Muslim Terrorists Go Haywire in Not-So-Gay Paris


By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

In Paris, France, yesterday, a bunch of Muzzie terrorists organized a big attack against multiple targets, resulting in at least 130 dead. Not only did the Muzzies run wild with AK-47’s across the city, but used grenades and suicide bombs to kill dozens of innocent people, gathered for a football game (called soccer by us yanks) and totally shot up a Southern California band rock concert, killing over 80. Muzzies opened fire on an outdoor café in a drive-by style attack. Those poor SOBs sitting at tables on the sidewalk, eating Cambodian food (how wonderfully diverse) and drinking vino didn’t have a chance — by the time they realized something bad was happening, a 7.62×39 mm AK bullet smashed into their confused faces.*

Look, I mostly try to cut the Muzzies some slack at my site, simply because of the evil Zionist transgressions in the Mideast. Not only to the Palestinians, either, but all over the region, as the evil Jews conspire to get one set of Muzzies torqued about another, so they can set the stage for their “Greater Israel” regional hegemony agenda. They’ve been at this for decades. Zionist Israel has totally flocked up the area — right along with much of the world because of it.

That being said, I truly believe that the White countries of the West are no places for the desert-dwelling Hajis and goat eyeball-eating Sandniggers. The only reason they are over her in OUR LANDS, is because of the Marxist Jews trying to destroy White political demographics so we can’t go all Nazi on their asses once again. Stupid White liberals in the government and media have helped these efforts immensely (you should see the insane multicult brainwashing they pump out on TV to the masses).

It’s tragically ironic that in the weeks before this horrifying attack, lefty European politicians were seriously saying there was more danger from “White supremacist” Neo Nazi terrorists than any Muslim refugees. Can you believe that? As Jamal Ooga-Booga might say down in the hood: “SHEEEEEIT! Yo mus be trippin’ man.”

People, people, this is the kind of BS that happens in the Mideast all the time. So WHY…THE HELL… are we allowing even more Muzzie “refugees” to flood Europe? Have you asked yourself that?

Lord, I sure as hell hope so.

Hell, we got the same kinds of lefty PC idiots here in the US. They’ve been so brainwashed over the years by Jewish-run Hollywood, it’s not funny. Every year we get new movies jacking up the homies over slavery and all us evil White racists. And that’s in addition to warping their little pinhead brains with violent imagery in all the rest of the other movies, right along with TV and crazy violent video games, too. DAMMIT! Just think it all out.

I just can’t believe it: Am I the only White guy out here who gets what’s going on? No, there’s lots of Whites who do get it — just might have a little trouble saying so openly because of Jew-instilled PC — designed to keep us Whites too intimidated so we don’t start putting two-and-two together about what the SOBs are doing to our lands.

Yep, us White people got ourselves a whole lot of trash to take out to the dump. Let the cleansing winds howl!



* Hate to break it to you, but real life is NOT at all like in the movies where you can dive for cover like Tom Cruise in a spy movie or something. No, when they shoot at you with real bullets or detonate a bomb when you’re not expecting anything, it happens so fast there’s no way to react soon enough. You’re dead and that’s that. Sorry.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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    That’s a funny one – jew !

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