I Just Can’t Believe How Stupid People Are!

MARCO RUBIO'S REAL LOYALTYYeah, yeah, I know they all suck-up to Israel. Trouble is, nobody can get away with being otherwise or touching the “third rail of American politics.” Hell, if anyone dares say a word about the sacred Jews or Israel, Zio freaks bring down the WRATH OF KHAN!

By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

"Der Fuerher" Trump smartly laughed it all off.

Trump is the only candidate worth a flying flock by far. Anyone who says otherwise is a complete, utter moron!

Folks, please, please pray for me right now. I’m suffering from extreme malaise and depression. It’s really bad, people. Over the weekend, some idiot kept insisting to me how great Marco Rubio is. How I stopped myself from committing second degree felony murder by strangulation or blunt force trauma — right then and there — I still don’t know.

Oh, I’m just being rhetorical, now. You know how crazy I sometimes talk. That’s why I’m so charming!

This Marco “Roboto” is a complete phony. Pay attention: You can see right through the guy. He kisses Israel’s ass every chance he gets. The clown is so obvious, I would actually be surprised some Jew hasn’t yet taken him aside and told him to take a chill pill. Maybe they have.

Roboto boy* has also been laying on the Christian dealy hot and heavy — even claiming to be all for traditional marriage (he knows he doesn’t have to do JACK about it down the road). Amazing. And it is indeed possible the guy was/is a big faggot himself! I mean look at the little punk — I can easily see him as a closet fairy (see photo below).

How anyone could NOT be for Donald Trump is simply beyond me. Just the fact all the rats are anxiously attacking him should be enough for you to be suspicious, not only because of all the obvious lefty Jews (the majority), but also from all the fake “conservative” Jews — like that smirking, fat-faced Jew SOB they bring on all the TV channels, Neocohen Bill Krystol or Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro, who is supposed to be this big clever truth-teller to us White people. My ass.

Jewry “in toto” knows the danger of Trump to their long-running “diversity” project — silently twisting up and genociding the White race, so we don’t suddenly threaten the NWO Agenda with our “inherent fascist tendencies.”

And here’s Donald J. Trump self-funding his own campaign — there’s no other possible way for an American patriot and good guy to run for president — while all these other clowns are getting tens of millions from rich special interest groups and devious PACs, who are running slick Hollywood-style commercials attacking Trump. I saw a clever one they are running over on FOX news, showing Trump as a ice carving melting away because he wasn’t a “true conservative” and then cutting to Jeb Bush’s name — like that illegal-lover bastard is such a real conservative.

Total… unmitigated… lying… Jew BULL CRAP!

Here's a picture of Rubio getting on his campaign bus someplace. What a little faggot!

Here’s a picture of Marco Rubio getting on his campaign bus someplace. Fashion homos on the Internet wondered among themselves just what kind of cute zip-up boots he was wearing. What a pudgy little faggot!

Hell, the dirty rotten bastards in the Republican establishment even stacked the audiences in the debate halls with RINGERS — bought and paid for by special interests expressly to boo Trump during the debates. And the media allowed such loud, raucous behavior from the audiences because these backstabbers, too, really want to make Trump look bad.

Yes, indeed, all these people are total rats!

Then idiots out here in the real world say Trump is going to get us into another war — like he’s so hot-headed that he’ll push that big red nuclear button with no problem. This is coming from people who know pretty much JACK about such strategic matters to begin with — only believing what the idiot box tells them on everything. Most of the idiots out here don’t even know Israel has “The Bomb,” for crying out loud!

Hell, some of these walking, talking morons out here actually believe it’s possible a Zombie Apocalypse might really break out in the future. They are living in a moronic reality created for their little pointy heads by violent daily Jewish media.

If anything, the other clowns running for president are tons more dangerous with their Zionist war rhetoric than Trump. The Donald might say he’ll bomb the hell out of ISIS, but that’s about it. Trump openly says he can deal just fine with the president of Russia and Putin himself even said good things about Trump.

I don’t know about you, but I want a president tough enough to break bread with guys like Vladimir Putin, GD IT!

All kinds of lefty Jews like Leonard Zeskind above, are screaming bloody murder about Trump.

All your lefty Jews, like Leonard Zeskind above, got their panties up in a bunch over Trump. The subversive White-hating bastards believe Trump is going to stop their favorite subversion project — the racial destruction of our lands to prevent a resurgence of fascism!

Then SCOTUS judge Antonin Scalia ups and dies while out at a remote Texas hunting lodge alone. Conveniently, no autopsy was performed. Great. Just great. Funny how it happened just barely within the time frame where it’s still possible Obama could slip in another liberal bastard on to the Supreme Court to further trash the American constitution.

And then this same Rubio supporter person that so pissed me off parrots something she heard on TV about how Obongo could never get away it in his last year. Total BS. There’s no telling what machinations can/could/will happen behind closed doors in today’s Jewed America. It happens all the time!

Does the name Bart “Stupid” Stupak mean anything to you? (note the photos there are linked to my older site before the filthy Jews had me taken down, which I still haven’t had a chance to fix)

Like I said before: If Donald Trump and that commie Jew, Bernie Sanders, both get screwed over, we need to join forces and GO TO CIVIL WAR. Open armed conflict against the traitorous government and backstabbing media. We’ll round up the mothers at the point of a bayonet and frog march the fools right into concentration camps. Then we’ll straighten out all the bull crap these filthy Jews have done to America.

Sure, Bernie Sanders is also a Jew and big Zionist Israel supporter. But we need to tap into the anger of those who supported him because of the obvious financial rip-off of America. Yep, we’re all getting screwed up the ass by the filthy Globalist Jews who created Israel in the first place.

Jeb Bush is just like Trump says he is. He is NOT any kind of leader. Plus, the punk is all for the illegal aliens. I guess so, since he's married to some Mexican broad.

Jeb Bush is just like Trump says he is. The guy is NOT any kind of leader. He’s a mama’s boy. Plus, the smiling fool is all for legalizing the illegal aliens. I guess so, since he’s married to some Mexican broad.

Plus, Trump said it like it is about Iraq and Dubya Bush lying up the ass getting us into a war over there, costing us two trillion dollars and thousands of America soldiers — dead or seriously hurt. And what did we get? Not even one drop of GD oil!

George “Dubya” Bush really did screw the pooch when it came to 9/11 (if you believe the official version which I don’t). Dubya pretty much ignored CIA warnings about a major attack the month before.

What Trump said about all this is more than enough for me to support him!

That Jeb “Exclamation Point” Bush guy is a complete moron. Just listen to him try to talk. I’m shocked mama’s boy even got elected governer of a state, let alone anything else. The fact of him believing he could run for president is exactly like that Marco Roboto guy thinking he’s got the makings of a president. These are obviously ambitious mediocre idiots — perfect for Jewish manipulations down the road.

Now comes word close associates to the nation-wrecking Globalist Jew, George Soros, are contributing mucho dineros to the super PACs of John Kasich and Jeb Bush. That’s so perfect. Little wonder the traitorous media, including FOX news, hasn’t said a word. Then again, they haven’t said anything about the top donors to Hillary Clinton either — every single one of them are filthy rich Jews!

The great American president, Andrew Jackson, must be rolling in his GD grave by now!

I can’t write about all the crap going on these days with the 2016 election, since I’m just a one man band here (I even do my own graphics). I do know Marco Rubio is an Israel-loving chump and punky little bastard.

Now I also freely admit being a hard-charger kind of guy, given to bouts of White-hot fury. Impossible not to in this day and age, as you can imagine. But regular White people complain to me all the time about inflation at the grocery store, paying taxes to the Feds and black criminal behavior. WTF don’t these blithering idiots get?

Can’t anyone out here in the real world connect the dots? No wonder Cog Man is so pissed!

*They now call Marco Rubio “Roboto” because of his idiot canned attack on Obongo at a retardican debate when New Jersey’s rotund governor Chris Christy famously tore him a new butthole on the stage. Amazingly, Rubio beat Christy in the New Hampshire primary two days later. Didn’t I say people were stupid?



100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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74 Responses to I Just Can’t Believe How Stupid People Are!

  1. Karen says:

    The toad tale was actually a Deviish metaphor

  2. mossad did 911 says:

    Re: Nothing but a fag….
    I wont defend any Jews. And I didnt ask anyone for help. I will tell you that if you were to have the balls to come out here & face me I will stand alone.
    We can meet on the strip if you want.

  3. mossad did 911 says:

    Hey Nothin’ but a fag….I have to give credit where credit is due…that renting out the nose as a scaffolding was good….nice…Thank God for me though God spared me the nose & pretty much everything else kike…
    You cannot say anything bad enough about Jews to offend me. I probably despise them more than you do. I grew up in an area in joo York that was probably %80 joo. I carried their golf clubs. I waited their arrogant, smelly assess in restaurants. I made their sandwiches in their kosher delis (can I have another free sample please)?
    I was not joo wise in those years. I only knew there was something wrong with these people collectively. They were arrogant, self righteous, greedy. I was not one of them. I did not want to be. This is why I dropped out of yid school after just three or four months. I knew I could make a lot of money. Fuck it.
    I didn’t want any part of it. I didn’t want to speak that disgusting language where you have to spit & gargle just to speak it. I didn’t want that stupid fucking hat on my head. And I sure as shit didn’t want to be around them if I didn’t have to be.
    I guess I can’t blame you for hating me. But I will still defend myself. And please hold nothing against Incogman as he had no idea I was 1/2 joo until I admitted it. He is doing the best he can & probably a lot more than you have or ever will do.
    And to be honest I have to say that I despise White self hating liberals & demonic joo loving Neo con ‘Christians’ just as much as the joo… some of these people would slit their own child’s throat before even listening to a bad word about the ‘chosen ones’. Dont you think these people should have learned something after 2000 years? I tried to help them. I spent a lot of time. But both sides hate me. So why should I bother? I still talk to as many people as I can. Even at work. I still make cell phone calls while waiting in line ect. But standing on corners & speaking facts through a microphone…? No. Why should I bother?

  4. Eric says:

    me a tough guy?nah..just a paper tiger..I asked for EVIDENCE,not a meet and greet..

  5. bigwhitecat says:

    This site has definitely been run into the ground…letting that asshole aka “all over the plaice” in was fishy…& many people knew that from the get go. Step it up Incog !

  6. bigwhitecat says:

    And whats up with the constant “moderation” crap ? Free speech is where its at !

  7. Fred says:

    “The role of the president of the United States is to support the decisions that are made by the people of Israel. It is not up to us to pick and choose from among the political parties.” — Ann Lewis, adviser to Hillary Clinton campaign, March 17, 2008

  8. soandso says:

    I donate to Trump every month, but he hasn’t said anything about destroying the 20 foot tall statue of Lenin in Seattle, never even mentions it. He’s got four years to destroy that statue! He’s never brought up the fact that foster care children never return home either, neither does anybody else!

  9. sog says:

    if all people of no history with i-man come on here and comment out of context to just bash someone then there is evidence of absence of intelligence ..stay on toppick ..if all yer fonna do is run other people down when you aint got proof or are making it up then what ave ya got …i dont want to read that kind o shyte nyway ….9-11 is a stand up jew fighter ..we have said in the past that jews act onn genetix ..could be true enough but they act on lpoyalty and comraerie with the devil and his teachings the talmud and other such crap …many people who say they are jewoish are not anyway according to levitical mosaic bs ..what the fuck waqs an ancient israelite anyway and now you got people who are claiming racial decendency from these losers to scare everyone with my god is bigger than yours …most jews are brainwashed and so are most whites and most niggers ..now there is a genetic failure there ..with niggers the controlling jews knew they could fuck up a nation by bringing them in ..rest my case ..
    if 9-11 posts here all you whiners stop kavetching like old kike hags and add something to the article or shut up ..
    whats up ewith the attack on aotp …if thats all your gonna do is play the this place is run down and everyone but you is a kike then bugger off ..the only people creating the forum slides are the i know better than you whiners …give it a rest ..
    anyone who puts theirselves inn the way of the jew is in danger ..i know this shit 1st hand on some stuff ways back …the jew is hidden inn the landscape of world power and corporate intrigue etc ,,real mpolitical jews control shit with a death grip …
    there aint no racial jew ..they are all as different as the day is long …phoenicians and carthiginians and kazaars and many others joined the talmudic legion of satan over the millenia ..some people are marinated in theis death cult from birth and they ghive in to the lower natures and ride it for all its worth ..its a form af mental illness …ahhye .
    ive been called out by white neo nazzi types who think their shit dont stink and we all should do as they say ..i say fuck you ..hitler wouldnt have even pissed on todays neo types ,..national socialism was grand and noble undertaking by germans of varying racial makeups ..it wasnt all aryan or all nordic etc ..people have mixed alot since olden times ..buit white european is the standard for which benovolent soverign creative and productive societies and infrastructures were created …white criteria ..
    anyway check it out ..mossad is stand up …you dont like it ,fuck you to ..

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