The True History of Africa: A Fable for Europe

ZIMBABWE POLITICIANA generous African king whose political correctness saw his city invaded by hordes of White people posing as refugees.

By Hamish Patton @Daily Stormer

The African has been blessing the world with its invaluable contributions to science, medicine, and the arts ever since the hominid invented the wheel. But something went terribly wrong.

The great ancient civilization of Africa, with its fantastic city of Boogawana, boasting breathtaking architecture; paved roads; running water and indoor plumbing was the magnificent Jewel in the crown of the ancient African empire. It represented all that was grand about the African race. But having become civilised, the African made the mistake of trying to civilise the White man.

He foolishly opened the gates to his city, and invited the White man to come and share in his lifestyle — to be an African!

But the White man was lazy, and didn’t want to work. Moreover, the complexity of the African civilization was too advanced for his simple brain. He was still clinging to his latent evolutionary crawl, and couldn’t quite make the leap forward like the African had done so agilely.

So instead of building great monuments, writing epic poems, and chiseling dazzling mosaics out of stone like his African benefactor, or plotting the stars, the White man looted and robbed; burned and plundered the great African city. Yet, the African refused to believe that the White man was anything but his equal.

When frustrated African citizens spoke out about White man’s behavior, the presiding King ordered they be shut away in dungeons like heretics. Angry crowds were quelled by soldiers with spears, and scholars denounced the “Africa First” movement in the great halls of learning. Instead, they taught their young that the problem wasn’t that the White man was uncivilized, but that the Africans — with their privileged position in their own kingdom — were guilty of unfairly judging the White man. Instead, they decided to lower the bar, so that White men could achieve things too.

This sign should be in White hands and should read, “We are not going black.”

This sign should be in White hands and should read, “We are not going black.”

For the White man may have had White skin, but he still bled, like the black man. The White man still breathed air, and ate and drank to sustain him. Therefore, the great thinkers of the time reasoned that the only difference was that the White man had not been made to feel properly at home in African civilization. It was actually the fault of Africans that the White man behaved as he did. If only they made a greater effort to try and stop intimidating him with their advanced ways then perhaps the White man would stop killing them, stealing from them, and rightfully blaming them for all his shortcomings.

And so, with the blindfold of altruism shutting his eyes to the dangers of the White man the African carried on. However, the strain was beginning to tell. The White man just kept coming and coming, having heard promises of great riches and plentiful harvests.

The need to feed the ever growing community of White men among them was draining resources. It was uncanny, but even without the money to afford to feed his family, the White man continued to breed without ne’er a thought as to the upkeep of his brood. And he had no desire to parent his children; and so ghettos formed where the unwanted offspring of the White man ran wild. Such was the sensitivity of the Africans to the predicament that — rather than take drastic action — he simply made those parts of the city no go areas.

It was as though the White man was capable only of living in the moment and the lessons of life had still not taught him to manage and conserve resources. The White man had, like a pet, come to assume that the black man would always be there to feed him; clothe him; house him and take care of him when he was sick.

Over time, the African man grew weary. The farms could no longer produce enough food. And because there was no food, the buildings stopped. Trade ceased. The mighty armies of the African empire, because they were ordered so by law, they had to stand by while millions of White migrants poured into the city.

The African, who lived now only to serve the White man, was done. Unable to continue, the cities fell to angry masses of Whites! The Whites demanded food, but there was no longer food! He demanded shelter, but there was no longer the food to feed the workers, or the skilled tradesman to build the houses.

Incensed at this betrayal, the White man proceeded to destroy the great city of Boogawana, the cradle of ancient civilization. What had taken centuries to build was smashed to the ground in a matter of days. The hated Africans became prey for the White man. If they couldn’t provide food, then they should become the food, he cried! Thus, reverting to cannibalism, the White man did eat the black man.

Before long there were no more Africans left to eat. Without the black man there to guide him, or provide him with sustenance, the White man soon perished too.




Immigrants protest against racism



100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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89 Responses to The True History of Africa: A Fable for Europe

  1. Hoff says:

    Most of those present here today are workers. Creative workers. And I myself, having spent many years of my life as a stone cutter, as a foundryman, as a manual worker, in the name of all who have shared this forced labor with me, like the two Gulag prisoners whom you just saw, and on behalf of those who are doing forced labor in our country, I can start my speech today with the greeting “Brothers!” “Brothers in Labor.”

    And not to forget, also, the many honored guests present here tonight, let me add: “Ladies and Gentlemen.”

    “Workers of the world unite!”

    Who of us has not heard this slogan, which has been sounding through the world for 125 years? Today you can find it in any Soviet pamphlet as well as in every issue of Pravda.

    But never have the leaders of the JEW Communist revolution in the Soviet Union made application of these words sincerely and in their full meaning. When many lies have accumulated over the decades, we forget the radical and basic lie which is not on the leaves of the tree, but at its very roots.


    Everything about communism is a jewish fraud. When the jew Karl Marx in 1848 wrote Communist Manifesto, the jew lied in the very headline.

    Communist Manifesto real headline is JEWISH MANIFESTO.

    The jew Karl Marx exchanged Jewish with Communist. Communist are jew code word for jewish/good for the jews.

    Accordingly all key words in jewish/communist propaganda are the jews code word.

    “WORKER” is jew code word for: The jews slave cattle.

    “Workers of the world unite” is nothing but the jews joke on all non-jews. Translated: All stupid slaves of the world unite and work against your own interests.

    Take anything at any time that is hailed to high heaven in jew”media” and I can prove it’s against all non-jews interest.

    All jew”media” in the entire world are relentless pro-immigration from all shitholes of a country into all white countries. Tell me what niggers do good to your country as white?

  2. protocolsRtrue says:

    What this country needs is more uncivilized niggers and undocumented workers! And more arabs who want to cut our heads off! Having solved all of our problems with unemployment among our domestic nigger and white population, homelessness among veterans and drug addicts, our national debt and deficits and unfunded lie-abilities, we are now ready to absorb all the rest of the worlds problems and take it like a man. Do our responsibility to take in all the refugees from the jews wars and world conquest building the israili empire. It’s not like we didn’t see this coming because some of us did. It is actually written down in the jews plans for world conquest. For those who cared to read the Talmud or the protocols and comprehend the magnitude of catastrophy for the Gentile and Christian world the jews told us they were going to do to us. So just suck it up and hang your heads and slobber that you wish somebody like Henry Ford or Adolf Hitler or Jesus Christ or Martin Luther would have warned us about this bolshevik commie jew libtard third world stupid uncivilized nigger planet of the apes takeover a long time ago when we could have done something to stop it.

  3. protocolsRtrue says:

    What this country needs is more niggers, more arabs, and more unemployed undocumented workers that left their home country because they are criminals! What we need is more problems! Our taxpayers are awash in money they don’t know how to spend properly so I will spend it for them on good causes I like better. What our people need is less food, higher priced food and more expensive energy. What this country needs is a camera and microphone in every house and bedroom and private vehicle. What this country needs is more crime and more problems! So send us your criminals and problem causers who don’t speak English we will gladly put them in our schools to teach them English and the jews commie Marxist libtard view of history too! All for free the American taxpaying suckers will pay for it. Don’t worry it’s all free only white people pay the bills. Ain’t that great? What this country doesn’t need is a chicken in every pot a shotgun on every porch and freedom and liberty and personal initiative and motivation and responsibility because our zog will take care of all that stuff. My name is PRT and I’m running for head stupid nigger in charge Bolshevik jew commie socialist Marxist white house ovulation office I heard you can get laid there and even the only place left around dc where you can smoke tasty cigars. The newly formed “this guy is an asshole” party. tgiaa for short send a donation to the toilet nearest you.

  4. bubba says:

    I am going to be the warden of Auschwitz 2
    Nobody else has applied, so the job is mine.

    It is in my mind which is why it is true and why I am getting all excited

    Any special requests?
    Karen the .5 Cossack can pull the first lever.

  5. Smitherines says:

    Karen says:
    September 4, 2015 at 6:47 pm

    But Smitherines, I DO BELIEVE IN A HIGHER POWER,much higher than Yaldabaoth aka Jehovah aka Yahweh, insane demiurge and petty tribal god of the Jews.
    I’m hoping that the National Socialists either ascend from the hollow earth or descend from bases on the moon to rescue us from this mindfuck

    You just don’t believe in the big Zio -Father in the Sky, I don’t either, also
    look at the Gospel the Jew Priest questioning and condemning Jesus for preaching
    God, the Word of God to Gentiles, “They said we are the Sons of Abraham not
    them” Christ laughed and said “God turn that rock there into a Son of Abraham.”

    Just like Protestant and Orthodox don’t understand Mary or really the godhead
    for that matter : One God and 3 Experiences of it like Matter anywhere
    in the Universe is experience EXACTLY the same: solid, liquid, gas.

    Christ being able to walk through walls , walk on water, matter and energy
    are interchangeable as the splitting of the atom proved, centuries later.

    If Mary was born just ordinary women a vessel for his WORD to brought into
    this world as son (something we could comprehend understand, well at least
    some of us) why could he transcend another to “Queen of his Universe??”

    Completely beyond’ scientific explanation, says researcher:

  6. Smitherines says:

    By the way those holy Orthodox men on Mount Ahtos are true also, it’s
    why Orthodox Church shuns them they are fake TOO NOW, like
    Pope and Protestants, Kapner had a thing on their revelation of
    Zionists bringing the market down stealing, and bankrupting Greece,
    did it not come true??

    The Zionist controls all religions now it’s why NONE will tell you what they are!

  7. bubba says:

    WHITE GENOCIDE BLUEPRINT : The Coudenhove Kalergi Plan POSTER


    This is an excellent poster which pretty much sums up what is unravelling before our very eyes.

    No nation can survive traitors from within the gates ( our politicians ), nor can a nation survive without some sort of unifying common ground vision, culture etc.

    History has shown this “multicultural” tactic has taken down many civilizations…ie Egyptian…..Mayan etc. Their own records(stone carvings and other art) indicate other races in their midst…and the Mayan records clearly show ancient Hebrew contact.

    This is not different than war , so instead of sending troops off to war to kill some imagined enemy, simply have “stand down” orders allow the invaders in under the Trojan Horse of Multiculturalism.

  8. bubba says:

    Q: What’s the English Translation for Angela Merkel?
    A: Mike Hunt !

  9. 4ePlay says:

    this parable for the invasion of EU by economic (ALL of them, since they crossed many safe countries on their way to the bigger pilaf in western EU) migrants gives me the opportunity to provide you with the good news:

    In a way this may be the long overdue wake up call for the whites to fight to death for their rights. The impact will be global (most significant in the western world; can you hear me, US?). The despicable leftists compulsively sucking zioScrotums will soon be dethroned by the patriotic right wing. The terrorists from black lives matter will be GITMOed, cancer will be cured, every white swingin’ dick will have a devastatingly hot maid from Sweden and then … the alarm clock will go off and you effin slaves will wake up and go back to work for your owners, the BCk = Banksters, Corporations and khazars

  10. protocolsRtrue says:

    At least Bill Clintoris was not a fag. he would wake up each day and turn to see the white man hating bisexual Marxist commie jew bitch and say to himself I better get to work if I want to get laid today. A twenty year old intern gives me better odds. And rhammy Emanuel will hide my nuclear launch codes for me for 3 months while I play hide the popsicle with mouthica jewlinski. Seriously. Have you ever been married? I mean wake up you haven’t even had your cup of coffee yet bitch bitch bitch whine whine whine complain complain complain like lady give me a fucking break I haven’t even got out of bed yet I couldn’t possibly have fucked up the whole world last night while I was sleeping? Speaking of fucking maybe we could try what we did 30 years ago? NO! I hate white men.

  11. protocolsRtrue says:

    Sorry, stupid comment. I guess if Bill can lose the launch codes for 3 months than Hilary can conduct secretary of state business on private servers.

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  13. Wow! I am so disgusted by all those niggers invading our beautiful, white European countries. It’s happening in our own lands as well. I was speaking to a liberal high school teacher the other day. She said she is all for Latinos coming over to our country. The next thing she said was so appalling. She said, “these poor people coming over here want to work and share the American dream. The white kids who I teach are privileged and have no clue what hardship really is. They have everything.” She also thinks that the niggers invading Europe is a good thing.
    Now just imagine all those niggers and Arabs over in Europe walking amongst the beautiful castles and cobblestone street that our ancestors built. The thought that went into all this building and creating will soon be destroyed by these so called people who are running to these beautiful lands. This makes me sick.
    What chicken shit these people really are. Why don’t they stand up and fight and take back there own lands. What cowards! They need to stand up and fight instead of running to Europe to escape.
    Another thing I get sick and tired of are dumb liberals bashing America. Ok, dumb liberal, if our country is so horrible, why do you invite everybody to come here? So typical of liberal double talk. These stupid liberals and educators with their high, intellectual degrees have lost sight of the real world. Look what is happening to the kids they teach.
    Anyway, this liberal teacher who I was speaking of looks and talks like a feminist. And you know, these same women who hate men, actually look like men. What are they, jealous of men, or something?

  14. One thing I must tell you guys: my computer has been hacked in to. Sometimes this site is blocked off. I can’t get into other sites either. Guess I have been targeted now. I really don’t care. I bet if I was pro immigration, pro homosexual pro liberal this and pro liber that, they would leave me alone. In fact, in their eyes I’d be a hero, but I will never, ever go down that path. This is one of the best sites out there. They, whoever they are, hate truth, and this site is brutally honest. Let me tell you, these devil jews, like that old bag Hilary Clinton, would do anything in her power to shut sites like these down. Hilary and her disciples that is.
    I looked at a picture of Hilary the other day. I studied the picture with a magnifying glass for about 10 minutes. Cal me delusional if you want, but that woman has a demon in her. The eyes are angry, yet fearful. I could imagine smoke coming out of the ears and nostrils. Pretty scary.
    Another one who is looking more evil by the day is that Megan Kelly. I studied her face and the way she tilts that empty head of hers. Who in the F does she think she is? I remember watching her a few years ago. I thought she was kind of pretty. A lot of things
    She said made sense. About a year or so ago I stopped watching her. Something was happening to her, something dark and ugly. And now that dark ugly thing is showing up on her face and in her voice.
    During the debate, she asked such stupid, ridiculous questions. Her whole face became distorted. I studied her facial expressions. Yuck! It’s like she’s taking on the form of a masculine man with no brains. The jaw line looks hard and cruel, the nostrils flare, the eyes turn black, the mouth is cold, etc., etc. and her stupid attack towards Donald Trump about the so called war on women was an absolute disgrace.
    As a woman, this little show she put on was a bit offensive for me. I bought none of it. And Donald Trump was right and honest when he said Rosie is a fat slob.
    Anyway, the more power Megan gets on Fox, the more bitter and angry she becomes. Now just imagine Hilary as president. That would be suicide for America and the world itself. Look, when America goes, so goes the world.

  15. Sorry I don’t write as well as most of you guys. You are all pretty smart. I am not the greatest when it comes to computers either, but I try. Smitherines is correct when he say I write like I am speaking. It’s ok that he pointed this out to me. This is pretty much the only site I write to. Everything I write about here you guys probably already know. I quit going to university a long time ago. I could not handle it. I couldn’t deal with those ridiculous classes. One class that stands out was called American Pluralism. More like American communism. This class went on and on degrading white people. It put the niggers on a pedestal., like they could do no wrong. I remember thinking to myself ” these professors are delusional. What they are teaching is not rational; it’s not the truth.” I recall pulling the teacher aside and explained this to her. I skipped most of the classes. Well, she did end up giving me a B.
    Other classes were stupid and delusional as well. Sociology classes were nothing more than sex classes. Psychology classes taught communism. One section in the text book was devoted to Carl Marx. They didn’t use the word communism. Instead they changed it (his philosophies and teachings) to “functionalist theory, or teachings. We spent so much time on this chapter devoted to Carl Marx. You know, how great he was, how he helped the world, etc., etc.
    And one more thing about niggers: when I was in Somalia, those niggers hated us. They wanted us out. So they start killing and bombing us. We left. Now those stupid niggers want us back to rebuild their country, and some countries are already there helping them. Sweden is one of those countries. What dummies.

  16. Sometime I think Megan Kelly has jew in her. I hear it in the voice and the way she says things. What a traitor bitch. I hate using words like that. The more power she gets, the bitchier she gets, and the bitchier she gets, the uglier she gets, and with all of that, out comes the mark of the beast–the jew. When you give that kind of woman power, it goes to their heads and they don’t know where to draw the line. Look at Hillary. Watch that demon puff out smoke from her nostrils. Look at the ice cold blue eyes. Those eyes are full of anger and hate. And underneath those ice cold blue eyes that are so full of rage and contempt, you’ll find fear, cold, ugly, black fear.

  17. Patricia says:

    I can’t say for sure which I enjoyed more, the Fable or the comments. Good job, everyone.

  18. Tom says:

    The Jew media shows a drowned kid and women, but 70% of the immigrants flooding Europe are young men and Africans. The young Syrians were living in Turkey NOT Syria and many are probably ISIS trained to spread terror. If they really were in Syria they would be fighting either in President Assad’s legitimate army or the U.S.-British-Mossad trained ISIS. Many of those in Calais are dangerous black thugs heading for the UK. (And they have no sympathy for millions of dead ragheads killed by Israel and Jewish puppet nations like ours–why the sudden concern?)

    What’s going on is what I call the “Morganthau Plan for Europe”–that plan based on Morganthau’s WWII blueprint for white extermination and deindustrialization in Germany. (Much like the fate of the fictitious black civilization described in this very witty story.) This plan was based on the 1939 Jewish classic “Germany Must Perish.” Julius Streicher was right–just took a few years longer than expected.

  19. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Boogawana! You crack me up Incog.

  20. Holly says:

    My sentiments exactly Michele! I watched Megan go for the jugular when she baited Trump, that was it for me. Hillary too looks like horns are coming out of her head, with a tail coming out of her ass. Glad to know someone thinks like me

  21. Truth says:

    Ignorent the african black man as jou say would still live like a animal if it wasnt for the white man as jou say they had nothing and still dont because of animal like instincts they are at best a like a teenager that never grow up with no sense of right and wrong what can you exept from them but murder and rape so no you do not know of what you are speaking # idiot

  22. art says:

    Since pResident Lucifer is so busy renaming all formerly American institutions, monuments, etc to primitive tribal names in order to erase any connection to whiteness…the former USA will now be called Boogawanna land

  23. Eugene says:

    I was making a comment and it disappeared so I will only say: If any one is interested in looking up the Pilgrim Society: look up Charles Savoie and also Silver Investors Website. There are also some videos. There is also an updated version of Charles Savoie ‘s article if one searches.
    Great Britain is according to these people the real power behind the world’s problems. And Charles Savoie says in his 2004 , 94 page article that Great Britain was a power seeking world domination before the Rothschild’s came to be the powerful banking family.
    I’ve always heard it was the Jews and Catholic Church behind the world domination scheme. And for over ten years heard and Irish Catholic Monseignor Catholic Priest preach sermons referring to the Catholic Church as ruler of the world and the Pope as its king.
    Looking up a name I came across and curious , I found this individual belonged to over 50 organizations when I stopped counting making me realize why the Jews think they are so superior in intelligence and a superior race. They attend the colleges, universities , and push themselves and each other into positions of power in all areas of life. They keep themselves and their dupes in positions of power to oversee and control their ownership of companies and organizations.
    Even now one can see how the Jews are getting so bold as to fill the nighty talk shows with Jews and Blacks and even covertly showing ads with Black men and White women. And the movies are now openly portraying the Blacks (men and women) in leadership positions , such as FBI agent authority figures , police chiefs, heads of various agencies and government departments.
    The Pope is trying to unite the religions of the world under his authority, so it makes one wonder if there isn’t a complete takeover of the Catholic Church by the Jews yet.
    Ignatius Loyola was a Jew and created the Jesuit Order and sent missionaries into the Eastern countries like the Philippines, Japan, China etc. Eventually all over the world. Now we have a Jesuit Pope who feigns piety, love of his fellow man, spirituality , and rejection of worldly goods supposedly by living in and apartment instead of the Vatican. And we have political candidates who also show a concern for their fellow man now that they want the leadership of the United States government.
    The Jews have written how they infiltrated the Democratic party in the 1850’s and eventually took over the Republican Party, so that is what F. Roosevelt may have meant when he said it doesn’t matter who’s elected.
    A book written in 1947 after WW ll claimed the truth about the war was not being told.
    To read of things not told in the news during one’s life makes one feel we are living in a fantasy world when one does find out the truth.
    I knew of how we led Japan and Germany into war. Of how the Jews hated Hitler for becoming leader of Germany and throwing them out of .power. but as one grows up and has to make a living, the news is just news . The behind the scenes manipulation is not revealed until years later when authors write books. Just as the Republicans and Conservatives will not mention G. W. Bush because they want the Presidency and control of our Government and Jew owner Rupert Murdoch and his Fox Network propaganda machine has our Republican party under their thumb. The Conservatives claim not to be Republicans , but conservatives and preach undying love, dedication and support of Israel showing that the Conservatives are nothing but the lackey’s of the Jewish neo-conservatives pushing their agenda under the guise of a political philosophy called Conservatism and patriotism. It cannot be proven that Israel is an ally of any country of the world except themselves.
    Georgetown University is a Catholic institution dedicated to training our politicians.

  24. Eugene says:

    This comment may not fit this article, but I wanted to say it to put it down for the future:
    I remember sometime after WW ll when a U.S. Army veteran told me that when he was in Germany after Germany’s defeat, that the German Industrial factories were dismantled almost overnight and sent to the Soviet Union showing that it was true that the Communist meant to strip Germany of it’s industrial power and make sure it never rose again.
    I worked with a Viet veteran , who came to the same conclusion that I did when the U.S. Military published pictures of its new fatigue uniforms that our next war would be with the Arabs. And it came true proving that the One Worlders H.W. Bush said was working for world control and would be successful is continually at work to create war situations to kill off as many people as possible. I’ve read somewhere that by doing so, they remove our most dedicated , intelligence , patriotic and leadership quality people of all nations.
    If one looks at pictures of Japanese soldiers and German soldiers with an unbiased heart, one can see and feel that they are just like us.
    I remember even as a boy how Japan was boycotted just as is a favorite tactic used by our Jewish controlled Government uses today against any government they decide to dislike. I remember reading how Japan being an island nation and short of natural resources was forced by boycott to invade other countries like Burma, China, etc. Then of course we have to read of the atrocities to show the evilness of the enemy.
    But newspaper articles told of how the United States conducted the air campaign against Iraq, killing anything and everything. A veteran of Iraq told me anything was a target, even dogs.
    Newspaper articles told of how Iraqi soldiers were bull-dozed alive in their trenches and an article on the internet tells of armored -like bull dozers specially constructed with tilted blades constructed to deliberately bull -doze soldiers alive in their trenches and drivers were specially trained for it. And tales of heads and arms and hands sticking out after the dozers passed.
    For all the talk of the United States needing a missile defense system, we are the only country to have used inter-continental ballastic missiles against another country-Iraq. And air -fuel bombs, bombs that explode showering the air with shrapnel and even magnesiam . I’ve even wondered if we may have even used low yield nuclear weapons against Iraq as we developed them for our artillery and other weapons and the brilliant flashes seem unusually bright and different.
    Television news showed American pilots returning to their aircraft carriers as soon as possible after dropping their missiles and bombs to be re-armed to get back to targets to kill and destroy as much of Iraq as possible.
    And authors wrote later of how Iraq’s resources and business’s were sold by Wolfiweitz.
    I used to have a hard time understanding Socialism, Communism, Trotskeyism, Leninism, Stalinism, Neo-conservatism, and what is called Conservatisn promoted by the Catholic -Zionist dominated Jew owned Rupert Murdock Fox Broadcasting propaganda machine, until I realized it is all Jewish created and Jewish controlled.
    When Fox news hosts and Alex Jones are afraid their propaganda may cause some fanatic to commit some crime , they make sure to inform their listeners , their program is entertainment. Then when things settle down, they go back to making themselves look like they are authorities and have integrity. Alex Jones when called a traitor , will spend time bragging of how informative he is and a great patriot, never referring to this tirades for listeners to take his country back for him.
    I don’t know about today, with this Jesuit Pope calling for a New World Order, but in years past the Catholic Church was against Communism and preached even at mass that Satan would be allowed to do what we see happening and to be allowed to get as many souls as possible before being brought to justice.
    So it seems that the world will go on and evil will go on and all we can do is to learn as much as possible about what has happened , be aware of what is happening and may happen , and vote and spread knowledge as much as possible because evil must run its course.
    It is not difficult to realize that all of our laws whether by our Congress, local and government officials and executive orders by our Presidents; they are designed to take our rights away such as the Patriot Act for one example. If we do not protest, it becomes law and we are bound by it, whether good or bad. We give up our rights to those in power to enforce the laws passed.
    It is no wonder our government officials will not sign on the International Court , as they could be declared as criminals and brought to justice just as they did to German, Japanese soldiers , Saddam Huessin, Omar Gaddafi and others.

  25. SacredCowBBQ says:

    And let’s not forget that ISIS stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.

    Great blog, Incogman.

  26. Jonathan says:

    Just curious. I’ve seen similar anti-Israel sentiments all over the web pinning Zionists for these issues in the world. What exactly has led you to believe these problems of immigration and anti-whiteism are related to zionists?

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