Teddie Boy Cruz Totally Exposed By David Duke



Ted Cruz is totally owned by Jewish interests. Namely Jewish Goldman Sachs bankers. David Duke documents it all in his new video.

It defies comprehension why anyone would support Cruz after watching this.

INCOG NOTE: All these rats running for prez are now owned by the Jews. Except for maybe, just maybe, Donald Trump. The only thing I know for sure is Trump is self-funding, plus lefty Jews hate his guts. Since practically all of Jewry are lefty, multicult NATION WRECKERS, that’s more than enough reason for me to support Trump — at least for now.

You White Americans coming here for the first time simply need to wake the flock up. Our lands are being stolen right out from under us as we speak, while our race is trashed on a daily basis. It’s actually been going on for quite some time now, since the dirty bastards have been using the media to brainwash our people. You see it everyday on TV and in the movies. You know it what I’m saying — just connect the dots!


 Meanwhile, elsewhere in Jew-twisted America:

SUPER BOWL 50 MONTAGE I don’t really watch any football, but what I did see, it was ridiculously obvious how they were acting like Cam Newton was so great. They were practically slobbering about him beating the old White guy quarterback. I saw this one interview a black guy on ESPN was doing with Newton and the black reporter was practically saying any criticism of him was racism. The spoiled black SOBs are now completely out of control and racist! When Peyton Manning’s team won the game, tons of anti-White racist blacks cried the blues! The next day, Cam Newton walked away from a reporters in a big spoiled rotten huff. The guy’s nothing but a punk-ass, black brat. White people: These are the real racists — NOT US!

Blacks might have some athletic ability, but Whites have class and heart. Everyone knows this deep down.



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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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13 Responses to Teddie Boy Cruz Totally Exposed By David Duke

  1. Sen10L says:

    Eff Nig Newton!

  2. Olives 4 Sale says:

    All presidential candidates — including Donald Chump — are huge joooo ass-lickers. Don’t participate in the sham presidential erection.

  3. ICU says:

    Consider exactly who/what is all frothy mouthed and bugeyed over the possibility that a Not For Sale Nationalist…Trump, that doesn’t care what The Spluttering Frothies jabber about and get their panties all in a wad over, may take the helm of The Ship of State and steer it away from the rocks…
    that one asshole puppet boy figurehead after another since Flappy Jew Ears Johnson has been instructed to head for, in exchange for their 30 pieces of silver and/or hush hush regarding their perversions.
    Here’s who:
    The RNC, Pink Pony Graham, Jet Wrecker McCain and that ilk, The Whacko Kriss Chun Zionist tools…herded by bizarre freaks like Hagee, Candidates for President of Israel like Cruz and Rubio, EVERY Big Media jew noisebox and bird cage liner and their hired hand yappers and scribblers, The Sunday Morning TalmudVision Meet The Jews shows and the freaks featured thereupon, whiney jew bitches that don’t like it that Trump won’t be pinned down regarding an undivided Jerusalem as the new jew gang headquarters, Big Money jews, Soros and Adelson among others, that are all Verklempt that there’s a goy running for High Office THAT CAN’T BE BOUGHT and the that the goy told that to their horrid, ugly, devil spawn faces.
    And then there’s Da Gibs Krowd terrified that the EBT Cash Back Card will end and actual Food Stamps make a comeback…along with other Gravy Train Trauma.
    Let’s not forget The Bean Munchers and their ninos like the tatted MS-13 psychos.
    Extended Family Importation and comfortable illegal alien status OVER, Ese !
    The goes for the cheap IT labor wogs as well.
    Koran, goat and the random White rape victim humping MUZZIES ?????
    Oh, YEAH…those critters just LOVE the idea of a Trump Presidency.
    Throw in dumbass, inexperienced, self-important college kids and other assorted Libtards, DWLs, SJWs and Dead Wood Federal Busy “Workers”…
    and dissembling bullshit artist Hasbarats…like some olive peddler that I’m aware of…
    and you have pretty much all those that are shaking in their piss soaked boots over a very realistic chance that TRUMP CAN DO IT.

  4. ICU says:

    Oh, I forgot…
    Set The Negro Felon League and it’s jew/shabbos goyim Feral Ape wranglers on fire, and don’t let anybody try to put the fire out.
    To HELL with those assmonkeys, including “The Fans” and “The Commentators” and “The Sports Press” jerkoffs.
    If I had my way, ALL the above would be picking cotton and beans, silently.

  5. Charles says:

    WordPress took down murderbymedia2. WHY ? Was an informing and entertaining site.

  6. Nationalist says:

    I am not a sports fan in keeping with the principals of National Socialism plus I think football is just plain goofy but yes I agree, Blacks have a tendency to just plow through anything they doing without any real talent for performing a task. Other non-Whites are only marginally better. Whites put the character and class into doing work and were it not for White people this would be a very dull world. White Cuckservatives have good intentions but they are brainwashed nevertheless and their ideas are not consistent with the teachings of the Bible. We not only have the right to protect and defend our people we have a responsibility to do so and we can’t do that by voting for non-Whites to represent us as elected officials. A people (thus a race) must be lead by members of their own race, it just simply cannot be any other way. Cuckservatism is Communism and in fact even worse because the Cuckservatives are lying to us about who they really are and what they stand for. NATIONAL SOCIALISM IS OUR ONLY INTELLIGENT CHOICE.

  7. Thor says:

    @Charles there’s murderbymedia3 now: https://murderbymedia3.wordpress.com/

  8. Charles says:

    Thanks Thor

  9. Liberty Anne Justice says:

    Incogman, I’m kind of shocked you didn’t write a piece on Beyonce and her Black Supremacist RACIST halftime show honoring the Black Panthers? No Condemnation for the kosher corporate media and hardly a word in the alternative media. ‘Black Privilege’ seems to be alive and well today in America. ? Anti-racist is another codeword for anti-White!?


    • INCOG MAN says:

      Liberty Anne:

      I can’t cover everything since I’m just one guy. I am coming out with something I saw during the Super Bowl later this week after I do up the graphics. Stay tuned!

  10. DDDDDuane says:

    A n!gger CAN’T be a TRADITIONAL QB…
    The only reason they have n!gger QBs now is because the technology exists for the offensive coordinator to tell the n!gger QB what to do via radio signal…
    Otherwise they’d just run every play….
    Whites better turn that n!gger SHIT OFF…. PERMANENTLY!!!!

  11. DDDDDuane says:

    Nationalist…What you wrote is true….On extremely rare occasions a groid could do something like learn to play classical piano etc….
    I do business with jew supplier in my trade…There was a guy there who was ALWAYS fucking up my phone orders…Ask the price of an item…he would always just puke whatever was in it’s head (he sounded kind of “neutral” on the phone racewise…)…
    When I finally went to that supplier I saw the F-Up was a n!gger….After that when he answered the phone I would always just hang up until a White guy (or jew) answered…
    The nigger disappeared there about a year ago….Just recently they told me they had to call the police to take the nigger out because he was threatening the jew boss after being reprimanded….I’m waiting for the nigger to eventually go back and SHOOT the place up…..
    Too funny!!!!

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