The traitorous PC media gets all warm and fuzzy about gays adopting little kids, like Peter Truong and Mark Newton's blond Russian boy above. But where are the creeps when it's discovered the poor little kid was turned into a sex slave for dirty pedos? Stinking, GD media people don't care! (INCOG)

The traitorous media always acts so warm and fuzzy about gay adoption, like Peter Truong and Mark Newton’s little blond Russian boy above. But where was this media when police discovered the poor little kid was turned into an abused sex slave for dirty pedos? Stinking, GD media people don’t care! (INCOG)

The “LGBT community” has come a long way from its origins in the underworld. As recently as the 1980s, individuals engaging in homosexual activity were perceived as being in the grips of a ghastly suicidal perversion; devoid of dignity and grossly lacking in respect for the human body. They were pariahs, a minority of freaks with short life expectancies, sinking in a world of substance abuse, mental illness, crippling diseases, and predation upon the innocent.

Thirty years later, queers haven’t changed a bit, but now they’ve got friends in high places. The knife-wielding transexuals we grew up fighting on the streets of fictional New York City in “Final Fight” (an export from the “call them as you see them” Japanese) have been rehabilitated by Jews into pop culture’s offering of a heroic ideal. Symbols of white Western manhood, the cowboy and the soldier, have been reduced to nothing more than costumes for degenerates to cosplay in. Millions of alienated youth and victims of child molestation are teetering on the margins, and their anguish–which suggests a genuine need for counseling or a helping hand–is instead used to drive them over the edge through perpetual exposure to vile, dishonest propaganda from the rocking cradle to the hearse.

In most of the West, to insinuate sexual intent when homosexuals adopt children is a taboo that will expose dissidents to violence, employment termination, or mass media induced defamation. The gangsters in Chinos have been given a seat at the table of world power by the Jewish establishment, largely due to the intersectionality (a Cultural Marxist/Jewish buzzword) of the two groups’ interests and membership.

Systematic suppression aside, the idea that homosexuals–or at least a significant portion of them–seek to and actively do molest children has always been scientific and social consensus. Yet, the fact that homosexual men have the strongest gender preference for little boys out of all “combinations” of couples when they adopt must be presumed to be innocent, for the same reason Darwin’s theories were censored in favor of the party-line propping Lamarckism in Stalin’s Russia.

Anecdotally, “gay” men, when they interact with normal people, get along best with straight women and girls, not heterosexual men or boys. With one out of every four queers admitting to having had sexual contact with a boy under 16 as an adult, it can be concluded that gay adoption is nothing more than an organized child grooming ring enjoying a degree of legal immunity.

The immunity comes from the arresting effects of Jewish-enforced political correctness on law enforcement, a problem that Australian customs officials admitted made them hesitant to ask too many questions about the little boy Peter Truong and Mark Newton “adopted” in Russia. Truong and Newton sexually abused the six year old, and shared him with fellow queers around the world.

Randi Weingarten, Jew Lesbo head of US teachers union.

Randi Weingarten, Jew Lesbo head of National Education Association.

It took extra time for police to rescue the boy, because the two sadistic fags brainwashed the innocent soul to think what they were doing to him was normal. Something similar is happening on an industrial scale in public schools and many private schools, which are mandating homosexual propaganda (thanks to pressure from Jewish lesbians, such as the NEA’s Randi Weingarten) in a thinly veiled fashion for kindergartners all around the country. There is an unending list of cases of this sort that you can find through very elementary research that never breaks the glass ceiling separating local media and national media. And there are more similar tragedies that are happening as we speak, perhaps even right next door if you live in a state where homosexuals are allowed to adopt or utilize surrogates.

Jew-produced Homo porn.

Jew-produced homo porn: Filthy faggots have always got off big time on little boy seduction fantasies — now they fixed things up to get away with it in real life!

Dr. Goldberg can spin it a million ways to Saturday, but on “TLA Gay” (“The world’s leader in gay adult home entertainment”) the second most popular gay porn movie at the time of this publication is “Fathers and Sons 2,” which is about two older homosexual men who compel their own teenage sons to be shared in an orgy. Shortly after the Boy Scouts announced that they would be lifting a ban on queer counselors, a porno called “Counselor Week at Camp Liberty” has shot up to #4 on the best seller list.

Summer camp and Boy Scout themed pornography is a well-worn fetish in the “LGBT community”, and thus this new policy has them barely containing their excitement. On the same website, there are dozens of films popular enough for multiple sequels dedicated to this scenario, such as the “Into the Woods” series, “Scouts on Patrol,” “Campfire Twinks,” “Chicken Patrol,” and scores of others, featuring teen or pre-teen looking boys dressed in knock off Boy Scout uniforms.

Bug Catchers and Gift Givers: More Common Than You Think

Even though 20% of all homosexual men in America have HIV/AIDS (which is definitely a very low ball estimate) and men who have sex with men account for 61% of all new cases every year , modern medicine in the field has outpaced research for virtually every other crippling disease.

The billions poured into treating HIV has allowed homosexuals to live longer than ever, in contrast to people with more common yet equally deadly diseases that do not. The fruit of this social [mal]investment can be seen in the numerous drugs tailored to prevent HIV, from Pre-exposure Prophylaxis, which make you immune to the virus while taking it, all the way to HIV “morning after pills” that retroactively protect homos from HIV if taken 72 hours after unprotected anal, blood, semen, or fecal contact.

The quiet outrage over hundreds of billions spent over the years so that homosexuals don’t have to use condoms has led to the creation of FAIR (“Fair Allocation In Research”), a syndicate composed of scientists and doctors protesting the horrifically disproportionate amount of money given to HIV research, all while diseases that kill millions every year in the United States are ignored by both public and private grant-givers, as seen in the chart below. The only other illness where funding outpaces deaths per year is another STD homosexuals are very prone to getting: Hepatitis B.

nhi-std-deathTop green bar represents amount of research dollars spent per disease death. Note the huge disparity. Think about all the dead normal Americans, due to all the money doled out to research a totally nasty disease these dirty homos brought into the world. And foul faggots are practically walking petri dishes for even more disgusting and deadly future diseases — just read about the ways these sick SOBs get off! (INCOG)

With all the resources and treatments available for gay men exposed to HIV/AIDS, researchers are feigning confusion (or else lose their jobs) as to why the rate of infection per year is today approaching 1980s levels. Additionally, even those who perform homosexual anal penetration without condoms on average organically have to engage in violent sodomy 122 times to make seroconversion likely.

The only explanation we can conclude here is that homosexuals just don’t care about giving other people AIDS, and in many cases, actively seek the infection as part of a morbid, homocidal sexual fantasy.

The Homocidal “POZ”, the Willing “NEGS”, and “Barebacking” Culture

Jar of HIV-infected semen.

Jar of “charged” HIV-infected semen proudly displayed on a “bug chaser” homo site. It looks like it was sucked out of rectums. Sick!

One fairly popular colon-unfriendly pornographic film is called “Viral Loads,” directed by a rather mysterious figure named Paul Morris of Treasure Island Media. The star of the film is “Blue Bailey,” a real life HIV vector who engages in a condomless orgies with scores of men, many whom are HIV negative. The prospect of spreading HIV is the very draw of the film, and Treasure Island Media takes it to an utterly repulsive level:

“The willing, hungry lad gets gang-fucked by a roomful of studs. Most are poz [HIV-positive], some are neg. Who the fuck cares? Not Blue, that’s for fuckin’ sure.

To finish up his man worship initiation, we bring out a brimful jar full of more than 200 poz loads. Blue’s good buddies Dayton O’connor and Drew Sebastian carefully squirt every fucking drop up Blue’s knocked-up ass. Max X slurps Blue’s jizz-leaking ass throughout, establishing himself as the new world’s felching-champeen.”

Paul Singer, Jew Hedge fund manager and GOP money man.

Paul Singer, Jew Hedge Fund manager. Money man to the GOP and multiple big “gay” organizations. By the looks of him, probably a big homo boy, himself. (INCOG)

Other films produced by the company–widespread despite legal liabilities–portray homosexuals eating, receiving, and even injecting HIV positive semen into themselves. The media and the suit-and-tie queers play off “bug-catchers” and “gift-givers” as a fringe, but the facts say otherwise. Away from the eyes of the general public, homosexual lobbies financed by Jewish elites (including major GOP donors like Paul Singer) such as the Human Rights Campaign are working to actually repeal laws that punish those who maliciously expose others to HIV/AIDS or withhold their status from partners.

According to a survey of London homosexuals, 94% were likely to forego condom use with a stranger if he was good looking. In a 2013 study by Sanchez, Sineath, Kahle, et al at Emory University, 43% of HIV positive men had condomless anal intercourse with people who were likely HIV negative. 72% of HIV positive men were likely to perform sexual acts without condoms in general, compared to 61% of HIV negative homosexuals.

The union of capital and state that is stifling social and scientific criticism of the homosexual “lifestyle” at the moment has ultimately brought the mental illness of homosexuality – once contained by public shaming – to a new level of depravity. According to Dr. Bob Cabaj, the former president of the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association, “bug chasers” (those who actively seek to contract HIV/AIDS) account for 10,000 of the 40,000 new cases of HIV in the United States every year. Add that 28,500 of these approximately 40,000 cases are from men who have sex with men, which means that more than 1/3 of all new cases of homosexual HIV/AIDS are transmitted by bug catchers! Cabaj has expressed dismay at what he calls a “cover up” by the gay establishment on a practice that is far more mainstream than they are willing to admit. Their dilemma is that real life queers are wildly different from the bogus facade portrayed on Will & Grace for breeder consumption:

“Yeah, it’s an active cover-up, because they know about it. They’re in denial of this issue. This is a difficult issue that dredges up some images about gay men that they don’t want to have to deal with. They don’t want to shine a light on this topic because they don’t want people to even know that this behavior exists.”

The positively huge (no pun intended) “barebacking” culture is practically just a front for AIDS aficionados. One such “dating site,” called “PozConvert,” has thousands upon thousands of members. On its front page it states the following:

“Where POZ And NEG Men Meet. is an utterly unique, and completely debased, online destination for fearless, slutty Barebackers who think that the best CUM is CHARGED Cum. So are you ready to Get CHARGED UP? Then join today!“

“Charged up” is fag lingo for the act of transmitting AIDS, and this is by no means the only site, despite its gloating, proud advertisement. Online forums such as “” (breeding is a term used by queers to describe the act of giving someone HIV, it is treated in LGBT culture as being the equivalent of heterosexual reproduction) and 22,628 member forum provide copious amounts of material focused on bug-chasing and match making “poz” with “neg.”

Grindr, a gay sex app similar to Tinder, has revolutionized homosexual interactions and allowed gift givers and bug chasers to roam freely. Those growing up in the era of fairy cultural dominion and Grindr, young men trapped in this ugly world ranging from 13 to 29, have experienced an increase in HIV of 132.5% according to the CDC.

On Grindr, HIV flows like poppers and Cyndi Lauper music at a chic East Village apartment. Most of the time, it’s just queers who get off on it, but in some cases, older perverts lie about their HIV status when they molest suggestible underage boys on the platform. In the latter case, these individuals are charged with aggravated assault, which gets upgraded to a more serious class of felony if HIV is transmitted, but the Human Rights Campaign and other Judeo-homosexual organizations are already making inroads towards repealing such laws.

After a number of failed attempts to pass the “REPEAL HIV Discrimination Act”, which seeks to eliminate additional punishments for those who expose others to HIV (including minors) through rape or by lies, its 2015 iteration is being forwarded once again. Its sponsors are black California Marxist Rep. Barbara Lee, homosexual activist Rep. Jim McDermott, Jew Rep. Adam B. Schiff, and Cuban-Jew Republican Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. Judging from the momentum fags have garnered as of late, this could be the year they can spread HIV with impunity.

HIV: The Gay Fetish We’re Subsidizing

The first case of HIV/AIDS to reach North America was a 15 year old black boy named Robert Rayford in the late ’60s. Robert was a street kid who was molested for pay by St Louis’ small but aggressive homosexual clique. In ’69 Missouri, homosexuality and child-abuse were both heavily frowned upon, and so Rayford died without the disease becoming an epidemic, even though the strange sores prolifically spreading around his body that bewildered doctors at the time were misdiagnosed.

By the 1980s, AIDS finally made its way to cosmopolitan hubs like San Francisco and New York City, and Queer America was being ravaged. The advent of Penicillin had previously granted homosexuals some leeway in contracting the multitude of horrid STDs they are dozens and hundreds of times more likely to be vectors of, but this was different. When medical science finally uncovered that HIV was uniquely prevalent with men that have sex with men, they titled it GRID: Gay Related Immune Deficiency.

AIDS MONTAGEYou got to step back and look at the big picture — not what the lousy Jew Nation Wreckers want you to think. A substantial percentage of those punks are sodomites and lezbos themselves!

The queer movement, which by the glamorous, drug-fueled ’80s was increasingly mainstream amongst the gluttonous and self-worshipping bourgeois intelligentsia (most of the figures being Jewish), suddenly suffered a huge setback. The likelihood of a painful, publicly humiliating death, where your macabre hatred of nature would be visibly exposed like a scarlet letter meant that recruitment was starting to flatline (literally).

On top of this “perfect storm,” America at the time was in the midst of a “Silent Majority” counter-attack against the Jewish sexual revolution that had been already successfully installed in parts of Europe – the climate was hostile. Famous fag poster boys that had barged into the homes of Joe Sixpack and his longhaired sons, such as Freddie Mercury and Liberace, suddenly began dropping like flies from the disease.

Organized Queerdom joined with Organized Jewry to lobby for medical research into HIV that would quickly act as a tourniquet to stop the homosexual movement from collapse. San Francisco, one of the world capitals of faggotry, by 1984 saw a massive crackdown by the state, much to the fury of the gay lobby, that closed all of the city’s bath houses and private sex clubs in an effort to control the disease.

No matter how promiscuous normal people are, the chances of spreading HIV through vaginal intercourse are literally 1 in 1,000,000, so that was off the table. Outside of homosexual activity, drug addicts who shared needles (some of whom practice homosexuality as well) are the second largest group of infected by a wide margin. The Western world at the time was not too concerned with a disease that could be prevented by covering up when practicing violent homosexual sodomy and using your own needles instead of one you pick up off the ground when shooting dope. Reason prevailed for a period, and diseases that are far more common and inflict suffering on more people were prioritized by research budgets and charities.

But organized Queer and its Jewish enablers found light at the end of the tunnel when hemophiliac children were being seroconverted through the use of tainted blood products. The deaths of the Ray brothers and Ryan White were especially touching to the public, as they were innocent children who had contracted the disease through blood transfusions, and the Jewish controlled mass media as well as homosexual NGOs with substantial war chests exploited this to the fullest possible potential.

Both the Ray brothers and Ryan White were portrayed as victims of persecution and ignorance about HIV because of the fear with which they were treated in their settings (and this had some truth to it, as they were both genuinely harassed), while skilled propagandists ground through many shifts to turn them into America’s martyrs.

What was omitted is that the blame for the deaths of these young hemophiliac boys was firmly on the shoulders of the very homosexuals whose pressure groups exploited their misery to guilt the public.

The Ray Brothers were diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in 1986, and Ryan White in 1984. Yet, the FDA banned homosexuals and drug addicts from donating blood on March 24th, 1983, and from that day henceforth all blood donated to plasma centers and blood banks from individuals identified in these ‘high-risk groups’ was ordered segregated and destroyed. Unfortunately, the FDA did not go far enough in demanding orderly HIV screening as a prerequisite, and some contamination still occurred.

The issue with blood donation deferments was that homosexuals were expected to report their “lifestyle” based on the honor system. Blunders by greedy myopic capitalists specializing in blood transmission products in screening blood plasma during the ’80s have culminated in heavy lawsuits, so it’s possible that HIV blood got in through some kind of time window between the FDA’s announcement and its implementation. Could the Ray Brothers and Ryan White have contracted the illness prior to the ban and plasma segregation, even though they were under the constant watch of doctors for their hemophilia years prior to their seroconversion? Or could an HIV infected homosexual have lied about his sexual practices and knowingly donated blood in order to infect unwitting strangers during this time period? Cui bono?

While knowing that HIV/AIDS is climbing at a rapid pace among homosexuals today, homosexual groups have shown how much they care about the general public by brazenly demanding the FDA lift all bans on blood donations from men who have sex with men. The media has predictably echoed their complaint about this so-called “violation” of their rights. According to an apologia by Jew Emily Greenhouse for the New Yorker:

“In the quarter century since Ryan White was infected in Indiana, America’s blood supply has become tremendously safe, thanks to advanced screenings (and re-screenings) and accurate tests. There is still a very small amount of risk: the chance of receiving blood infected with H.I.V. from a transfusion is currently less than one in two million; according to the Red Cross, the estimated rate of people contracting H.I.V. from donated blood is a little over one person per year.”

Emily Greenhouse New Yorker artIn typical Jewish “intellectual” whack-a-mole, Greenhouse [her cutesy New Yorker writer avatar on right] talks about how safe the blood supply has become, and that this ought to be the reason why homosexual men should be allowed to donate. Why the blood supply is safe today is pretty obvious, but by keeping a straight face while essentially arguing that blood transmissions ought to be more dangerous, Greenhouse showcases her race’s utter insanity and misanthropy in its social engineering, along with the flagrant disregard of the homosexuals she represents.

HIV/AIDS Business Boom

The legacy of a successful putsch by homosexual organizations in the ’80s is embodied by the 75 HIV/AIDS agencies and non-profits dedicated to collecting funds and lobbying on behalf of the infected today. The Zionist occupied federal government of the United States allocated a whopping $30.7 billion dollars towards research, as well as domestic and global HIV/AIDS medication in 2016 alone. A comparatively small fraction of this sum goes to actual education on prevention, such as the miracle cure of not sodomizing a stranger(s).

The people who contract HIV/AIDS are largely vile, insane, and irresponsible. But there are admittedly some cases where outliers get the disease. Yet, the money dedicated to combating AIDS from a global perspective (where non-homosexuals spread AIDS in continents like Africa through promiscuous heterosexual sodomy), which is what advocates use as a justification, does not justify accumulated deaths per year. For example, 1.2 million people die from AIDS annually around the world, compared to 2 million who perish from the much more treatable and random illness of tuberculosis. Yet the World Health Organization has repeatedly complained that private capitalists and Western Jewish controlled governments putting money aside for HIV ignore tuberculosis. The multi-national corporation funded “Global Fund” dedicates 52% of its grant money to AIDS, yet only 15% to tuberculosis. Obama’s last fiscal plan cut global tuberculosis spending considerably in order to spend more on the already cash-flush cause of HIV/AIDS.

In the end, most of this $30.7 billion is used domestically to subsidize all kinds of programs, special privileges, and treatments for queers who, as older “POZ” homosexuals (thanks to being inculcated with more shame compared to young faggots) in the documentary “The Gift” ( 14:48) remark, have no excuse to be contracting HIV anymore.

Think of the “LGBT” sexual fantasy taxes and corporate profits you’re contributing to are financing next time a loved dies from criminally neglected diseases like COPD, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, and even cancer. Were it not for this system and the Jews running it, science would’ve advanced in treatment options for these diseases at the same lightning fast pace HIV research moves. One day, when we have our Nuremberg, somebody’s gonna have to pay for that.

Layout, captions and photo illustrations by INCOG MAN


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. Arch Stanton says:

    Homosexuality is the Trojan condom that legalized pedophilia is riding in on. Wake up idiots and smell the Jew.

  2. summerled says:

    what you give is what you get

  3. Arch Stanton says:

    If Jews will do this to a child, what won’t they do? Funny how all the touchy-feely earth muffins and fat, smarmy “Christian Zionist” TV preachers never notice such details.

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  5. bubba says:

    The answer is simple:

    The Kike Jews are into Transhumanism……whereby all traditional boundaries (sex, gender, race etc.) are made extinct, and thrown into a homogeneous melting pot to create the lowest common denominator.

    Add kosher piss..serves 6+ billion…!!!

  6. Hoff says:

    test, new pc.

  7. Hoff says:

    YES! Working. Whoo … 😉

  8. Bailey says:

    Pretty in depth and disgusting article.
    Not quite what Hollywood and our treasonous government would like the American dupes to know.

    The “legend” Freddie Mercury is the poster boy for the degenerate homo lifestyle but i’ll be damned if I can find an image of him in his final days of rotting from the inside out.

  9. Bailey says:

    I found this PSA video in tradyouth comment section, looks to be early sixties.
    “Boys” were warned about queers.

    I’m surprised that jewtube hasn’t sent it down the memory hole.

  10. Truth says:

    summerled says:
    September 15, 2015 at 8:46 pm

    Thanks for the “GREAT MUSIC”. Listening – brought light to this increasingly darkened world.

    I nearly wretched when I viewed that “jar” and I’ve seen most of the worst side of humanity but that took the cake. Depraved souls and sickness shall not endure!

    I am convinced that “Jesus, the Nazarene, the Christ”, Walked upon this Earth and that fact is reinforced by the “traditions of the elders” which then became the written Talmud, for why else would it contain so many despicable references towards him and the righteousness he imparted upon the world. The tide is turning and all shall be revealed!

  11. bubba says:

    Never thought I’d ever say this, but one should have a basic understanding of SATANISM..which is effectively Judaism…and trickles down to secret societies like Freemasons etc.

    The rituals etc involved appear to be trauma -based mind -programming…MK Ultra, and the parties involved literally become demonic in thoughts and actions.

    One person came out recently as an Ex Satanist, and provided more detail…but it is consistent with what we have heard in the past. The person talked about some pretty sick stuff…ie orgies were a woman get impregnated…no record of the baby…when the time comes to give birth she goes to an isolated area(farm) where a Doctor delivers the baby, then it is killed, blood drank…and cannibalized.

    Also many people involved in abortion clinic are satanists.

    He made another interesting point:

    (i) CHILDREN are abused sexually etc to take away their innocence,like vampiring a life force…

    (ii)ADULTS ..the transition(from being victims) is many of them now turn into the vampires, taking way fresh innocence of new victims in various ways…and thus the chain perpetuates.

    Its all about corrupting everything that is pure and innocent, thus feeling like a “god”, better than others and thus the right to rule over them…which fits Luciferians = Freemason= Judaism at the top.

  12. Karen says:

    “Homosexuality is the Trojan condom that legalized pedophilia is riding in on” TRUE
    Homosexuals have been around forever and in all cultures. They stayed in the closet which is their natural habitat. “Homosexuality is the Trojan condom that legalized pedophilia is riding in on” …repeat after me “Homosexuality is the Trojan……

  13. Karen says:

    I saw your comment from Sept. 15th, 1:10 a.m. You have no class

  14. Bailey says:

    Right , your witty boyfriend posts an image of a monkey jerking off, you post about wet dreams of me getting ass raped by niggers and i have no class .

    I’ll tell you what i don’t have – respect for scumbags.

  15. Karen says:

    My witty boyfriend lumped Luciferians, Freemasons and Judaism all into the same nutbag. He’s a newbie, fresh and new.

  16. bubba says:

    New York: Jews Win Right to Torture Chickens on the Street

    A Manhattan judge has denied an injunction that sought to halt the ritual chicken slaughter performed annually by Orthodox Jews, called “Kaporos,” according to ABC New York and Newsday.

    A group of Brooklyn residents calling themselves The Alliance to End Chickens as Kaporos filed a lawsuit against various Jewish institutions and leaders in August. They hoped to save the 50,000 chickens expected to be slaughtered during the upcoming Yom Kippur holiday in late September.

    On Monday, Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Debra James reportedly ruled that the ritual can go forward as planned.



    Its getting worse than I predicted and quicker than than I suspected.

    Again, whether one is Religious, Atheist or Agnostic, you can use CHRISTMAS, but the Kike Jews can do anything…like chicken spinning which would have PETA and 150 year old Bridgette Bardot nailing any other group.

    Your Justice system…err Justice Industry Ltd. is simply an official-dom rubber stamp subsidiary for Satan Inc(ie Gov’t) to fool the Goyim that all is legal and legit ie “kosher”

    Luckily, I don’t have this chicken spinning bunch near me…the Kikes tend to stay low key…only way to ID them is Yarmulkes and odd Stetson..

  17. bubba says:

    bubba says:
    September 16, 2015 at 2:40 pm

    Again, whether one is Religious, Atheist or Agnostic, you can use CHRISTMAS, but the Kike Jews can do anything


    Meant CAN NOT use Christmas

    ie its been denigrated, banned, no manger scenes ,…..etc etc

  18. protocolsRtrue says:

    My stepdad Jim was one of those guys who telled it like it was and would kick your fucking ass if you bad talked him. jim was just plain mean. He told me about being on aircraft caaireirs hornet and the wasp a fireman the slant eyed japs tried to sink his ship. The slant eyed japs didn’t just try to sink his ship they actually did it. So stepdad Jim was just a plain mad think he hated everybody. He worked at Ford engine plant in Cleveland out the door at 4;40 IN THE MORMING STEPDAD Jim WAS A WORKER . Somebody tried to steal Jims car one day or park there car in Jims parking spot for his piece of shit three shift on the lever car. When Jim gets up takes a shower and goes to work if somebody stole his car this man will make some niggers die..

  19. Karen says:

    For Bailey

  20. bubba says:

    Long story short…ROTFLMAO

    A fellow white warrior who I just got in touch with got into an interesting conundrum.

    He posted a video about a recent Pride Parade and made commentary about this being part of Jew agenda.

    So…a local subversive newspaper(…y’know…maybe 10% good reporting…Dan Savage column,…90% of rest is porn ads, ” Hey man…legalize pot” ad nauseum)….. calls him up about his video…….THEN talks about the rest of the videos he has posted….geo political ….many of them discussing Hitler and Germany.

    So…. of course…. you know where this is going..the reporter ties the two together in a yellow journalism hit Nazi Sympathizer is a College Instructor !

    Now the SHTF….
    He teaches courses at various places,(done this for 20 years) and all his work is drying up…all because of a smear piece. the newspapers article COMMENTS section, some guy posts a name “H.A.”….the last name is very JEWY. We thought naaahh…gotta be fake….who would be that stupid to give the real name.

    Turns out…it IS his real name, and the guy is a local B’Nai Brith prick, one of their Hasbarat Sayanim agents who targets people so they lose their jobs…

    “H.A.” comments on line was that this person should be fired from wherever he teaches….ie economically holomodor them.

    Our colleague called H.A. ..H.A. has a company…recorded the call and I also have it on my computer.

    H.A. was ambushed…had him by the short hairs, and said he was going to call the cops. Whining F*cking Kike…RECORDED LIVE…again ROTFLMAO

    I am going to look at the legalities of making it public…OR we may just say “Who fucking cares “…….let er rip and go viral and global.

    This Kike has created a lot of grief for people many of us know….now we got him !!!!
    He’ll wish he was a spinning chicken…OY !

  21. Smitherines says:

    NJ High School Football Player Caught Bashing Opponent in Head With Helmet
    DINDU Time!

    Another DINDU smashing a White kid’s head with a helmet wasn’t even
    charged with an assault crime, now they’re attacking us in sporting events
    now and you can bet if the races were revrsed it would be making all the
    Jew-run TV Networks!

  22. Smitherines says:

    Karen says:
    September 16, 2015 at 1:17 pm

    “Homosexuality is the Trojan condom that legalized pedophilia is riding in on” TRUE
    Homosexuals have been around forever and in all cultures. They stayed in the closet which is their natural habitat. “Homosexuality is the Trojan condom that legalized pedophilia is riding in on” …repeat after me “Homosexuality is the Trojan……

    And why hasn’t this gene died off from early man??How does it pass on through
    EVOLUTION, if two fags can procreate????

    Or A superior being gives us free choice and dominion over the animals of
    the world, why you’ll never QUEER gorillas or lions or tigers, they act on
    INSTINCT where these fags are human have free will!!!! They choice a
    disgusting man’s A- hole!

  23. Smitherines says:

    Typo meant two fags CAN’T procreate!

  24. Smitherines says:

    Typo They choose disgusting A-holes!

  25. Smitherines says:

    @ Bailey
    Karen says:
    September 16, 2015 at 2:56 pm

    For Bailey

    Karen before she lost “her bad habit?”

  26. Bailey says:

    A nigger from Linden , he’ll just claim the white boy called him nigger.
    He’ll be off to Rutgers soon to join those criminals , check out new nation news for info on those “good boys”.

  27. protocolsRtrue says:

    Stepdad Jim. He was an unknown hero. Can you imagine being deep in the bowls of a ship? The slant eyed japs hit you with torpedoes and bombs the captain says just keep doing your jobs boys {men} back in those days. Were in some deep shit here in the pacific stepdad said the water is above my waste now is that deep enough.? Just keep doing your job boys okay fuck it abandon ship. So they put him on another ship aircraft carrier and the slant eyed japs sunk that ship too. No wonder he was pissed off at the whole world.

  28. bubba says:

    This ” C’OY eh?” recent FOI “X Po Jose’ ” (below)was a crucial nexus in Homo Sapien evolution.

    ….. besides uber Nazi “PeeWee Herman” and Holocaust Sponsor “Goldman Scrotumz”

  29. Tom says:

    How many Jews have come down with HIV/AIDS? Not many, eh? Virtually none? Tel Aviv considered the “best place to be gay in the world” and the whole Jew country is loaded with Jew homos and bisexuals because of centuries of Jewish inbreeding. Not much of an AIDS problem in Israel. Why do you think that is? Because most Jews are resistant to HIV. Still think the spreading of AIDS is an accident?

    Also, the giving and taking of “hot doses” by gays benefits big pharma. Every HIV patient is worth $24,000/yr. to them in sales of anti-retrovirals and other drugs that don’t cure AIDS but prolong life as long as possible so Jew-a-ceutical firms make “gelt” on the prolonged death of every white queer.

  30. bubba says:

    Coming Soon

    G.I. Joe action figure doll…

    err ……”G ?Oy JEW! ” Inaction Banker doll

    c/w…. with Klaus Barbie signature EZ Bake Oven

    Limited Edition “6 Million”

    ……order now before SABBATH and we will throw in a spinning rubber chicken !!!

  31. Bailey says:

    Read this and take one guess who pays for the Israeli AIDS infected queers and junkies.

    Good point Tom , prolong the sufferink of the filthy queers to maximize profit.
    Such a deal !

  32. Tom says:

    Bailey–Thanks for the figures. Way under anything in the West. And, notice how they do not break out the figures. How many Israeli victims are Palestinian IV drug abusers? How about Russians who emigrated to Israel with Jews to get out of the USSR? I think if you limited the figures to actual Israeli Jews it would be at least half of that minuscule figure.

    Think of HIV/AIDS as a torpedo launched from a most-queer ship. Torpedoes are not naturally occurring. Queers are natural but kept in check by the defense mechanisms of society–now being destroyed by organized Jewry. A bad combination.

  33. Hoff says:

    Ann Coulter: “How Many F—ing Jews do These People Think There are in the United States?”


    Wilhelm Keen4

    The happening has begun. SS She-Wulf Frau Coulter just gassed 12342143 Kikes.

  34. Bailey says:

    ADL jews whining about Ann Coulter asking an important question.

    Reminds me of Lee Whitnum calling Chris Murphy a whore for Israel – controlled opposition.
    I wonder how many “baseless” of her base actually understand what she tweeted.

  35. bubba says:


    In short, it’s time to face the disturbing notion that much of what we’ve been told about AIDS is incorrect. Here are some of the factors that have led scientists to challenge the well-entrenched hypothesis that HIV equals AIDS:

    AIDS remains in high-risk groups. The claim that HIV is the sole cause of AIDS has a lot of holes, says Dr. Robert S. Root-Bernstein, a professor of physiology at Michigan State University and the MacArthur Prize-winning author of Rethinking AIDS; The tragic Cost of Premature Consensus. The most striking flaw in the logic is that AIDS has not spread to the general population; it continues to be concentrated in high risk groups such as subsets of the homosexual population, IV-drug users; and their sexual partners.

    In the heterosexual population, the percentage of people with HIV or AIDS who are not drug users is “extremely low” according to figures from the Centres for Disease Control, points out Dr. Charles Thomas, president of the Helicon Foundation in San Diego, a former Harvard professor, and a member of the Group for the Scientific Reappraisal of the HIV-AIDS Hypothesis.

    etc etc.

    Like many things…first Big Lie out the gate = ” The Truth ”

    If one does a little research…AIDS and HIV = ____?????

    IMHO, these are a combination of Bio Weapons and cheap Politics.
    Like SARS…that was a bioweapon developed to target the Asian race.

    AIDS created a lot of UNwarranted fear, and probably designed to target the Queers so they could be the new oppressed minority” Save Us…. Save Us !!!!! “, and this of course evokes sympathy (ie self censorship), …..a unifying force for a huge lobby(look where the LGBQT lobby are today), ……and even better, another huge market for research funding and Big Pharma.

    Also, apparently a different strain was developed to take out Africans

    However….Funny, don’t seem to hear much about AIDS anymore…

  36. bubba says:

    Eyes on the prize….= UKRAINE

    Interesting geo-political perspective on Jeff Rense re: UKRAINE

    His guest is of the view that the Syrian issue is simply a distraction for what is going on in Ukraine….that is THE prize in the big picture.

    Giuliani is going to do a show about the Khazars, and his premise is their conversion to Judaism is BULLSHIT….they had practised Judaism long before the alleged conversion….. only secretly.

    If this is true…sheds new light…moreso why they want Ukraine so badly …part of their ancient homeland and Kikes never forget.

    Also: Syrians don’t need to risk their lives at sea…they could escape via land through Turkey, but we know Turkey is the Kikes bitch and is blocking them ….and like Ukraine ,Turkey also borders on the Black Sea.

    Finally, prediction is winter will set in in about 6 weeks… which implies a move (ie false flag) has to be set up soon ???

    Again….keep an eye on Ukraine.

  37. summerled says:

    LOL textbook jewing
    Manchester United to pay Malcolm Glazer’s six children £15m every year
    • Financial results reveal United will pay dividend to shareholders
    • Six Glazer siblings own approximately 131m shares, 80%, between them

  38. Hoff says:

    Less than 10% of top US Jewish groups back Iran deal, umbrella org saysConference of Presidents says survey of 53 major American Jewish organizations finds hardly any support for nuclear accord

  39. Len House says:

    Why are we not allowed to question “ONLY ONE GROUP” namely the parasitical communist jews . . . the self-same who for centuries [from the beginning of time] instigated only evil when it comes to the YT’s – the YT’s being the only Race on earth capable of killing the vermin jews, if we can just get our act together and realize that our battle is not against flesh and blood. But against evil entities, against the seed of satan, the jewpsy jews and their cahoots, the judeo-christians, the Race traitors and the half-breeds – If you’re not for YAHWEH GOD who came to earth as Jesus the Christ, then you are ANTI-CHRIST and part of the real problem. It’s time to wake-up and realize that this monstrosity we call life goes way past human-realm, it’s a battle of GOOD against EVIL, no matter how much they try and sugarcoat it.

    Time to ask WHO’s responsible for: .
    Poisoned food, poisoned air, poisoned water, poisoned vaccinations, toxic dentistry, toxic medicine, toxic programming…. the list just goes on and on….

    The Communist jews will be destroyed over this because they have no idea what prophet Obadiah said would happen to the Edomite jews in verse 18 of Obadiah.
    Since jews didn’t write a word of the bible, they have NO idea what it says about them.

  40. Thomas Beils says:

    HIV-positive Jew accused of raping 6-year-old boy, while cops say another man videotaped it

  41. squarepegroundhole says:

    Thank the Jews for another modern marvel….

    Hard to belive there are not significant cures for real problems.

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