Psycho Jewry Getting Seriously Wacked Over Trump

PSYCHO JEWS GOING CRAZY ON TRUMP REDOInsane Eastern European Jew freaks just might destroy the party of Lincoln in the effort to keep White America bollixed up with PC.

By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

Jews and leftys are acting like Trump is another Adolf GD Hitler, like this magazine cover with the cute header and shot of Trump raising his right arm. What a filthy joke!

Jews and leftys are all acting like Trump is another Adolf Hitler, like this magazine cover with the cute header and shot of Trump raising his right arm. What they want is to intimidate and confuse White people while they turn our lands into a racial pigsty.

Folks, these Jews are now going quite insane over Donald J. Trump! Now the Jews are openly mobilizing against the Donald, caring nothing about whether all us “Goyim” notice. They fully believe they can do whatever the flock they want to these days, because we all love them so (being “Chosen” by God of course). My White little tushie!

These so-called “Chosen Ones” creeps have been jerking America’s chains for decades, even way back in the 19th century when we foolishly allowed them to immigrate here from Christian Russia because they had enough of the trouble-making bastards. Marxist Jews eventually took over the country, killing tens of millions.

Now they want to tell us White people who we should have as our leaders. The only thing Jews really care about is Jewish liberalism, PC, Globalism, whittling down the numbers of us European White Christians and, of course, their sacred, stolen nation of Israel — that has so flocked up the planet with wars against the Muzzies!

These selfish SOBs somehow believe all us Americans had better keep our mouths shut about whatever the sacred Jews do, while at the same time expect us to be all for Israel — even when the Jews are total racists to the Palis and are against having Africans or anyone not genetically Jewish into Israel (they even want to start up DNA checking to see if you are Jewish — which says a lot about them being a race). Say anything about it and all of them back here in the US call you anti-Semite Nazi KKK boys — out to gas them like Hitler or something. It’s ridiculous the sheer nerve of these filthy hypocrite racist bastards!

Like I’ve said here before: Trump’s self-funding is THE ONLY possible way a candidate can break up the Zionist war mongers, who always tell us we’re “the policemen of the world,” but only piss off the entire planet with our obvious favoritism for Israel and the NWO geopolitical agenda in the Mideast. All the rest of the candidates want you to think Putin and the Palestinians are all so evil, and use blatant JINGOISM (patriotic war fervor) for votes. Only Trump has had the cojeñes to say otherwise. That alone should give you serious reason to support the Trumpster.

Hell, even if I was a big liberal hippie kind of guy, I’d be prancing up and down the streets with a giant Trump sign while smoking a big fat doobie!

WOOTTON BASSETT FUNERAL CORTEGEThis is a shot of a grief-stricken British girl running up to the funeral cortege of a family member killed while serving in one of these lousy NWO Mideast wars. This particular photo has always torn me up. There’s plenty of similar heart-wrenching photos of American people suffering grief like this, believe you me. What these stinking GD Israel-loving Zionist Jews have done to our race and lands has totally pissed me the hell off!

These Jews are nutcases, calling Trump an “existential” threat. I’ve seen this often in the past: Hysterical Jews saying something represents an “existential” threat to Jewry or just to Israel (Jews and Israel are both the same wherever the selfish creeps live).

They so love that word — being the awesomely smart city slicker intellectuals they envision themselves. They especially love to use it when it comes to Iran. Jews always have to have another threat they can rally themselves in opposition. Everyone, especially Jews, knows this but you can’t say so if you’re not a Jew. That’s part of the little dealy keeping our mouths shut with PC.

Let’s look at a definition for “existential” online:

The first phrase, existential threat, is used in texts or discussions about politics, usually politics in the Middle East. In this context, existential is being used literally. An existential threat is a threat to a people’s existence or survival.

Learner’s dictionary, Merriam-Webster

Yup, I was right, she is A JEW! Member of and lives in NYC, too. (3/8)

Yup, I was right, she is A JEW!

Notice how the definition does not mention Israel by name. Trust me: That’s where it comes from. And from the picture of the person who wrote this definition, my Jewdar says it was a Jewess. But they usually don’t like too much attention brought to them as being Jews, even though they think the whole planet belongs to them as the “Chosen Ones of God.” They often even believe only Jews can “fix a broken world.” Ridiculous. (3/8: the writer is indeed a NYC Jewess and member of the big lefty George Soros operation,

They really don’t care about America. Never have. Oh, sure, they beat the drums of patriotism when it comes to us going to war against enemies OF JEWS. But all of us White “Goyim” out here in “flyover” country are nothing but cannon fodder for never-ending NWO campaigns in the Mideast. I’ve plain had enough of seeing our boys coming home missing legs and arms due to primitive Muzzie Third Worlders doing whatever they possibly can to get some payback against us for invading their lands and blowing them to bloody hamburger every minute.

You know something? I’d be doing the same damn things if the Chinks or Rooskies invaded the US like in the movie “Red Dawn.” “Gnome” what I’m saying?

And look at all the creeps threatening to leave America if Trump is elected president. It’s like a rogue’s gallery of PC liberal rats and militant blacks, for crying out loud. I doubt any of them would leave — they love their cushy lives here in America. If one did leave, I’ll bet you a testicle they would move to a Western country — you’ll never see the lousy hypocrites move to any non-White part of the planet like Africa.

Man, these filthy Jews and their pets are GD out of control!

Meet the Press Eliot CohenJewboy Neocon Eliot Cohen wearing his cute little bow tie (a fashion statement at the time signaling DC “Think Tank” intellectualism), along with another Jew, Globalist Richard Haas of the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR). Both are most likely pushing Jew war mongering on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” Does anyone remember these Jew’s constant BS, for crying out loud? Dump these murderous little creeps!

The Jewish backstabbers in the Republican party even prefer Hillary Clinton. Eliot Cohen, one of the rats who got us into war in Iraq, said as much in a Politico interview:

“Hillary is the lesser evil, by a large margin,” said Eliot Cohen, a former top State Department official under George W. Bush and a strategic theorist who argues for a muscular U.S. role abroad. Trump’s election would be “an unmitigated disaster for American foreign policy,” Cohen said, adding that “he has already damaged it considerably.”

Cohen, an Iraq war backer who is often called a neoconservative but said he does not identify himself that way, said he would “strongly prefer a third party candidate” to Trump, but added: “Probably if absolutely no alternative: Hillary.”

This smug-faced little Jew rat is always getting on TV (CNN, FOX, MSNBC) and quoted as a "mouthpiece of alt-right conservative America." And now the phony little punk is saying he's going to vote for Shillary? Tell me: Are Jews backstabbers or what?

This little Jew rat is always getting on TV (CNN, FOX, MSNBC) and quoted as an example of “alt-right conservative America.” Right. And now the punk is saying he’s going to vote for Shillary? Tell me: Are Jews backstabbers or what?

Like I say here on my site all the time: Jews are just plain backstabbing rats. Here’s a guy deep in the Bush administration who would vote for Hillary Clinton if it came down to her versus Trump.

And read that line about Trump being a disaster for our foreign policy. Total BS. Trump would be a breath of fresh air to the entire planet and America.

Another so-called “conservative” Jew,  has just came out saying he’s going to vote for Hillary Clinton over Trump. Ben Shapiro (right) is a little punk “syndicated columnist” (more like fifth columist) who is always going on FOX news and being quoted by other “conservatives” like he’s so incisive.

Shapiro is no conservative but really just an embedded Zionist Jew who’s supporting the Mideast agenda of Israel. The phony only wants us to support Israel but keep our mouths shut when it comes to destroying White people’s demographics with immigration of Third Worlders and continue the PC crap.

Just think, the guy would vote for Hillary Clinton. Jews are indeed GIANT rats!

Paul Singer, Jew Hedge fund manager and GOP money man.

Paul Singer, a wealthy Jewish “republican” hedge fund owner, who pushed faggotry on the republican party, is now financing a giant anti-Trump media operation touting “Miami Foam Party” Marco Rubio as candidate of choice. Look at that dirty little Jew pole smoker!

You know, it just kills me. Here’s a week where the Jews in Israel totally voted down homo marriage, while in the US the Federal courts have forced upon us homos getting married, and all the homo-loving Jews in our country are all coming out of the woodwork against The Trumpster.

It’s completely insane the sheer hypocrisy the “Yiddish Nation” has inflicted on America!

Or just a few weeks ago, the prime minister of Israel, Bibi boy Netanyahu promised to build a big wall over there (certainly using American fungible taxpayer’s money, of course), literally saying it will keep out “the wild beasts.” Meanwhile, Trump back here is called an evil racist all over the place simply because he wants to build a wall with Mexico to stop illegals AND drug trafficking (so important). Unbelievable, the total BS going down.

Are we living in a bizarro world or what?

So why has the Trumpster made Jews so psycho? Well, first off, they are already pretty much wacked in the head. Witness all the incredible crap coming out of Hollywood. All sorts of insane violence on screen. Getting worse by the day. And think about how perverted Jews are in general. Did you know practically all your leadership of the homo movement are Jews? Pedophilia? Don’t get me started.

Jews of all kinds — the supposed “conservative” and the Marxist PC liberals — fear Trump will put a stop to their imagined multiracial, “pluralistic” country. All these creeps have long been working towards an impossible land of unicorns and rainbows, where we’re all dancing around with cute baby Bigfoots as our friends, so blissful with our multicolor candy canes and all the cool, laid-back Rasta blacks — who never, ever commit violent crimes against nice White liberals chillin’ with the homies!

But it’s mostly this Hitler business that has the Jews all fired up. All those years of evil Nazi movies meant to brainwash us Whites with liberal PC crap and supporting Israel has totally rendered Jews nuts. They are clearly worried Trump will turn into another Hitler.

Jew York Times propagandist and TV talk show Jew, David Brooks, is telling everyone Trump won't win. For years, this Globalist Jew and ISRAEL-FIRSTER has pushed for shipping our jobs overseas, seeing zero problems putting us White Americans out of work. (INCOG)

Jew York Times propagandist and TV talk show Jew, David Brooks, told everyone Trump won’t win. For years, this Globalist Jew and ISRAEL-FIRSTER has pushed for shipping our jobs overseas, seeing zero problems putting us White Americans out of work.

I was watching this Sunday’s Jew talk show, “Meet the Press” on NBC where they had on this Jew guy named David Brooks (he’s actually always on). In a huff, Brooks compared Trump’s crowds with the giant Nazi rallies held for Hitler at Nuremburg during the 1930’s.

Brooks is this absolutely huge Globalism book author and NY Times columnist (fifth?) who has never had any problems with us Americans losing our jobs overseas. The SOB is a giant backstabber to this country. If you’ve ever been laid off, selfish little Jews like David Brooks are to blame. For decades, they’ve been pushing this NWO globalism down our throats.

While Brooks was dumping on Trump during the show, you could actually see his little beady eyes jumping from side to side — his Jew mind working furiously to come up with something else that had nothing to do with Hitler. They don’t want to over do the Hitler angle or too many of us goyim might notice!

It goes without saying, all your lefty Jews have long gone totally PC bonkers against Trump. Truth of the matter? All your Jews are on the same page. And it’s the things that are destroying America and the White race!

Like I’ve said so many times on my site: Jews are GD backstabbing rats. We need to round up these Nation Wrecking mothers at the point of a bayonet!




100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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122 Responses to Psycho Jewry Getting Seriously Wacked Over Trump

  1. brian boru says:

    There is no doubt at all that LaVoy Finicum was murdered in cold blood by ZOG’s mercenaries. Of course, he is not the first and will not be the last American patriot to be slaughtered by these scum. This video should be a wake up call for all white Americans who have even the vaguest concern for the future of their country. ‘Your’ government is your lethal enemy in every way imaginable. Whether Trump can or will put an end to this is debatable, but at this juncture he is really the only option outside of full revolution. If the kikes steal the election, and it looks like that’s what they are trying to do, then there will be no other option but to take up guns. Otherwise, the move to create a full soviet type state in the US will rapidly evolve and will result in the total enslavement of what remains of the white race in North America. The US already has more people per capita in prison than any other state in the world, far more than even communist China. The FBI is every bit as vicious and brutal as was the KGB. Your Israeli-trained police forces show little compassion for the plight of ordinary whites any more and are happy to gun you down at the slightest excuse. It’s amazing that so many whites still can’t wrap their minds around the fact that they have been targeted for slavery and destruction by the system that rules them. The frantic hatred being displayed by the kike system towards Trump shows how much they view him as a threat to their plans. I believe that they will do whatever it takes to put their psycho bitch in the White House. If that happens, whites will have no other realistic option but to physically resist.

  2. LJ says:

    Incogman ,We went to my first (rally of any kind)Trump Rally in Concord Nc. 3/7/16 .Heil to the Glorious Leader!!!! The Trump scene/movement…… the most beautiful event i have ever seen in my life.Thousands of Whites gathered togather for Trump.Warmed my heart renewed my faith in my fellow white family.Such a soul moving experience for me. I am 45 and the first time in my life i have been in the presence of that many like minded ,well dressed,clean,intelligent,non violent,white people . I think the Glorious Leader is FINALLY uniting the white race!!!! I cannot beleive it! I had given up hope on my beautiful race,just seeing
    (racemixing)and thinking they had succombed to ignorance and brainwashing of the JEWTUBE.
    For this i am forever grateful to the Glorious Leader DONALD J. TRUMP for proving to me that The WHITE RACE CAN UNITE AND JUST MIGHT SURVIVE THIS JEWish Lead WHITE GENOCIDE!
    HEILS TRUMP!! 14/88 I shall now refer to our new hope of our racial survival as

  3. Karen says:

    “They often believe only Jews can fix a broken world.” If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Which may explain why they’ve broken every country they’ve moved into for two thousand years.
    “Gnome” what I’m saying? Not really, it went over my head. Great article describing the Jewish Bizzaro World we live in.

  4. squarepegroundhole says:

    Despite every dirty trick in the book Mr T keeps winning.

    Mr T seems immune to the poll-shit, attacks,vote manipulation and lies.

    The Jews will have to do a Building 7, Gulf of Tonkin, USS Liberty on him.

    I have never seen the Jews so naked and exposed, I believe they are getting sloppy and desperate. Sally soccer mom and Joe six pack just might start to notice all the Jews slithering about and protecting the program’s looting America.

    All the Rotton to the core programs Mr T attacks are 110% Jewish engineered.

    The Jewish media has worked themselves into a lather over the supposed destruction of the Republican Party by racist Donald Trump. Don’t be fooled by the hype;the truth is both parties are voting together on key issues for the destruction of America and benefit of the Jews.

    If Trump is still with us and survives all the Jewish attacks we will see what conviction Trump has to make America great again.

  5. Red Pill says:

    i am always off topic, or am I ?
    there is a war going on for our minds
    there is many fronts, this is a big one.
    Satan’s Family Altar called TV

    Anton LaVey was the founder of the Church of Satan. He died on October 30th, 1997, and unfortunately, because God’s church is the sleeping giant, LaVey’s followers and his agenda to desensitize Christians through the media, lives on.
    Here are some astonishing quotes of his;

    “The Tv set (is the) Satanic family altar.”

    “Television is the major mainstream infiltration for the new satanic religion.”

    sounds to me it’s at full operational capacity now during this “presidential’
    soap opera we call the ”S-election” process.
    people actually believe what they “THINK” they see and hear on TV.
    more on this story @

  6. Red Pill says:

    i believe all right, they will do anything to stop trump
    when you live in a banana republic, nothing is off the table.

    it’s still a long road for Trump to the white house.
    i believe a major disappointment is in store.
    one that may well divide America.
    a house divided against it self will not stand .
    is that the plan?

  7. Red Pill says:

    The Department of Homeland Security Has Grown Into A Monster Which Now Preparing For ”MASS CIVIL BREAKDOWN”

    the answer is yes, the Trump bid for president will be destroyed.
    as America turns from HOPE to DOPE
    the will of the American people will be broken over it?
    plus about 50 reasons to leave your lover (she is an old whore)
    Revelation 18:4
    And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

    50 Ways To Leave Your Lover ( with lyrics ) – Paul Simon
    the jews know how to as Paul Simon sings it.

  8. squarepegroundhole says:

  9. Red Pill says:

    Hillary as president (or dictator) is a death sentence for America
    foretold 110 years ago

    Rudyard Kipling
    So it comes that Man, the coward, when he gathers to confer
    With his fellow-braves in council, dare not leave a place for her
    Where, at war with Life and Conscience, he uplifts his erring hands
    To some God of Abstract Justice – which no woman understands.

    And Man knows it! Knows, moreover, that the Woman that God gave him
    Must command but may not govern – shall enthral but not enslave him.
    And She knows, because She warns him, and Her instincts never fail,
    That the Female of Her Species is more deadly than the Male.

    The Female of the Species
    Rudyard Kipling

  10. squarepegroundhole says:
  11. squarepegroundhole says:

    Rubio wrote: “We must rebuild our own military capabilities, [and] conclude and pass TPP.” In a May 13th address to the Council on Foreign Relations, Rubio said it is “more important than ever that Congress give the president trade promotion authority so that he can finalize the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.”

  12. Banjo_Billy says:

    I usually agree with you, Incogman, but this statement is not quite right:

    “The only thing Jews really care about is Jewish liberalism, PC, Globalism, whittling down the numbers of us European White Christians and, of course, their sacred, stolen nation of Israel — ”

    Actually, the Jews’ goal since the Devil hatched them 3500 years ago, has always been world ownership and the enslavement of Mankind. The god of the Jews is the god of warfare and genocide. Their goal is to genocide most of Mankind (except for 6000 goyim each to use as personal slaves) and to make the world a “Jewish Paradise” filled with nothing but Jews and their goyim slaves.

    Read all about it in my book, “How the Jews Betrayed Mankind.”

    Jesus and Hitler Told the Truth about the Jews; the Jews are Devils — Real Ones!

  13. Dr. Doom says:

    Oh this is sweet. Trump has a daughter who converted to Judaism for her jew hubbie and still he’s Hitler cause he doesn’t need their money. They played their TRUMP card early. Lets see them play their Hitler card again if Trump leaves the race and another more extreme right figure takes his place. The more they play it the less Whites care. Remember when people cared about the race card? But Odumbo maxed that out already didn’t he? That Hitler card is getting kind of old too.

  14. Red Pill says:

    Trump Could Put An End to Hillary Clinton Once and for All:Hillary Clinton, the Ethel Rosenberg of her generation, sold uranium to the Russians while serving as the Secretary of State and this is what both the Bundy and the Hammond Ranch Affair is all about

    Trump On a Critical Patriot Issue

    Hillary Clinton is the most dangerous person in America. She is vulnerable. Trump could take her down, today, if he chose to do so. We don’t need Benghazi or the email scandal to do so. We only need to expose her relationship with criminal BLM. Trump has taken us half way there. Will he finish the job?

  15. protocolsRtrue says:

    Today in history 1945. A real holocaust actually occurred.
    On this day, U.S. warplanes launch a new bombing offensive against Japan, dropping 2,000 tons of incendiary bombs on Tokyo over the course of the next 48 hours. Almost 16 square miles in and around the Japanese capital were incinerated, and between 80,000 and 130,000 Japanese civilians were killed in the worst single firestorm in recorded history.

    Early on March 9, Air Force crews met on the Mariana Islands of Tinian and Saipan for a military briefing. They were planning a low-level bombing attack on Tokyo that would begin that evening, but with a twist: Their planes would be stripped of all guns except for the tail turret. The decrease in weight would increase the speed of each Superfortress bomber-and would also increase its bomb load capacity by 65 percent, making each plane able to carry more than seven tons. Speed would be crucial, and the crews were warned that if they were shot down, all haste was to be made for the water, which would increase their chances of being picked up by American rescue crews. Should they land within Japanese territory, they could only expect the very worst treatment by civilians, as the mission that night was going to entail the deaths of tens of thousands of those very same civilians. “You’re going to deliver the biggest firecracker the Japanese have ever seen,” said U.S. Gen. Curtis LeMay.

    The cluster bombing of the downtown Tokyo suburb of Shitamachi had been approved only a few hours earlier. Shitamachi was composed of roughly 750,000 people living in cramped quarters in wooden-frame buildings. Setting ablaze this “paper city” was a kind of experiment in the effects of firebombing; it would also destroy the light industries, called “shadow factories,” that produced prefabricated war materials destined for Japanese aircraft factories.

    The denizens of Shitamachi never had a chance of defending themselves. Their fire brigades were hopelessly undermanned, poorly trained, and poorly equipped. At 5:34 p.m., Superfortress B-29 bombers took off from Saipan and Tinian, reaching their target at 12:15 a.m. on March 10. Three hundred and thirty-four bombers, flying at a mere 500 feet, dropped their loads, creating a giant bonfire fanned by 30-knot winds that helped raze Shitamachi and spread the flames throughout Tokyo. Masses of panicked and terrified Japanese civilians scrambled to escape the inferno, most unsuccessfully. The human carnage was so great that the blood-red mists and stench of burning flesh that wafted up sickened the bomber pilots, forcing them to grab oxygen masks to keep from vomiting.

    The raid lasted slightly longer than three hours. “In the black Sumida River, countless bodies were floating, clothed bodies, naked bodies, all black as charcoal. It was unreal,” recorded one doctor at the scene. Only 243 American airmen were lost-considered acceptable losses.

  16. ICU says:

    DANGER !
    Humans encountering the following will go badly for the humans, unless the humans have firearms and flame throwers…and awareness:
    Nigger Hominid GMO failed experiments
    Kiker Juden Briss end product chewers and worldwide Nation Wrecking perverts (see Soros, Adelson, Merkel, Cohens, Kagans, PNAC scums, Rothschilds, Spectre Lerner, Feinstein, Schumer, Dimon et cetera ad nauseum)
    Rabid, frothy mouthed, furry animals…and Armadillos, whatever the Hell they are
    …and Komodo Dragons
    Oh, I forgot…Shabbos Goyim vile, bought off, craven tools that are smeared all over The USA, and European, political processes (see Sen. Pink Pony Graham, ugly in every way H. Clinton and Mormon Assmonkey Romney, among way too many others)
    Upon encounter with any of the above…OPEN FIRE…
    and keep firing until the truly Godforsaken things stop moving, except for projectile impact and CNS twitching.

    You’re welcome.
    Glad to help.

  17. Red Pill says:


    Approximately 54 Private Jets Arrive with GOP Leaders and Donors Set on Stopping Donald Trump
    Billionaires, tech CEOs and top members of the Republican establishment flew to a private island resort off the coast of Georgia this weekend for the American Enterprise Institute’s annual World Forum, according to sources familiar with the secretive gathering.
    The main topic at the closed-to-the-press confab? How to stop Republican front-runner Donald Trump.

  18. Bailey says:

    #Blacklivesfecalmatter video of the day.

    These niggers just don’t care !

  19. Smitherines says:

    George Martin: the man who changed pop forever (with a little help from his friends)

    By GPD on March 9, 2016

    The music came from the Beatles – but it was George Martin’s willingness to step outside the boundaries of what was acceptable that helped make them special

  20. Smitherines says:

    > HOOD”.
    > WHAT A
    > WORLD.
    > BOYS.
    > GOD SAVE
    > AMERICA.

  21. Smitherines says:

    By John Z comment
    Once in a lifetime.
    Something that will never be repeated ever.
    The Beatles continue to claim new fans and converts from the crapola being peddled as alternative or whatever it is now called.
    Their two finest albums, Sgt. Pepper and Abbey Road in particular are some of the finest musical pieces ever.

    Song like “I Am The Walrus”, that even Frank Zappa thought was good to “Something” by George Harrison;that even Frank Sinatra thought was one of the best love songs ever.
    To me “Abbey Road” was the pinnacle.
    And yes thousands still throng to the zebra crossing every year on Abbey Road.
    Thank you, George, John ,Paul and Ringo
    and especially to George Martin….you made it happen.
    It made growing up in those years of the 1960s so much easier to tolerate.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Of course the music was great. Whites wrote it.

      Compare it to filthy Negro gibberish called “hip hop” these days. It’s a horrible joke what the Jew has done to our country.

  22. protocolsRtrue says:

    @ Bailey. I’ll start with RIP. But that was good news story you posted at 5:13. I usually have to do my yoga meditation Another nigger dead… Another nigger going to the cage. Another nigger dead… 3 niggers going to the cage. 2 niggers dead… 2 niggers going to the cage. Repeat each morning after watching the news. But that case was good because both niggers are dead and no nigger has to go to the cage since the cops took out the bad guys for us. Thanks police officers some nigger lives actually DO NOT matter anymore. Finally a win win situation for advanced civilized human working taxpayers. And now the bad news. We have an extra space for this repeat deported illegal immigrant who killed five people I guess maybe now we WILL pay and support this one also for the rest of its life. Sorry Mr. Pope but I agree with Mr. Trump on this one. Build that wall and otherwise secure that border somehow. And don’t say I’m not a Christian the Vatican and all of israil lives behind walls why cant we? Castro shit on us and Mexico is too. They’re Not all great people seeking a better life. Some ARE criminals and rapists seeking a better life besides life in a south American prison. We need them to do jobs that Americans will not do. Have you seen our unemployment rates lately? Not the fake ones that don’t count the permanent unemployed don’t work wont work and never plan on working niggers? Of course they wont get a job as long as everything in life is given to them for free. Where’s the incentive in that?

  23. Smitherines says:

    INCOG MAN says:
    March 9, 2016 at 7:08 pm

    Of course the music was great. Whites wrote it.

    Compare it to filthy Negro gibberish called “hip hop” these days. It’s a horrible joke what the Jew has done to our country.

    That’s not even music: even Michael Jackson couldn’t hold Lennon or
    McCartney’s jockstrap!!!

    All they do is come up with some stupid rhyme scheme then holler and yell
    and have their fuckin pants half down and their DISGUSTING underwear
    pulled up, and those horrible dreadlocks or cornrows both may be more
    disgusting than their 1960s and 1970s Afros!

    That shit isn’t music it’s Zio-Afro noise pollution!

  24. INCOG MAN says:

    You’re right, Banjo Billy:

    “Actually, the Jews’ goal since the Devil hatched them 3500 years ago, has always been world ownership and the enslavement of Mankind. The god of the Jews is the god of warfare and genocide. Their goal is to genocide most of Mankind (except for 6000 goyim each to use as personal slaves) and to make the world a “Jewish Paradise” filled with nothing but Jews and their goyim slaves.

    Read all about it in my book, “How the Jews Betrayed Mankind.”

    Great having you stop by my site!

  25. Frederick says:

    I agree the filthy Negro rap crap and most of the so-called music is NOT.

    Not to intentionally rain on any ones parade, but when we weren’t looking….

    But also the Beatles were very anti- Christ in there music.
    George Harrisons, My sweet lord is ‘Krishna’ and other gods, another Talmudic invention to mix the Christian God with pagan gods, evil subversion of Good!

    Hmm (hallelujah)
    My sweet Lord (hallelujah)
    My, my, Lord (hallelujah)

    Hm, my Lord (hare krishna)
    My, my, my Lord (hare krishna)
    Oh hm, my sweet Lord (krishna, krishna)
    Oh-uuh-uh (hare hare)

    This is almost common knowledge years ago, as I destroyed most all my rock music.
    How about John Lenin bragging about how more popular they were then Jesus?
    Also the most in famos and popular, ‘Image’ its a commie utopia from hell.
    Why doesn’t some do a nano research on these subversive aleister Crowley knock offs.

    And just where did they get there inspiration from? One of the biggest shit holes in the world, India that is where they introduced ‘lord Krishna’ into there pagan music mentation.

    They were all bloody dope smoking commies from the beginning!

    Go Trump Go!! and beat the bastard commies crap out of them!


  26. Love going out to Banjo Billy and Incog Man. If there’s one thing that’ll happen from all of this insane cultural Marxism it is that it will cause us to circle our damn wagons…and take our f*ing country back!!

  27. Red Pill says:

    the jews introduced music to the children of God to seduce them to be such as them.
    it’s been doing on for a long, long time
    the children of the world are more adept that are the children of the light (truth).
    i can think of more that a few jews in the music business.
    information is channeled from spirit beings, think military industrial complex technology
    there are no original thoughts, it’s handed down from “above” to recipients on earth.
    to both the gentile and the jew, and of course to our benefit or to our determent .
    my take on all music is to use discernment .
    and of course all modern music must have the satanic seal to be marketed
    so all there is now is pure shit marked to shit eating people.
    i still listen to “jew ” music, i did not throw it out , but i know it’s origin.
    we are stuck with this conflict until the end of time.
    just take it for what it’s worth.
    Ringo is a jew
    George is a dead Hindu
    john is a dead leftist godless commie.
    Paul is a dip shit, neve like him on his own.
    but once in a while i play John Lennon’s working class hero.
    reminds me of how i felt in 1971, it’s got some truth to it
    except where he says “follow me”.
    i will go with Jesus anyday over the other way.
    what say you brother Frederick ?
    where were you in 1963?

  28. Rory says:

    The above posts reflect what us decent people of this country are tired of.
    The niggers.
    The crime.
    The socialization.
    the utter bullshit, dispair, and complacency that was allowed to happen.

    it’s all a crock of shit, really.

    And yes, people like Trump know this, just like we all do.
    Nevertheless, it’s really time to end this quagmire of shit dealt us.

  29. Red Pill says:


    Gun control in America is not an option.
    If you consider licensed gun hunters in America you can easily see that America has 9 of the top 10 armies in the world. And over 2,000,000 of them have scoped sniper rifles. And most have military experience. …and this is just licensed hunters… Not total registered gun owners… Just licensed hunters…. (i ain’t got no license)
    more here,

  30. Frederick says:

    bro Red Pill,

    I 1963 was just hanging in, coming out of my dear mother.

    Yeah, the Beatles same with most rock music being perverted, what else is new. Give them fire twice before I could repent of it, after hearing a old time preacher expose them 15 years ago, the I cursed them to a burning hell.

    My wife and a few others from the former soviet union burned them too when they accept Christ as Savior and Lord. Even the hard core commies KGB wouldn’t have none of it in the beginning.
    The Beatles are truly more satanic then commie, as they worshipped Aleister Crowley, who coined ‘Do what thou will’ being a total perversion of the Holy Bible and its gracious laws. Either the Beatles were too stoned or too bribed to realized they also fell for the big fake pharisaic scam.

    It’s primary a diabolical clever deception that many young white folk as myself bought into the Beatles thinking it was harmless, they made pot smoking, sexual revolution a immoral national past time.


    Should have stuck to good white folk, country or blue grass music and whiskey, DAMNED THE PUSHER MAN! Being a counsellor to those in the NA program has wrecked and destroyed many white lives, this a fact!! Go f….. your self if you think other wise!!!!!!!!!!!

    What’s going on with these comments, the words are getting all screwed up???


  31. Frederick says:

    Mr. Incog and the rest, is something screwy with this site????????

  32. What you would expect. Baboon sits down with other baboon to have lunch? No. Baboon sits down with other baboon to have lunch and pickpocket the nearrest covenient White victim.

  33. Red Pill says:

    why are our words misspelled after we post???? some thing screw up with this site

  34. Red Pill says:

    the letter i is deleted on every post that i view
    the site must be under attack

    • INCOG MAN says:

      That’s total BS, none of the comments are being “attacked.”

      Red Pill is going nuts or trying to inject paranoia.

  35. Bailey says:

    Where’s the letter I ?

  36. Bailey says:


  37. Bailey says:

    WTF ?

  38. protocolsRtrue says:

    I beg to differ. It looks like the “I” key has been hijacked in the last few posts.

  39. protocolsRtrue says:

    It shows up on My screen when I type it but not at your site Incog. Maybe just the lower case. Testing.

  40. Bailey says:


    white students chanted SAT SCORES and laughed at prep school negroes on the basketball court.

  41. Red Pill says:

    INCOG MAN says:
    March 10, 2016 at 8:52 am

    That’s total BS, none of the comments are beng “attacked.”

    Red Pll s gong nuts or tryng to nject paranoa.

    thanks for the complementIncogman, always attack your contrIbutors fIrst

    • INCOG MAN says:

      How about finding out if it’s on YOUR END before attacking me?

      “i’s” show up FINE HERE.

      • INCOG MAN says:

        My site is continuously monitored for virus’ and has extensive anti-hacking walls. Anyone saying something is immediately suspect.

      • INCOG MAN says:

        The filthy Jews are constantly trying to attack me. My message is getting to a lot of folks and they know it.

  42. Bailey says:

    the little I is back

  43. Bailey says:

    The jew with the mic. says,

    “We care about the well being of the world at large.”

    LOL !

  44. Bailey says:

    i’s are working now sir and they’re all back where they belong.
    Maybe the jews found a new game to play.

  45. hens are liars says:

    It betrays their lack of any substantive arguments. The usual riposte is to wheel out the fantasy version of history, blatant lies and myths or just attack and smear hysteria. They know it is BS but they just don’t care, they are consumed by themselves.

  46. david says:

    Voting for Donald “I support IsraLIE 1000%” Trump will not save you or your nation. Organize yourselves white men, and make war with the devil and his kids the jews.

  47. squarepegroundhole says:

    Looks like the plan is to turn up the racial crying.

    I hope Mr T stands by what he says.

    They are coming for Trump

  48. squarepegroundhole says:

    Hearing persistent tone in Jew media everywhere Trump is not fit to be President, causing violence, brown shirts, all types of kike bullshit.

  49. squarepegroundhole says:

    Trump should tell Netanyahu if your so hot on the Dune Coons let Israel take 20 million of them to start…

  50. DDDDDuane says:

    Usually Incogman does better than this article…Nothing new here…

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