Shillary’s Gimme Dats “Bern” Sander’s White Libtards

BERNIE SANDERS SCREWED BY HILLARY“The Blacks and the Browns are only interested in ‘The Gimme.’”


With all the attention on Donald Trump, there has been little discussion of the astonishing rift between Black and Hispanic Democrats on one hand and White liberal Democrats on the other.

Hillary Clinton has shut Bernie Sanders out of the Black and Brown voters. She is their candidate. She is catering to them to an astonishing degree. She has endorsed all the fantasies and lies about White cops killing Black males. She has hauled the mother of Travon Martin around, putting her on the stage to endorse her candidacy, and talking about how Lil’ Travon was murdered by George Zimmerman but there was no justice. She has extolled the Gentle Giant. She made statements about a breaking story about three Black coeds who claimed they were attacked by Whites on a bus who called them “nigger.” When a surveillance video from the bus revealed that the whole story was concocted, Hillary refused to retract her statements or to apologize for joining in false accusations against innocent people.

There is no limit in race-betrayal that Clinton will not go to.

Clinton is now virtually the captive of the Blacks and Browns. They cast about half the votes in the Democratic Party. They are the ones who have given her the nomination.

The White Democrats — even the wimmin — have deserted her and flocked to Sanders in droves.

Sanders has gotten nowhere in his efforts to chip non-White voters away from Clinton.

He is the candidate of the White wing of the Democratic Party.

What does this mean for White Nationalists like us who are thinking in long range terms (like Jews) instead of next weeks primary vote?

A lot.

For many years I have predicted that there would come a point at which White liberals would realize that their Black and Brown friends don’t have the slightest interest in issues that excite White liberals: gay rights, environmentalism, funding for the arts, conservation, public parks.

No. The Blacks and the Browns are only interested in “The Gimme.”

And increasingly Blacks and Browns will control and dominate the Democratic Party. Already, they are sending the White liberal Democrats to the back of the bus.

The alliance between White liberals and the racist minorities is breaking up. They are splitting.

Add in the fact that there are a lot of White liberals at the local level who have caught on that the Jews are running their own racist ethnostate and that their posturings about fighting racism and their deep, deep concern about the plight of Blacks and the need for open borders are utterly insincere.

At some point our White liberal racial brothers and sisters are going to be up for grabs.

The shizoid nature of Democratic voter behavior along racial lines shows that this is coming.

How can we reach out to them and help raise the consciousness?


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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54 Responses to Shillary’s Gimme Dats “Bern” Sander’s White Libtards

  1. Dave says:

    I hope I am alive to see these traitors hang for their crimes against the white race. There is nothing worse than a race traitor in my book. I’ll even volunteer to pull the lever or kick out the chair for free. Seeing the fear on their faces before they die will be rewarding and downright pleasurable.

  2. Bailey says:

    Now that would be “WHITE PRIVILEGE”.
    The honors could go through a lottery system.

  3. The Elder of Zyklon-B says:

    It would be appropriate to play Hip hop tunes and gang banger rap as the air dance is performed.

    The number of young white women seen toting around their little mongrel niglets is growing by the day down here in the heart of the bible belt.

  4. zona guy says:

    I cast my vote for Trump yesterday in Arizona. How in the world can a wetback beaner born in Canada even get on a ballot? Much less get a single vote. Are we really that stupid? I guess who counts the votes that has the say so. If Ron Paul had a quarter of the balls that Trump has he would have been president. I just keep thinking something has to get better. Keep dreaming whites, some day we will win. Fuck the beaners and niggers.

  5. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Israeli Minister: “Brussels Wouldn’t Be Attacked If EU Didn’t Boycott Israeli Products.”

    How does boycotting Israeli products cause Arabs to attack Brussels?

  6. Bailey says:

    I bet it has something to do with the holocaust, you know six million and all.

  7. Frank Fredenburg says:

    She Looks Like A Chicken, And She’s Leaving The U.S. If Trump Wins

    It’s interesting how this young child actress has grown up to become a mainstay on the celebrity talk show circuit.

    It’s actually hard to find anyone who genuinely likes her. This counts amongst all genders, races, and political associations.

    Nonetheless, Raven-Symone, the former Cosby star and View host has said she’ll be moving out of the country if Trump wins.

    Maybe she’ll ride in the same plane as Al Sharpton.

  8. Red Pill says:

    Fredrick, go to Red Pill says: March 22, 2016 at 7:23 pm
    and contact me

  9. Nationalist says:

    By the time White liberals wake up it will be too late (if they ever do, many will not they are that sick) and same goes for the Cuckservatives who are much closer to Communism then they realize. Sanders supporters are for the most part willing to settle for Hillary Clinton but they just don’t seem to understand what America will be like several decades from now when they are still of employable age and still have not put together a retirement package. That would be for those who are still alive, many won’t be as a direct result of race mixing. If only they had not allowed themselves to be brainwashed into hating their own race by the anti-white news and entertainment industries things could be very different for us right now, how can anyone think that what we have today is progress over the nation we had as recently as the 1950’s when every aspect that you can think of was much better than today. As far as White Republicans go they still need to have a membership in a Nationalist organization such as David Dukes EURO or the Council of Conservative Citizens, the Republican Party by itself is not going to get the job done for us. This presidential contest really highlights just how screwed up many Whites have become I am sad to say.

  10. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Trigger Warning: Fanning The Flames Of Feminism To Take The Focus From Jewish Culpability

  11. Bailey says:

    Hey Frank,

    “Maybe she’ll ride in the same plane as Al Sharpton.”

    The plane is a white people invention so they shouldn’t be allowed to board one if they don’t like white people , same as the niggers shouldn’t be allowed to drive automobiles or ride on trains or buses.

    Maybe they can learn how to carve a boat out of a tree trunk and they can use that sheboons hair as a sail before Trump becomes President.

  12. Rory says:

    Two conversations today with people, one a customer, the other a neighbor – and we’re all in agreement that Trump’s the Man for the job.

    Basically, people I speak with, along with my own thoughts conclude:
    At first, Trump wasn’t given much thought, and not particularly liked even.
    But since last summer when he announced his running, and as time progresses, it’s increasingly clear that this man is right for the job.
    And lordy knows, we desperately need someone in office with balls.

  13. guiltfreewhite says:

    We have a population, that half are extreamly informed and aware,awake, and the other half,thick as a brick, but man, do they think they are informed and enlightend!Their god,is the democratic party.One can’t be around them for 5 minites without them starting to bitch about the republicans.They are the epitime of evil to them.Hillary is their Goddess. My guess is that nearly every white boomer female is for her,along with the mudmen.

  14. Ruth House says:

    America, please wake up:

  15. squarepegroundhole says:

    Many on the left as the right are way too far gone to save.

    They are sick in the head and can not be reprogrammed.

    Crying, voting,and praying will not save us.

  16. Red Pill says:

    squarepegroundhole says:
    March 24, 2016 at 8:34 am

    Emory University president says students are scared and ‘in pain’ after someone wrote ‘Trump 2016’ in chalk on campus

  17. Bailey says:

    Something MUST be done about those evil White people and their chalk !

    Here’s some crazy jew news,

  18. Red Pill says:


    List of Islamic Terror: Last 30 Days
    During this time period, there were 144 Islamic attacks in 26 countries, in which 1322 people were killed and 1993 injured.

  19. protocolsRtrue says:

    Yeah Bailey that guy is definitely off his rocker. But get this. I am not an “extreme” conspiracy theorist but in that shooting a young girl died that was actually born on the real 911 day. Which led to the patriot act police surveillance state and jew neocons in the pentagon with their false weapons of mass destruction regime change war in Iraq bullshit that cost us trillions and lives lost and destroyed. Not to mention the Iraqis. But this jew bitch giffords gets shot square in the forehead and she lived? I thought that was kind of miraculously odd. Of course she now goes on as just another jew championing gun control/gun confiscation.

  20. dan says:

    As a fellow alt-right I must say you guys are very lacking in debate.

    Do you really believe that the white race can inbreed perpetually without becoming weak and sickly like the modern jew and aboriginal groid?

    Only way around this is to open the door for race-mixing, you have to give evolution a chance to create new races. The white race itself is a product of race-mixing groids and neanderthals.

  21. dan says:

    I should further add that the Islamic Invasion of Europe is the only thing that can stop the apocalyptic feminism.

    In addition to this invaluable benefit of Islamo-Fascism, you get ample opportunity to race-mix and thus fight against the inbreeding that genetically destroyed the jews.

  22. KiteFlyer says:

    Gabby Giffords is a friggin’ jewess and was never show in the head. A total scam hoax.

    Also, the guy who “shot” her was a jew, too.

    And what does Gabby Giffords do after her shooting? Lobbies for gun control, of course.

  23. KiteFlyer says:

    Anybody buying this jewess Giffords’ bullshit? Fight, fight, fight! LOL

    David Duke on Jared Lee Loughner’s jewishness:

  24. Bailey says:

    Sorry , didn’t mean to imply Gabbies shooting was real.
    Her spaceman (?) husband is a real scumbag too.

  25. KiteFlyer says:

    Alt-Right Dan is full of shit and no doubt a jew troll.

  26. protocolsRtrue says:

    I watch a lot of news and real reality tv shows like first 48 and stuff and have internet. It seems like 99.5% of people that are shot in the head are…. wait for it…. DEAD! Even the suicides.

  27. Bailey says:

    This just in :

    WASHINGTON — Vice President Biden will speak Thursday in favor of timely Senate action on the current Supreme Court vacancy, arguing that leaving it unfilled would produce “a patchwork Constitution inconsistent with equal justice and the rule of law.”

    Biden’s comments to students and faculty at Georgetown Law School at 12:30 p.m. will be his first speech on the court vacancy since the death of Justice Antonin Scalia in February. The vice president hopes to convince Republican senators that their refusal to consider the nomination of appellate judge Merrick Garland hurts ordinary Americans.

    Refusal also hurts Biden’s chance of groping Garland’s grand daughter at the press conference photo op. before he leaves office.

  28. Bailey says:

    #Blacklivesfecalmatter video of the day,

    Coming soon to your town or a town near you !

  29. KiteFlyer says:

    Per the blacklivesfecalmatter video: Geez, what a repugnant subhuman species they are. The story of the next quarter century will be that they (‘groids and jews) go or we go.

  30. protocolsRtrue says:

    I agree let’s give the jew a chance. OK we thought about it for 2 seconds and we pull out our great big Bork button and say REJECTED! OK are you happy now? But the problem is that so many are so dependent on jew money and afraid of the jew blackmail they have and dirt they have on themselves that not a single one of them will stand up and fall on their swords OK for the future of this country and the future of this world and our children and Grandchildren I!!! I!!!! Will just say no to the jews for a change. Didn’t somebody say that a long time ago in a better world far far far away? Mein Kampf? The jews got us to fuck them people over and kill and destroy them also. At our own expense in lives and money.

  31. protocolsRtrue says:

    Humor break. Way back in the eighties they came out with a movie called Top Secret. Launched val kilmers career I believe. This shit was funny they have to go rescue a scientist behind the iron curtain and the bad guys are all dressed up like Nazis. This one lieutenant goes to the general and says this rock star might be a spy. The general pulls out a giant rubber stamp that says FIND HIM AND KILL HIM!!!

  32. protocolsRtrue says:

    Rocky Raccoon, went to the saloon, to shoot off the legs of his rival.
    Actually not the first time somebody got shot in the forehead and survived. Remember that brady guy and the asshole that shot Ronald Reagan? Then they went on to start the brady law government gun grab campaign? Reagan went on to say tell Nancy it’s just a scratch , and Baby I’ll be back, just as soon, just as soon as I am able. See how I was able to thread some Beatles music into this one.

  33. KiteFlyer says:

    The Reagan/Brady shooting was more fakery nonsense.

  34. Hoff says:

    Even a democrap libtard shit for brain Robert Lindsay knows who control the Roll Call:

    Bernie Sanders on the Middle East: Catastrophic


    He declined an invitation to go speak at the Jews Who Rule America, I mean AIPAC, Convention probably because the Likudniks there would grab him and drag him off the stage.

    Likudnik = Sathanyahoooos jewish mafia gang .

  35. KiteFlyer says:

    Purim, the jewish festival where they curse all gentiles and eat Haman’s ears. Jews are truly sick fucks.

  36. Hoff says:

    Yes, a lot of Jews act like scumbags and spend most of their lives lying, cheating and stealing for a buck, for power or for the Hell of it.

    Why they are so morally obtuse is not known, but it may have something to do with their primitive tribal religion, which is pretty nasty and amoral as far as religions go. A Jew who spends his whole life lying, cheating and stealing could very well still be a good Jew according to the Jewish religion as long as he did not lie to, cheat or steal from his fellow Jews. If he did these things to Gentiles, that is no great moral matter. In fact, it is of no concern whatsoever! —Robert Lindsay—

  37. Hoff says:

    At incog: This is the message I get when posting a comment.


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  38. KiteFlyer says:

    Only the sick fuck jew would have a major holiday celebrating genocide.

  39. KiteFlyer says:

    3/11 Truth. Israel did Fukushima.

  40. Bailey says:

    Same here Hoff, I thought it was a problem with my stupid phone but my desk top does the same thing.

  41. protocolsRtrue says:

    @ Baileys 11:51. It kind of makes you want to go back to work tomorrow and pay taxes to support these niggers huh? Provide them with their food, housing, medical care, and yes even the free sailfone that’s recording the videos. They need that too. Maybe even motivates you to get a second job so you can pay even MORE taxes to support niggers and jews. Lord knows they will never get that job. They won’t even try. Don’t work wont work and never plan on working. That’s another reason why Donald trumps message about making America great again and bringing back jobs does not resonate well with niggers. JOB? Did he say JOB? We don’t need no stinkin’ jobs and I aint gettin’ no stinkin’ job man I be voting for hillary or the bern. What the fuck that crazy white man be sayin’ ’bout gettin’ a job. That man be crazy!

  42. Bailey says:

    Mentioning jobs around niggers is the same to them as calling for lynchings.

  43. S O G says:

    heeell yeah ..there gonna be coke and clowns on sharpsteins plane and hookers ..maybe it will be a ricky nelson repeat……bring in the clowns ..dig up ozzie and harriet ..we’ll get their vote for bernie ..feel the bern ..yeah that std can be painful ..
    on fukashima >> .. .. .. .. .. ..
    arana(israeli jew co.) security hired by yakusa to put a security “camera” into building 3 ..why not all of them ..why inside ..any cameras at all ..outside im sure the facility had security and gaurds with real guns and cameras already …1 week prior to the fake quake and the real sunami the kike security team left to go back to jewish cockroach “kikeroach” head quarters in negev ,izzreeeil ..
    japanese people hate the fuckin jews …jews have a org in japland called nuclear peace was the kikes who finished the fabrication of the bomb ..jew hell bomb ..destroyer of worlds just like the jeww …too late to drop the fucker on berlin so they extended the war on japen for a whole year while the japs were suing for peace in congress ..suing for peace meant just plain wanting the war to end ..they were cencedeing to haviong lost the war and werr uh vreyree srorree abrout uh thuh mrissundrer strandring …preeeez strop bromobing jrapan .needless to say they wanted it all to end the nitemare they were most prbably paid to implement had gone past the jew deal they had been paid for ..ya thionk …all thier cities were obliterated esxept for the capitaol and naga and hiro 2 roamn catholic encleaves ..the 4th one slips mee mind …
    there was a lot of internal enmity between wanna bee factions and the emperor who was kind of a recluse ..well its hard to be a recluse when all the buildings are blown away …our war was with japan not gerrmany ..hitler would have denounced japans actions and seems like they did ther bombing of pearl or=n some sort of irrational pointless agenda …it was the only ONLY way the filthy shitkikeroaches could get gollumerica into the sprit of fratricide …a genocide dressed up as a war …and the beef with japan i guess later for fukashima was very internal but rumors spread on a 350 billion $ cache of bearer bonds israel wanted etc ..ok ..jews and their shekels is like a pig and its trough at feeding time aka slopping time
    jews definitely did fukashima …blew it to hell and gone ..we all ernet ordinance and different nuk..saw the blast off o build # 3 …the shit went straight up for 7-8 hundred feet and all blast visible patterns of energy and by product shapes as in mushroom clouds are as identifiable as fingerprints ..different explosives and diff nukes all put of a very identifiable cloud or visible remnant of violent sudden release of energy …nukes destroyed fukashima based on the concrete at fukashima builkt to greater specs than code called for blast away concrete this thic would take 1 -1.5 million tons of pressure per squaer inch and this falls into the nuclear range …the sunami rolled in with all the buildings fully intact ..whats wrong with this opicture is that a temblor at 9.0 woyuld have sunk the island so to speak …kobe earth quake was a 6.7 and it knocked all manner of shit down ..
    in fukashiuma NOT a single building was damaged or affected until the water came in .
    the earthquake centered out of the japanese trench where not 1 earthquake has ever come from before or since …japan has mild quakes all the time and they center from another location …the maintenence domw was off reactor in b#3 so it was being refueled and empty so how the fuck did it blow up ..caution jews at work ..
    the object brought into the building to “lol photo security the place would only be capable of taking pictures far off like an airplane coming in for a landing miles off is like a telescopic device ,would have been myopic in a building ..the object resembled a gun trigger nuke device without all the bells and covers and etc it weighed a hell of a lot more than a camera …trhese palnts were designed with so much back up technology including running the cooling pumps off of any reactor encountering overheating if it got that far …generators were stux nettted off ..they wernt flooded with water ..i think 7 generators ,6 of em were off and the 7th was wired differently so it was stiil on but the engaging switch had been stuxnetted …the problem wasnt the reacotrs it was the nuke the jews plnted in the de fueled reactor ..
    the shit they unleashed on humanity was 3 million times more viscious and radioactive than enriched uranium …called MOX …californias coast is highly radioactive and the sea floor is riddled with dead marine life ..sea lions inn california ar washing up dead from radiation ..salmon from the washington puget sound area are polutted with all manner of heavy metals and anti depreessants and effluent and flotsam from a highly toxic dying world …never mind the radiation as like blue fin tuna got the shit from fuckasheema and the shit from the jewish masterminded gulf oil disaster and the ensuing corexit spraying by cia evergreen air …40 million people in the gulf were poisoned ..the ecosystem was permanently forever destroyed ..obama refused to let other coum]ntries come and help boom the coastlines and suck up the oil ..instead corexit makes oil 11 times more toxic and made it just sink into the trench there ..a hug confluence of cold rigid tar oil 300 feet high and how wide i forget but is miles and miles long ..and toxic from exposure to corexit ..oh yeah the “organic shit ” called simple green has corexit in it is why it works so good …
    just to clarify …the jews have had the nuclear peace organizion in japan for decades ..kind o iranic …
    ww1 and ww2 were drummed up and started by engineered events …ww1 was a matter of bringing co conspirators to justice and they would have all been jews as was gavril princlipps a filthy jew who shot the archduke ..right hmmwhat was the motive sirhan i mean gavril …gavril was terminally ill ..under serb protectorate they called him a serb but not a serb …so why start a fuckin hell war where millions die ..the millions were russians …like 5 million in 6 months that in the book o world records ..was there a contest to see how many peole could die in the shortest amount of time ..
    ww2 was awfully suspicious ,the provenance of it and the stoking of the fires especially since america was awash in jew wise leaders up and comers and gonnabees ..
    why did japan do something so unproductive and foolish and pointless ..makes no tsactical testical er tactical sense at all ground gained and a country bombed back to the stone age ..the jews kaept the war going long enough to unleash hades on the slopes …the emperor or someone else in high position must have made a deal with the devil..many peole were framed for allowing the pearl catastrophe ..because back then it was accepted and was common idiot knowledge that someone had to know about this shit before it happened ..people went to prison on frame ups for it ..the pact germany had with japan was reinterpreted by war monger kikes and miltitary industrial profeteers but mostlky heyt are all kikes then as well …anyway history is where all the clues are …i dont think it helps us much with the present or the future cus the future aint what it used to be …gulags and guillotines and wild niggers and moslems are our future as it looks ..
    trump, stands as much of as chance at removing the fed reserve as kennedy did or at stifling israels grip and drain on usa ..
    or at circulating U.S. NOTES like kennedy did ,about 4 billion $ in us notes ..when the bullet took him out those notes disappeared off the grid in about a week …and 200,000 cannon fodder units were inserted into the country where kennedy had also promised to get us out of ….bell helicopter was going bankrupt and gone till the escalation by uncle cornpone LBJ .. golda meir in drag ….monsanto wasnt going broke but they were all too happy to crate agent orange and a few other colors in the rainbow ..20 million gallons uncut shit went out over the land …creates exteremly fast growth so a triple canopy jungle turns into a dustbowl overnight .like pop corn …
    anyway off topic far enough for now …
    when rains fell in the usa after fukashiuma there were recordings of 1500 times radioactive background levels in the usa ..thge first thing this crazy country dod was turn off the radiato sensors nationally …this is an ELE ..a deal breaker eventually as radiation irraditation begets radiation and so forth and so on…….
    lousy shitkikes …i may have something on the financial thing between japan and israel buried somewhere for now …and the fuckin yakusa…pull my finger

    nuclear industry building codes “mark 1 construction”requires at least 3 feet of concrete in construction of reactor building walls …japans reactor walls were at least 7-10 feet thick ….no amount of conventional or hydrogen gas explosion is going to particulate the concrete to dust and to turn steel in 3rd form ..gas …like wtc much of the steel to create this assinine building was turned to pyroclastic surge after exposure to the incredible pressures and molecular beating the nukes provided ..other wise the buildings would have never come down and if they came down any other way they would have been standing 30 stories high of debris ….so where is all the fucking metal ..gone to smoke and the concrete in 9-11 gone to dust ..not one freekin chunck ,ahhye ? …the mushroom clouds coming off of 9-11 were suspoiciously strax sedan test clouds ..either way the triune point of steel ..
    The liquid composition will be non-trivial. There will be liquid Fe along with other molten metals (alloying elements), all of which should probably be considered miscible, volatile liquids (so that the total vapor pressure is weighted by their mole fractions). Then there will be insoluble (non-volatile) solutes which will primarily be carbides and oxides (concentration depending on the conditions) of the metals (primarily of Fe), but fortunately these do not affect the total vapor pressure. Finally, there will be some soluble (non-volatile) solutes like free carbon which will lower the vapor pressure and hence raise the boiling point.

    suffice to say that the temperatures neccessary to turn steel into smoke only comes from nuclear genie …try kuta beach as well bali indo in 2001 or 2 where a mini nuke did the same shit to a city block it if you like ..also the nuke test at concord naval base in 45 that smoked a 400 foot liberty ship and the other one as well that wasnt loaded with any ordinace …fun stuff ..

  44. S O G says:

    saying six million is anti semite ..we know it was really 6 quintupplemillionbillionzillion precious kikelings ..
    i knew the second i heard about brussels it was the jews was purim and if you cant blow up a bunch of gentiles for purim ,its just anti semetic ….
    its always the jews …

  45. S O G says:

    gawwd damme computer ..typo …
    .we all ernet ordinance and different nuk..saw the blast off o build # ..nice shit ….
    we all saw the blast at buildoing 3 when it went off on national teevee ..the cloud was nice non conventional and israels declaration of war on mankind …the samson option ..

  46. S O G says:

    gawwd damme computer ..typo …
    .we all ernet ordinance and different nuk..saw the blast off o build # ..nice shit ….
    we all saw the blast at buildoing 3 when it went off on national teevee ..the cloud was nice non conventional and israels declaration of war on mankind …the samson option ..

    hillari-ous in the white house again …..
    oi ..who is the vice president gonna be one has the balls to announce their lowlife vice punk recomendations yet …who would be hillaries VP …no bill sorry ,it says vice president not president of vice …
    come on make this nitemare go awy ..more like a fuckin nite terror …if hillary wins by deception and smoke and fun house mirrors she will choose michelle obama as vice president …heh heh scared ya …imagine the fallout on that one …
    whoever wins will have to fumigate the white house and de bug it ..will valerie red commie jew jarret still be living there in a secret closet …lol…she isnt going to leave ,maybe they will make this bitch VP….now ,hmmm who does she service in the service of the white house …and why is she living there and vacations with the o’bozozs and eats with them ..a first class parasite ..was she installed to keep o’bozo on the crooked and wide path of coonmunism ….is she really obozos handler ..some say its so ..
    the hell with all that shit and the whgite house kitchen haviong gone totally kosher jew faire since jr. idiot bush ….
    clowns to and for the left and to the right ….

  47. Hoff says:

    Testing an administrator comment.

  48. Hoff says:

    Slow to show comment, at least ten seconds. But that annoying mumbo-jumbo crap don’t show.

  49. Hoff says:

    Precious kiklings
    Hehe .. that’s one nasty 😉

    japans actions and seems like they did ther bombing of pearl or=n some sort of irrational pointless agenda


    No, it wasn’t pointless. The main target was to take out the US entire Pacific Ocean carrier fleet. But when the japs get to pearl Harbour all the carriers are at sea.

    The bombers must unload or else they couldn’t go around and make it to base. A lot of the ship was obsolete wwOne metal scrap.

  50. race mixing degenerate says:

    This is a democracy and the mean IQ is boderline retarded.

    Politics is screwed, get over it. There is no better than thou option here.

  51. S O G says:

    thats ther point herr hoff …japs knew the carrier fleet was gone just like we knew threy were coming to do a hatchet job on non usa dint need to evolve into a massive invasion of germany destroying half of frog land on the way in …
    in fact invading the islands where japs held worthless ground was an excercise in fratriced on our men …the islands could have been simply surrounded and patrolled for months whiole the japs starved to death or nerve gass could have been dropped on the fuckin place ..ass opposed to thr acceptable loss of 1 million american troops on a full frontal assault on japan was how they rationalized invading these shit islands near japland ..jews wanted gollumaerica to anhilate their old arch enemy germany or at the time a free nation with happy people ..jews have to be in charge of selling happiness or creating an analogue form of it fr mas consumption …
    ww1 was started on the premise of emotionaslism and hysteria and collusion and corruotion and gained nothing but kia and jewish supremecy in ottonamn empire etc ands russia …we have jews assasinating american presidents frequently in america since the 1800’s ..mckinley ..jfk rfk on and so forth ..thre jews master fed resereve plan was to be able t create wealth for themselves from nothing if not from honest workers pockets ..the market crash cause and effect and action reaction do mnot balance out ..alot of the market decline was from hysteria went down and level then down and lkevel etc till it hit the skids and caused onca agin a jew created mass die off of americans during the depression …some say a million people starved to death during the depression but i would safely ratchet that number up considerably …
    i think that intelligence even in those days want inefficient and that the japs who came to sunny hawaii were operating under some secret society agenda …what could the nips hope to accomplish from bombing old ships …the FDR jewish pro ww2 federation in america wanted war with germany at any cost …my point is that the pointless actions of japan heading into a conflict at hawaii was fore knowledge by jews and policals ..the japs must have known there wouldnrt be any task force in the area to wipe them out or perhaps they were just canon foddrr anyway ..the kamikaze pilots would line up for the sake ceremony and exchange crooked yellow toothed smiles at each other ..wree groing uh troo fry ovrer ramericran crust brucket freet anrd brow up thra csmoprolitan round eye ..etc on ,,they drank a shot of sake laced with a lethal dose of speed …looks like they were all give thet shit right ..ahhhhh soooo murrruhfrukkuh …so even oif they dint land on a carrier er crash land they were still dead …suicide mission ..fanatic shit ..what japan got was all 70 + of their cities bombed back to 5 th dimension and jew bombs dropped on roman catholic cities …that had been preserved for this very test …these 2 cities had not seen any bombs dropped on them cus the jews wanted to play serious war game shit with their new toy ..casandra ..
    its just me tho ..i wonder what the japs were hoping to gain cus i just cant see the upside to doing what they did …maybe a deep conspiracy between jews and japs ..
    i remember another anecdote …the catholic church actually hired jews to count their money in 1000 ad …money from donations and the phony doctrine of extravcagences …er indulgences …they had jews in their counting rooms ..because it was considered unhloy to handle money so tey hired an unhloy people to count their ill gotten gains ..can you say skimming off the top the middle and the bottom …

    the pint was to get us in to ww2 …the japs shoit their load and had no tactical forward substance left ..they were shit out of forward or battle capabilty from this task force sent to hawaii ..
    we would have lost 1 million troops invading japan but japan was kaput and finished and suing for peace when theese statements of acceptable loss were being parrated in the corrupt halls of congress ..
    besides each city bombed populationally had 5-8 million japs living there that brings the total vaporization via a-bomb to much higher counts ..
    the japs were done and wanted to surrender a year before the bombs were dropped ..
    we wernt even required to continue to lose men on the dam islands only to make a place for the enola gay and other bomb missions ..was the whole fucking reason for unreasonable life loss ..the usa miltary acts like it has millions of willing sucide troops ready and willing to blow it aLL fr the jews wars …
    the whole pearl harbor deal was a big fucking live fiore show only meant to get us into ww2 to waste germany and so i wonder what part of this the japs played knowingly or who was bought off ..true that ….yeah the philipines was in danger and guinea ..fuckem ..whites dint live there ..
    a hundred forty pound guy goes up to a 350 pound guy and slaps him ..what is the point or gain ,that follows ..only pain

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