Zio Rats Stabbed America in the Back on 9/11


Let’s all keep in mind on this anniversary of 9/11: It was Zionist Israel and their shekel-corrupted, Shabbos goy minions within the power structure who committed this enormous false flag operation on America’s head. Just imagine the sheer murderous nerve of these lousy GD bastards to do such an evil act — innocent people were forced into jumping off buildings 80 stories up to escape the flames or smashed to bloody bits when tons of exploding concrete and steel came down on their heads.

Still believe the government and media about 9/11? Then you must be dumber than an iron wedge. Spend a little time reading up on it and watch a few videos. I have links over on the left you can go to (plenty of smart, straight-up folks who have looked at the hard evidence), or simply go up to my 9/11 video page up under my crazy masthead. Just spend a little time checking into it all and you’ll see.

No, I’m not saying all Jews in the US were behind it. Of course not. And I’m sure there was evil White Americans and Saudis taking part. Without a doubt. But if you look into it enough, you’ll see Zionist Jews involved from top to bottom. Hell, Israel-loyal Jews were even put in charge of compensation funds (perfect cover to prevent any contrary 9/11 evidence from coming out in victim family court suits).

Just think about the incredible trauma of what 9/11 did to America. But this does not prove what the government and media says occurred. Logic dictates that what happens to random victims during an event, is completely separate from whatever motives leading up to said event. No matter how terrible, the death of fodder Goys cannot be construed as proof of what the real perps would like you to believe. Feminine emotional responses, national patriotic fervor and desire to get “payback,” are what these lousy bastards have long known how to manipulate and exploit among the masses. They’ve turned this kind of thing into a diabolical science, knowing exactly what buttons to push.

The bastards manipulate us in the media on a daily basis. If you pay the least attention, you’ll soon learn to pick it out. This so-called European “refugee” crisis is rife with the emotional heart-tugging — sure, they might talk about “ISIS terrorists” embedded in the refugees (part of the 9/11 “War on Terror” brainwashing) but never, ever will they go into what all this will do to European White people’s demographics. You can literally see how they carefully forget to mention this hugely pertinent fact — like it doesn’t exist.

9/11 Truth is actually what made me start up my “INCOG MAN” site. Oh, at first I fully believed the “narrative” put out immediately (within minutes after the planes first hit the towers). But the more I looked into it, the more doubts nagged at me. Especially when I heard about Israeli “moving men” getting arrested by local New Jersey cops that day right after they were seen celebrating and high-fiving each other in a parking lot overlooking lower Manhattan on the Jersey side of the Hudson.

Witnesses reported seeing these Jews already set up and taking pictures within just a few minutes of the first plane hitting the north tower or possibly even before, meaning they would have had to have advance knowledge to get there in time. The company they worked for was obviously a Zionist “front” operation of some sort and they immediately closed down (the owner Jew disappeared himself). The Feds rushed to the police station, took custody of the Israeli “moving men” and all evidence; Jew AG Michael Chertoff soon released them all back to Israel. Very little was ever mentioned in the mainstream media about the story. The media rats all know it’s way too dangerous for the masses to hear much about.

These moving men — since called the “dancing Israelis” — even admitted on Israel national TV (not shown in America, of course), they were sent “to document the event.”

Yet nothing stopped the US media from reporting about the plane load of Saudis allowed to take off that day. Of course, that pissed off quite a few Muzzie haters (just like they are supposed to). Since then, it’s come to light (again, not reported) that another plane was allowed to make a quick getaway that day; this one a special Israeli El Al passenger jet. God knows what shadowy Zionist operatives were onboard — all probably high-fiving each other drunkenly across the Atlantic — like the “moving men” — for a job well-done.

Something else strange happened in Mexico city a month later. Two Israeli nationals (one Mossad and one IDF officer) were captured with pistols, grenades and explosives in the Mexican congress building. Embedded Zionists (Mexican Jews — yup, got them down there, too) and backroom foreign influence (Israel sent a special envoy) finagled a quick release. Once again, the US media breathed not a word — even to this day.

Then I learned about WTC 7. Like WWII’s “a bridge too far” (operation Market-Garden), this huge 47 story structure (called the Salomon building in Britain) was a “building too much.” Two planes managed to destroy three huge skyscrapers in one single day. Right. Plus, never before in history has a high rise fire ever been the cause of the collapse of modern steel construction. Never.

I think Building 7 was rigged with specialized high-tech nano thermite explosives to come down, probably in conjunction with the final demolition of the North Tower. My guess is that something went wrong, but they soon fixed the problem, went ahead and dropped the place at 5:20PM, so no one might later discover what was installed; even if they controlled the media and feds, it could have proved dangerous in the wrong hands — like any big mouthed local law enforcement Goyim.

Word had been passed to the BBC that the building was down and they reported that well before it actually did. None should have known. Someone jumped the gun. Street video even has distinct sounds of explosives going off, right before it came down. Physical scientists have pointed out that Building 7 fell symmetrically and at free fall speed — solid evidence of the lower internal structure being taken out by purposefully set charges.

How about all the security camera footage in and around the Pentagon confiscated immediately by men calling themselves FBI? Sure, a blurry three frame shot was finally released after 4 years, but it showed hardly much at all, just a puff of smoke. Hell, they have more video evidence when Jamal shoots Tyrone down at the ghetto corner store over a bottle of Colt 45 malt liquor.

I also believe the business with those Anthrax letters was a parallel Zionist terror paranoia instigating plot. They wanted to drive home the whole hated evil Muslim Arab schtick, just in case people still didn’t put two-and-two together on who the “enemy of freedom” should be. The scientist guy, Dr. Bruce Ivins (who supposedly did it for reasons still unknown), conveniently committed suicide — maybe after he got sick and tired of the FBI harassing him, turning his home upside down twice before he finally realized he was getting set-up to take the fall. Someone non-Jewish had to be found.

Or possibly late night visitors killed him in some high-tech way after force feeding him crushed empty Exedrin pills down his throat, trying to make it look like he died from an Acetaminophen overdose. Which is a medically crazy way to kill yourself. Such a drug would have taken several pain-wracked days (at least three) to destroy your liver, maybe even weeks, till you croaked. You wouldn’t even be rendered unconscious.

Stop and think: If you controlled the media from the top down and had embedded agents all through-out avenues of power with billions of dollars at your immediate command, there’s little you couldn’t get away with. That’s the NWO, folks.

JON STEWART ISRAEL DID 911Jon Stewart of the Daily Show makes a cute joke about all this on his funny Jew boy show. Ha ha. That’s how tricky-dick these mothers are: Act like it’s a nothing but a big joke so casual people blow off 9/11 Truth as nonsense. Stewart’s real last name is Leibowitz or something like that, but most Whites still don’t know he’s a Jew because of his changed last name (who else changes names like these scam artists?). Jews know he’s a fellow tribesman. Another thing they all know is if America thinks 9/11 was an inside job, Jewry’s ass is cooked. That’s why you have so many Jews making sarcastic jokes and debunking efforts on 9/11 Truth — because they don’t want us to get it!


Look at all the Mideast BS that went down immediately following 9/11. Sure, I can see us going into Afghanistan to get whom we believed was responsible, one Osama Bin Laden. Osama served as a great boogieman for American terror stoking for 10 years and said many things about Israel that the US media carefully edited out from American ears (some say Bin Laden was already long dead).

But destroying Iraq was definitely the biggest part to the Jew’s Mideast Agenda. Saddam Hussein used to be a huge threat to Israel, in case you forgot. Israel once attacked them with American F-16’s when they tried building a nuclear reactor (Israeli hypocrite rats know all about building secret nuclear reactors). The Jews had also long planned to turn the whole Mideast region into powerless, mini states, constantly at each other’s throat or massively bribed using our tax dollars not to ally among each other to threaten sacred Israel, which is pretty much the way things have turned out as we speak.

This business with Syria and ISIS has been a huge success for Jewry. One, it paves the way for Israel’s planned final genocides of the Palestinians and Israel hegemony over the region. Two, it causes hundreds of thousands of non-White Semite Muslim “refugees” to flood Europe — further destroying White people’s demographics in our own lands. As some old yiddisher Jew in Miami might say: “What’s not to like?”

Plus, more Muzzies might just prod European Jews into moving to Israel and finally filling up the West bank. Much like how Big Jewry used Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. Little Jews love living in White countries and hate like the plague doing manual labor, so the real power structure has to find creative ways in getting them back to the so-called “promised land” — Big Jewry’s special project since the 19th century.

American tax money won’t do it, since so many filthy Jews are already plenty rich from scamming gullible Goyim for several generations.

Speaking of Goyim, let me just state something here for you to understand: Piles of dead non-Jew bodies mean nothing to the stinking, self-centered Jew. Sure, you got your liberal Jews who act all bollixed up over dead little three-year old Syrian kids drowned on the beach, but that’s all part of the Jew’s inner bedevilment for protesting and general political and social trouble-making, as Jewry is so wont to do.

GESSEN SILO STAR OF SATANThe Syrian “refugees” leaving Turkey are coming ashore on the Greek island of Lesbos — so appropriate since that’s where they got the name for lesbians after this ancient Greek poet babe named Sappho, who was born on the island. Toady dykes today insist she was a fellow lesbian (there’s little evidence); while White man-hating, ugly Jew lezbos (like Russian Jewess émigré, Masha Gessen on right) are all for flooding White lands with Third Worlders — Muzzie or not — just as long as White Christianity, White heteros, common morality and decency, etc., etc. is totally up-ended and screwed over.

See how all the Jew BS comes back in on itself in so many ways? Might be a sign of Satan or maybe even God himself trying to get our attention — hell, I don’t know.

Decent America allowed these Jew devils to immigrate here in the late 19th century from Russia and Poland, soon after tricky-dick Jews infiltrated the ranks of the immigration authorities. Seventy four years ago, we went to war with the Fuehrer man, eventually saving European Jewry so they could invade the Levant. From the very beginning, we gave Israel support, and now send them boatloads of tax dollars and military equipment every year. And this is how they repay us? That’s why I understandably call Jews the planet’s biggest hypocrites and backstabbers of all time. Absolutely.

For years I wondered if it was truly possible these Jews had so much control in America. Even when I came across hard evidence this was the real deal many times. Now these creeps are busy flooding our lands with Third Worlders — soon turning us Whites into a spat-upon minority — all in a long-running effort to create the Jew World Order, an ambition of arrogant Ashkenazi Jews for hundred of years.

Like the island of Lesbos, it’s all connected, folks. There can be no doubt at all the filthy Zionist Jews have long been in a war against us White people in our own lands. They are indeed backstabbing rats of the first magnitude. Have been since time immemorial. Hate to say it, but the Nazis were completely right about the creeps from the start.

— Phillip Marlowe


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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90 Responses to Zio Rats Stabbed America in the Back on 9/11

  1. Smitherines says:

    3rd planet from the son, opps typo meant “sun”

  2. Smitherines says:

    “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”
    John 1:1

  3. Smitherines says:

    (John 7:16, 17) Jesus continues to bear the title “The Word of God” even after his return to heavenly glory.

  4. Smitherines says:

    “Jo Jackson says:
    September 12, 2015 at 3:37 pm

    The useful idiots will soon be redundant – listen to this ex Russian KGB operative from 1984” Jo Jackson

    Ive seen that before it is excellent!

  5. Hoff says:

     allegedly committed atrocities against Lithuanian anti-Communists on behalf of Stalin’s secret police, the NKVD, before moving to Israel and becoming the director of Yad Vashem, the nation’s holocaust museum.


    Lowlife jewish sob scumbag piece of shit jew.

  6. Smitherines says:

    Anther thing cracks me up the Darwinist with TIME and carbon dating
    and all this other shit, when you turn from biology to Relativity in
    Physics.?? Didn’t Einstein and other theoretical physicists tell us as
    you approach the speed of light: TIME slows dramatically, or our puny
    concept of time, just as he said, a twin brother whom would
    meet his brother after traveling at near light would only age several minutes
    while the brother here back on earth would be an old man in seeing him
    again?? Stop with all the is the world is 5,000 years old, or a trillion,
    relative to who or what???Who’s time scale?

    Matter and energy are interchangeable: that’s been PROVEN in
    Quantum physics with splitting the atom, heat and energy, well you
    saw Hiroshima and Nagasaki???

    Nobody knows shit really, until your dead, i guess!

  7. Hoff says:

    Search: bengal famine 1943

    Of course there is a jew involved.

  8. bubba says:

    History sez…

    U Got Wealth ???

    U Get Jews !!!

    The End !

  9. Hoff says:

    The Immigration Bill of 1897 would have required immigrants to pass a literacy test; something that Russian Jews would not have been able to do.

    After passing both Houses of Congress, Cleveland’s veto, induced by Schiff, saved the day for the incoming Communist and Zionist Jews of Russia.

    Jewish historian Lawrence J Epstein writes:

    “It is staggering to consider the alternative course American Jewish history would have taken had this measure passed.”


  10. mickey mouse says:

    Hitler Vs Stalin — by Arch Stanton September 12, 2015

    As for a comparison of Stalin and Hitler, Stalin was clearly a megalomaniac. Take a look at all the Stalin iconography versus that of Hitler. How many massive statues and murals featured Hitler as their focus? Stalin was a cold-blooded murderer, his track record leads to this conclusion. Stalin was behind the mass murder of his own people. Where did Hitler ever conduct any mass murder campaign, let alone that of his own people?

  11. Hoff says:

    “Jacob Schiff then came back to New York, (He was at that time head of The American Jewish Committee), and in my father’s home, in the presence of many prominent men, they decided to get rid of President Taft. They also made plans to get rid of the Republican Party and put in their own party and their own President.

    They set up the National Democratic Headquarters at 200 Fifth Avenue and Henry Morgenthau Sr. was made chairman of the Finance Committee. I was made his assistant. I saw everything that went on because I handled all the books. Jacob Schiff and the Jews started looking around for a man to put up as President. They got Woodrow Wilson, a rascal who wasn’t worth the powder to blow him to hell!”  -Benjamin Freedman

    If you don’t know Benjamin Freedman, search and do your homework. There are plenty.

  12. protocolsRtrue says:

    So ugly cannot even print the picture. Every word crossing the lips is a lie. Call her a liar she will just repeat the same lies over and over again and louder and louder. But that’s what jews do.


  13. protocolsRtrue says:

    pretty hideous. But a rich jew bitch. Has no problem lying either. Kinda like a clintoris. How many people do you know that are married to a (ex) federal reserve chairman greenspan? Do I need to ask if you can guess if greenspan was a jew? Let’s go back to jew.gov for 1 whole dollar prt. OK. How many Americans know that the federal reserve is not a real branch of our federal government and is a private banking system that is ripping us off every minute of every day through compounding usury interest? Answer: A: 1 B 2 C: 5 D: just the jews. Was this ugly jew bitch the one that interviewed the clintoris about using private servers for secretary of state business and having the decision which should be deleted or not? Another one of the greatest jew espionage acts of treason our jew.gov can ever get away with. Unbelievable. I thought we actually paid people a whole lot of money to keep national secrets secret. This takes the cake of incompetence. Oh well.


  14. Hoff says:

    This means war!”(47) Calling upon all friends and resources, the Committee began a widespread public appeal to have Congress force the president to end commercial relations with Russia. Within weeks, House and Senate abrogation resolutions-each personally approved by the Committee-were prepared. On December 13, 1911, after the House voted 300 to 1 to abrogate, Taft capitulated, and two days later issued instructions to terminate the treaty. (48)


  15. protocolsRtrue says:

    I posted this previously in this thread. This is a very important thread you started about 911 by the way Mr. Incog. After all we knew about the slant eyed japs diplomatic codes. Reading and interpreting every message. Knowing that the attack fleet left harbor. And not telling the admirals at pearl harbor that the attack was imminent. roosevelt marshall and mccarther were freemasons what a coincidence. High level ones. But anyway. Now here in year 2015 we have a secretary of state ex first wife ex senator commie Marxist bitch that says she did not know that conducting her secretary of state American security business on private servers in her basement and closets in Colorado could jeopardies national security? C’mon man. woman. whatever nowadays .

    For some time prior to December 1941, US cryptographers had broken Japan’s diplomatic code, and high-level administration officials were routinely reading all confidential communications between Tokyo and Japanese embassies in Washington and elsewhere. During the weeks prior to the Pearl Harbor attack, US officials decrypted several Japanese messages that indicated an imminent outbreak of war with the United States and Britain.

  16. bubba says:

    Pickled remains of Auschwitz victim whose wife and children were gassed before he was dismembered by sadistic Nazi doctor are finally laid to rest 72 years later



    Sure glad their are no parties who think this is 110% KIKE JEW BULLSHIT

  17. Len House says:

    Russian Proverbs About the Jews –
    and I quote from:

    If you lack a devil in your home, invite a Jew in.

    Whoever serves a Jew will not avoid disaster.

    What God loves, a Jew discards.

    A baptized Jew is like a tamed wolf.

    A Jew boasts of things a gentile repents for.

    Let a Jew into your house for a day and you won’t get rid of him in a year.

    Wherever a Jew goes, misfortune brews.

    A Jew’s hands love the labour of others.

    Pandering to a Jew is no different from being a thief yourself.

    A Jew is always ready to cross himself if he profits from it.

    A Jew is nourished by mischief.

    Where a Jew walks, men’s tears flow.

    A Jew will say he was beaten, but will never say for what.

    A Jew in business is like a leech on the skin.

    A Jew’s love is worse than a hangman’s noose.

    *** You want to ruin a Jew, don’t do business with him.

    For a Jew, souls are cheaper than coins.

    While you drink, a Jew steals your money.

    A Jew doesn’t know what shame is.

    A Jew will even swing a censer, as long as coin flows.

    ** Run with Jews, wake up with sins.

    Where a Jew goes, bribes follow.

    First a Jew treats you to a drink, then he makes you a drunkard.

    A Jew takes you not by force, but by temptation.

    A Jew stinks as badly as he looks.

    ** A Jew is like a pig: nothing hurts, but he keeps squealing.

    A house is only good until a Jew settles in it.

    ** A Jew is honey-mouthed in poverty, insolent in equality and a fiend in power. Call a Jew a brother and he will call himself your father.

    A Jew swings his tongue while a man swings his hoe.

    A Jew works only with his stomach.

    * Who buys from a Jew digs his own grave.

    A Jew promising healing is like Death promising life.

    What ends up in a Jew’s hands, disappears.

    Avoid friendship with a Jew and you will avoid trouble in life.

    Bow to a Jew and you break in half.

    Jews are like rats – only strong in packs.

    Jewish praise is worse than scolding.

    Trust your eyes, not Jewish words.

    Jews carry lies like fields carry wheat.

    * When a Jew tells the truth, the Devil will die.

    A Jew sinks the truth with gold, but it always floats to the surface.

    * A Jew looks at you like a fox, yet stinks like a wolf.

    When you weep with joy, a Jew weeps with envy.

    Even a sated Jew looks around with hungry eyes.

    * A Jew stops sucking blood only when he tires of breathing.

    Better to lose with a Christian than to find with a Jew.

    A Jew trembles over every coin even with one foot in the grave.

    Jews sow usury and reap misery.

    Jews pave their way with money.

    You may complete your service to God, but never your service to a Jew.

    Around rich Jews, men wear rags.

    Locusts might devour your crops, but a Jew will rip your skin off.

    Who gives a Jew free will sells himself into slavery.

    * A leech will gorge itself and fall off, a Jew won’t.

    There are no good Jews, just like there are no good rats.

    Punch a Jew in the face and he will accuse you of murder.

    When a Jew appears in your village, tie your tongue and unleash your dogs.

    If you want to live, drive away the Jew.

  18. Hoff says:

    Do you know what is the problem with the jews? They are only half baked, they need more time in the oven 😉

  19. Hoff says:



    Tomatobubble is a fantastic site. Short, hard hitting to the core and no bullshit.

  20. Hoff says:

    What should we do with all the refugees? Give them their own country


    Like Finland, or Sweden, or both.

  21. Hoff says:


    Surprise! It turns out that there’s something to be said for having the brother of a failed president make his own run for the White House. Thanks to Jeb Bush, we may finally have the frank discussion of the Iraq invasion we should have had a decade ago”.

    Krugman, you dirty low-down Son of Satan! The reason that we never had a “frank discussion of the Iraq invasion” was because “the paper of record”, which you write for, was too busy selling the war. Do your homework Mr. Krugman!

    Dig up the 2002 and 2003 issues of the Jew York Slimes and you will see that over 100 front pages pro-war stories preceded the invasion.


  22. protocolsRtrue says:

    Great idea! We should give the refugees their own country! Shazaam that’s a good idea. We’ll call it Syria and put it in the middle east next to israel. Why didn’t I think of that? And if they need more room we call the place next door Iraq and let them have that. And if they still need more space we give them a place called palestine and israil. And for all the niggers that hate America and want to burn this bitch down I say we find a continent somewhere and name it apefrica and resettle them there also while we’re at it. My name is PRT and I approve this message.

  23. protocolsRtrue says:

    When the Brits had too many criminals and prostitutes they put them on ships and sent them to a place now called Australia. Antarctica is a big place maybe we can let some of those refugees settle that place. Penguin tastes like chicken and those big fat walruses that look like nigger bitches with ebt cards can feed a Somali family of niggers for a month.

  24. Karen says:

    My personal and until now private recipe for Pickled Jew:
    4 quarts apple cider vinegar
    6 tsp. sea salt
    1 tbsp. allspice
    2 tsp. caraway seed
    3 sticks cinnamon
    enough water (pref. distilled) for processing
    * the above is for each 10 lbs of body weight, adjust accordingly

  25. protocolsRtrue says:

    Seriously. They can eat some baby seals and make fur coats. It’s a start.

  26. protocolsRtrue says:

    Obama and the libtards say the ice caps are melting and while this global warming shit has the rest of us sweating our asses off in 110 degree weather the refugees in Antarctica will still be sitting on a cold block of ice. They can build igloos and shit that’s affordable housing aint it? Plus the untapped oil and gas under the ice caps? Get some prime real estate now folks before the jews and Russians get there.

  27. bubba says:

    Hoff says:
    September 13, 2015 at 3:36 am
    WELL DONE!!!

  28. Karen says:

    There’s also Baba’s Recipe for Jew Soap and instructions for crafting a Jew Lampshade but they’re packed away in the attic.

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  30. protocolsRtrue says:

    jewish spies stabbed America in the back with this one also. All the key players involved in stealing our bomb secrets and giving them to the commies were jews.


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