Saudi Arabia and Israel: UNHOLY ALLIANCE


by Phillip Marlowe

It’s now breaking that Saudi Arabia is threatening the US by dumping 750 billion in investments should we expose them as having anything to do with 9/11. Oh, yeah they did. They were co-conspirators with IsraHELL and their associated Zionist Jew cuckafied Goyim traitors in the US, who killed 3,000 innocent Americans that day.*

God himself knows all the evils spawned by Israel being secretly allied with the Saudi monarchy. Just imagine all the pain and suffering in the world because of these rats. It’s all coming out now: Israel’s long-term “Eretz Israel” agenda (turning the Mideast into continuously warring mini-states); the original Ashkenazi Jew homeland of the Ukraine taken over by the US-backed NWO Jews in a mob Coup d’Etat; ISIS and radical Wahabi terror freaks supported by the big oil money Saudis to attack Shiites. America has been totally effed by these backroom lying rats who need to hang from the yardarms!

The whole business of Saudi Arabia is ridiculous: It’s really only about 7,000 that control the entire country, 2,000 of which have any real power. People get beheaded in public for practically anything. The place has a King and junior King boy in waiting, for chrissakes. It would be just like a medieval USA getting named “Kennedy Land,” simply because of some big Irish Catholic family in the Northeast made a hugely rotten deal with a super-powerful foreign country to put them in power over the rest of us plebs out here in pleb land.

Of course, nobody is going to talk about Israel and Saudi Arabia being secret allies. Most Ameri-KWANS simply will not believe Saudi Arabia being backroom buds with IsraHELL. It’s not part of the “narrative.” It’s verboten for the Zionist Jew-controlled US media to expose any kind of Israeli “real politik” to the foolish Goyim, who can’t seem to put two-and-two together on practically anything the filthy Jews are up to. But Israel never seems to have any problems taking our money and weaponry all the damn time!

Hell, they’ve kept from saying a word about the Israelis having the A-Bomb for decades. They still don’t really say anything. Only in the last few months or so have they even deigned to say “AIPAC” on air (the Israel lobby controlling the politicians). Most idiot Americans out here are STILL clueless about “the real deal” with these Jews and only care about the Negro Felon League or the Jew Housewives of Beverly-GD-Hills!

But it’s all coming out now. The Saudi monarchy has always been in bed with the money banking interests of the West and America (controlled by International Jewry). And they have never given one rat’s ass for the poor-ass Palestinians, muzzie or otherwise. Plus, they hate the guts of SHIITES of Iran or Yemen, or SHIT heads as some might call them. Even so, I’d still rather buy oil from Iran since they are quite a bit more honest about the crap.

It serves Israel well for the Mideast to stay messed up. Keeps our tax money flowing in. Keeps the A-rabs from coming together and threatening sacred Israel — promised to them by God and the Rothschilds, for crying out loud. The historically devious Jews are masters at keeping other peoples at each other’s throats to advance their special little race. What do you think has been going on in America for the last 60 plus years and why the darkies are still always getting bunged up?

You think for one minute the House of Saud hasn’t been behind supporting “terrorist” groups in Syria like ISIS? Assad is a big ally of the Iranians — mutual enemies of Israel and the Sunni Sauds. In addition to which, Jews love seeing non-White “refugees” flooding the White countries of Europe — destroying White demographics so our race won’t have the political power to go all Nazi once again. By their way of thinking, Europeans have it coming for the “Holocaust.”

Oy vey, what’s not to love about the deal?

Now it’s coming out that the Saudis were financing at least two of the 9/11 hijackers. This was totally covered up at the time by removing 28 pages from the 9/11 Commission book. Incredible. People have been talking about this for quite some time, yet getting called “conspiracy theorists.” Funny, how the crap eventually comes out, huh?

Look at this sorry sack of s**t! The CUCKservative TRAITOR punk cares nothing about the story of the 28 pages. I can’t tell you how much this video pisses me the hell off!

Not long ago, a 9/11 researcher with a video camera was in a room with Jeb “Exclamation Point” Bush and was trying to ask him about the 28 pages redacted from the 9/11 Commission book. Jeb was trying to walk away, while nearby was Andrea Mitchell — that ugly Jew bitch married to former Fed chairman Jew Alan Greenspan and TV propagandist at MSNBC.

Jeb goes into his Dubya mode, laughing about it like the time his brother acted like it was all so funny not being able to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq at the correspondents dinner in DC. Jeb blithely told the 9/11 guy as he tried to slink away, “yeah sure, you got ’em? Andrea may have them. I’d like to see ’em.”

HA HA HA, you think you’re being so funny, you sorry mofo CUCKservative SOB!

Uh, think about it here: Don’t you think his brother, DUBYA Bush, knew all about those 28 pages back in 2004? Are all these people not a giant rats? I’m telling ya: The filthy traitors, non-Jews, Zionist Jews and their rich Muslim oil pals need to GD hang!

We’re White people — Caucasians. The West (Europe and North America) are WHITE, Christian LANDS. Simple as that. Got a problem with it? Than move your dirty brown stinking asses back to GD AFREAKA, Pakistan or whatever nasty-ass Third World crap hole you types escaped from. You know where that is, freak boys. If you want a decent place to live, then make it in your own lands!

Better understand all this, because sooner or later we’re going to be rounding you up at the point of an AR-15, and frog-marching you dirty rats right on out of here.

Got that, punks?


*My guess is the Saudis supplied the patsies, while the Zionists in the US ran the cover operation and implanted the nanothermites to finish the job with a big flourish.


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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24 Responses to Saudi Arabia and Israel: UNHOLY ALLIANCE

  1. Check out the rather cool user name from this bro who uploaded this terrific country music song.

    Was in at the Trump rally in Hartford. What an awesome time! There were a couple hundred protestors and a sea of Trump supporters. Before the rally the libtards were by the road being profane and nasty and trying to cause a shitstorm. After the rally the Trump crowd coming down the steps of of the convention center looked like a Niagara Falls of humans. Most had a message of national pride for the shameless protesters.

  2. Mark says:

    People might be surprised to find out that Jews control Saudi Arabia.

    Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al Saud, is a polish Jew that grow-up in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn NY.

    Al-Waleed is a nephew of Saudi King Abdullah, and a grandson of Ibn Saud, the first Saudi king.

    Monica Langley who was Prince Al-Waleed’s biographer and contributing writer for the ‘Wall Street Journal’ she inadvertently exposed Prince Al-Waleed and the Citibank connection in her novel ‘Tearing Down the Walls’.

    In other words, The House of Saud is crypto-Jew

  3. Mark says:

    Israel’s Secret Plan for a Second Israel in Ukraine

    The Times of Israel, an independent Israeli newspaper that counts among its staff a number of former reporters for the Israeli daily Ha’aretz, published a fascinating but largely overlooked story datelined Jerusalem and Zhitomir, Ukraine, March 16, 2014, and which was written by its respective Russian and Ukrainian correspondents, Hirsh Ostropoler and I. Z. Grosser-Spass, citing a secret report provided to the Israeli government.

    The report, written by a select panel of scholars of Jewish history drawn from academia and other research centers, concluded that that European Jews are in fact descended from Khazars, a war-like Mongol-Tatar group that ruled over Ukraine and southern Russia, which mass-converted to Judaism in the eighth century AD.

    Learn more about the Jewish agenda…

    Google: Israel’s Secret Plan for a Second Israel in Ukraine

    or Click Link below…

  4. protocolsRtrue says:

    I am a retired military man. I watched the jew news we are sending squadrons of b-52s bombers to turkey and Italy. I was guarding b-52s forty year ago. My ex wife’s dad was doing maintenance on b 52s forty years ago. Let you isis and isral whatever you call yourselves that when we move squadrons of b 52s closer in your direction this shit is about to get serious. And we aint fucking around any more. The bombers may be old but the bombs are new assholes. Just like in that first gulf war when I saw a sac pilot I know what sac means it means strategic air command we are going to bomb these fuckers out of existence and that is exactly what they did to the republican guard and the fuckers trying to run away from Kuwait. Kuwait this motherfucker.

  5. Nationalist says:

    There are all kinds of alliances in this world and most of them are in one way or the other united against the White race and Christian religion. Whites on the other hand do nothing to protect themselves which explains how we managed to have all of our White nations invaded by non-Whites who are sworn enemies of our race, religion and culture. We need to start thinking of Nationalism as a sort of labor union for the purpose of protecting our legitimate interests and without it can expect to loose our rights along with everything else as fast as our enemies can get away with it. White people are now living in large numbers in homeless camps in South Africa after the Blacks were allowed to take over, the same thing will happen to us if as a people we don’t wake up soon. How easy it would be for someone to open up a David Duke EURO membership and yet most White would rather spend their money on sporting events even if most of the Black players have at one time or the other had sex with White women and still all they care about is who won the game. We need to wake up to the reality of what is happening to this rock out in space we call Earth because when the Blacks ruin it for us there isn’t going to be anywhere else to go. It is Nationalism or death for all of us and there is no getting around this simple fact.

  6. Hoff says:

    Saudiarabien is totally run by jews. Yes it is!

    Just as Sweden is totally run by jews. This is a 25 minutes video about Sweden. I Hoff have scrutinized the whole video.

    The first 17 min is MANDATORY, the rest you don’t need to watch.

    At four minute the mayor of Ost Goring is speaking. Ost Goring is a small county in south Sweden that is as exiting as a intersection in Idaho.

    English subtitles and in English. Watch it and get the number. The jews have done this many times in America.

    Sweden is going down, and now it’s going fast.

  7. Lukeq says:

    Come on, Incogman. This whole “Saudi Arabia was involved in 9-11” baloney is just another one of the jew media misdirection maneuvers, designed to steer the IQ challenged and embarrassingly dumb goyims who are slowly starting to connect the dots on 9-11 to Israel and the neocons, down another rabbit trail that keeps them blind, stupid, and totally snookered.

    Everyone needs to review the summary of facts and details on 9/11 that prove, beyond the shadow of any doubt, that 9-11 was a deliberate false flag event, planned, approved, and pulled off by the Israeli MOSSAD and they had support from rogue elements within NORAD, the NSA, the Pentagon, and the US Military and from the White House.

  8. You’ve outdone yourself, Incog. I take issue with you saying these rats need to be hung from yardarms though. They need to be fed to sharks, thrown in snake pits, have all the methods of torture and more they apply to the innocent people of the world applied to them. They do not deserve to die without extreme pain and suffering.

  9. Hoff says:

    Wall Street Journal:

    America’s public schools are a snapshot of a changing America: Since 2014, for the first time in the country’s history, a majority of those in public schools have been students of color.

  10. Rory says:

    Religion fosters hatred.
    It’s a tool that always seems to drive people nuts.
    Like some form of sickening propoganda and brainwashing.
    One denomination hates another, and so on…. maddening.

    People severely “addicted” to religion and a bible make me gag, and annoy me.
    It’s funny, but since I don’t “believe” or have “faith” in these “holy” issues, I feel “free” and devoid of all this biblical bullshit, and enjoy a most happy life.

    And churches?
    Burn ’em all the hell down!
    “Fuckin’ houses of “worship” are no damn different than a scam palace to rape people of their original human values, mold them into some inhuman being that thinks their life cannot be fullfilled without that Sunday Service to provide them with something they were already born with.

  11. Hoff says:

    “Cultural enrichment” EU style. 4 min.

  12. Hoff says:

    This is central Paris.

  13. Israhell on Earth says:

    Yeah i know, RamZPaul seems to have become a cuck. Maybe it’s just a phase or he actually believes that pandering to jews will get you anywhere. He should have never invited that jewess Ashley Goldenberg to the NPI conference.
    I’m no big National Socialism worshipper myself, but i believe that jews, nonwhites, or homosexuals have no place in the White Nationalist movement. That’s a no brainer.
    I don’t want to bash RamZPaul though, he has done more for the alt-right than most keybord warriors will ever do.

    In case you haven’t seen the video, here it is:

    I really like that video. The whole voting system in America is a joke, and voter fraud is just as bad as in thirld world nations. A real disgrace.
    Imagine if that sleazeball Cruz will be the next president. You probably think that as a European i hate dozens of US politicians, but that’s not the case.
    I loathe only a hand full, and Hillary Clinton isen’t even one of them.

  14. Israhell on Earth says:

  15. Israhell on Earth says:

    Three hundred readers who responded to a Guardian callout expressed serious misgivings about how the Republican and Democratic parties select nominees

    An angry Donald Trump supporter in Colorado set fire to his Republican party registration card. The Democratic superdelegates supporting Hillary Clinton are fielding an influx of calls and emails from frustrated Bernie Sanders supporters putting pressure on them to switch candidates.
    The rise of anti-establishment candidates like Sanders and Trump has thrown into sharp relief the mess of rules and processes deliberately designed to keep these candidates from clinching the nomination. For these voters, and the many more across the political spectrum just waking up to the ground rules of the highest-stakes game in the country, the primary races can seem horribly unfair.

    “Why should the states, the party organizations and the voters go through all the hype, expense and time to have a primary when the party poobahs make the ultimate decision,” said Don Grafues, one of more than 300 readers who responded to a Guardian callout on voter dissatisfaction with the primary process.
    In the callout, readers expressed serious misgivings about the way the parties select their nominees, describing the modern primary process as “rigged”, “undemocratic” and a “charade”. A preponderance of respondents who said they felt “cheated” are supporters of Trump or Sanders, the two candidates with broad appeal among voters who feel disenfranchised and excluded from inside-the-Beltway politics.

    “Now that we have true grassroots, anti-establishment, populist candidates on both sides [Sanders and Trump], the political machine is in full survival mode to maintain the status quo,” wrote Chris Ritz, a Sanders supporter. “Party leaders sense a real and direct threat from both campaigns … and both major parties are
    going to use every tool they have to block what they feel is a threat to their very existence.”

    Voter anxiety is exacerbated among Republicans who could in effect have their votes nullified if the candidates manage to hold off Trump and force a contested convention. Trump has skillfully played into this mounting sense of futility.

    “The system is rigged,” the candidate said on Fox News, claiming that results of last week’s Colorado convention proved the process was designed to shut out insurgent candidates. “I see it now, 100%. And not just on our side, but I think it is worse on the Republican side.”

    Last month, Trump warned that supporters could “riot” if he doesn’t secure the nomination at the party’s convention this summer.

    read more:

    And you know what. If Donald Trump gets jewed and Cruz becomes POTUS you should hit the streets and go to Washington with assault rifles and pitchforks.
    You should’t just do it, you have an obligation to do it and i would participate in riots myself.
    Trump is the last chance to change America for the better, even if he doesn’t manage to build a wall at the mexican border. There are so many issues that only a man like Trump can adress. He talks and conducts himself like a reasonable alpha male and doesn’t give a damn about polotical correctness.

  16. Rory says:

    Another amusing thought….

    “One Nation, under God” – the Pledge of allegience, USA.
    Yet…. there’s a Two Party political system, dividing people?

  17. Rory says:

    http: //www. eustacemullins . us (added spaces to make link visible on here)

    This site has an emense amount of inforamtion about things we’ve talked about.
    Not sure why my previous post never went through.

    • INCOG MAN says:


      You needn’t worry about spaces, links will show up fine. Should my virus program see a problem with the site it will alert me and I may delete it.

  18. carnac123 says:

    The people of the middle-east have been fighting each other since Cain and Able. They are warmongers of the first order. They also fight over religions and ideas more than anyone in the world. They all are not worth the trouble until one of them starts talking about a Caliphate and attacking us and Europe; then we should take notice. I am not a isolationist. I say we destroy ISIS and the whole area is necessary. We can do it if we just ‘do it’. After that, the area is not worth our time. Who can bring peace to an area that has never known peace? These little brown, greasy men with their caveman attitudes and perverted thinking are nothing to us. They are just targets to practice on and that is how we should look at them. Jews, Arabs, Kurds, Armenians, Turks, Shiites, Sunnis, ………….who cares? We should defend ourselves aggressively from them but not get involved in their stupid wars and alliance anymore.

  19. antuerius says:

    The Dönmeh: The Middle East’s Most Whispered Secret (Part I)

    Strategic Culture I

    The Dönmeh: The Middle East’s Most Whispered Secret (Part II)

    Strategic Culture II

  20. Hoff says:

    Jews love seeing non-White “refugees” flooding the White countries of Europe — destroying White demographics so our race won’t have the political power to go all Nazi once again. —-incogman—-


    This is the first step in the jews plan to exterminate the white race. Making sure a New Hitler can’t be voted into power. And I think this is why the “elite” goes all in on the massinvasion and race mixing. Making the world safe from a New Hitler.

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