The Most Disgustingly Foul Race on the Planet


By Phillip Marlowe

Wilson infected TODDLER with STD's.

Wilson infected a little TODDLER with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). The pointy headed degenerate is actually seen smirking in his mugshot like he’s so proud of himself. Most Whites are clueless because the media protects them, but this kind of thing happens all the time with this disgusting race. More photos of black criminals and perverts are below.

I read this the other day over at INFO STORMER and folks, I’m still retching. Down in Texas, a filthy black (right) was just sentenced to life in prison for impregnating and infecting a 14 year-old teen girl with STD’s. He also infected a BABY TODDLER with HIV (AIDS) and the Herpes virus STD.

According to court documents, the 34 year-old David Wilson was having sex with the 14 year-old girl and sexually molesting a 23 month-old TODDLER he lived with in the same black filth abode. I capitalize and boldface that since you need to understand just how disgusting and foul this race truly is.

The poor little chimplet became so screwed up, they had to do reconstructive surgery of some sort relating to the massive infections of HIV (AIDS), chlamydia and herpes. God only knows what sexual acts Wilson committed and I will not speculate due to the risk of vomiting my brains out on my keyboard.

Wilson was living in the same residence and possibly related to the TODDLER in some way; investigators most likely ran genetic strain tests on the STDs to pinpoint the right prick. Wilson claimed he was in love with the pregnant 14 year-old. Sure, I bet he was. No word on race, but I assume it’s a ghetto chillun (the apes breed like rats). All three of them are now infected with herpes and HIV — certain to cost taxpayers tens of thousands every year in expensive anti-viral medicines (ObamaCare was a clever swindle of America designed to spread out the medical costs of immoral blacks and the nearly as bad Third Worlders allowed to invade our White lands).

Effin’ GD Animals!

NIGGER DIRTBAG MONTAGEGo to NEW NATION NEWS for this week’s crop of dirtbag blacks. You will not believe just how many blacks get busted in this country for totally sick crap on a daily basis. Get real: Blacks are a nasty, filthy race of dirty GD animals.

White people simply have no idea what a nasty, brutish race black “people” truly are — we’re expected to act like these animals are just like us (note my quotation marks). God, if us Whites acted like blacks, they wouldn’t even be an America to begin with. It’s little wonder Africa and Haiti are cesspools of disgusting diseases. Hell, if it wasn’t for White man’s medicines, the places would now be littered with piles of bleaching bones of the black dead!

And blacks are always getting busted for raping little children in their care — even their own. I can’t tell you all the stories of blacks I’ve read raping little kids — boy or girl. Hell, blacks will even rape family pets. There’s been tons of cases where the SPCA rescued dogs used as sex slaves by black gangs in black neighborhoods.

Everyone already knows blacks have no problems going “on the down low” while at prison (Negro slang for homo sex). Blacks are totally sick puppies who will do absolutely anything to “get their rocks off.” Hell, it would not surprise me in the least to find one of them going at that pot hole in the street right out front of my house (got to call the city about that).

It's little wonder why so many blacks are in prison considering how criminal they are. Lamin Darboe, a nurse's aide was caught "in flagrante delicto," raping a parylyzed elderly stroke victim.

It’s little wonder why so many blacks are in prison considering how criminal they act everywhere they live. Lamin Darboe, a nurse’s aide was caught “in flagrante delicto,” raping a paralyzed and elderly White stroke victim. Nasty-ass blacks commit foul acts like this all the time.

Filthy scumbag blacks are nothing but vicious, sadistic criminals — thieves and murderers. In addition, blacks are huge rapists — not only of our White women (up to 130 White women are sexually assaulted in some way EVERY SINGLE DAY by black men) but children and even poor, defenseless animals. Can you believe what a foul race blacks are?

Think I’m just saying all of this because I’m racist? Think Whites do things like this all the time too? Then you must be stupider than a GD iron effin’ wedge! It’s a numbers/percentage thing.

Just go to this one site, NEW NATION NEWS, and scroll down for only a minute or two. Come back in a few days and scroll down once again. Everyday it’s chock full of new stories of violence, filth and murder committed by these dirty rotten blacks — just in America. It’s simply amazing how bad this stinking race behaves across the board. It really will shock you.

Hell, just click on my category button “NEGRO CRIMES” over on the left in my category “cloud” (the red words) or simply click on the embedded link I have in this sentence. This will bring up accumulated articles here on my site (many I wrote).

Or look at photo montages I created of White victims over the years. Click on “WHITE VICTIMS” (which is from the year 2000 to the present). Or go back before the year 2000 by clicking HERE. Yep, these stinking violent animals have been killing us good White people in brutal fashion for decades.

Or go HERE to see MUDSHARKS murdered by blacks in recent years. You would simply not believe the numbers of White women slaughtered in incredibly brutal ways by black men on a monthly basis.

Even nearby White friends and family of the mudshark are at risk of brutal murder at the hands of these wild beasts should they one day snap and go ape. Hell, one of these crazy blacks (Cedric Larry Ford) just last month shot up an entire plant (Excel) in Kansas, killing 3 and wounding 14 with a semi-auto AK-47 — that his idiot estranged mudshark girlfriend bought him even though he was a felon outlawed from possessing weapons. She fully deserves serious jail time. Chances are her White family will be forced to take in her two mudkids by him and raise the ticking time bombs.

Jonathan Edward Medley, 39, was arrested for raping a little ShiTzu dog.

Alabama Negro, Jonathan Edward Medley 39, was arrested for raping one of those cute little Shih Tzu dogs. Imagine that scene.

Because of the Jew race/social upheavals of our lands, our noble White race has been saddled living alongside these dirtbags. Us Whites were the ones who created America. Totally. We came up with our form of government (truly brilliant) and settled this land from sea to shining sea (Manifest WHITE destiny).

Just because a few of these stinking apes once long ago picked a little cotton down south or did some manual labor up north means JACK (complaining and shirking work whenever possible).

Worthless black animals would just laze about drunk and high in filthy mud huts if it wasn’t for us White people telling them what to do. Hell, look at Africa to this day, for crying out loud.

To sum up: Blacks are ugly, dirty scumbags, right along with being criminals and brutal killers. As a race, they suck BIG TIME. Sure, maybe a few try to act civilized, but the majority are totally, completely worthless. They have no business living in White lands anymore — especially now with modern day farming equipment and advances in robotic technologies. They are a complete drain on our lands.

This sick, ugly race truly, truly needs to be shipped back to the jungles of Africa just as soon as possible. Use converted super tankers. Mass parachute them from C-5A’s for chrissakes. Anything!

Terrell-Tooles-raped child less than 10


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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    All our cities are ripe with die-versity

    If you can see a Nigger you are too close.

    Protect your loved ones tell them the truth about Niggers.

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    Black effin bastard apes! Hope a disease like AIDS wipes them all out! Wow they are really sick no good fuckers!

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