Commie Jewish Left Destroying White Germany

Stasi Roots of the German-Jewish “Anti-Racist” Left and Its Program of Destroying Ethnic Germany

By Francis Carr Begbie @Occidental Observer

ANETTA KAHANE INSETFor professional German “anti-racist” Anetta Kahane, last week was a very good week. For one of her many organisations is slated to lead the campaign to shut down opposition to the immigrant invasion on Facebook.

This clampdown on Facebook free speech is now one of the German government’s highest priorities following a meeting between between Angela Merkel and Mark Zuckerburg, and means that henceforth all criticism of the immigrant invasion will be severely curtailed. Such a vast initiative will need an army of loyal and trusted functionaries, and who better but Ms Kahane and her Network Against Nazis (“Netz gegen Nazis”) to show they mean business? Just to make sure ordinary Germans get the message the government have charged the leader of the dissident PEGIDA movement for anti-immigrant comments he made on Facebook.

In the lucrative anti-racism sector, Anetta Kahane is without doubt a shrewd and far-seeing operator. She recognised earlier than most that there were huge amounts of money to be had by re-packaging ordinary people’s concerns about immigration into “Neo-Nazi” scares, and she worked hard to ramp up this industry and turn it into the money-making machine that it is today.

Like so many Jewish leaders in Europe these days, Kahane is quite brazen in expressing her wish for the destruction of White Europe. “You have to really change the policy of immigration inside Europe. This is very important; you have to change the educational system and the self-understanding of the states. They are not only white anymore or only Swedish or only Portuguese or only German. They are multicultural places in the world.”

1200x630_294460_pegida-darkens-immigration-climate-iThis is who they call “Neo Nazis.” Notice how American mainstream media (even FOX) is keeping very silent about anti-immigration protests like this in Germany — because they don’t want Whites to see other Whites organizing, nor get what is being done to our race — and not just in Germany, either. (INCOG)

It was her founding of an organisation called the Amadeu Antonio Foundation in 1998  that has been her springboard to fame. This well-funded outfit aims to smear and defame all White resistance to immigration as “neo-Nazi” and works closely with magazines such as Stern and Die Welt to that end. Modelled after the Stephen Lawrence campaign in the UK, it receives lavish funding from the German government, the EU and a host of international NGOs including the Ford Foundation.

Her work has earned her a huge profile, and she is frequently sought out by the media for her views. She is not slow to oblige. Except, perhaps, when it comes to one matter.

This is her role as a collaborator for the Stasi or East German Ministry of State Security between 1974 and 1982. From the age of nineteen, Kahane — codename: “Victoria” — was an enthusiastic informer or inoffiziele Mitarbeiter (IM) and submitted monthly secret reports on the political reliability of dozens of fellow students, journalists, actors and writers she mixed with.

Her own file shows her controller considered her to be zealous and reliable. Her role as a trusted informant in the state apparatus meant privileges denied to ordinary East Germans such as foreign travel. At the East German embassy in Mozambique she worked as a translator and informed on her colleagues there. She was paid in money and “gifts” for her services.

Collaborators like Kahane wielded a terrible power. The spraying of graffiti or even written criticism of the regime could result in years of imprisonment and hard labour. A wrong word out of place and a career could be blighted forever.

She was far from the only one. John Koehler, author of The Stasi, estimates that if part-time collaborators were included, there could have been one for every 6.5 citizens, far more than were used in Nazi Germany. Only North Korea has imposed a comparable level of surveillance over its citizens.

STASI PORTRAITMembers of the Stasi — Communist East Germany’s secret internal police and Global spy apparatus — gather for a group photo. Certainly many, if not all, of these commies are Jews. Those were heady days for the creeps! (INCOG)

Another prominent East German Jew was also unmasked as a Stasi IM informant. His name is Gregor Gysi; TOO readers may remember the YouTube video of this man gloating at the prospect of the race-replacement of Germans by immigrant invaders. (See also this article by Max Blumenthal, a critic of Israel. Blumenthal writes that Gysi “felt compelled to engineer the campaign to suppress our speech.” White advocating the destruction of ethnic Germany, Gysi is nothing if not a Jewish patriot.)

After reunification, Gysi tried to persuade the former Soviet authorities to hide or destroy the Stasi files identifying collaborators like himself. Ultimately he failed, but he has since fought a vigorous legal battle to suppress discussion of his time as a Stasi informant. He has bounced back from this humiliation, and today is the leader of the left-wing Die Linke (“The Link”), Germany’s third largest party.

As with Anette Kahane, Gregor Gysi enjoyed a privileged upbringing as the offspring of a senior Jewish Communist Party apparatchik. Gysi’s father Klaus was a member of the Politburo and a close friend of East German leader Erich Honecker. Klaus Gysi enjoyed a number of senior foreign postings including ambassador to the Vatican.

And they were far from the only ones. German Jews flocked to East Germany after the war and many enjoyed a rapid rise through the Party machinery. As in the Soviet Union in the early decades and throughout Eastern Europe after World War II (e.g., Poland; see here, p. 66), Jews became prominent in the security police. An infamous example is Colonel General Marcus Wolfe, chief of the Stasi’s foreign espionage directorate.

Jews were important cogs in the apparatus of communist oppression because they were not ethnically German and thought by Moscow to be therefore more trustworthy. It was a role for which there are many historic parallels — the Jews as loyal overseer for a foreign ruler, over a sullen, unwilling population.

After the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, there was a huge cry for justice against the communists. But the pursuit of this justice was a halting affair. Many of the guilty escaped punishment as their cases became stalled and abandoned. This is in stark comparison with what happened at the end of World War II when the East Germans arrested so many of their own citizens they had to re-open or establish eleven concentration camps including Buchanwald and Sacksenhausen.

1107-Berlin-Wall-970-630x420When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989. Unfortunately, the commies never really went away.

In the five years after 1945 some 160,000 Germans disappeared into these camps. Of these about 65,000 died, 36,000 were shipped to the Soviet Union, and 36,000 were freed.

For though many Jews obviously enjoyed a privileged existence in the former East Germany, they now insist their lives were blighted by an anti-Semitism every bit as bad as anywhere else.

As far as Anetta Kahane is concerned, in East Germany she was a victim too, forced to conceal or bury her Jewish identity. But in fact socialist dogma frowned on all as an outmoded construct that belonged in the dustbin of history.

Kahane typifies the deceptive and often self-deceptive nature of Jewish identification under communism (see above link, passim), noting “My parents were Marxist-Leninists and had nothing to do with religion. But my father liked to talk about his grandparents, which was for him the romantic side of Judaism.” But here is a curious paradox — where religion in submerged, ethnic identity typically remained intact. For while many Jews pled persecution, they seem to have had no problem pursuing specifically Jewish ethnic causes and preoccupations.

Kahane’s father, the famous journalist Max Kahane, is a case in point. He covered the case of Adolf Eichmann, the alleged Nazi war criminal. Institutional East German “anti-Semitism” did not stop him from covering this story from beginning to end and journeying from Argentina to the trial itself in Israel.

Another Stasi IM collaborator was the head of East Berlin’s Jewish Community Dr. Peter Kirchner. Although publicly a strong supporter of Israel, he was also an informant, known to his controller as “Burg.” He does not seem to have suffered.

Jewish historian and documentary filmmaker Helmut Eshwege is yet another. Throughout his time in the GDR he was a vocal supporter of Israel, and in his autobiography, claimed to have suffered greatly from anti-Semitism. It’s a shame that in this book he did not feel able to write about his role as a Stasi informant called “Ferdinand,” which was revealed afterwards. (At his last meeting  with his controllers on 15 November, 1989 he handed over the constitution of the new left-wing party which was to replace the communists).

There are numerous similar examples. Take Kahane and Gysi’s old comrade, distinguished writer Stefan Heym. Having sat out the war safely in the United States he returned to East Germany and a distinguished writer’s position, as a fanatical cheerleader for the regime. After the death of Stalin he wrote of how the murderer of tens of millions was “the most loved man of our times.” After reunification he lost no time in rediscovering his Jewish victimhood card. In 1995 he said “the political climate is very similar to that of 1933, and this frightens me.”

So where was the East German anti-Semitism?  The more this issue is teased out, the more it seems obvious that Jews were not singled out for persecution but at the same time were not given the special status they felt they deserved as the self-styled “pre-eminent victims” of the Holocaust. In East Germany it was taught that it was communists who were singled out by the Nazis.

Two East German policies, in particular, grated with Jews and have been described as Anti-semitism. One was the GDR’s refusal to recognise Israel — which was consistent with their position of opposing US-backed colonial power.

The second was East Germany’s refusal to pay Holocaust reparations. While Israel received vast subventions and armaments from West Germany after 1945, the East refused to pay a dime. This infuriated the Jews who ascribed both these positions to “anti-Semitism.”

Both Anette Kahane and Gregor Gysi have made an effortless transformation into pillars of the new progressive Germany and have achieved great success.  They both shrugged off their past as “informers” and prefer to concentrate on the present and how the stain on German society can only be removed by the mass immigration of alien hordes from the Middle East.

The eradication of White Germany is not their only enthusiasm. They are both tireless defenders of Israel and are quite willing to hound and harass and purge not just their own left-wing comrades, but even other Jews who do not toe the line.

Gysi declared Anti-Zionism can no longer be an acceptable position for the left in general, and the Die Linke party in particular. He has echoed the words of Angela Merkel in saying that “solidarity with Israel” as an essential component of Germany’s “reason of state.”

He has led campaigns against fellow Die Linke members accused of supporting the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) campaign against Israel and also of those who joined the Free Gaza Flotilla. His campaigns have been successful and resulted in cancelled speaking engagements and withdrawn bookings for “Holocaust Industry” author Norman Finkelstein and Israel critic Illan Pappe, both notable dissident Jews.

As for Anetta Kahane, what effect did her reports have on the lives of the people she denounced?  A good example might have been the talented young actor Klaus Brasch who, together with his brother Thomas, met Kahane in 1976.

Her confidential report on them contained the following sentence. “The enemies of the GDR primarily include Klaus Brasch and Thomas Brasch.” It would be interesting to ask Klaus Brasch about the effects that Kahane’s reports had on their careers but sadly that is not possible. Thomas Brasch died of a heart attack in 2001. His brother Klaus died from an overdose in 1980.

SMUG JEW COMMIES IN GERMANYKahane and some obviously Jewish guy (probably a professor) at a university lecture hall in Germany; most likely the two are getting ready for a little Jew brainwashing of the young. Same kind of crap happens every single day all across America — hell, on TV too. Just look at those two subversive Jew rats! (INCOG)


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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80 Responses to Commie Jewish Left Destroying White Germany

  1. Smitherines says:

    ” We have seen his face on TV. We have read how he murdered eight students and a teacher at Umpqua Community College, how those who admitted to being Christian were executed in front of the class with a bullet to the brain.” Extracted

    ” When the news broke, predictably, President Obama was back in the White House briefing room calling for new laws to control the sale of guns. “You never let a serious crisis go to waste,” said Rahm Emanuel.” Extracted, notice right on Q, Obama and Rahm jump on the “gun control” issue but say nothing of the “CHRISTIAN HATE CRIME” and Christian discrimination????

    By Patrick J. Buchanan

    The Allure of Mass Murder

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    Friday – October 8, 2015

    “Seems the more people you kill, the more you are in the limelight.”

    That blog post on the email address of Oregon mass-murderer Christopher Harper-Mercer was made after Vester Lee Flanagan shot and killed that Roanoke TV reporter and her cameraman.

    “I have noticed,” said the blog post, “that people like [Flanagan] are all alone and unknown, yet when they spill a little blood, the whole world knows who you are.”

    Harper-Mercer had found the key to his future, and given us a truism for our time.

    For the world now knows who Harper-Mercer is.

    We have seen his face on TV. We have read how he murdered eight students and a teacher at Umpqua Community College, how those who admitted to being Christian were executed in front of the class with a bullet to the brain.

    When detectives arrived, Harper-Mercer was wounded in a firefight, fled back to his bloody classroom and shot himself. From start to finish, the worst shooting in Oregon’s history lasted half an hour.

    When the news broke, predictably, President Obama was back in the White House briefing room calling for new laws to control the sale of guns.

    “You never let a serious crisis go to waste,” said Rahm Emanuel.

    Yet it is hard to find an episode where new gun laws would seem less relevant. For what took place at Roseburg, Oregon, was a planned massacre by a man full of hate who had decided to end his life in a blaze of infamy, by suicide, or suicide-by-cop, so he could become as famous as the killers of Columbine, Ft. Hood, Aurora, Sandy Hook, Tucson, Virginia Tech and Charleston.

    Harper-Mercer wanted to die as a mass-murderer.

    Is someone driven by such hatred, such determination to have us know who he is, going to be deterred by a new federal statute that says he cannot acquire the guns he needs to succeed, out of 300 million guns in America?

    Roseburg reinforces the case made by the NRA.

    Often, the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. That’s who finally stopped Harper-Mercer. Regrettably, none of the innocent dead at Umpqua was carrying a concealed weapon.

    Prediction: We are going to have more of these massacres.

    Why? Because we rewarded Harper-Mercer for his barbarity in the currency he craved, the only currency he cared about: fame and immortality in this world. Before Oct. 1, Harper-Mercer was a nobody, a loser, a recluse with no girlfriend. For a brief time, this nobody has become as notorious as John Dillinger and Jesse James.

    The lesson of Roseburg?

    If you are sick of life and hate the world, you can end it in a way that makes that world take notice of who you were. If you are willing to shoot a dozen unarmed people, and die in a blaze of gunfire, TV will interrupt its broadcasting to report on who you are, what you did, and to read on-air selections from your fiery final manifesto.

    The Charleston killer Dylan Roof had photos of himself waving the Battle Flag shown to all of America. The Roanoke killer took cellphone photos while shooting the woman reporter.

    Moreover, society is producing more and more dead souls like Harper-Mercer, who crave the same reward.

    The child of a broken family, he was taught in schools from which the Ten Commandments had been ruthlessly expunged. He grew up in a deracinated society whose reverence for human life is testified to by 55 million abortions since Roe v. Wade, and by video games where killing of simulated human beings is treated as a participant sport.

    In the country of yesterday, “Thou shalt not kill” was the word of God, and the penalty for breaking God’s law and man’s law was not only execution, but the loss of one’s soul.

    How many still believe that?

    We have a drug culture where those with mental illness are prescribed ever more powerful antidepressants. And modernity has no convincing answer to the eternal question, “Why not?”

    Across the secularized West, in the thousands, young men are being attracted to the Islamic State to become suicide bombers. The drawing card? Footage of anti-Islamists being beheaded on a beach.

    And the reward that Islamists offer to their suicide bombers?

    Not too different from ours. We make our monsters media celebrities of the moment. The Islamic State makes them martyrs for Allah who spend eternity in paradise.

    In a de-Christianized America where no higher law exists, killing is a commonplace occurrence, and the popular culture is polluted by raw sex and violence, what answer does society give to the Harper-Mercers who are willing to kill in large numbers to become famous?

    We are not the rules-based society we once were. We have junked the Christian code, embraced absolute social freedom, and dispensed with the moral sanctions.

    Yet instead of the Great Society of liberalism’s promise, we seem to be approaching a society that is sick unto death.

    Read More At:

  2. Karen says:

    Between the Jew Commie left and the Jew Cuckservative Right there isn’t a place left where a White person can hang his/her hat.

  3. Smitherines says:

    Sex Slavery – The Growing Trade in Israel
    Sex Slavery: The growing trade in Israel, thousands of Eastern European and Russian girls lured to Tel Aviv and enslaved into prostitution.

    The Ugly Truth:

  4. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Hate Filled Pig Jewess Jane Eisner Believes Jews Shouldn’t Accept Rabbis Who Marry Non-Jews

    But Jews overwhelmingly support whites marrying non-whites. They push it nonstop in the media. They can’t hardly have a commercial on television that doesn’t have an interracial couple in it.

  5. protocolsRtrue says:

    Borrowed from New Nation News. Nigger stabbed a rosen. rosen sues the school for not warning students that niggers are violent dangerous animals keep your guard up around them. Imagine what precedent would have been set if she won the lawsuit? Assfirmative action diversity minority set aside scholarships across the country would be devastated. But the rosen is appealing so some legalized extortion money may soon come out of this from taxpayers.

    Appeals Court Sides With California Regents In UCLA Attack (by insane black migrant on a White co-ed)
    LOS ANGELES — A state appeals court says a woman who was attacked by a classmate at UCLA cannot hold the university responsible. A division of the 2nd District Court of Appeals ruled this week that a public university has no general obligation to protect its students from crimes committed by other students. The 2-1 ruling came in a negligence lawsuit filed against the University of California regents by Katherine Rosen. Her attorney says he’ll appeal. Rosen was attacked with a kitchen knife in 2009 in a chemistry lab. Damon Thompson was found not guilty by reason of insanity. Rosen said school officials failed to warn students that Thompson was potentially violent despite being made aware of his paranoid and threatening behavior. –

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  7. Hoff says:

    Quote of the Week

    “This is only one of the countless symptomatic presentations of the disease that ought to be properly named as the Jew-induced social immunodeficiency syndrome.

    And it’s the WW2 ‘victory’ that acted as an icebreaker for this fatal Jew infestation, where the ‘socially sedated’ population is condemned to the role of the proverbial boiled frogs-cum-sheep for kosher slaughter.

    Thus, nearly every crime – from $5 street mugging to senseless sadistic murder and to trillion-dollar war swindle – invariably, has one and the same set of accomplices – the Jews.”



    Actually the Jews who ruled Soviet called Hitler “Icebreaker”.

    Intro to end of chapter six is mandatory read. The chapters are short and to the core, no BS here.

  8. Dave says:

    That graphic is great, INCOGMAN. The red head may have hailed from the Galatians. I’ll read up more on this post later.

    The point is of course that we need to take better care of the White wolf. Neglecting him and feeding his darker sibling is a mistake. It always has been.

    I just find it amusing that the dark wolf has red hair. The bitch is not White!

  9. Bailey says:

    A glimpse into the future of amerikwa , paid for by the JewS gubbamint,

    Just a little more bizarre than the possibility that we can have a dyke president with an ex-president man whore who will be the first man in the now piss stenched white house.

    How’s the first nigger president making out these days ?
    He and his jew masters done fucked up now and all the jew media wants to know is how the evil ISIS got all those Toyota trucks ?
    I guess now we should expect a false flag to be blamed on Russia.

  10. Hoff says:

    It’s unclear if the leaflets spred by air is made by Russia or Assad. Anyway, short video and two leaflets are displayed.

    ????????? ??????? ???????????? ??? ??????? ???????? ??????????? ???????? ??? ??????? ???????

    Poster that say it all:

    Syrian Girl – Why the Globalists Hate Syria
    October 7, 2015 —- Video and text.

  11. Hoff says:

    Israeli Media Reveals The Secret Behind Communism —-15 min by David Duke. Mandatory video!

    60 Minutes airs “The Forgotten Holocaust” — Dr. Duke: “Forgotten? Give me a break!”

    OCTOBER 5, 2015 AT 10:27 AM

  12. Smitherines says:


    This blog is about the coming crisis of MARTIAL LAW and the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for AMERICA!It also offers HOPE and the CHRISTIAN SOLUTION for their NEW WORLD ORDER’s “FINAL SOLUTION.”

    Wednesday, April 25, 2012
    Dr. Lorraine Day-The NOAHIDE LAWS and Future Genocide of Christians
    The following excerpts are taken from an article written by Dr. Lorraine Day. She is the wife of former Congressman William Dannemeyer.
    The Noahide Laws

    The Jews’ Secret Way to Murder Christians – by Beheading!!
    And Most Christians Don’t Even Know These Laws Have Been PASSED by the United States Government!

    Lorraine Day, M.D.

    The “holiest” books of the religion of Judaism and the books that are the foundation of the entire secular culture of the Jews – religious or non-religious – are known as the Talmud, a racist, bigoted series of books full of vile hatred toward Jesus, Christianity, Christians, and every other non-Jew, as well.
    The Talmud calls for the eventual slaughter of ALL “Gentiles”! It is undoubtedly the most Racist, Bigoted, Hateful series of books in the entire world!

    The Talmud is the compilation of the false doctrines that were strongly rebuked by Jesus Himself when He was on earth. He referred to them as the “traditions of the elders” that “make the law of God of none effect.” For hundreds of years, the Pharisees passed them down from one generation to another as “Oral Traditions.” But finally they were written down and made into Jewish law – after the Jews had murdered Jesus Christ.

    When the city of Jerusalem and its Temple were destroyed in A.D. 70, and the Jews were taken into captivity, the pagan heresies that had, since the pagan worship of the golden calf in the wilderness, been slowly infiltrating the true religion of the Israelites (which was the worship of the TRUE God and the coming Messiah, Jesus Christ), the Pharisees committed the “Oral Traditions” to paper, and the many books of these “Oral Traditions” were collectively called – the Talmud.

    It was then that the paganism that had been performed in secret for hundreds of years – even by the priests in the temple – that undermined the worship of the true God, now became open and public, overwhelming the truths God had given to the Israelites. These heresies were written down in the books that subsequently became known as the Talmud (literally: “the teachings”) which became the “holiest” books of the religion of Judaism.

    The religion of Judaism began AFTER Jesus was crucified – not before. Judaism was NOT the religion of the Old Testament. The religion of the Israelites in the Old Testament was – – – Christianity. The whole Old Testament is a history of a people – the Israelites – looking forward to the coming of the Messiah – Jesus Christ. When Jesus was on earth, He said to the Pharisees:

    You search the Scriptures, thinking that in THEM you have eternal (literally – eonian) life; but THEY (the Old Testament Scriptures) are they that testify OF ME! (John 5:39)
    Jesus was clearly stating that the Scriptures testified of Jesus Christ. And remember that the only “Scriptures” that had been written at that time were the books of the OLD Testament.

    Jesus is revealing that the focus of the ENTIRE Old Testament is Jesus Christ – NOT Israel!

    Israel was constantly straying from God – “whoring” after pagan gods, as God Himself stated numerous times. It was this undercurrent of paganism that began with the worship of the golden calf in the wilderness, and proceeded through the rebellion of Korah, Dathan and Abiram (Numbers, Chapter 16), and the wickedness of the sons of Eli, and the abominations done by the Priests in the temple as recorded in many Chapters in Ezekiel (especially Chapters 8-16) including the worship of the pagan god, Tammuz, the worship of beasts and insects, and the worship of the Sun god, that culminated in the spiritual blindness of the Pharisees and virtually ALL the Jews in NOT recognizing Jesus Christ as their Messiah – and their subsequent dastardly murder of Jesus by Crucifixion.

    The murder of Jesus Christ was the culmination of hundreds of years of wickedness on the part of the Jews and their leaders, the Pharisees, leading to total spiritual blindness, the result of which was the beginning of the false religion of Judaism, with its diabolic “holy” books collectively called – the Talmud.

    The origin of the Noahide Laws is the Talmud. The Noahide Laws have NOTHING to do with Noah, but are given this name to deceive the masses, and to try to give these diabolic “laws” Biblical credibility and authority.

    Unfortunately, the vast majority of Christians have never even heard of the Noahide Laws, even though their (the Christians’) Death Sentence is “signed, sealed and delivered” within these “Laws.” These outrageously evil Talmudic Noahide Laws were concocted by the Jews as a way to 1) take control of, 2) rule over, and 3) EXTERMINATE – ALL Christians, and ALL “Gentiles”!

    But a large number of these totally CLUELESS “Christian” Zionists, including Pastor John Hagee, James Dobson, Chuck Colson, Chuck Swindoll, Benny Hinn (who is Jewish), Kenneth Copeland, Tim LaHaye, Joyce Meyer, the late Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and many other prominent Evangelists and Pastors are actually spending their time PROMOTING and DEFENDING the very people who are planning to EXTERMINATE them!

    John Hagee has publicly declared that the Primary Mission of the “Christian” Church is to SUPPORT ISRAEL!

    Whatever happened to the definition of a Christian being – first and foremost – a follower of Jesus Christ?

    Eventually, Jewish Zionism – working behind the scenes – will manipulate the Christian Zionists into forcing ALL on earth to worship the Jews – and – to worship Satan, who is the acknowledged leader of, and gives authority to, both the first and second beasts………

    We can see that Satanic Plot developing right before our eyes in the ranks of the 70 million evangelical Christian dispensationalists – those who believe that the Jews (who are persecuting and genociding the Palestinians and the people – especially Christians – in many other nations around the world) – are God’s “chosen people.”
    Their utter spiritual blindness is absolutely shocking!

    We will see in this study that the Orthodox Jews plan to rule over every “Gentile” in the world, referring to them (us) as Hasidic Gentiles, those who are under the control of the Orthodox Hasidic Jews, by the imposition of the Noahide Laws.

    The Jews do not want the Gentiles to convert to Judaism because they view Gentiles as lower than beasts and consider contact with a Gentile as “defilement.” All Gentile women are called Whores by the Talmud, and all little Gentile girls are called – Little Whores. All Gentile men are considered homosexuals by the Talmud. And if a Jewish woman marries a Gentile man, the Jewish woman now is termed a Whore.

    However if a Jewish prostitute has sex with a Jewish man (a “John”), she is NOT considered a Whore!

    You can see why Jesus said, “You have made the word of God of NO EFFECT through your (Oral) Traditions, which you have handed down. (Mark 7:13)

    Doctor Lorraine Day

  13. protocolsRtrue says:

    talmud unmasked. I highly recommend that Christians read chapter 2 of below link. It will explain some things to anybody that ever had to work with or do business with jews around.

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