At Least a School in Haiti is Named After Her

MARYLYN AND KELLY ERB MURDER MONTAGETodd Erb’s wife and daughter were murdered by this black monster in December 2013… but he cried with joy that his murdered daughter has a preschool in Haiti named after her in a country founded upon White genocide.

At Least His Murdered Daughter (by a black male) has a Preschool in Haiti Named After Her… Have White People in Indianapolis Lost Their Minds?

From the site: SBPDL

From the film Death Wish, this exchange of dialogue has always resonated with me, more so with each passing year:

Paul Kersey: Nothing to do but cut and run, huh? What else? What about the old American social custom of self-defense? If the police don’t defend us, maybe we ought to do it ourselves.
Jack Toby: We’re not pioneers anymore, Dad.
Paul Kersey: What are we, Jack?
Jack Toby: What do you mean?
Paul Kersey: I mean, if we’re not pioneers, what have we become? What do you call people who, when they’re faced with a condition or fear, do nothing about it, they just run and hide?
Jack Toby: Civilized?
Paul Kersey: No.

Once a year, right around Christmas, I watch my Blu-ray copy of Death Wish.

Not sure why, but it’s always struck me as a movie taking place around Christmas.

I was thinking about this portion of the movie when reading about Todd Erb, a white male whose wife and daughter were murdered by a black male (Christian Rene Haley) in a “home invasion gone wrong” in Indianapolis back in December 2013.

Sounds eerily  like the Amanda Blackburn story, right? [Man whose wife, daughter died in 2013 home invasion, empathizes with Blackburns,, 11-25-15]

In researching more about Todd Erb, I found this strange story from 2014, which needs to read so it can be fully appreciated. [Faith sustains Westfield family after tragedy,, 5-13-14]:

Where is God on your worst day? Todd Erb would say He’s right beside him. Never left him. In fact, God’s been carrying Todd since the day that changed his life forever. 

On December 20, 2013, someone came into Todd Erb’s Westfield home and murdered his wife Marylyn and daughter Kelley. The day after Christmas, police arrested 21-year-old Christian Rene Haley for the crimes. According to court documents, the suspect worked three months at the Sundown Gardens landscape business co-owned by Todd Erb before getting fired for attendance problems. 

Now, for the first time, Todd Erb and his two other children are speaking out publicly about their faith through the tragedy and the women they lost. 

“Loving people. Just really what I would describe as the light and salt of the earth,” said Todd Erb. “If you could label anyone as the most kind, the most thoughtful, the most generous, in terms of both of them, that’s exactly how I think of them and what I would say about them.” 

Fifty-two-year-old Marylyn Erb was a stay-at-home mom. A proud grandma. She loved her kids and they loved her. 

“She was always my go-to person to talk about anything. The smallest thing. What I’m cooking for dinner,” said Lindsey Myers. 

“A huge amount of support and encouragement for me has been lost. It’s difficult to not have your mom to help you out with whatever might be going on, especially away at college,” said Marylyn’s son Brock Erb. 

Twenty-three-year-old Kelley Erb was a student at Ivy Tech and pursuing her degree in Early Childhood Education. She was also her brother’s best friend. 

“She was no doubt, an incredible sister and a great friend to me. I just miss my best friend to come home to,” said Brock Erb. “We grew up doing everything together, playing games, playing with toys and playing out in the yard. That friendship is frankly, what I miss the most.” 

Todd Erb says he and his wife built their marriage on a faith centered upon Christ. 

“In our home and we wanted to reflect that within our marriage and we wanted to reflect that with our kids. We brought them up, sent them to Christian school through Heritage Christian and solidified the things we were teaching here at home,” said Todd Erb. 

The family gathered in their Westfield home to talk openly about their faith journey since their loved ones were murdered. 

“When things happened early on, I would have to admit I was confused about things. Didn’t really know what purpose was in it, what plans God may have. 

Not only does it feel like God’s been beside me but He’s been carrying me the whole time. There’s a verse in Isaiah 41:10 that says, ‘Do not be afraid for I am your God. I will strengthen you. I will help you. I will hold onto you with my righteous right hand.’ And it feels like that’s what He’s done with me. He’s held onto me,” said Todd Erb. 

“After this incident, faith for me has become so much more real. It’s become the only source of strength to get you through the day,” said Brock Erb. 

For Todd Erb, the strength comes from prayer. 

“I never ever blamed God for this. Never accused Him of having caused this in any way. It’s just something that happened and something I believe He allowed to happen,” said Todd Erb. “Certainly anybody might stand back and ask the big question, why? Why would something like this happen? Or why could something like this happen? But I never questioned God as far as my faith weakening or blaming him because I really feel like He has plans for everything. Even in this incident, I believe there are plans that He has for myself and really the rest of my family. I think that’s still being revealed. I can’t say that I’ve figured it out in the last four months, but things are still being revealed.” 

The family has felt the prayers. 

“Armies of people all over the world that have lifted this family up. They can’t get them off their mind,” said Dr. Kent Erb, a cousin of Todd Erb. 

Todd Erb says he draws strength from reading the Bible. 

“It really reminds me of the story of Job, how God allowed Satan to test Job. I feel much the same way. Everything Job had – possessions, health, family – was taken from him. God’s challenge to Satan was test my servant Job and see if he doesn’t curse you. Satan’s challenge was he will curse you God. Job never did through all of His tests and all the things that he went through,” said Todd Erb. 

Erb says he decided to talk publicly about his faith in order to try and make a positive contribution to the community in the wake of the violence. 

“If someone can hear words of faith and to be encouraged, that’s the kind of message I’d like to portray,” said Todd Erb.

Immediately after the murders, Todd Erb stayed at his daughter’s home. When Erb decided to return to the house where the murders took place, Christian friends came to help and pray. 

“We literally went through each and every room of the house and prayed over each room in each house that any evil that entered would flee in the name of Jesus Christ. That was extremely comforting. It was almost immediately after that time of prayer, I just felt a strong peace and a comfort level that I hadn’t felt prior,” said Todd Erb. 

Todd Erb has returned to work at Sundown Gardens and ultimately decided to remain in the home as a way of standing up against the person accused of taking away so much of his life. Todd says he makes the choice to be positive. 

“Negative thoughts, negative reactions, negative attitudes only embitter myself and are only going to embitter the people that I’m around. I frankly don’t want any part of that negativity. I don’t want to fall into a depression to say woe is me. Look at me, I deserve to be down or depressed because of the magnitude of what’s happened. I just have never felt that way,” said Todd Erb. 

Not long after the murders, something sweet took place 1,600 miles away from Indiana. Friends traveling to Haiti named a school in Kelley’s honor, knowing how much she loved children and early childhood education. 

“Kelley Erb had a heart for children. You meet kids that you know are teachers. Hopefully, they’ll go into education. She was one of those. She was a child whisperer, especially with little ones,” said friend Karen Smith who traveled with her family to Haiti. “I thought, we’re starting this school in this orphanage and they have nothing and we’re bringing everything, starting from scratch, perhaps I can name it and it could be in her honor. I wanted to do something for her family. There is no card on the face of the earth, no flower arrangement, there is nothing that can speak the words that you want to say, and until I had that Holy Spirit pushing on my heart, I was at a loss what I could do for the beautiful Erb family. So now, there’s an actual school with the most adorable little children and there’s a little ray of light in a dark corner of the world and it’s in her honor.” 

Todd Erb remembers seeing the pictures of the Haiti school named for his daughter. 

“Fighting through the tears as I was looking through those pictures and reading her card, our hearts were just overjoyed really. The tears were tears of joy,” said Todd Erb. 

Later this year, the focus will turn toward the criminal trial and the man accused of committing the murders. But, Todd Erb does not want to speak specifically about it. 

“That individual will have his day in court and he will be under a jury of his peers. And whatever their judgement is going to be man’s judgement in a court of law. I really view when things are all said and done, that God will have the final judgement,” said Todd Erb. 

Until then, the family knows they are not in control. Yet, they know who is. 

“I would say that I felt compelled to rely upon, lean upon God and my faith more, absolutely more than in any other time in my life. I have no other perspective or no other choice other than to trust God. I don’t know of any other earthly thing that I could lean upon that would bring any more peace or any more comfort or any more assurance,” said Todd Erb. 

“My salvation tells me that my future home is in heaven. That I will be with my wife and with my daughter someday and rejoice with them knowing they’re rejoicing right now. That gives me a great deal of peace while I remain here on earth,” said Todd Erb. 

“(Todd) knows God didn’t waste this. He has complete, 100 percent faith that God will somehow cause this to impact lives for His kingdom, for His good,” said Dr. Kent Erb. 

Todd Erb’s children talked about how their faith has been tested. 

“After this incident, faith for me has become so much more real. It’s become the only source of strength to get you through the day and the only thing that gets you out of bed. It’s everything,” said Brock Erb. “Although it rocks your world and changes everything outwardly, inwardly in terms of growing in faith, I’ve come a long way from before this happened to now. As far as asking questions, the biggest question I find myself asking is what does God want to happen from all this? And if so, how can I be preparing myself to be obedient to that. Really, there are two options, running to God and clinging to him or trying to find fulfillment in anything but God which ultimately isn’t going to lead to what you’re looking for.” 

“I feel like my faith has definitely grown. I’ve had the foundation all my life of believing in God and trusting in Him. With this happening, it has grown my faith and deepened in such a profound way. Where else do I have to go but to trust in God that He has a plan and a purpose through all that has happened,” said Lindsey Myers. “I know 100 percent that my mom and sister are in heaven because they were believers of God. Being a Christ follower, I know I will be with them one day and I will be able to see them again. It’s just such a comfort to know I have that hope and I have that assurance.” 

Marylyn’s two children say they are relying on scripture with the hope of one day helping other people. 

“There’s a passage in 2nd Corinthians 1 that talks about God comforts us in order for us to grow and comfort other people. Right now, it’s extremely painful and God is right there comforting me. Maybe somewhere down the road I will be given the opportunity to help somebody else,” said Lindsey Myers. 

“The Psalms, for me, have been influential to me. There are so many verses that talk about how God will uphold you. He’s there for the broken and the broken-hearted. Just about every Psalm I read has a whole new meaning for my own life,” said Brock Erb. “There’s another verse Romans 8:28 that says, ‘And we know that in all things God works together for good for those who’ve been called according to his purpose.’ That was a verse that someone challenged me to memorize early on. It’s going to stick with me for the rest of my life.” 

Marylyn’s son had a final message for the community. 

“I personally would like to say thank you to all the people out there that have been praying for us and our family. I owe a huge thank you to a lot of people up at Purdue that have been surrounding me and helping me function on a daily basis. Those prayers have certainly been answered. God has been right there through this whole thing,” said Brock Erb. 

“They’ve passed the test. This is the test of a lifetime. Most of us won’t have a test close to this,” said Dr. Kent Erb.

Nothing says closure to your daughter being murdered by a black male like a bunch of white missionaries from Indiana naming a school in Haiti (a country founded upon the genocide of white people) after her… the Kelley Erb Preschool.


13 WTHR Indianapolis

Todd Erb and Davey Blackburn are the embodiment of why so many people who grew up going to church (myself included) now look upon modern Christianity with a sense of profound sadness, for it does nothing but perpetuate the very forces plotting exactly what happened to the French in the late 18th century in San Domingo/Haiti.


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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65 Responses to At Least a School in Haiti is Named After Her

  1. Flanders says:

    It’s not the Christianity – It’s the Judeo – that has brings insanity.

    Commenter: art

    “WWWWTTTTFFFF! are you kidding me; niggers to the left of us, gay humpers to the right of us, feminazis in front of us, satan worshippers behind us, poofs and trannies on top of us….taking away freedom of religion so as not to offend the queer eye crowd

    All right JESUS! stop the bus right now I want to get off at the next stop”.

  2. Tom says:

    Nietzsche seemed to hate Christianity–but a careful reading will show he hated the Christianity of Saul of Tarsus aka St. Paul, the father of Judeo-Christianity. This was essentially an otherworldly death cult having little in common with the teachings of Jesus Christ. Not surprising, as Saul was a Jew who killed Christians and never actually met Jesus. Was he the original infiltrator? If not, then you must “love the sinner and hate the sin” as the poor, demented man in the above story.

    I’ve always wanted to be accurate and have fully read 8 different versions of the Bible (Fenton my favorite) and several concordances. Jesus did not teach that you go to heaven when you die but that you are “asleep.” When he said “turn the other cheek” he meant a Christian was doubly bound to fulfill his or her obligations and should turn the other cheek to be struck twice for failure. Jesus told the disciples he would not drink wine again with them until they drank it new together in “the kingdom”–which was on Earth. Jesus differentiated among races–he said even the “dogs” could have the scraps from the childrens’ table. Certainly he was not talking about real dogs. His last instruction to the disciples was NOT to go to teach dispersed Jews but so-called “lost sheep.” Jesus spoke in parables because, as it it is today, Jews could prosecute hate speech in the court of Herod.

    A friend of mine visited Scandinavia and showed me pictures of a converted-Viking church with many axe marks on the doors (they did not bring weapons into church.) They certainly did not subscribe to pathological pacifism. Christians fought for 1500 years and this pacifistic doctrine was only discovered very recently–in time to destroy the white race–in the “Rothschild bible” aka the Scofield Bible. This Bible has spawned additional abominations such as “Good News for Modern Man.”

  3. soandso says:

    I wonder if they forgive the niger, maybe they think nobodys ever told the monkey about Jesus. Must be a very confusing time for them.

  4. Frederick says:

    Nietzsche, I’m going to argue it much, not worth it!

    His book, “God is dead,” is proof enough he was a type of ant-Christ.

    “The Christian conception of God–God as god of the sick, God as a spider, God as spirit–is one of the most corrupt conceptions of the divine ever attained on earth. It may even represent the low-water mark in the descending development of divine types. God degenerated into the contradiction of life, instead of being its transfiguration and eternal Yes! God as the declaration of war against life, against nature, against the will to live! God–the formula for every slander against “this world,” for every lie about the “beyond”! God–the deification of nothingness, the will to nothingness pronounced holy!” – Nietzsche

    These atheists don’t know when to give it up, because someone initially hurt there feeling they became obsessed with their personal hot air big mouth, bad hair day attacks on the of the Holy Bible. Mocking God is there game!

    No different with Richard Dawkins, Sarah Silverman, Mark Twain, Thomas Paine, Karl Marx, Thomas Huxley, George Carlin, just a few to name.

    I’m not against atheists per see, as Frank Zappa being atheist, he mentioned nothing negative about Christianity and exposed the NWO. He likely respected people of faith, may God have peace on him.

    When one make it their game to attack the Holy Bible solely for criticism, they end up with a detesting it, rather someone with a open mind seeking to be objective and finding hope and freedom!
    The predicament with the Holy Bible is the it says everything, good and bad, its all recorded for truth. Its all or nothing, divinely inspired or all BS, nothing between.

    With Paul the disciple, he was clearly a servant and approved by Christ Jesus, yes he was a murder of the early Church, but still God choose him after he repented of the perversion Judaism. That’s God’s business, I’m not going to question that.

    Believe what you may /want, but be careful how we align ourselves with?


  5. Flanders says:

    The Roots of “Christian-Zionism” – Scofield

  6. B-E-Devil says:

    Beware of the fish people, they are the true enemy.
    — Frank Zappa, speech to a pro-choice rally in Los Angeles around 1989-90

    Fred I’m pretty sure by the obvious rat-face look about him
    he is from the seed of cain. He may also have spoken yiddish.

    Just checked out the first few minutes of that video Flanders,
    looks interesting. Will watch now or sometime tomorrow.

    This episope by Texe Mars from last week was probably
    a lot like what that video is about.

    Judgment Begins in the House of the Lord—The Rise and Fall
    of the Christian Establishment
    November 25, 2015

  7. Frederick says:

    thx B-E-Devil,
    “Beware of the fish people, they are the true enemy.
    — Frank Zappa, speech to a pro-choice rally in Los Angeles around 1989-90”

    I didn’t know of that, however, being pro choice itself is not necessary being anti-Christ? Now being a Yiddish is something else. I’m not necessary supporting Zappa in any way just making a comparison.

    I like Texe Marrs!
    “Roots of “Christian-Zionism” – Scofield,

    that video is quite accurate of C.I. Scofield’s notes, he does say this BS. also his notes promote evolution as he the ‘God of the gaps’ in Genesis was divisional in the brethren movement.
    As we know this has nothing to do with the Holy Bible itself but with the notes or commentaries of Scofied. The zoinist as satan uses any tool for his perversions, it not only limited to christain -zoinism
    Good information Flanders!


  8. Peter says:

    Could somebody please help ? In our time period of 2015 years : the first 400 years, are there any documents available, that was written during this period of 400 years ?

  9. jimbo says:

    what a fuck-witz!
    but…to be fair…..would an “atheist” have behaved any differently?
    most of the agnostics/atheists i’v run across have been out-and-out shite-eating leftist loons!…..real divershitty-mongers……
    i’d really like to believe that not believing in xtianity would’v saved these white lives….
    but….in today’s EFFED-up world…….
    i just don’t know any-more, eh? 🙁

  10. RedPill says:


    Trained Players and Actors Making It Real

  11. Smitherines says:

    I’ve read your scripture quotes they are good, however many that seem to be support us though at the same breath are actually dead set against us. I’ve studied Friedrich Nietzsche and he certainly despised Christianity and Jesus Christ.
    Just saying.


    Yes, Ive seen Karen quote him, as well as Arthur Schopenhauer, German or
    Austrian (probably Jew mixed in) all subliminal or outright “anti-Christan”
    which to me is also “anti-White” they go hand and hand!

    All offshoots off Marxism: which at it’s root is to undermine our civilizations and
    CULTURE (as Dr, Dodd had stated in “School of Darkness”) all that CRAP
    BS class struggle is more Jew garbage and fairy-tales, he was a SCAM from the
    begging, fuckin Jew, preached classless society, but was furious when he could
    not finish life in luxury, another Jew telling you ‘do as I say not as I do.”

    Civilizations and CULTURE globally: that wouldn’t exist without the SPREAD of
    the Gospels!

    She’ll use all these authors quote these books then comes on to UNDERMINE the
    site with fake monikers JUST READ POST YOU CAN SMELL it out immediately
    it’s always the same “anti-Christian rhetoric” which is subliminally is “anti-White.”

  12. Smitherines says:

    It is true modern Christianity has been undermined and used to brainwash
    every form of Christianity to replace Jesus as their Lord and savior
    with Jews and their HolocaustinityL:

    Fredrick here is fellow Canadian, the late Dr. William Pierce on the Haiti fiasco:

  13. Smitherines says:

    But I caution communism is a “Godless/Christ-less” society brought on by Zionist
    Jews and you saw what Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castor, Ho Chi Minh how
    many dad between them all 150 million and Totalitarian Police States
    every one of them!

  14. Smitherines says:

    many dad between typo meant “how many died”

  15. Smitherines says:

    Once again this Old Stones classic dedicated to the thread!

  16. Bailey says:

    Those Jesus freaks
    they’re friendly but
    the shit they believe
    got their minds all shut.

    I’d like to say that this story is a “damn shame” but I don’t want to stir up the rats nest.

  17. Matt says:


    Whether the teaching goes back to Scofield, Calvin or whoever. They twist the scriptures in Genesis that says through Abraham all nations would be blessed. Jesus Christ was that descendant of Abraham, that through him all nations would be blessed with the free gift of eternal life, if they accept him.

    I went to Bible College for a while, I didn’t like the way they taught things. My brother has theological degree from a bible college and you can’t talk sense into him.

    I lived in something similar to a monastery for 2 ½ years and learned far more from own reading and communing with God.

    One of the main problems, in many of these bible colleges they teach their principles and are very lite on the word of God. Then students get stuck in those principles and when confronted with the actual word of God, they virtually have no reply other than to assert principles with no scriptural backing.

    Many of their sermons come from pre written subjects that they just re-read to the assembly. And a percentage of the people listen to the pastor like he’s their God.

    Instead of teaching the congregation to read and think on their own. As Paul said, follow me as I follow Christ.

    I think every denominations has in a form has been high jacked by the Jew’s false teachings which infiltrates to all their churches.

    I have had more than one pastor tell me that the Jews are the chosen people, and then I tell them the truth written in God’s word and they’re speechless or say yes, the only way to salvation for Jew or Gentile is through Jesus.

    Then why do they worship the flesh of the Jews who murdered Jesus or why are they willing to go out and commit the Jews murders and robbery.

    I go to a church and they bring up the Jews, I get up and walk out in disgust. I refuse to be part of glorifying Satan’s children. I also refuse to associate with any asserted Christian who does.

    With the technology and access to information, there is no excuse for any Christian to be supporting the devil’s children.

  18. bubba says:

    I am not seeing any leadership at the top of various Christian faiths.

    I do NOT trust the current Pope who is clearly Marxist which is incompatible with Christianity.

    Others are moronic Christian ID/Zionists .

    E Michael Jones did a good interview on Notre Dame University…

    Under late Theodore Hesburgh, Notre Dame took millions in Rockefeller funding and what it has done is turn Catholics into “Americans”.

    I don’t turn the other cheek more than once….after that its game on.

  19. Matt says:

    1 Timothy 5:8 “But if any provide not for his own, and especially for those of his own house, he has denied the faith, and is worse than an unbeliever.”

    Timothy tell us to look out after our own, which I believe is our own race of people.

    The Jews long ago hijacked the department of education, media and entertainment and through these, from the time a child is small, they’re taught that the worse form of a person in the whole world is a racist.

    What the Jews fear more than anything is a united, blessed white race.

    A person who sees the reality that races are different, a person who believes that their first obligation is to their family and their people.

    A person who believes that God has cursed nations and races, but he has also blessed races and nations.

    People ask me if I’m a racist, and I say yes, God has blessed and cursed races.

    I’m also asked if I’m an anti-Semite, I say yes I don’t support the Jews murders, robbery, banking, lies and so forth so that makes me an anti-Semite.

    The biggest lie indoctrination the Jews have taught our precious little children, is that all races are the same and anyone who doesn’t accept that lie is pure evil, and is subject and deserving of all the evils the our JOG can heap on them.

    Until our people get past the Jew’s lies and the stigma of being called “racist” or “anti-Semitic” the white people will not unite to throw these parasite Jews off our back.

    I feel pride in recognition of my people and knowing that God has created us as a blessed people.

    The thieving Jews are robbing Europeans of their prosperity, peace and blessings.

    We need to believe God’s word over the lying Jews, and know the blacks are cursed to be their brother’s servant. That the descendants of Japheth are blessed and that it’s evil before God not to look out after your own race of people.

    Then we can unite against the high jacking Jews. If left unchecked these Jews will destroy the country God gave us and genocide our people. These Christ killing Jews shouldn’t be deciding our fate.

  20. RedPill says:

    Dwight L. Smith Jr., 28 black bastard,
    Marsha Lee 65, white woman walking a dog,
    Ex-soldier ‘addicted to killing’ guilty but mentally ill.
    DOVER, Del. (AP) — A former NIGER soldier who said he became “addicted to killing” while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan pleaded guilty but mentally ill Friday to charges of raping and killing a WHITE 65 YEAR OLD Delaware woman.

  21. Tom says:


    HAITI, USA: Coming Soon…

    You don’t know how you got on the “watch list” and there’s no way to get off.

    Why would one want to disarm a population when it is allegedly under attack?

    8000 Syrian “refugees” will be coming to the U.S. this week. I’m guessing some of them will be ISIS and they’ll eventually be armed “for the big show.” Hordes of domestic blacks and other “chromatodermes” just wait for the ultimate chimpout on whitey…

  22. RedPill says:

    These Christ killing Jews shouldn’t be deciding our fate.

  23. Tom says:

    Nietzsche: it’s been 40 years since I read his books, but I distinctly remember him specifying Saul/Paul as embodying the negative aspects he attributes to “Christianity.”
    (We must also remember Nietzsche also said “when you go to woman go to her with the whip,” and look where that got him. He apparently died a virgin but contracted syphilis while caring for wounded soldiers during the Franco-Prussian war.) Nietzsche relied for his interpretation of Christianity on the existing Protestant and Catholic sects who were heavily influenced by Saul/Paul.

    In the case of the poor, deluded father of the murdered family–he does not have the right to forgive the he-boon for the murder of other people but only for the pain and loss to himself. (And, in addition to the crime against the victims, the offender also transgressed against God, who also has to forgive “it”. This is a legal point and why forgiveness among Christians was emphasized–because God could not forgive someone for a wrong against you unless you also forgave the wrong.) This has to be the ultimate delusion fed to Christians: that A can steal from B and C can magnanimously forgive A for stealing. This would make God, if He sanctioned it, a crook. It’s about as insane as saying “hate the biting of the wolf but not the wolf” or “hate the killing by the black savage but not the black savage.”

    In any case, I don’t recall most preachers in the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. telling soldiers to “turn the other cheek” over alleged transgressions by the Kaiser or Hitler, love the Japanese–hate the sin not the sinner, embrace the Chicoms to your bosom and show them “Christ’s love”, etc. I think there was a case recently where a preacher shot someone attacking the congregation–THAT is real “Christianity.”

  24. bubba says:

    Smitherines says:
    December 6, 2015 at 10:04 am

    Yeah that Dr Pierce video on Haiti is a classic.
    ” Around blacks…….never relax ”

    When you think about it….average Kike Jew are no different than the average black…they are controlled by heirarchical order……Rabbis versus Chiefs.

    White civilizations curse is Jews don’t stand out as well, they infiltrate.

    Unfortunately , the Haiti issue is happening everywhere, with people so brainwashed with Marxist programming they don’t see the quasi-Haiti conditions injected into society.

  25. Smitherines says:

    Bailey says:
    December 6, 2015 at 11:19 am

    Those Jesus freaks
    they’re friendly but
    the shit they believe
    got their minds all shut.

    I’d like to say that this story is a “damn shame” but I don’t want to stir up the rats nest.

    God it’s not really “Jesus” but “JeeBus” Bailey some fucked up idea of some”Jewish
    rabbi” (when the word Jew didn’t even exist) came out of Judea PS remember
    Ben-Hur ,Bailey where Charlton Heston’s character comes back and knocks
    on the door (with Star of David on it, which didn’t exist like the term Jew until
    modern times) and they make sure they show you this same with Yul Brenner
    in Solomon , the have Star of David on their chariots, it’s more subliminal
    brainwashing, then they call it “Hollywood historical inconsistencies” which
    is bullshit it’s deliberate.

    Jesus freaks are honoring some fake Jew character Zionists have given them
    nothing to do with the Word in the Bible that became man known as “Jesus

  26. Smitherines says:

    Star was on Ben-Hur’s belt and door knocker at his “Jewish House.”

  27. RedPill says:

    These Christ killing Jews shouldn’t be deciding our fate.
    this must be suppressed and hidden, because the truth sets you free.
    why moderate the truth?
    i know, because it’s not our fault, because the jews did it to us.
    (yea right) and willingly so we become as a jews, buying our way to our
    destruction. so we must adopt there slogan (never again).

    THE LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE THAT makes the jew our enemy who he is,
    the jew has no power over me.
    i will not forsake my God.
    RedPill hates originized religion of any ilk.
    and all those that believe they are little ”g” gods
    by virtue of what they falsely believe from inside there own brain
    and not from there heart.
    i ask you why do people think Jesus is a P.O.S.?
    well it’s because despite these venomous denials they show themselves to have all the caricature of the jew and their exaggerated egos.
    the fruit falls not far from it’s source.

    set your self free, come out of HER my people,
    that old whore of deception
    abandon false beliefs………………..

    these are my thoughts and not from any origination.
    i have no agenda to convert any one to any thing.
    ]call me any thing, but late for supper.

  28. Frederick says:

    Hi Smitherines,

    I wanted to doubt it about Zappa, and Bailey is right. I did some serious checking on Frank Zappa and he sucks! This can only mean that most comments were directed at us Christians, at the true Church, and not solely at the Jesus freaks, I’ve seen this way too many times I should have known! Also B-E-Devil did some checking which lead me to conclude and agree with him.

    “Fred I’m pretty sure by the obvious rat-face look about him
    he is from the seed of cain. He may also have spoken yiddish.”

    Beware of the fish people, they are the true enemy.
    — Frank Zappa, speech to a pro-choice rally in Los Angeles around 1989-90

    Just another dam little anti-Christ.


  29. Bailey says:

    Fredrick , You’re mistaking again.
    I’m a huge Frank Zappa fan and have been since i was about 4 when my uncle gave me Freak Out which he hated.
    I’ ve taken heat here over the years for that but the one thing i learned early in life is that i should think for myself – fuck what other people think.

    And look where i’m at today, the names hurled at me run off like water on a duck, the same as Zappas critics BS ran off of his.

    In a sense i learned early on to be my own man like the rats here accuse me of not being.

  30. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Have You Seen This Man?

    He murdered a white woman.

    Have you seen him?

    Here’s a mugshot for your list Incog.

  31. Frederick says:

    Bailey, I meant your comment was right about what Zappa quoted, as I really didn’t think Zappa said such remarks, that’s it!.
    “Those Jesus freaks
    they’re friendly but
    the shit they believe
    got their minds all shut”.

    Well I’m a huge fan of Jesus Christ as you know, and Zappa personally craps on my Lord. Then can I also think for my self and crap on Zappa? But I also know what you meant by posting that quote, I got it!

    I also don’t care about what people think, I’m who I am a follower of Christ.
    And I never accused you of being a rat or anything bloody jewish!

    If there was a misunderstanding I apologise? really!


  32. Matt says:

    Red Phil,

    If the Jew has “no control” over you, then why don’t you stop them from importing third world garbage that believes we come from reincarnated rats or that worship cows as holy.

    Why you’re at that, also, please stop them teaching our small children that homo perversion is OK.

    Then after you finish those chores I have about 100 more items on the list.

    Thank God you came along Super Red Phil, finally a real man in the house who won’t be a victim.

  33. Frederick says:

    thx RedPill ,

    “The jew has no power over me.”

    That’s why I have never called anyone here any bastard jew names, like goy or anything close, its a curse on us to repeat to anything from them filthy books. Anything from there perverted books, I don’t label no one with there derogatory remarks.

    set your self free, come out of HER my people,
    that old whore of deception
    abandon false beliefs………………..


    I agree, may the Lord thy God do whom what He wishes, I will follow Him only!


  34. Matt says:

    Frank Fredenburg, yes I saw him, but then again, all niggers look the same to me. 🙂

  35. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Trial Starts For Black Who Broke-In And Murdered Elderly White Couple

  36. Frederick says:

    Matt you sure you got the right Red Pill, you say bloody crap trying to stir up dam conflicts????

    Matt says:
    November 30, 2015 at 11:39 am
    “Norther Truth Seeker said he suspects infiltration. I warn everyone to watch out for Fredrick, I smell a Jew rat.”

    What’s with this you ass h…..??????


  37. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Black Arrested In 37-Year-Old (White Female) Murder Case

  38. Matt says:


    I told you already to not address me. Keep your garbage to yourself and I warned other of my suspensions about you.

    When Jesus was tried in the wilderness he rebuked Satan with the word of God. Satanic Jews hate the words of Jesus, just like you.


  39. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Jew Terrorist Joshua Goldberg Won’t Go To Trial

    Another jew walks free! Jewish/ISIS terrorist. He spends a little time in a mental hospital and then they declare him fit for release.

  40. Frederick says:

    Matt, you belong to some self righteous religious sect??


    Master of your self, you don’t and can’t control what others say or do here!


  41. Matt says:


    It really pisses you off me quoting the word of God. Doesn’t it.

    You’re a psychotic nut, a common inbreed Jew trait, maybe you should go back to the synagogue and have one of your Jew doctor buddies prescribe some meds.

  42. RedPill says:

    MATT, i caught you on your first post on this blog .

    that was when you called Jesus Christ a liar.
    you said the lost sheep of the house of Israel
    AKA the ten lost tribes.
    and you said they were dead.
    but Jesus said twice to his disciples.

    These twelve Jesus sent forth, and commanded them, saying, Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not: but go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

    But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

    you probably don’t have those verses from the book of Mathew in your bible.
    and they may have left them out and you were fooled.
    by the way i think several posters of this site might have caught that.
    well that just shows me you have no right to proclaim your self a man of the one GOD.
    think you need a holy ghost enema. (13sec.)

  43. bubba says:

    F*ck FRANK(enstein) ZAPPA..

    Whether he was a Kike &/or Shabbos Goy….is irrelevant

    Served no purpose other than controlled opposition
    What an @sshole

  44. RedPill says:

    North Dakota: Muslim raped, terrorized gas station clerk, uttered “Allah Akbar” during assault
    No state is or will be immune from the evils of the Islamic invasion being perpetrated by the U.S. government. Another well-vetted Muslim terrorizing America.

  45. Bailey says:

    You got your God Frederick and I got mine , peace !

    bubba , controlled opposition ?
    If you don’t know anything about the man you should STFU !

  46. B-E-Devil says:

    I sometimes enjoy your way with words bubba, but many
    around here think you’re a hasbarat and they will just
    dismiss your statement.

    I’ll try and explain why you’re correct and just maybe some
    will see why.

    Sure zappa is going to say some things that people might
    agree with. That’s how the spawn of satan lure you in.

    Watch this video with him playing the part of the good guy just wanting
    free speech. It’s funny how jews operate. The whole bunch of rat-faces
    pretend they’re for the good of man.. They even bring up the
    holocaust (of course) and zappa goes right along with it. Not a peep
    out of him on it.

    Read the quote of him saying:
    “The number of people who thought Hitler was right did not make
    him right…”

    The population of Germany in 1933 was around 60 million.
    Almost all Germans were Christian, belonging either
    to the Roman Catholic (ca. 20 million members) or the Protestant
    (ca. 40 million members) churches.

    That’s why zappa would mock Christianity he knew exactly what
    he was doing. He didn’t want American to ever become like the
    strong and proud Germans of 1933.

    zappa also said.
    “The biggest threat to America today is not communism.”

    Most Whites are Christians. They have been decieved like everyone
    else by the infiltration of satans spawn into believeing jews are
    something special.

    The world is going to need White Christians if it plans on overcoming
    the the type of world that the jews have planned for all of us.
    zappa didn’t do anything to awaking our fellow Whites.

    I know it’s hard to accept this Bailey and I mean no ill will to you, but
    you should understand just like your attachment to zappa since
    the age of 4.
    Think of how White Christians having been told that Jesus was a jew and
    jews are the chosen ones, probably also since the age of 4.
    It’s a tough nut to crack that belief that people have.
    Kind of like a rusted nut holding on a brake caliper.

    Here so you don’t have to watch the whole boring and scripted thing.
    Right when it begins communism is brought and at about 5:55
    the holocaust is brought up.

  47. Frederick says:

    Good video B-E-Devil ,

    All this about Zappa, I admit now was not a good guy. He’s certainty singling out the theology of Germany and as all Christians had some form of it and that made them fascists? I’m no supporter of Hitler or national socialism, nor any other form of government or politics.
    But the Germany people needed help and for a while Hitler did assist them with national socialism and the people in general were again productive and proud!
    Communism wasn’t the problem, seems is good according to Zappa, seems like many fake jews would feel the same.
    Demonizing a entire race of people, and all white because of there theology, but really that shouldn’t be a surprize coming from a atheist.
    some Christian must have hurt his feelings at a young age?
    Even though I WAS, caught off guard because of Zappas anti-NWO, yes as we may all know, Controlled opposition!

    Matt says:

    December 6, 2015 at 4:05 pm


    “It really pisses you off me quoting the word of God. Doesn’t it.”

    Even satan can quote scripture, your just a sect control freak!


  48. Matt says:

    Frederick, I don’t see you quoting God’s word, but then again, Jews read the Talmud not the bible.

  49. World Changer says:

    If God exists then he, she or it is an Atheist. If you claim unity with God then you are an Atheist by DEFAULT.
    Separation is a concept the priests use to extract money from you to “save” what was never lost.
    Your oversoul has had many incarnations and will have many more as it gains spiritual mass on its journey back to the perfection of ONE.
    Your connection to the whole can be demonstrated through a kundalini rising or what Christians refer to as the Holy Ghost.

  50. Hoff says:

    Full text.

    Everything by William Pierce is mandatory.

    Dr William L. Pierce – The Lesson of Haiti

    Don’t come and tell me you didn’t know. I just told you where look you stupid liberal shit for brain democrap.

  51. Tom says:

    The best way to rule these Haitan blacks was discovered by the Duvalier family using the wisdom of the voodoo priests…

    Upper-class Haitan black females always try to marry white if at all possible–for obvious reasons.

  52. squarepegroundhole says:

    Imagine this story in the 1950s-

    Jews have done a number on us Whites!

  53. protocolsRtrue says:

    I just came up with a new idea of how to end wars. We DO have a draft and forced conscription into the Army and Marines.

    Who’s eligible? First, all jews between the age of 10 and 65. No make that 70 since these are the fuckers we are fighting this stupid ass war for in the first place.
    Second, all kids the same age whose family income exceeds 100,000 dollars and their mommy or daddy is employed by the military industrial banking complex.
    Third. Anybody of any age who owns stock in defense industry businesses like Lockheed boeing general dynamics haliburtan Raytheon .
    Fourthly. , If we run out of soldiers from the above groups because we will eliminate the medical corps first then we start drafting people from the whitehouse outward to the capital building and keep going throughout the beltway and the Maryland Virginia suburbs.

    That should put an end to these endless wars. Take the profits out of war. General Smedley Butler and I could toast a beer together. War is a racket! Marine General Smedly Butler. Published long time ago. Get it. Read it. Heed it.

  54. squarepegroundhole says:

    The Jewish social engineers have destroyed every city with a heavy dose of the colored hoards- POOF ! Instant ghetto and RUINS, complete with sirens and crime scene tape.

    The taxpayer funded high-rise Negro incubators churn out gangbanging, home invading, raping, robbing murdering, animals.

    With no meaningful consequences the Niggers are acting up more and more. Wake up White people your family is next! The Jews are hell bent on turning every small decent community into a ghetto to rule over.

    Sadly many Whites cannot be saved overcome with multicultural propaganda. I look for the young Snoop Dog in the video to be adopted by some sick in the head White do-gooder. Perhaps a conservative couple with a heavy dose of WGS (White Guilt Syndrome)- that would be great for television! Better yet a gay couple might be just the thing to promote tolerance and sympathy. The Jews will not let the crisis go to waste. Promote the evil and profit off the misery, laughing all the way.

    The Jews are masters at keeping results of “affluent White families” intervention with Niggers. A great example is Lemaricus Devall “Slim” Davidson (I have included a murderpedia file to showcase this Jewish promoted Nigger) was taken in by such a family.

    Here is the quote from a Judge on more tranquilizers than an elephant could stand, “The judge took into account that Davidson had numerous chances to straighten himself out. At age 16, an affluent white family took him in. They testified for him at the penalty phase of Davidson’s trial. They gave him a car and he played on the sports teams at their private school. Davidson still went back to a life of crime. The judge finally said, “For you I have no mercy.”

    The swag money Nigger Davidson had the White family come and speak on his behalf at the trial of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom! Un-Fucking believable! These type of Whites are already dead and don’t know it, worse they are taking us with them.

    Great article Incog ! Way to make it stronger with illustrations. I sent the story out in emails!

  55. squarepegroundhole says:

    This video is not an easy one to find, maybe it can be saved here at incogman?

    Fathers point of view should be played for all White men to hear.

  56. Bailey says:

    And the sack of shit Baumgartner went off to federal “work camp” for 6 months.

  57. protocolsRtrue says:

    I thank you sprh for finding that one. It’s been out there for a while but whenever I try to search for it it is gone. To watch and listen to this man was Heartbreaking. Save this to your hardrives. The jews and niggers want this erased from history. The story of what his daughter went through and boyfriend went through is to horrifying to think about. So when I get my anger management ptsd over what scumbag cowards traitors committing treason did to me and my life and livelyhood effecting my family? I tell her some things are hard to forgive. And cannot be forgotten since I have a photographic memory anyway. But what this guy dealing with is 1000 times worse and the warning he tells the rest of us should be heard.

  58. squarepegroundhole says:

    PRT- Thanks for all your work – especially hanging a lantern on the protocols by linking them to modern day social ills! Hope you’re in my detainment camp- if I am captured?
    Merry Christmas!

  59. Bailey says:

    #Blacklivesfecalmatter video of the day,

    And the white sjw crowd can burn in hell!

  60. protocolsRtrue says:

    His eyes are purple from shedding tears and losing sleep over this. He cant stop sniffing because he is trying not to cry in public. Just a damn shame on America. And they want ME to keep paying for these animals and my own destruction and my Childrens destruction and my countries destruction? Sorry. Not me giving you jews and your pet niggers money anymore.

  61. Flanders says:

    Sabotuer365 reports on a Daily Beast article, saying that the Oklahoma cop recently convicted of “raping negroidesses” is a Pacific Islander or an Asian, but that the jewmedia WANTS him to be White.

    “The point of this post is to confirm that the media loves a white male oppressor, rapist, murderer, etc., even when the perp isn’t white.

    Holtzclaw’s case is not in any dimension an indictment of white men. Although, that’s what the liberal press wants it to be be.”
    “Court documents reveal that the exotic looking former football player is either Asian or a Pacific Islander. Apparently, one of his parents was white, the other nonwhite.

    Sorry, liberals, but unless you’re all white, you ain’t white. As some of my cruder friends might put it, you’re a mutt. Or a halfbreed. Or mystery meat. It doesn’t matter whether Holtzclaw is an Indian, Asian, or other nonwhite race.”

  62. protocolsRtrue says:

    What a loser. Who in their right mind would want to rape drug addicted prostitute nigger bitches? He should have went with the insanity defense he would have got off. Second, the stupidity defense. Hey buddy for ten bucks and a crack rock you could have got the shit anyway. Thirdly, I say let the man go with time served. He’s suffered enough.

  63. protocolsRtrue says:

    I can see the Holtzclaw guy in the cage. Hey what you in here for man? Raping prostitutes. You did WHAAATTT? Man that don’t even make no damn sense anyhow.

  64. protocolsRtrue says:

    Another day, another dead nigger. But this dindu nuffin nigger holding a small kid hostage armed with a knife and a gun. Skip the commercial. The reason I post this is because people ask me what’s the difference between a black and a negro and an African American and a nigger. This video shows you the difference, and you cant find it in a dictionary. First, you have your average ebt card fed black female. Then, you have an African American male, and finally, you have the nigger bitch with the red hair sitting in a lawn chair in front of her free public housing. That’s the difference.

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