What’s All This About ISIS Oil, Media Brainiacs?


By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

Over the last couple of weeks or so, I’ve been watching the non-stop BS on TV about this terrorist attack in Paris and frankly, I’m noticing the Zionist race brainwashing of White people is getting way, way too obvious and out-of-control. THEY insist we accept the mass immigration into our lands with non-Whites, whom they call “refugees” — no matter where they come from, who they are and why. Terrorists? They really don’t give a damn if they are or not, just as long as the White genocide program continues unabated.

White folks, they play on our emotions and our good graces all the time. Like when Obongo said we need to let in the “refugees” because of our noble “tradition of compassion” and “American core values.” They know exactly what buttons to push in us decent White people — like that little drowned Syrian boy who they broadcast a photograph of him dead on the beach in Lesbos, Greece (where the term “lesbian” comes from), after his parent’s boat sunk. They ran that photo all over the national dinner time news hour expressly to elicit our sympathies for the flood of more Muslims to come. It was clear what they were up to.*

The SOBs have been jerking our chains for decades now. Don’t you see? Notice how they always have to have some sort of “boogieman” to work us up and fill our little heads. It might even be a relatively piddly threat, a “let it happen on purpose” terrorist event or maybe even a full-blown, orchestrated false-flag — but whatever it is, they can easily blow it all up to scare us into going along with their various Geopolitical agendas and social cross agendas (seemingly non-related issues are often used to reinforce something else “PC”  in your head). These mass population manipulation techniques and global chess games are really so last century.

Let me tell you about this one “little” thing a smart TV Jew “expert” himself briefly mentioned on CNN the other day that should make you think BIG TIME about the huge head job the media is doing to Americans. Yet the TV anchor person totally ignored the implications. It’s so short and sweet, you’ll understand immediately the BS without anyone having the least excuse to call you a “conspiracy nut” or whatever MEME they now have out there designed to keep your mouth shut.

They put this guy's wanted shot on TV every five minutes, meanwhile the "History" Channel and NatGeo had the latest Nazi documentaries.

They put this Muzzie guy’s wanted shot on US cable news every five minutes; meanwhile, the “History” Channel and NatGeo rolled out the latest WWII Nazi/Holocaust/Slavery/Jim Crow documentaries — or just re-ran old things for the umpteenth time.

During the past couple of weeks, they constantly trotted out on TV all sorts of Jew “terrorism experts” to tell us what to think because of the Paris ISIS attacks and how we should not conflate it with any of the “refugees” coming into the US and Europe because that would go against our “core values” and us being a “nation of immigrants” BS. It was practically every minute — even FOX (so fair and balanced).

Funny, how all these people work on the same page when it comes to certain topics, huh?

There’s so many of these NWO Zionist “Think Tank” operations making money off the terrorism subject it’s ridiculous. Anyway, they had this one Jew Think Tanker guy with a nicely trimmed, part gray, full beard come on CNN (I think — you’ll have to forgive me for not writing down his Jewy name and doing a quick screen shot with my cell phone — there’s just so many on TV these days).

Mr. Terror Jewboy was explaining simple methods they can use to eradicate ISIS. Fine. But one thing he briefly said should give everyone pause. He quickly mentioned ISIS getting money from oil. Everybody seems to know this, already. I believe Putin himself even said this was going on. ISIS is reported to make over a million dollars PER DAY on oil they somehow manage to pump out of the ground in the parts of Northern Iraq they took over. But where does all that oil go? Tell me: Don’t you think the real “powers that be” would know exactly where it goes?

As usual, nobody at CNN said SQUAT when it briefly came out of his smug Jew mouth and straight face (as in serious, but he could have been a homo, knowing Jews).

No, they don’t run it with trucks down to the Persian Gulf, through hated enemy Shiite-controlled southern Iraq. They don’t run it to the Mediterranean through the one seaport in Syria controlled by Assad and where Putin’s Russian warships dock. And they probably don’t run it across the Golan heights into Israel (when it comes to these double-dealing shekel-grubbing rats, that might indeed be a possibility).

So that leaves Turkey, where it’s said to come across the border via trucks and sold to always unnamed European companies (probably owned by Jews). That would mean — drum roll, please — our supposed NATO ally, Turkey, is totally in bed with the purveyors of Jihadi terrorism in the West. You might think someone a little bigger than a guy like me would report on TV about all this.

Oil is not like running dope, where it’s packaged in somewhat easy to hide, nicely packaged kilo bags, like the Mexican Cartel does to the US, smuggling cocaine or weed. Oil is a much bigger liquid product, with a far less profit margin than illegal drugs, usually stored in 50 gallon metal drums — if not something larger. Picture all that in your head for a minute.

So brainiac, don’t you think all these people would know exactly where it’s coming across the border into Turkey, and be able to find out exactly the companies buying the stuff? If they did it with 50 gallon barrels of crude oil (now less than $50 each), it would be over 20,000 barrels piled up on massive truck convoys PER DAY. If they had 100 large-sized tractor trailer tankers (about 11,000 gallon capacity), they could easily spot these from the air — even Earth orbit intel satellites. Do they have a pipeline? They would know that from the comings and goings at each end. And you can surely bet ISIS didn’t dig any new trenches to run secret pipelines underground, either (anyone with real construction experience will agree with me 100%).

DOCTOR NOSo where’s James Bond when you need him? How many movie plotlines had him infiltrating the rich, evil guy’s global infrastructure to solve the danger in a few days? Hell, I’d be happy with just one of those 007 actress hotties, like Pussy Galore (“Goldfinger”) working the case, ha ha.

No, the real “power nexus” in charge would know exactly who was buying the oil and how ISIS (or whomever the folks are down there), are getting “the product” to them and making money off it. Turkey is supposedly one of our big major “allies” we dole out tax money to, remember?

The answer to all this is this: It’s not part of the “narrative.” They really don’t care about that side of it, once you get down to brass tacks. Oh, the media people know all about this going on, trust me. The treasonous bastards should all hang one day.

These people really don’t care when enraged Muslim “terrorists” kill innocent civilians in our cities (in fact, it’s “blowback” that can be callously used for THEIR political purposes, like whenever a White person goes haywire and shoots people). They don’t care when our American soldiers (usually White gentiles from “flyover” country) get killed or horribly mangled in the Mideast. And they certainly don’t care one iota when any non-Jewish little brown kid in a Muslim country gets blown to smithereens by a US 2000lb laser-guided smart bomb, cruise missile or drone-launched hellfire missile, either. Never have.

It’s not that I’m such a lovey-dovey, anti-war, peace-loving kind of guy, believe me. It’s all just the evil nature of humans not to give a crap about any other humans biting the big one. At least anyone not in their own families, or the ones of us at the bottom of the totem pole (where they have a spot reserved for us White Gentiles). Especially uncaring are the greedy, traitorous NWO bastards, Jew or not, living large on our dime. Wake the flock up to reality, White libtards.

In the meantime, they want us regular White taxpayers in the Western world to get all torqued over Assad and “Jihadis.” All Jew enemies, in case you haven’t noticed. Look, what the Zionist Jews really want is to get our military forces OVER THERE, while they continue to flood our lands through the backdoor with Third Worlders, so the White race is rendered politically powerless (getting there, if not already). They are quite purposefully turning our race into a spat-upon minority. Have been behind all this for decades now.

It really is that simple — even though they would call me an “ignorant hater” (part of the PC brainwashing methods used against the White race).

Sure, you might have the Saudis and Gulf emirates surreptitiously funding Sunnis in Syria (say that fast). And America arming “moderate” revolutionaries against Assad (him being an enemy of sacred Israel, of course). But I’ve heard them talking about ISIS getting up to 40 million a month off the oil fields they took in upper Iraq, without the least amount of media questioning on where it’s going, who’s buying it and how.

Us White people are clearly getting taken for a ride. A huge GD ride!

PARIS ASIAN KID ON ABC*ABC “World News Tonight” had this touching scene (I’m still sobbing) where they interviewed this Asian “French” man and his cute little Asian boy in Paris after the attacks. They were looking at all the flowers and candles local Parisians left on the sidewalks at the site of the Friday night terror attacks. Asian daddy told the boy in French (they translated at the bottom of the screen) how the flowers and candles would protect him from the guns “all the mean, bad people had.” Right. You can tell how much sensitive PC/Race diversity/anti-Gun crap was jam-packed into that one scene, ABC just had to run the story on the dinner time news. For good measure, they repeated it again this past Friday night.


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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109 Responses to What’s All This About ISIS Oil, Media Brainiacs?

  1. Smitherines says:

    A few examples of why the Jews are winning follow my comments above.
    Never explained are why you have hair and fingernails as apes do and why humans are sometimes born with prehensile tails or even how wolves evolved into face licking dogs.
    “Greater things than this shall ye do also.”
    “The signs and wonders follow them that believe.”
    I ask “Where are yours?”

    And where do Giants with elongated skulls whom the Jewish controlled
    Smithsonian hide, or Europeans being here first, you can’t have it both
    ways, Jews push evolution, if it’s the TRUTH why would they????

    And why is Homosexuality prevent in today’s human/ape it’s
    impossible, the gene would of dies out two homo apes can’t procreate???

    Where is the missing link???

    Refute all the inconsistency Buchanan states World Changer??

    Making a Monkey Out of Darwin
    By Patrick J. Buchanan


  2. Smitherines says:

    “Karl Marx loved Darwinism,” writes Windchy. “To him, survival of the fittest as the source of progress justified violence in bringing about social and political change, in other words, the revolution.”

    “Darwin suits my purpose,” Marx wrote.
    Extracted Pat’s piece

  3. Smitherines says:

    Yet a theory can produce evil — and still be true.

    And here Windchy does his best demolition work.

    Darwin, he demonstrates, stole his theory from Alfred Wallace, who had sent him a “completed formal paper on evolution by natural selection.”

    “All my originality … will be smashed,” wailed Darwin when he got Wallace’s manuscript.

    Darwin also lied in “The Origin of Species” about believing in a Creator. By 1859, he was a confirmed agnostic and so admitted in his posthumous autobiography, which was censored by his family. More extracted

  4. Smitherines says:

    “Discovered in England in 1912, Piltdown Man was a sensation until exposed by a 1950s investigator as the skull of a Medieval Englishman attached to the jaw of an Asian ape whose teeth had been filed down to look human and whose bones had been stained to look old.

    Yet three English scientists were knighted for Piltdown Man.”

    Enjoy Karen 🙂

  5. Smitherines says:

    World Changer says:
    November 28, 2015 at 11:59 am

    A few examples of why the Jews are winning follow my comments above.
    Never explained are why you have hair and fingernails as apes do and why humans are sometimes born with prehensile tails or even how wolves evolved into face licking dogs.

    The next smartest creature to man is not even a simian it’s dolphins,
    killer whales and whales sea living mammals that have intricate
    social systems, communication protocols of echo location, some where so
    advanced the Navy had a program of training dolphins to actually find mines
    and put devices on, so they could detonate them.

  6. bubba says:

    Turkey About to Get BTFO by Russia



    Pretty good article.

    Was listening to some Non MSM commentators.
    Apparently their is about an 80 mile wide border strip that is crucial to Turkey…that if Russia takes control ISIS is choked off.

    I am just wondering if Erdogan may get f*cked over the way the Poles did in WW2, promises of Allied help that never happened ?

  7. Karen says:

    World Changer, go change your poopy drawers…”Putin is a Jew raised by Rabbi’s”… WTF are you doing here? You’re an embarrassment.

  8. Karen says:

    World Changer, YOU ARE NOT EVOLVED! I’ll take any ‘trailer trash’ gummo white over your ilk any day.

  9. Karen says:

    By the way World Changer, simple-minded spineless putty brain, I believe aliens exist, but it they are intelligent which seems logical, YOU WOULD BE ONE OF THE FIRST TO BE LASERED INTO PARTICLES.

  10. Karen says:

    I still don’t get it. Phillip Marlowe, writer par excellence, highly intelligent, first class education, all-around nice guy, animal lover, jew-wise, appreciates the feminine, securely masculine, tolerates idiots spitting all over his good works.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      OK, ok, WTF is going on here?

      Here I am trying to alert you Whites to what the filthy Jews are doing to us Whites, and all the crime being committed upon us by blacks, and you’re fighting with each other.

      I can’t keep track here of every GD thing. Who’s the filthy HASBARAT commenting on my site?

      • INCOG MAN says:

        Damn, I write this article here, exposing the whole rotten deal, then it all comes out — completely verifying my logic. I spent several days writing it, too.

        And what do I get? A bunch of BS out of you people. I’m thinking about turning off commenting altogether. Hell, I oughtta just go Jew and Gay.

      • INCOG MAN says:

        And I do all my own photoshop work on top of it!

  11. Bailey says:

    @ 2:52 pm,

    That’s just Karen being her usual asshole self.

    My beard is shorter and I have less hair on my head.

    Ohh baby , show us a pic of your super electrician husband,


  12. Karen says:

    Well Bailey, you’re obviously a goy like me. Smitherines and the rest of the crew have disappeared. Christmas shopping? or the Sabbat? (Saturday- Jewish holy day -Saturn Death Cult}

  13. Karen says:

    You know damn well it isn’t me.

  14. Karen says:

    Bailey, here he is, only he’s on tv instead of wiringhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXh01HjtBV4

  15. INCOG MAN says:

    How bout you dickwads contribute me some dough? I’m all hot to buy some new ass kicking boots.

  16. Karen says:

    OK, but we can’t afford much, hubby is blue collar and I haven’t worked in years and what he does earn, most of it goes into taxes to support the trough guzzling pig politicians, Chinese, Indian and Mid-East immigrants, welfare sow-breeders

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Then GTF out there and start talking to your pals.

      Come back here and let us know who you talked to and how it went. Then get THEM to send me dough for some ass kicking boots.

  17. Frederick says:

    I just finished the best pork back ribs and a bacon rye sandwich with sauerkraut last evening, before night fall I’ll be buying some choice head cheese with pickles around the corner at the local Italian center and enjoy a bottle of Erdinger so we can relax tomorrow Lord’s Day Sunday and pig out! A great Christian white celebration!!


  18. Frederick says:

    Some dough to Mr. Incog, YOU GOT IT! I’ve tried in the past didn’t work, really? By midnight your get some bread, my word. And sir check out what I can offer you, more then dough!


  19. bubba says:

    White House on lockdown after fence-jumper caught: reports


    See…its not clear which side of the fence they were on…

  20. Frank Fredenburg says:

    US Using 911 Trauma To Terrorize People: Analyst


    Scott Bennett is a former US Army psychological Warfare officer. This video is 8 minutes long. I don’t know if anyone else has posted this.

  21. sog says:

    kinda hopin pootin would keep bombing the usa funded isis …jew isis ..
    but he is trying economic sanctions …strange …
    we know the jew spews propaganda 24/7 ..
    jew are actuLLY a mix of many many etnicities …i repeat ..not a race but a collective mental condition …why are they so bent on the fraud of “immigration” into monolithic countries that are only white ones ..they arent sendin em into checkos or bosnia etc ..
    it seems that the death knell is in the bag as no one is actively exterminating muslims as a duty to mankind and culling the communist jews …
    the check mate is coming …live free or die trying ,is all i can muster ..
    seems like with all the stupid people today it is truly every mother fucker for himself ..find like minded people and hang on to them …the monster has gotten too large ..it will either start to devour people or collapse and fall on civilization ,either way certain limited amounts of total destruction are coming ..
    the kikes already did chernobyl ,fukashima ,9-11 ,kuta beach ,bali 2002 approx nuke ..
    ww2 nukes and the like ….kikes have seized power globally likethey did in russia 1917 ..
    yoo could bottle hope and sell it these days …keep your sense of humour
    get supplies ,food water and the 2nd amendment tools of choisce
    a simple eathquake will shut down this country
    at this point and they are looking for ways to mobilize their maliscious militia into our suburbs on a disaster mode ..etc on and on ..
    your doin a great job that other sites dont do i-man …

  22. Karen says:

    Smitherines, on Nov. 28th at 12:25 you claimed that I “break White Western mens balls” There seems to be a misunderstanding here. I don’t consider you a Western or any other sort of a man.

  23. Karen says:

    January 17th, 2009, Noble Energy out of Texas discovered a methane field in Tamar, a year later a gas field west of Tamar. Israel wants to export this gas to Asia or Europe, but to do so must build a pipeline through Syria but they don’t trust Assad, so they’re doing what they’ve done best throughout the ages, sow strife and civil war and when it all falls apart they can stroll in, sweep up the debris and take control. As an added bonus on top of the energy profits to be made, the Syrian refugees can migrate to White countries, two birds with one stone.

  24. Karen says:

    Jews own the gold, but today natural resources, especially gas and oil are more precious. Their old testament and talmud promise them the world and without control of resources they can’t have it.

  25. Smitherines says:

    INCOG MAN says:
    November 28, 2015 at 5:18 pm

    OK, ok, WTF is going on here?

    Here I am trying to alert you Whites to what the filthy Jews are doing to us Whites, and all the crime being committed upon us by blacks, and you’re fighting with each other

    BS go back beginning of the thread I put on what I thought could be next
    thread: homeless Philly pu by a pack of DINDUs dies cuz her babayzzzzz,
    Nutty karen is the one that stirs up the shit posting in other names I
    recognize the vocabulary and writing style anywhere!

  26. Smitherines says:

    Smitherines says:
    November 27, 2015 at 1:36 pm

    Here was the brutal BEAT DOWN by viscous DINDUs SheBoons leading the
    attack on this poor old defenseless White homeless man back in April 2015:

    « »
    Three juveniles are under arrest in the beating of a homeless man at a Philadelphia gas station. (Published Saturday, April 25, 2015)

    Police arrested three juveniles in connection to the caught-on-camera beating of a homeless man at a Philadelphia gas station.

    The three suspects are charged as juveniles with attempted murder, aggravated assault, simple assault and other related offenses.

    Another Woman Faces Charges in Vicious Beating

    A total of six people in all were arrested in connection to the brutal beating — involving a hammer, a piece of wood and Mace — outside the Sunoco gas station at 5th Street and Somerville Avenue in the city’s Olney section back on April 7. Kaisha Duggins, 24, Shareena Joachim, 24, and Aleathea Gillard, 34, are charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault, possessing instruments of crime and related offenses.

    Witnesses reported that during the attack one of the women screamed about marks on the face of a child, who could be seen in the end of surveillance footage that captured the attack, indicating the 51-year-old victim had hit the boy.
    Man Viciously Attacked at Gas Station
    [PHI] Man Viciously Attacked at Gas Station
    Keith Jones explains how a 51-year-old man was attacked by multiple people at a North Philadelphia gas station. (Published Saturday, April 11, 2015)

    Investigators have not confirmed an earlier altercation with the child prompted the violent attack, which left the victim hospitalized with severe head injuries.

    The surveillance video shows at least three others jump from a minivan and rush Robert Barnes as he stood outside the Sunoco station. Next they punched and stomped the man, even striking him with a hammer.

    Police Search for More Suspects in Vicious Beating

    Once the attackers finished their violent assault, one of the women grabbed a boy from the minivan and brought him over to the injured man.

    “One of the women was screaming look at my child’s face,” said Brittney Horsey, a witness. “He did this to my child’s face.”
    Caught on Camera: Vicious Gas Station Beating
    [PHI] Caught on Camera: Vicious Gas Station Beating
    A group of people — some carrying weapons including a hammer — got out of a minivan then badly beat a man outside an Olney gas station on April 7, said police. (Published Friday, April 10, 2015)

    At that point, the group got back in the minivan and sped off.

    Barnes remains hospitalized at Albert Einstein Medical Center in critical condition with severe head injuries. His sister, Diane Barnes, asked that everyone prays for her brother.

    Warning the video of the beat down is very graphic!


  27. Smitherines says:

    They’re saying now that the nigger was on PCP the one the ChiCongo cop had
    to shoot ala Rodney King and Saint Mike Brown, Trayvon was on LEAN
    which boost all these Negro’s normally HIGH testosterone and adrenaline
    levels to superhuman levels!

  28. Smitherines says:

    INCOG MAN says:
    November 28, 2015 at 5:44 pm

    And RedPill, you better just get yourself comfortable in SPAMblinka from now on. KISS MY WHITE HAIRY BUTT!

    I thought he’s White ex- Vet from early 1960s? Maybe half Ingin??

  29. Smitherines says:

    Philly homeless man beaten back in April just died, look at his head , how
    swollen and his sister choking back tears, and notice all the Jew controlled
    media words like” youths” when 3 White youths beat up two queers, last year,
    they had the race all over the article!!!!!And they are getting charged with
    “hate crime” which carries a much stiffer penalty, they’ll still be in jail
    and those two queers didn’t die, while all those Blacks will be out on
    parole or eligible in it in like 10 years?

    Read more at http://www.philly.com/philly/news/20151127_Homeless_beaten_in_April_outside_Phila__gas_station_dies.html#5W

  30. Smitherines says:

    Notice “DISABLED comment section” too, they know Kwan are waking up
    and they don’t want to risk , other White Kwan reading the TRUTH!


  31. Matt says:


    The old testament doesn’t promise the Jews the world. In fact it tells of their ultimate destruction, who Jesus in Luke 22, said “to fulfill all that has been written”. The Jews are blind and can’t seem to read what God has in store for them.

    1 Thessalonians 2:14-15 tells us the Jews are displeasing to God and that they murdered his only son and the prophets. Destruction awaits these Jews.

    Though you look for the wicked, you won’t be able to find them. Psalm 37:10

    The Jew’s days are numbered. When Jews are finally destroyed, the bible tells us to rejoice.

  32. larrynotthecableguy says:

    Only stupified, Jewified leaders would have admitted Turkey into NATO. Now Turkey is the Turn-Key to World War III, after which Jew-managed global government kicks in. Turkey has been instrumental in supplying ISIS and has been illegally buying ISIS oil.

    Either Putin puts a stop to Israel’s plot for Greater Israel, or expect things to get ugly. If things get ugly, expect Obama to stand with the Muslims, as he said in his book and as he has already been doing for seven years.

  33. Tom says:

    Karen: Judging from the amount of abuse you get (justified and not) I wonder why you continue to comment? Or is this like any other job?

    EU talking about letting Sultan Erdogan get full EU membership for Turkey. Then they can flood Europe legally. Right now they give each one $11,000 and send them on their way with arms to follow. If Turkey was admitted to full EU membership they could also give all the refugees they’ve collected from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Africa and elsewhere faux Turkish visas and they can swarm into Europe as well. Disarmed Europe is a sitting duck.

  34. Karen says:

    Yeah, but the pays ok

  35. Dave says:

    That was an interesting article. I believe last year that between my home state and North Dakota that we actually surpassed petro production of the highest output country in the Muslim world.

    There’s actually plenty here. People generally don’t know that we have more than them in that regards.

    Another thing that people don’t know is how much both the petrolium and chemical industries are married to each other. Seriously, your Advil is made from there! Ibuprofen is not where that road ends either. The end of petrolium isn’t just the end of gasoline powered vehicles.

    I’ve never ever heard talk about that from ANY mainstream media OR anywhere else for that matter. People just think that petroleum makes gasoline!

  36. Dave says:

    I’m not articulating correctly.

    GET THIS! The pharmaceutical companies NEED petrolium!

  37. Dave says:


    Modem medicine routinely uses radioactive elements that are man made that come from spent fuel from DOE regulated nuclear waste!

  38. Dave says:

    On an even more important note the Saudis have almost squandered their aquifers. They get virtually no rain so all the farms they made after being introduced to western drilling and pumping technology, well, they just pumped it all out!

    They made farms in the desert. Not like in Nevada. The REAL desert. That lasted for like a couple, few decades, imagine, just imagine!

    Those farms are closing. Literally, drying up. They squandered their WATER!

  39. Frederick says:

    Dave says:

    November 30, 2015 at 1:32 am

    I’m not articulating correctly.

    GET THIS! The pharmaceutical companies NEED petrolium!


    Modem medicine routinely uses radioactive elements that are man made that come from spent fuel from DOE regulated nuclear waste!

    I’m not surprized Dave, even though I didn’t know until you mentioned it.

    Just another way of Eugenics, to kill us off slowly. That why my new Doc, had me throw out all our traditional over the counter medicine, he’s a alternative. He’s a medical Doctor here in Alberta, but practises alternative medicines, the other MD’S despise him.

    He’s also say’s what making most of us sick is ‘Geoengineering,’ it’s also another form of eugenics.

    That’s funny, the Saudi’s are losing there fresh water! LOL!! Great on the pro -zio satanists!!


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