The Day They Murdered America


By Phillip Marlowe (originally first published on the Internet 2 years ago)

On November 22, 1963, America and much of the world was completely traumatized when our young president was assassinated suddenly in Dallas, Texas. President John F. Kennedy was full of promise and his beautiful family had captivated the nation. Not only was JFK handsome and rugged, he had boatloads of charm, wit and intelligence. Plus, he seemed genuinely patriotic for a politician and even fought in combat during WWII.

His assassination was a GD crying shame. He may well have been the last worth-a-crap president America had. If it was indeed just Oswald — as they continually tell us — or if others had a hand like I truly suspect, I pray each and everyone of the bastards roasts upon the fiery coals of hell for eternity while getting buggered by the freakiest-looking of demons.

I actually remember the day of the assassination, however hazily. I was in my first grade classroom, when my family lived in a clean, safe, White bedroom community of Washington, DC (dad worked downtown as a cog in the government bureaucracy).

Now I don’t remember all that much, just that I was in this big bright sunlit classroom that had one of those trapezoid angled loudspeakers, the kind made from shellacked yellow pine, high up on the wall above the teacher’s head. Sometime after 2 pm that Friday afternoon, it suddenly sprang to life, announcing the President had been shot and we would all be going home a little early that day. I recall no usual outbursts of kiddie glee.

I dimly remember going downtown the following Monday for Kennedy’s funeral cortege. This was the day they took that iconic photo of John-John saluting his daddy’s coffin. I was in the crowd (probably up on my father’s shoulders) not that far down the block, asking my daddy what the empty boot on the horse meant. That’s about the only thing that sticks out in my memory on that day. Mother also tells me we were downtown DC the day before, but I don’t recall. She said when they announced on the transistor radios Oswald had been shot, the news ran through the crowds like an ill wind.

I still pay close attention to old Super 8 movies and TV footage from that day, to see if I can spot my family out in the crowd. My dad had a Bell and Howell Super 8 camera himself, just like Abraham Zapruder’s, the Jew who filmed the assassination from an almost perfect vantage point.

Another time I was playing in this small area of real woods down at the end of my street. Dad pulled up in his Volkswagen bug with the sun roof (he so loved that little car) and asked if I wanted to go downtown with him to see a big parade. I believe it was Johnson’s inauguration, but I’m not sure. He said it was history (dad liked his boys learning crap), but I told him I would rather play in the woods and I did. Decent White people back then didn’t have to worry about their children’s whereabouts like they do today.

Not only did LBJ dramatically ramp up the war in Vietnam killing our boys, the jug-eared SOB signed the 1965 immigration act and helped Israel stab us in the back with the USS Liberty attack. The coward bailed for his ranch after one term.

Not only did Johnson dramatically ramp up the war in Vietnam killing our boys, the jug-eared SOB signed the 1965 immigration act and covered up Israel stabbing us in the back with the USS Liberty attack. After anger boiled across the land over Vietnam, LBJ bailed after one term.

I’m kind of happy if it was indeed Johnson’s inauguration parade I missed. I never did like the guy — even as a child. I thought he was mean old man creepy, maybe because he looked a lot like my grandfather, who was pretty damn mean himself. LBJ’s big Texas act meant nothing to me — kind of surprising since I was a huge John Wayne and “The Alamo” kind of kid (but liked Injuns a lot, too).

Let me state something here for you to consider: Johnson hated the Northeast Irish Catholic Kennedy and his brother, Bobby with a passion. I’ve noticed this fact has only recently received a little mention in media documentaries, when apparently all the reporters knew all about it way back when (like Kennedy’s sexual dalliances with various women).

It literally took decades for the media whores to get around to it. They are lots of things the media knows to stay very quiet about — then and now. Trust me.

They still mostly skirt Johnson’s hate of the Kennedy’s — especially so in any assassination conspiracy context (more in a minute).

Another thing they fail to mention is that Johnson was part of a hidden operation to bring European Jews into the US during the Nazi era. The Jews themselves say it was only in the hundreds, but it could easily have been in the tens of thousands. Along with the Israeli Bomb, International Jewry quite obviously prefers the American general audience (sheeple) not to know any of this. Johnson also could have been partly Jewish, or maybe even a full blown crypto — if it was truly on his mother’s side like they say.

Not long after Johnson got his ultimate power groove on by getting elected, my dad got another job in the private sector and our family moved to a fairly rural part of the country. Our new house was on the side of a mountain ridge, near the Blue Ridge parkway and surrounding state and national parks, with tons of wildlife of all sorts. I became the wild nature boy I still am.

This was 1968. That spring, Martin Luther King was shot in the face with a 30.06 rifle by über-nigger hater James Earl Ray (or the CIA), followed soon by Bobby Kennedy getting shot in the back of the head with a .22 revolver by Palestinian refugee Sirhan Sirhan (or a mind-controlled “Manchurian Candidate” assassin for the CIA). That summer, my middle brother and I were totally freaked-out little kids, thinking the country was going to hell and a hand basket, and that a big civil war was about to erupt. Dad tried to comfort us by telling us his hand could stop bullets.

The theory about Jackie doing the killing is a utter red herring, probably put out by some stinking Jew somewhere.

Horribly, Jackie saw her husband’s brains blown out inches from her face. The theory of her killing him is total BS — probably put out by some crazy guy or maybe even a purposeful red herring by Zionist psyops — all to get regular people to throw out the baby with the bath water.

This past Sunday [2013], I watched the National Geographic channel’s hyped like hell. but mostly boring “Killing Kennedy.” This was based on the debunking book by FOX’s Shabbos Goy tough guy, Bill O’Reilly (but actually written by his ghost writer).

Besides the required romance parts that fell flat (Goy-Toy Rob Lowe and the mostly talentless, somewhat goofy Jewess actress, Ginnifer Goodwin, had little chemistry); the made-for-TV movie’s all too obvious motive was making sure the now younger American TV audience thinks Oswald was merely a skinny punk loser — and hater — as the reason for why he did it. The ONLY explanation Americans today need believe.

If they don’t see it that way, then they, too, just might be big loser haters.

They even showed the bit about Jacob Leon Rubenstein (AKA Jack Ruby) leaving his little pet dog Sheba in his car before going down into the police garage to shoot Oswald in the gut on national TV. How could Ruby, on a important mission for the “secret plotters” to silence Oswald, bring along his beloved pooch? Believe me, that’s the only reason they specifically included that one brief shot in the shooting script.

Which brings me to my main point (besides waxing philosophic on my “White privilege” childhood memories): Everything the mainstream mass media puts up on TV, is purposefully geared to dissuading the general American public from thinking there could possibly be a conspiracy to kill Kennedy. The effort has been extremely noticeable over the years.

And if they do mention the various conspiracy theories in passing (the Cubans, the Mob, the CIA), they never, ever mention sacred Israel and the Bomb, nor Kennedy’s executive order #11110, letting the US government print money outside of the Federal Reserve’s monopoly control. Never.

Absolutely the same kind of mainstream debunking crap goes on with 9/11. Hmmm.

Now Jewry doesn’t have too much a problem with the American populace believing in any non-Jew conspiracy theory out there. Like the Illuminati, Bigfoot and UFOs — if it occupies the Goyim’s brains — fine.

A new book said to be “groundbreaking” on the Warren Commission and written by investigative reporter Phillip Shenon, was just released in time for the fiftieth anniversary. Titled “A Cruel and Shocking Act: The Secret History of the Kennedy Assassination,” the book touts bona fide insiders telling the author about important evidence getting destroyed and documents shredded — sometimes at the behest of powerful forces in DC. I haven’t read it yet, but a cursory glance at the photo section reveals just how many Jew lawyers filled the commission’s ranks.

Arlen Specter, future senator for the state of Pennsylvania, was a Jew lawyer on the commission and credited with coming up with the “Single Bullet Theory” — making it just barely possible for Oswald to have worked the bolt on his rifle within the time frame necessary to match Zupruder’s famous Super 8 footage. Maybe not so coincidently, Specter also worked to hide the NUMEC/CIA Apollo conspiracy to illegally funnel nuclear weapons grade uranium to Israel, so they could put together some quick nukes.

Few people have even heard the story, but it’s absolutely true.

ISRAEL ASSASSINATION OF JFKThe first prime minister of Israel, David Ben-Gurion, was obsessed with building the Bomb and hated the Kennedy family, thinking JFK’s father, Joseph P. Kennedy, was anti-Semitic and a big Hitler lover. After a private, unreported meeting with JFK at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in Jew York City, he pretty much told his buds the young president was a punk. Kennedy was seriously concerned about the Israelis building the Bomb and wanted to send over inspectors, but Ben-Gurion hid everything, even constructing a full-on phony facility. No wonder the Jews don’t trust the Iranians! Details of Jack Kennedy’s meeting with Ben-Gurion are STILL classified to this day. READ MORE

There is indeed a real possibility Israel did it. The best book on the subject (and probably only one) is the practically banned underground bestseller by Michael Collins Piper called “Final Judgment” [Piper has since died]. His book’s premise is the Israelis could easily have done it and what their motives would have been to kill Kennedy.

Supposedly, the avuncular CBS anchorman Walter Cronkite, when hearing of the book’s premise, said this was the only possible way a conspiracy could have succeeded and remained hidden, if the Israeli Mossad was involved. He should know, himself neck-deep in the news media and knowing all the Jew control going on.

Personally, I think the business with JFK to be a little tiresome now. There’s plenty of evidence of the murderous Zionist’s involvement in 9/11 to prove to me these backstabbing bastards are capable of pretty much anything — including killing the young and promising Jack Kennedy so they could continue their secret nuclear program.

Imagine what would happen should the Iranians do something similar today? You think for one minute the American people would not hear about the conspiracy details every minute, until we went to war?

And ever since November 22, 1963, this country has been on a beeline to destruction by filthy immoral Jews of all stripes — not just the embedded Zionist traitors in government. Hollywood and the media constantly slimes the 1950’s as being “too White.” Movies like “Pleasantville” and countless others before and since, make out the 1950’s as “intolerant” (code for us straight Whites being the baddies) or simply way too boring, stick-in-the-mud, “leave it to beaver” period in America.

Although I don’t go back as far as the 1950’s, I’m here to tell you that things started steadily going downhill for White people after Kennedy was whacked. Looking back, one can readily discern a real, long-running “Agenda” being played out in our lands. Along with multicult and holocaust brainwashing, a commie socialist NWO plan was clearly at work to re-engineer America and Western Nations — turning us White people into a powerless, bickering minority and our countries unrecognizable.

Americans now run around like chickens with their heads cut off (if they even have a job); immorality and degradation of our women abounds; distrust and malaise fills people’s hearts; multinational bankers, government and mainstream media are in bed with each other — caring nothing about “flyover” America or middle class White people (regardless of cheap political talk); Wall Street elites rips us off left and right with utter impunity; criminal blacks beat and shoot us on the street or in our own homes; Israel gets away with spying upon America all the time; foolish Christian Zionists and the traitorous Israel lobby are always working to get us to fight wars in the Mideast.

The common denominator has always been the backroom, Globalist, International Jewry. Oh, I know a lot of brainwashed Americans don’t believe that, or more accurately, can’t let themselves believe it. Hell, for years I had a hard time myself.

The reason for why, is that us White people are inherently good and really don’t like being crude and impolite (this pertinent fact was true going back to the very beginnings of the Republic). Most definitely too good for our own sakes. Look around you nowadays to see what’s going down, for crying out loud.

That’s why the now oft-quoted bit from author William Manchester resonates so much with White people and why the media Jews use it to debunk conspiracy theorists. At the end of his well-written book, “Death of a President,” Manchester explains that people are suspicious about Kennedy’s assassination, because they take Oswald, a nobody, and Kennedy, a great man, and the whole thing doesn’t balance out on the cosmic scales they keep someplace. Surely, bigger, darker forces had to be at work.

That may be true, but on the flip side we obviously have ourselves a modern day media working to brainwash White people into becoming spineless worms by using the “Herd Instinct” against us, while they freely censor the rising tide of astoundingly brutal, violent crimes on us and the racist evils of the Zionist Jews upon non-Jewish people. In fact, everything the media, lefty Jews (the majority) and multicult idiots accuse us European Whites of through-out history, is being done by the hypocrite Zionist Jews right the flock now — whom the fooled people consider so sweet and innocent. Can you not understand?

Look, I’m not trying to say you got to love muslim goat herders or something. All I’m saying here is that these devious Jew punks are jerking our chains left and right, while at the same time sucking on our labors (fiat money) and America’s good graces.

If you step back and think about it all, connect the dots a little, you’ll be just as pissed as I am. Maybe more so. Hell, I don’t know.

— Phillip Marlowe

Meet Jacob Rubenstein: AKA Jack Ruby


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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141 Responses to The Day They Murdered America

  1. Dave says:

    Jesus wasn’t a jew. Not only did that not exist at the time he rebuked thier predecessors. He was related to them on his mom’s side and that was purposefully done.

    Turns out God’s no pussy. A real Man’s man if you will. Eventually, the kikes decided that the sons and daughters of women jews were jews…

  2. Dave says:

    Matthew 5:17-20

    17 “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. 18 For truly, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not an iota, not a dot, will pass from the Law until all is accomplished. 19 Therefore whoever relaxes one of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do the same will be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever does them and teaches them will be called great in the kingdom of heaven. 20 For I tell you, unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

  3. Harold says:

    Russia, NATO at the Brink of War – Putin’s JFK Moment
    Turkey’s provocative action puts Russia one step away from full-scale war with NATO

    With today’s shoot-down of a Russian SU-24 by a Turkish F-16, the conflict in Syria has entered a very dangerous escalation.

    Turkey is a member of the NATO alliance. Let us therefore not mince words: A NATO state has just attacked Russia. Perhaps not since the downing of a an American U-2 over Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, has the world been so close to a third world war.

    NATO: We Fully Support Turkey’s Decision to Shoot Down Russian Jet
    After ‘extraordinary meeting’ NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg declares that ‘we stand in solidarity with Turkey and support the territorial integrity of our NATO Ally, Turkey’

    After an emergency meeting with member nations in Brussels, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced that NATO fully supports Turkey’s decision to shoot down a Russian bomber. Try to read this entire statement without throwing your computer out the window:
    I have previously expressed my concerns about the implications of the military actions of the Russian Federation close to NATO’s borders. This highlights the importance of having and respecting arrangements to avoid such incidents in the future. As we have repeatedly made clear, we stand in solidarity with Turkey and support the territorial integrity of our NATO Ally, Turkey.

    It’s on like Donkey Kong.

    And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that ye be not troubled, for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.
    For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning or sorrows.

  4. World Changer says:

    Sorry, Incog. Do you wish to know what the problem is or do you not?
    I have had experience with all these things.
    Censorship/silence has been the enemy of mankind for thousands of years.
    Deffering to your base supporters will not give people the tools they need to defeat the Jews.

  5. See a kike hand it a shovel. The kikes’ heart will burst thinking it may have to work. A shovel is kike Kryptonite. Spread some bacon grease on the shovel head and it becomes Kiketonite®©™

  6. Peltast says:

    In the last few years it has become very clear who killed JFK and why the killed him, it was long suspected that LBJ wanted Kennedy dead but the revealing that he was tool for the jews and Kennedy opposition to israel nuclear weapons made things very clear.

  7. Arch Stanton says:

    Read the Arthur Krim interviews for excellent insight on LBJ’s Jewish connection.

  8. protocolsRtrue says:

    Does anyone else besides me see this as kind of odd? A strange coincidence? Given some of the comments and joe Kennedy’s trying to keep us out of jew war 2 and hating jews and jews hated him? But the fact that the presidents fdr Elliot kid was in the same unit on the same mission to witness the assassination? Some strange coincidences just don’t happen. Kennedy’s kid and fdr’s kid in the same place at the same time. That aint no coincidence my friends,


    He was eager to go, and was a very experienced pilot. The system to be used was to load a B-24 with explosives, using two pilots, and the installation of an arming pin to prevent accidental ignition of the explosives. The target was Mimoyecques, France. A P-38 weather plane reported acceptable conditions, it was a go. Kennedy and his co-pilot Bud Willy took off at 5:55PM. The safety pin had been properly installed in the arming unit. Fourteen other aircraft gathered in formation with the “flying bomb”. The lead plane was a B-17. There were two P-38s to accomplish aerial photography over the target. Also included were two Mosquito bombers, one to monitor weather, the other flown by Elliot Roosevelt, the son of the President of the United States. Another B-17 acted as a signal relay over the channel, with six P-51s as escort. The flying bomb was followed by two Lockheed Venturas which are believed to have been the “mother” guidance planes. This armada after hooking up in formation flew from Fersfield to Framingham, England, then to Beccles testing their RC equipment. Final test would be made with the B-24 flying alone on Radio Control. They flew from Beccles to Clacton, then took the final turn to head for the target. Both pilots were scheduled to bail out near Dover after preparing the plane to continue to the launch target guided by the mother plane. The actual flight plan called for a flyover Beccles but went further east than intended and flew over Blytheburgh. Kennedy made final preparations to set the plane on remote control. He removed the safety pin, and signaled O.K. with the code phrase “Stay Flush”. These would be his last words as the plane exploded at 6:20PM over Blytheburgh.

  9. protocolsRtrue says:

    From Harolds comment earlier:

    “I know from my stint with the Office of Naval Intelligence that these dossiers consist of information collected about American patriots (talking about Mt. Weather), men and women who are most likely to resist the destruction of our Constitution and the formation of the totalitarian police state under the New World Order. The patriot data bank is constantly updated so that when the appointed hour arrives all patriots can be rounded up with little if any effort.
    I was going to comment earlier but not sure how to say this. I was watching an interview with a former homoland security officer about the Syrian refugees. That stat came out that we already have 700,000 Americans on the “watch” list. 700,000. That’s a big number. I wished I was doing the interview or in the audience. Does that include convicted felons out on parole or probation? Does that include people on work release and community service or home detention? Because that’s a lot of people. Or does that just mean white guys who are veterans and nra members and tea party people who sworn to support and defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic? I was on a watch list. I was “tracked” for twelve years although my case has some unique circumstances. I can tell you it is not fun. They try to destroy you and your life and livelihood. They smear and slander and character assassinate you and you have no way to defend yourself and face your accusers due to the patriot act laws adopted after jew911 that destroyed our 4th amendment and Constitutional rights. The rights to life and liberty and freedom from government intruding on you and fucking destroying anyone who says something the king don’t like. You don’t know the half of what our jew/stupidnigger/ will do. If it weren’t for snowden Americans would never believe what our own government actually does to us in the so called land of the free and home of the brave.

  10. protocolsRtrue says:

    To all you scumbag cowards traitors committing treason piece of shit zog agent tough boys and girls just doing what your jew masters told you to do for your fake jew printed money and benefits 20 pieces of silver and polluted fucking jew zog agent badges look in the mirror and read this once more or for the first time.
    Amendment 4 –

    The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

  11. Arch Stanton says:

    “Does anyone else besides me see this as kind of odd? A strange coincidence?”

    There are no coincidences, only a lack of understanding.

  12. Over Jews says:

    Wonderful anecdote at the intro. Great piece. The style and tone of this gets the reader’s attention and keeps it. Thanks for re-posting.

  13. Littleberry says:

    Arch Stanton is giving us the benefit of his study and logical reasoning. Instead of condemning him, or making fun of him, or belittling him, you might be thankful for his work and not expect every student of history to be a christian like some of you.

    I was never a christian, although I behaved myself as a child and went to church, sang the songs (“this little light of mine, I’m gonna’ let it shine”) and enjoyed the company and oversight of the adults (mostly young mothers).

    But when I was enlisted to take us a serious study of the christian bible, and, right off the bat they started with Matthew and soon enough they came to where an excuse for DIVORCE was offered (“pornea”), I objected, pushed the bible away from me, and could never again take anything from that bible as “gospel truth”. I didn’t believe in divorce – not for ANY REASON! !!! !!!!!! That would have meant, in my little mind, that my Mommy and Daddy might get a divorce, and, I was having NONE OF THAT, no matter what Jesus, or anybody else, wants to say about it. So, I grew up just going along with the crowd but not really believing a word of it. That is why I appreciate it when someone intelligent, scholarly, and very reasoned, like Arch Stanton, studies the issue carefully, taking care not to jump to conclusions, and, then proceeds to write it all down in the form of a novel, I think we should give him a vote of confidence, even if we can see he doesn’t “believe” the way many of you do.

    My “salvation” (from not being a christian) came when I learned TWO THINGS in math that taught me there is a difference between, on the one hand, KNOWING for a fact, because you can prove it logically, something that, at first glance, might, or might NOT, be true, and, on the other hand, NEVER knowing for a fact something you choose to “believe”, even though you can never set down the proof in logical terms.

    There were two exercises that shed the light on this for me.

    One was the problem of knowing for a fact how far it was to a tree on the other side of a raging river, without ever actually crossing that river with a rope and measuring it, by going a specified distance up the river on your side, and a similar distance down river on your side, and then taking note of the ANGLES to that tree from those two points. Those two angles, and the distance between the point up the river and down the river, allow you to KNOW FOR A FACT how far it is to that tree across the raging river that you don’t have to actually cross to be sure. There is no way christians, muslims, hindis, jews, nor any “faith-based” thinkers can have that kind of LOGICAL certainty to what they have chosen to believe, and, are eternally proclaiming that belief to any who will listen, and, are condemning any who refuse to follow suit.

    The second thing I learned was what is called the fundamental theorem of calculus, first discovered by Newton. To find the area under a curve (whose formula you know) between to verticals, you simply compute the value of the ante-derivative at the right most vertical, minus the value of the ante-derivative and the leftmost vertical, and the difference between the two is the EXACT area under that curve. Check it out, those of you who, like me, NEED PROOF beyond any childish notions of “believing” it.

    If a person spends a lot of his time in his life in the “logical room” (which I suspect Arch Stanton is guilty of), then they come to see how iffy it is to leave that room and spend time in the “faith” room, because, you have NO WAY OF BEING SURE of anything in the “faith” room, where, in the logical room, you find that there are SOME things, at least, that you can know absolutely for certain, without any doubts and without any need to have faith.

    I have learned something else over the 70 years I have stumbled through this life – trying to reason logically with a “believer” about that which they “believe”, is like trying to reveal to cattle that they are about to be slaughtered – it is a waste of time. This post is for Arch Stanton, and those who who spend a lot of time in the “logical” room, like he does.

    Thanks, Arch Stanton.

  14. Frederick says:

    Blaming Jesus Christ or God because things didn’t work out as you’d except, is pretty lame when we have only ourselves to be responsible for our misfortunes.

    I hear this often that a Christian hurt my feelings did this or that very wrong a bad experience or the Bible is not what I except. Too bad for you, have your piety party and get over it, and don’t be bring your hurt feeling here!

    “This is the fix we are in. If the universe is not governed by an absolute goodness, then all our efforts are in the long run hopeless. But if it is, then we are making ourselves enemies to that goodness every day, and are not in the least likely to do any better tomorrow, and so our case is hopeless again. We cannot do without it, and we cannot do with it. God is the only comfort, He is also the supreme terror: the thing we most need and the thing we most want to hide from. He is our only possible ally, and we have made ourselves His enemies. Some people talk as if meeting the gaze of absolute goodness would be fun. They need to think again. They are still only playing with religion.”
    ? C.S. Lewis


  15. Frederick says:

    Blaming Jesus Christ or God because things didn’t work out as you’d except, is pretty lame when we have only ourselves to be responsible for our misfortunes.

    I hear this often that a Christian hurt my feelings did this or that very wrong a bad experience or the Bible is not what I except. Too bad for you, have your piety party and get over it, and don’t be bring your hurt feeling here!

    “This is the fix we are in. If the universe is not governed by an absolute goodness, then all our efforts are in the long run hopeless. But if it is, then we are making ourselves enemies to that goodness every day, and are not in the least likely to do any better tomorrow, and so our case is hopeless again. We cannot do without it, and we cannot do with it. God is the only comfort, He is also the supreme terror: the thing we most need and the thing we most want to hide from. He is our only possible ally, and we have made ourselves His enemies. Some people talk as if meeting the gaze of absolute goodness would be fun. They need to think again. They are still only playing with religion.”
    ? C.S. Lewis


  16. Frederick says:

    sorry for that double!

  17. Arch Stanton says:

    “This is the fix we are in. If the universe is not governed by an absolute goodness, then all our efforts are in the long run hopeless.”

    I have covered this before, but it is a point worthy of reflection. There is no “good,” no “bad,” no “evil”. These are merely constructs of the human mind. Step outside humanity and these concepts cease to exist. There is only what is; coloring one’s perception with such false notions deprives one of the full faculties required to make an informed decision, i.e. when we like, or do not like something, we are prone towards making irrational decisions.

    The most valuable advice I ever received was “don’t take it personally”. Our ideas about “good” and “evil” are products of our personal attitudes about a given subject, so we are continually “taking things personally”. Thus, what one person might view as “good” (for them) is “evil” for those suffering from the effects from another’s desire for “good.” The same idea is incorporated in the presently popular notion that one man’s freedom fighter (good) is another man’s terrorist (evil). Yet, these strict constructs of the human mind typically govern our attitudes about various subjects.

    Concepts like “good” and “bad” or “evil” are intended to keep man’s wild passions in check. Morals are superficially imposed by a culture upon man to suppress the nature of the wild beast. Without such restraints, man functions at the same level as other animals. It is critical to remember moral restraints do not work with the self-obsessed psychopath.

    Morals then are mechanical checks and balances that keep man’s passions in line until he advances to the point where his beastly, self-obsessed, emotions are superseded by his truly human nature, one not governed by emotions. Mystics claim the ultimate goal of the design is for man to become fully human through service to the design. This goal is achieved in the form of service to others. The psychopath views this as insane reasoning, thinking only: “What use is this action if I do not benefit directly from it?” Thus, a psychopath can never be truly human, but only a flawed reflection of what it is to be truly human.

    Lacking emotions, psychopaths are not burdened by moralistic concepts. Their worldview is not what is good or bad, but “what’s in it for me?” For the psychopath “good” is only what benefits them and “bad” is that which detracts from their plans or desires. This self-centered worldview is also that of very young children. Oddly, while we are loath to allow such childish attitudes to continue governing our children, we often allow, or even support, such attitudes in adults.

    Normally when one sets out to design something, say an automobile, they do not begin by laying out all the functional and dysfunctional aspects that will be incorporated into the design. Problems arising from such designs stem not from the designer’s intent, but from the complexity of the design. All designs and plans have problems. Since man’s designs exhibit such flaws, is it not reasonable to think the “grand design” might have the same issues? After all, are we not reflections of the design itself? Therefore, would we not reflect the same properties of the larger design perhaps on a smaller scale?

    One of the very first principals of martial arts is to overcome one’s anger during a confrontation, as anger greatly interferes with the rational thought process. Hatred develops from long term affairs with anger. Disassociation is the answer to both hatred and anger. Imagine maintaining the same neutral emotional state during a personal attack as when one is viewing a similar attack on television, and the immensity of the problem with emotional attachment becomes glaringly evident. Yet, many perceived personal attacks stem from unrelated issues, with the attacked individual just happening to be a convenient focus for the attacker’s animosities.

    The underlying principal of the “scientific method” is to disassociate one’s emotional attachment from their thinking and replace it with experimentation. Yet, how often is this attempt truly successful when money is involved? Man’s attachment to wealth will color his perceptions about a given subject. Desire lies at the root of man’s problems and it doesn’t take much observation to verify this as fact. As it is sometimes pointed out, it’s not money that is the root of all “evil”, but the LOVE of, or desire for, money that lies at the root of “all evil”.

    The unemotional, dispassionate state is the key to a doctor’s diagnosis. When a patient comes into a hospital with serious pain or injury, they are in a highly emotional state, beset with doubts and fears, especially the fear of death. When a doctor diagnoses a patient’s condition, say cancer, the doctor is ostensibly disassociated from the problem. Therefore, the doctor will lay out the problem, along with possible solutions, with no thought of any personal impact.

    Association is why doctors are cautioned not to treat themselves or family members. Thus, when one begins examining a problem to find a solution, one must disassociate themselves from the issue before a clear thought process will emerge with the best solution. So where might one find “good” or “evil” in the doctor’s diagnosis? When a doctor diagnoses someone as a psychopath, where is the “good” or “evil” in such a diagnosis? Should it be any different when a healthy race is faced with a parasite infection stemming from what might well be design imperfections?

    Therefore, when assessing a problem, one should not begin by associating the problem with one’s emotional state; e.g. that “good” or “evil” components are inherent in the issue. Instead, one should strive mightily to see what truly is – i.e. the truth of the matter.

  18. Mevashir says:

    Good article.

    Jews claim that their rabbis cursed the Kennedy family when Joseph Kennedy Sr refused to help them escape from NAZI Europe.

    The Kennedys have met with an incredible number of bizarre tragic deaths.

    In this book about Jewish Mafia chief Meyer Lansky, he practically boasts of his role in assassinating Kennedy. Lansky claims that the Jewish Mob never forgave JFK for failing to overthrow Castro who had expropriated Mafia casinos and property in Cuba after the Revolution.

    Lansky doesn’t explicitly mention an Israeli role in killing JFK, but clearly he shows that organized crime Jewry had many reasons to hate him:

  19. anon says:

    “THIS WEEK Donald J. Trump’s rhetoric can be compared to his acts — and his acts not only fall far short of his words, they flatly contradict them. Do you remember his final campaign video? — the one that inspired so many people when he identified some of our people’s enemies — all of them ultra-elite and billionaire Jews? In it, he spoke to the massed crowd at one of his rallies as pictures of these enemies flashed on the screen: “[T]hose who control the levers of power in Washington… the global special interests… the global power structure that is responsible for the economic decisions that have robbed our working class, stripped our country of its wealth, and put that money into the pockets of a handful of large corporations and political entities.” As he spoke those words, the faces on the screen were those of Janet Yellen, Jewish head of the Federal Reserve bank; Lloyd Blankfein, Jewish head of notorious banking firm Goldman Sachs; and George Soros, Jewish billionaire hedge fund operator and political manipulator extraordinaire.

    So that’s what Trump said. But what has Trump done? He has appointed as his Secretary of the Treasury a Jew named Steven Mnuchin. Steven Mnuchin worked at Goldman Sachs for 17 years. Steven Mnuchin’s father was on the Goldman Sachs management committee. Steven Mnuchin’s mentor there was Lloyd Blankfein, one of those that Trump’s commercial told us was a part of the “global power structure” that was robbing the working class and stripping this country of its wealth. Steven Mnuchin says that Janet Yellen, another member of Trump’s “global power structure,” is “doing a good job.” Steven Mnuchin is also a Hollywood film producer and produced films with Politically Correct anti-White messages. Steven Mnuchin, who was a banking partner of George Soros himself. Steven Mnuchin, who is a hedge fund operator (Dune Capital Management) with all the parasitism that that implies. Steven Mnuchin is famous, in fact, for making billions off the misery of debt-laden homeowners during the real estate bubble a few years ago, buying a failed bank for pennies on the dollar, aggressively foreclosing on “loans,” then unloading the bank for $3.4 billion, while thousands of people lost their homes. In this boondoggle he was a partner of fellow hedge fund Jew John Paulson.

    And Trump was “upset” that Hillary had ties with the banking elite? — and that Ted Cruz’s wife worked for Goldman Sachs? Trump special counselor Steve Bannon is also a Goldman Sachs alumnus, like Mnuchin. Something has gone very, very wrong in the Trump camp — or was rotten there all along.”


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