The Most Disgustingly Foul Race on the Planet


By Phillip Marlowe

Wilson infected TODDLER with STD's.

Wilson infected a little TODDLER with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). The pointy headed degenerate is actually seen smirking in his mugshot like he’s so proud of himself. Most Whites are clueless because the media protects them, but this kind of thing happens all the time with this disgusting race. More photos of black criminals and perverts are below.

I read this the other day over at INFO STORMER and folks, I’m still retching. Down in Texas, a filthy black (right) was just sentenced to life in prison for impregnating and infecting a 14 year-old teen girl with STD’s. He also infected a BABY TODDLER with HIV (AIDS) and the Herpes virus STD.

According to court documents, the 34 year-old David Wilson was having sex with the 14 year-old girl and sexually molesting a 23 month-old TODDLER he lived with in the same black filth abode. I capitalize and boldface that since you need to understand just how disgusting and foul this race truly is.

The poor little chimplet became so screwed up, they had to do reconstructive surgery of some sort relating to the massive infections of HIV (AIDS), chlamydia and herpes. God only knows what sexual acts Wilson committed and I will not speculate due to the risk of vomiting my brains out on my keyboard.

Wilson was living in the same residence and possibly related to the TODDLER in some way; investigators most likely ran genetic strain tests on the STDs to pinpoint the right prick. Wilson claimed he was in love with the pregnant 14 year-old. Sure, I bet he was. No word on race, but I assume it’s a ghetto chillun (the apes breed like rats). All three of them are now infected with herpes and HIV — certain to cost taxpayers tens of thousands every year in expensive anti-viral medicines (ObamaCare was a clever swindle of America designed to spread out the medical costs of immoral blacks and the nearly as bad Third Worlders allowed to invade our White lands).

Effin’ GD Animals!

NIGGER DIRTBAG MONTAGEGo to NEW NATION NEWS for this week’s crop of dirtbag blacks. You will not believe just how many blacks get busted in this country for totally sick crap on a daily basis. Get real: Blacks are a nasty, filthy race of dirty GD animals.

White people simply have no idea what a nasty, brutish race black “people” truly are — we’re expected to act like these animals are just like us (note my quotation marks). God, if us Whites acted like blacks, they wouldn’t even be an America to begin with. It’s little wonder Africa and Haiti are cesspools of disgusting diseases. Hell, if it wasn’t for White man’s medicines, the places would now be littered with piles of bleaching bones of the black dead!

And blacks are always getting busted for raping little children in their care — even their own. I can’t tell you all the stories of blacks I’ve read raping little kids — boy or girl. Hell, blacks will even rape family pets. There’s been tons of cases where the SPCA rescued dogs used as sex slaves by black gangs in black neighborhoods.

Everyone already knows blacks have no problems going “on the down low” while at prison (Negro slang for homo sex). Blacks are totally sick puppies who will do absolutely anything to “get their rocks off.” Hell, it would not surprise me in the least to find one of them going at that pot hole in the street right out front of my house (got to call the city about that).

It's little wonder why so many blacks are in prison considering how criminal they are. Lamin Darboe, a nurse's aide was caught "in flagrante delicto," raping a parylyzed elderly stroke victim.

It’s little wonder why so many blacks are in prison considering how criminal they act everywhere they live. Lamin Darboe, a nurse’s aide was caught “in flagrante delicto,” raping a paralyzed and elderly White stroke victim. Nasty-ass blacks commit foul acts like this all the time.

Filthy scumbag blacks are nothing but vicious, sadistic criminals — thieves and murderers. In addition, blacks are huge rapists — not only of our White women (up to 130 White women are sexually assaulted in some way EVERY SINGLE DAY by black men) but children and even poor, defenseless animals. Can you believe what a foul race blacks are?

Think I’m just saying all of this because I’m racist? Think Whites do things like this all the time too? Then you must be stupider than a GD iron effin’ wedge! It’s a numbers/percentage thing.

Just go to this one site, NEW NATION NEWS, and scroll down for only a minute or two. Come back in a few days and scroll down once again. Everyday it’s chock full of new stories of violence, filth and murder committed by these dirty rotten blacks — just in America. It’s simply amazing how bad this stinking race behaves across the board. It really will shock you.

Hell, just click on my category button “NEGRO CRIMES” over on the left in my category “cloud” (the red words) or simply click on the embedded link I have in this sentence. This will bring up accumulated articles here on my site (many I wrote).

Or look at photo montages I created of White victims over the years. Click on “WHITE VICTIMS” (which is from the year 2000 to the present). Or go back before the year 2000 by clicking HERE. Yep, these stinking violent animals have been killing us good White people in brutal fashion for decades.

Or go HERE to see MUDSHARKS murdered by blacks in recent years. You would simply not believe the numbers of White women slaughtered in incredibly brutal ways by black men on a monthly basis.

Even nearby White friends and family of the mudshark are at risk of brutal murder at the hands of these wild beasts should they one day snap and go ape. Hell, one of these crazy blacks (Cedric Larry Ford) just last month shot up an entire plant (Excel) in Kansas, killing 3 and wounding 14 with a semi-auto AK-47 — that his idiot estranged mudshark girlfriend bought him even though he was a felon outlawed from possessing weapons. She fully deserves serious jail time. Chances are her White family will be forced to take in her two mudkids by him and raise the ticking time bombs.

Jonathan Edward Medley, 39, was arrested for raping a little ShiTzu dog.

Alabama Negro, Jonathan Edward Medley 39, was arrested for raping one of those cute little Shih Tzu dogs. Imagine that scene.

Because of the Jew race/social upheavals of our lands, our noble White race has been saddled living alongside these dirtbags. Us Whites were the ones who created America. Totally. We came up with our form of government (truly brilliant) and settled this land from sea to shining sea (Manifest WHITE destiny).

Just because a few of these stinking apes once long ago picked a little cotton down south or did some manual labor up north means JACK (complaining and shirking work whenever possible).

Worthless black animals would just laze about drunk and high in filthy mud huts if it wasn’t for us White people telling them what to do. Hell, look at Africa to this day, for crying out loud.

To sum up: Blacks are ugly, dirty scumbags, right along with being criminals and brutal killers. As a race, they suck BIG TIME. Sure, maybe a few try to act civilized, but the majority are totally, completely worthless. They have no business living in White lands anymore — especially now with modern day farming equipment and advances in robotic technologies. They are a complete drain on our lands.

This sick, ugly race truly, truly needs to be shipped back to the jungles of Africa just as soon as possible. Use converted super tankers. Mass parachute them from C-5A’s for chrissakes. Anything!

Terrell-Tooles-raped child less than 10

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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67 Responses to The Most Disgustingly Foul Race on the Planet

  1. Bailey says:

    If i remember correctly there is video of james orr emptying his colostomy bag
    On the defendants table in the court room to eat , he was hungry an sheeit!

  2. Whitepride says:

    Nastiest niggers living! I do not like the savages!

  3. Tannhauser says:

    The chart showed above is awlfull… brutality and callouness in those actions explained…

  4. American born says:

    Note the eyes and the grin on the nigger. Soulless vacant. Just another worthless nigger.

  5. Ruth House says:

    The beasts of the field with feet and hands are tickling the lion’s balls with a thorny twig, unaware of . . .

    Author unsure but attributed to Rudyard Kipling

    It was not part of their blood,
    It came to them very late,
    With long arrears to make good,
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    They were not easily moved,
    They were icy — willing to wait
    Till every count should be proved,
    Ere the Saxon began to hate.

    Their voices were even and low.
    Their eyes were level and straight.
    There was neither sign nor show
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    It was not preached to the crowd.
    It was not taught by the state.
    No man spoke it aloud
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    It was not suddenly bred.
    It will not swiftly abate.
    Through the chilled years ahead,
    When Time shall count from the date
    That the Saxon began to hate.

  6. Bailey says:

    Infostormer has an article about these , I’d love to have a pair.

    However , it smells like bullshit .

  7. Nationalist says:

    Our anti-White government is stupid enough to allow more Negros into the country primarily from Africa despite no one wanting them not even other Negros. A vote for Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton is a vote to end the White race and Christian religion. I understand Negros voting that way but it makes no sense of any kind for Whites to support the Satanic evil doers of the Democratic Party.

  8. Hoff says:

    Nigger fuck exhaust pipe, video.

    “In that effort, our most important partners are American Muslims. That’s why we have to reject any attempt to stigmatize Muslim-Americans, and their enormous contributions to our country and our way of life.”

    Yeah sure, the Nigger can’t say a five word coherent sentence without a teleprompter. But now he know that Arabs buildt America.

  9. squarepegroundhole says:

    …was on my radar as well, the Incogman comment section is a treasure trove!

    squarepegroundhole says:
    March 20, 2016 at 8:34 pm
    The filthy Niggers the Jews use to wreck the world:

    “A registered sex offender was sentenced to life in prison for raping and infecting a 14-year-old girl and a 23-month-old toddler with HIV, chlamydia and herpes.

    David Wilson, 34, of Houston, Texas, was found guilty of the teen girl’s rape on Thursday. ”

  10. Rory says:

    While this topic of niggers and their sickening sexual perversions is utterly revolting, it’s not unheard of BY NOW.
    This filthy crap has been going on long enough for the people to realize just how warped niggers can be.
    Hell, it’s on the local news on a regular basis, how can anyone NOT see this?
    With that said, it’s clear that the nigger race is fucked up, and the ongoing issues need serious addressing.
    I’m utterly amazed that the government and law enforcement haven’t done something to curb this situation, enacting some sort of protection from this.
    Like….. hmm…. let’s see…….
    How about STERILIZATION?

    Certainly it would curb the irresponsible flood of newborn niglets, saving the world countless “welfare” dollars.
    I don’t want to hear crap like “it’s inhuman” and “violates rights”.
    Because to me it’s obviously needed if this world is to survive.
    It’s inhuman to allow this shit to continue.

    Focus on this….
    This is a PROBLEM.
    An ONGOING problem.
    And to allow it, is insane.

  11. Hoff says:

    We are all equal, right?

  12. S O G says:

    niggers fuck coke machine coin return slots to careful ..
    niggers cant talk for shit ,but they sure can muster up a few words in english when their lawyer is present ..
    am i still on moderation and my comments being erased ..whatever fuckin comment

    strange that ,,on mod and shit posted then it was removed ..weird shit and it happened last year and the year befoere .. bring out the midgets and the clowns and trained ants ..
    yep niggers are the real deal ..the scum of the fuckin earth and etc bluntness may be causing i-man some problems …so solly ..
    jus remember folks yer best and most inportant partner is your arsenal ..out right to defend ourselfs is an inalienable right ..and it trumps all the whiney jew created hosrshit
    ..if i am to be moderated and erased again i aint gonna be at it around here for awhile …….will only pop around hoffs from time to time anymore …

  13. S O G says:

    i made it thru spamblinka i guess………….
    yeah its racist to ask a nigger with 5-6-7-8-9 nigger shitlains chirrens if she wants a tubal ligation after her 7th chile ….nigger bitch will hoot ook eeek holluh to high wodddymellun hebbin dat you isnt gown cut her shit out ..dazz raciss …to nigger good time ho’s , children are merely welfare livestock ..jr. assassins born into human form so the cum dumpster nigger can get paid …oh yeah she will say she lubbz huh keeedz n sheeeeyit..

    niggers belong somewhere were they can safely and efficiently kill each other off ..nuff said ..

  14. S O G says:

    no wonder the jews love these pranksters ..hi jinx ..teenage wild oats ..
    if niggers wernt so sic jews wouldnt love and care for them and cater to them ..
    nigers always wanna know if it be allabowt keepin id real …sheeyieeeeeyit boruhthuh is deez 4iot bee catered n shiieeeeyiiieyit …
    lookin at the typical line up above we are quickly remeinded of how niggers like to keep it real …real crazy ..
    niggers in africa eat shit and make stuff outta cow dung and drink and shower in piss from animals ..this is the chiocolate utopian nigra paradise we are keeping them from …so far no one has dug up any relics of great cities and electricity or airplanes and flying saucers on archealogical digs in the mother ..only crustaceous remains of hominid morlocks with rings in day nekks and ouch ladies cover your ears ,the niggers cut off the all the vagina lips around the niggers fly hole ..ok i cant resist a joke does a nigger get pregnant ..10 niggers jack off around her inn a circle jerk and the flies take care of te rest …tis also why rotten meat is served at nigger weddings in africa to keep the flies off the bride till the right time ..wouldnt want them to all die from exposure to harsh elements …so much for dinner …..ahhye ..achhh ..
    we went from 350,000 nigger bond servants to 40 million jiggaboos keepin it real ..
    nigger eats his own shit is that nigger going to plead ..
    henry earl .1500 arrests ..guiness book record ..i know white people doiin 40 years for receiving stolen property ….pretty soon they wont even lock niggers up citing the crowded prison system ..and the same excues is used to let hundreds of nigger recidivists out into the world where they will most certainly harm white people becuse its in vogue now with the nigger community and from in nigger university programming …
    a nigger fuckin a dead body ..the height of class there ..gettin hees freak on ..keepin it real …
    heh heh heh there aint no way the nasty little kikes will allow this miscreant humanotype humangatang to live past their point of helpfulness to the jews effort to reign over the world …at this point there wont be much to reign over if they keep blowin it up ..
    add it all up ……niggers 0 value …….neccessity to exterminate value 100 …..
    what good is a nigger ..none ..besides the obvious being played by kikes to do their bidding as slaves ….

  15. PeterB says:

    Here’s a very informative book all of the White Men should read, along with The Turner Diaries.

  16. Bailey says:

    For those who may have missed this , the best #blacklivesfecalmatter video so far.

    “to nigger good time ho’s , children are merely welfare livestock”

    True indeed , sog.

  17. Bailey says:

    This is racist , why didn’t they show the black one ?

    Jewish filth on TV

  18. Bailey says:

    Good people Elder , here for a better life.
    Remember the pos Bush talked on the lie-O-vision about their strong family values?
    Didn’t some sack of shit mexcriment recently get arrested for trading his daugher for a box of steaks and some beer ?

    Our wants more of this for amercica, wouldn’t surprise me if the filthy beaner child rapist is released from immigration hold.

  19. protocolsRtrue says:

    Comment first then protocol of the day protocol 6 paragraph 7.
    The commie Marxist Bolshevik jew libtard takeover of America took two giant steps forward yesterday and today.

    First, California legislature approves a 15 dollar per hour minimum wage for people who work. Of course the higher the wages on people who work for a living with legally earned TAXABLE income then the fake economy can still inflate the fake jew printed money balloon bubble. And more money to tax and redistribute to people we like better. Like anybody that is not white.

    Second. jewish supreme court minus 1 just affirmed that unions can charge union dues and fees to people that don’t want to even join the unions and don’t agree with their democratic left wing libtard big government politics. Especially government employee unions. So now our taxpayer money pays people who we don’t agree with and are forced to pay the lobbyists who pay the congressmen and senators our OWN money to do what the government employees self interests. A new tax specifically targeted to pay for Marxist commie jew libtards. I joined the union when I was in the postal service after a few years then I quit it was just another tax on my paycheck to support libtard jew politicians and save the worthless niggers that never show up for work and even when they do they are high on crack or sit in the breakroom all day anyway. The worm has turned these people are convinced that we work only for them (slaves) and they do not work for us.

    protocol 6 paragraph 7.


    6. At the same time we must intensively patronize trade and industry, but, first and foremost, speculation, the part played by which is to provide a counterpoise to industry: the absence of speculative industry will multiply capital in private hands and will serve to restore agriculture by freeing the land from indebtedness to the land banks. What we want is that industry should drain off from the land both labor and capital and by means of speculation transfer into our hands all the money of the world, and thereby throw all the GOYIM into the ranks of the proletariat. Then the GOYIM will bow down before us, if for no other reason but to get the right to exist.



  20. Bailey says:

    Pay close attention to the name of the street.

  21. Israhell on Earth says:

    Yeah Incog, that’s the ugly truth and you’re not exaggerating. Niggers also abuse and kill animals at an alarming rate. They have no respect for life in general and should not be allowed to own pets because they are sadists.
    Many blacks are victims of horrific abuse as children – sexual abuse, beatings, neglect, no father around, etc. Most don’t even know who their father is.

    I remember some infuriating and gruesome cases from the “Chimpout” forum – a guy there told me that the US Humane Society or PETA don’t have a database for the public to check which races are more prone to abuse animals, but niggers are the worst offenders.

    Can you believe this shit? This sick bastard ripped out the claws of two small kittens and broke their bones in the process. The kittens had to be euthanized.

    This ugly specimen killed 200 dogs:

    @Rory’s post is spot on. It is a disgrace that these “people” are allowed to continue to breed, they are like cancer or locusts and destroy America more with each passing day.
    Forced integration is organized jewry’s worst offense in my opinion, worse than the FED, wars for Israel, media-brainwashing, corruption, or high treason combined.

    And most people in Europe don’t have the slightest idea what’s going on, they still believe that blacks are oppressed victims. But the jews do their best to flood our countries with niggers AND muslims. It could actually get worse here within the next years, and western Europe doesn’t have a chance to say “no thanks”.

  22. Smitherines says:

    Is Trump Right About NATO?
    By Patrick J. Buchanan×245.jpg
    Is Trump Right About NATO?

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    Tuesday – March 29, 2016

    I am “not isolationist, but I am ‘America First,'” Donald Trump told The New York times last weekend. “I like the expression.”

    Of NATO, where the U.S. underwrites three-fourths of the cost of defending Europe, Trump calls this arrangement “unfair, economically, to us,” and adds, “We will not be ripped off anymore.”

    Beltway media may be transfixed with Twitter wars over wives and alleged infidelities. But the ideas Trump aired should ignite a national debate over U.S. overseas commitments — especially NATO.

    For the Donald’s ideas are not lacking for authoritative support.

    The first NATO supreme commander, Gen. Eisenhower, said in February 1951 of the alliance: “If in 10 years, all American troops stationed in Europe for national defense purposes have not been returned to the United States, then this whole project will have failed.”

    As JFK biographer Richard Reeves relates, President Eisenhower, a decade later, admonished the president-elect on NATO.

    “Eisenhower told his successor it was time to start bringing the troops home from Europe. ‘America is carrying far more than her share of free world defense,’ he said. It was time for other nations of NATO to take on more of the costs of their own defense.”
    No Cold War president followed Ike’s counsel.

    But when the Cold War ended with the collapse of the Soviet Empire, the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact, and the breakup of the Soviet Union into 15 nations, a new debate erupted.

    The conservative coalition that had united in the Cold War fractured. Some of us argued that when the Russian troops went home from Europe, the American troops should come home from Europe.

    Time for a populous prosperous Europe to start defending itself.

    Instead, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush began handing out NATO memberships, i.e., war guarantees, to all ex-Warsaw Pact nations and even Baltic republics that had been part of the Soviet Union.

    In a historically provocative act, the U.S. moved its “red line” for war with Russia from the Elbe River in Germany to the Estonian-Russian border, a few miles from St. Petersburg.

    We declared to the world that should Russia seek to restore its hegemony over any part of its old empire in Europe, she would be at war with the United States.

    No Cold War president ever considered issuing a war guarantee of this magnitude, putting our homeland at risk of nuclear war, to defend Latvia and Estonia.

    Recall. Ike did not intervene to save the Hungarian freedom fighters in 1956. Lyndon Johnson did not lift a hand to save the Czechs, when Warsaw Pact armies crushed “Prague Spring” in 1968. Reagan refused to intervene when Gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski, on Moscow’s orders, smashed Solidarity in 1981.

    These presidents put America first. All would have rejoiced in the liberation of Eastern Europe. But none would have committed us to war with a nuclear-armed nation like Russia to guarantee it.

    Yet, here was George W. Bush declaring that any Russian move against Latvia or Estonia meant war with the United States. John McCain wanted to extend U.S. war guarantees to Georgia and Ukraine.

    This was madness born of hubris. And among those who warned against moving NATO onto Russia’s front porch was America’s greatest geostrategist, the author of containment, George Kennan:

    “Expanding NATO would be the most fateful error of American policy in the post-Cold War era. Such a decision may be expected to impel Russian foreign policy in directions decidedly not to our liking.”

    Kennan was proven right. By refusing to treat Russia as we treated other nations that repudiated Leninism, we created the Russia we feared, a rearming nation bristling with resentment.

    The Russian people, having extended a hand in friendship and seen it slapped away, cheered the ouster of the accommodating Boris Yeltsin and the arrival of an autocratic strong man who would make Russia respected again. We ourselves prepared the path for Vladimir Putin.

    While Trump is focusing on how America is bearing too much of the cost of defending Europe, it is the risks we are taking that are paramount, risks no Cold War president ever dared to take.

    Why should America fight Russia over who rules in the Baltic States or Romania and Bulgaria? When did the sovereignty of these nations become interests so vital we would risk a military clash with Moscow that could escalate into nuclear war? Why are we still committed to fight for scores of nations on five continents?

    Trump is challenging the mindset of a foreign policy elite whose thinking is frozen in a world that disappeared around 1991.

    He is suggesting a new foreign policy where the United States is committed to war only when are attacked or U.S. vital interests are imperiled. And when we agree to defend other nations, they will bear a full share of the cost of their own defense. The era of the free rider is over.

    Trump’s phrase, “America First!” has a nice ring to it.

    Do You Appreciate Reading Our Emails and Website?
    Let us know how we are doing – Send us a Thank You Via Paypal!

    Read More At:

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  23. Bailey says:

    Damn Izzy ,

    I can’t even look at those links and i couldn’t agree more , niggers should not be allowed to have pets, they shouldn’t even be allowed to have children.

  24. Smitherines says:

    Purim: A Festival of Hate and an Insight into How Jewish Supremacists view Gentiles
    March 23, 2016 at 9:57 am

    Commentary — This article was originally posted two years ago, but it stands up very well today. Rabbi Shmuel Herzberg, who is featured in the article, was in the news this week when he protested Donald Trump’s appearance at the AIPAC conference.

    Rabbi Herzfeld, the leader of the prominent National Synagogue, told the Washington Post that he immediately stood, put on a tallis — or prayer shawl — and shouted: “Do not listen to this man. He is wicked. He inspires racists and bigots.” Herzfeld did not resist security’s efforts to remove him, he said.

    “With every cell in my body I felt the obligation as a rabbi to declare his wickedness to the world,” Herzfeld put on Facebook minutes after he was carried out, setting off dozens of comments from across the spectrum.

    Yet he feels no such obligation to speak or act against the racism, bigotry, torture, or massacres of the Jewish State of Israel, whose interest he was at the AIPAC conference to promote. Such hypocrisy! Happy Purim, everyone!
    Purim: A Festival of Hate and an Insight into How Jewish Supremacists view Gentiles
    March 14, 2014 at 12:10 am

    By David Duke. As the Jewish celebration of Purim starts on March 15, it is timely to ask what is Purim, why is it celebrated and what does it mean? The answers to these questions are shocking–and always covered up by the Jewish-Supremacist controlled mass media.

    It is vital that non-Jews acquire a fundamental understanding of the unconscionable hatred engendered by this primitive Jewish celebration of atavistic hatred, murder and revenge against their enemies, a feast called “Purim.”

    According to the Jewish religion, Purim means “Feast of Lots” which comes from the Jewish contention that Haman, who was the Prime Minister to the King of Persia, Xerxes (the Jews call him Ahasuerus), planned to kill all the Jews in the empire.

    Xerxes’ wife was the Jewish Esther and she with the Jewish leader Mordechai interceded with the King, to have Haman executed and allow the Jews to exact revenge upon those they saw as their enemies.

    There is no archeological or historical evidence for any of this other than the bloodthirsty writings in Esther and it’s admittedly Jewish version of the events. The book of Esther records that Haman along with all of his ten sons were hanged, and that 75,000 Persians were slaughtered by the Jews.

    Interestingly enough, the Jews used Jewish influence (that of Esther) over a Gentile king to do their dirty work. In one instance, the book of Esther even frankly tells how the king was fooled into believing wrongly that Haman had cut down his beloved grove of trees.

    Esther explains that Haman did not do this but the angels did it and appeared to the keepers of the trees as Haman.

    More here:

  25. canac123 says:

    When speaking of Negroes one must begin with Africa. When European countries were looking for colonies they went into Africa…especially black Africa. There were few, if any countries there. IT was a patchwork of tribes and villages and sub-humans living in filth and fear and barbarism. These people had not even invented a wheel when Europe was using steam-engines and moving to oil driven machinery. The Africans were killing each other and enslaving each other and were absolutely worthless to the world as a whole. Nowadays, some with the gumption of made a way for themselves but they are the very few. The rest of the African and American negroes (the majority) have not changed much. Black Africa is still a basket case with the same wars and the same barbarism as it always has had but is worse now with automatic weapons compared to the spears of yesterday. Africa still has the same slums, grass houses, human waste, diseases, and general filth that is always has had. The places where Africans live in western nations (like here in the US) are just like Africa. They have degenerated into gangs, warfare, and hatred just like Africa. Africans of every stripe and living in every nation are simply no good. We are fools for putting up with them.

  26. protocolsRtrue says:

    Bailey’s at 11:14 brought up another thought bubble I had the other day. You see all these niggers and jews running around take down every confederate flag and statue of the war for southern independence Generals because it scares me and offends me. O.K. nigger and jew as soon as you remove every racist martin luther king junior boulevard street sign paid for with taxpayer money and Malcolm X boulevard and Rosa Parks boulevard street sign because it offends me and hurts my feelings also.
    What’s the greatest accomplishment of niggers in the history of the world? That one nigger that claimed he invented peanuts. Washington Carver or something I get my niggers mixed up they all look the same you know. Thank God they like to wear tattoos on their faces how in the hell else could we pick them out of a linup of whodunnits? The usual suspects.

  27. kerdasi amaq says:

    Although, from the libtard viewpoint; niggers can do no wrong.

    They must be cured of this mental aberration.

  28. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Black Teenagers Rap About Murdering Donald Trump

    Twenty black teenagers from Baltimore rap about murdering Donald Trump.

  29. It’s clear to me that the bitches, niggers, spics, muzzies, 666ers, and sundry other inferior races are trying to signal their inferiority and ineptitude and are crying out for the WHITE MAN to reestablish order and discipline with his excellent faculties of reason and judgement -in short, WHITE RULE- so that all may live, at least, in a world they can comprehend. Now that these animals have power, it is clear they do not know how to handle themselves. It is a sin of the white man to not properly rule over his inferiors. Look at what happens.

  30. S O G says:

    niggers are the jews pets …to us they are just pests the kind that carry venom and disease ..
    in one of the pictures you see the communist left leaning leninist bolshevik shill and his sign ..icl .. sparticist league same as spartacus league which is nothing more thasn a smoke front for jewish communism …communism has gained huge leaps and bounds in the world as the alledged cure for social and economical ills …icl is an illness and people who swallow this shit either belive it and are extremely brainwashed or they are sneering arogant jew commisars heading up the red front via DECEPTION as usual ..dint they already do this in a number of nations and dint it prove deadly for 10’s of millions of innocents in russia and germany ..they preached the same ills in germany till 1933 and they were against hitler as well buit mainly they are agianst caucasions and christianity ..
    we know …
    what would happen if 20 white kids rapped about killing the potus …or sanders commie or hillary ..
    so in te name of pretendng to want to cure the usa of capitalism these cross section of miscreant losers from fags to tranniues and jew dykes and of courese they are the best cut of the masses right ?, but they can and arre allowed to be as violent and more racist and fascist than they alledge trump to be ..
    what exactly has trump ever said that would spark all te hoopla ..
    did he tell niggers to get a job or go to school or stop al te mindless violence against whites ..did he tell any gas to go straight or for sex change freaks to quit their freak show …I think he is just as much a part of the chaos as the idiots out there protesting ..these actors are wasting real americans time …
    yeash and now farraskon wants to just dump te american flag cus the niggers have gotten heck under it as well as the confed flag which he asks why all duh fuss n sheeeyt ..the american flag is just as bad this nigger says …what 30 IQ nigger serial killer terrorist farrakohen doesnt admit is that he is in the pay of jews and des their bidding ..farrakon was at the start and formation of the noi when they have to kill whites to gain niggers r us membership ..they still do ..nigger on white crime is astronomical ..farrakon also says to niggers that whites only march with you to divert niggers attn from how bad whites are or some such ebonic jibberish ..there he is ,,farrakoon always stirring up anti white violence in america ..the truth is that whites catch “heck” from niggers under the american flag and we still revere its intrinsic meaning ..the truth is that the NORTH had JUST AS MANY niggers slaves and just as many freedmen as the south ..the jews owned the slaves in te north and in the south they also owneed the slaves and the niggers also owned slaves ..blacks owned blacks as a tradition carried on from africa no less muslims in north africa and blacks sold niggers that were already slaves to slave jew traders …jews owned the ships and crewed them and sold them at markets in upper NORTH state colonies and places like louisiana ..john lafitte the pirate was a jew ship master and jew slave trader in the louisiana territoty ..jews founded and built new orleans ..the norht had slaves owned by jews and yet the north is never under persecution ..only the south where 1% of the population owned slaves ..half of these were jews and the other half were freed bond slaves niggers …the other 99% of the inhabs in nte south were never invested in slaves or owned them ..they went about their business and work and families everyday and godly dities etc ..whatever ..but the marxist trained dogma brainwashed spewers of today make it sound lime whitey slave owner in the south was all whites when it was only jews and blacks who owned slaves and they represented 1% of te total population in te south and the north was just as saturated with slaves and jewish slave owners …
    white guilt is another jewish bolshevik trick …
    so in comparing the 2 issues or stories only one stands up …and from what i read of farrakon he knows this truths about slavery yet continues to shill the marxist bolshevik line …because he is just the same as sharpton and jackson and obozo ..they are paid agents provacateurs for the red bolshevik jewish pre invasion forces ..meaning pre genocide which means pre extermination because the war games have already begun on our streets in america or why would a retarded nigger ass ssucking mayor of baltimore say goahead and let the niggers destroy the city ..240 businesses burned and looted this f-n bitch gonna pay for this shit ..why dont insurance companies sue her ass to kingdom come ..
    some lawmaker was just sanctioned and advised of legal entanglkement for inciting niggers to violence like they need any incentive or enticement ..the lawmaker is a nigger ..this is a criminal act yet farrakon and the nbpp get away with this shit and so does the pooftus obhomo …double triple quaruple standards …
    the danger lays in bolshevism getting a clear signal and a greemn light to engage in te beastial ferocity they operated with in the ussr in 1917 and on with the disgusting methods of brutal killings of 80 million non jews …and lenin said as much ..hgitler never said anything on these lines about the jews ..but it is clear that jews are twisted and treacherous with tis marxist shit …on and on ..never ending tale of jewish crime ..
    americans voting communist ??? see the bernie stickers ..dint america also go through an extensive angti communist period called the cold war only t now open its arms to cold warriors and decndants of jewoish mass murdering communists .. thier schtik ..propaganda ..its a lemon ..
    hook you on the merits of a corrupt kleptocracty that their supporters and financiers own …right ..appeal to your altruism and then brainwash you ..they got followers and commisars a disbanded but organised form of jewosh russian communism everywhere …

  31. PRT, your stuff is fantastic. I shit you not.

  32. kerdesai, it is not a mental aberration, it is a mental illness from which they must be cured.

  33. Wow, niggers and kikes are so gross.

  34. S O G says:

    well said AOTP …..look at what has been done to africa as a hole since whites were dumbed assed into giving the niggers power ,,,it is best for people to just immerse themselves in the study of this massive crime against sovereign benign benevolenet white helpers and builders of an actual utopia out of the shit crusted entrails of africa …

    there has been nothing but jew engineered famine and war for profit and extermination of whites and asfrican niggers by jews so they can litterally haul in the billions in profits and still according to their customs of old they still give the niggers trinkets and watered down rum for rights to minerals and other shit

    …while jews continue to make billions on african natural resources and enslave niggers in the diamond industry this keepin it real ,basically makes all diamonds blood diomands or jew diamonds since they control 100% of the diamond trade and oil in other highly polluted parts of africa as well , and other shit here and there …they wouldnt have been able to have complete bolshevik hegemony over the natives unless the jews got rid of the boer first in order to implement jewish real apartheid the jews needed to kill off the whites of south africa using their nigger foot soldiers and tin pot dictators …..this time was the second time the jews made war on the boers ..all the while the niggers in africa made war and slaves and dinner out of each other for thousands of years ..

    away from all the nigger news i sat in te sun today and soaked up light that took 175,000 years to get here travels for 7-8 minutes from the sun but from the core to the convection layer it takes 175,000 years to pass from layer 1 to layer 2 and then to the surface ..too much huh ….im guessing that people have been around for 200,000 years or more ..
    the many dictators of africa have killed millions of jiggabooz on the way thru history without any incentive whatsoever is ingrained into their genetics shaka zulu killed 3-4 million niggers he made war on ..idi amin killed alot and mugabe and nelson peace laureate mandela and his anc jew backed nigger communism is another jew paid shill who knew the deal and he kept it nigger versionn of real ,jew version of real …after whites were on the slow train to extermination in sout africa then all te famines started and the civil wars the jews were creating …mercenary heaven that …

    AOTP are you ever going to link incogman on your blogroll ..or anyothers ..its been years now and the blogroll has not changed at your site …but i digress as i realize you seek to softly softly catchee catchee the uneducated brainwashed americans ..there is a need for wisdom stealth and sometimes …just wonderin is all ..dont want to scare them off with too much at once ..

    meanwhile big suit and hoopla against an airline when some kids were singing the old rhyme ..”….Eeny Meeny Miney Moe” it was catch a tiger, and not… that other word, you know the “N”iqqer word……? and again why isnt the north catching hell for slavery or the jews ..oh yeah right i said to mee self its because its all jews trying to take the focus of their crimes off of themselves and put it onto us ..extremely cowardly fashion the crimes the jews committed in soviet russia wherre soap was actually made from priests and lampshades were actually made by jews of russian non jews ..and then they superimpose these crimes onto whipped and beaten germany …jews have murdered 4 million palestinians many whom were christian as well ..they belive in that shit about killing all the inhabitants etc of their promised land ..and we should believe all this because a jew says so ..and a jew who lies to take his gains from the world as ill gotten at best .,he lies as a religious pious duty to talmud judaiesm which has nothing to do with the old testament but then again the israelites had nothing to do with the old testament either ..i mean how in te hell can the jews keep getting away with this delusional bull shit …

    Black Run America: Atlanta Suburbs Too White …says the niggers ..its too black in reality or basketball or football are becoming all black and they say still there are too many whites ..anyone in america notice this shit ..i saw a glance at a football game awhile ago and there wasnt one white face but a couple mullattos who i guess are going to be the new whipping dogs with the albino nigroids after whites are gone …lol…fer fuck sake …

    this country wasnt founded for niggers to live here at all is for africans and they say this all day long took years to teach them how to even say that in english ..
    niggers were not meant to live here ,only whites ,and like the mqan said when blacks run shit they run it to shit and gone run cities what a joke qnd we whites still support the nigger madness with tax extortion dollars ..south africa is being run into the ground by stupid niggers ..the farms are dying off and what were once great and proud symbols of european ingenuity and prosperity are noew gone to seed or nigger vacation houses ..starvation has creeped into africa and they for the first time in a century have to chimport food ……..yada yada yada bada bing bada bang …niggers are some sorry ass pieces of shit …

  35. Recon Ranger says:

    We white folks need to start blowing the fucking niggers away… get ready because it is coming to a town near you….

  36. Bailey says:

    Yea AOP , Great post up there @ 5:16 .


    “this country wasnt founded for niggers to live here at all is for africans and they say this all day long took years to teach them how to even say that in english ..”

    Excellent !

  37. Thanks for the hat tip, sog and Bail. I always maintain this would have been a better planet had Hitler won the war of jewish aggression. A lot of other peoples agreed…too.

    What? I don’t have Incogman on my blogroll? An oversight. Will fix. Admittedly I just try to throw out understated gems on there here and there. Every once in a while I feel the juice to fire it up and then life intervenes.

    Hey anyone know if I approve a comment on WordPress that the person commenting can view my email address? Would be helpful to know.

    Also I would like to get a bitcoin account up and running so that I can make a donation to daily stormer. Does anyone know of a reliable and trustworthy bitcoin site that I can use to purchase bit coin and which can facilitate the transaction? It’s been weighing on me, Anglin’s doing as fantastic a job as our freind Incog Man.

    Many thanks.

  38. S O G says:

    the 15 dollar an hour min wage has the potential of putting many small businesses out of business ..then agian what do jews care anyway ..
    check the heretic bailey a mexican rapes and knocks up a 12 year old girl ..this shit is normal in mexico ,it is acceptable and routine africa i think the age is like the muslim age of consensual rape is 8 years old ..niggers in africa go for those hot 1 and 2 year olds tho so they wont get aids ..the tragedy or what is that the nigger already has aids and gives it to the baby ..sic shit ..maost africans should be euthanized anyway ..the ones here that riot should be shot in the commission of brigandage well yeah arson and looting and destroying a city and a nation ..back in 65 watts riots over nothing basically but the national gauird got some target practice on the looting nigger trash …the order was shoot to kill ..and it was the right call cant have a nation of jacked up idiotards being allowed and encouraged to be all they can be TNB ..there is no way to debrief this kind of sociopathic pathology have to kill it …for the good of the country and family …warms my heart going back to greensboro shooting of 5 commies by nazis ..heh heh what mofos ..pop pop goes the weasels ..ahye ..the jews set this up ..and the nazis won ..heil nasdap ..
    if whites started calling for the death of all niggers we would be hounded like waco or ruby ridge ..or like LaVoy Finicum ….assassination is the order ..they are like the jap fuck who shot weavers wife and baby ..chink bastard lon horiuchi ..ahhs ho rear onnerarbrl …FBI CIA DOD nsa ..we certainly have a lot of assholes watching us when they are the ones who need shaclkles and dungeons ..they have “eschelon” carnivore nsa and utah data hub abd other shit like signal mirror splitters set up t captuer all high volume communicatio via wires…fiber optic shit …
    yeah so te govts. desire and level of power allows them to kill us but not for us to kill them legally ….waco was the rescue of children ?? wtf they could a nabbed david k anytime off of the compound …guns in texas as abput as surprising as sunshine on a sunny day ..
    clintons 4 personal party escort secret service dupes were transfered out that day and got shot by “friendly fire ” ..clinton just cleaning up loose ends or hillary etc ..but in str4ead of rescuing the children they burned the place down …never mind the peole trying to escape the flames who were being shot at by men with no names in ninja suits ..
    weavers sitch was all over a sawn off shotgun ..and not appearing in court ..right …how many people in theose days used to get a massive party of 50 agents comin g to their door …the feds wanted violence and initiated it by shooting weavers son …i am glad he got to kill the fuckin fed .only wish he coulda killed 20-30 more …cocksuckers shot the dog ..what is it with these god dammed cops these days and their shooting dogs shoot my dog im going to kill yer ass one way or another if it takes the rest o my life ..promise ..this country is ruled by many extreme fanatic factions united under a common banner of complet control and ridid unfeeling bolshevik and socialist fascist power all of which the jew and his niggers and goys embody to the fullest under jewish mentorship …anyway my 2 cents
    this country is no stranger to injustice ..during mining strikes in times past the cops shot a lot of strikers ..on and on ..cops fuck white peole uo every day in america ..we should riot ..the voice of the voiceless …rioting is the voice of those who have no voice or recourse …it works for the niggers …

  39. Rory says:

    That idiotic nigger cRAP video won’t deter my views about Trump.
    Or millions of others, for that matter.
    To me it’s just a bunch of young nigger thugs with hatred in their souls, (IF they even have one) and those types mean shit to me.
    Things like this literally BACKFIRE on these niggers, because it drives more of us “sane” people towards appreciating living a better life, and saluting anyone who cares (Trump) about a peaceful society.

    Niggers like these need to be removed from our society.

    Oh….. and eventually they will be, of their own doing. 🙂

  40. S O G says:

    you might have to run your web site cloud fare and a proxy to keep anyone from spotting your digital bona fides aotp …i used to be able to see peoples ip’s wherever i went is pretty routine stuff …most people dont care but some of us do ..
    which brings me to another point ..i did comment on your site 3 years ago and it never posted ..i usually dont try twice ..but thats just me …hide behind a cloud …and a proxy ..or 2 …it seems that with your level of interaction on the net and im guessing here is that you could just run an aplle g5 tower personal desk top as a server and have it run on a permanent proxied location …im not real genius on that kinda shit ..

  41. Red Pill says:


    this would have been a better planet if the white man had followed God’s laws.
    by not following them the enemies have penetrated our defenses.

    in the book of Joshua, chapter 9, the Israelite’s were told by God to destroy
    all the inhabitants of Canaan , men, woman and children, along with all their animals.
    (genetic mutations) these people were the bastardized unions of the fallen angels and humans.

    so what the fuck happened? they were conned in to accepting them by the slippery tongues of the people we now know now as jews.

    but don’t take my word for it, this is where it all started, these bastards voluntary
    became there slaves, and just like the protocols of the learned elders of Zion instructs
    they infiltrated and set about to destroy there host, sound familiar?

    you can read this chapter here, it’s only one page eyeopener.

  42. S O G says:

    putin keepin it real ..
    i waS wonderin if the jews have a federal reserve bank in russia …
    an economic catstrophe anywhere in te world in a big industrialized nation can have cause and effect ..negative reaction on the rest of the world …what is going on in russia could be a another wall street type thing from the filthy heebs that slither around unhindered ..
    putin ..another paper cut out anti hero ..its all mcabre theater but i would watch this shit
    hmmm those ukraine girls really knock me out ..back back back in the ussr …
    russia has some nice new sports car mini fighter jets which are a far cry better than our f35 trillion dollar pork barrel waste ..its A lot of pork rinds and crisps…
    russias bubble of economy may have been fueled in art by oil prices and gas contracts ..the polish heads of state that crashed 2-3 year ago was in part due to a cancelled contract the polish found their own natural gas and cancelled a multi billion dollar order ..anyway russia is paying for having jews around still ..
    trying to keep up with whats happening in russia is likw tryig to keep up with and figure out the conflict in ireland a time ago aND THe everchanging political turmoil in balkans ….
    on and on ..check out injusticefile and the list of multimillion dollar chimp suits scamms ..never relax around niggers ..make no friend of niggers they are slashing random white people becaus jaquevarious couldnt get a job in aerospace lab or jet fighter pilot using apefirmative axshun …happy hunting ..
    oh and lonny horiuchi did not shoot the weavers infant child but everyone was wondering if that is what he was aiming at ..why the wife or the baby could have been hit and maybe the sic fuck fbi cocksuckers wanted a 2 fer 1 kill shot ..assholes ..

  43. Tim says:

    They’re just like us…, suuuuuurrrrre

  44. squarepegroundhole says:

    Cops: Illegal Immigrant Arrested for Raping, Impregnating 12-Year-Old in TX

    28 Mar 2016

    An illegal immigrant has been arrested and charged with raping and impregnating a 12-year-old Texas girl, authorities say.

    Prosecutors charged that in 2015 an illegal immigrant, Jose Alejandro Najarro, tried to convince his 12-year-old victim to have sex with him, but she refused. Refusing to take “no” for an answer, the suspect allegedly raped her at his home in Kyle, Texas.

    Several months later, the girl was found to be pregnant and an investigation into her predicament was begun at that time. The girl told authorities she only had sex one time and that was with the suspect.

    The child also said Najarro pursued her for months after their first encounter — even offering her money at one point — but she steadfastly refused to go back to his home.

    Najarro has been charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child and was booked into the Hays County jail on March 24. He has also been placed on an immigration detainer.

    The investigation into the rape is ongoing.

  45. S O G says:

    still no vice president clues one runs on the pres and vice ores ticket anymore ..
    CHARLESTON, W.Va. Aug. 6, 2011……Black Male Guns Down Two Unarmed White Males – DA Refuses To Prosecute……
    Large Female Guns Down Unarmed White Male – Large Black Female Claims Self-Defense – Witnesses Contradict Her Version – No Charges Filed Against Black Female
    Man (nigger)Gets Convicted Of 1st Degree Murder… AND GETS PROBATION…
    OJ Simpson Home Invasion – Double Murder…
    Ironclad Evidence – YET Jury
    (all black except one dingy white female and one Hispanic)
    ACQUITS Simpson ……….
    White Female Abducted By Six Blacks – Set On Fire…
    Crazy Brain Man Executes White Teen On A Commuter Train – Jury Acquits…..
    Another Racist HATE Attack – Another White Person Is Dead (stabbed to death on a public street)
    Home Invasion – RAGE KILL Abuse Of the Elderly

    Attempted Murder – Sucker Puncher Still On The Loose
    White Male UNAWARE Of The Infamous Black Male Sucker Punch … Pays The Price along with hundreds of others …

    Three black teens, Darnell Gilmore, 16, (triggerman) Ahmad Hill, 16, Marcus Pleasant, 16, (waited in a stolen Jeep – acquitted)… were driving around looking for someone to rob. They spotted two white females. Two of the youths exited their car and ran up to the girls and at gunpoint demanded they give up their purses. One of the girls, however, had the temerity to resist. That was enough to cause Gilmore to gun her down. nigger racist anti white ape judge aquits the niggers ..
    like i say the nigger community is full of serial repeat killers and rapers ..with all the worthless niggers being killed by their niggers in arms and the whites killed by niggers it is actually pretty striking a stat …there has to be hundreds of multiple numbers killings by hundreds of single nigger individuals …stop frisk should dont stop dont say shit just shoot the criminal mass murdering niggers where they stand …hope and pray the injusticefile stays open and running ..the adl and child convicted rapist morris dees down at the splc call it a racist site exposes racism against whites while the faggots over at adl and splc and other faggot jew organiztions are busy hiding the niggers incessent inexcorable violence against whites in america ..inarguable evidence beyond a shadow of doubt …

  46. S O G says:

    this guy got it right …niggers play the puppydog act ..fake and dangerous to fall for ..niggers all act all innocent and puppydog like to fool people ..nigger atrocities tip of the iceberg reports at …..
    Negro Goes To White Home, Puts On “Puppy Dog” Act And Begs For Food; He’s Fed…Then Rapes Housewife ..this shit was common for niggers ..and they were treated to american justice ….i like the one case here ..
    “……Negro Burned At The Stake – Attempted To Massacre Entire Family……”
    Coweta, GA : A negro, Samuel “Thomas” Wilkes (AKA Sam Hose), applied for a labor position from Mr. Alfred Cranford. Apparently, it was a ruse from the beginning. His real motive was to murder the entire Cranford family, including raping Mrs. Cranford, then steal what he could and flee the state. And this is exactly how it played out. Well, almost. After the negro murdered Mr. Cranford, he charged into the Cranford home and raped Mrs. Cranford. He then attempted to strangle her to death. However, Mrs. Cranford survived by playing dead. There was also an unknown reported injury to the Cranford’s child. After Hose was apprehended, he admitted killing Mr. Cranford. He denied, however, raping Mrs. Cranford. Hose claimed it was another man who did the rape…but he needed just a little time to think about who it was. He didn’t get it. A mob of 500 Americans seized Sam Hose, chained him to a tree, then many pulled knives and began to chop away at him (ears, groin area, fingers). After this mutilation, Sam Hose, still alive, was set aflame.
    Note: A Negro preacher man, Elijah Strickland, was accused by Sam Hose of paying him to kill Mr. Cranford. A mob lynched him.

    these niggers didnt just get evil they have always been evil ..they cant stop themselves from raping ..there are thousands of cases of nigger rape since the 1900’s

  47. guiltfreewhite says:

    I am very lucky, because Im old enough to have went to half of my public school days, at a school, that didn’t have a single black in it.Now while the administration there was hardass,one learned, and had no fear whatsoever, of being murdered there.I can say, that percentage wise, from 50 years experience, that amazingly, there is a small percentage of decent blacks out there, but,far far to few to diminish the savagery of the rest of them. I see things getting more and more, as they were back in 1967-1968.

  48. Incogman… Interesting article..

    I am still around.. I was supposed to be on a vacation break right now, but here I am violating my self imposed isolation by getting online and reading the articles here…

    I am not against blacks, as I look at them as the useful idiots of the Jews and the psycho Jew method of attacking the whites… Most blacks are just too stupid to realize that they are being used and abused by these Jewish pricks and once the Jews are able to use them like the fools they are in finally destroying the whites, they will have slavery reimposed and the blacks will be nothing but cannon fodder….

    I do however not like what I am watching happening in America right now where these dumbed down and so stupid blacks are acting like wild animals…… They have been brainwashed by the Jew into the false belief that all of their troubles are caused by the whites, when in reality they brought their misery onto themselves by their own actions..

    Good work on this one, Incog….. Keep up the fight….

  49. S O G says:

    niger arrocities from 1900 on …too many to list so it makes me wonder how many atrocities freed nigger psycos committed from 1800 to 1900 …
    i really like the one where they put the nigger up as branch manager with a promotional rope to say …then they cut his ass human at a time goes by his scumbag ass and cuts a piece off o the mutt ear here and a nose and etc till it then had fire added to the menu …
    most niggers today deserve torture and slooooooow death …deathy to noi and death to nbpp .

  50. Dutcher says:

    Wow incredible list in those embedded links. Good work to expose the feral beasts for what they are. I deny that jew enabling makes these beasts act the way they are, these are natural predators so even with or without any enablers they are gonna act that way when let loose. Slavery should be considered the golden period when they celebrate Black History Month. Thats the only time these subspecies have been productive somewhat.
    Incogman and others, What do you think about educated negros, working in IT industry and other productive industries? Do you guys feel they have stepped out of their rotten culture and completely reformed by education or they are like a Ticking Time Bomb where the innate nigger inside them can explode any time? I dont have the faintest idea since we dont have that much ghetto types in Europe.

  51. S O G says:

    niger arrocities from 1900 on …too many to list so it makes me wonder how many atrocities freed nigger psycos committed from 1800 to 1900 …
    i really like the one where they put the nigger up as branch manager with a promotional rope to say …then they cut his ass human at a time goes by his scumbag ass and cuts a piece off o the mutt ear here and a nose and etc till it then had fire added to the menu …
    most niggers today deserve torture and slooooooow death …deathy to noi and death to nbpp .
    I dont think the niggers have been brainwashed by any one ..they are born that way ..
    they dont need to follow any directive other then the nigger pulse of the ghetto …
    the reason i say this is because even farrakon knows the jews are what they are and he still works for them for the goal of black supremecy doesnt mater that jews are the problem ..if jews will help niggers gain power economically which translates to white tax dollars funnelled to niggers and if the jew will help the niggers eradicate us cus niggers hate whites naturally without any help from jews …the niggers are a fully funcrtioning idiot organization based on hatre and racism aginst whoites and the jew is willing to help the nigger out till when ever the nigger becomes un useful to the jews goals

  52. Bailey says:

    Minneapolis niggers begin chimping out over a useless criminals black life is spattered.

    In between some eekin’ and ookin’ the niggers try to show their intelligence by saying things like ” The prosecutor leaned heavy on officer accounts while ignoring the accounts of eye witnesses”.

    They’re all lawyers now I guess but the one thing the stupid niggers forgot is that they’re fucking liars.

    Fat sheeboon lies at saint Trayvon’s , bitch can’t even read a letter that she testified that SHE wrote – no perjury charge , just send the fat bitch home.

    Saint Michael of the “hands up don’t shoot” fame had his pack of negro liars too and forensic evidence is pretty strong stuff for a nigger – or smart White person – to refute.
    Only jew lawyers are able to do that and in both cases above they failed so it is safe to say that the evidence is pretty strong , niggers are very stupid and even a jew couldn’t make these cases fit the jew narrative.

    So the niggers in Minneapolis and everywhere else should just shut the fuck up which that fat nigger in jew York would have been doing if the po-leece really were chocking the shit out of him. I you can’t breathe you will not be able to say so , stupid niggers.

    Now that cunt Hillary Clinton and the commie jew Sanders have something new to spew to the niggers about.

  53. Bailey says:

    Hey Dutcher ,

    “What do you think about educated negros, working in IT industry and other productive industries? ”

    There are no educated negroes in the JewSA – they’re edjewcated and given affirmative action jobs and they are not good at any of them but they are ALL ticking time bombs.

    I’ve been in the same trade for over 30 years and never have I worked with a smart nigger. To be fair to the minorities though I did work with a Puerto Rican once who was really effin’ smart , he was my supervisor and the guy who hired me and was about ten years younger than me but the kid was an excellent programmer with some shop math skills that almost nobody could match , not only that but he was a nice guy to work with , we were able to work together better than most white jerkoffs I’ve worked with over the years.

    If you’re into researching “ticking time bomb” niggers on the job check out Omar Thornton who shot up his bosses because they fired him for stealing beer and of course because of their racism over at the Hartford Distributors.
    Luckily though for us taxpayers he shot himself in the head and he aint our burden.

  54. kerdasi amaq says:

    Yeah, you’re right, AOTP I was just being gentle with the mentally challenged ones.

    PeterB, I read that book, ‘Zebra’. It’s a good read and useful lessons can be drawn from it. Thanks for posting the link.

  55. View Poll Results: Which groups should be exterminated?

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  56. squarepegroundhole says:

    All our cities are ripe with die-versity

    If you can see a Nigger you are too close.

    Protect your loved ones tell them the truth about Niggers.

  57. squarepegroundhole says:
  58. Whitepride says:

    Black effin bastard apes! Hope a disease like AIDS wipes them all out! Wow they are really sick no good fuckers!

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