Arab “Rape Game” Now Raging Across Europe

ANNETTA KAHANE IMMIGRANT RAPINGA freaky lefty Jew named Anetta Kahane (formerly a STASI secret police operative in Commie East Germany) has been put in charge of Germany’s efforts to censor the Internet of anti-Immigration comments made by White German people. These creeps not only have the power to delete whatever Whites over there say, but to actually come after you and put you under arrest for “Neo-Nazi” activity! (INCOG)

Taharrush: The new game in town


Hundreds of White girls were groped, beaten and raped by dirty muzzies all over Germany this past New Year’s Eve. After a few dared tell their stories (like Michelle above), liberal hypocrites called them racists! The “White guy-as-rapist” huckstering US media barely said a word on the story. Just think about that Duke-Lacrosse rape circus in 2006 and that ridiculous Rolling Stone/University of Virginia Jew lie-fest only recently. (INCOG)

From RENEGADE TRIBUNE Graphics, captions and layout by INCOG MAN.

The New Years Eve mass sexual assaults in Cologne and other European cities revealed the ugly face of it. Now, we actually have a name for it: Taharrush – the Arabic “rape game.”

This is a term which is now already starting to trend, which many of you may already be aware of, and it is one we are no doubt going to become increasingly familiar with it during 2016.

Taharrush is an Arabic term which roughly translates to “collective harassment,” whereby a large gang of Arabic men single out and surround a female, then proceed to sexually assault her, with some instances including actual penetrative rape.

These attacks are almost always carried out in public places at large gatherings such as demonstrations where the activities of the attackers are well-camouflaged.

Typically, the perpetrators form up in three circles, with the men in the inner circle physically abusing the woman while the next circle watches on, and the third outer circle acts to distract and divert the attention of the surrounding crowd.

Often the victim’s possessions are stolen in the melee.

Due to the large numbers of men involved and the chaos and confusion which ensues, these assaults usually go unpunished, as authorities are often unable to identify the perpetrators.

This lefty Forbes magazine "journalist" wrote that White guys were behind the Cologne attacks!

Forbes magazine financial journalist and NWO agent, Frances Coppola, tweeted the Cologne raping was really an anti-immigration false flag operation to close borders (she deleted her tweets soon after). Us “so evil” White guys just have to always be the baddies you know! (INCOG)

On New Years Eve we saw a whole string of simultaneous taharrush attacks against women in Germany (Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg, Bielefeld, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, and Stuttgart), Switzerland (Zurich), Austria (Vienna, Salzburg), and also in Sweden and Finland. And these are just the incidents we know about.

According to Holger Münch, the head of the German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), the events in Cologne are apparently the first case of Taharrush reported in Germany. However, with the credibility displayed by German authorities following the New Years Eve attacks being equal to zero, such a claim is almost totally meaningless. Münch’s claim might be true or might not be. Flip a coin or take your pick.

Thus far, a report from the Interior Ministry in North Rhine-Wesphalia (NRW) has stated that 516 criminal complaints had been made in the wake of these attacks in Germany, 237 of which are sexual in nature. To date, a total of 19 suspects have been identified, all of them Arabic foreigners. These include Algerians, Moroccans, Iranians, Syrians, an Iraqi, and one Serbian.

Despite the Arabic nationalities represented by the suspects listed above, the Taharrush phenomenon is also common in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and Yemen.

Taharrush would therefore appear to be a widespread phenomenon across much of the Islamic world.

CBS Lara Logan right before rapingCute blond reporter for CBS’ 60 Minutes, Lara Logan, only moments before getting dragged off, beaten and sexually assaulted in Cairo’s Tahrir Square by jacked-up muzzie savages. For several months, the US media didn’t report one GD thing, not because of protecting Logan’s reputation (which they will say), but because of PC. The White race is getting it from both ends! (INCOG)

Lara Logan and sexual violence in Egypt

British journalist, Natasha Smith, was another dumbass woman reporter sexually assaulted by crazed muzzie mobs in Tahrir Square. Funny, how you never hear about such things, huh? And I thought women's rights were important! (INCOG)

British journalist, Natasha Smith, was another PC numbskull reporter sexually assaulted by muzzie mobs in Tahrir Square. Funny, how you never hear about such things, huh? And I thought women’s rights were important! (INCOG)

One of the first known instances of Taharrush reported in the Western media occurred in 2011, after CBS reporter Lara Logan was assaulted by a group of about 200 Egyptian men in Cairo’s Tahrir Square while reporting on the resignation of Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak.

Logan was reportedly punched as well as beaten with flag poles, her clothes stripped off, her body violently pulled in different directions, and her hair pulled so hard that she she felt as if chunks of her scalp were being torn out. She was then subjected to 25 minutes of brutal sexual violence, where Logan stated that one man after the other groped her all over, while violating her with their hands.

Like a hapless piece of prey being torn apart by a pack of savage wild beasts, Logan firmly believed that she was going to die.

Her internal injuries were so severe that she has suffered recurring bouts of internal haemorrhaging not just for months, but years after the attack, requiring numerous admissions to hospital, the latest admission being as recent as 12 months ago.

A second Western woman suffered a similar ordeal in 2013, also at Tahrir Square in Cairo, part of which was recorded on camera. This incident has been uploaded online and can be viewed on YouTube (see the featured clip at the end of this article). The shocking footage shows the woman, a 22 year-old Dutch journalist, screaming as she is being dragged away by a group of Muslim men before being brutally raped, again resulting in severe injuries.

Violent sexual assaults against women have in fact been notoriously common at Cairo’s Tahrir Square, with many incidents being highly-publicized in Egypt.

However these attacks in Tahrir Square are merely a microcosm representing a much wider culture of sexual harassment against women not only in Egypt, but across much of the Islamic world as well.

Insofar as the sexual harassment of women in Egypt is concerned, Jadaliyya, an independent online publication produced by the ASI (Arab Studies Institute), states:

In Egypt, sexual harassment is widespread and touches the lives of the majority of women whether on the streets, in public transportation, or at the work place, the super market, or political protests.”

– Jadaliyya (online Arabic publication)

The Jadaliyya article goes on to state that victim-blaming for failing to dress modestly or wear a veil is a widespread cultural reality in Egypt, and that women who have suffered sexual harassment or assault are mostly too reluctant to report these incidents, fearing reprisals or labelling.

Jadaliyya also reports on the appalling reaction to the rape epidemic in Tahrir Square by the Egyptian government:

On 11 February 2013, a member of the Shura Council’s human rights committee blamed women for their rape in Tahrir [Square]. Later in April, the same member and others in the committee condemned signing the UN declaration for combating and eliminating all forms of violence against women claiming that it is an apostasy.”

– Jadaliyya

Taharrush is Arab rape culture, a real rape culture, and it is being red-carpeted right into the European continent.

[INCOG QUICK NOTE: This “rape culture” business only gets attention if it’s White frat boys at colleges and universities. Peeps of color are always innocent, even though black basketball and football players are always raping idiot drunk White girls.]


17 year-old blond Finnish girl kidnapped, tied-up, tortured, raped and burned alive by an illegal Afghani alien. WTF are we letting such dirty Third Worlder scum into our lands? And paying for it with our tax dollars, too! (INCOG)

But this sick “rape game” of course by no means represents the only form of sexual assaults being perpetrated against European and Western women by the Islamic invaders. By now there would be also be hundreds if not thousands of cases of one-on-one rapes. But how can we really be sure it isn’t even more than this? It is now glaringly obvious that we cannot rely on the mainstream media any more.

Perhaps among the most sickening recent incidents occurred in Finland with the rape, torture and murder of a 17 year-old Finnish girl, Jonna, by Ramin Azimin, a 26 year-old illegal alien from Afghanistan. After kidnapping, raping, and tying Jonna up, the invader went on to set her on fire, burning Jonna alive. He was convicted on November 26th 2015 and sentenced to life imprisonment (which in Finland means he will be eligible for parole in 12 years).

The rape game and the genocide game: the true culprits

Barbara Spectre: This is the kind of Jew pushing non-White African immigration into Sweden and the rest of Europe.

Smug Jewess creep couldn’t help bragging on how Jews were at the forefront of turning Europe into race caca. (INCOG)

In their own way, the New Years Eve sexual assaults serve as a grotesque kind of metaphor for a much wider rape of the European people and those of European descent all across the Western World, representing their ethnic displacement and gradual destruction.

And assuming that Barbara Lerner Spectre [right] is correct in what she infamously stated in 2010, this rape culture, as well as the intended destruction of the European people, can be attributed chiefly to one group of people:

Jews are going to be at the center of that [the forced multiculturalism of Europe] . . . and Jews will be resented because of our leading role.”

—Barbara Lerner Spectre, IBA-News, 2010

These are Spectre’s Jews: those Jews who are specifically playing a role in this deliberate, calculated genocide, largely behind the scenes. Here we have it straight from the horse’s mouth.

The clash of cultures becoming clearer

Despite all of this, the recent Arab sex attacks seem to have shaken the ground at least a little, giving temporary pause to the EU immigration apparatus.

In the words of senior EU officials, the mass sexual assaults in Germany were a “nail in the coffin” of the refugee policy. Furthermore, Dimitris Avramopoulos, the EU official in charge of migration, has voiced grave doubts about whether the refugee relocation programme is even workable.

But these may just be empty words aimed to mollify, with no real change in EU immigration policy planned.

Henriette Reker INSET

Henriette Reker, the Mayor of Cologne (probably Jewish by the looks of her), suggested German gals dress more modestly and keep one arm’s length distance away from “the men.” Riiiight. The goofy PC fool was stabbed last fall by a German guy pissed about her immigration-loving and survived, but she still hasn’t learned one damn thing. (INCOG)

Nonetheless, the clash of cultures is becoming clearer for all to see, and the native Europeans are becoming more and more aware that safety in their very own homelands is no longer a sure thing.

While Henriette Reker, the Mayor of Cologne, has infamously advised German women to reduce the chance of assault at the hands of Muslim invaders by keeping at least one arm’s length away from them, the chief of police in Vienna has requested Austrian women to not go out alone at night.

Basically, this advice amounts to a clear signal to the women of Germany and Austria that they are essentially on their own, that their own police force can no longer be relied upon to protect them from the predators of the Third World that Spectre’s Jews and collaborators such as Merkel have conspired to let into Europe.

So Europeans, the process of your gradual disempowerment and displacement should by now be becoming more and more evident to you.

On the up-side, there is a small silver lining to this ominous cloud. The events of New Years Eve are starting to force Europeans to slowly but surely band together. This grass roots movement is in its infancy stage, but nonetheless has manifested as much-needed vigilante groups such as Dusseldorf is Watching in Dusseldorf, and the Soldiers of Odin gang in Finland.

Members of the Soldiers of Odin gang in FinlandMembers of the Soldiers of Odin gang in Finland. According to the Finnish newspaper Aamulehti, Soldiers of Odin member Mika Ranta formed the group in the northern town of Kemi in response to Muslim invaders who were peering through the gates of primary schools to look at young girls. “The Soldiers of Odin” now boast hundreds of members across Finland.

So what now?

The mass sexual attacks on New Years Eve arguably represent the closest thing to a seismic shift in the minds of the masses that we have seen in Europe so far, even moreso than the Paris attacks. Even if the Paris attacks do represent a false flag operation, what really is at issue here is the public’s perception of events.

Although no one was killed in the Arab rape attacks on New Years Eve, there is still something so deeply disturbing, and so repugnant, about the rape of women in this manner that it hits a raw primal nerve deep within the human psyche, arguably even moreso than a murder or a mass shooting.

So what does 2016 hold for us given the start that it has gotten off to?

The clash of cultures is becoming clearer for all to see. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the narrative of the left, in particular multiculturalism, has taken a big hit.

Feminism also appears to be now coming under attack as the predictable rape apologia for Muslims occurs.

In the eyes of many, the credibility of the Merkel Government as well as the liberal mainstream media has almost been totally shot out of the sky. The mainstream media will no doubt attempt to keep a tighter lid on things throughout 2016, but large numbers of people are likely to defect to the alternative media.

Twit-for-brains Dutch Journalist, Joanie de Rijike, went off to Afghanistan to interview the Taliban. They held her captive for months, gang-raping her constantly. It cost her family $137,000 in ransom to get her back.

Twit-for-brains Dutch journalist libtard, Joanie de Rijike, went off to Afghanistan to interview the Taliban. She found them alright. They quickly chained her ass up, gang-raped her repeatedly and let stinky local goat herders have a go. It finally cost her family $137,000 in ransom to get her back. The gibbering idiot later said “they respected me and were not monsters.” Unbelievable. (INCOG)

Already, the term Taharrush is trending and awareness is spreading across the internet, and this is something the mainstream media is completely powerless to stop. In fact, the more that the mainstream media attempts to deny the reality of the situation and distract the public from real issues, the further its credibility will be eroded. It almost appears as if the mainstream media is painting itself into a corner from which there is no logical escape.

This does, however, bring up the very real concern of increased internet censorship.

An additional concern for 2016 is whether the Arab sex attacks or the likely European retaliation for them will be used as a pretext for a creeping police state in Europe.

Nonetheless, much effort on the part of our people to overcome the false narrative is starting to show results.

The fault-line caused by the events of New Years Eve is obvious, and has resulted in the credibility of Western leadership, the liberal narrative and the mainstream media crumbling that little bit more.

This presents us with an even greater opportunity to drive the wedge into the system even deeper and keep hammering away to cause as much damage to the whole rotten structure as possible.

Now is a golden time to capitalize. Now is an ideal time to strike hard and accelerate the momentum even further.

The goal should be nothing short of the total erosion and destruction of the credibility of the entire political system, the mainstream media and the leftist narrative. We must actively search for every piece of useful information: every crime, every contradiction, every indiscretion, and every chink in the armour that we can find, and then expose these with all and every means at our disposal to as wide an audience as possible.

In order to circumvent censorship as much as possible, and to increase awareness of what is occurring and where, we should actively seek to stay in contact with as many people as possible throughout the West (primarily Europe) via multiple social media platforms.

If the three elements of politics, media and the leftist narrative are undermined to the point of collapse, the entire system may well be doomed.

Can it be done?

Although our enemies are unlikely to simply sit back and passively watch everything unravel, something must be done. The alternative is to let the weeds keep growing to the point where it is too late to try anything.

In any case, race-conscious whites are not alone.

Already there appears to be outrage right across the spectrum in the West over these recent events, which includes whites who are not particularly race-conscious, as well as non-whites of various ethnicities who can clearly see that Islamic immigration has produced nothing but recurring bouts of total disaster.

This kind of “collective momentum,” for want of a better term, may well provide us with enough wind in our sails to help us drive that wedge in deeper than we could have otherwise hoped.

But most importantly of all, we must drive the wedge home to expose the true culprits behind all of the woes plaguing the Western World today: the Judeo-leftist elements that have operated behind the scenes to undermine and destroy our civilization.

If the wind is in our favour, and the spell of decades worth of Judeo-leftist poison broken, our people can be pushed closer to a mass awakening whereby they will finally believe in themselves and believe in their lands as their legitimate birthright.

If so, our people may well be able to finally look the Judeo-leftist conspirators and the invading hordes squarely in the eyes and finally decide that they and they alone own the soil they stand on, and do not have to share it with anyone.

Taharrush incident on June 30, 2013 in Tahrir Square, Cairo

Cute 16 year-old German White girl tells of how things are really like. Merkel and that crazy redhead commie Jew bitch and her liberal minions had this video removed from viewing in Germany! May soon even get totally censored in the US, too. [INCOG]


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. Barney says:

    Oops! What happened? Here (I hope) is the full post (ending with something based on the last post).

    I don’t remember the exact words used, but that nation-wrecking child abuser maggot t’hatchet (Maggie Thatcher) used to say things like

    “Stop wingeing you silly little children. I know what’s best for you”. Another Thatcher quote (accurate this time) that led to six million price increases was “greed is good”.

    Ever wondered why that now-dead piece of filth is still hated here in the sewer that was once England (and will be again)?

    The jew rabid scamoron (David Cameron), apparently cousin to the vile crypto-slime in the palace, is trying to outdo Thatcher, and may well succeed in becoming at least the second most hated politician of recent times.

    Everywhere we look we see jew slime. We’re ruled from tel-aviv or jewrusalem, and they don’t even pretend otherwise.


    I’ve got an idea for a flyer.

    In one half of a horizontal A4 sheet (“landscape” setting), print the “Sheeple” image we sometimes come across on the internet. I’d post a link if I could remember where I got it from. For anyone who hasn’t seen it, here’s a description.

    Below a drawing of a sheep are the words

    I am a sheeple

    Oh yes, I am a sheeple, and oh so proud to be
    I am way too smart to believe in a conspiracy
    Three towers falling straight down – it all makes sense to me
    They’re all just jealous of me, because I live so free.

    Terrorists in hiding everywhere I cannot see
    I know they’re out there because I heard it on TV
    My paper is honest, it would never lie to me
    Oh yes, I am a sheeple, and so proud to be.

    The UN is so stupid, as blind as it can be
    Antiwar protesters should be hanging from a tree
    They and all the traitors – ship them off to Germany
    But me, I am a sheeple, and oh so proud to be.

    We saved the Iraqis, the bad guys had to flee
    Now those people love us, they’re dancing with such glee
    The whole wide world should thank me, all on bended knee
    Oh yes, I am a sheeple, and oh so proud to be.

    Author unknown

    Print that, or something similar on one half of a horizontal A4 page, and in the other half, the quote by Edgar J Steele about 2.4 million jews in German-occupied territory at the start of jew war two, 3.8 million claiming compensation afterwards and “the remaining six million” having been lost.

    Print it, then put the paper back in the printer and print the other side. Cut it in half and you’ve got two A5 flyers, sheeple one side, jews on the other.

    Finally, here’s a tune I’d like to devote to all the devil’s gargoyles in the world.

  2. Barney says:

    Here’s another one. Niggers? jews? What’s the difference?

  3. sog says:

    heh heh maggot thatcher .. nice ..

  4. sadie says:

    Having been around the world a few times as a single young female, to n. Africa (Egypt, Morocco) and Turkey, and having lived overseas in countries where as a white person I stood out like a sore thumb, I will offer my lousy two cents:

    Most of these incidents happened in a crowd where a mob mentality quickly erupted. In some cases (Germany) I can almost be sure that a lot of these guys were drunk. In Egypt, they can get away with it due to the inherent sexism of the culture and the ineptitude of the police.

    In foreign countries, no matter which, if you are a single person, especially a young female, stay the hell away from crowds, especially crowds where it is likely that excessive drinking is going on. In any country where you are the standout because you are blond and female, this goes double. Use your common f’ing sense. I have been able to travel by myself to over 50 countries with few hassles just by not letting my guard down.

    I think the news crew in Egypt was exceptionally naive to put this reporter in that situation without having an armed security detail. Why did they have to put her (or anyone) in the middle of that crowd in the first place?

    As for the creepy “refugees” trolling primary schools and raping Europeans, I have no words. This is beyond intolerable.

  5. INCOG MAN says:

    Yeah, but don’t you get it about what the JOOS are doing to our countries?

  6. Israhell on Earth says:

    What would the hypocrites in Israel do if a jewish woman gets sexually assaulted by an arab or african mob? 5-10% of the population would beat the perps within an inch of their lives, maybe even kill them.

    We are ‘unwilling for an Arab to date a girl from among our people’: Israeli org uses Zion Square lynching to push racist agenda

    Israel’s Alternative Information Center (AIC) and +972 are both reporting on another racist flyer being distributed by Lahava , The Organisation for the Prevention of Assimilation in the Holy Land. The threatening flier warns Palestinians (“Arabs”) against “visiting Jerusalem malls or the pedestrian street….this isn’t the place for you.” The reason? Allegedly to protect Jewish women from contact with ‘Arabs’.

    Haggai Matar at +972 reports NGO Ir Amim has filed a complaint to police against Lehava, accusing it in incitement to racism and violence. All this comes on the heels of the August 16th Zion Square lynching in which attackers claimed their victims were trying to talk to a Jewish girl, a claim the victim has refuted.

    Haggai Matar at +972 translates Lehava’s flyer:

    Dear Arab guy:

    We don’t want you to get hurt!

    Our daughters are valuable to us,

    and just as you would not want a Jew to date your sister

    we unwilling are also unwilling for an Arab to date a girl from among our people.

    Just as you would do anything to stop a Jew from dating your sister – so do we!

    If you are thinking of visiting Jerusalem malls or the pedestrian street [Midrechov] with the intention of dating Jewish girls – this isn’t the place for you.

    You may walk around in your own village freely and find girlfriends there, not here!

    Last week an Arab who thought he might find Jewish girls got hurt.

    We don’t wish for you to get hurt,

    So respect our daughters’ honor

    As we mind it dearly!

    Lehava organization

    read more:


    Fascism and racism is not only tolerated, it’s official state policy and some politicians in the knesset condone violence to keep the jewish race pure. I’m not exaggerating, just watch some of David Sheen’s or Max Blumenthal’s videos…

  7. Bailey says:

    Sadie “the world traveler” doesn’t get it.
    Sadie would like us to believe that drunken Germans in large groups are just as dangerous as their unwelcome guests.
    Typical brain dead , liberal BS .
    Just stay away from crowds , all will be fine.
    Travel the world but don’t leave your hotel room.

  8. sadie says:

    Bailey –

    When I mentioned Germany, I was referring to the incident in Germany where Arabs were running amok and attacking women. I was saying (you obviously didn’t get it) that these Arabs were more than likely drunk. It was after all New Years and in a country where alcohol is allowed.

    I would still urge any female to stay away from crowds where there has been a lot of “partying” going on, aka drinking. Frankly, I don’t trust any kind of addict, and especially not groups of them. If you do choose to expose yourself to that, you are taking your chances.

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