How Could Anyone Vote for this Bush Bozo?


Over the last week or so, the media went on and on about Donald Trump ruffling a few feathers when he said George W. Bush (Dubya) failed to protect the US before 9/11. About the only one really pissed off was his kid brother, Jeb — or as he calls himself “Jeb!” with the cutely appended exclamation point and the dropped last name — which tells you he doesn’t want family name association, since the masses might start getting suspicious about the real deal with America’s sycophant political class.

Brother Dubya did indeed ignore intelligence reports of something big coming down the pike when he was briefed by National Security advisor Condolezza Rice and the CIA in August of 2001. Hell, he was briefed back in May of 2001 that a serious threat was coming from Al Qaeda. This is all a matter of public record and part of the official narrative, so I hardly sympathize with Jeb(!).

Also, since I am indeed a big 9/11 “truther,” I think it’s kind of a moot point. I believe Dubya — at the very least — pulled a FDR stunt on America; meaning he and backroom conspirators wanted something bad to happen and so let it happen on purpose (but he may have been kept totally out of the loop). Roosevelt purposefully irked the Japs and did whatever else he could to grease the skids so they would bomb Pearl Harbor. ROOSKI-velt needed the excuse to get isolationist, Depression-weary America into war with Hitler; FDR’s buds — the International Jew banking clique — wanted us to kill Der Fuerher and his White German followers. Jewry couldn’t allow any country as strong as Germany to expose the Jews — especially the big Central Banking debt scam and the upcoming next stage in the Zionist Israel project.

Mr. Exclamation Point Bush got himself a bit twerked over his big brother getting exposed by Trump. Like BFD. And he thinks us “conservatives” need to be, too. After-all, Dubya did go into Afghanistan to roust the evil Terrorists who hate America only because we wear blue jeans and like swimming with drunk, bow-legged women at the beach (they know me all too well) and never, ever anything to do with what the holocausted Hebrews do to the Palestinians in Israel — our favorite little buddy in the Mideast.*

Now Jeb(!) is asking for $5 donations to defend his brother (and put his squirrelly fat face in front of the stupid voting masses). I don’t think so, pal — take your precious fatboy whining on down the road!

Not only did Dubya Bush blithely ignore the threat of terrorist action in the US, but he LIED us into going to war with Iraq (kind of like the big WWII bait and switcheroo from Japan to first attack the Jew’s real target, Hitler). Don’t you remember all the brouhaha in the 2003 lead-up to war about Saddam Hussein having all these secret operations to build nukes to blow up one of our cities?

Funny, after we blew away 600,000 to a million White German civilians using conventional air-dropped explosives, we go and incinerate slanty-eyed Japs with our own newly invented nuclear bomb WMD. But we really, really wanted to drop one of those bad boys on those Nazis! The murderous, goyim-hating Jews in DC were openly disappointed the nuke wasn’t operational before the Germans surrendered (true fact, check into it).

And it recently came out, courtesy of Hillary Clinton’s emails, that Colin Powell (that lying, sanctimonious black SOB who acted like he knew nothing at all in a CBS 60 minute interview), assured Bush that UK’s Tony Blair was onboard with going to war with Iraq a full year before. Plus, Blair was already helping out with the war mongering lies about Saddam Hussein having WMD’s (the Downing Street memo).

LIEBERMAN SILO RESIZEDI remember the time when Dubya was “elected” or basically handed the job by the traitorous Supreme court (who must be taking orders from somewhere), after the Florida “hanging chads” brouhaha. My brother gave me a t-shirt saying “Sore Loserman” on the front — a clever takeoff on the failed efforts of Al Gore and the orthodox Israel-Firster Jew, Joe Lieberman (right), to claim winning Florida, which would have put the two in the White House.

But by then I pretty much thought all these people were Israel traitors and/or major league ass clowns for the Jews. Dubya, too. I once happened to see some video with Bush acting himself without a Jew-written speech running on the teleprompter, and the resulting conclusion I could not help but reach, was that the guy was truly a dumbass.

I remember having to stew hard on what was really going down in the US. As they say in Britain, I was majorly “GOBSMACKED,” whatever the “bloody hell” that means. Blimey!

Getting back to Bozo Boy Bush: How could any self-respecting White possibly vote for this guy? I like how the guy at DAILY STORMER says he’s really running for president of Mexico. Indeed, Jeb Bush is not only a big illegal alien supporter (his toady wife is Mexican), but also sucks up to Jewry and Israel every chance he gets (don’t they all?). He’s the Bill de Blasio of the Retardicans!

Bush explains the illegal immigration problem: “Yes, they broke the law, but it’s not a felony. It’s an act of love. It’s an act of commitment to your family.” Right.

We’re supposed to feel guilty about tossing them out and separating loved ones. This is the exact same playing on our emotions that has got the White race in the racial predicament many of us are now realizing. This big weakness (we’re too good for our own sakes) is what the lousy Jews have mined for decades to fuel White genocide.

Later Jeb(!) quibbles: “A great country ought to know where those folks are and politely ask them to leave.” Is this guy for real? Politely? Right. What a little pussy boy.

And, like his older brother, Jeb is a total dumbass. You see how namby-pamby he acted at the debates? Oh, yeah, like this guy is going to be a big hard-charger “decider-in-chief.” I can’t stand these mediocre half-wits the Zionist power structure has imposed upon this country! Go ahead, call me a traitor — whatever.

C’mon… don’t you get it by now? The filthy, subversive Globalist Jews have turned White people into Jewry’s little rent boys. That’s bitches in American prison parlance.

Haven’t you had enough of the BS going down in America? Just think about it: How they keep trashing our White race and brainwashing us left and right with PC crap and breeding off our babes with the homies– while at the same time fully expecting us White guys to go and fight in the Mideast, turning the region into Israel’s bitch?

Just think about the total BS these filthy lousy Jews have imposed on America’s head! As America turns more and more into a Third World nation, we’ll look back at people like the Bushs and Clintons and wonder how could we be so dumb.

That is, if we can’t find a way to put a stop these filthy, backstabbing, arrogant Jews from running America into the ground and turning the White race into a minority in our own lands. That’s exactly what the punks have been up to.

And that’s why we need you, the reader here, to spread the word. Capiche?

— Phillip Marlowe


* I can’t stand the democraps one bit, either. So don’t go calling me a lefty!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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64 Responses to How Could Anyone Vote for this Bush Bozo?

  1. NowhereTearsOfHonor says:

    Littleberry said:”that is, after you gals suffer enough, maybe two generations – sorry, we holdin’ a grudge on this one!”

    It might give you some comfort that I suffered through utter blasted HELL in the public school system as a poor white female in the 80s and early 90s,and many other white girls of my generation did.I have forgotten more about every kind of harassment from nigger males both in high school and once I entered the workplace,in fact it only worsened once I started working,and not once did any white man,other than my father who died when I was 21,ever defend me.Not once.

    Did I deserve any of that?Hell no,I did not.I didn’t bring any of it on myself.I never had any wish to mix with the subhuman apes that threw themselves at me constantly and I would never have shamed my parents or myself.But if it makes any of you guys feel better,yes,many white women HAVE suffered for what the liberals,hippies,and sellout feminists did in the 1960s whether we deserved it or not.Maybe the reason no one ever defended me and I was often forced to physically defend myself was because white males felt I deserved it and were enjoying it.I don’t know.

    No personal comment on the divorce thingy as I never married,have never had a man ever spend one cent on my behalf,and have no reason to feel any guilt there.I’ve lived an honest,respectable life and carry myself with dignity,and I refuse to turn against white men even if they want to see me suffer.Maybe one day I will meet one who isn’t addicted to nigger football,j00 porn,and won’t blame me for what other white women do.

  2. Bailey says:

    Damn, I wish i was single.

  3. LIttleberry says:

    It is always embarrassing when a general attitude gets reduced to the undeserving singular. What happened, Miss NowhereTearsOfHonor, is that the devil (in the form of tangled-tongue jew-speak, ala Gloria Steinem et al) tempted white women with “something for nothing” (make the sucker pay, and pay, and pay, for 18 years, at least), and about half of the white women (and blacks too, latins less so) FELL FOR IT. I watched it happen in real time and it infuriated me to the point that I concluded that *most* women had no business getting the vote – they were too easily (as a group, NOT the individual) swayed to cut off their own nose to spite their face.

    Even very conservative women, unlikely to ever turn on their ever-supportive husbands, fell under the jew-lure of something for nothing. When I say “suffer”, I am only taking literary liscense, in that the real solution is for most women, certainly NOT ALL, should busy themselves with what natures calls for them to focus on, their families and especially their children. We all were small children once, and, we all remember how important our mothers were to us and how it made us feel when she had the time to focus her attention upon us. Children NEED their mother’s attention, and, mothers need to be supported so that they *can* have the time to give due attention to each of her children.

    For ladies that never find the right man, and go through life without bearing and rearing children, a different calling is in order and probably these ladies are more apt to make sense in the political setting, since they are not so preoccupied primordially with the calling to raise children.

    We might be a tough bunch here at Incogman’s, but, try not to take it personally – I’m sure each and every tough-skinned and harsh-tongued brute on this board would give up his seat for you, as you sound like a real lady. Nobody wants you to suffer – as I said, I was just taking literary liscense because of the immeasurable damage done to the american way since these jew-rats got their no-fault divorce INDUSTRY going right here in the good ole’ USofA, as a repeat of what they did over across the ocean and contenent in “mother Russia”. As you haven’t been involved with any no-fault divorce, and, maybe you haven’t contemplated how much damage that did to our way of life, I invite you to delve into some of the literature about how life was BEFORE any such insanity, as no-fault divorce (or no-fault “anything”, for that matter), these damnable jew-clan hailed down upon us. If you ever get a chance, check out Tolstoy’s “Anna Karenina”, and see how sensitive and sensual folks lived back when you couldn’t get something for nothing, and, a person wound up paying for their own sins themself without involving the whole godamned world in it.

    As far as public schools, I too suffered for no cause in the public schools – I suspect most all of we white children got abused in the public schools, which, to not put too fine a point to it, is nothing short of day-prison for those too young to be adults. Prisons, even the “public” kind (purporting to “do good” and all that bullshit), are places where most innmates get a whopping dose of abuse. If I could have my way, you can bet a fortune that some specially identified assholes would get their bottoms bruised to the point they wouldn’t say BOO to anyone and they wouldn’t lay one finger on anyone – but, then, we don’t live in that kind of a world – we gots’ to let them football players get away with just about anything lest we loose the next game kind of bullshit.

    Where I grew up, they had three catagories of schools – a) the public school (day prison), b) a private school for girls, and c) a private school for boys. Guess which groups turned out to be the best behaved and most well-adjusted of the bunch.


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