Bill Cosby — Dirtbag Serial Rapist Finally Busted!

BILL COSBY BUSTED MUGSHOT Here’s Bill Cosby’s mug shot taken just the other day. Good God, that’s one freaky as hell Negroid! Below is a shot for a TV show or some such crap back during in his raping Hey Days — look at his eyes and that smirk — I bet you a wheel barrow full of our trashed dollars he’s laughing to himself about getting away with all his raping!

By Phillip Marlowe

Oh boy, I sure did love seeing that Huxtable Negro clown finally arrested for first degree “aggravated indecent assault” this past week. The ugly old bastard deserved something of the sort — like about 50 years ago. And did you notice most of his victims were hot young White women? Whether or not he gets convicted (let’s hope) is not material right now. He’s so old he’ll probably croak soon enough and end up burning in hell with the rest of his animalistic, demon race.

The SOB should've been busted years ago and now be a long forgotten story.

The dirty black SOB should have been busted years ago, hung by the neck until dead and long forgotten (he’s really not all that funny). That’s the trouble — we got these criminal blacks freely running wild, having themselves a grand old time in today’s PC-screwed America!

Let this be a lesson to those Whites who think kindly of elderly blacks. There’s a good chance such and such old Negro was a dirty molester, rapist or even murderer in his youth, middle-age — or possibly even just the day before! Perhaps he was merely a thief and robber when the opportunity presented itself (practically all blacks will steal anything not tied down). Hell, the rape case Bill Cosby was finally busted over happened only back in 2004 when he was 66 damn years old!

That’s why I can’t stand these ape-like Sub-Saharans from Africa one bit. They are about the most worthless, most disgusting, most criminal proto-humans running loose on the planet. And I do believe any advanced, star-traveling alien race would completely concur with my assessment.

DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER IF YOU’RE A WHITE LIBERAL! I would not wish for any Internet-induced heart attacks among Whites, even if you are a blithering multicult idiot. You blacks feel free. One less of you violent, ugly apes infesting America would indeed be a blessing to this country –and the planet!

You’re damn right I’m mad as hell. Got a problem with it? Then kiss my you-know-what! I’ve plain had it with playing the “Mr. Nice Guy” and getting pissed in the face by the White-haters on a daily basis, while they openly work to destroy my race.

Oh, sure, I’ve been all sweet and smiling to them in public. Well, at least to their butt-ugly, gorilla-like faces (as you can imagine, I’m a world class “stealth racist”). We kind of have to, since we’ve been forced into living with them on a day-to-day basis by the subversive Jews — constantly at work to keep the White race flummoxed while they quietly create their long-wished for Globalist Commie control of our formerly White Western lands (the NWO). You think that’s all nothing but “conspiracy theory?” Then you must be dumber than an iron wedge.NIGNOSTRILS

These subhuman apes, with their flattened noses and flaring, angry nostrils, the kinky, woolen Negroid hair and those purplish, big fat boot lips covering yellowed, chicken-chomping simian molars set in thick, brutish mandibles — are uglier than a mangy flea-bitten warthog and worth less than a pot of warmed-over dog piss.

Make note of the dull, glassy-eyed, vacuous animal-like eyes — constantly on the look-out for easy prey like the elderly to rob and rape, or to simply chow down on any rotten, disease-ridden animal carcass they luckily find laying out on the hot, dusty savannah veld. Totally vile and disgusting creatures, without a doubt.

And you can readily note the pinheads lack cranial capacity to harbor much intelligence. Scientifically, they’ve long known these Negroid beasts have greatly reduced IQ’s. In fact, IQ averages in Africa would be at a level considered mentally retarded in America! And the ones in the US are only a little better (what they do have is thanks to stolen White genetics due to the rare pervs and mudsharks among our kind, or the always perverted Jew creeps brainwashing us to live among these dirty, stinking apes).

Such disgusting proto-humans also have serious issues behaving themselves in public (to say so politely). The “muh dik” fixated male primates can sometimes be seen absently mindedly groping away at their genitalia, with dull, glazed-over expressions (I’ve actually witnessed suit-wearing apes — promoted way, way past the least semblance of reason and propriety — doing this in offices and public places).

nigras shaking those assesFemale simians might also be observed excitedly jumping around out in the street, shaking massive, flabby hineys in the hopes of attracting squealing ape males to jump up on “that thang.”

This behavior will soon earn them monthly checks from the state and federal government — apparently fond of such worthless creatures breeding at will — letting them stay at home watching hip-hop gibberish on TV, eat well and every nine months or so, crap out more societal parasites and future court cases of all kinds — rioters, looters, drug dealers, rapists, murderers of innocent White people, etc., etc., GD ET-CETERA.

Now, there used to be a time when our people knew exactly how to deal with raping apes like Bill Cosby — especially so if they dared lay hands upon members of the White race. In fact, it was often turned into a big civic outdoor party, kind of like the instant “raves” of today. Vendors went around selling real ice cream, grizzled old timers passed around the bootleg whiskey; while gay crowds of White people in fashionable straw boaters and feathered bonnets posed for that special Kodak Brownie “moment” — happily grinning in front of the corpse of the latest cocaine-crazed Negro rapist killer — hanging from a branch of an ancient mossy oak just outside city limits.

Ah, those were the days!

Barbara Bowman shows a picture of herself as innocent young blond babe when the ape drugged and raped her.

Barbara Bowman was an aspiring 17 year-old actress back when Cosby callously drugged and raped the girl after luring her to a “private audition.” The traitorous PC media first implied she was probably lying — until plenty of other women came out of the woodwork to tell of similar experiences and they couldn’t ignore it for black protection any longer.

So, am I saying here we should do that to “Mr. Huxtable nice guy” Bill Cosby, even at his age? Damn right I am.

And why the hell not?

Have you read of the things he did to those women? He basically drugged them on their ass and did whatever sick crap he wanted to get off. It was obvious he much preferred beautiful, young and naïve White chicks (out of almost 60 rape accusers, only four or five are black or some sort of bizarre mulatto mix). These were young girls dreaming to “make it” on the big or little screen and the sick, dirty black bastard took full advantage.

That tells me Cosby was satisfying his inner Negro hate for Whitey — long common with this disgusting, brutish race — even more totally screwed in the head these days with the constant drip-drip of Jewish anti-White media propaganda, meant to keep us Whites silent. And the White-hating PC BS keeps getting crazier by the day!

Just try to tell me: If a big time White celebrity was exposed as a black woman serial rapist going back for decades, don’t you think blacks, Jews and libtards would all be screaming “racism!” all over the media? Hell, the mothers still go on and on and on about a few slave mammys who may or may not have gotten raped like a million GD years ago in a few southern states by a handful of long-dead pervs!

Your typical White libtard idiots pretend to think blacks are just like us, trying to say they only have dark pigmented skin (often a fecal brown color, the same putrid shade of toilet water that hasn’t flushed completely). Liberals would recoil in horror at my earlier description of the black race, a White guy freely and openly describing these ugly simians accurately — they can’t handle anyone saying what all of us really think.

Everyday we’re forced to see this ugly-ass race walking around stores and offices like they own the place because “de beez peeps of color ‘an presdents.” Driving White-invented automobiles like crazy down on our modern White-engineered highways, never, ever letting in White drivers, cutting you off left and right when they get the chance, happily smacking away their ugly blue gums because they “gots de-selves” some nice, over-priced rims with a Jew bank loan they’ll soon forget to make payments. The SOB’s would be lucky as hell to drive a rusted piece of stolen, smuggled Jap crap if they lived in still sorry-ass Africa. Tell me that’s not true?

And lord have mercy, do they love those cell phones! They have them stuck up the side of their nappy little simian heads like every minute of the day, happily yapping away about whatever the stupid hell they are doing at that exact moment to some fat ho friend sitting on her fat ugly Negro welfare ass back in the ‘hood. “Ahs bee fixin’ some chitlens and gravy tuh-nite, Laqeisha, whuts yous be fixin’ da chillun whens de gets home from hard deh-monstratin’ aginst de ebil raycis whites popo shooting our incent mens folk fuh no good reason?”

And they are indeed about the most selfish GD brats ever. Barely and sullenly doing their jobs whenever a White customer shows up — happily yukking away and jive-talking forever if it’s a black ahead of you. Tell me you haven’t noticed all this by now?

And you would absolutely not believe the White-hating inanities they spout when commenting here on my site. I usually don’t let them out of my moderation que, but here’s a typical example (they all write pretty much the exact same line of Negro BS):

“More genetically recessive cave dweller latent homosexual sister fucking white people need to die. Fucking troglodytes.”

It’s hilarious the crap these stupid Negroes come up with, don’t they? They love that “genetically recessive” and “cave dwellers” line of bull. They actually believe Africa had all these wonderful suburban Flintstone houses and advanced civilizations governed by oh-so-wise, friendly and monogamous James Earl Jones-like tribal kings wearing gaily Afro-colored, machine-loomed cotton dashikis — before us primitive, inbred, mean-as-hell European Whites descended upon them and wiped it all out (even from the archeological record), in one big evil racist plot simply because that’s what us Whites so love to do. Yeah, right, idiot Negroes.

What kills me is they love saying we rape our sisters and kiddies and such, when blacks are always getting busted for doing this very kind of thing on a daily basis everywhere they live. Blacks are totally sick, nasty puppies. Always have been — always will be. Just go to the site NEW NATION NEWS and read about the latest cases for yourselves!

Effin’ animals.

Well, I didn’t write a whole lot much here about that Bill Cosby Negro POS (piece of you-know-what) story because I tend to go off on tangents sometimes like crazy. I know I get all worked up, no need to tell me.

I’m just so totally pissed about these violent apes running around acting like us Whites are always so evil when they rob, rape and murder us innocent Whites 24/7 or crazily slay stupid mudsharks practically every minute of the day. On top of it all, we have to listen to the constant whining, the never-ending accusations of “racism” this, “racism” that — all of which goes on and on and on and on!

The BS out of these black’s big fat mouths never stops, does it?


We need to start HANGING these worthless black apes, by the neck — UNTIL DEAD.


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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132 Responses to Bill Cosby — Dirtbag Serial Rapist Finally Busted!

  1. Blacks aren’t criminals! Evil Whites are framing them!:

    But seriously, negroes are pretty bad, but don’t lose sight of what the REAL problem is!:

  2. RedPill says:

    BREAKING: FBI en route to Oregon Federal Building occupation with scores of fully armed agents
    Federal Agents arrive in Oregon en masse, prepare to gain tactical advantage over militia with swift, hot, response effort

  3. bubba says:

    DICARLO says:
    January 3, 2016 at 7:34 pm

    Good insight..keep it going.
    As I have stated many times…reverse engineer. Often one has to be actually immersed in the BS before one can do the political etc. forensics.

    Da Joos had a lot ramped up in the 1960’s…once they got the electronic rabbi(TV)in homes and silver”stein’ screen(aka lower movies moral standards) .

    Like Shabbos Goy(?!?) Rod Steiger in:

    (i) ” The Pawnbroker ”

    The Pawnbroker is a 1964 drama film, directed by Sidney Lumet, starring Rod Steiger, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Brock Peters, Jaime Sánchez and Morgan Freeman in his feature film debut. It was adapted by Morton S. Fine and David Friedkin from the novel of the same name by Edward Lewis Wallant.

    The film was the first American movie to deal with the Jewish holocaust from the viewpoint of a survivor.[2] It earned international acclaim for Steiger, launching his career as an A-list actor.[3] The film was among the first American movies to feature nudity during the Production Code, and was the first film featuring bare breasts to receive Production Code approval. Although it was publicly announced to be a special exception, the controversy proved to be first of similar major challenges to the Code that ultimately led to its abandonment.[4]


    (ii) “The Heat of the Night”

    In the Heat of the Night is a 1967 American mystery drama film directed by Norman Jewison. It is based on John Ball’s 1965 novel of the same name which tells the story of Virgil Tibbs, a black police detective from Philadelphia, who becomes involved in a murder investigation in a racist small town in Mississippi. It stars Sidney Poitier, Rod Steiger, and Warren Oates, and was produced by Walter Mirisch. The screenplay was by Stirling Silliphant.

    The film won five Academy Awards, including the 1967 award for Best Picture.

    The film was followed by two sequels, They Call Me Mister Tibbs! in 1970, and The Organization in 1971. In 1988, it also became the basis of a television series adaptation of the same name.


    So as per usual…the Kikes used their Black slaves/pets to show some titties using the Holohoax(Ltd) as a masking agent.

    …. and then promote some Alpha BLACK Male …..Sidney Poitier the reverse engineering.

  4. Harold says:

    Jewish Stars Over Hollywood

    Who Controls Hollywood Today?

    The Jewish Post And Opinion of December 6, 1974 states:

    “Jews dominate Hollywood today as they did in its infancy, The Jewish presence in Hollywood is a historic fact, A majority of the producers and directors are Jewish while the Writers Guild is practically 70% to 100% Jewish!”

    What happens when non-Jews buy a film company? The Jews maintain control because it is “The Deal” in Hollywood which brings in the BIG MONEY! Buying the film story, signing stars to contracts, (who are under Jewish agents) and the distribution of the film to Jewish owned theater chains like Odeon. You had better be in solid with the Jews if you want to make money.

    November 16, 1989, the Japanese Sony Corp. bought Columbia Pictures and Tri-Star films. They immediately agreed to pay the all-time record sum of half-a-billion to two young Jews to run the studios. They are Jon Peters and Peter Guber to whom Sony paid $200 million for their production company and each received $50 million as a signing bonus plus $2.75 million each for five years!

    Universal Pictures is 100% Jew controlled with Lew Wasserman as chairman of MCA (the parent company). Universal president is Sidney Sheinberg with Thomas Pollack as film head. Their most anti-White movie is “Do The Right Thing” and their most anti-Christian film is “The Last Temptation of Christ.”

    Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer is run by the half-Jew Alan Ladd, Jr. (his mother being the Jewess Sue Carroll). He released the anti-South African film “Cry Freedom.” Paramount Pictures president is the Jew Mel Harris with Martin Davis chairman and Deborah Rosen as communications director.

    Fox TV is owned by the Jew Barry Diller which presents “Married With Children.” This is condemned by Rev. Donald Wildmon’s American Family Assn. “for portraying explicit sex, profanity and anti-Christian themes.”

    More Jewish Stars Over Hollywood

    There are hundreds of other Jews in Hollywood “stardom” – far too numerous to list them all here. However, the following are Jews whom many think are Gentiles: Ed Asner, Bea Arthur, Gene Barry, Richard Benjamin, Kevin Costner, Lee J. Cobb, Joan Collins, Richard Dreyfus, Ted Danson, Peter Falk (Columbo), Eddie Fisher, Harrison Ford, Richard Gere, Betty Grable, Sharon Gless, Steven Segall Dustin Hoffman, Monty Hall, Amy Irving, Jack Klugman, Leonard Nimoy, Ken Olin, Ron Perlman, George Segel, William Shatner, Peter Strauss, Rod Steiger, Jane Seymour, Barbara Walters, Debra Winger and Bruee Willis.

    The following are half-Jewish, Joan Collins, Goldie Hawn, Paul Newman, Robert DeNiro and Geraldo Rivera.

    Jews in the music field include, Billy Joel, Barry Manilow, Tony Martin, Bette Midler, Barbara Streisand and Ringo Starr.

    Here are but a few in the field of “comedy” which is 90% Jewish dominated! Roseanne Barr, David Brenner, Sid Caesar, Richard Dawson, Don Adams, Norm Crosby, George Jessel, Alan King, Carl Reiner, Don Rickles, Martha Reye, Garry Shandling, Henry Winkler and David Letterman.

    This is a bit old but relevant of course. The question is not what do the Edomite swine control, the question is what do they NOT control. They definitely control the nigz in America!

  5. Hoff says:

    In his book A History of the Jews in the Modern World, Howard Sachar describes the atmosphere of the Soviet “anti-Zionist” campaign in the wake of the Six-Day War:

    “In late July 1967, Moscow launched an unprecedented propaganda campaign against Zionism as a “world threat.” Defeat was attributed not to tiny Israel alone, but to an “all-powerful international force.” …

    In its flagrant vulgarity, the new propaganda assault soon achieved Nazi-era characteristics. The Soviet public was saturated with racist canards. Extracts from Trofim Kichko’s notorious 1963 volume, Judaism Without Embellishment, were extensively republished in the Soviet media.

    Yuri Ivanov’s Beware: Zionism, a book essentially replicated The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, was given nationwide coverage.“[4]

    What’s the point? Note the year 1967. In 1966 any jew who wanted to leave Soviet – for “israel”. First the jew ruled Soviet helped any jew who wanted to leave for “israel”, free one way ticket. Next the same jews slanders the same “israel” wholesale.

    Make sense don’t it? Total big jewry bullshit. The whole point is to make life in Soviet for jews as uncomfortable as possible. In Germany the zionist jews had good ol Adolf scare little jewry to leave Germany.

    Now big jewry did the same thing in Soviet. The jew m(asses) didn’t wanna go. So big jewry scared the Jews to leave. Now it make sense.

  6. Flanders says:

    “White female college student executed by a group of black males in Texas”

  7. Flanders says:

    Part 1

    “How can school segregation, based on earlier Supreme Court rulings, be constitutional on May 16, 1954, and unconstitutional on May 17, 1954, without any change in the Constitution? Obviously, the Supreme Court’s ruling was more political than judicial. As it relied on sociologists and other social scientists instead of the Constitution, previous Supreme Court rulings, and historical understanding and intent of the Constitution proves that the decision was political. The Supreme Court, especially since Franklin Roosevelt’s appointments, seldom lets the Constitution stand in the way of political expediency.
    Maston claims that the Supreme Court “has the final word concerning the meaning of the United States Constitution” (pp. 1-2). If so, it is because it has usurped such power and the President, Congress, and the States have let it get away with this usurpation. The Constitution grants it no such power or duty. President Jackson understood this when he ignored rulings of the Supreme Court. Having created and adopted the Constitution, the States should have the last say on what the Constitution means.
    In its ruling, the Supreme Court relied on the extremely elastic, and thus meaningless, “equal protection” clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. First, the Fourteenth Amendment was never legally, constitutionally, adopted. Second, it was never intended to apply to public schools. Those who wrote it, promoted its adoption, and adopted it never pushed for integrated schools. If this amendment were intended to prohibit segregated schools, schools across the country would have been desegregated 85 years earlier. The Supreme Court admitted that those who wrote and adopted the Fourteenth Amendment did not intend for it to integrate schools (p. 4).”

  8. Flanders says:

    Part 2:

    “The distinction that he makes between separation and segregation is that separation is voluntary while segregation is compulsory by custom or law or both. However, Whites are not allowed to separate voluntarily from other races. They must always be forced to integrate. Only Jews and nonwhites are allowed to separate.
    A better way to use these two terms is to use “segregation” to mean two or more groups living in a community or society keeping apart from each other in many or most of their activities. This keeping apart can be voluntary or coercive; it can be by choice, custom, or law. “Separation” means living in separate independent, autonomous communities or societies and not under the rule of or sharing rule with another race. When Black leaders speak of separation, this is the definition, that they usually use.”
    ” Matson claims that racial prejudice is the significant cause of segregation. He defines “prejudice” as “a prejudgment, or judgment not based on knowledge or experience. It implies an opinion based on insufficient or irrelevant data” (pp. 47-48). This is a good definition. Having lived, worked, and associated with Negroes for more than 400 years, no group knows the Negro better than the Southerner. He has more than 400 years of experience with and knowledge of the Negro. Whatever caused Southerners to adopt segregation, it was not racial prejudice as Maston and many others surmise. Racial prejudice may in part explain why sanctimonious Northerners, who are much less familiar with the Negro, segregated racially by custom.
    Moreover, Matson and others like him seldom, if ever, comment on the racial prejudice of Blacks. They seem to believe that only Whites are racists and possess racial prejudices. An honest review of recent decades reveals that Blacks are more racists and prejudice than Whites — and they do not even apologize for it.
    Matson seems to hold to the classic definition of “racism” as the “idea of the natural inferiority or superiority of race” (p. 49). Thus, if a person maintains that Blacks are superior to Whites at surviving in the lower latitudes because their highly pigmented skin prevents ultraviolet rays from destroying vitamin B-12, which is necessary for reproduction, he is a racist. Contrariwise, if he believes that Whites are superior to Blacks at surviving in the higher latitudes because their lightly pigmented skin allows ultraviolet rays to produce more vitamin D, which is necessary for overall good health, he is a racist. (The current definition of a racist is [1] a White person, [2] anyone who disagrees with President Obama or any of his policies.)”

  9. Hoff says:

    Asked if he, as president, would say no spying on Israeli officials at all, Trump said he would not rule out spying on Israeli officials if that helped make the United States “great”.

  10. Flanders says:

    Now that we have all had a good rest, let’s use an educational game – Let’s teach people how to play Jewnopoly.

  11. Flanders says:

    The jewess, Angela Merkel’s, “Mass “Refugee” Migration Is A Sham”.

    “No one in Syria had to flee the war, and they all have come to Europe just to seek money and take up jobs supposedly offered to them by Angela Merkel, an “asylum seeker”Syrian in Germany has admitted to the Huffington Post.

    The confession is contained in an article prepared by a well-known Iranian-born writer living in Germany, Ramin Peymani, and published in that newspaper’s German edition.”
    “The Syrian told Peymani that his mother lived in America, that that his sister was still in Syria.

    “Did you escape with your mother? Why your sister has not come?” Peymani asked.

    “No, I did not flee. None of us had to flee,” the Syrian freely admitted.”

    Peymani then asked him the logical next question: “Are you saying that most Syrians do not flee from war and persecution?”

    The Syrian answered: “Yes. My friends and I went because we didn’t want to go to the army. And because it is easier to get a good job and earn money in Europe.”
    “So why had they all now come to Europe, Peymani asked … to which the Syrian replied:

    “In the summer we saw on the Internet that Germany wanted people to live there. We were invited to come here. And it was said that the state would take care of us and we would be given jobs. But I cannot find one…”.

  12. Flanders says:

    Those mean old White people in Germany nailed a nail into this poor little jewesse’s head when she was only 2 or 3 years old. The Meanies. It was wintertime, too! [Watch to the end].

  13. The Elder of Zyklon-B says:

    EEEGADS! THE HORROR NEVER ENDS! What will evil whitey man think of next?
    Staying with our own is just so uncool and out of date. Every white woman needs a troup of little nigglets by her side.

    Read the idiotic comments of all the oh-so enlightened kwans.

  14. Smitherines says:

    Hoff says:
    January 3, 2016 at 12:36 pm

    Fuck that copy-past shitloads of text shiterine.

    Fuck you you Kibbutz loving bitch guy admitted on another site he lived
    in fickin Kibbutz, all your posts are the same tired shit stay on you own site!
    Jew Hofflinger! You pohny wait asshole lives in commie Kibbutz in Israel that’s
    a REAL white man?

  15. Smitherines says:

    Hoff says:
    January 3, 2016 at 12:36 pm

    Im tired this phony BS artist on Kapner site he admitted he LIVED in a
    Kibbutz in Israel, so whats to stop from running back in a new Police State?

    Don’t direct your comments to me again Jew boy!

  16. Smitherines says:

    @ Mat

    What was your boy Hoofshit doing in an Israeli Kibbutz?

  17. Bailey says:

    Oh yea, Holohoax tales are really getting weird now Flanders.
    Great ending to that video , we need to see more of that , people laughing at the jews and their bullshit is very uplifting.

  18. Hoff says:

    Click Shiterines nick, it’s a link and this is what you het:


  19. Flanders says:

    This is a shorthand description in order to avoid a longer essay, but it may be helpful to some who need a better understanding. If I’ve made any major errors, please point them out.

    The jews are not White people, and they would not fit in with Whites. The jews refuse to fit in with White people, except to use the skin color for a jewish camoflauge. The jews are a mixture of races, and come in different skin colors, but they fit within no defined race.

    Most people fail to comprehend that the jews are jewish because of their racial lineage which runs through the mother – THE MATRIARCHAL LINE. “True” jews are always through the mother’s line – [Certain jewish sects will recognize some jews born of the paternal line – but they are not treated as being fully jew by all jews.].

    JEWISHNESS by dent of lineage IS REGARDLESS OF their PERSONAL RELIGION OR even their ATHEISM – In other words, jews do NOT have to be of the jewish “religion”, and do not even have to beleive in God – in order to be jews.

    Even for a jew who converts to become (called at least) a so-called Christian, there may be some who are authentic in their conversions, there are other jews who are not.

    There are many converso jews. These are jews who convert to a different religion – usually by forced conversions, as the jew who were forced to do so in order to remain in Spain after the Edict of 1492, or be expelled.

    Many of those or other jews may also be crypto-jews. They hide their jewishness, either for their own purposes or for specific purposes for acting on behalf of jewry – and remain among the population hiding behind another personna, whether that of being a Christian or other religion or a secular, or atheist, and they still REMAIN fundamentally a jew.
    LBJ would be a prime example of these types of “hidden” jews.

    Many jews are named ALEXANDER. Do you want to know why?

    There will be another link or two which go with this in another comment to follow.

  20. Flanders says:

    Good video on Reagan, Bubba. Short, but makes the point.

  21. Flanders says:

    The negroes were not treated as badly as the chosen 6 million, according to the Holohoax Museum.

    Holohoax Memorial Museum and Zoo provided this White, so-called propaganda, captioned The Result A loss of racial pride.

    I wonder how many times this “chosen one” can repeat the jew word “racist” in an essay that is full of lies. They must disable copying to make it harder to catch them in their lies.

  22. Smitherines says:

    Hoff says:
    January 4, 2016 at 12:38 pm

    Click Shiterines nick, it’s a link and this is what you het:


    Don’t address me, you Jew chickenshit rat! Yeah they told of how’d you’d rat
    to Kapenr until he threw your stinking little CHEAP Jew ass
    off for a “no donate to Bro Nate!.” Onne fucking Jew outcheaping another!

  23. Flanders says:

    I really had a difficult time understanding any of this one at a West-African jew site. It actually doesn’t start until around the 25 minute mark, and one white-skinned jew on a video which was showing said that there are around 400,000 black jews in the US. I gave up soon after that. Maybe someone else wants to try.

    “Watch Live Now! Rabbi Yehudah BenLewi On “Black Jews in America”

  24. Smitherines says:

    Hoff says:
    January 4, 2016 at 12:38 pm

    Click Shiterines nick, it’s a link and this is what you het:


    Click “rat Hofflinger” and this is what you get (Jew rat in Kibbutz!:

  25. Flanders says:

    Smitherines, I’ve not seen enough of your work to determine a real opinion, but don’t get onto Hoff’s case just because you are in a huff. Hoff knows the jew and he teaches a lot of people with his short brusque commenting style. He doesn’t hide and has explained several times about the Israel gig. Suck it up and stay off his case. I agree that anyone who copies and pastes more than me is overdoing it, and you did – and it wasn’t that important at all that which was in your content. Try to not paste the whole articles unless there’s a good reason, or an important point to be made. Most people will sail past them, they take needless space, and they interrupt the flow when comments are going good. An excerpt, or several on the point, and the link will usually do the job.

  26. Hoff says:

    Thx Flanders, well put. Okay, back to business.



    The Infostormer/Daily Slave is a dis-info site.
    He lied about a statement Trump never made.

    There are some very good jew-wise commenter’s there, but the site is probably a hasbara or he who runs it make very shoddy conclusion.

    If anyone who can comment and leave a link to incogland?

  27. Flanders says:

    What do you mean about the Daily Slave, Hoff? I’ve never noticed any hasbara type activity from the site. That would surprise me. I don’t comment at Discus either. We need a White commenting system and to get rid of the jew censors.

    “The real story here shouldn’t be “how can someone be black and Jewish?” but, rather that Jews of color, especially black Jews, are only recently starting to gain media visibility — both in the United States and abroad. And it’s about time that we recognize that black Jews live all around us, even if we don’t immediately recognize it.
    Here’s a short list of black Jewish individuals”.

  28. bubba says:

    Hoo boy

    Our first pissing match of 2016 !!!

  29. Flanders says:

    “Keep in mind that the Torah repeatedly commands the Jew to be passionate for justice for the poor, the weak, and the despised. Black people in the United States of America and even outside of it most certainly meet all three conditions since the establishment of the system of White Supremacy.” – TJP [Typical jew propaganda]
    None of the jew commenters took issue with the part of that article above although they disagreed hardily with other points relating to jewry.

  30. Flanders says:

    James Buchanan:

    “Despite the fact that the voters trashed the first group of Republican Amnesty traitors, a new crop of traitors surfaced in 2013 and tried to stab us in the back!! If Donald Trump is elected president, his presidency will be a lot easier if we help him by voting out all of the Republican Amnesty traitors in the Senate. We need to vote in the Republican primary against these Amnesty traitors and for candidates, who have come out clearly for deporting illegal aliens. Only about a third of the Senators are running for reelection every two years, so it will take a while to vote them all out.

    Of course, we need to clean out the traitors in the House of Representatives too. The organization Numbers USA has graded the members of Congress on their stand on immigration, and you can find your Congressman and his grade at this link. The worse the grade, the more you should vote him out.”

  31. Flanders says:

    I note from the link that Buchanan left that we need to pay attention to more than that. Sen Tom Cotton, Arkansas, for instance, is being heavily set up to become a 2020 contender by the jews, and he is listed as an “A” on this issue. These reports are not very helpful, and we need to do our own research.

  32. bubba says:


    In 1904, the first African -American Greek Secret Society was formed in Philadelphia, by Dr. Henry Minton and five of his colleagues. The Boule, (an acronym for Sigma Pi Phi) and pronounced “boo-lay”), was formed to bring together a select group of educated Black men and women.

    Fashioned after Yale’s Skull and Bones, the Boule historically takes pride in having provided leadership and service to Black Americans during the Great Depression, World Wars I and II, and the Civil Rights Movement.

    What could the Boule offer America’s Blacks in the early 20th century? Joining the exclusive secret society offered advancement and perks to select Blacks in return for loyalty to its objectives.

    The Boule recruits top Blacks in American Society into its ranks. Today, 5000+ Archons, (male Boule members) and their wives, (Archousais), with 112 chapters, make up the wealthiest group of Black men and women on the planet. “Archon” means “demon” – the kind that like to keep hidden.


    According to Bobby Hemmitt, underground Metaphysician and Occultist lecturer, “This Black elite society based on Skull and Bones (Yale) was chosen by the U.S. Government (Illuminati) to run Black neighborhoods.” See here:

    Conspiracy Theorist and Futurologist Steve Cokely, had this to say: “Anywhere there are prominent professional Blacks, chances are they’re in the Boule”. Martin Luther King and Jesse Jackson are reported to have been Boule members, among many other high profile, successful and moneyed Blacks such as Barack Obama, Bill Cosby, Al Sharpton and Thurgood Marshall.


    Like other secret societies, the Boule encourages homosexual trysts as initiation practices. This must be done to join the ranks. Bobby Hemmit says, “Any kind of top-notch Negro gets together and they f*ck each other.



    Seems to be the common theme….to get “ahead” you have to give “head” and get “head” up the ass…

    One of those MK Ultra sex slaves wrote that the Jackson 5 were all raped as their career was taking off.

    Lots of YouTube exposes on what people who want fame and fortune…especially in show biz… have to do to advance.

    Bill Cosby fits the profile as was noted above.

  33. Flanders says:

    Covered Up by US (jewish) Mainstream Media – heavily reported in Israel and other jewish sites. – jewish Supremecy.

  34. bubba says:

    Mass Cologne Sex Attack: 1,000 Attackers

    German police in the city of Cologne have finally admitted that the mass sex attack on German girls near the city’s famous cathedral on New Year’s Eve involved at least 1,000 nonwhite invaders, that at least one rape occurred, that the crowd hurled incendiary devices at the German public and the police—and that they were made up of recently arrived Arabic-speaking “refugees.”

    The controlled media in Germany prevaricated for days before reporting the racial nature of the attacks, and some even went out of their way to deny that the nonwhites involved were “refugees” at all. However, the weight of witnesses, video material, and social media revelations have forced the Lugenpresse (the “lying press,” as they are known in Germany) to finally admit the truth.


    The police were called in, but only about 150 officers were available at the time, and were hopelessly outnumbered by the invaders, who reacted by shooting fireworks at the policemen as well.

    After several clashes, about 1,000 of the nonwhites headed off toward the railway station entrance, where the mass sexual attacks took place. Police chief Albers confirmed that at least one German girl had been raped during the violence. At least 80 other girls had come forward to report sexual assaults, while another 60 had reported thefts of bags, cell phones, and purses.


    Remember what Solzhenitsyn said…if only a “few” who’ve had enough got things started…

    or like I said before…it only takes one cow in a herd realized that the barbed wire fence could really couldn’t stop them , let alone the herd…

  35. Flanders says:

    Hoff, I sounds like BN makes a good distinction:

    “Here is what Trump said when the interviewer asked him to comment on the WSJ Article regarding Obama giving the order to spy on Israel vis a vis the Iran talks:

    “I would certainly not want to do it, but I have to say this: We’re being spied on by everybody. I would say that I would leave open possibilities of doing whatever it takes to make our country very, very strong and to make our country great again.”
    I don’t think that Daily Slave changed the words. I suspect that they got the news story from a hasbarat type of supplier of news sources, or it may have even been an innocent error by someone reading it the way they wanted it to be. I’ve been taken in myself by those shaded wordings, as I think all of us have been at one time or another. I’m glad that BN is setting the record straight.

  36. Hoff says:

    Only about a third of the Senators are running for reelection every two years, so it will take a while to vote them all out.


    To my knowledge there are 100 in senate, two from each state, and they are voted in for six years. Are one third of the seats on the market every two year?

  37. carnac123 says:

    I have mixed feelings concerning Cosby’s rape accusations. I do not have any doubt that the stupid, black bast**d did drug them and rape them. He is a negro and negroes have that in their nature and it does not matter how nice they seem to be. Most negroes are psychotic in one way or another. I question the white women who put themselves in that kind of position. They met him alone for a chance at show business etc. What did they have in mind to begin with? IF they were just going to tease to get their way they were mistaken. As far as I am concerned no white woman worth her salt is going to meet are fool with a black and it does not matter how rich he is. If she does she is just a whore. I am afraid most of these whores got what was coming to them in a way.

  38. Hoff says:

    I’ve been taken in myself by those shaded wordings, as I think all of us have been at one time or another. I’m glad that BN is setting the record straight. —Flanders


    Me too. I don’t deal in BS and I never suspekted Infostormer to be a dis-info site. Thats why I just copy-past the story and posted it up at Real Jew News .com

    BN has close to 1’100 articles, including videos. I made my first comment at BN before he made #100 article. I have been around like five years at BN now. I had my issues with BN.

    He threatened to ban me because I was to pro-Hitler. We were both in the awakening to the real Hitler stage. I don’t blame BN. Today I can write: Hitler was right and BN will publish the comment. As a matter of fact I wrote and BN published that one liner.

    BN do NOT bullshit around. Is it a fact? BN will publish, no matter what. There are hundreds of comments at BN where the word holohoax and all in mocking of the Jews six million is abundant.

    I will take BNs word over David Duke, that’s how much I trust BN. When BN say: Trump didnt say that. So be it. I didn’t dwell into it.

    But as you say, at time we read in what we want to hear. I’ll give Infostormer a second. But read more careful before I copy-past.

  39. bubba says:

    carnac123 says:
    January 4, 2016 at 4:50 pm

    Well said..
    ……it takes (2) to tango

    Some of best advice I got when growing up was:
    ” Don’t put yourself in a compromising situation”.

    That can apply to a lot of things, but needs a solid grounding in common sense sadly lacking these days.

    or…” never leave your open drink out of your sight”.

    Not saying these Cosby victims deserved it, but that is irrelevant after the fact.

    Anyone that wants to be a star should research what it REALLY takes…and it doesn’t have much to do with “actual” talent per se(look at the Jews in the biz)……but Shiksas are fair game for the Joos and their gentile ilk.

    IMHO….Cosby is just the tip of the iceberg…rest assured a lot of other famous people must be shitting when Cosby went down.

  40. Smitherines says:

    Flanders says:
    January 4, 2016 at 2:23 pm

    Smitherines, I’ve not seen enough of your work to determine a real opinion, but don’t get onto Hoff’s case just because you are in a huff. Hoff knows the jew and he teaches a lot of people with his short brusque commenting style. He doesn’t hide and has explained several times about the Israel gig. Suck it up and stay off his case. I agree that anyone who copies and pastes more than me is overdoing it, and you did – and it wasn’t that important at all that which was in your content. Try to not paste the whole articles unless there’s a good reason, or an important point to be made. Most people will sail past them, they take needless space, and they interrupt the flow when comments are going good. An excerpt, or several on the point, and the link will usually do the job.

    He admitted to a bunch of us years ago he lived in an Israeli Kibbutz WHY???

    If you’re a White man???

    All I am saying is the bastard should be contrite NOT arrogant! I don’t
    even address the chickeshit on here, I knew him back on Kapner’s
    site under another moniker.

    He’s the one got NASTY not me, I can’t the rat bastard, I ignore em whenever
    I can.

    I will not address the bastard his type make me SICK: Young man Jew kiss ass
    living with them in the 60s, now he’s with us???? WTF???

  41. Smitherines says:

    “I agree that anyone who copies and pastes more than me is overdoing it, and you did – and it wasn’t that important ” Flanders

    Yeah but sog can post a whole fuckin page of a diatribe no one can understand
    except him or Cousin It and you’re breaking my balls be fuckin real!!!!

  42. Smitherines says:

    @ Flanders
    Smitherines says:
    January 4, 2016 at 5:14 pm

    “I agree that anyone who copies and pastes more than me is overdoing it, and you did – and it wasn’t that important ” Flanders

    I’ll do more of just grabbing a paragraph and post URL but I don’t need that
    little prick telling me shit!

    I knew him long before he came over here and you met him.

    Shit happen over there where someone found out Kapner was in a Loony Bin
    and then he started posting personal info on people cuz ratboy dimmed on

    You better have a disclaimer if you ask for money then post personal shit on
    people but little Jew boy knows legal system will protect him and his
    TRIBE no matter what!

  43. Smitherines says:

    @ Hofflinger

    Go back in your little hole and don’t fuckin address me again here!

  44. Hoff says:

    Remember what Solzhenitsyn said…if only a “few” who’ve had enough got things started…


    Flanders, that is one of the few things you don’t get.


    CHAPTER 8 Why Howitzer Artillery for the Chekists? 58

    We shall destroy the beast in his lair.
    L. BERIA (Commissar General for State Security,
    People’s Commissar for Internal Affairs, February 1941)

    The communist punitive machine had two principal mechanisms, the organs and the troops. What is understood here by ‘troops’ is not, of course, Red Army troops, but special formations of the VChK (Vserossiiskaya Chrezvychainaya Komissiya -the All-Russian Special Commission, or Cheka), the OGPU (Ob’edinennoe Gosudarstvennoe Politicheskoe Upravlenie) and the NKVD.

    While the Red Army fought on external fronts, these special divisions waged war on internal fronts.

    If the Russians had did what Solshenitzyn suggested, to attack the Cheka/NKVD/KGB do you know what the jews who of course totally controlled the Cheka would have done?

    Called in the artillery and shelled the town for 24h. Population, 10’000 or 100’000 or one million? Doesn’t matter, this is now about breaking any sign of orginazed resistanse – at any cost.

    If that take one million dead Russians doesn’t matter. If Solshenitzyn had done what he proposed, Solshenitzyn would have been dead and you would never heard the name Alexander Solshenitzyn.

    The jews knowingly starved six million ukrainans to death in the 30s. The jews will stop at nothing to make sure they are always on top and in total control. Do you think the same jews would give a second thought about shelling one million Russians to death by artillery?

    Do you get it Flanders?

  45. Gman says:

    Can’t help but wonder if that many women came forward to accuse the rutting ape Cosby, how many are there still that did not come forward? I would guess the number is very large because this rutting negro no doubt has been doing this evil act for decades and getting away with it. I would love to see that filthy negro hanging by it’s neck in a public square and all those white women he raped standing there cheering! Yeah, that scene would really make my day!

  46. Hoff says:

    He admitted to a bunch of us years ago he lived in an Israeli Kibbutz WHY???


    So now you got some inside info only a few have. Yeah, right. Posting comments here at Incogland is very secret. Sccchhh … don’t tell anyone, but …

    First, I didn’t have to say a word about it. Get it dimwit smiterine.

    My whole point is that I know a thing or two about the jews who most people don’t have a clue about. One example. Do you know how the jews hitchhike? I know because I was in Palestine six months in the 80s.

    Do you know what car low ranking jew officers drow in the 80s in Palestine? I know and why I know is because I hitchhiked many times.

    Search: Vaz Lada

    So what is my point? Vaz Lada is a cheap piece of crap for a car. Do you know how many years an ordinary Soviet citizen had to wait to get a Vaz Lada? At least a decade, at least.

    Yet in Palestine there are an aboundence of Vaz Lada everywhere. How come? Because the Soviet people had payed and made the car, and then the jews stole the car and shipped it for free to Palestine.

    What do this tell you? That the jews was in total control of Soviet in the 80s. I would say it’s a most important information. Only someone who have been there could tell you this.

    How you hitchhike in jew ruled Palestine I will tell you some other time. I wouldn’t belive it if I hadn’t done it myself.

    I have meet more obnoxious jews in real life then you ever saw on Talmud Vision smithereens.

    As for sog, I tried to make him shape up. Didn’t work. Yes, he post long comments but do you know what smitherines? He write those long post himself, he do NOT copy-past shitloads of texts.

    Yes, sogs text are not easy to read, but I don’t know how much I didn’t know that info I extraktet from his comments. sog is extremely jew-wise and extremely knowledgeable about the Jews.

    sog write, I decode and translate his info into readable English. At least I think I do ?

  47. Flanders says:

    I don’t have anything against you, Smitherines, and you do have your reasons and your own experience. I’m just trying to help to settle a running verbal battle that is seeming to do no one any good.

  48. sog says:

    keeping battles off the forum ..
    keep it constituional ..keep the religion out ..this is a nation based on freedom of religion and freedom from it ..especially here ..
    this is i mans blog ..he runs it ,we can respect the hard work and pain in the ass it is to continue to run it gives all us big mouths a place to vent …
    but it does seem that the veins of animosities are stretching out far and wider than need be ..jews and niggers and mexican subterfuge is the main thing we need to be on top of ..
    niggers are violent fuckin shit bags ..just a few hours ago i heard about a nigger goin door to door with a bandage on his hand lookin for sympathy or worse ..i havent heard any fallout yet but it was a n ice white neighnorhood and some nigger has no place there casing out houses ..would you go dor to door ..i mean it takes a certain amount of niggertude to do that ..seriosly what would some ape be lookin for at a white persons door after dark after 8pm ..we have seen the result of niggers gettin away with this shit ,and even if some liberal schmo who is afreaid of being called a racist gives the nigger the time of day there is no way that nigger wont come back later when he senses vulnerabilty ..white people are too liberal and mired in self image ..
    niggers know hoiw falswly guilty white peole are about holohoax and slave hoax .shit ..the niggers pandering to our false guilt is right up there with jews making money on the holohoax industry ..
    most kikes who signed up for reparations were themselves bolshevik tortureres in russia and communist partisan bolshevik free agents provacateurs in ww2 ,well yeah and wat befoer and wat after ..look at 16 million germans who dint even live in germany who got wiped out and many under this commie guy Morel who killed thousands of german civilians with his bare hands in polish former german pow and work camps ..most of the cam ps were turned after ww2 into toruture abbatoirs for germans ,german civilians who dint even live in germany …bolshevism will be tried to be ressurrected here in the usa in every senze of the word …
    niggers like the night of the living dead knocking on doors in white nebs looking for reparations …shoot em ..
    a white sob walking while white in as nigger ghetto would be what you call dead man walknig ..niggers dnt want whites in the predominanatly nigger nebs ..and they act on those ape-rinciples….ape morals and ethics are african tribalism at beast..
    yhis country wasnt based on religious principles as much as it was based on pricipled white europeans who had differing religious faiths but the focus was a free country for white europeans…
    no new nation will make it if there are endless stupid religious arguments ….
    this kind of shit lets the jew in the door to cause conflict like ireland or balkkans ..
    yeah a nig walks up t peoples dooors and knocks …count the ways this is wrong ..
    nigger brain takes data for future caper ..nigers do have future planning abilities but they onoly work for criminal purposes …
    my 2 cents

  49. sog says:

    if smitherines is bitching about my posts …well i know what i would like to say but it aint worth it …his posts are arduous and redundant and smothering the blog ..honstly i dont read fuckall when i see his posts ..not effin interested ..and now he attacks hoff ..or red pill who was gone and long and sad farewell lo now back and attacking northern truth seeker ..kind of strange …hoff has a brilliant web site and so does NTS …
    bro do-nate writes good shit so is he crazier than the jews who he exposes ..
    right ..
    my shit on here is like this gaurantees and read it or not …
    now back to topic …cosby is just another anti white raping ape and if he gets cleaned out by even a few fakes it balances out the women some of whom wont come forward for fear of fear ..the second rape by law enforcement …
    ta ta …cheers ,,heh heh ..
    being perfectly honest i havent seen any negative drivel from anyone about my posts in a long time so if S. made some statment i really dont know …
    hoff where is it ..i dont want to look for it keeping to my principles ..

  50. Hoff says:

    bro do-nate writes good shit so is he crazier than the jews who he exposes ..
    right ..


    Priceless comment sog. No other suggestions re priceless.

    Banned Commercials – Mastercard Priceless (Blow Job) Funny

  51. protocolsRtrue says:

    You know the jews who own all media will only turn this into a media circus show and use this as only ratings getters and to further divide us amongst ourselves start a new civil war divide and destroy and conquer. Most of us remember the oj simpson murder case the niggers were celebrating when a double murderer killed 2 white people. oj fucked up though one was a goldman.

    protocol 5 paragraph 5. ….religious and race hatreds…

    5. FOR A TIME PERHAPS WE MIGHT BE SUCCESSFULLY DEALT WITH BY A COALITION OF THE “GOYIM” OF ALL THE WORLD: but from this danger we are secured by the discord existing among them whose roots are so deeply seated that they can never now be plucked up. We have set one against another the personal and national reckonings of the GOYIM, religious and race hatreds, which we have fostered into a huge growth in the course of the past twenty centuries. This is the reason why there is not one State which would anywhere receive support if it were to raise its arm, for every one of them must bear in mind that any agreement against us would be unprofitable to itself. We are too strong – there is no evading our power. THE NATIONS CANNOT COME TO EVEN AN INCONSIDERABLE PRIVATE AGREEMENT WITHOUT OUR SECRETLY HAVING A HAND IN IT.

  52. protocolsRtrue says:

    If oj had just murdered 2 average white people he would still be walking the golf courses today searching for the real killers.

  53. protocolsRtrue says:

    These niggers are in the cage now. I meant to say these “rascally teens” are in custody now. For how long? Who knows. Not long enough though I’m sure of that.

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