The Trump Slays The Putzes Super Tuesday!


Looks like MEIN FUERHER, Donald Trump, cleaned up big time in today’s “super Tuesday” primaries, winning at least 8 or 9 out of the 12 states so far. Marco Rubio has won ZILCH [3/2: OK, the faggots in Minnesota voted for him]. Ted Cruz did win his home state of Texas, but Trump was not too far behind. In fact, Trump nicely congratulated Cruz for his victory.

Oh, did I say “MEIN FUERHER?” I guess that might sound a little too Nazi, huh? Maybe I’ll make up for it a little by adding something Jewy to my headline (I’m sure the hasbaRATs will say something about that)!

Look, I don’t want to sound all ass-kisser and what-have-you about the Donald. I simply can’t stand that slimy little punk Marco Rubio one bit. God, the idea of FAGio boy running for prez really sticks in my craw! Plus, I believe Trump will do everything he can to stop the Globalist Jew NWO deconstruction of America. He sure as hell better, let me tell you.

And I do think Trump is just the big-mouthed SOB we need to shake things up among the retardican party. God, all the CUCKservatives are all twisted up over Trump. I saw that Senator guy Jeff Flake on CNN or FOX (can’t remember which, no matter) and thought he was going to start crying on camera about the Donald doing so well. That’s what him and FAGio get for that “Gang of Eight” amnesty travesty a few years ago!

Yeah, I voted in my primary. As I was feeding my ballot into the machine, the election guy was right there to help. I said half-jokingly, “I sure hope this vote goes through and my vote is not robbed” (or something to the effect). The guy said something unintelligible about Puerto Rico. I got him to repeat it and I managed to get out of his heavily accented English that he saw that kind of thing (election rigging) being done in Puerto Rico where he was from. He also looked very Jewish. Since I do know there are a few Jews down there (like Geraldo Rivera’s PR mother was Jewish), it was believable. Weird. “WTF was this guy doing here?” I thought.

Anyhoo, I’m just happy as hell Trump beat Rubio in my state (Virginia). I was a bit afraid because of all those government creeps in the DC area — that’s where a lot of what’s ailing America emanates from (I know from first hand exposure).

On the democrap side, it’s hilarious Sanders is getting beat by Shillary due to all the Africoons sucking down Clinton’s promising blacks everything under the sun. Think about all the young PC libtards for Sanders getting screwed royally by the ape element, stupidly allowed to vote. They don’t care about America — just what “gimme dats” they can get for their spoiled rotten race. Too funny.

Marco is doing miserably. Even Cruz is destroying him. Looks like FAGio will be biting the dust soon — unless some tricky-dick backroom business is done in the attempt to derail Trump at the convention or even before, actually.

And get that business with Marco saying he was “getting into his pickup truck and chasing after Trump all over the country.” So, the tough guy has himself a pickup truck. Right. Then the phony little punk came out tonight in a rally down in Miami, soon after the voting, where he practically gave a big victory speech, like he won something! Amazing. And he calls Trump a “con-artist?” Maybe his big Jew sugar daddy down in Florida, Norman Braman, can tell him just what “Putz” means?

This is why we all must do everything we can to support Trump in the interim. I know folks have a lot of doubts about the situation. Trust me, I do too. But let’s just go with the flow for now, stock up on ammo and awaken more White folks as we can to the nation-wrecking Jew.

Believe me, people are starting to get it, no matter if Trump has to do a little “disavowing” here and there once in awhile.

— Phillip Marlowe



100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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72 Responses to The Trump Slays The Putzes Super Tuesday!

  1. protocolsRtrue says:

    Another day in the life of a nigger… The bitch got pregnant at 14 by her first baby daddy. At age 18 she has 3 niglets now and living in free public housing with free food and free medical care and free electricity . So the credit card jew bankers say sign up for more free shit. Just swipe the card and sign z paper. So she does then charges the first 15 thousand dollars on new big screen tv,s and a king sized bedroom suite with all the dressings. Then in comes from the mail it’s a beall! She says what the fuck is this I never seen anything like it a beall. The beall says you owe fifteen thousand dollars but the minimum payment due is fifteen dollars to cover the interest. So she scratches her nappy head what the fuck is interest? I don’t know what it is and I’m not interested. So she throws the beall into the taxpayer funded trash can and dumpster. Three months later she keeps getting letters in the mail you owes us money now the minimum payment due is 75 dollars. So she calls one of her baby daddies and says these white motherfuckers are harassing me trying to say I owes them money. So the nigger baby daddy says I’ll take care of this problem I was going to go down to the sto’ and get a forty ouncer and some blunts anyway. Gimme that ebt card and well get some lottery tickets too. So the nigger baby daddy goes to the sto and shoots the white privilege store clerk working his second job at 9 bucks an hour in the head and kills him jumps over the counter takes the 75 bucks from the cash register and some cigs off the shelf and runs back to baby momma free public housing apeartment and says see baby I done did a job! Can we fuck now?

  2. Red Pill says:

    it this is true Trump will be dead before he will ever be president
    i guarantee TPTB will not allow it unless it serves them.
    right now there shitting in there pants over this or they are behind it all.
    it’s much more than meets the surface.

    “He didn’t belong to the secret society” – Newt Gingrich on why GOP establishment hates Trump

  3. Bob says:

    I recently voted for Trump with my middle finger — the only appropriate finger with which to vote for the Trumpster. It was a spiritual experience.

  4. Bob says:

    Hey Incogman Sir!
    I don’t know if you need ideas for articles here but a funny news item recently came to my attention. An Egyptian sandnigger flight student by the name of Emadeldin Elsayedin in California did something incredibly stupid which sandniggers of course are wont to do. Upset about Trump’s policies about letting sandniggers into the US, he went to his jewbook page and posted: “I am willing to kill Donald Trump and spend my life in prison. The whole world will thank me for doing that.” The owner of the flight academy saw it and alerted the authorities and now he is going to be deported. Turns out he was born in Egypt but grew up in Saudi Arabia. And he is attending the same flight school in CA that some of the 9/11 terrorists attended! What a colossal dumbass! He said he didn’t mean it and it was a joke but that isn’t going to fly (no pun intended). He may lose most of the $65000 tuition he ponied up to attend the flight school. He has to leave the country by July 5. They are giving him time to get his shit together; sell his car, gather up his shit, try to get a tuition refund etc. Then back to pyramid land. Maybe he can go to camel school and learn to be a camel jockey for tourists visiting the pyramids. Man, I had a good laugh!!!

  5. Rory says:

    Regarding Bailey’s post and link –

    Tonight I watched some TV, to relax.
    The show of choice was Cold Case Files. ( episode “Bite Marks”)
    About some loser who murdered two kids, cut off their sexual organs, etc, and was eventually let out of prison -So, in Tulsa, a few decades later, he murders yet another young boy… also chopping off his limbs and private parts.

    What pissed ME off about this is, when his trial came up, he was originally convicted of murder – to die by injection.
    LATER, mind you, it was changed, to LIFE without parole.
    (on taxpayers money of course)

    This is what’s wrong with our Justice System folks.
    And it needs to be FIXED.
    And I hope Trump as Prez sees this (problem) and enacts an appropriate measure to eliminate this disgusting waste of taxpayer money, along with the forced ongoing suffering of the family’s loss due to allowing these slimeballs to live in prison hotels.
    The family loses their kid/loved one – murdered.
    And the creep gets to live?
    Perhaps, as in the tv show, to be let out, to kill again?
    I don’t see the fairness of it all.

    Can you say BROKEN SYSTEM?

    Some idiots will say it’s just “humane” to board these scums in prisons and thwart death penalties.
    Never mind that old saying: “an eye for an eye” – because execution is too harsh.

    I hope Trump sees this, this post, and sees the cries of thousands of people who’ve lost a loved one to the BROKEN SYSTEM of, ahem, “justice” we’ve been forced to endure.

    Saving the taxpayers and families from this drenching froth of bullshit should be an item long in need of change.

    Seven Days folks! – The Seven Day Law!
    Seven frikkin’ days from sentencing, to execution!
    Time enough for the murderer’s family to visit, exchange last words, and end the suffering of all concerned.
    No more “repeat offenders”, sorry.
    This country’s messed up enough, and it’s time to change things and adapt new policies, sorely needed.

    Sorry about the ramble, I’m just fed up, and that tv show got to me.

  6. Red Pill says:

    personally i don’t want this to happen.

    Bill Bennett On Donald Trump
    They will kill him before they let him be president. It could be a Republican or a Democrat that instigates the shutting up of Trump.

    Don’t be surprised if Trump has an accident. Some people are getting very nervous: Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton and Jon Corzine, to name just a few

  7. Red Pill says:


    Things that will Really make America great again:
    Trump is the only candidate that has any of the following:
    This started as a message and was added to.

    1 Stop going to war with 3rd world countries
    2 Not voting for Demorats or Republicans
    3 Produce things that people actually want to buy
    4 Arrest dual citizen traitors
    5 Develop a foreign policy that is actually a policy
    6 Stop bombing the rest of the world into “democracy”
    7 Stop using the war machine to steal the world’s resources
    8 Stop being the policeman of the world
    9 Stop leaving the home front inadequately defended while having 800 foreign bases.
    10 Stops robbing the public horribly via a corrupt medical system
    11 Ditch common core education
    12 Arrests the 911 perps
    13 Arrest Clinton before she flushes the nation completely down the shitter
    14 Realize that we are indeed in the Asian century and that no amount of pivoting by the USN will change the fact that the USA is waning as an empire like the 6 major world powers before it
    15 Fixing America’s back yard before worrying about everyone elses.
    16 Comes to the understanding that when a dollar is worth a dollar the world will be a better and fairer place for all.
    17 Has the people wake up and realize that “separation of church and state” does not mean doing away with religion entirely.
    18 Stops using the best universities to train people from enemy nations who will return home with knowledge, only to back stab America.
    19. Makes the Federal Reserve truly Federal and not a Jewish rip off scheme.

    20 Stop putting third world countries with criminally cheap labor ahead of the U.S. by allowing that standard to compete with the American standard of treating employees well.

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  9. Annie Oakley says:

    Luke, good comment by the poster on Amren. I’ve asked myself that same question.

    I still continue to hear fellow white racialists bash Donald Trump. I’ve even heard some feel we should vote for Sanders or Hillary to continue to wake white folks up. What a ridiculous statement. If 8 years of O’Nigger hasn’t awoken whites up by now, electing Hillary or Sanders won’t do jack shit.

    I’m almost convinced that many WN bloggers, media personalities and others don’t want Trump or whites to win. Then what are they going to do with their free time? Right now with e-begging (not you Incogman as I know you’re sincere), giving out media speeches, making money off of YT videos, donations from gullible whites to their radio programs and web pages, they might have to honestly like you know work for a living. Maybe start a business and employ whites, grow their own food, buy cheap houses and rent to whites on the cheap, you know, like actually getting off of their asses?

    Then you have the larger media types like Ann Coulter, and other so called conservatives who SAY they want people in like Trump, but really feel otherwise inside. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if people like her and Rush voted for Obama twice.

    You see with Obama in office these last 8 years, they’ve made millions from their books and public speeches bitching about Obama. It wouldn’t surprise me if they all attended the same cocktail parties. Before things got really bad they were all for the multi-cult, race mixing and loving joos.

    The people who will benefit the most from Trump will be white males and white children. And that’s something I don’t think the elite class in WN or conservatism wants.

    BTW, Incog, the only whites I visit now is yours, Saboteur365 and SBPDL.

  10. canac123 says:

    Trump is the only one running who is not connected politically to Washington D.C. and cannot be directly blamed for what is going on there. I do not really know how good a president he will be nor do I know if he will keep his promises. I DO know that he is head and shoulders better than any democrat including the traitor we have in office now. I have never heard such wailing and crying from the establishment puppets in my life over the possibility of Trump becoming president. They have told every lie they can on him. They blamed him for everything including the assassination of Lincoln. The news media is attacking him day and night. If those people are against him than I am for him.

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