Traitor CUCKservatives Going Nuts Over Trump


More rabble-rousing demagoguery by your’s truly.

Marco Rubio. Why anyone would vote for this transparent phony is beyond me.

Marco Rubio. Why anyone in his right mind would vote for this big phony is beyond me. Now he’s desperate and trying to act all tough like The Donald. Forget it, punk!

Lord have mercy — all the jive-ass TV talking heads now have their panties all up in a bunch since “The Donald” has been so wildly successful with the White electorate (even independents and democraps are coming over). All their fancy political punditry over the months has proven completely idiotic. Most of them once said Trump would go by the wayside. Well, he hasn’t, brainiacs.

And then we have that total CUCKservative jackass senator from South Carolina, Lindsey Graham, saying the retardicans have gone “bat shit crazy.” Yeah, and those who listened to you over the years were nuts, too. Chances are, you’re a big pedophile homo.

Look, all these politicians have got to kiss up to Jew ass in some way. At least in public. I know all that, for crying out loud. It’s been the silent issue since… forever.*

But the simple fact of the matter is that the majority lefty Jews are going ape since Trump represents a real “existential” threat to their PC/race deconstruction program for America. Jewry has to be careful of not saying that in so many words. The less of us who “get it,” the better. The NWO creeps have been operating at that stealth level from day-GD-one. Just like all of them saying they have a grandmother lost in the holocaust, they each also know what NOT to say around the goyim or we might get a little testy and throw their fat asses into concentration camps like der fuerher!

Notice too, how PC leftys say it’s all “blue collar” voters for Trump. This is definitely code for us regular White folks out here in the real world. These self-elected PC “elites” think they are so much smarter and more educated than the rest of us “unwashed masses.” Plus, you can easily see how they avoid like the plague talking about the race part of the equation when it comes to Trump.

They surely don’t want us Whites to get anymore suspicious, now do they?

Let me tell you something: I’m a university graduate of a fairly large and relatively well-thought of East Coast school. In fact, one semester I even made the dean’s list (I know, I know, I still can’t believe it). I’m also reasonably well-read, not only in History (my favorite topic besides outdoor sports) but also many of the books and novels so beloved by leftys, like E. L. Doctorow and my once favorite ex-Virginian hipster writer, Tom Robbins.

For years, I tried hard to resist the idea of Jewry working in a silent guerilla war against the White race. But now the evidence is clear-cut and obvious. Has been since the turn of the century (you can choose which one).

Trump IS the last chance to “work within the system.” Hell, it might even be too late. The artful dodgers may already think the present demographics of our country will stop a Donald Trump. That’s what really scares the HEEBie-jeebies out of me!

Say what Cog Man? Yep, the mothers have been purposefully working towards the day us White people are powerless voting-wise to turn the tide of Jewry rendering our race into a spat-upon minority in our own lands. You see what’s going down in Europe, don’t you?

We already know the business of illegal alien numbers is a big joke. How many years have they been saying it’s 11 million? You might think they would update that line of BS, huh? It’s certainly well over 20 million by now.

Same BS with the numbers of blacks and Jews. Blacks are everywhere you go, acting like they own the place, cutting you off in traffic, butting in line, taking up whole aisles in stores and forcing you to turn aside or be rude. Everyone is now seeing it. That’s besides them sucking this country dry with “entitlements,” rioting at the drop of a hat, or simply running our police and courts crazy with your usual, day-to-day Typical Nigger Behavior (TNB for short).

The friggin’ GD black race is going completely off the rails!

Jews have been saying they are 6.5 million in America for the last fifty years. My guess is they are over 10 million by now, maybe more. And every one of them have cushy jobs — many in powerful positions of government, banking and media. When was the last time you had your oil changed by a Jew guy? Like freakin’ NEHHH-VER. The stinking punks believe they are way too good to do any kind of manual work — that’s just for us “goyim” you know, while they sit around clinking martini glasses and watching “Seinfeld” or that anti-gun fat Jew whore, Amy Schumer.

Very possibly, Jewry believes we can’t do anything about matters politically to stop them creating a Marxist West and gradually eliminating Christianity. I should hope you’ve had suspicions by now.

They might screw Trump over by financing a Third Party candidate like that phony punk, Marco Rubio. That would definitely put Shillary Clinton herself in office. Maybe that’s the idea, huh?

Sure, that might be a little too obvious, but it worked to get her slut puppy husband prez back in 1992. Hell, they may even have done it to get that Mr. Nice Guy, Woody boy Wilson, in office way back in 1912. You see what the Jews got out of that deal, don’t you? The Federal Reserve, income tax, women voting and us going to war to lay Germany low so they could get the Balfour declaration out of Britain; allowing the stinking global Zionists to infiltrate and eventually take over Palestine after another big war — that “promised land of milk and honey” BS that America and the planet has been saddled with ever since.

Hmmm, methinks these lousy Jews have had a multigenerational Agenda going back to at least the 19th century!

Note how Trump had the conjeñes to say during the last debate how he would not get in between Israel and the Palestinians. Man, that took guts just to say only that much! Then that little homo, Marco FAGio, took full advantage by saying in rallies how he would indeed choose sides — the Israel side, of course. What a huge Jew ass kisser!

The liberals — if they were so lovey-dovey, anti-War/anti-Racism types like they so profess to be — should all be marching in the streets with signs for Donald Trump! Think about it.

So, we got to vote for Trump, so we can see if he’ll throw a monkey wrench into Jewry’s devious White Genocide plans.

Plan B is going to Civil War. No doubt about it.

— Phillip Marlowe

*Now comes word Trump has “disavowed” David Duke. Of course he had to. The Jew-controlled media would ride his ass forever on the issue. They already feel free to call Trump a racist simply because of him wanting to build a wall with Mexico to keep out illegals AND drug mules (very, very important). The guy had no choice at this stage.


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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26 Responses to Traitor CUCKservatives Going Nuts Over Trump

  1. Bailey says:

    #Blacklivesfecalmatter video of the day,

  2. Smitherines says:

    Obama Supports Ex-Klan Leader Byrd to Lead U.S. Senate -Silence – Duke Says He’ll Vote Trump – Media HateFEST!
    February 27, 2016 at 5:05 pm
    February 25 at 11:00pm ·

    Over 500 major media articles came out today attacking me. Other than the Jewish ultra-Zionist NY Daily News, not one media called me to interview me on why I believe European Americans are overwhelmingly supporting Donald Trump. Most of them just quote the rabid Zionist NY Daily News (Jews).

    The Zio media blasts Trump because I have supported him.

    No candidate can control what people say about him.

    But any person can control whom they endorse and support.

    So if Trump is blasted because I have supported, (but not endorsed} because I has a long-ago non-violent Klan history — by that criterion Obama should be far more condemned by the media for the fact the OBAMA had no problem with a “former Klan Leader Robert Byrd” being his Democratic LEADER in the Senate.

    More at URL below:

  3. Smitherines says:

    Downtown White Police: The Puppet Master:
    PS Karen

    if YOU come on WATCH the video just posted below, it clears up their
    Satanic Talmudism which has NOTHING to do with Christianity!

  4. Smitherines says:

    New World Order Agents Are Psychopaths

    By Jonas E. Alexis on February 27, 2016

    New World Order agents were so desperate last November that they even showed “footage of Russian airstrikes passed off as American”! Doesn’t that show that NWO agents envy Russia? Doesn’t that show that Russia is doing some good?

    The rest of the URL here:

  5. Matt says:

    I watched Trump with Pat Robertson at Liberty University. When Pat Robertson pushed Trump into acknowledging support for the Jews, the crowd cheered.

    It was a disturbing sight to see those who claim to be Christians, giving 100% support to those who murdered God’s only son.

    1 Thessalonians 2:14-16 says they Jews killed Jesus, the prophets, they please NOT God and are enemies of the whole human race.

    Not one single place or time in the New Testament did Jesus ever say to support the Jews or that the Jews are justified by their flesh. Instead, Jesus said they’re liars, murderers, that their father isn’t Abraham, but the devil.

    Instead what God said, in Revelations 18:4 “‘Come out of her, my people,’ so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues” That was said in direct reference to the Jews and no one else. God’s direct command is to avoid the Jews, be separate from them. That would in everything. The Jews should be separate from our government, schools, court/legal system, medical system, our country and everything.

    Look at what America has and is turning into, because people who claim to be Christians didn’t follow God’s word. A filthy educations system that teaches our small children homo sexual perversion from childhood. Our country being flooded with people who worship false Gods, cows and rats. Jews stealing our land, welfare, money supply and prosperity, and redistributing what little is left to the invading third world hordes. Cursed blacks running out of control and living off welfare.

    All this misery and horror brought on by the simple fact that Christian Americans didn’t bar the demonic seed of the devil, the Jews themselves from entry into America.
    If we had only listened to God’s word and kept America separate from the Jews.

    Instead of listening to God’s word these “useful idiots” as Bibi calls them, or Zio Christians as I call them, refuse to come out, and instead worship the filthy Jew whore, whose cup is filled with abominations. Rev. 17:4. Murder theft, lies, deceit, fraud and so on.

    I highly suspect Pat Robertson has Masonic ties, and is leading the blind down a path of destruction.

    I believe if Jesus returned today, and started telling those at Liberty University how the Jews are the demonic seed of the devil, they’d lay hold of our holy savior Jesus Christ and toss him from the building. And many would go further, these frauds would join the Jews in crucifying Jesus again, if they had the chance.

    David Duke is a better Christian then Pat Robertson, at least Duke tells the truth and doesn’t worship the Christ killing Jews and love thjose that hate our Lord Jesus.

    II Chronicles 19:2 “Should you help the wicked and love those who hate the LORD? Because of this, the wrath of the LORD is on you.

    And all those at Liberty University shouted, yes, we commit ourselves to helping the devil and his Jew children.

    Be not deceived, God is not mocked, what a man sows is what he’ll reap.

  6. Olives4Sale says:

    Trump with Pat Robertson.

    Question (at 37:30 mark in video): Will you emphatically stand with Israel?

    Trump: Yes. Very simple answer but yes. They’ve been our most reliable ally…..

  7. Matt says:


    I’m still voting for trump. The jew run system forces all canidates to bow down. I believe trump will do more for America and true white christians then the other choices.

  8. American born says:

    Those niggers learn young, Bailey. Completely worthless, they should all be shipped back to Africa.

  9. Red Pill says:

    hot, off the press
    Hitler’s First Proclamation as Führer

  10. Red Pill says:

    lets try that link again

  11. protocolsRtrue says:

    Of course it was a big fat slab of mudshark whore slut who gave her baby daddy of her 2 mud niglets who she knew was a convicted felon the firearms that both of them knew he wasn’t allowed to have. Gee, I wonder why there are laws that say convicted felons cannot have firearms? We can see that you are a big fat stupid pig skank whore slut of blubber but come on woman try to salvage some decency and some dignity about yourself. You gave your molded and polluted womb to a nigger? So guess what now your going to be in the cage for a while where you belong. Maybe one of the nigger prison guards will fuck you once in a while better than fucking a tailpipe of an old chevy. But I would never say that in public. I’m learning how to talk like Trump.
    Don’t tell anybody I said that.

  12. Red Pill says:

    The Donald’s Odds Against Hillary
    Patrick J. Buchanan
    well this is where it’s at. Trump vs Hillary.
    there is your choice.
    i will take the third choice.
    Matt says:
    February 28, 2016 at 6:17 pm
    Matt, there all whores, they get paid to create an illusion.
    and the people love it so.

  13. protocolsRtrue says:

    She should probably consider herself lucky that the nigger didn’t pour gasoline on her and set HER on fire before he went on his rampage. And that nigger army sergeant killed the rookie police woman first day on the job. Yeah I want these fuckers in my foxhole or tent at night watching my back. If I have half of a beef jerky stick next to my cot I could be stabbed in the back while I’m sleeping over that.

  14. Red Pill says:

    February the 29th.
    the extra day on the imperfect calendar of the catholic church.
    that extra day every four years was the one i was born on in 1944

    The Day the Church Altered Time

    British Calendar Act of 1751

    most people don’t realize it’s later that they think.
    on the other hand , they don’t think.
    in fact they have there heads up there asses in full narcissist style.
    Mr Trump can’t help those that reject sound advice for what they think.
    you can’t lead unless you have an army of dedicated , disciplined,
    and unified people.
    Mr Trump can not help the people of America.
    the people of America must help them selfies first.
    when the people of America lose every thing and our “nakedness”
    is apparent, then and only then thru adversity shall the people become
    “one”and thru faith shall overcome.
    does it work any other way i ask you ?

  15. Tom says:

    Black lives matter. That’s why it’s important to set them on the path to righteousness.

  16. Matt says:

    Red Phil, I have no reason to doubt Rubenstein will do as he has wanted to do in the past and flood America with rat worshipers and gangs of his panic welf are su king ciminals. Cruz is a liar, even Trump said that. If he’s ever president he’ll have every excuse why borders won’t work. Cruz is a 100% fraud, and I believe crypto jew.

    Sorry, but I believe trump is going to do what says on the third world invasion. Build a wall, stop Hispanics, se Asians and the muslims. This third world garbage is the jews tool to genocide white America.

  17. Matt says:

    Red Phil,

    Above: Hispanic welfare sucking criminals

  18. American born says:

    When I was locked years ago a Dominican nigger that I was friendly with accidentally went to the wrong bunk after chow. Overflow bunks next to a very cold window, sleep was hard, thin blankets and no one gives a fuck. Housing is in county jail as you do court dates in chains and patty wagons. Fun times, not much to do.
    Anyhow this guy made an honest mistake, he sat on the wrong bunk. I saw it happen. He jumped up quickly and got back to his bunk. The owner of the bunk rolled in like a ten seconds later and noticed his pillow was not where he left it, went the fuck off and accused everyone around of stealing his coffee he had in a peanut butter jar under his pillow. His coffee was not stolen, he knew it too. For the next month in that shit hole I never told anyone what happened. A tier, basically a hallway with cells on one side and bunks on the other. This fucking guy never let it go. It was almost funny. I guess the guy was in there for beating his wife up. Tough guy, he told me he drank a 30 pack everyday. One day I woke up and was given two trash bags. One for my sheets and the other for my paperwork and other stuff I was allowed to have. Was transferred to another jail, just like that. As I was changing out out in a holding cell with a few other guys I asked a the guys where the fuck I was headed. Won’t give locations, but it was winter and I was in a banana suit, no jacket. Long ride with a few guys, we were all shackled waist and feet. In that wagon I was with a Cambodian guy, TRG, a gang of Cambodians that don’t fuck around.He was looking at serious time for a drive by shooting. We got there and the place was pure nigger and Puerto Rican. In my pod there were three White guys out of a hundred. Hundreds of them just in intake. A ten hour wait to get housed. New man is when you get locked up for 72 hours after a TB test. A tiny cell with a cell mate. I ended up with the nip for three days, one hour a day in a recreation room. He told me he when he finished up with his time he would be picked up in a boat when he arrived in Cambodia and the Cambodians would just throw him in the water after picking him up.
    I was in that place for a month before I woke up one day and got transferred. Another 72 hour lock down, next place I had the privilege of spending my time with a Puerto Rican with the Nietas, dope sick, in a cell that was so small I could not even stretch my arms out in one direction. We did have a window where I could hear niggers yell all day and night. The fresh air was nice. The guy shit all night and day recovering from all the heroine he shot up.
    I’d say we have serious problems here.
    Gulags exist.

  19. Hoff says:

    David Duke must have gone viral. Trump was asked 3, three times if he dissociative David Duke. Find the video someone.

  20. carnac123 says:

    The leftist are wringing their hands over Trump. He is not owned by the usual NWO billionaires that finance the rest of them. He seems rather independent and has America’s interest in mind. That cannot be. To most of the political class (rep. and dem.) America and Americans are just things to wring money from. They are so afraid of Trump that soon you will be reading and hearing things about him that would make an ignorant, uninformed person think he is the devil incarnate. He will be accused of being everything from a serial killer to a plantation owner. Do not believe anything you read in the Media or see on television. Remember…..the more negativity you hear and read about Trump the more you must set your mind to vote for him because then you know how afraid of him the left and the liberal Jewish world organization really is. They do not have the good of the American people in their mind or plans. For once……do not fall for leftist propaganda. The American media is NOT American.

  21. Karen says:

    Smitherines, good video. I’ve no animosity towards Christianity , when I was a child in Sunday school I loved the picture of Christ with the lambs, and another one of Him with sparrows. It was the OT readings of Jehovahs psychotic rantings, blood-thirsty punishments, hypocrisy and plain meanness that turned me away. Hearing this jew-spew crap about Whites infuriates me Whites are the only people attempting to protect our planet and who show the compassion and respect towards life that Christ preached. Godless China and south east Asia with their tiger farms and tortured caged bears, dogs and cats skinned alive. Now the Chinese are moving into Africa, they’ll strip it bare and murder every creature on the continent, aided by the primitive Jigs. A White world would be a good world.

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