Little Marco Homio Loses His Home State


By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

Marco “The Maricon” Rubio finally threw in the towel and leaves the campaign. I wonder what happened to that pickup truck? LOL. Very embarrassing he lost the primary in his own state; last time this happened to a Senator running for prez was 1960. The loss will probably ruin his secondary ambition of becoming governor — in Florida, at least. The little punk insists on being boss man of something, anything. But he really wanted that big kahuna job, though.

If you ask me, about the only thing “Miami Foam Party” Rubio would be good for is the personal pool boy for his filthy rich Jew sugar daddy, Norman Braman. Or maybe he could get a job as a junior executive at the Taco Bell corporate offices, in charge of grease deliveries to franchisees east of the Mississippi. He could always still cross-dress and cruise gay bars on weekends when the wife and kids are away visiting the mother-in-law.

I have often speculated here on my site, Little Marco might be a homo. I know, I know, I’m a big “homophobe.” Yet, how could I really be afraid of a limpwristed gayboy like Little Marco? I could easily beat him in a fist fight even if he came at me swinging the biggest, most disgusting dildo in his collection. LOL.

Then the idiots in Ohio voted for John Kasich. Tell me that’s not stupid as hell? For one, it’s mathematically impossible for Kasich to win enough delegates for the nomination. Second, Kasich is a huge traitor to America, being all for Globalist trade deals inviting companies to move overseas like TPP, NAFTA and SHAFT-TA. Plus, he’s all for legalizing the illegals. Sure, Kasich comes off as a Mr. Nice Guy and all that, but that’s not what America needs these days. We need a bad ass SOB like Trump who holds America’s interests first, without a doubt.

What we got going on, is a bunch of backroom status quo rats wanting to find some way of stealing the nomination from Trump and the voters.

Selfish Racist Blacks Ruin Old Joo Sanders Hopes

During the last primary vote a week or so ago, most of the “rust belt” Michigan dems voted for Bernie Sanders, but black-infested Detroit came in close enough for Hillary to steal the entire state. Meanwhile, Mississippi went 83% for Hillary since the whole place is practically a mini Africa now — they may as well rename the place Mozambabwe or something.

Same thing happened in Illinois last night with all the criminal black Chicago counties voting for Shillary.

So, what’s the big deal, Cog Man?

All this just amply illustrates that blacks only care about blacks in America. Hillary and Sanders both knew that — that’s why they’ve been promising them everything but the kitchen sink for the last few months. Expect the same crap this fall — it’ll be hilarious all the things Hillary will tell blacks and latrinos she’ll do for them. Hillary might end up the biggest, most embarrassing, pandering pol in galactic history!

Blacks fully believe Hillary will be better for their race in the “gimme dat” department. They could care less about bigger things hurting America like Wall Street ripping us off, just as long as the free stuff continues.

And the fact of Hillary being under investigation by the FBI, means JACK when it comes to blacks, believe you me. They sure as hell didn’t give a rat’s ass about all the evidence showing OJ Simpson was guilty as hell. The fact of Hillary being a target of any kind of investigation probably adds cachet to Hillary among black voters — too bad it’s not a drug deal or a drive by — now that would really give her major street cred!

Hillary’s also still married to Bill — once called the first black president until Obongo boy came on the scene. Billy boy is also well-known as a big man whore. Yet blacks can dig it. Nothing wrong with getting a little trim in the oval office. The dirty apes all laugh about doing the exact same thing, too!

Black suck-up dems do a play by play.

Dariyone Zamone Clark-Brown

Dariyone Zamone Clark-Brown. Just your typical day-to-day Negroid behavior in America.

I saw the original footage of the above on one of the major networks the other day. I can’t remember which. But they only showed it at the point where the perp took a quick shot at the cop and then took off down the road like a bat out of hell. And as usual, they didn’t show his mug shot like they always make sure to do if it was a White perp (have you noticed that?).

But I knew right off the bat it would be a Groid. This kind of thing happens all the time with this criminal, worthless race all over America now.

And get this: The crazy black bastard has never ever, had a driver’s license, even though he’s been driving around all over town and accumulating tickets for over 4 years! These animals don’t care.

Watching the media’s non-stop hourly coverage of the same old BS about the elections, they brought on this faggot boy named Tim Miller to talk about going to work for “Our Principles Pac” — a big backstabbing rat operation expressly organized and financed to try to stop the Trump. I’m certain filthy rich Jew rats like George Soros will funnel money to them in some way or other, like he’s done for John Kasich (which should tell you something).


Now, I don’t know if the guy is a Jew or not, but there’s a good chance he is, by the looks of him. There’s a lot of Jews named “Miller.” Many German/Dutch farmers in Pennsylvania and the Midwest have the same last name, but also so do a lot of German Jews who came here and stole the name to scam American goyim. They know it, too.

Funny, how so many homos are Jewish, huh?


Garland was heavily involved in the Oklahoma bombing (false flag?) prosecution to nail some White haters. You can tell he’s a Jew rat, alright.

Then this afternoon, Obongo boy announced he’s nominating Merrick Garland to fill the space vacated (possibly via assassination) by Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court. Garland IS definitely a Jew and a Chicago one at that.

Curious how much lefty Jew crap comes out of Chi-RAQ these days. Look at that guy!

If Garland was to get in, that would make Jews nearly a majority on SCOTUS — unless you believe the speculation on whether or not Sonia Sotomayor is a really Puerto Rican Crypto Sephardic Jewess (possible) and then that would definitely do it. One thing for sure, Sotomayor is already a huge philo-Semite (Jew lover), multiculti liberal and will go along with whatever Marxist Commie BS they want to force down this country’s throat.

Are you people out there even paying attention to what’s going down? Hell, turn on CNN and virtually everyone talking on screen is either a Jew, black or an idiot White multicult liberal. The rest of the media is pretty much the same way. They are quite obviously stealing America right out from under our noses.

They are telling us that Garland is a big “center right” and a constitutionalist, just so he will go down easier in an election year with all us plebs out here. Let me tell you that make no difference when it comes to the Jewish “Agenda.” They could easily trick us again in a number of ways. This is how they’ve been fooling us since… forever.

They are also telling us, the retardicans on Capitol Hill will not hold hearings and votes to put him on SCOTUS, being an election year and all. That could change practically immediately and he could be confirmed and in there before you could say “LOOKS LIKE ANOTHER JEW DEAL.”

Plus, they may have some trickery up their sleeves in advance of the Fall Elections, should Shillary have a tough time against Trump (she would lose if enough Whites came to their senses). Not that I’m a big Al Gore fan, but SCOTUS did put Dubya into the White House after all the brouhaha with “hanging chads.”

It won’t make any difference, even if Shillary gets in. Garland is part of the tribe, remember? They want to eviscerate the Second Amendment in some way, so they can disarm the White race in advance of the next stage of the Commie takeover and further racial genocide of us White people.

Same deal with the First Amendment. Let’s say they want to shut up big mouths like moi or the plenty of others now on the Internet exposing these rats. They can’t have my type allowed to speak freely about the stinking criminal blacks or the backstabbing Jews. Too many of us Whites are now getting it. So they need to find some way of codifying anti-hate speech laws, that will also double as protection for whatever Zionist Israel does, while they genocide the Palis and turn Jerusalem into the sacred capital of the planet!

Silence us “haters,” then outlaw our guns. Trust me: They have to do both things sooner or later for the NWO.

If you’re a White person who has yet to figure out the real deal, then you had better start thinking about it — RIGHT THE FLOCK NOW!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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47 Responses to Little Marco Homio Loses His Home State

  1. Pictured Lady says:

    Turn cnn on?
    Hell, I turned it off, along with the rest of the jew-toob, 3 years ago.
    Don’t miss it a bit!

    There’s plenty of people who see what’s going on,,, plenty of chatter over it,,,, but what is anyone doing,,, REALLY DOING about it?

    There are those who go the distance,, Gavin Seim is one of them. Look him up online. He speaks the truth and is putting his money where his mouth is,,, he’s a public speaker who’s taking his family on a journey throughout the lower 48 states to spread the message that this government is a tyrannical manipulator that only wants the total ruin of our country.

    If you reach out to him he will come to your community,,,, we need to support men like Mr. Seim if we are ever going to “put down” the monster that has invaded our house, our land, our country.
    There’s no more time for complacency – we ALL need to work on the chore of cleaning our house,,,, our White House.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Thanks, Pictured Lady. I know, I know. I’m trying to reach out to the braindead at my site. Of course it will sound obvious to the awakened.

  2. Pictured Lady says:

    You’re welcome INCOG MAN!

    THANK YOU for ALL you do to save America and the White race; I deeply appreciate you, your take on things, and your site – truly Americana!

    It’s a tough assignment, getting through to all the air-headed folks who don’t realize the importance of STANDING.

    If we, THE AMERICAN BODY OF TRUTH SPEAKERS AND LIBERTY DEFENDERS, don’t STAND,,, and do it quickly,,,, we are all going to have the capability removed from our scope as “they”, the evil doers, will surely put us to our knees and they won’t allow us to return to the upright position known as STANDING.

    Come on folks, what’s wrong with this picture?
    Our country is being taken over by the darkest of all races,,, JEWERY IS KILLING US.

    Thank you again INCOG MAN,,,, your truth speaking earns the highest degree of respect I know. NOTHING trumps the TRUTH!
    GO TRUMP!!!

  3. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Leftist Brainwashing Of Our Military

    Documents Reveal US Army Indoctrinated Soldiers On Dangers Of ‘White Privilege’

    Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information request with the Army and the files they requested are included with this article.

    Now that the jews have screwed up every other part of America they want to destroy the military.

  4. Smitherines says:

    For the seventh year in a row, President and Mrs. Obama host the annual White House Seder.

    Yeah he sure lloks like a “Moooslim” below?????

  5. Great article, Incog.

  6. HWR says:

    You Can’t Stump the Trump Volume XXI (The Ides Of Marco)

  7. KiteFlyer says:

    Little Marco will get a good fudge-packing and everything will be fine. You go, little man!

  8. S O G says:

    heh heh “Latrine-o’s” ..kikeroaches , splibs //oh my ..were off to see the wizard …
    speaking of bringing out the clowns ,californias liberal asshole governor and 2 jew face sob was a clown once ,wait im thinking he still is ..a dangerous clown who allows the jews to run roughshod over and under him to rule the left coast with reprobates ..
    can trump fix california ..
    allowed for elimination of open carry and draconian police stae shut down of legal pot clubs and never stepped in to help property owners when the fed gov jew virus then filed seizure notices of rented properties of said e pot clubs ..smacks of fast and furious where the holder obama tag team forced southern gun shops to sell guns but maybe never got paid and probably why the govt threatened to file charges aginst the gun shop owners for doing what the rediculously our of control marxofacist kike zog american guv wanted them to do …so i can see the gov not paying the gun shop owners and then when they sent a bill the gov sends its highest regards regarding possible criminalcharges against the shop owners …
    never ever let the mother fuckers have anything ..never open your door or your garage and never allow them on your inner properties withoiut wexplicit warrant ..
    most warrants served in the last 100 years are illegal and unconstitutional it ..
    most of what the so called govt junta jew installed regime in washington feecee is illegal …and then some ..
    all the cockroaches in congress and senate are all compromised bought and paid for with shekels ..
    do we like being controlled by asshole talmud fanatics ….
    the americas should be a utopia not a waste land and polluted beyond measuer …
    help mr. wizzar

  9. Hoff says:

    Brother NathanaelMarch 16, 2016 @ 2:07 pm


    Merrick Garland a “nice Jewish boy?” No such thing.

    A Christ-Hating, Homosexual-loving, Abortion-promoting JEW is more like it. +BN

  10. S O G says:

    and on that note where the NOI and the NBPP and the railings of idiots like the niggers at harvard ,,what is retarded nigger doing at harvard …doesnt he know he can get a higher grade point average at an all nigger college ..they have 200 of these apestitutions for niggers only …ever hear of an all white collegers as well ers are oppressed by whites when it is clearly the other way around and to where niggers oppress other nigge only ..a big double standard ..hypocracy of the highest order the black sherifs leageue the black ciongressional caucus or the black mayors and police chiefs etc black black …so if the niggers get together and call the anti white ating racist violent nigger group of terorists muslems apes an organization iot must be fooling the homeland security and patriot act folks cus these orgs are fervently twisted and anti white to where they are allowed to openly make war on us and claim that stupid niggers are violent because of us …
    allot o bs …..whites built harvard ,it was a difeerent place then and now it has been so dumbed down that political marxist niggers can go there and say kill whitee all day long and get a unit or 2 for this anthropology related class…
    any nigger that says kill whites should be under close scrutiny like in the uk ..they keep on top of the redslime over there with very good watchful eye..

  11. Bob says:

    Hey cog man!
    Did you see the kenyan’s nomination for the Supreme Court? I went straight to the comments here without reading the above article just now so you may have addressed this above since I caught a glimpse of a photo of Garland. The fucker is a fucking jew! Go to this link and take a look at that beak!

    What a fucking beak! What a fucking hook nose! I wish I had that nose on a wooden handle. I could do some serious wood carving. They call the turd a moderate but these labels mean nothing anymore. They called Slick Willie a centrist. Nowadays moderate means liberal. Even a lot of cuckservatives are liberals.

  12. Rory says:

    Poor Marco.
    It’s back, I guess, to the gay bathhouse for him, eh?

    As for the Trumpster…
    The man has obstacles ahead, didn’t every other president, as they were fighting for the WH throne?
    And it’s pretty damn obvious by now to all that The People are speaking their minds.
    Just look at the polls, the rallys, the whole tootin’ mess.
    It doesn’t take much to figure THAT one out.

    No matter what shit is thrown out in the media, it’s clear that The People aren’t buying it.
    Oh, and by the way, I laughed my ass off to that 15 second Trump commercial just out.
    You know, the one with Putin laughing, and Shillary barking like a god damn dog.

  13. S O G says:

    black lives matter nigger says…..
    Prominent ‘Black Lives Matter’ activist and rapper Tef Poe has a message for “white people”: If Donald Trump wins the presidency, “niggas” will ‘incite riots everywhere’. “Dear white people if Trump wins young niggas such as myself are fully hell bent on inciting riots everywhere we go. Just so you know,” Poe tweeted today. He followed up with another promise: “Trump wins aint no more rules fammo. We’ve been too nice as is.”
    whatever happened to not judging people by the color of their skin but by the content of their charachter ….whites are always seen as guilty by niggers no matter what ..however tiringly and articulately we can arbitrate all this shit till doomsday it is the same ol same ol damned if you do damned if you dont cus if your damned it doesnt matter what you do ….stupid fucing niggers are ramping up their poor nigger victimhood propaganda more and more like how thenjews get all huffed and pouffed upo when they blame the holocaust for everything instead of themselves ..when jews were hunting for alleged war criminals it is eveident that the jews were the war criminals ….a great majority of gernerals on hitlers staff were jews as were 150,000 whermacht troops was more about poilitical loyalties then and there was no plan to exterminate jews but germany paid the price for jewosh propaganda ……
    what kind of war do you have when each and every city that is a non military target is bombed back to the stone age killing innocent women and children ….a jew war of scorched earth mass casualty of whites war ..
    so niggers say if trump wins they will automatically riot everywhere …i think they might be surprised by the reception they get from people who they try to riot against …america is gone but niggers overplaying their shit will put them on the recieving end of much payback …..if trump wins be armed …niggers are always looking for an opportunity to commit social violence …we need to be rid of these stone age hominid humangatans ….worthless niggers ..
    niggers talkin shit like they cant get back to their level of genius unless all whites are dead …it is obviously a lark cus there are no nigger geniuses and has never been and never will be …and what of most niggers that have white dna mixed ..
    a person can be 1/16 nigger and they will still go on about black this and black that …rediculous like te 1/4 1/8 1/16 fake jew ashkanazziand kazzar mix fuckheads who take themselves delusionally serious …
    nigers need to realize that half of the slave trade was incorporated by freedmen niggers in the south and the north ..the north had slaves and black slave owners so why bash just the south …by the 1800’s half the slave owners were africans …the opther half were jews ..jews owned plantations and were wealthy dfrom shipping and other industry …same ol shit …white european did not have slaves and 1-2 colonies didnt have em …but the whole thing is hundreds of years ago now and the self inflicted failure niggers commit on themselves including annual murders of each other to 8000 niggers in dead nigger storage is not our fault …like they try to say ..preposterous bs …self inflicted failure by negroes is all they can do at best and then to blame others is their opiate ….time to exterminate niggers ..before they exterminate us ..

  14. Rory says:

    Well writtin, SOG.
    This “Tef Poe” nigger’s attitude is typical, and oh so boring already.
    The civilized country is tired of hearing these coons and their threats.
    Time to let these scumbags know they’re pushing their luck, and could face major whoop-ass by the citizens and/or the national guard.
    If they want to rock the boat, they can be removed from this country forcibly.
    Because we don’t need their shit.

  15. the Roman says:

    Is there someone who really thinks that jews believed, even for a moment, that big ears rubio could run for presidency? He was just there to fool hispanics and people related to them. Now they want to steer his supporters for their real horse, probably Romney. I really like this site, and my heart and mind with the American patriots who are opposing our common oppressors.
    White men are not sheeps, since childhood we feel in our blood runs the blood of our warriors ancestors. This is what make us different from the slave races who just live to fullfill primordial instincts, we creators of civilization are not born to live in captivity, and we never will. May God give us strenght , may the spirits of our Heroes rise from the grave and give us their courage and wisdom.
    We free men of European descent we one day will have our liebensraum.
    From the shores of California, to the old Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostock, an alliance of Christian nations .

  16. KiteFlyer says:

    GOP official essentially tells the people to fuck off!

  17. Biker says:

    i really cant believe Kasich is running, or that he won! i dont live that far from Ohio, and its as fucked up or worse than any state in the Great Lakes. Youngstown is half the size of Pittsburgh, but ranks in the top 10 for homicide, nationwide! Cleveland is Detroit south, and most of eastern Ohio is typical rust belt gloom. abandoned homes and factories, foreclosed properties. dollar stores, flea markets, and heroin. great Job Kasich! please bring MORE Ohio to the rest of the US. Rubio is a fag, Cruz is count Chocula, then on the other side you have an ancient socialist jew thats been in DC for 24 years and got nothing done. and…. (drum roll) Hillary. who has been a criminal since watergate. wont go into all the skeletons in that closet.

    the out of touch retards in DC are shaking in their $500.00 shoes and scrambling to do damage control. and im laughing my ass off watching. jig is up assholes, here comes TRUMP!

  18. Karen says:

    We Whites have no reason to bitch, we’re a Privileged Elite lording it over the poor jews, blacks and other peoples of color….

  19. Karen says:

    We must grovel and beg forgiveness for creating nations that jews flocked to during the last century and 3rd worlders flock to this century. Our forefathers worked and fought to create lands that other peoples covet and the jews subverted. Why then do they want to live in White countries? Adding insult to injury we’re now spat on and accused of privilege, a typical jew tactic (also of malignant narcissists) of transference. Bizarro world for sure.

  20. Carolyn says:

    Republican Official Tells CNBC: We Choose the Nominee, Not the People (Video)

    Go to

  21. Biker says:

    oh i know Karen. my checking account is overflowing with privilege! lol. when Trump supporters violently protest a Bernie rally, they can bitch. but it wont happen, because we are above that type of crap. manners, morals, and decency. THATS White privilege.

  22. Biker says:

    he had a future (incarceration) he had goals (gold teeth and an Escalade with 40″ rims) how he posta git money?! (earn it!) their mentality is so skewed from generations of gibs me dat that they have honestly lost the concept i believe.

    if someone gives me a 6 pack ill turn it down, i have my own. or ill work to get my own. if someone gives me a 6 pack to help them install a new hot water tank, or give them a hand moving, ill drink it. and feel good about it, and myself. sad to say that this attitude is lost on the millennials, and not just the Black ones.

  23. Frank Fredenburg says:

    “Trump Anxiety” Triggers Jewish Psychosis

    No matter what you think of Trump, one thing is clear – Jews are going into hysterics at the very sight of him.

    It’s telling that some admit to fearing his…lack of fear. In an article on “Trump Anxiety” in the Washington Post, psychologist Judith Schweiger Levy said:

    Part of the reason he makes people so anxious is that he has no anxiety himself. It’s frightening. I’m starting to feel anxious just talking about him.

    In an article Donald Trump is Turning Me Liberal, gay Jew James Kirchick writes in The Tablet,

    To Those Jews who contemplate making peace with a President Donald Trump: He is the candidate of the mob and the (white) mob always ends up turning on the Jews.

    In the eyes of Kirchick and all jews when whites start to speak out for their own they are a mob. Has he ever wondered why they focus on jews after they start caring about their own welfare?

  24. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Top ADL Jewish Supremacist Begs People To Stop Comparing Donald Trump To Adolf Hitler

    He knows they are wearing it out. People are getting sick of hearing about it. Every Arab leader is the reincarnation of Hitler when they want them removed from power. The news media show pictures of them with little mustaches painted on their faces. Pictures of Donald Trump with a Hitler mustache. They don’t know when to stop.

  25. Smitherines says:

    Karen says:
    March 17, 2016 at 9:51 am

    We must grovel and beg forgiveness for creating nations that jews flocked to during the last century and 3rd worlders flock to this century. Our forefathers worked and fought to create lands that other peoples covet and the jews subverted. Why then do they want to live in White countries? Adding insult to injury we’re now spat on and accused of privilege, a typical jew tactic (also of malignant narcissists) of transference. Bizarro world for sure.

    This is very good! It’s exactly reality!

  26. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Chicago Tribune: Marxist Jew Reporter Urges A Halt To Anti-Trump Protests, Admits We’re Growing Stronger

  27. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Terrified Group Of Rabbis Set To Boycott Donald Trump’s AIPAC Speech

  28. Hoff says:

    Just found this. It’s about the first colonization of Palestine by the zionist jews early 1880s. Excerpt:

    The first of the colonies to be founded as a result of the conditions just described was Rishon-le-Zion. In 1882 several Russian refugees from Moghileff, led by Hirsch Leventin, bought land about six miles south of Jaffa, on the road from Jaffa to Gaza,

    The same year saw the founding of the colony Wady-el-Chanin two miles away, also by Russian Jews, and of the colonies of Sammarin

    Click: Special articles 1912-1913. PFF

  29. Rory says:

    Ya know what’s utterly insane about all of this anti-Trump propoganda?
    The people inciting this crap.

    The man wants to get in office, and give this country a long overdue enema.
    He wants to make things better for the people.
    And the people have been crying for it for decades now.


    But the naysayers want to fight the potential political changes, and disregard what the people desire.
    Obviously for the reasons of greed, power, and manipulation of the masses, on a global scale no less.
    The people who live and work to fund the very government that is supposed to “work” FOR them.
    It’s pure insanity, and the people know it.

  30. Tom says:

    Groids and their Jewish handlers are Bolsheviks-in-waiting. No more election nonsense—bring on the white genocide! Now the Jews say white inventions are just “accidents of history” and could have been made by any group in the same circumstances. Funny how, while Jewish professors say there is no such thing as the white race, whites (as a group) are still guilty of all sorts of real and imagined ills. There is no blanket amnesty for white “ills”. And, heaven forbid, the white (who is not a race) should question the idea of “affirmative action”. Whites, after all, don’t really exist. I haven’t yet tried out my latest argument that the cumulative actions of Jewry vs. whites are biological genocide as defined by the Genocide Convention. Further, even “innocuous” things like school busing for racial reasons are a form of cultural genocide as defined by the Convention.

    Do you know the Jewish slave ships brought only 380,000 groids to America? And now there are 50-million of them! Yes, the perfect change agents–80% bastard groids produced by trillions of “Great Society” $$$ since the days of crypto-Jew LBJ.

  31. Red Pill says:

    is Trump a chump ? or what if he is not whom he appears to be ?
    Trump Belongs to the “Club”

    Fact # One- He is a member of the illuminati – i.e. a satanic cult dedicated to pedophilia and ritual murder.

    Fact # 2: His Campaign Director, Michael Glassner, used to work for the Israel lobby, AIPAC. After reading this, do you really think Trump will be “neutral on Israel” ? (may have to scroll after 3/18/16)

    From AIPAC to Trump: Michael Glassner’s journey

  32. Smitherines says:×245.jpg

    Suicide of the GOP — or Rebirth?
    By Patrick J. Buchanan

    Share Pat’s Columns:
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    Friday – March 18, 2016

    “If his poll numbers hold, Trump will be there six months from now when the Sweet 16 is cut to the Final Four, and he will likely be in the finals.”

    My prediction, in July of 2015, looks pretty good right now.

    Herewith, a second prediction. Republican wailing over his prospective nomination aside, Donald Trump could beat Hillary Clinton like a drum in November.

    Indeed, only the fear that Trump can win explains the hysteria in this city.

    Here is The Washington Post of March 18: “As a moral question it is straightforward. The mission of any responsible Republican should be to block a Trump nomination and election.”

    The Orwellian headline over that editorial: “To defend our democracy, the GOP must aim for a brokered convention.”

    Beautiful. Defending democracy requires Republicans to cancel the democratic decision of the largest voter turnout of any primaries in American history. And this is now a moral imperative for Republicans.

    Like the Third World leaders it lectures, the Post celebrates democracy — so long as the voters get it right.

    Whatever one may think of the Donald, he has exposed not only how far out of touch our political elites are, but how insular is the audience that listens to our media elite.

    Understandably, Trump’s rivals were hesitant to take him on, seeing the number he did on “little Marco,” “low energy” Jeb and “Lyin’ Ted.”

    But the Big Media — the Post, Wall Street Journal, New York Times — have been relentless and ruthless.

    Yet Trump’s strength with voters seemed to grow, pari passu, with the savagery of their attacks. As for National Review, The Weekly Standard and the accredited conservative columnists of the big op-ed pages, their hostility to Trump seems to rise, commensurate with Trump’s rising polls.

    As the Wizard of Oz was exposed as a little man behind a curtain with a big megaphone, our media establishment is unlikely ever again to be seen as formidable as it once was.

    And the GOP?

    Those Republicans who assert that a Trump nomination would be a moral stain, a scarlet letter, the death of the party, they are most likely describing what a Trump nomination would mean to their own ideologies and interests.

    Barry Goldwater lost 44 states in 1964, and the GOP fell to less than a third of Congress. “The Republican Party is dead,” wailed the Rockefeller wing. Actually, it wasn’t. Only the Rockefeller wing was dead.

    After the great Yellowstone fire in the summer of ’88, the spring of ’89 produced astonishing green growth everywhere. 1964 was the Yellowstone fire of the GOP, burning up a million acres of dead wood, preparing the path for party renewal. Renewal often follows rebellion.

    Republican strength today, on Capitol Hill and in state offices, is at levels unseen since Calvin Coolidge. Turnout in the GOP primaries has been running at levels unseen in American history, while turnout in the Democratic primaries is below what it was in the Obama-Clinton race of 2008.

    This opportunity for Republicans should be a cause for rejoicing, not all this weeping and gnashing of teeth. If the party in Cleveland can bring together the Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich forces, the White House, Supreme Court and Congress are all within reach.

    Consider. Clinton was beaten by Bernie Sanders in Michigan, and pressed in Ohio and Illinois, on her support for NAFTA and the trade deals of the Clinton-Bush-Obama era that eviscerated American manufacturing and led to the loss of millions of factory jobs and the stagnation of wages.

    Sanders’ issues are Trump’s issues.

    A Trump campaign across the industrial Midwest, Pennsylvania and New Jersey featuring attacks on Hillary Clinton’s support for NAFTA, the WTO, MFN for China — and her backing of amnesty and citizenship for illegal immigrants, and for the Iraq and Libyan debacles — is a winning hand.

    Lately, 116 architects and subcontractors of the Bush I and II foreign policy took their own version of the Oxford Oath. They will not vote for, nor serve in a Trump administration.

    Talking heads are bobbing up on cable TV to declare that if Trump is nominee, they will not vote for him and may vote for Clinton.

    This is not unwelcome news. Let them go.

    Their departure testifies that Trump is offering something new and different from the foreign policy failures this crowd did so much to produce.

    The worst mistake Trump could make would be to tailor his winning positions on trade, immigration and intervention — to court such losers.

    While Trump should reach out to the defeated establishment of the party, he cannot compromise the issues that brought him where he is, or embrace the failed policies that establishment produced. This would be throwing away his aces.

    The Trump campaign is not a hostile takeover of the Republican Party. It is a rebellion of shareholders who are voting to throw out the corporate officers and board of directors that ran the company into the ground.

    Only the company here is our country.

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    Let us know how we are doing – Send us a Thank You Via Paypal!

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  33. Smitherines says:

    Billionaire George Soros funds $15M “To STOP DONALD TRUMP” – Mobilizes Minorities.

  34. Smitherines says:

    Man who was attacked in Suburban Station reunites with homeless man who helped him

    Lamar Anderson, a homeless man, was sitting nearby on a bench, charging his tablet the way he usually did after he left the homeless shelter where he spent his nights. He heard the attack first – a disturbing thump. And then he saw a man attacking Pollock from behind with a pipe wrench. Anderson jumped to his feet and stood between Pollock and the other man, who had walked away but was now circling back.

    Notice she writes “charging his tablet” he’s homeless but has computer tablet???
    Only in “Barry’s Amerikwa !”

    Also notice when it’s saving a White of looks like Jew here by spelling of the
    name, Denis Pollock. “Pollock” can be a Jew name, and notice they show the
    Black person saving him, their media NEVER shows Black perps beating
    someone like young “teens” attack man.

  35. Bailey says:

    “Notice she writes “charging his tablet” he’s homeless but has computer tablet???
    Only in “Barry’s Amerikwa !”

    WTF , the homeless shelter doesn’t have charging stations for niggers tablets and sailfones ?

    That’s Racist !

  36. S O G says:

    yeah it seems we need to have a nigger escort where we go these days to translate nigbabble into ebonics then into english ..cus the escort nig will be able to majically esp the violent nigger to stop his attack on us…jews they will protect for free but gentiles have to pay the fare for jews and ourselves ..think how safe we could be ..heh heh was the afro mericone charging his tablit …shheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyit i don e think he found a plug wire hidden on the bench ..niggers are industrious ..good at finding copper wire as the abandoned parts of detroit will show ..they often back up to a porch of an abandoned house among hundreds and pull the wall out for easier access and load up all the metal then they pull out all the wire …sheeeeeeyit ..times hundreds ,,,ok so d’troit has 60,000 street lights and now mysteriously 30,000 of em have no copper wire no mo…i dindo nuffhin ….niggers can see in the dark /
    its really funny when them and their latrino bros try to take live effin wire out of hi volt boxes ….their jail booking pictures are a box of ashes …saw a pic of 3 niggers of fiddin to giet dat wawwr n sheeyt out of a hi volt hi amp box …you couldnt tell one melted lump from the next cus they were melted together in one huge lump o crap …..oh no ! hands up grabbing wire didnt work ..sometimes if you even get close to a box like this without even touching it when its wet out you can be smoked …being eletrocuted is fun …and free ..jews hey its free .yeah ..niggers to ,go get you some free wire …evrything in obamas mericaon is free ..get you dat nigger free shit card signed by omammy ,niggers are allowed 2 forms of identity ,the free shit card and the nine milli milli …nigger express card dooawn lebes duh creeb weethoout it …
    ..what does a person who is 1/4 mex 1/4 nigger 1/4 arab 1/4 jew do …..its a good question….runs for president ?
    hands up while at work ..niggers need 4-8 hours sleep at work to functionn correctly ..
    most homeless people have cell phones in cali …free ones monthly service ..another way is to program an android phone with majic jack and use it as a voip phone …free intlnl calls but you can use it at any wifi center or unsecured wifi or secured ..heh heh ..whatever happened to pay phones cant find one anywhere ..
    maybe prehistoric entity now ..just like america ..
    excellent point Tom ….jews also say that reason is a white construct …everytime a jew points its stinky little finger there a thousand pointing back at his ass ..jews have constructed all manner of anti social engineering in the world …it cant be too good when every president in south america is a jew or any other nation who has a jew or a crypto kike in high political power ….these shitkike sons o snakes also deny the jewish communist holocaust of russians …they wantonly religiously kill palestinians like rodents …the settlers in izzrrail run around with guns and when a plaestinian gets in a simple argument or is standing up for his rights the settler just pulls his piece and pops em and all the settlers come running and join in the turkey shoot ..non semitic jews are 100% of jews today ..there are no valid semite jews and if there was would they have the right to steal palestine like they did and murder 4 million palestinians …why do people wonder why they fight when they can against the jews although it is an unfair fight from ther get ..the jews did it the same way they did it here …10’s of thousands of illegal jew immigrants were smuuggled into palestine and set up shop ..banks ..kidon ,,haganah ,palmach, irgun ,bolsevik mobile death squads ..te jews came in to palestine like the envisioned supposed invasion by early semite kikes going into canaan and killing amalekites and nephilim ..they think they are living in the old testament time jews must have gone forward in time warp and are warped ..they think they have a right to murder palestinians because of the old testament ..but that shit is arbitrary at best ..and to make it litteral today is insanity ..they dont even study the old testament and especially not the new- test ..
    jews also think they have a talmud given right to interfere in everyone elses countries …so the redundant cliche of how they just want a homelend was smoke and mirrors for the jews wanting to control the whole world because thats their sickeness ..and the talmud might as well be written by the marquise de sade or torquemada or satan himself …because biblically the “semite” jews were tossed out of the garden of jewry by god himself in 72 approx ad ..and there was no scriptural provision for semites to retake the land and certainly none for middle eastern fake heinz 57 mix kikes which all are jews are now to take palestine over by illegal immigration …and financial deception till the kikes got statehood then they muredered 70 ,000 infrastructure palestinians which is why 700,000 of em decided to leave or die because the jews were executing villages by the hundreds and the major cities that palestinians built were being blockaded so the pops would die from starvation so no collateral damage ..the jews have used this method time and time again in history in other places and techniques to stifle food production south africa the communists simply turn the niggers on the farm owners and kill them or seize farms and turn them into dachas and in other countries the jews foment civil wars that are easy enough to start and sell weapons to both sides all the while the both countries farmlands are being drowned in cluster munitions by the millions and making the land unarible or wtf ,non farmable ….then in comes the imf and the jews money schemes …by the time jewish statehood came in 1947 the jews had aquired palestinians 30% of farms by financial usary loans like they do in india now to …farmer gets a loan but has to use terminal gmo crap seeds and use roundup under the terms of the loan and even tho the shit crop makes its own roundup internally ..suuuuuuuuuuch a deeeeel …so the farmer is invested and the farm crops go dead and then its all over ..the farmer commits suicide and the land is taken by the bank …we see the jewish financial virus active and busy worldwide ..
    jewish elite privelidge ..all billionaires are jewish ….white privelidge …dont sound like it when we are out of work or have no civil rights or have any poltical representation and also have as enemies all the latrinos and moslems and jews and niggers …does that sound privelidged …there are 35,000 nigger millionaires in america …there arent that many “white” millionaires ….there are thousans of jews millionaires as well and they look white skinned and these people are just as semite as you and me …semites dont exist anymore ..they were bred out after assimilations by assyria in 722 bc…
    todays jews are a non homogenous multi mixed bunch o phonies …they have neanderthal genes they have hittite ancient culture genes they have among them ancient carthaginian and phoenician and mongol turk converts ,they have khazaar converts to what wasnt even mosiac levitical old testament religion but a newer form of tyranny called babylonian talmud aka judeasim or aka the oral traditions of the elders and we know how the mohole rabbis love to get oral on babies during uh yeah ,that …this is a blasphemy in the ancient old testament writings …rabbis to day take their training in the talmud whether they be ultra orthodox or reformed or just plain moderate judeasim it is all talmud ..the talmud is not the 5 books of the old test …they like people to belive that shit tho….
    while i am here i want to make another point on concentration camps ….if hitler wanted to kill jews he would have just –>never fed them food no water and they would have dropped dead in a week all without benefit of so called zyklon which was diotematios earth impregnated with cyanide ..etc ..pouring it down a tube to a shower head would have produced nothing and cetainly never in a hundred years enough gas to tickle anyones tonsils bs …i saw the article on the stupid kikes who didnt like some cooling showers in some hot place or other and said it reminded them of auwshits or some bs or other …so i guess these retarde ashkanazzi neadertals heinz 57 ididots dont take showers either ,figures .the fact that no medicines or food was available later in the end of the war in the camps that were safe from bombs is tantamount or prima fasci evedence that the allies were dstroying civilian targets 99% of the time ..places where food and medicines were manufactured in germany on a day to day activity …these cities were obliterated along with 10’s of thousands of people indicating a massive war crime conspoiracy against germany and its civilians ..because even even dresden alone is a huge war crime by the allies as the flames died down the mustangs came through and strafed hospital patients and refugees ..these were not miltary targets nor were these people combatants ..this city had been unofficially been designated and honoured as hospital ciy wit over 700 thousand refufees as well ..the real ww2 war criminals have never been endicted to this day and the real deserving of reparations have never recieved a penny …but the stinking filthy jew has been running around claiming victimhood and holocasutianity ,claiming to hunt for war criminals when they were the criminals pointing his butt picker at the world demanding free money and absolute power because of something they put into motion was the unclean unhygenic jews that brought typhus into the camps ..
    they had a history of these typs of diseases in their 1000 shetyls along and around the belarussia ans pre poland russian areas of old from lack of hygeine ..
    .and again i say if hitler wanted to kil;l jews then why feed them or give them water …and they could have done the same thing to the jews that the americans did post ww2 when the put millions of germans into facimiles of civil war camps out doors and starved them to death,so could germans have also blockaded the so called jewish gettos where jews lived safely …where they manged to live well and eat and survive the war on germany…on the germans dime ..
    yeah right bailey they want to concentrate on that tablet and bury the part where a feral nigger mental hospital escapee is attacking a white person for being white … im sure the attacker has stated his religious fanatial right to exterminate whgite people and has been given an expensive kike lawyer to get him off because of slavery aqd white oppression …fuckin twilight zone ..

  37. Rory says:

    In response to Bailey’s posting:
    “Notice she writes “charging his tablet” he’s homeless but has computer tablet???
    Only in “Barry’s Amerikwa !”
    WTF , the homeless shelter doesn’t have charging stations for niggers tablets and sailfones ?
    That’s Racist !

    I knew it was all downhill years ago, when they gave prison inmates color TV.

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