Jewish ADL Violated US Law By Attacking Trump

ADL VIOLATES LAWBy Attacking Trump, The ADL is Violating Their 501c3 Status


The Jew ADL has come out and attacked Donald Trump for not denouncing the support of David Duke, the alt-right and Anime Nazis.

Here are their demands, from a press release:

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today called on presidential candidate Donald Trump to distance himself from white nationalist and former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke, as well as other white supremacists, and publicly condemn their racism.

Although he did not explicitly endorse Mr. Trump, David Duke recently said on his radio program, “Voting against Donald Trump at this point is really treason to your heritage.” He encouraged listeners to volunteer for the campaign, saying that at Trump campaign offices, “you’re going to meet people that have the same kind of mindset that you have.”

Mr. Trump may have distanced himself from white supremacists, but he must do so unequivocally,” said Marvin D. Nathan, ADL National Chair, and Jonathan A. Greenblatt, ADL CEO. “It is time for him to come out firmly against these bigoted views and the people that espouse them.”

Look at that.

The Jews say Trump “must” do something. It’s an order.

The ADL is a non-profit with 501c3 status, and this attack on Our Leader clearly violates the legal limitations associated with this tax group.

From the IRS website:

Under the Internal Revenue Code, all section 501(c)(3) organizations are absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office. Contributions to political campaign funds or public statements of position (verbal or written) made on behalf of the organization in favor of or in opposition to any candidate for public office clearly violate the prohibition against political campaign activity. Violating this prohibition may result in denial or revocation of tax-exempt status and the imposition of certain excise taxes.

Can’t really get any more clearcut than that.

Trying to stump someone is obviously “intervening.” As is making demands that a politician endorse a certain position or be subject to abuse. By condemning the candidate Trump, they are attempting to influence the election by portraying him negatively.

This violation is very, very clear.

These Jews are lawyers. You’d think they’d know better.

I hope Trump sues them.

Jew Jake Tapper Invokes David Duke And KKK To Try And Stump The Trump


No one seemed to care when Sen. Robert Byrd endorsed Obama, even though he had been in the KKK for years! (INCOG)

The lousy hypocrites didn’t seem to care one bit when a former member of the KKK, Sen. Robert Byrd, endorsed Obama. (INCOG)

The CNN Jew Jake Tapper has invoked David Duke and the KKK as part of an underhanded effort to stump the Trump. Tapper asked Trump if he would disavow Duke’s support of his campaign while associating Duke with the KKK. As if, Trump has any control who supports him.

First off, it has been over 40 years since Duke was in the KKK and Duke doesn’t consider himself any sort of “supremacist.”

Secondly, where were these Jews back in 2008 demanding Barack Obama to disavow support from “Black power” groups?

These talking points are mainly coming from the subversive Jews at the Anti-Defamation League. If the ADL is trying to kill Trump’s campaign with this nonsense, than it is clear that Trump’s campaign is on the right track. There are few organizations in the United States more vile than the ADL.

The good news is that everyone is seeing how desperate and ridiculous these tactics are. They are doomed to fail.



100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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44 Responses to Jewish ADL Violated US Law By Attacking Trump

  1. Red Pill says:

    The good news is that everyone is seeing how desperate and ridiculous these tactics are. They are doomed to fail.

    or the failed plots of mice and men.
    their dream has more than a few holes in it.
    and that will be the failure of TPTB

  2. Olives4Sale says:

    The Donald body slams Vince McMahon.

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  4. Hoff says:

    Donald Trump Tells Jake Tapper He Won’t Denounce David Duke or The KKK

  5. ihateki*es says:

    fuck these kikes. Their reign must end and now…..

    tick tock

  6. Tom says:


    Trump: Israel Is Victim In Conflict With Palestine, If Attacked ‘100% I’d Come to Their Defense’

  7. FJ says:

    Oh snap!

    You are blocked from following @ADL_National and viewing @ADL_National’s Tweets. Learn more

  8. Israhell on Earth says:

    Ben Shapiro Explains in Under Six Minutes Why You Shouldn’t Back Trump

    If you wanna have some fun trolling the hell out of jewlovers, cruzbots, libtards, and that shapeshifting snake Ben Shapiro – chime in, all hell is breaking loose right now.

  9. sog says:

    thats a excellent question for the american and euro masses ..who are these fucking orcs these multi racial hominids who even afrocans seerm to think they belong to the dna gene pool as well …pretty chaotic shit …once upon a tyme there were strange people called israelites …12 tribes ..many pf the tribal figureheads were born from jacob who had several chilkdren with many women …sounds familiar …abraham er well a so what is the jews problem with ham today ..they can twirl a chicken from all theior masturbatory incursions etc ..patriarchs of porn and famine and slavery …so we go on …todays jews are a criminal mentally ill gene pool ..did i forget to add conscienceless …instead of a heart there is a calculator that automatically adds intersst acrued…ahyye suuuuuuuuuch uhhhhhhhhh deeeeeeeeeeeel…..
    so the wanderers the gypsises the foreign aliens are only looking for as home we are told the world was told and as we know all that eminates from a jews mouth is lies ….they now have palestine which i might add to the din of reality that they are not racially entitiled to and even if these assholes were “pure” israelite decandants which would be impossible anyway which theory has its roots in the science of inbreeding …many jews have genetic diseases and mental issues ..but the truth is that even carthsagininas and phoenicians and khazaar converted to the non biblical talmud tenets ..more of a stack of perversions than a religion …more of a sect full of extremist opportunists who claim biblical israleit racial decendency while they only cherry pick certain verses in the old T to make theim selves look legit …truth is that in a picture of 20 jews today you will find an intersting lack of racial homogeny ..or etc ….some look chinese some look black some look arab some look etc etc ..some look avbsolutely white caucasion ..because i would suppose that inner dna exposes itself to the outter shell ..these white jews are the biggest crooks cus they arent any more “jew” than their shabbos gay non “jew” helpers ..bsides todays jews are not rmotely related to yesterdays israelites and i fail to see how that would even make a fuckin difference if they were …palestinians have indi=genously and ancestrally inhabiterd palestine for 3000 years but the kazaar ashkanazzi and sephardic frauds have killed off more than 3 -4 million of the palestinians since 1900″s ….in the most brutal bolshevik communist jew manner concievable like in jew com /zio russia where they slaughtered 80 million russains …of note is the fact that the russian mafiya is all 100% jewish ..jews can morph easily into bolshevik parameters from socialist illusion …so the point is that now they have a home they stole and slaughtered a whole race to get ahold of why do these illete parasites demand to fuck up everyone elses nations and make political dookey in our ancestral lands ..could we go muck around in israel and tell them they need millions of immigrants after they build their aparthied walls and murder palastinians ..helkl tyhe niggers who all got deprted got off easy ..jews didnt want the kaffirs sso called true jews cutouts etc in israel and wouldnt ride the busses with them or allow their kids in the same schools ..they were as wlcome as muslims in israel …jews ahve pretended to be insurgents all thruout iraq war ..many were put down by american snipers as how can all the logistics be kept straight with out tipping the jew hand ..or a memo that says dont shoot the guy that looks like an arab cus he might just be a crypto jew playing the war game reality show shoit in middle east ..the jews weere caught red handed shooting at american troops ..wher is the fuckin outrage ..
    jews arer really trying to enslave us all laws in colorado makes you have to put your kids on a list if they dont get vaxxines ..workers in some states have to microchip their asses and these are garbage men only ..many laws are infringing on our freedoms ..and the cursed kikes are alweays behind theis shit ..the rabbis of the fold study only the talmud and not the old test levitical mosaic laws ..the old test speaks of a messiah and they deny this for to be their own gods and messiahs ..
    the israelites were always at war with each other in ancient times and many resorted to idolatry which is why the so called paltry vassal kindom isreal split prior to the assyrian captivity that started in 740 bc apprax …im sure there is good rerason assyria waqnted these heathens …when babylon took them as in the lower kingdom which was remnant of split in 570 aprox they wound up regurgitating these kikes back to israel ..this fulfills the coming together of izzlites for the final time ..todays gathering of the vultures is not prophetic or even legit ..
    the shitkikes came to palestine to medle in the oil biz //
    the jew kills 80 million people in russia from 1917 on and slaughters 200,000 priests and destroys 40,000 churches and they swan around like they are the earths suprteme sufferers ..onn the contray or au contrare ,they have caused the earths supreme suffering time and time agin… ..

  10. sog says:

    its always the same with the jews …mixed criminal gene pool ..we have heinz 57 ..neanderthal ,mongol asiatic …a jew is a chimera ,something that happens when a human goes complete evil …
    as far as anyone is concerned the jews should on;ly be abl;e to give orders in israel the land of jewcom zio occupied land of palestinians …as much as i hate muslims i almost prefer them to jews but they are relly from the same whole cloth …
    white suprmecists lol ,,where .?. the jew considers anyone who wants rule of law and us codes and the onstituion inn full effect as terrorists and the catch phrase redundant white supremicst …the truth is the jews are the white supremecists …they lead the pack in murderous and slanderous behaviour all to infringe on others soverignty ….jews have all this powere in everyones lands and killed millions upon millions to get there ..look at venezuela now that the jew got re entrenched after the specious untimely death of hugo chavez the peoles president ..when he took office all the jews started to whine was odd ..but chavez had started to curtail the jews drug cartellian behaviours and other insidious odius jew like behviours 40,000 kikes made a big show of leaving like they did in germany in the early 40’s and late 30’s …all the jews left so how did anyone get 6 million to kill ..and doesnt that lie cover up the commie jews own genocide of russians for starters …never mind that germany was bombed each and every civilian city and these were NON military targets people ..Hamburg ,etc ,flames 2 miles high on civilians …a genocide dressed up as a war …and then again they can be the same thing now venezuela which is very modernized and has cities like euro and america infrastructures is under food policis of the famine jew bolsheviks and has a jew for a president …do you think that the millions of people in south america will survive the jewish supremcists elites political and police hegemony in south ameirica ..not likely considering the jews history of creating famines in many lands even to the tune of making sure many countries perime farm lands wind up with millions of buried clkuster bomb munitions from staged and created civil wars the place cant farm anymore till the shit is removed and its done very slowly and methodically …the jews created 2 massive famines in russia during their political communist comintern bolshevik days …1 around 1921 -22 and again in 1930 -32 ….
    the total of deaths of non jew peeps was est at 20 million for these 2 events …never mind the ww1 and the ww2 body counts ..and not including the general genocide of the population in gulag and bif commercoial work projects ,which meant worked to death ..i cant go into the def camps post ww2 or the the work camps converted to death camps under the russian and american and french and british sektors …millions of innocent german civilians were geno’d off by the jewish overlords inncharge of the ww2 theatre ..on and on …every state aka country in south america has a jew president ..and possibly each unit in central america is tightly controlled by a regime of death sqauds under zio franchise ..
    how absolutely disgusting of the jews to make every country theiur home base of operations and to subvert and pervert our natural orders ..america could be a utopia by now …bottom line is that any rights we enjoy by ta thread now will only be removed by jews once they have all the guns ..this is a archetypical of jews and all the other “good” jews will be allowed to participate because of a siurname or a size 14 nose or a siable3 irritating ego …our rights are only defedable thru the right of arms …for which we need no pice of paper ..they liuve above the law and and they create them to oppress the white man …eric holder said he wasnt interested in civil rights for white people as the niggers run around violating our civil rights and getting away with it scott free all the time …
    altrhough here wee have …
    niggers get tribal on peaceful protesters which is typical behaviour of the socilist injustice warriors who are largely communist …have ya seen all the communist organizations that exist today and they are all under the permissive umbrella of the largely communist flock of global jews …even germany had 8 million registerd communist party ethnic germans in late 30’s …yeah and goebbols mother and herydriches racial lineage as well as borman …so tis why i always say it aint black and white out there ..but behaviours and actions and intents are the rule of the street ..
    muslime reveal their true colours aka pulling out the stops …i diont think the jews can put the cork back in the bottle right now ..they are invested in the social destructio they have engineered and it could all go sideways on them …
    and some great news ..some islam trash made good …
    im tellin all this needs to be a national pastime ..hunting and euthanizing mozlim rougue gangs and shitheads ..we dont want them here and we cant as a country allow these miscreant extrmeist violent rapists and murderers here as we have plenty of mexicans already and niggers good for this shit …..
    why would any country import poison and iunstability intom its inner lANDS ESPECIALLY WHEN ITS P[LAIN AS DAY THESE SCUMIGRANT HUMANGATANS are only capable of murder and rape and violence …i think thats the point is the point ..this is what the the kike lerner spectre means when she wants europe to embrace madness or at least be silent about it ..embrace youe own mureder and rape …people of all lands need to take up arms and clense the landscape of woprthles turd world parasites …asap ..

  11. sog says:

    niggers now empowered by jew and nigger caucas are going after police ..niggers kill dozens of police every year ,,,why does the jew owned media want this quiet ..
    there ought to be a bounty on free range pavenment and porch monkeys without regard to sex or age …these are truly a parsitical dangerous race ..

  12. protocolsRtrue says:

    Well, it’s leap day. Which means black history month got an extra day. But also means thank God it’s almost over. My opinion is that it could have been over at 12:05 am February 1st. So I’ve been waiting all day to see if by some miracle a new accomplishment would happen. But all I got was this this morning. Another convicted felon that does not understand that it is against the law for them to possess firearms.

  13. protocolsRtrue says:

    The Oscars got the lowest ratings in 8 years. Reported this morning of course I didn’t watch it either. So the nigger supposedly rants about white people own jewlywood. No kidding nigger, but what part don’t you understand nigger? jews are not white. They only appear white. They are an alien life form devolved from the snake or reptiles. The only millionaire jewlywood movie moguls are —-jews stupid! These niggers keep calling jews white people now I’m starting to get a little bit insulted by that. You know, the ones that keep telling everybody that they are Gods chosen ones… and then call white people evil white racist Nazi supremacists. Sick of their bullshit. And the niggers? jewlywood? How stupid can a nigger be? Don’t answer that there is no answer. If the guys name is cohen or something Spielberg or goldman or silverman or stein then that means it aint a white person. It means that it is a jew you dumb-ass fucking nigger. They just aint smart enough to figure this shit out. No matter how many times we try to tell them. Do you want to end racial profiling? Then quit calling jews white people. So the brit government refuses to allow the Washington redskins to play a game in England because their name is all racist and shit. I just thought I would throw that in here. The Talmud is their religious law says always do harm to Christians any way you can even the best Gentiles should be killed. THEY are Gods chosen people… and call ME a racist supremacist? Get lost you fuckers how can anybody with any sense trust one of these jews for a minute? What are you stupid? I’m getting tired of being called a racist just because I was born with white skin guess what now I don’t care anymore being accused of something not true for so long while actually me MYSELF being the victim of racism and institutionalized reverse discrimination fuck it I was trying to help you stupid ass fucking niggers and maybe you could learn something and help yourselves but I can see now that that was a hopeless lost cause.

  14. Hoff says:

    The AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington DC, March 20-22, 2016, is the largest gathering of the pro-Israel movement. Thousands from all 50 states come to participate in “three of the most important days affecting Israel’s future.”

  15. sog says:

    niggers are lost to all decensy ..farrakoon says hillary is shit ..really ..heh heh what iq level is this not known even a rqacist asshole like farrahkon knows this ..farak-kon ..he must be barak malik shabazz obama soetores daddy ….his mutt invented the kill a whitye person and get membership into NOI ..this dangerous terroist nigger i mistakenly thout had at least an iq of 60 only has a large hand up his ass like a puppet and its a jew hand …he was there for the inception of the zebra killings …black lives matter terrorists are only splintered nigger death squads from the mother ship …
    im geting sick of the worthless jew court jester nigger sob chris rock ,jibbering about white people all the time ..white people have work to go to and families to raise and cant sit around like the nigger jungle monkeys lamenting their own self inflicted dead end failure ..fuck you chris rock ..fucking cowardly nigger doing the jews job many jews have you sucked off faggot ..when the niggers day come it will be by the hand of the jew according to their secret timeline and protocols …jews are not about to let niggers live 1 day past their uselesness long as long as they are raping and robboing and killing ,usually as a 3 fer according to tnb then the jew loves them long as muslims are doing the same thing according to the content of their useless charachter then the jews will import them to anywhere they feel needs to be broken and destabilized and demoralized …oh fuck yes the jew needs to go …the leaders of the shit pack ..they are the leaders and as such need total scrutiny ..the rest need to be severely crippled and imprisoned and executed ..the ghetto niggers kill each other in large numbers yearly in america ..chiraq chicongo detroilet flint oakland etc ..niggers kill 8-9 thousand other porch monkeys every year and its your fault whitey cus you ar not doing enough …lol…not enough free shit ..and niggers want to know where the free crack and guns and ho’s are free free …and they dont want to be incarcerated for their multiple victim crimes ..astonishing shocking to the conscience ,their crimes …shooting a lad outside a gas station in his car cus he wont give the niggers his cigarretes ..a stupid excuse to shoot someone but they like to set up their victims like that first but there are the increasing numbers or actually spiraling and skyrocketing blackattax on on whites …been this way for over a 100 years ……the civil rights movement was just a ploy to get niggers extra special status was never about equal ,it was about empowering nigger criminals to take genocidal action against white pops..
    the mlk bullshit was all planned and created by some of the best propagandists of our time ..these kinds of jews also crated the holocaust industry and own the media, lox stock and barel ….everywhere mlk went the cities burned ..millions in damage …do we think the cops did this …it is plain that the niggers did it just because …operation just because ..hands up rioting …because mlk told them to …empowered them to be who they really are ..tribal morons with real stupid for compoany in their thick skulls …stupid people generally slide to criminality alot easier than peeps of intelligence …most niggers are just plain stupid …throwing this out there …how come the worthlkess tribal nigger farrakon ios not investigated for his role in zebra killings which never stopped ..but the shitkike media would like to wrap it all up in anice neat little ribbon and bow and present it as extremists on a limited murder binge andthen caught ..not in the laest is this even true …there were dozens and dozens of conspirators and supporters of this anti white policy …straight from the jews to the niggers …and we are white supremecists fpor wanting justice ….rmember the jew tim wise fuck breath says reason is a white construct so it must be bad …theis kindergarten bad guy on ther playground shit is like saying you are bad if you breath..
    it is bad then that niggers jews and moslems and spiks breathe ..

  16. protocolsRtrue says:

    Go down to chapter 2 of this. What else should you need to know?

  17. Matt says:

    Israhell on Earth,

    I watched the Ben Shapiro (Jew) 6 minute video on why you shouldn’t voter for Trump.

    Jesus said the Jews are liars, when they lie they speak their natural language, just like their father the devil. (John 8:36-44)

    Never, ever, ever , ever forget the words of Jesus, that Jews are liars. Not even worth the slightest thought of believing what a Jew says.

    The fact that the Jews attach Trump, tells you he must be doing something right.

    Luke 6:26 Woe to you when everyone speaks well of you, for that is how their (the Jews) ancestors treated the false prophets.

    Jews love a scumbag fraud.

    Which Israhell, I know you know already.

  18. Matt says:

    What people don’t realize, is that when you’re around the Jews and their protocols, that it makes a normal man almost sick and he can only stomach so much before exploding, and either leaving or making them leave.

    This is why the Jews have been expelled from countries approx. 112 times.

    The only misfortune was that some corrupt and vile person, such as Oliver Cromwell allowed the parricidal Jew disease back in the country, to kill, steal and destroy.

    Nothing good comes from the parasite Jews.

  19. Red Pill says:

    if one could believe this well presented piece of shit. they are already lost.

    A huge international study of gun control finds strong evidence that it actually works

    problem, reaction, solution. works every time

  20. A nigger shoplifting? I couldn’t have ever, ever imagined the possibility in my wildest dreams.

  21. squarepegroundhole says:

    It’s on like bing bong Jack!

    24/7 attack Trump.

    The Jews are worried or playing it up really well.

    Maybe this guy can head up a gang clean up unit for Mr T

  22. Dave says:

    KKK is used for the same purpose as the Fake Holocaust!
    Seriously… does the KKK have any power or influence in America?
    1. Who starved and killed 500,000 Iraqi women and children in the 90s? Clinton and Madeline Albright or the KKK?
    2. Who are all the perpetrators of all those rapes and robberies on college campuses? Black athletes or the KKK?
    3. Who pulled off a coup in Ukraine that had led to economic implosion and deaths of 1,000? Neoccons like Kagan and Nuland or the KKK?
    4. Who bombed the hell out of Gaza and killed scores of women and children? IDF or KKK? And who continues to occupy West Bank and oppress Palestinians? Israel or KKK?
    5. Whose idea was to cook up lies to invade and destroy Iraq and turn it into a haven for terrorists? Bush, Cheney, and Neocons or the KKK?
    6. Who sells drugs all across America that destroy lives? Black/Hispanic gangs or the KKK?
    7. Who makes and sells ugly demented pro-murder and pro-thug Rap music? Jews and blacks in the music industry or the KKK?
    8. Who destroys businesses of decent bakeries after pushing the abomination of ‘gay marriage’ on all of us? Wall Street/Hollywood/Harvard or the KKK?
    9. Who cooked up lies to destroy Libya and turn into a yet another haven of terrorists? Obama and Zionists or the KKK?
    10. Who used Wall Street as a casino and robbed all of us blind? Global financiers or the KKK?
    11. Who runs Las Vegas to spread sleaze and steal gazillions from Americans addicted to mindless hedonism and trash culture? The likes of Adelson or the KKK?
    12. Who turns white girls into the likes of Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga in our pornifed culture? Pop Culture Industry or the KKK?
    13. Who encouraged urban unrest and mayhem in the streets with bogus BLM riots?
    George Soros or KKK?
    14. Who is encouraging the violation of national borders in both US and EU while native populations are shamed for wanting to defend their own nations? NYT or the KKK?
    15. Who are raping all those white women and black women? Black rapists or the KKK?
    16. Who rob and loot stores? Blacks or KKK?
    17. Who play knockout games and punch out old folks? ‘Youths’ and ‘teens’ or the KKK?
    And we can go on and on.
    In reality, the KKK has less power than the Girl Scouts.
    It’s just a bogeyman kept ‘alive’ for push-button triggerings.

  23. Hoff says:

    In reality, the KKK has less power than the Girl Scouts.
    It’s just a bogeyman kept ‘alive’ for push-button triggerings.


    Spot on!

    You nailed the whole KKK jewish propaganda bullshit in two sentences. Hery good work Dave. Gona post it up at Hofflandia.

  24. Hoff says:

    In The Land of the Retarded Sweds this nigger is 12, twelve years old.

  25. Olives4Sale says:

    It’s all theater and stage, folks. Just like when Trump body slammed Vince McMahon to the floor in wraslin’ and then shaved his head bald. It’s a script. Donald is 1000% for the joos and Israel. The joos and Trump are playin’ the whites like some fancy fiddle.

    Trump’s no dummy. He knows who made him his fortune, and he is most definitely beholden to them and no one else.

    If elected, when push comes to shove, Trump is for the joos and whitey be damned. Trump, rather than being the savior of the white race, may prove to be its ultimate destructor. The joos have now seen that their ultimate sock puppet (Trump) can get the whites to do anything. Even the joo-wise of the whites have thrown all reason out the window and support a man who has said ad nauseam that he emphatically, without reservation, and eternally supports the joos and Israel.

    I really can’t think of any other leader than Trump who could more easily incite America (especially the whites) into going to war for IsraHell. They would do it in a heartbeat for him.

  26. Barney says:

    Not interested in US politics, but …

    IncogMan – Fairly recently you asked to be informed whenever and wherever your site is blocked.

    You’re being blocked again in the sewer that was once England (and will be again).

    I don’t know whether it’s zog-central or my ISP blocking you, but both your URL and IP are blocked.

    I’ve found a site that works though, and I’d suggest people make a note of the URL before they need it. Go to

    Type in the box and hit Enter.

    (Ignore the “sign up” link unless you want to)

    Then wait … and wait … and wait. It’s slow, but it gets there eventually.

    There’s an irritating graphic, but to get rid of it, there’s a red X on a transparent section near the top right.

  27. Red Pill says:

    i have the same opinion.

    The election is being stolen.
    Numerous people who voted for Trump noticed that the Diebold tabulated ballot automatically flipped the votes to Rubio. Drudge was good enough to post this. WATCH THE DIRTY GAME PLAYING, THIS ALONE SHOULD GET RUBIO JAIL TIME BECAUSE IT PROVES HE IS A FRAUD THAT WILL STEAL AN ELECTION. Don’t even dream of a fair election, it will not happen and I urge other countries, espectially Iran, to ditch all forms of electronic vote counting because you cannot have a real election when Isreal and / or Kikedom provides the infrastructure.

    I do not know if this election can be saved. The goal? Allow Trump to receieve the smallest fraction of his real votes possible to satisfy public opinion and eliminate backlash, all the while everything stolen goes to a single alternative candidate, to make sure Trump cannot root in and take it. But ONE STOLEN VOTE IS WORTH A REVOLUTION, AND THERE ARE MANY MANY DOCUMENTED ALREADY. It appears they will steal this election one way or another, and when they do, they will leave “lock and load” as the only rational option.

  28. sog says:

    a commentor touched on fratricide ..there is a global sized can of jew worms
    most of everything the jew does is against natural law or national law or agaiunst national soverignty …
    remember their 800 year parasitical sojurn in spain toi the effect that thjey litterally controlled the empire with theior slimy maneuvers ..spian was up into many bad activities but the jews consdtantly oipened the city gates so the muslim enemy could come ..after 800 years of sex slavey and loan shark peddeling the spaniards tried to rehabilitate them with catholocism and the inquisition ..half of the lousy jews probabl;y deserved the iron maiden and other shit dished out at them for their conttinuos crimes against this state ..
    when the original jews were taken into captivity by assyria it makes you wonder why ..perhaps this and the babylonian exile were not unlike the limited movement the jews were allowed in vienna …where they had to wear certain identifying clothes and be in after dark in their shetyl …then the gate would be locked after them …this wasnt for no reason ..the jews propensity and reputation for sedition and subversive secret socitetis wasnt unknown then ..keeping them under wraps was probably why they were taken captive by assyrians and babylons to keep them from free range predation on suirrounding peeps and cities sure the complaints aginst predatory jews were multitude and many ..stands to logic and reason that the jews were taken and quarantined to make the world safe but by the time they were taken into baylon there were already forward expeditionary crypto jew sthere establishing the secret societies and criminal networks king neb kicked them to the curb as they wernt in babylon for very long and they were allowed to return to jerusalem ..these were the lower kingdoms 2 main tribes benjamin and judah by this time ..the other asshole kikes were on a global forage for new places to ruin and plunder was all too beautiful for these rootless shits ..this is why they wound up in every tin fuck 2 nation and enclave throught the world and are proliferated all over the poor earth now …the world is as sprinkled with human jew excrement ..walking devils in the flesh ..
    i throw that out there ..back ground is good …the whole world got sick of the jews as they morphed to and fro taking on new sub human dna grouops and breeding out the israelite blood ..who really knows without a 100% proof who and what israleites were ..they were mixing out by 800bc and involving them selves with idols and evil ..god himself kicked their stank asses out of israel and again to babbleon and again when jesus told his prospects that not one stone will be left to the temple and the temple is actually used inn building sites across the middle east ..many old digs ..people carted away the stones for oither projects …industrious lot ..
    god tossed the shitbirds out of palestine himself in 72 ad approx ..sent em packing ..and they been settin up shop everywhere since …
    while the kikes were i nspain the rabbies were stealing young children and selling them into sex or eunich service and or thte real and true blood sacrifice ritual many jews were caught doing this and convicted and executed in later and diverse places that it is impossible to cover up ..julius steicher lost respect of people for his canstant reminding of this criminal activity and he was executed for it post ww2 ..was it the sturmer ..streicher had nothing to do with any political or military actions in germany but the jews chose to villify him and snuff him out …when the jews can swan into a country and be trated with elitist special rights tratment and get free money and dope and chiksa you know somethings off …they can use their feculent influenc to fill europe with human sewage refugees and control everything in the known world ..
    most kkk leaders have been jews of late ..the planned march in skokie illinois back when was a theateer planned out well ..kkk vs. all the poor asshole “holacaust survivors” …who lived in large numbers in skokie ther story unfolds it was a platform to raise the holohaox consciencness in jews split many jew familes ..many knew ther hoho was fake as dolly partons front bumpers ..ok real ..but the hoax was not real as airphoto dot com showed ..i wish some of these guys who cahnnel many sites at once would take up the torch for airphoto and holcaustdenier and germancross ..
    onward ..califoornia stanford university has thousands of video interviews with jews who lived and worked in te gerrman camps ..remember eli weasle even said there were no death camps in germany ..the jews in the interview videos only talk of the camp and its theateres or libraries etc ..
    as far as fratricide goes ,that hits the nail on the head for the civil war …and all we know about that war is skewed even today ..the jews in south wanted to keep slavery and join with mexico ..i mean this kind o shit happened all the time in europe over the centruies borders new loyalties ..marrying off the daughters of kings to other kings to try and keep peace in europe ..would have worked except for the jews always puttin their size 12 nose into everything…civil war dint make any changes that would be considered good or that couldnt have been made to happen in other more peaceful ways the jew gavril princip who shot archduke ferdinand of austria the action was made cus it did what the jews wanted it to do both cases in the south and in the archduk the conspirators could have siply been removed and executed ..when you look at the vast body count of ww1 you do come to the conclusion that someone wanted this to happen for some other reason than to what? to punish gavril jew princip for shooting archduke ..surely the countries mobilizing against each other was part of a bigger more sinister plan to weakien russia for jewish commy takeover since 5 million of csars loyal soldiers were slaughtered in the first 6 months of battle …made him look real bad and pissed everyone off openeing up the door for kike propaganda rto take root ..the civil war afected everyone in the south more than the north ..1% of southerners owned bond slaves indentured servants …mostly jews and freed humangatan porch morons ..te other 99% had no desire to own slaves ad didnt have the money or farms land to do so anyway …but in focus then all of the south is indicted for the “crimes ” of the 1 % …the south was turned into a hell for survivng southern children and widows ..the wartime collateral damage was massive ..over 700,000 people died and actually another 200,000 civilians ,never mind the maimed and life time crippled and amputees ..some war ahhye ..fratricide ..ww1 was the same ..and germany got the bill for all the damage setting the stage for ww2 ,..i often wonder why indians wernt used for slaveery insted of kaffirs as the injins were already here …so the spanish killed off 120 milllion of em to clear the land …over 3-400 years ..they were like americans now ..trusting ,naive,gullible and for the most part ,unarmed compared to spanish explorers aka jews and crap ..
    back to ww1 ..why america ever stuxck its nose in the war only makes sense when you add the jew agenda to be loaned to the country for war expenses ,money to be made on many many military product neccessities and food ,clothes and guns and bombs ,,,jews made billions …and got to eliminate a whole generation of young men from the uk in one rediculos war …french to and germans and russions ..there were i think dozens of countries involved in one side or another …the majineu line ..the line that never moved and underground fighting ,…lol..fucking insane ..jews wanted theis war like they also wnated ww2 …but fdr makin promises that he wont send any ameircan boys overseas etc …lie ..why would japan bomb the bucket brigade at pearl harbor ..what doid they gain from it ..and since the corrupt american jew politicians and shabbas knew about it a year before it happened then did not the japs know rthat america knew ..ehat was the gain int the end …if japan was such a great friend of germany in the pact and all then why did they risk getting thr usa on germanies case by invoking the violation of the contract ..or more ,why did they attack pearl harbor knowing that therr would be a backlass against germany by the usa …maybe there were parties looking to remove hirohito and took payment and promise to be installed in to top japanese posts so ,,trhe usa will only recognize the authority of the new political leader of japan and help rebuild it only if the guy in the wings will just do this one little favor …bomb pearl harbor ..the emperor needed to lose a few million mothes to feed and could be talked into the raid after a little kamikaze saki ..ahh fuckin sooo ..
    only he dont see the compartmentalized agenda and doesnt see the big picture …without this action thr usa who was being accused in jew meida of being isolationis would never have gone to germany …the rest is litanous ..history is like the universe ,it just keeps growing even tho it is in the past …and even tho germany had nothing to do with the bombing they had a contract to help japan in case thay were attacke and japan had the same to germany ..same as how the 14th amendment is intentioanally misinterpreted to allow yacatan humangatan cock o roaches to come to america for freeeee shit …so america decided that germany was going to be anhilated no matter what …think of the 72+ metro cities inj their grandeur of euro fine craftmenship destroyed by thousands of bombing raids …THESE WERE NOT MILITARY TARGETS……england started bombing germeny unprovoked in march 13 1940 for 3 months non stop until germany had the right long before to fire back cus the fuckin brits were killing civilllians …scorched earth policy …the jews didnt care a toss for innocent civilians as we see them classified to def post ww2 and plced in out door death camps and shipped off the countries for sex slavery and gulag projects ..cossacks were sacrificed …assholes in pland got their wish and germans weer expelled and murdered but the home gaurd was rounded up and exteerminated by the bolsheviks to 400,000 post ww2 ..fratricide fratricide upon body counts and kia and callateral death and damage ..all for the jew ..
    they ply us with drugs non and prescrip and alkohol and prime time tv rubbish and sports etc while they flood our nations with obviously maentally deranged criminally insane refugees from reality ….while they strip us of our jobs abd homes ..almost like bveing expelled in place with out actually going to another country …americans are displaced …60,000 factories making made in america shit cloesed by jews ..they dont lose a penny in theis madness methodology …30 million well paying union and prevailing wage jobs lost and coincidentally 30 million mexiacn lepers parasites cockroaches come into america looking for the other end of the fucking rainbow ..they dont give a fllyin fuck about how they impact indigenous real citizens here ..they are indifferent ..depraved in theri indifferecne as well to our laws and to swallowing up our neighborhoods and jobs ..they arnt probably as bad as the niggers or the muslims but they are no better than them either …i will stop …this is just my 2 cents .theories maybe good or interesting maybe helpful i hope in some way ..

    yo barney linux you know they killed ian murdoch the founder and crweator of ubuntu and debian for the inner source code …
    dump ubuntu and go to blacklab linux 7.1 ..deb based …download the iso and buirn and run live for demo ..its the shit …when it loads and wants usename and password just put the word custom in the usernam and non in password and enter ….this op sys is a keeper ..centos is a good sys to …all the ubuntu 12 and 15 mate etc are getting flaky …blacklab has a desktop tweak optioons …can do gnome 2 and others at the push of a key …try it on live …and try to change your dns adresses ..experement..use open dns ..or use comodo anti virus and have it so it changes your outbound dns automatically ….you can also download the brwosers as well …with the anti virus you can also activate the virtual window option ..tricky tho as it tels you it cant then it does …food for thought anyway …..

    kicked out og more countries than i can count more then 1nc //

  29. sog says:

    jews kicked out of more countries than i can count more then 1 once in some countries for criminal activity …sex slaves kidnapping loan sharking ..etc …i wanted to say that the jews were so well known for stealing young 1-2-3-4-5- year old children that spain made it a death penalty offence when rabbi was caught ..its always the rabbis ..organ balck market ..drug smuggling etc …i can go on ..
    in vienna they werre kept on curfew ..
    russia kept these fuckers in the pale …it was thesae fucks who swarmed over into turkey to take the dead armenians houses and businesses after the genocide against the armenians ..overnight bohemians ,,,beatniks ..right jews and hippiedom are inseparable ..the crowd of deadbeats who followed the grateful dead around werw all trust fund kikes and every member of the dead is was a jew ecept for pigpen ron mckernen …hollywood is for jews only..the music world is jewish domain as well finance education law enforcement fbi cia all jew domain …we benn had people …..i still like the deads music despite the polarity …sue me ..

  30. Karen says:

    Are you Gubbler Chechenova incognito? I ask because your excellent comment is a copy of Mr. Chechenovas’ at The Occidental Observer at 7:50 p.m. on Feb.29th under Jeff Gates Revisited. Plagiarism, tsk tsk

  31. Smitherines says:

    Tom says:
    February 29, 2016 at 4:51 pm


    Trump: Israel Is Victim In Conflict With Palestine, If Attacked ‘100% I’d Come to Their Defense’

    And Olives, I am starting to smell a “Jew Shill” too??? Orangutan hair piece
    may be looking to Bbbi’s anal cavity, like all others, Don will “Don the beanie”
    on top of that fake wig, and soon be hugging and kissing their BS Wall, id like
    to PISS on it, as FAKE tears roll down his red cheeks!!!!

  32. Smitherines says:

    Our elections as well as Canada, Europe, Australia, South Africa and NZ
    are all FAKE ZOG controlled democracies, not true REPUBLICS!

    Overthrowing them is the only way out!

  33. silvernickel says:

    I was reading about Hillary being picked by the Bilderbergers for Prez. As many know, recognition of any potential Prez guest at the event seems to be the ticket to the Whitehouse. So I read this infowars article and it mention a political operative named Jim Messina who will be Hillary’s chief campaign advisor. It goes on to say “Messina also spearheaded Barack Obama’s reelection campaign in 2012, and has just come back to the US after leading the deeply unpopular UK prime minister David Cameron to a surprise majority victory in British elections.”

    Look at this Jim Messina’s face, and tell me he doesnt look like a Rockefeller descendant! This isn’t looking good for Trump who must also deal with the corrupt GOP and enter their crooked Convention. Not feeling to warm and fuzzy about the future election.

    How the Elite plan to steal the Election from Trump:

  34. Tom says:

    But Trump did go on to denounce Duke–perhaps he has only 1 nut?

    Great point about the 501(3)c prohibitions. If this was a Christian Fundamentalist nonprofit saying equivalent things about Hildebeast, they’d immediately be stripped of nonprofit status. So how about it, anyone writing to the IRS about this? That will hurt the ADL more than suing them because it will cut deeply into their cash flow.

    Here’s another point. CBS News today had repeated interviews with Republican leaders and actually collaborating with them on ways to “stop Trump.” Now, the FCC (in the public interest) gets to approve the license renewals of broadcasters. Directly interfering in the national election process should be grounds for revoking CBS’ license. You can actually write to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and file a formal complaint and ask that the network be denied renewal for this gross violation of the public trust.

  35. Tom says:

    P.S., As ADL directly interferes in election against Trump, violating 501(c)3 status as tax exempt. IRS could and should revoke their tax-exempt status.

    CBS directly collaborated with Republican bigwigs in interviews today on “ways to stop Trump.” This was clear electioneering and a violation of their public trust as FCC licensees. Voters can protest license renewals of broadcasters engaging in shady electioneering by contacting:

  36. Red Pill says:

    after a coke snorting faggot and a transsexual “wife” in the whore (black)house
    why not another faggot, Rubio meets the requirement for election to the presidency
    of the united states of Israel

    Rubio Gay Prostitution Scandal Goes Mainstream

    Bombshell Report: Marco Rubio’s Gay Arrest Scandal Could END HIS CAMPAIGN!

    Kenny Rogers song, “Rubio, don’t take your love to town”

  37. Red Pill says:

    this is an easy choice, that is for your eyes


  38. sog says:

    ha ha ..aotp ..i once read a story about a place that turned into a dangerous violence racked enclave only because niggers moved there from al the failed projects ..failed because they destroy them systematically until the gub-uh min has to tear it all down and then send legions of tar colored cocoroaches to human areas …instant violence ..just addd niggers …the place was next to a highway system ..across the highway and too far away from the niggrified combat zone was a nice shopping center mall etc …..some wise ass decided that they should bring in nigger money lol…or they thought nigger customers ..can you see it now …oily the fucked up city council decided to build a hamangatan viaduct pedestrian cross over to the shop center from the tribal african occupied area …that fuckin shop center went out of business in 5 years ..all of the stores ..gone ..white efin flight ..and due to mobs and terror and massive shoplifting ..i seen a shop center go down like that in the bay area …built it up but when you deal with niggers you need bars on all the windows and locks on the merchandise and thet wont even help too much …and i fondly remember a vet fiend o mine was shot while being robbed in a convenience store ..worst places he complies and the nigger blasted him anyway …so the friend comes back up of the floor with a 357 and blows the niggers head off …heh heh ..dindunuffin lost his bowling ball skull ..goodfuckin riddance …my friend lived but in caution for his continued existence the store transfered him elsewhere …a nice sog bed time story friend survived well …100% recovery ..about 40 years ago or so ..america needs more happy endings like this ..
    the real slavery begins at home in the hood reality the thuglife trigger niggers keep all their peeps down and in fear for their nig lives ..yeah true enough and nigger pimps keep white slaves now to ..called prostitutes and they pay with violence if they dont obey their nigger boss ..which brings me to white trophy mudsharks ..these are held in a weird state of catatonia ..the nigger makes slaves of white women …nigger bitches dont put up with the nigger males and they are even more dangerous at times ..white women who have been brainwashed into going with blacks is in very real danger of a violent and lethal pathological undertoe …niggere excercise complete control over white women ..white women even in a relationship with nigger is a slave ..niggers shoot the hell outta all manner o shit in their natural tribalized habitat for humangatanity and put all the other niggers into a constant pathetic state of total fear ..the thuglife trigger niggers control peoles emotions and negatively impact rthousands of less violent species of africoons …it is a viscious never ending cycle ….it is soley the niggers very own faults for their current enslavement syndromes ….even the ribsal thuglife scumbags are slaves to their dumb ass numb skullery …they are slaves to stupid sand should asll be shipped back to the congo or deep in the jungle and learn the finer sophisticated cultures and highr learning we see so often here …one step up here is that they dont bathe in cow piss or huff jenkem but the sneaky negroes get that 40 on and get their freek on with tankeray an sheeyit ..smoke a big fat blunt as if the clown isnt stupoid enough already ..i cant get baileys new ride outta my head …nice picture ..hoop de ville, 40 cal, 40 ounce, 40 inch ,rims 40 IQ,40 years in nigger university …40 murders …most of all the killings in the ghettoh are from a few handfuls of fools i guesswe have a new classification of serial killers out there ..they are worse than ..anyway they would be funny and pathetic if they wernt so dangerous ..instant violence and catastrophic social failure ..just ad niggers ..joila ..ahhye
    i have a dream ..put fences all around the ghetts and charge a fee for nigger safari ..
    i mean we got them doin exactly that to us riight now …evil fuvkin ugly ass sons o bitches …

  39. sog says:

    gottinhimmel ..yeah red pill i fear the next presidente installed interim junta of amercom zog regime jew controlled territory …it is sad that the diebold tabulations have been used coum]ntless times to put crooks in power …it seems that all the nominees are crooks in some ways or another …you cant be a billionaier in zog com america or anywhere unless you have the jews on speed dial and vice versa …your comments are very good ,,stick around ….
    every pres we have had in serial forward nite mare motiuon has been exponen worse that the last if thats possible …hillary will take us straight to hell in a flash ..the jews like theatre and props and dogma and bs …so they will fuck us around with the moral degenerate rubi(o)nstein …spanish origin meaning blonde
    Invented variants based on Rubio: Bubio, Cabio, Cobio, Kubio, Mebio, Mibio, Nabio, Rabio, Rarubio, Raybio, Rebio, Rerubio, Ribio, Riobio, Rirubio, Ritbio, Robio, Rorubio, Roxbio, Rubal, Rubiobu, Rubioca, Rubioco, Rubioku, Rubiome, Rubiomi, Rubiona, Rubiora, Rubiore, Rubiori, Rubioro, Rubioru, Rubiory, Rubiosa, Rubioti, Rubiow, Rubor, Rubu, Rudie, Rudio, Rugil, Rujiv, Rurio, Rurit, Rurubio, Rybio, Ryrubio, Sabio, Tibio, Wrubi Abbio, Bobio, Cabio, Dabio, Drubio, Febio, Gebio, Gobio, Hibio, Kibio, Krubio, Lobio, Mobio, Musbio, Nebio, Rabio, Radbio, Rambio, Rarubio, Reabio, Rebio, Rerubio, Reybio, Ribio, Ricbio, Ridbio, Rirubio, Rolbio, Ruab, Rubioab, Rubiobo, Rubioca, Rubiod, Rubioda, Rubiofe, Rubioge, Rubiogo, Rubiohi, Rubiok, Rubioki, Rubiolo, Rubiomo, Rubione, Rubiora, Rubiore, Rubiori, Rubioti, Rubiowa, Rubo, Ruric, Rurid, Ruvil, Rylbio, Tibio, Wabio….im sure he preonounces it wubee ..the lisp ..

    its certain that he is just another crypto kike ..almost 100% certain or why would he be in spy politics and running for head jew spy of america …not good for america ..

  40. hens are liars says:

    The Sea Island Conspiracy

    By Patrick J. Buchanan

    Over the long weekend before the Mississippi and Michigan primaries, the sky above Sea Island was black with corporate jets.

    Apple’s Tim Cook, Google’s Larry Page and Eric Schmidt, Napster’s Sean Parker, Tesla Motors’ Elon Musk, and other members of the super-rich were jetting in to the exclusive Georgia resort, ostensibly to participate in the annual World Forum of the American Enterprise Institute.

    Among the advertised topics of discussion: “Millennials: How Much Do They Matter and What Do They Want?”

    That was the cover story.

    As revealed by the Huffington Post, Sea Island last weekend was host to a secret conclave at the Cloisters where oligarchs colluded with Beltway elites to reverse the democratic decisions of millions of voters and abort the candidacy of Donald Trump.

    Among the journalists at Sea Island were Rich Lowry of National Review, which just devoted an entire issue to the topic: “Against Trump,” and Arthur Sulzberger, publisher of the Trumphobic New York Times.

    Bush guru Karl Rove of FOX News was on hand, as were Speaker Paul Ryan, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Sen. Lindsey Graham, dispatched by Trump in New Hampshire and a berserker on the subject of the Donald.

    So, too, was William Kristol, editor of the rabidly anti-Trump Weekly Standard, who reported back to comrades: “The key task now, to … paraphrase Karl Marx, is less to understand Trump than to stop him.”

    Kristol earlier tweeted that the Sea Island conclave is “off the record, so please do consider my tweets from there off the record.”

    Redeeming itself for relegating Trump to its entertainment pages, the Huffington Post did the nation a service in lifting the rug on “something rotten in the state.”

    What we see at Sea Island is that, despite all their babble about bringing the blessings of “democracy” to the world’s benighted, AEI, Neocon Central, believes less in democracy than in perpetual control of the American nation by the ruling Beltway elites.

    If an outsider like Trump imperils that control, democracy be damned. The elites will come together to bring him down, because, behind party ties, they are soul brothers in the pursuit of power.

    Something else was revealed by the Huffington Post — a deeply embedded corruption that permeates this capital city.

    The American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research is a 501(c)(3) under IRS rules, an organization exempt from U.S. taxation.

    Million-dollar corporate contributions to AEI are tax-deductible.

    This special privilege, this freedom from taxation, is accorded to organizations established for purposes such as “religious, educational, charitable, scientific, literary … or the prevention of cruelty to children or animals.”

    What the co-conspirators of Sea Island were up at the Cloisters was about as religious as what the Bolsheviks at that girls school known as the Smolny Institute were up to in Petrograd in 1917.

    From what has been reported, it would not be extreme to say this was a conspiracy of oligarchs, War Party neocons, and face-card Republicans to reverse the results of the primaries and impose upon the party, against its expressed will, a nominee responsive to the elites’ agenda.

    And this taxpayer-subsidized “Dump Trump” camarilla raises even larger issues.

    Now America is not Russia or Egypt or China.

    But all those countries are now moving purposefully to expose U.S. ties to nongovernmental organizations set up and operating in their capital cities.

    Many of those NGOs have had funds funneled to them from U.S. agencies such as the National Endowment for Democracy, which has backed “color-coded revolutions” credited with dumping over regimes in Serbia, Ukraine and Georgia.

    In the early 1950s, in Iran and Guatemala, the CIA of the Dulles brothers did this work.

    Whatever ones thinks of Vladimir Putin, can anyone blame him for not wanting U.S. agencies backing NGOs in Moscow, whose unstated goal is to see him and his regime overthrown?

    And whatever one thinks of NED and its subsidiaries, it is time Americans took a hard look at the tax-exempt foundations, think tanks and public policy institutes operating in our capital city.

    How many are like AEI, scheming to predetermine the outcome of presidential elections while enjoying tax exemptions and posturing as benign assemblages of disinterested scholars and seekers of truth?

    How many of these tax-exempt think tanks are fronts and propaganda organs of transnational corporations that are sustained with tax-deductible dollars, until their “resident scholars” can move into government offices and do the work for which they have been paid handsomely in advance?

    How many of these think tanks take foreign money to advance the interests of foreign regimes in America’s capital?

    We talk about the “deep state” in Turkey and Egypt, the unseen regimes that exist beneath the public regime and rule the nation no matter the president or prime minister.

    What about the “deep state” that rules us, of which we caught a glimpse at Sea Island?

    A diligent legislature of a democratic republic would have long since dragged America’s deep state out into the sunlight.
    Share Pat’s Columns!

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