The Trump Slays The Putzes Super Tuesday!


Looks like MEIN FUERHER, Donald Trump, cleaned up big time in today’s “super Tuesday” primaries, winning at least 8 or 9 out of the 12 states so far. Marco Rubio has won ZILCH [3/2: OK, the faggots in Minnesota voted for him]. Ted Cruz did win his home state of Texas, but Trump was not too far behind. In fact, Trump nicely congratulated Cruz for his victory.

Oh, did I say “MEIN FUERHER?” I guess that might sound a little too Nazi, huh? Maybe I’ll make up for it a little by adding something Jewy to my headline (I’m sure the hasbaRATs will say something about that)!

Look, I don’t want to sound all ass-kisser and what-have-you about the Donald. I simply can’t stand that slimy little punk Marco Rubio one bit. God, the idea of FAGio boy running for prez really sticks in my craw! Plus, I believe Trump will do everything he can to stop the Globalist Jew NWO deconstruction of America. He sure as hell better, let me tell you.

And I do think Trump is just the big-mouthed SOB we need to shake things up among the retardican party. God, all the CUCKservatives are all twisted up over Trump. I saw that Senator guy Jeff Flake on CNN or FOX (can’t remember which, no matter) and thought he was going to start crying on camera about the Donald doing so well. That’s what him and FAGio get for that “Gang of Eight” amnesty travesty a few years ago!

Yeah, I voted in my primary. As I was feeding my ballot into the machine, the election guy was right there to help. I said half-jokingly, “I sure hope this vote goes through and my vote is not robbed” (or something to the effect). The guy said something unintelligible about Puerto Rico. I got him to repeat it and I managed to get out of his heavily accented English that he saw that kind of thing (election rigging) being done in Puerto Rico where he was from. He also looked very Jewish. Since I do know there are a few Jews down there (like Geraldo Rivera’s PR mother was Jewish), it was believable. Weird. “WTF was this guy doing here?” I thought.

Anyhoo, I’m just happy as hell Trump beat Rubio in my state (Virginia). I was a bit afraid because of all those government creeps in the DC area — that’s where a lot of what’s ailing America emanates from (I know from first hand exposure).

On the democrap side, it’s hilarious Sanders is getting beat by Shillary due to all the Africoons sucking down Clinton’s promising blacks everything under the sun. Think about all the young PC libtards for Sanders getting screwed royally by the ape element, stupidly allowed to vote. They don’t care about America — just what “gimme dats” they can get for their spoiled rotten race. Too funny.

Marco is doing miserably. Even Cruz is destroying him. Looks like FAGio will be biting the dust soon — unless some tricky-dick backroom business is done in the attempt to derail Trump at the convention or even before, actually.

And get that business with Marco saying he was “getting into his pickup truck and chasing after Trump all over the country.” So, the tough guy has himself a pickup truck. Right. Then the phony little punk came out tonight in a rally down in Miami, soon after the voting, where he practically gave a big victory speech, like he won something! Amazing. And he calls Trump a “con-artist?” Maybe his big Jew sugar daddy down in Florida, Norman Braman, can tell him just what “Putz” means?

This is why we all must do everything we can to support Trump in the interim. I know folks have a lot of doubts about the situation. Trust me, I do too. But let’s just go with the flow for now, stock up on ammo and awaken more White folks as we can to the nation-wrecking Jew.

Believe me, people are starting to get it, no matter if Trump has to do a little “disavowing” here and there once in awhile.

— Phillip Marlowe


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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72 Responses to The Trump Slays The Putzes Super Tuesday!

  1. canac123 says:

    Trump is the only one running who is not connected politically to Washington D.C. and cannot be directly blamed for what is going on there. I do not really know how good a president he will be nor do I know if he will keep his promises. I DO know that he is head and shoulders better than any democrat including the traitor we have in office now. I have never heard such wailing and crying from the establishment puppets in my life over the possibility of Trump becoming president. They have told every lie they can on him. They blamed him for everything including the assassination of Lincoln. The news media is attacking him day and night. If those people are against him than I am for him.

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