Comrade INCOG Addresses The Masses


Let me address something I was accused of by a commenter here recently at my site who once attacked me as a “HasbaRAT” (a secret Jew Internet Agit/Prop agent) awhile back and only returned last year to renew commenting here. On Monday, he once again left in another big weird huff out of the blue over the business with me suggesting Jew-aware Whites infiltrate the ranks of Bernie Sanders — should both he and Donald Trump get screwed over.

OK, OK, OK, I take it back, for crying out loud. Lord knows I can’t stand commie GD Bolshevik Jews one bit! I was merely suggesting a tactic whereupon we could somehow instigate a national conflagration which we could use to springboard ourselves out of the mire our race finds itself.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for real world action. I want a Second American Revolution! We need it badly should the White race survive. The SOBs are far along in stealing our lands right out from under us — not only in America but in Europe, too. Don’t you get what’s being done? The tricky bastards have created a social/political landscape turning members of our own race into co-conspirators in our destruction. Those behind it will piss all over us and ship us off to gulags once we can’t do anything about it. If you can believe it, some totally brainwashed White multicult fools literally welcome this being done to our race with open arms.

Did you ever see the movie Dr. Zhivago? There’s a scene where the Czar’s soldiers are marching off to war against Monarchist Germany in the First World War. Russian crowds are out on the sidewalks, wearing straw boaters and Victorian dresses, all happy and crap about the new war — throwing kisses and flowers under crazy-looking posters of Czar Nicholas II, while bearded old Russian Orthodox priests are blessing everybody.

The scene was really quite well done and accurate (yep, they wore straw boaters in Russia, too). Similar patriotic war fervor BS occurred in America only three years later, after Zionist Jew brainwashers in the US media got us into the “war to end all wars” by using lying anti-German atrocity propaganda completely created by British Jew media, the rigged Lusitania “let it happen on purpose” sinking and a secret “black propaganda/disinfo” branch of the British government.*

It was all apart of a Globalist Zionist quid pro quo agreement to haul Britain’s chestnuts out of the fire when the Germans had them on the ropes in 1916 (the Balfour declaration).

The blame for the entire war was then unfairly put on Germany by the Versailles treaty — resulting in even more death and destruction of people less than 20 years later after Germany was all bunged up by violent commies and dirtbag Jews who rushed in from all over to take advantage of the situation (they did the same thing to the US south after the Civil War). The German people quite understandably voted for Hitler. Don’t believe me? Than study up on things they didn’t teach you in high school world history classes, pal.


In Dr. Zhivago, as war fervor broke out in August of 1914, the secret Marxist half brother of Dr. Zhivago (played by Alec Guinness above) jauntily steps off the curb to join the patriotic Russian men marching off to war, telling the audience in his head how he’s planning on subverting the fools once the troop’s new boots and uniforms give out after the first year’s combat with the Kaiser man. Then the film cuts to scenes of frozen dead soldiers at their Maxim machine gun positions and twisted barbed wire.

Oh, I know I get a little theatric and overly dramatic at times. But hey, that’s just me, OK?

Yet that’s just what we might need to do! All I suggested is for us to somehow infiltrate Sanders people and lay low with the race and Jew talk for the time it takes to jack them up into a fury. The entire American people need to up and go to war with the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and the backstabbers in the media.

I truly, ever-so-truly, wish to get at those PC media creeps long busy brainwashing my race and jacking up the homies against us. I want badly to lead combat teams bursting into their fancy offices and studios and rounding up the creeps up at the point of bayonets. Should they have stayed away on that particular day, I want to immediately dispatch squads to their nice homes and urban condos to drag them kicking and screaming back to the offices to sort out the whole stinking mess!

Some will undoubtedly need to hang from the yardarms toot suite. They served as media mouthpieces for a devious power nexus long responsible for terrible death and destruction of innocent people back then and even to this day at certain places on the planet and murderous crime against us White people from jacked-up, White-hating homies.

Don’t believe me? Well, you just think it all out, fool.

If anything, I’m the good guy here! Go ahead and laugh — the mothers really behind it all could care less seeing your bloated naked corpse lying among piles of dead starved or executed goyim by the side of the road. The whole business with “evil Nazis industrial gassing poor innocent Ghetto Jewry” has been a huge PSYOPS program designed to protect their squirrelly commie Jew asses and the openly racist Zionist state of Israel — as they genocide the Palestinian inhabitants to a land they insanely believe God promised them back in a primitive time when people were basically all dirty ignorant slobs.

Jesus, these Jew people today are still crazy GD nuts!

I hope some of the media creeps are reading this right now and making mental notes on just how pissed off us White Americans are getting at what they are doing. Hell, the stupid idiocies you media people pass off as big news is enough to piss off people just from rationality alone. You fools think you can get away with this crap forever and not pay the piper?

Everyday the White race gets weaker and weaker. Eventually, our people will get it. But will it be too late by then? That’s the question I want to deal with NOW — not later.

Capiche, my droogies?

ADDENDUM: You think I do up this site just for grins or money? Damn! Look around, see all the photoshop artwork and crap. Read what I got to say. What more do I need to do, GD it? Think about it, brainiacs.

*Believe it or not, the writer of the “Winnie the Pooh” books, A. A. Milne, worked for this secret “black propaganda” branch of the British government, later joking about coming up with “Hun corpse factories” in a poem. All the records for the group were destroyed, but some were discovered saved by the writer’s great uncle. You might think the “History” channel would do a big documentary on it, huh?

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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125 Responses to Comrade INCOG Addresses The Masses

  1. American born says:

    Incog, any truth to the accusations?

  2. American born says:

    You can answer my above comment

    • INCOG MAN says:


  3. American born says:

    I don’t care. Just keep exposing Jews.

  4. Flanders says:

    You should recognize your good posters and commenters by now, Incogman, and learn to delegate and to rely more on their imputs. That you haven’t done so indicates to me that it is going according to a plan which you already have, and is exactly what you WANT to have.

    Does that logic not make sense? Of course, I know that it does.

  5. Bailey says:

    I’m the only one to give Karen grief , quite nastily too.
    Haven’t you noticed that she has personally attacked many here on many different occasions yet the clowns go unscathed ?

    I think that many other fine women have steered away from here due to the questionable content of a certain few, it’s also why many good white men have gone away.

    I’ll apologize for what I said here but only to you and your readers – but not her.
    I’ve had enough of her crap.

  6. American born says:

    I will ally with anyone for an objective.

    • INCOG MAN says:


      I got objectives all over the place. I can’t say too much cause it might give them cause. Understood? I already skirt the lines.

  7. American born says:

    That is why you write, right? You have a goal?

  8. INCOG MAN says:

    Each one of my paragraphs are chock full of stuff most fools out there have ZERO idea of. I’m just hoping new people to this situation read it and get pissed.


  9. INCOG MAN says:

    Yeah, I would think you can see I have a goal.


  10. American born says:

    Anyhow, just keep up the articles. I honestly don’t care about much else or the drama here.

  11. Smitherines says:


    I think that many other fine women have steered away from here due to the questionable content of a certain few, it’s also why many good white men have gone away.

    I’ll apologize for what I said here but only to you and your readers – but not her.
    I’ve had enough of her crap.
    INCOG MAN says:
    February 17, 2016 at 6:15 pm


    What he is trying to say is she’ll INSULT your manhood, or country origin or
    Whatever the fuck, but when you retaliate, she ask you to Spamblinka
    the person, in the old days you may have, now you just let it roll????

    Ive been attacked by at least 20 or 30 on here over the years and if I’m
    aloud to BLAST them, i can hold my own with anyone on this earth!!

    Years past it was one ticket to Spamblinka, but you see now people like to
    agitate, rub salt in a wound, just LEAVE THEM TO THEIR OWN DEVICES.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      I don’t understand why you people can’t get the fact that I have no idea of who you are. Sure, if I wanted to, I could run ISP searching stuff to find out the GENERAL area you are, but I never bother with that anymore. Hell, I haven’t done it in years. I really don’t give a rat’s ass.

  12. Flanders says:

    There used to be a deluge of good people who posted INFORMATION when they commented. So many of them have gone away, or comment only sporadically.

    Conveying USEFUL information to others, and particularly to the public, should be the main objective for anyone commenting here. The trash talk junks this site up and diminishes the good work that many of our people still do.

    I agree that Incogman postings are always on target, but the messages they carry are diminished by the trash coming from the comments section. That conveys to the public who happen by that Incogman commenters are nothing except the stereotypes that the jew portrays White people to be.

    That cannot be good for White Americans who really are concerned about an actual problem which has been ignored for too long because of the connotations that the jew has been able to place in order to control dialogue and define us as being negatively subversive, when we all know damned well that the exact opposite is the truth.

  13. American born says:

    Have at it, or grow some tough skin

  14. Karen says:

    Bailey, I don’t take you seriously enough for you to offend me. No one here could offend me with the exception of Philip Marlowe, because I’m light years ahead of you.

  15. hens are liars says:

    Let it roll Incog, I’ll cover your six……

  16. bubba says:

    WTF ???????????????????????????

    Why has INCOGMAN need to defend himself ????

    Spamblinka the problems

  17. Bailey says:

    Send in the clowns !

  18. Hoff says:

    INCOG MAN says:

    February 17, 2016 at 6:21 pm

    Each one of my paragraphs are chock full of stuff most fools out there have ZERO idea of. I’m just hoping new people to this situation read it and get pissed.



    Yes incogman. The real problem is that Flanders want you incog to run Incoglandland how Flanders want it – but Flanders have no idea of how much time it take to just manag a blog like Incogman.

    at Flanders: What you don’t get is that there is not a chance in the hottest jew-hell that incogman can read all comments, less keep track of who’s a jew or not. No way incogman have the time.

    The basic problem is that Flanders have no idea how much time it takes to manage a blog like Incogman.

    There is no way Incogman can read all the comments. If I want to tell Incogman anything, the best I can do is to bold at Incog in the headline, it shows on the administration page, and then hope that Incogman see it and take action.

  19. Red Pill says:

    all this election selection of the candidates is madness.
    it brings on insanity of the masses.
    the ones that yearn for but never experience freedom.
    and there lives are more that the caged gerbil in the wheel to nowhere.

    lets get one thing straight right now.
    politics is religion.
    religion is what you regularly believe in.
    all governments are a theocracy.
    and if you don’t believe what the government says, then they will fucking kill you.
    do you need any more absolute proof of our enslavement to state?

    may we all find the “cure” and recover from false religion.

  20. Flanders says:

    Hoff, I choose not to address backstabbing twerps with low principles and no character. All those praises you once sang in my direction seem to be strangely gone, but weak two-faced traitors are that way, so it is good to know that everyone sees it now. That is all. Go sit in your “I Hoff” corner and leave good men alone to conduct adult business.

  21. Bailey says:

    It doesn’t take much time at all to see who the rats are, they’re only a few and their content barely changes.
    Cheap shots and goofy gibberish mixed with a little bit of truth and a video or two.

    PeoPLe who T-OY -pe LOYke this should be obvious that they’re not serious.

    Those who whine about the “who’s a jew game” whenever they or one of their co-workers are called out.

    See you around Flanders , if not here then elsewhere.

  22. Johnathon Doughty says:

    I’m an Irish Italian Aussie. The Irish side of my family has lived in Georgia since 1810 (Emigrated to kick some limey arse in the war of 1812) before my Father emigrated to Australia in the late 60s after meeting a lovely Italian Aussie woman, my mom…

    … So if you are planning a second Civil War or a third War of Independence don’t forget to invite me!! BTW I’m a retired Grunt.

    Oh and to any NSA or Homeland Security staffers trolling this site that is my real name, though my friends call me John Doe..

  23. Hoff says:

    Flanders write, February 14, 2016:

    I also have different files scattered in my own collections from Hoff and his “one-liners”, which I call Hoffisms, and they are bundles of condensed knowledge in forms which are understandable, illuminating truths in ways not found elsewhere.

  24. Hoff says:

    Flanders think he is a high and mighty conductor that never is wrong. Attacking a stand up man like that is way, way … way out of line. Period ~~~

    All good ladies and gentlemen are more than welcome to comment att my blog Hofflandia at any time.

    Again, I Hoff think Flanders is in a fatigue. I Hoff have been there myself. When I read articles and comments that are very good, I always wounder: Who wrote this?

    In order to make it VERY clear to the read that it’s me Hoff that wrote that piece. That is why I write: I Hoff … All the time.

    False modesty is not my game or way of thinking. I Hoff is damn good at the jew, and I HOFF make damn sure you know it. Get it Flanders?

    Enough of this Flander ballerina crap. Last comment from me Hoff on the subject.

    Back to business: Bash the @@’¥?& jew scum.

  25. Olives 4 Sale says:

    Women destroy civilizations. It’s all they can do. Women, left to their own devices, are damn near the same as friggin’ joos.

  26. Hoff says:

    Schoolboy tells class they had kittens and they are Liberal Obama voters.

    Teacher: Oh how nice, Obama s coming here in two weeks, why don’t you tell him?

    Two weeks later and Obama is in class. Teacher: Tell about your kittens.

    -We had kittens and they are going to vote Trump.

    -But that is not what you said two weeks ago.

    -No, but now they got eyes.


    At liberal shit for brain: Kittens are born blind.

  27. Red Pill says:

    it’s not what you think! (attempt @ humor) WE need it.

    The Hubble Space Telescope just snapped photos of the biggest black hole we’ve ever observed

  28. Red Pill says:


    Ted Nugent Labeled as “Anti-Semitic” for exposing Jews Attacking Second Amendment – Becomes Member of Jewish Second Amendment Supporters

    more of INCOG’S art work gaining national attention,
    and who know about old “TED”?

  29. Red Pill says:

    more white men to be J. EDGAR STEELE’D. (prison death)
    you can die in prison OR,you can die with a gun in your hand.
    i would choose the latter, because dead is dead.
    and i won’t go to prison.

    when armed federal officers show up at your front door.
    the hand writing is on the wall.

    Feds go after the Bundy family with 16 felony charges: Cliven and his sons Ammon and Ryan are indicted for ‘massive armed assault’ on federal officers

  30. bubba says:

    For those Americans that don’t get it…
    Remember the French Revolution…the oppressed citizens that were going to have “democracy”…

    Same model applies now

  31. Geoffrey Limes says:

    Sounds like a Plan, Incogman. Ideological subversion is a powerful tool.
    When I post on other sites non PC terms like the ‘N’ word or refer to Gays&the Tribe in the most vulgar terms possible, I write it in Hebrew to bypass Mods. I get many responses from pissed off Bagelites and plenty of upvotes from the JewWise. It really makes them nuts.

  32. bubba says:

    Can’t make much more sense than this…

  33. Karen says:

    How many of the people who comment here appreciate the imagination and work that goes into the graphics that head the columns. Then there are the articles that follow the graphics. If you go back to the archives, you’ll discover that this site covers every aspect of the problems facing Whites. Now you expect him to play nanny to your petty peeves. What we have here is a microcosm of the big problem.

  34. sog says:

    flanders is just plain fucking weird …he didnt like the commieblaster site i posted once ..who the fuck cares is a valuable site ..and he is against humor ..fuck yoo ..
    anyone who tries to lord over other people about what should be and what shouldnt in the way he does it might as well be a jew anyway ..i was being nice till now ..the way he got off on i man is just self appointed dictatorship shit ..good riddance ….
    and karen …whatever ..sometimes drunk and sometimes not is life …some of the people who have left iman dont matter anyway never did ….people fall by the wayside ,who cares ..invest in yourselves strong lest you be deluded by strangs fairry tales and jewish dogma and hokum ….
    if a hasbarat comes on here he knows we will all take the time and effort to reply to his worthless kike ass ..forget it …dont give dumbshits the time of day ,,,just keep on keepin on ..thats reality …you can carry the message but u cant carry knowitalls and provacateurs ..and jimbo too ..get a life …i usually dont say anything too but i know ,sometimes enough is enough ..but it aint worth it anymore to engage,..zcf was fun to arse the fucker as he was an arrogant sod muther fucker ..ther fuckin fuerza something or other ..panzy fucking asshole ..

    flanders etc is the issue for a moment ..he has an idea of what peole should all be like ..all the same and all on the same colum as he is …sounds like he’s preaching marxism to me …you see ,i never said what i really awanted to when he censored me for commie blaster …
    his ungrateful excoriation and gutting of i-man on here was something out of the twilight zone ..
    not a white site etc …m-a-y-b-e- g-o t-o s-t-o-r-m-f-r-o-n-t f-l-a-n-d-e-r-s …
    truly a compensating dumbed down jew approved site for a bunch of people who couldnt and wouldnt get along in real life …whites are in danger cus so many of them are worthless shittards ..just as bad as niggers ,jews and muzzer trash …this is true ..
    no one is going to win th war against the inexcorable lockstep march of the bolsheviktors ,with lofty well written and correctly spelled words and sentences ..some writers are too well versed in structure and neatness has its place but not as the only form of communication ..maybe not fatigue here but maybe someones warped ego got extremly hungry …anyway who the eff cares more juggernut fizzles off into never never land without a clue or a way back ….how do you come back to incogman after you take a shit on every mother son here …you and me he shit upon as the old mantra goes ..go fuck thyself …
    flanders ballerina act ..nice…
    yeah yeah ,alot of people dont post here anymore doesnt mater ..they are thay are you ..we are we ..make do ,learn from each other ..have respect ..know the guidlenses er guidelines ..
    i used to have those white warrior stormfront types come on here and insult me all the time for my style ..i consider a mutt like that below contempt..national socialism was a unification of the confederated territories of the rhine ,ethnic germans and others who towed the aryan nordic european white intellignce capacities …americas versio wouldnt be fit to tie the fuhrers shoes …i-man could turn off commenting all together…hoff is right aboiut a web site being hard to maintain ..its hard just keeping up with th artys let alone being a guy who has to write …flanders was accusing iman of thinking outside the box and ive read well crafted veiled stuff from flandrs as he does the same thing so like uhmm i can do it but if someone else does it they are not a white site and etc …its possible the jews put some kind o poisoin in flanders koolaide ..
    if we read people we like to read then we enjoy reading one has to read all the posters …remember kalki666 or the guy from michigan who lives in a shoe etc …it does build up on and so on …stuff that ius too lofty and coated with amenable amiable syrup looks good and we can read it or not …thatsmy 2 shit cents worth ..
    Flanders says:
    February 17, 2016 at 11:10 pm
    goes from lofty intellectual to snide name caller ..problem is i did copy one of flanders artys once but the rest are to formal and structural morass ..basically boring …
    is this infighting ..if we were in something as a unit or in a solid core group it would be ..its all criss crossing and people zigging while others jagging (off)
    i may have a sense of humor but in relaity i really dont have any patience or sympathy for anyone anymore …humor is my way of connecting to the human race ..
    can i go now flanders ..are you happy with the way i wrote r the site i linked up here etc..where is your web site ..hey hoff why dont you delete his ass from hofflandia ..yer choice tho bro …either way im backing you and i-man and other peeps on here ..

  35. Olives 4 Sale says:

    The Terahertz waves from a body scanner are infinitely more powerful than RF radiation from a cell phone. They will fuck you up big time. They have been scientifically proven to unweave the strands of your DNA. If you fly and go through these things more than three times, you are guaranteeing that you will reap the whirlwind at some point in the near future. Fuck the joos who gave us this shit, specifically that demon Michael Chertoff. Thanks, joooooooooooooooooooooooooos!

  36. Arch Stanton says:

    We’ll incog this caps it, you’re obviously a Jewish troll whose only claim to genius is the uncanny ability not to appear like one. At first I thought you might be French, but “toot suite” made that unlikely.

    “It was all apart of a Globalist Zionist quid pro quo agreement to haul Britain’s chestnuts out of the fire when the Germans had them on the ropes in 1916 (the Balfour declaration).

    The way you throw in those little goyimisms had me totally fooled; for a minute I thought you might actually be a Naaadzee.

    “The blame for the entire war was then unfairly put on Germany by the Versailles treaty — resulting in even more death and destruction of people less than 20 years later after Germany was all bunged up by violent commies and dirtbag Jews who rushed in from all over to take advantage of the situation (they did the same thing to the US south after the Civil War). The German people quite understandably voted for Hitler. Don’t believe me? Than study up on things they didn’t teach you in high school world history classes, pal.

    This is so typically of a Jewish troll, challenge the truth by telling it in a way everyone thinks it’z a lie.

    But neither you or Alex Jones can fool me anymore now that I have put on my Ralph Lauren lenses. The Jack Nicholson theme is a nize touch though.

    Say, do you have any of those knishes left?

    As for Red Pill:

    more white men to be J. EDGAR STEELE’D. (prison death) you can die in prison OR, you can die with a gun in your hand. I would choose the latter, because dead is dead.
    and Iwon’t go to prison.

    when armed federal officers show up at your front door.
    the hand writing is on the wall.

    Wow! It’z like deja’ vu all over again. This is how I put it:

    It’z time for the goyim to face facts, Americans are soon going to die en-mass. YOUR life WILL be cut short from its normal course and span. Africa was first, now Europe has been taken care of; whites there are already dying en-mass. The Jew’s intelligence network has assessed the situation and they have concluded the time is ripe for their final move for the complete takeover of the USSA.

    All those questionnaires filled out, all those polls taken, all those comments made, all those votes cast, have given the Jews the information they need to make this decision. The Jew’s success in these matters is based on their advanced intelligence networks; they know – you don’t.

    The Scalia story is already stinking like last week’s gefilte fish left out in the Tel Av ~ er ~ Texas sun where a judge named “Cinderella” dismissed the autopsy. Who but a Hollywood Jew could come up with such a laughable script? This absurd script is the Jew’s in-your-face way of saying “we can do whatever we want, there is no stopping us now.”

    After all, as Earl Raab said many years ago: “We have tipped beyond the point where a Nazi-Aryan party will be able to prevail in this country.” What he really meant is the goyim no longer have any hope of forming any realistic defense against our predatory actions.

    Scalia has been removed as the last possible “conservative” holdout that might even think of standing against the total dismantling of the second amendment, which of course is why he was murdered. He will soon be replaced by yet another scum-sucking, “liberal” sycophant like the aforementioned judge Cinderella. After all, a nice reward is usually held in store for useful idiots providing good blow – I mean snow jobs for their Jewish masters.

    First, the golden Negro states the remainder of his administration will focus on the gun control issue, then suddenly, the last conservative holdout on the supreme court conveniently dies of a “so-called” heart attack, although there is no evidence this was the case. The CIA’s “heart attack dart gun” story has been hauled out again as if to say, “Yeah we did it, you know we did it, but what are you going to do about it?”

    The time is rapidly approaching when one will be forced to make a decision: Fight to a bitter death or be marched off to one of the Jew’s many death camps to be tortured, starved, executed and gassed. This time there will be no haircuts, tattoos, swimming pools, orchestras, camp script for payment of work, just grim, mountainous, piles of bodies dyed red from HCN.

    Laughing Jews, will eat the finest foods and drink the best liqueurs as they gleefully dance around the burning piles of bodies singing: “Ha! Ha! You see, there really are death camp gas chambers – you are proof that Holocausts do happen!”

    It will be either – or, Jews leave no other options. Their Bolshevik history leaves no doubt as to this fast approaching future. Either way means certain death for those whom they hate. Christians will no doubt suffer the brunt of their intense, vitriolic hatred.
    Churches will be destroyed or made into some sort of debased latrine, symbolic of Judaism’s victory. John Hagee and other religious, TV preachers, will be nailed upside down on crosses dressed in clown suits to serve as entertainment. These icons of useful idiotry, hung out to dry, will provide endless merriment for Jews.

    The working masses, the American “Kulaks”, will soon follow those murdered Christians to the grave. Millions upon millions will disappear into the Jew’s death camps never to be seen again. All the while victorious Jews will dance and revel in the tortures they mete out with impunity to their hated goyim enemies. Unspeakable tortures practiced and refined in “secret” prisons like camp X-Ray in Cuba.

    If one thinks this scenario is “over the top”, they have absolutely no understanding of the Jewish mind. The Jewish horror fantasies awaiting just outside the door of reality are unimaginable to the goyim mind. Just watch their horror movies like “Hell Raiser” or “Killer Clowns.” If anything, this description is a gross understatement of the reality soon to be thrust upon American goyim. Americans will soon know what Palestinians have suffered since the first day Jews stole their land.

    It’z coming and it’z coming fast – You have been slated to die from the most unnatural causes. The only choice is how you will die. Standing on your feet, facing the Jew’s mercenary armies you paid for, or dying like a groveling dog as American bulldozers cover your body with dirt in Rachel Corrie’s commemorative graveyard.

    Neither is an attractive alternative, but these are all that remain because no one took action early on. In fact, the one hope for western civilization was actively slaughtered during the last global war; wiped out by the Jew’s greatest generation of useful idiots. If there are any that survive the coming slaughter, one can only hope they will never again make the mistakes of their stupid, gullible forefathers.

    I better stop before people start to think we’re a Jewish troll team.

  37. summerled says:

    My honour is called loyalty!

    The ancient empires fall, the dark-skinned peoples fade and even the demons of antiquity gasp their last, but over all stands the Aryan barbarian, white-skinned, cold-eyed, dominant, the supreme fighting man of the earth. – Robert E Howard

  38. Arch Stanton says:

    Bradley R. Smith Passed Away on Thursday, February 18, 2016

    Dear friends and supporters:

    A short while ago we were informed that Bradley R. Smith passed away on this Thursday, February 18, 2016. We volunteers at CODOH mourn the passing of our Committee’s founder. We will send out more details later.
    May he rest in peace.

    Germar Rudolf

  39. carnac123 says:

    I feel the same frustration with the country that INCOGMAN feels. I have thought some of the very things he wrote about this date. There are things we need to do immediately. Get ammo and weapons. Get with a small group of white men with the same thoughts and attitude you have. Keep the group small. Train in weapons and stealth. Act like a man again. Take up for your race and your women who stand by you. Get your children out of public schools as soon as possible. Pick out your targets and be ready to strike when the time comes. You will know the time.

  40. sog says:

    bailey ,your inane levity will cost you time in flanders shamblinka ..pullin a leg bro ..
    lol…bring in the clowns
    bring in the strippers and jew servants ..i wopuld own several and they would be severely punished and extremely expendable …of course as retribution for what their influence cost in ireland in 1500 and the potaytow famine and hmmm irish slaves were owneed for life and expendable and cheap ..i have only revenge and retribution on my mind 24/7 ….so yes a kike slave would be sold for a dollar and no tax …in this kind of world the earth would once again experience a rennaiscance of true humanity and rulke of law and flourish like the reich of nationaL socialist germany did ,till the chicken twirlers put the keebosh on the whole damn thing …oy vey …

    bring in the clowns and the strippers …be like rome all over again only this time we use jews to engage the wild beasts in the collisseum …damn amazing that coolisseum ..ahhye //they could fill it up with water like a lake in the AM and drain it out and have gladiator games in the afternoon …instead of christians getting offed it would be the jews in stead this time …yeah so for the first 315 years of christo religion the christo peeps were hunted like post ww2 germans byh jews and such for gladiator sport …and christians get a lot of blame for lkillings etc …check out those muslims and their slaughter in the taking of constaniople ..all christians were slaughtered and north africa 5 million nberberrs and europe the islamz killed 9 + million caucasion and others europeans ..but they always do like jews and target christians …
    i know i post this all the time but it is virtually unknown … -> THE MASS GRAVES OF IRELAND<- all one word …
    yeah carnac your spot on it …and avoid the govt at all costs …preppers are prime sport for teams of property code checkers ,and sniffer commies who will seize your survival food …do buy lots of survival food and use cash and a borrowed truck or like this ….they have torn down and condemned lots of private prperties like this and seized lots of food stuffs …..jew zog guv dont like private property which is why no one truly owns their property with an alodiol title oor as it gopes to patent title …people who "own" properties dont really own them and have what is known as a colour of title ..basically in jew speak and fluent jibberish in small print it means the heartless communist guvt of zog jew america owns your shit ,all of it …try not paying your property tax …jew bank will reposess it quicker than a jew yourk second ..of course everything kikes own is sacred and no goyim could interlope …
    they have

  41. Hoff says:

    Now the intruders get train from Greece strait to Germany. Free of course.

    We ain’t seen nothing yet. The numbers of intruders will least the dubble to 2015.

    Refugees/Migrants Emergency Response – Mediterranean

  42. Red Pill says:

    in your face, up your ass and down your throat, sounds like a porn story to me.
    it is because we are the fuckies and the jews are the fuckors.

    Welcome to the 19th Annual Holocaust Awareness Week
    Colorado State University’s Students for Holocaust Awareness, Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life and Chabad Jewish Student Organization present the 19th annual Holocaust Awareness Week at Colorado State University, February 19 – February 26, 2016.

    i don’t believe that the jew story has much life left in it.
    you can attend for FREE, and BYOV (bring your own Vaseline).
    and meet mr albert rosa, 91 yr old HOLOCAUST survivor.
    where do they dig these people up, i thought they were all burned alive.
    but g-d saved his sorry ass so he could help prove how delusional the young minds of naive dumbed down collage idiots are.

  43. Red Pill says:

    You think men like these are afraid of uneducated 125lbs punks who hold their guns sideways?’ Heavily-armed Louisiana police captain flanked by officers taunts local gang in video challenge.

    to bad i have to read about this men and the statement he makes in an English newspaper.
    you must view the video enclosed within.
    he speaks of an America i once knew 50+ years ago. and how to take it back.
    we all want what was once …………and removed by the you know who.

  44. Olives 4 Sale says:

    It’s safe to say Incog and myself disagree on virtually everything. I abhor Christianity, think Hitler was a jew tool, Nazism was a complete Zionist racket, and that Donald “The Dradle” Trump is nothing but an Israel ass licker. But Incog and I are exactly the same in seeing that the friggin’ joo is the root of all evil, negroes are weaponized homonids whose sole purpose is to destroy western civilization, and that the white race is an amazing race that should be left alone to flourish. Everyone needs to cut Incog some major slack.

  45. Flanders says:

    Barney had asked me over at Hofflandia to explain what has happened. I know that I would be accused of going behind someone’s back if a response is not made here.

    Flanders to Barney, re Incogman

    Barney, I won’t presume that you will be able to determine who is being straight up and a real White man, due to our long dealings in the past with some of these hasbara posters who pretend to be “just ignorant everyday Americans” while commenting at Incogman. You will just have to wait and review for yourself, after your operation, what has happened at Incogman and come to conclusions on your own.

    This has wound up being longer than I had anticipated since I include a short review of our experiances at Incogman, in summary form, concentrated as much as it can be. I’m going to break it into separate comments because of the length.

    Breifly, I’ll give you my opinion, based on my recent learning. I have learned never to trust those “white” hasbarats whose english seems to have been learned from the graffitti on glory hole walls in a Tel Aviv bathhouse – because THAT IS where they “learned” “english”. That includes Hoff and Sog, of course, but there are other “english stutterers” in the past who have appeared at that hasbara haven site, Incogman, and many other places on the internet. The product coming out of their mouth is similar to the junk that comes out of the mouths of their Mohels.

    The questions we have had about Incogman for a long time are becoming more clear. Very clear, actually. Whoever it is directing that site, Incogman is a willing partner in it. Despite all of the seemingly good postings “by Phillip Marlowe”, and the great open comment forum, where people have in the past always spread good information, I now view Incogman as being just another misleading attempt by jews to control the direction and conversation for Whites – basically leading them nowhere while putting out an anti-jewish sounding patter, and worse, damaging to Whites in most respects.

    Why would they do that? I’m not sure I fully know the answers. I suspect the reason is to “allow” an everyday outlet allowing expressions of frustration of Whites to be done in non-productive ways. A site which goes out of it’s way to showcase ignorance and disunity among Whites, especially White Americans, and to promote the “hopeless, apathetic disunity” of “Whites” image to any of the public who happen by is another reason. Based on the purported “white” credentials which Incogman has established, either he or someone (whoever is associated in the backgrounds over there) favors, could use those “credentials” as a basis for “introductory bona fides” for a higher-level infiltration into real White movements.

    It is true that the old files and comments at Incogman are a wealth of good information about the jews, and contain links to information which expose and potentially are damaging to them. The question is just how many people take the time to go back through those materials and dig out the useable info? Almost no one I would bet, and the site is set up in such a way (which other good sites also have done, and they need to review whether it is really helpful to our White efforts) where the old materials are abandoned without any real examination by a process of continually having new postings every couple of days.

    The entire process is turned away from a process of an organized and unified group of White Americans looking for real truths, and is turned instead into a process of always looking for something new and currently sensational – a diversion similar to what is done by the jews in the MSM. Of course, with the stealth hasbarats hidden among us, the real display being made is one of disunity, ignorance, futility and prevailing negativity. Incogman makes every lame sounding excuse in the world for why he refuses to control the hasbarats and refuses to delegate some of that authority to known good White people who would have the ability to help control those rats. When we Whites have started getting a good roll going, displaying White unity and productivity, Incogman has used at several times, different ways to break it.

    The first obstacle to doing that, I encountered when I first came across Incogman, was a non-White, but very intelligent “half-Irish Jap” (whom I myself liked so far as most of what he posted), but who “beat up” on White posters with impunity, using data which were so extensive that I had almost suspected (and said half-humorously) that the data must have come from Rockefeller Group or the Rothschilds data bases. He was very difficult and intimidating to anyone because of his ability to hammer away at posters with so much impressive sounding information for hours on end that it was like getting hit with a heavy grenade exploding at you which turned into an well-documented encyclopedic wall of aggressive insult and oppression, and was thrown into the faces of any particular White posters, including new ones, who were thus singled out.

  46. Flanders says:

    Many people, especially the more multicult inclined Brits seemed to believe in him. I truthfully don’t know whether Akira was legitimate, and except for one major matter I agreed with most of his information. I even liked him and respected him for the values he expressed. He just didn’t belong in a position where he could do that abusive stuff to Whites. Incogman encouraged and aided him in doing that for the longest of times, and seemed to almost revel in seeing White posters beat up and leaving in frustration because of him. Incogman encouraged it. It took sustained effort by all the real White posters to overcome those whites who favored Akira and additionally, all those hasbarats who were supportive of him to finally pressure Incogman into abandoning him.

    After that it was what I would call the “golden age” for Whites at Incogman, where everything ran smoothly, with little friction and minimal hasbarat imputs. That’s the time that most of us remember fondly, and where we did learn so much, unified and working together as White men.

    Soon after, within several months, came a “Kundalini white man” who never masturbated to break that unity. His rhetoric fit right in to some degree and his bona fides had come to be without question by most of us until he began peddling the “pink Nazi” story. The “Nazi” thing was an excuse of course, since we were never heavy NS and examined all aspects, but we refused to have our opinions dictated to us by a weird yogic, whose non-masturbation stance was closer to being queer than anything I’ve read about the real Nazis in general. We all are aware that that is what is used to break up the good roll of unity and productivity. I suspect that Yogi non-doodler was an Incogman family member, and a Lithuanian derived jew with established crypto credentials, but Incogman denied that and continues to support and allow him at any time he chooses. I won’t even go into the Mad-Jewess situation except to say that her husband is or was said to have been the head of the JIDF (jewish internet defense force [I think]). I’ll also skip that half-jew who was chosen over good Whites, Whites who Incogman had forced into leaving.

    Incogman never recovered following that. The site has limped along with good messages but keeping a following of Incogman faithful hasbara. A few of our good old gang and various commenters who like the open comment system now, and who try to get good messages out between the jewjunk make up the rest of the commentors.

    Now, Incogman is limping along still, trying to justify his call for Whites to join in “and infiltrate” among jew communists who follow the older now, “youth scout” leader of Hashomer Hotzair, Bernie Sanders. That is the same “youth movement” which was the subject of those first posts I had left on the posting attacking me as being the “hasbara”. You will note that neither Incogman or anyone there has followed up on that information, despite Hashomer Hotzair acknowledging (or bragging) having infiltrated or created, the 103,000 organizations listed on their US website. Here is what one of it’s earlier members said about that organization, in it’s very early “leftist-Zionism” (communist) configuration.

    “A year later, when I was seventeen, the war broke We fled from the Cossacks, and I arrived in Vienna. I had already begun my public career in Rzeszow as a librarian in Young Zion. In 1916 in Vienna, the two above mentioned youth groups, Young Zion and Hashomer, joined together into one movement. The new movement took the first part of its name from Hashomer, and the second part of its name from Young Zion (Tzeirei Zion), and thus was Hashomer Hatzair born. It was not only the name that we took from the two movements. Each movement brought something of its essence with it. We took from Hashomer the inclination to scouting, the love of nature, and the affinity with Hashomer in the Land of Israel. From Young Zion, we took the cultural and ideological leaning.”
    “I must stress a second central point: this movement of national revival arose in the time of great social upheaval. Since the 1905 revolution in Russia, all of the waves of pioneering aliya brought with them the idea of national freedom along with social freedom, and an affinity with the world Socialist movement.”

    4. Hashomer Hatzair is on the extreme left wing of Zionism.
    1. Tzair is the Hebrew word for young. Tzeirei is the plural of this word as a noun (i.e. the young ones). Hatzair is the word Tzair with a definitive article ‘the’. – The Birth of Hashomer Hatzair, by Meir Yaari of Kibbutz Merchavia –

    That jew group has been based in Israel, but has established networks worldwide, including for a long time now the US. Now those and other jew networking groups are replacing our former US of A, the America made up of the true American White people.

    None of those at Incogman seem inclined to study those 103,000 + jew infiltrated organizations to see which and whether they work against White interests. They concentrate instead to perpetuate the division and accusations on personal level insults, and to surround “glorious leader” with jew barbed wire protection, just as jews always have, all while Incogman continues urging alliance with that jew.

    In short, Barney, I have discovered that, beleive it or not, the communist jews are very sneaky. Esteemed Comrade Incogman seems very much to follow that jewish tradition. I see that Arch Stanton has come to a similar conclusion. Many people smarter than me have seen that before and tried to warn us of that in the past.

    Finally, I listen.

  47. Hoff says:

    I have learned never to trust those “white” hasbarats whose english seems to have been learned from graffitti on glory hole walls in a Tel Aviv bathhouse.


    This Flanders crap is getting better. Writing about a glory hole in a toilet in Tel Aviv?

    Now I know Flanders is a high end hasbaraRAT.

  48. Flanders says:

    I had just now noticed your reply to me over at Hofflandia, Hoff.

    Here is my reply to your comment.

  49. Vic says:

    If you really want to do something you need to start with their top leaders the way they do, and work your way down from there.

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