Trumpster Crushes Cruz in New York Primary

VOTE TRUMP TUESDAYNew York: Donald Trump Crushes Enemies Of The White Race In Decisive Primary Win!


As was expected, major media networks have just announced a resounding victory for leading Presidential candidate Donald Trump in his home state of New York, with slithering Cuban worm Ted Cruz and cuckolded Ohio Governor John Kasich trailing far behind.

While it looks as if Trump will secure fourteen guaranteed Republican delegates if he manages to keep his percentages above fifty percent for the duration, the real question hovers around the remaining eighty-one delegates up for grabs; three per Congressional District to be precise.

If The Don polls above half the vote in a district, he will be entitled to all the delegates, with a weaker performance enough to secure two out of the three per region.

Let’s keep up the momentum, gentlemen, and show the vermin currently controlling our nation that their funeral bells are tolling.



100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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24 Responses to Trumpster Crushes Cruz in New York Primary

  1. carnac123 says:

    Trump won his state and I am glad he did. He did it in spite of millions being spent against him by the Republicans and the Democrats. I wonder how the Republicans will attempt to steal these delegates from him? Is Cruz going to slither around promising trips and money to entice delegates to leave Trump? Is the Rep. party going to do the same? Time will tell. Trump is correct about a lot of things. He is correct about the crookedness of the delegate processes in the Republican party and also in the democrat one too. For all these years the people only had the people the two parties decide to nominate to vote for and the two parties are almost the same. What choice have the people had all these years? We know that the two parties we have are not really patriotic. They are bought and paid for and some have just found that out. Only time will tell if Trump tries to do all he has said he would do but he is the only one saying the right things. THe idea that the two parties are against him because he is an outsider makes me think he is the only one to vote for. I will not allow the two parties to tell me whom to vote for. I will not allow the Mainstream media tell me who to vote for. I will vote Trump to spite them.

  2. guiltfreewhite says:

    Since at least the 1940 elections, the repubs have offered up one watered down rino after another,such as “one world wilkie,”Bob Dole”Insaine Mc caine”And Romey. Canadates one had to hold their nose while voting for.More and more, the left is threating riots, if they are voted against.The period from november 1st to the end of next january, will be a very interesting period of time.

  3. Salvatore says:

    There’s something about Trump which has brought out everyone’s true colors. We see in this campaign the extent to which the Republican Party and the Democratic Party are really one Party, and only those who want to sell the United States down-the-river to the NWO One World Government are invited to the Party.

    Many top leading Republicans have made it publicly known they’d prefer to see the die-hard Communist Hillary be the president. Hillary or anyone except Trump. Of course they don’t mention Hillary is a die-hard Communist when they endorse her over Trump.

    We see clearly a lot of top leading Republicans are actually very leftist, and we see what traitors they truly are. The only thing they want to conserve is the very leftist status quo in the United States on the domestic front, the unending wars in the Middle East, never ending third world immigration into the United States, keeping Open Borders forever, a continuation of dismantling American industry — Or more correctly, what’s left of American industry — dismantling what’s left of American industry and moving it overseas.

    Now they also want to wage war against Russia and China, while also starting even more wars in the Middle East. AND all that and ALSO bring in Islamic Jihadists into the United States. And lots of Islamic Jihadists too boot, not just one or two Jihadists, but very large numbers of Islamic Muslim Jihadists. They would have Islamic Jihad going on the United States while fighting wars all over the world while gutting what remains of American industry while a flood tide of third worlders pour into the United States. This is what so many top leading Republicans are conserving. This is what passes for “conservatism” in the United States these days : Destroying the United States for the NWO One World Government.

    If the Republican leadership manages to succeed in stealing Trump’s delegates and defeating Trump at the Republican Convention, the Democrats will definitely win in November. Other than Trump, there’s No other Republican candidate that has what it takes to beat Hillary [ or Sanders for that matter ]. And even if Cruz or Kasich were to win in November, it wouldn’t be any different than having Hillary, for the Republican leadership has basically the same worldview as Hillary and the Democrats.

    Former first lady Laura Bush just recently came out and said she’d prefer Hillary as president over Trump. I’m sure George Bush feels the same way. I’m sure Barbara Bush feels the same way. We’re expected to see them as being “conservatives”. They’re not conservatives at all. What they are is a bunch of c*nts. So is the Chairman of the Republican Party, Reince Priebus. He’s doing everything he can to steal Trump’s delegates.

    We see there’s a very close tight connection between the two parties, and we see how traitorous and how treasonous they are to the United States, how quick and how eager they are to sell the U.S. down-the-river to the One World Government. The One World Government NWO ilk requires the USA be turned into a third world cesspool. And how willing so many in both parties want to see the USA turned into a third world sewer and ruled over by third world mobsters and murderers from all over the world. The word “c*nt” is actually too mild, too good a label, for these bastards, pure bastards.

    There’s something about Trump which is bringing out everyone’s true colors, and that’s a good thing, because now we see who is who and who supports what, and now it’s not so easy for the Republicans who are really closet Democrats/leftists/Communists/NEO-CONS to hide their true natures. It’s very apparent now, thanks to Trump. Just for that he deserves credit.

  4. Salvatore says:

    No Trump supporters are saying Trump is an “avatar” or a “savior” or a “Great White Hope”, Hoff ; Only those who love their straw man arguments as a way to denigrate us Trump supporters. Neither Trump, nor any Trump supporter, has ever claimed Trump is an “avatar” a “savior” or a “Great White Hope”, only those who wish to use their straw man argument to disparage Trump and his supporters. Those online webmasters/commentators online saying Trump is an “avatar” , a “savior”, a “Great White Hope” are actually ANTI-TRUMP types pretending to be Trump supporters. Their role, their job : Spread a false and lying meme about Trump supporters to make Trump supporters “look” stupid and “look” racist. How subtle is this game they play. How underhanded.

    The meme “Trump supporters think Trump is an ‘avatar’, a ‘savior’, a ‘Great White Hope'” was started by ANTI-TRUMP types, NOT Trump supporters. The meme makes us Trump supporters “look” stupid and “look” racist. It’s the epitome of a straw man argument. To repeat : the lying meme includes ad-hominem slurs against us Trump supporters, as the lying meme very much implies and connotes us Trump supporters are somehow very stupid and very “racist”.

    The lying meme made up by ANTI-TRUMP types also implies Trump is only about White Americans, and is somehow a racist against NON White Americans, another LIE about Trump. His policies are actually very beneficial for black Americans. Black Americans also are negatively impacted by open borders, massive immigration, no industry, and endless wars. Lots of blacks and lots of other NON White Americans also support Trump.

    Your monkey jew “priest” has been evicted from so many apartment complexes in Colorado, it’s time to ship your simian back to the Bronx Zoo and throw it into a cage. At least it’ll have a roof over its head, some bananas on a daily basis.

  5. BuelahMan says:

    No Trump supporters are saying Trump is an “avatar” or a “savior” or a “Great White Hope”, Hoff

    Well, except for the masses that are. Please remove head from ass and pay attention.

    Drumfters are no different than a Bushie or Obama Maniac. Sycophantic ass-kissers, all.

  6. Mikk says:

    we know what Trump exemplifies. We love what he signifies. Whats with the fies?…..

    I dont know about you keyboard cowboys, but I want the sthtf. I was born to not be denied my effin right to live without some abuser stopping me. Are you guys all talk?
    We will soon find out. Im not from the US. If you fukkers dont seize this opportunity
    to stop this zio enslavement now, I assure you we will be going underground. You guys do know its effin over for our anti social behaviour. If Donnie boy loses, its going to come
    swiftly……… Peace out from the North.

  7. Salvatore says:

    Sounds like you started your 420 kanev bosem HIGH Holy Day celebration pretty early this morning, BMan, 😉 . Here’s a “sacred” 420 kanev bosem hymn just for you BMan! Enjoy your HIGH Holy Holiday, sounds like you are, lol,

  8. Salvatore says:

    If Trump wins at the Republican Convention in July, and you don’t vote for him in November, if you stay home and don’t vote, that’s the VERY SAME THING as voting for Hillary [ or the other Communist, Sanders, if Sanders winds up being the Democratic nominee]. NOT voting in November is in effect THE SAME AS VOTING for the Democratic nominee.

    Of ALL those running for the presidency, in both Parties, Trump is THE ONLY ONE with a campaign platform that has loyalty to the United States and common sense. So he supports Israel, so what? So do all the rest of them in both Parties. All the rest of them support Israel while being disloyal to the United States. Trump, while supporting Israel, is ALSO loyal to the United States. The focus here is on the United States, people, NOT Israel. Pick the candidate that has the platform most loyal to the United States and the most common sense policies for the United States. That’s all, it’s not rocket science.

  9. KiteFlyer says:

    With Jews on his team, what kind of sucking can we expect?
    ~Br. Nathaneal (from article posted by Hoff)

    Spot on!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Rory says:

    As was posted, Trump’s NYC victory isn’t surprising.
    His campaign has the momentum of a bowling ball on its way to knocking down the pins of ongoing political corruption and abuse.

    The People are showing their colors to the world now – and none too soon.

    This is the result of the imbalance of power, the tiring of The People having to deal with all this bullshit.
    The Revolt we’ve all been talking about and waiting for decades is now at hand!

    The fools, the greedy power mongers, are shitting their pants, and I’m laughing.

  11. Taylor M. says:

    Quoting Salvatore: “Of ALL those running for the presidency, in both Parties, Trump is THE ONLY ONE with a campaign platform that has loyalty to the United States and common sense.”

    PRECISELY! You can’t play ball unless you publicly embrace “big kike”, aka State of Israel, Jewish institutions, and select Jewish big-wigs. Trump has to go that way or he isn’t even allowed to come to bat! It really is that simple!

    If he is sincere in espousing his loyalty to this country, while still having to support that “shitty little country in the Middle East”, such is FAR BETTER than the bought and paid for consortium of NWO anti-American political hacks. Other astute observes have noted the obvious NWO modus operandi that all Establishment candidates fervently embrace: a modus operandi that places the State of Israel and Talmudic Judaism (aka “big kike”) far above the interests of We the American People!

    Donald Trump is NOT a Ron Paul, but he sure as hell is much better than a “jab in the eye with a sharp stick!”

  12. squarepegroundhole says:

    White folks….Lord willing- the greatest thing to ever happen

  13. squarepegroundhole says:

    GOP risks suicide by stealing nom from Trump

    “Cruz will soon join John Kasich in being mathematically eliminated from winning the nomination on the first ballot. His fallback strategy is to keep Trump just short of the 1,237 votes needed for victory on the first ballot, and then steal the nomination on the second.

    How? Poaching and pilfering. In state after state, he is getting Cruz loyalists elected as Trump delegates. After casting an obligatory vote for Trump on the first ballot, the turncoats will go over the hill and vote for Cruz on the second ballot.

    Faithless delegates are preparing to switch to give Ted Cruz a nomination that he could not persuade Republican voters to confer upon him.

    Like the 1919 World Series, the fix is in.”

  14. Hoff says:

    Idomeni, Greece: Invaders Take Over – Tell Greeks What They Can And Can’t Do —- You Greek? Go home, go back. 1:30 min.

  15. Hoff says:

    At Salvatore: Br Nathan posted the link to YOUR comment HERE at Incogman.

  16. Hoff says:

    Bro Nathan is Hoff approved. Period

    Over the years many hasbarajews have tried to discredit Br Nathan here at Incogman. Noone has succeeded. Noon! An you Salvatore ain’t gonna make it either! Period

    Bro Nathan, BN is a jew. As a matter of fact, that is the FIRST thing he tell you. Every single page at Real Jew

    Has a number at the end of the link/URL. Today’s link number is 1.111. BN has over one thousand pages at his site and at top of every single pages the first thing tells you and the whole world is that he was born a Jew and is a jew.

    Bro Nathan is hotheaded – AND he hold his ground. BN do NOT back down like all sissy white “Christian” zionists do.

    And do you Salvatore know why he don’t back down when challenged by a sissy like you Salvatore? Because he don’t give a fuck about what you think. BN takes his stance and hold his ground no matter the consequences.

    I Hoff is also hotheaded. Once I take a stance I don’t back dow. I Hoff is a skilled carpenter. I had many jobs over the years. I got fired once. I got very surprised when the owner of the construction company told me to my face that I was fired.

    At first I couldn’t believe what I just heard. I had never been fired before, but when I understood, I asked my ex-boss: Why? He explained and from his point of view he was right to sack me. I would have done the same thing.

    But I didn’t care and do you Salvatore know why? Because I didn’t give a fuck.

    One hour later I had a new job. All I had to do was walk across the street, and I got a new job. Or I could have started my own construction company. I simply didn’t give a fuck. And that is the way BN thinks.

    BN you have to move. Do you Salvatore think Bro Nathan gives a fuck if he is “evicted”? Think again, BN don’t give a fuck. There can be some inconvenience, but what the heck.

    Br Nathan has written over a thousand articles and I Hoff probably read at least 80 percent. And do you Salvatore know what i did when reading his articles? I scrutinized every single statement BN made about the jews.

    And do you know what Salvatore? I can NOT debunk any single statement BN makes about the jews. Not one and I did my best to be able to debunk or catch BN in a lie. You Salvatore can? Put up or shut up!

  17. Bob says:

    They’re going to put an ugly shitskin negress on the $20 bill. Totally revolting. Ugly negress Gwen Ifill “the black sequoia” of PBS jew news reminds me a lot of Tubman. A fat ugly nigger. The people should be allowed to vote on these designs.

  18. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Why Are Jews Lying About Their Prominent Role In The African Slave Trade?

  19. Salvatore says:

    Better Trump wins in November, then BN can cry and complain about Trump’s jews.

    BN is going to cry and complain no matter who wins in November. Better he cries and complains about Trump’s jews than Hillary’s jews. Hillary’s jews are a die-hard intense COMMUNISTS. In addition, Hillary is hooked-up tight with mobsters from all around the world, including hooked-up tight with Erdogan. Erdogan is a die-hard Islamic Jihadist. Hillary is good friends with him. Erdogan wants to flood the USA with Muslims. Hillary is Obama on steroids.

    Better BN cry about Trump’s jews and we don’t get overrun with Muslims like Europe is experiencing now, then BN cry and complain about Hillary’s jews while we get overrun with Muslims and with Islamic Jihadists.

    I have a problem with the fact that if one listens to BN and takes his message to the ultimate conclusion, one will not vote for Trump the best candidate around, and that is EXACTLY what the jew power structure/matrix wants, for as many Americans as possible NOT to vote for Trump.

    Funny how the message of the “ANTI-JEW” ‘Brother’ Nathanael turns out ultimately to be the very SAME message as the jew mainstream media. The reasons BN gives and the jew mainstream media gives for why we should not vote for Trump are different, but the end result in the real world is the same, less Americans voting for Trump, EXACTLY what the jew power structure wants, as few Americans as possible voting for Trump , so Trump will lose.

    I don’t like it when the message of a so-called “ANTI-JEW” ultimately results in the real world in EXACTLY what the jew mainstream matrix wants. If everyone in the USA would listen to BN, then no one would vote for Trump, and that’s EXACTLY what the die-hard intense Chicago jews and what the die-hard intense NEO CON Washington jews would love, exactly what all the New World Order types in the USA would love to see, no one vote for Trump.

    So ultimately I reject BN’s message about Trump because ultimately BN’s message about Trump is the same exact message the jew mainstream media constantly blares out to us, which is of course : “Don’t Vote For Trump”. BN’s message about Trump in practical terms has the same practical results as the message of the jew mainstream media. Americans who take the mainstream media message about Trump to heart, they don’t vote for Trump, EXACTLY what the jew power structure wants. Americans who take BN’s message about Trump to heart don’t vote for Trump either, EXACTLY what the jew power structure wants. There’s a problem when the message of an “ANTI-JEW” has the same practical results as the message of PRO GUNG-HO Jews, especially the same message as PRO GUNG-HO die-hard intense COMMUNIST Jews.

  20. Smitherines says:

    DINDU dressed as cop kills White women mother of 3
    Mom of 3 killed; suspect wanted ‘to look like a police officer’

    MIDLOTHIAN – Police in this small Ellis County town are investigating their first homicide in a decade after a fitness instructor was murdered early Monday morning at a local church.

    Terri Leann “Missy” Bevers, 45, arrived at Creekside Church of Christ on Highway 287 about 4:18 a.m. Monday.

    She was there to set up for an early morning “boot camp” class for Camp Gladiator, said police spokesman Capt. John Spann.

    The person suspected of killing Bevers was already roaming the church halls dressed in tactical gear similar to what SWAT officers would wear. The uniform featured “Police” patches front and back.

    “His intent was to look like a police officer,” said Midlothian police Chief Carl Smith.

  21. Smitherines says:

    Michelle Obama AKA Dr Zira Planet Of The Apes

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