Non-Stop Black BULL CRAP Driving America Insane


By Phillip Marlowe

Rachel Dolezal INSET

The media has long been busy making it “cool” to be black. Even driving some of us quite insane. Witness the born very White girl, Rachel Dolezal, claiming herself black and even getting herself elected the head of a NAACP chapter!

Haven’t you noticed it over the last few years? Nothing but black crap after black crap after black crap after black crap. It never-ends, does it?

God, I hope you’ve noticed all this by now. The entire media out there has blacks crawling out the woodwork. FOX news brings them up as experts all the time — often in pairs. Hell, TV commercials make all the doctors black, all the evil criminals in TV shows are now White and even home burglar alarm advertising has made all the burglars White guys, for crying out loud. Please tell me you’ve noticed this going on? Please!

Just think, blacks have their own TV channel, black award shows, black schools, colleges, black publications and black organizations up the ying-yang — and yet they still screamed bloody murder last month just because they happened to have no blacks among the Oscar nominees for one, single, lousy GD year! This crap is getting ridiculous. Apparently, to smooth over ruffled feathers, they gave them SAG awards left and right and freely trashed the White race all over the Oscar show last Sunday night. No one batted an eye. Hell, everyone in the media acted like it was such a good thing the very next day!

What’s doubly infuriating is that Hollywood itself is pretty much controlled by the biggest supremacist race known to man — the Ashkenazi Jews (a Whitish-looking, Asiatic mish-mash race from the Ukraine area of southern Russia, who freely proclaim themselves as “God’s Chosen Ones” and treat the Palis in Israel like dogs). Total… complete… BS!

These spoiled black brats are all over the media these days — if they are not part of just about everything out there, they scream about racism this, racism that. They just keep going on and on, AND ON AND ON. It’s never-ending with these lousy bastards and bitches. Nothing EVER satisfies them. I’m sick of it.

We’re always having to play Mr. Nice Guy with blacks. And what do we get? Spat in the face and murdered by these violent, uncivilized apes on a constant, daily basis.

White ladies! Read this:

WHITE SORORITY GIRLSChris Rock said during the Oscars that Hollywood racism against blacks is like a college girl’s sorority turning down a new member named “Rhonda.” Ha ha, so funny, Negro. For years, Jewish Hollywood has been portraying White sorority girls as mean-spirited, backstabbing sluts — just like they do with White guy frats as being oh-so-evil “master race Aryans” or something of the sort. And we know there’s plenty of black and Jewish campus organizations freely going around as such and no one says one GD word. Tell me: Are you not sick and tired of all these race hypocrites — all the militant blacks and nerdy little Jews — messing with us European White Gentiles by now? Especially so, since they all seem to want to get in your pants every minute!*


Then you got your science TV programming or other nonfiction type documentaries on the so-called “History” channel, National Geographic and PBS. You can easily see how they work to dig up a black somewhere, anywhere to talk on screen. You might have 99 White experts much more photogenic and knowledgable on a particular subject matter, but that one single black associate professor they find at a bumf**k college wherever, who might know a little bit on the matter, is going to get his smiling mug put up on screen and nice little paycheck after talking for a few minutes on camera.

A black guy burned alive 19 year-old Jessica Chambers last year and practically no one heard a word about it.

Last year, a black guy brutally burned alive from head to toe a foolish young White girl, 19 year-old Jessica Chambers, and hardly a word was said. But anytime a White person kills a black for whatever reason, it’s all over the news like it’s the end of the world. White people are sick of the race hypocrisy!

Everybody knows deep down blacks are a nasty, brutal race. They murder us decent White people all the time — sometimes even torturing us and burning defenseless Whites alive. Blacks beat and murder White women all the time — who have been totally brainwashed by constant media liberal crap.

Blacks are also HUGE anti-White racists — jacked up by Jew Hollywood with slavery and 1960’s Civil Rights movie epics. Documentaries on White racism are on TV all the time. Media has blacks now totally hating Whitey. They get away with it all too, simply because they never report any stories of black racism against us White people. Happens all the time.

In fact, the media does everything they can to keep violent black criminal behavior from common knowledge. For us Whites to be all so sweet and nice to these racist, White-hating ugly animals is simply ridiculous.

Those blacks who do act civilized get lauded upon by idiot White liberals when most of the rest are pretty much jibber-jabbering dirty street apes, prone to violent criminal acts and mayhem of all sort. This is all apart of the brainwashing White-hating Jewish militants are doing to our White lands. Deep down, everybody knows something bad is going on. Whether they have the guts to openly talk about it is another matter.

Folks: It really is the filthy sneaky Jews behind all this. I’ve personally witnessed Jews embedded in the media ranks making these decisions. Because of PC, they know no Whites nearby will dare to speak up about it, so they freely go ahead and make it the law of the land. Say something and everyone around you will call you a racist. Hell, you probably will get fired inside the week!

See how insidious this long-running PC program has been to the White race?

Here’s a totally brainwashed White girl working for the Bernie Sanders campaign having a meltdown talking to White supporters of Trump:

Sanders Fan Cries Because Trump is Mean

A cute young White girl posted this video after doing some “phone banking” for the Bernie Sanders campaign one Saturday afternoon. Notice how she says people she talks to believe “they won the civil war” (3:43). This is her way of labeling Trump supporters as “evil racists.” Those people most likely said nothing at all about old history (over 150 years ago!), yet the stupid little twit is slandering them as “White supremacists” simply because they support Donald Trump. Sad isn’t it? It really should piss you off royally, once you consider the larger ramifications to our race.

The above White girl’s whole lovey-dovey mental vision of the world is not getting shared by complete strangers, so she’s having an emotional meltdown. I’ve actually had grown White liberals like this myself in real life cry like blubbering babies when I factually state to their faces that blacks kill, rob and rape White people all the time (they really do). These kinds of idiots simply don’t care about any facts or any Whites victimized should it conflict with their embedded mental image of the world.

White people want to be good and the media brainwashing is so acute, many White victims today even sympathize with their criminal, non-White attackers!

The creator of "The View," Barbara Walters, is a big time Globalist Jew in the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR). Here she is doing a story of a little boy who wants to be a girl on 20/20. The Jews like to push this kind of thing.

The creator of “The View,” Barbara Walters, is a big Globalist Jew in the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR). Here she is doing a supportive 20/20 story on a little boy who wants a sex change operation. Subversive Jewry loves pushing sick crap messing with our heads.

I can turn on the TV and literally in five lousy minutes find the kind of brainwashing that did this to that idiot girl above. Want to get really ticked off? Watch the daily show “The View” and you can see the liberal brainwashing they do of White stay-at-home mothers. It’s incredible!

Now Whites know all this is going on and it surely does piss them off. But they can’t bring themselves to see the Jew because that might make them a “Nazi.”

Woe being called a Hitler lover!

Let me tell you something: Yes, indeed, I was the same way years ago. But I realized something very wrong was going on with our country and started looking into the situation behind the scenes and in many seemingly unrelated areas. Soon, I was noticing Jews everywhere — not because I was imagining it, but because that was what was really going on.

White people: We’ve got an entire race/religion/subset (whatever they are) of creeps busy brainwashing us so we don’t go all “Nazi” and put a stop to their “Agenda.”

The GD Nazis were right all along!

It's little wonder why so many blacks are in prison considering how criminal they are. Lamin Darboe, a nurse's aide was caught "in flagrante delicto," raping a parylyzed elderly stroke victim.

It’s little wonder why so many blacks are in prison considering how criminal they act. Lamin Darboe, a nurse’s aide was caught “in flagrante delicto,” raping a paralyzed and elderly White stroke victim. Sick blacks commit foul acts like this all the time.

When I realized this, my head swam. All the BS I saw going on now made perfect sense (not as in a “good” sense, but as in real). Trust me: I didn’t know any “Nazis” or “Skinheads” or even “White supremacists.” Everybody I knew were just regular nice White folks, just trying to make it and keep a roof over their heads.

During this investigation period, I also came to the conclusion these devious Jews had circumvented the White race by taking over the money-making apparatus of our lands by allying with corrupt rich White elites and fooling the rest. This was done way back in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve and the Federal Income Tax — a tax levy expressly designed to pay the debt fueling this satanic merry-go-round (the equation is exactly like that). Read the book, “The Creature from Jekyll Island,” by G. Edward Griffin. Hell, just read the first chapter!

The tricky-dick mothers were getting us to fund our own race’s destruction!

Ever since then, the dirty Jews had been gradually taking over media and brainwashing us on a wide variety of fronts, mostly meant to whittle down our numbers (just think of all the social change destroying our families and relationships over the years); while they set the stage for the creation of the NWO in the West, which they could control the levers from behind the scenes.

How could I tell White people this was what was truly happening? How could I warn them what total evil was being done to our race? I’m still out here trying my best.

*You already know how nerdy Jew guys always want to have sex with you beautiful White girls. But do you want to see how lefty Jew women lust after us White guys? Rent the movie “The Way We Were” with Barbara Streisand and Robert Redford — pay attention, it’s got all sorts of inadvertent things about these crazy Jew creeps!



My father did NOT like me to use words like “NIGGER” or “KIKE.” He thought it was classless. That’s why I usually try to avoid it. In fact, my father was a real good guy — at his funeral many blacks showed up just because he helped them get good work.

My family has always been decent, up-standing members of the community. Fair-minded across the board, too. Just like most White people out there. The bastards are using that against us!

One of my father’s black friends went to Africa for a vacation and when he returned, told him how he now thanked slavery from the bottom of his heart for getting him born in America. I was present in the very room when he said as much. And it is indeed true. Too bad all the militant blacks can’t get this hugely important fact!

My father (and myself for that matter) had many Jewish friends, too. Believe me, I am just as troubled by the real situation as any regular White person who has finally realized “the real deal.”

Look, I am not a “hateful” person. I believe everyone has the right to live. Just that us Whites are totally getting screwed over in our lands — including Europe. And yes, America IS a White country. We created it, we designed it, we built it up and it was us who fought for it — regardless of all the hugely inflated people of color heroes like the Tuskegee WWII airman or “Red Tails.” What a bunch of brainwashing crap that is!

So call me a GD “White supremacist.” I don’t care one bit.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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84 Responses to Non-Stop Black BULL CRAP Driving America Insane

  1. S O G says:

    rubio wins primary in puerto rico …heh heh ..cockroaches recognizing other cockroaches ….wtf ..
    anywau i found this link again
    thougt it was on the now defunct blackhateredandracism blog ..blogone whiners ,and when they dont get thier twisted way they riot or threaten to and or then shoot people in the business that was forced to hire such clownish idiots then forced to fire them for outrageous behaviour the nigger thinks he is entitled to ….in fact outrageous nigger behaviour has practically been approved by congress…it wouldnt matter as the jews have approved this behaviour from the start …jews also playing in our soverignty here allowing spiks to get licenses in kwonifornia ..irs dmv fbi and others are giving blanket immunity from identity theft and irs is offering a 3 year no proof neccessary back tax giveaway and can include up to 10 kikds not even haveing to ,live in usa ..what does it say about the priveledge of mexicans and niggers compared to simple lack of rights and services for amerivcans who lived and worked here peacefully dutifully and loyally and get nothing …special rights for criminals …mexaicans are ALL criminals ..and they are still mexican citizens and illegals here and the story about sanctuary cities goes to city council liabilities and being in violation oif federal laws ansd u.s codes and many felonies as well ..anyone who harbors or aids like cpops do and polioticians do and the govt as well are guilty of felonies ..america is irreedeemable has lost its moral and spiritual compass ,well actually these have been broken and replced by the hooknose mafiya.
    but it isnt anything new ,the spix have been lying on their irs foems for years with fake id’s and fake information and getting away with it at the encouragement of irs did illegals know they could do this without incurring arrest and convictionn …try doing this shit while white and see how fast the asshole jackboot jew twisted law enforcement goons show up at your door at 4 am and kill your dog and destroy your house …this has happened sp,many times as to be numbered in the thoiusands ..
    too many twisted perverts have too much power they shouldnt even have a little or any …its true its the super rich or the elite industrial wealthy etc and it is also true that they are all jews …only jews are billionaires in russia or usa or africa ……russia has 70 billioinaires which is double since 7 years ago …america is fucked over time and again by the rich jews ..they say oh the rich white fuckers are the problem and jews look white but their political reliogious fanaticism separates them to the other side of normal and their loyalties lie in lies the rabbis spread ..some rabbis are so arrogant and bold and filled with hubris they even admit that the holocaust is a successful propaganda agenda doesnt matter if it did or didnt happen because the jews happened ..the holohoax is exactly that ,a hoax for profit ..most holo wrters have written lies and dogma that is embarrassing even to hardened criminalewosh elite and many have for tha sake of not offendiong real whites too much ,they have recindes many stories as propaganda fanaticism and fake ..many authoirs well most well all of them have been proven as fakes …now the lazy fuicked up children of supposed holocaust survivors want their cut now ..absolute delusion ..
    apwfirmauhtivv akxshun the niggers want jobs they arent qualified to do which is also the case that they are not qualified to work among humans either …they sue at the drop of a sprog ….

  2. DDDDDuane says:

    Hey SOG…
    Good info (as usual) ….If you use a bit more punctuation your posts would be easier to read….
    “rubio wins primary in puerto rico …heh heh ..cockroaches recognizing other cockroaches ….wtf ..”
    Ha Ha!!!
    Ever see the size of a spic LaCookaroacha? (there was even a song about that….)….

  3. Red Pill says:

    AN ESTABLISHMENT IN PANIC Pat Buchanan: ‘Never Trump’ strategy could bring about GOP’s suicide

    my thoughts are, we don’t need two parties
    the communist party will be all we have.
    and the democratic party fills the bill.
    it’s along way to home and we can’t find our way back.
    because it’s not there any more.

    An establishment in panic
    Patrick J. Buchanan

  4. Red Pill says:

    Iranian billionaire Babak Zanjani sentenced to death for embezzlement

    OK, i know we would never do such as that, as the vultures here run the show.
    guess we will have to wait for Putin to nuke New York Shitty.
    that, or wait for the end of time.

    their feet don’t touch the ground. because they are doing god’s work
    or so they would have us believe. honest people don’t exist at that level.

  5. Red Pill says:

    from Jim Stone site.

    The election is clearly and obviously being stolen
    The people are speaking, and Kikedom is doing whatever it wants. This will only be stopped via violent and bloody revolution. Trump is offering a peaceful solution, and the people obviously want the Trump solution. My estimate is that to date, over 35 percent of Trump’s rightful delegates have been stolen via election rigging. And that cannot be allowed. The Jewish establishment really is forcing violence to be the only answer.
    Violence is obviously my last choice, and the last option. What are the American people going to do, now that it is rapidly becoming the only option? If the American people do not lash out against the Jewish community in the nastiest conceivable way after THIS rigged election, it is GAME OVER, you will be sent down the cattle chute and live the smallest insignificant life deserved by a PIG, which they firmly believe you are.

  6. Israhell on Earth says:

    @Red Pill

    Of course that election is rigged. Americans are sick and tired of the never-ending lies, needless and evil race-baiting, violent crime, high treason, inside jobs, wars, and unnecessary militarisation of the police.
    Donald Trump seems to be the last and only hope to change things for the better, and if the jews manage to deny the US people their right to elect whom they want, some people will snap.
    It’s also very important for Europe and all White countries to get rid of political correctness to a certain degree, because it makes our lives miserable and is literally killing people every single day.

    The jews managed to cheat Ron Paul, and they want to do it all over again.

  7. Bailey says:

    A white female officer is being laid to rest today, killed on her fisrt day of duty.
    Non stop media attention an not one jews channel showed the face of her killer.
    If her killer was a white man we’de now his life history but it was just a criminal nigger, nothinh to see – move along !

    Meanwhile in Atlanta,

  8. Red Pill says:

    are we fool enough to believe that one “elected” person as president has any power at all……….. .but is only a front man for the machine that consumes (RP)

    Is Donald Trump another Obama?
    America will never be well until the truth comes out about World War II, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and the false flag tragedy of September 11, 2001. So, in all likelihood, until that sad day when it finally falls completely apart, the United States of America will never again be well.

    Certainly none of the demagogues now campaigning for president in 2016 are willing to reveal the true history of the USA, and how over the last 150 years it has gradually been taken over and plundered by the same ruthless class of power brokers who are now funding, in one way or another, all these deceitful candidates themselves.

    I’ve spent the last ten years trying to convince people that very rich Jewish power brokers have controlled every aspect of American society for more than a century — and I’ve failed.

    It doesn’t matter what you say or how much evidence you have. The public clings to denial, shakes its collective head and calls you crazy. Americans have been indoctrinated too well by a lifetime of twisted information produced by Jewish media and by politicians paid by Jews to accept the contention that Jews want to totally control and murder everybody who is not Jewish or not useful to Jews as slaves.

    Will the long series of America’s traitor presidents remain unbroken?
    Is Donald Trump another Obama?
    By John Kaminski

  9. Dr. Doom says:

    The jew cannot change what it is and what it is is a dumb rat. Rats don’t think. They’re never smart. They’re not even clever. If you want to know Hymie’s next move, look at what they did before. America is Weimar all over again. Hollyweird is the same story over and over again. They’re a broken record that plays the same damn song over and over. I don’t need a plan. Hitler showed how to beat them. America and England are paying the price for stopping Hitler from dealing with this problem. The Holocaust is actually a great idea. Holocaust is a sacrifice to the gods. I love sacrificing my enemies. No price is too small to sacrifice them. They are worthless…

  10. Karen says:

    C’mon, they’re not ALL bad

  11. Red Pill says:

    Clinton Says Instead of Building a Wall She’ll Open the Borders

    that’s good news in Texas, good that she will cut her own throat in Texas.
    i am 20 rugged miles from Mexico in a community of 50/50 Whites & Hispanics
    no one want them here or passing thru, our isolated town and our way of life will slip into the garbage can.

    Hilliary will work at agenda 21 and that will be the end of our community
    as they wish to drive people into the population centers for better management.

    Clinton Says Instead of Building a Wall She’ll Open the Borders
    Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer
    A 2 bit corporate WHORE

  12. S O G says:

    they aint all bad not at all especially the dead ones …
    sneaker madness air jordan at it again ..some nigger was shie jacked by another nigger and canceeled out ..and the sprog mamma say id be duh ayyyh jowdan fawt n sheeyit gonna pay me ..all a nigger sheboon mamma cares about is how much the shitlain is worth aint 1 hour passes after some nigger crosses over to africa in duh sky n sheeyit that the ape bitch tries to capitalize on its dayd sprog fuck all these niggers they want to have a hands up dont shoot other niggers day …pants down hands up sheyyit ..ebreethin is be dat white debbil fawlt …its like the holocaust ..a jew died of old age or a heart <—-? attack or a stroke or disease etc and it vusssz der holuhkvost..oy pay ..vith intresssssT…the niggers think everything that they do to each other is our fault …the odds are short here really is not our fault at all and we had no ancestores in the indentutred servant game …the race hustlers directly responsible for white innocents dying at the hands of niggers is obamama holderr ,reerverand sharptwat and jesse jackassson ..these twats have inflamed the nigger population of america …and guess what ,they didnt need much of a push to go after whites ..which is why jews picked the niggers to be the slaves in america ..they slaughtered off all the indians because indians were intellignt and self sufficient and were not anythin like niggers the nigger becomes a virus in the new american nation ..and they were toxic before the jew ever discovered this sub human toxin on legs ..feed it ,house it ,tech it to talk ..all failures ..look at how it dresses ,how it behaves not sure if black skin makes you stupid but the content of their lack of charachter is why america is dying and that of the jews helping hand ….eastern indians are black but they dont act like niggers unless they are pakistani indian moslems …
    moslems are so great for our wonderful multicultural country …sure the gov promises to bring in more and more ..i think we got 70,000 of em last year and the guv promises that only 1% of these are terrorists so we got 700 terrorists and doiesnt homeland security or patriot act apply to these shitbags before they get here and if it did they woulf]dnt be getting here ..wasnt all that bull shit about security and airport scanners from that ugly guy chertoff who insisted that we must have these dangerous cancer causing scanners in all airports …never mind the scanners the gobv lets all manner of terrorist in anyway and we need to lose all our freedoms to make the jew happy and america a safer place right so forget the security when a crazy muslom pilot can ram his airbus into a mountain …how to stop this hmmm ..or that the airline fleet is a pice o shit and aging and under maintained and dangerous ..who gonna protect you from this crap or that in an industry where 60,000 pilots are neccesary for to fulfill faa regs as far as flying safety hours etc blah blah and there are really only 12-15 thousand pilots anymore who are illegally over worked and fatigued ..think a cancer scanner will protect anyone from this skullduggery ..bring out the clowns and the nigger jesters ..bring me a pair of air jordans …hands up dont shoot other niggers day pleads the nigger ministers in between shots of hennesey ….hey niggers drink your own shit and leave the hennessey to humans …remember when a stupid nigger beat the shit outta a jew near crown kikes er heights and rev-rear-end sharpcoon said now come on fellas dont be messin around and beatin on people n sheeyit …this coke dealin hoover nigger never squeeks a word out when niggeroids kill 9 thoiusansd of other trigger niggers ..right ,who the fuck would care but it is interesting that these race hucksters only care when a jew is harmed ..they damn sure dont care when niggers are converging on us and stepping over the white line to get at us ….

    what is it with niggers and air jordans ..ludicrous …made by slave labor somewhere in the oreint children no doubt china …just for entertainment the air jordan co. ought to release a new shoe evry month …will help to cull the herd ..

    snoop doggy dog shit ..was so scared of suge knight that he joined up in the nigger terrorist group NOI .. nation of worthless niggers muslems it true farrakon takes it in the prolapsed ass ..all dim nigguhs be down low ..any port in a storm ..
    niggers goin bannanas ..
    who is really promoting racism ..the kkk right ..white priveledge ,,sure ,as wee seek employment and shelter cus the country is lost to unchedcked illegal immigration gone medieval and wild …whites are tarhgeted by anti racist anti white ididots and targeted for holding the notion that we are worth at least as much as anyone else ..why do only black lives matter when they dont matter to them …hands up dont shoot day'll be like the rally for the other dead apes and some trigger nigger gors all trigger on yo asses ..and it wont care who ar what is hit as long as he get his trigger on …
    let em all kill each other thing that could happen in theis country ..enetertainment..
    niggers and riots are synonymous ..inseprable ..a nigger is always a split second from rioting ..and then you have critical mass when more then 1 nigger starts bellyaching about some right he is convinced the white snake man debbil has releived him from ..
    my concsienceness asks me oh sog is this shit really happening ..heh heh ..truth being stranger than fiction we are no stranger to truth or fiction ..the jew is the master of fiction ..the jews brought this dead end race to americaas after they infiltrated the political body back then and made sure slavery was legalised …i think that there were white slaves already in the colonies ,at least history confirms this …so the americas under britain were ok with white slaves but did not want niggers here as slaves ..the jews wanted them here for many reasons …the jews also wanted to keep nigger slavery an option in the south ..99.9 % of southerners dint want niggers as slaves or anything else i guess this is racist ..they didnt want niggers here as slaves there by saying that they either did not agree with slavery ..hmmm ? …. or that they knew from the odd and end nigger here and there thet theses groids were toxin to civilization ..remembering always thet all slve owners were jews and eventually half of them were freed groids who also owned groids ..most people in the south and the north ,,wait back up here why isnt the north also pissed on nlike the south as there were equally the same amount of nigger servant slaves indentured morons there to ..why did the north get a pass on thr issue of slavery ..why do jews get a pass on slavery and it was the rich plantation jews who improted them for cheap labor no wonder no one wanted them …2% of the total population of colonials could even affored to own the niger clowns as well as buy and maintain them ..these clowns were also farmed out to infrastructure labor and construction projects for profit to the jew plantation owner ..economic treachery ..jewish content of charachter …
    on and fuckin on etc …just add niggers and joila ,you have a ghetto , a multiple crime scene ,rapes ,murders ,home invasions ,car jackings, mob riots ,cities burned down ,jails and prisons filled to bursting point , all manner of illegitamate welfare stock chirrens born of different pus donors to crack whore mothers ,,and the cars ,the rims ,the drug dealing they cant blame their self inflicted failure onn anyone but themselves but they wont ever ..

  13. S O G says:

    bailey ….the altamont concert is shown in part 14 in this link that is exhaustive version of LIFE IN THE LC by dave mcgowan ,,better pitchers .ahhye ..there is one of the nigger getting shanked in front of the stage …the paulakis freek was dancing there too
    angels injuerd a couple hundred people with clubs and bats etc ..stupid fucking hippeis ,,heh heh ..
    4 deaths that day …and a host of shit goin on ..twas the end of the peace shit ..with aplomb …if hunter hadnt brought a gun he woont ahve gotten singled out in that chaos who the fuck could make any kind of hair splitting decsion ..(nwag) nig with a gun ..usually a good indicator someone is gonna get shot and not neccessaarily the person or plural the nigger is aiming to hit ..this point is salient or poignant ..if he starts shooting no matter what incited \him to pull the pice it was academic at that point ..a forgone conclusion ..the gun represented mass injury to many or one or 3 ,who knew who could know was just being waved around and it was verbotten …was he mad at the angels for beatinf stupid white hippies ..i dougbt it ..they hadnt touched him and the reason they came toward him was the gun …so anyway he got disarmed ..another irresponsible nigger gun owner ..
    any way the extended exhaustive version of the laurel canyon beginnings of rock and hippie crap that dave mcgowan authored is alot more script …..

  14. Bailey says:

    Stupid niggers , here’s one that must have thought he was in a video game.

  15. Bailey says:

    Thanks for that Laurel Canyon link sog,

  16. S O G says:

    anytime my friend ..its a lot more reading and mostly rehash and sory no nekkid pitchures of gail zappa ..she was hot …it is indeed hard to configure any relavence as to hippy movement vs rennaiscance etc to pied piper the masses etc seems that alot of the events ae based on a satanic or highlky evil highly organized timeline if you go in fior thet kind of deep mconspiracy shit is concievably true as hell butour daily slavery in the usa the home of the jew land of the slave makes any worth of figuring this shit out opretty msrginal but history is vast and enticing and intersting as hell for the most part ..
    judicial treasuer site ,,heil firstlight nigger uselessnes
    more monkey business …humangatans …nice name …lol ..

  17. Bailey says:

    Are we to believe that the ape sisters of Tennis are NOT doping ?

    Just the Russian chick is.

  18. DDDDDuane says:

    Bailey’s puke photo:
    What’s amazing is that a few years back the skinny one found an average looking white retard to get on top of her…..(and actually be seen with it in public…)…

    SOG posted this link:
    This is a series about the Laurel Canyon “Hippie” music scene in the 60’s…
    Some VERY interesting coincidences enumerated in that story…
    It’s a National Enquirer grade investigation but interesting anyway….

  19. S O G says:

    hey ddduane dint niggeros evolve from cock o roaches …they look like 2 legged k’roaches …
    yeah the LC is a basically exploring the intrigue and many many happenstance prponderances and stark coinciudences ..there is a lot of info in there none of it propaganda or lies ..there is much truth in thise words ..although zappa may have been anti war or pro war i could give a huge shit ..what is pertinent is that a useless pointless piece o shit war for the benefit of the jewish coprorate miltary jew controlled complex etc blah etc was being carried out to kill off young white american non jews as usual just like all the previous and latests shit kike wars for kikestan and its world oil hegemony….anyway the big secret dennis wilson had was thsat the act of manson on tate and et al at the abbatoir was simple mistsken iudentuty and revenge for a slight recieved ..manson and crew had been there many times at parties etc ..the owner had split for europe after refusing manson to let his crew take the guest house etc ..on that i dont out much stock but it was how the media and the l.a. prosecutors etc turned it into national fear and mongering about thius shit and that like race war etc ..they had a fucking circus and frild day with it to terrify americans ..and no clowns ..on the fact as to whether hippiculture was created to offset this or that it really doesnt fucking matter anymore kinda like alledged slavery this case there is more to point at the social engineering being unleashed on america like through timothy leary with jew controlled cia lsd and whatnot ..the drugs trade in america is vcery jew controlled and jews have controlled the cartels for centuries the sasssooon jew fainmly that spawned the devil FDR ..and supoported his kike ass and kike agenda …

    slavery(servanthood) like the alledged holocaust was tempest in a teapot compared to what the jews did in rusdsia to the real russians under comintern jewish communism from 1917 ..the revolution based on cracked jewish dogma and religios /political hokum caust 80 million lives directly dead from non war and mostly from jews killing white gentile christains for their pious talmud agenda ..
    life in the lc is a good read on late american post jewish takeover culture …
    in their never fucking ending quest for power and control which is endemic of jews in general they cry out for thier supoerior specaial rights by endowing other with these special status rights mainly in theis case niggers when and after the jew fucks up everything beyond all repair the jew comes in and offers to fix it after he breaks it ..but in reality this is when more shit gets torn up by the communist talmudic bolshevik scum bags…communism is all a bunch of bull shit ..where the doctrine looks good it isnt even on paper but the reality communism is used to separate people from their cultures and nations so jews can have control and free shit like your house and business ..the jew has spent the better part of the last 5 decades lobbying congress for laws that allows the eternal cockroach kikeroach to gut companies ,to take them over to legally embezzle the company and then bankrupt it after they raid it for all its worth then they buy it back for shekels on the dollar ….there has been hundreds of laws passed for this activity ,,,nation wrecking behaviour ..thet hightower dude that used to be a congressman has a book about jews raiding the nations ..but he doesnt call them the jews ..but we know its jews and their gentile syncophants ..the converts to phariseeism and scribism have alkways been twice the ass sucking corrupting maggot that jews arer ..and thats hard to achieve…anyway ..happy reading

    ok on that note and how the whites were supposedly taught how to farm etc by indians is bull shit but niggers from africa were taught in america how to farm and do things that produced something ..think of their 5-7 year indenturd service as an apprenticeship they didnt have to pay for ..we did and still are ..why didnt the first nigers who got freedom go back ..3 guesses ..they preferred wine and whiskey to jenkem and cow piss ..clean water to filthy pond scum water full of nigger waste ..nice house to mliove in compoared to a fuckin dirt scratch floor 1 room hut with a view and maybe a roof ..they were taught that you had to knock on a door ,right ..heh heh ..they were dopmestic helpers while the fuckin irish and other whites were put on hard ass work details ..there were laws regulating the treatment of niggers and none for whites ..whites could be owned for life and worked and abused ..not noggz ..
    lincoln did start to send them back by the hundreds and freed niggers started to “sell” themselves back slave owners who were also many black slave owners as well…the niggnoggz dint want to go back to the mother …who could blame the shits ….everything they have now in modernized africa is from whites and jews as well as here in the usa where they are allowed to be as lawless and medieval as possible …it seems like they are trying to outnigger each other for some sort of prise or other ..

  20. S O G says:

    the tar sisters ..all they would have to do is take a estrogen blocker like arimidex or letrozole femara ,and the bulk would come …you dont want a nigger on roids …groid rage ..

  21. S O G says:

    yeah bailey thet is one stupoid fuckin nigger that shot the battle creek cop ..its like this ..if a nigger will shoot a cop it will shoot white people for fun which they do on a regular basis ..white people walking their dogs is a dangerous undertakeing these days in and around oakland …your visible and unporotected and most americans are still naieve as hell about th worthless niggers in nour midst …gorillas in our midst…heh heh ..

    nigger drives through white neighborhoods like a drunken blind cok o roach and doesnt care if it hits white peole cus actually extera points for him from the nation of terror moslems ,who love the idea of genociding all whites ..them first ..all nigger moslems should be put on a bounty questions axxed regard for age or gender eye for an eye …quid pro quo …even up ..the niggers are killing us with impunity and we are doing nothing and even when you start to do somthing you need to say that you are still doing nothing ..dont brag or slip up ..what the niggers dop out in the open like its legal and constituitonal to us we ned to all realize that whatsoever we do to bring freedom and relief from nigger slave overlords must always be secret no one in this game …niggers can act on theior hatred and racism against all whites in brutal ways but a white cant even talk about getting pay back as this would be racist and borderline legal ..gray area more white than grey…wher does it say in the u.s. codes and federal and stae laws and sacred constitution thet niggers can run amok and go bananas on whites and we cant do anything ..there is more plausible ratioanlity and legality in the areas of preemptive self defense actions …they jews have the whole effin world by the balls and yet they are highly visible and their agents provacateurs are highly visible and vocal 24/7 …………..tick tock ..

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