Facebook Censoring: Just the Tip of The Ice-BERG

MARK ZUCKERBERG JEW HONCHOLooking satisfied with himself, Mark Zuckerberg strolls past a nerdy audience trying out 3-D goggles of some sort. The photo reeks of Matrix-like futuristic control of White people’s brains, illustrating just how International Jewry likes to see our race — plugged into their artificial BS reality and oblivious to their control.

By Phillip Marlowe

Dana Perino. Just because she's a hot little blond mean she's going to risk her cushy little deal.

Dana Perino. Just because she’s a tight little blond babe doesn’t mean she’s going to risk her cushy network dealy by standing up for the White race. TV people all know that’s verboten.

The other day, FOX’s “The Five” was excitedly going on and on about their cast member, Dana Perino, getting asked to join a panel of media people (including huge Zio CUCKoo nutcase, Glenn Beck) to discuss with Mark Zuckerberg that a staff of Facebook editors were “biased” and suppressing stories with conservative viewpoints. Yeah, like anything serious is going to get done.

Perino is that cute little blond who once worked as a spokes-babe for former Zio Cuck prez, Dumbass Dubya. Now she’s on FOX being all cute and sassy for White guys to ogle — distracting far too many of us who can’t seem to think past our wankers when it comes to the artificial reality of Jew TV. Same crap going on with many other TV women like Megyn Kelly.

Don’t take it personally, guys — I got the same horndog weakness, myself.

The whole story of Facebook censoring conservative viewpoints is so stupid I barely paid it much attention. OK, so yeah, a Jew-owned operation is suppressing information that White people would process and come to conclusions the Jews would not like to see among us — as if every other major media platform doesn’t suppress non-PC crap? Please. Hell, they got teams of people deleting non-PC comments on major websites all the time (you can easily experiment with this yourself). For the time being, they can’t come up with reliable automatic computer algorithms to fully enforce PC, because sometimes Jews will say “Heeb” and Negroes will say “Nigger.”

As you can well imagine, I’ve had my comments censored on websites so much, it’s not funny. But sometimes, they have been up just long enough that perhaps a few people out there were persuaded. No telling how much impact a single person can have!

I’ve also noticed on my home page’s news feed how Jew media is now starting to report black crimes every once in a while. You can tell they still avoid like the plague any black-on-White crimes. They are trying to balance things out against the White crimes they’ve always felt free to turn into a media circus from day-one. Hell, the bastards are still going on and on about the GD Manson Family, for crying out loud.

I’m certain pro-White sites (like mine) have gotten their attention and they now realize they had better mix things up some, or else too many Whites will awaken to the lying BS.

Hell, Facebook has been completely deleting entire pro-White sites for years — even the nice guy polite sites that are much more PC than some crazy guy like me who will tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth about these stinking Jews. Of course, the media won’t say anything about any of those pro-White sites completely censored out of existence, since anyone who takes up for Whites in the smallest of ways is automatically labeled a Nazi. You see what these filthy Jews have done?

Let me state for the record just in case you’re new to all this: Mainstream media has been working for years to protect the subversive Jews and racist, White-hating criminal blacks (who kill us White people all the time). We’re actually living in an artificial reality created by these Jews because they don’t want Whites to become racially awakened to the rip-offs going on in our countries by these lousy scam artists.

FACEBOOK JEWS ZUCKERBERG AND SANDBERGMake note how lefty Jews like Zuckerberg never have any problems pushing Zionist propaganda for a country that treats Palis like dogs, makes it illegal for Jews to marry Arabs, builds extensive border fences, incarcerates in prison camps and deports illegal immigrants that somehow do make it into Israel. These Jew creeps are total hypocrites!

Jews from top to bottom realize they had better keep any non-PC talk suppressed or else all us Whites will become “nationalistic” and put a stop to their insane globalism turning our lands into crapholes. Perhaps we might also start marching around in the streets wearing matching clothing and jackboots, shouting slogans and stuff. Now that would really scare the bejeesus out of ’em!

I’ve been censored many times on the Internet. At least a half dozen video hosting sites (including Youtube) removed my account and my videos. Wordpress.org censored and then completely deleted my free blog back in July, 2010 (I had backups). I’m told that I’m blocked by some service providers and maybe even governments (if you see my site without a proxy then you’re lucky — for now).

I’ve also been hacked at least twice and suffer constant DDOS (distributed denial of service) attacks from organized Zio Jews using software the Israeli government provided (like Microphone) that puts out the word to little Jews everywhere on the planet to congregate on a site to Jew-up the comments, skew polls or run automatic log-in or continuous hit software. These backroom rats have been getting away with doing this for years.

I’ve been told that hacker groups “Anonymous” and “/r/” have me targeted. But I can’t go into details too much since it might reveal things behind the scenes. I concentrate my visible efforts on site design, layout, photoshop artwork and writing. Sometimes I copy stuff from other sites and do up a little artwork when I’m too busy in the real world or have an issue with keeping my site online. It’s not easy sometimes.

And I’m not doing it to get rich from doing all this, believe you me. I don’t get too many donations (those that do contribute, I totally appreciate it). It’s just that I’m sick and tired of these filthy GD Jew bastards and what they are doing to America and the White race!

If you’re just waking up to all the BS going down with the Jewish control of America’s head, let me tell you emphatically it’s all too real. I’ve been studying this subject for several decades now. You might think of yourself as a nice and fair person, but us decent White people have been getting the shaft totally. You see how they go on and on about the Germans and slavery crap to this day, don’t you?

Kissinger is a big pro-Israel Zionist and globalist.

Henry Kissinger is a big time pro-Israel Zionist and CFR globalist agent. This misshapen old evil freak should be dead by now. God knows what orders he gave Trump. We need to pay close attention to Trump’s rhetoric in the near future and see who he picks as VP.

Let me also state for the record that I do not know if Trump is going to improve things for us White Americans or not. I can only hope so. I sense Trump is at least a true patriot, who will do whatever possible to get our country back on the right track. I know Hillary would be a nightmare far worse than Obama.

We might just have to go to civil war to put a stop to these devious Jew rats should our White race survive.

Today came news of Trump having to meet the elderly globalist Jew rat (who totally manipulated Nixon when it came to Israel and the Bomb), Henry Kissinger, like it was a required rite of passage for a retardican candidate to pay a visit. This news pissed me the hell off. The media acts like toady Kissinger is THE Jedi master of geopolitics just because he got his Jew pals behind the scenes in China (yep, they were plenty of Commie Jews over there) to let Nixon fly over for photo ops slurping noodles with Chou En-lai!

Maybe Kissinger explained to Trump the real deal when it comes to International Jewry and laid out a few strict parameters Trump had better adhere to, or else we might have ourselves another Dealey Plaza — courtesy of these dirty double-dealing rats.

It is indeed up to you, the White person now reading here, to get out there and awaken fellow Whites in person. The Jews in control of the mainstream media will do everything they can to keep our race in the dark.

Thank you.

— Phillip Marlowe



100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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78 Responses to Facebook Censoring: Just the Tip of The Ice-BERG

  1. Israhell on Earth says:

    Red Pill says May 22, 2016 at 10:54 am:

    “The CDC claims that one of the “factors driving the Southern HIV epidemic” could be the apparent bigotry of Southerners.”

    There is no need to explain anything , you’re a redpilled and wise man, and you know that the CDC is just a branch of ZOGUSA incorporated.
    Why is America so orwellian, evil, constantly policing the world, and solely based on ruthless capitalism? Oh jeah, it’s the jews, stupid… If us Europeans had the same military prowless and a similar histrory with slavery etc. we’d be the same. Modern Babylon, the “great Satan” and a purveyor of seemingly eternal warfare.

    Did you see that? Now they can identify you as a racist just by looking at you:

  2. American born says:

    This was just on Drudge: http://www.breitbart.com/2016-presidential-race/2016/05/21/exclusive-donald-j-trump-hillary-clintons-plans-illegal-immigration-america-disaster-country/

    I do think if that bitch is in office she will flood White areas with niggers and sand niggers. Spoke with a guy the other day in Rhodes Ranch here in Vegas. A gated community, nice place. He told me HUD is bringing in section eight niggers. I was not aware of how aggressive the program is. The houses there start at a half million.

  3. American born says:

    It’s the investors that bring section 8. They think a steady rent payment from the government is safe money. Usually what happens is that their tenants fuck up the house and leave within a year. They end up losing all the profits on remodeling, and think if they just find the right renter things will be better. A cycle that more often than not repeats itself.

    I have seen a HUD vehicle, a magnetic sticker on the side of a car. Of all the damage Obama has done, the expansion of HUD is probably one that will directly effect the most.

    Just one nigger in a White area basically ruins the place. HUD brings in irresponsible single women with children in to an already established area where people own homes. For years I had a section 8 neighbor that was completely feral, she beat the shit out of her kids all the time. I have written about her here in the past.

    Her and her kids fucked up my neighborhood for the few years she was here. She was a grand mother in her late 30’s. Even after she moved we had niggers squatting in the house. After she moved the Chinese home owner had to remodel the house. It was completely ruined. I talked to the painters when they were next door repairing the damage. I walked the house and was shocked.The flooring was ripped out. Urine smell was strong. Most of the doors were in the garage, they had to replaced, punched in.

    The owner must have had to spend about 15 grand to get the place back to normal.

  4. Tom says:

    Whites seem to be unaware that the practice of “blockbusting” using Sec. 8 housing to introduce nonwhites into white neighborhoods constitutes GENOCIDE under international conventions. Because this so-called “integration” is destroying the white culture and race, with their own money. School busing is another one–sending minority white youth to be abused and terrorized by sheboons and heboons in black neighborhood schools. Racial quotas–so-called “affirmative action”–also genocidal in intent. How is it that a white whose ancestors had nothing to do with slavery (and this includes the majority of Southerners) are compelled to make restitution for some imagined wrong? If you look at multiracial countries that are successful (not this one) you’ll see that each race has its own space and none of these racially coercive, genocidal methods are employed.

  5. Red Pill says:


    Susan Rice: Too Many Whites On National Security Team Putting America At Risk.
    National Security Advisor Susan Rice told graduates at Florida International University that the presence of too many “white, male, and Yale” staffers is posing a threat to the security of America.
    (p.s. fuck you bitch)

  6. Red Pill says:


    Appeals Court: Illegal Aliens Have Right to Own Guns

    Illegal aliens can now claim Second Amendment rights to own guns in violation of federal law, according to a federal appeals court that completely ignored the primary reason for the right to bear arms: to give Americans citizens the right to remove a tyrannical regime from power.


  7. Matt says:

    Another clue to who the great prostitute/Babylon is, the mystery. Rev. 17-18

    Jesus told the Jews in Matthew 23:33-35

    “You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell? 34 Therefore I am sending you prophets and sages and teachers. Some of them you will kill and crucify; others you will flog in your synagogues and pursue from town to town.

    35 And so upon you will come all the righteous blood that has been shed on earth, from the blood of righteous Abel to the blood of Zechariah son of Berekiah, whom you murdered between the temple and the altar.

    Revelations says 18:20:

    In her was found the blood of prophets and of God’s holy people,
    of all who have been slaughtered on the earth.”

    Is it just a freak coincidence that both the Jews and the great prostitute/Babylon are both responsible for the blood of the righteous? Or is that they’re one and the same?

  8. American born says:

    Illegals are now allowed to carry a firearm. Wake me up when this insanity is over. Last I checked crossing the border, illegally, was a Federal crime. And thus, felons are prohibited from carrying a firearm, legally.

    Obama will do some wild stuff this year. I almost find it amusing, the arrogance of the nigger. What he is doing is creating a fertile environment for a revolution. Planting seeds amongst those he wants to be gone. Very ironically he is doing us a favor. To polarize the different people that are in out nation. Division is what is natural, and homeboy is doing a great job.

    Another positive thing Obama has done, White people are armed to the teeth now. Open carry is not abnormal now. Weapon sales within the White communities across the nation have skyrocketed under the reign of King nigger. Probably was not in his agenda.

    Statically, Whites in the US are the most heavily armed people on Earth. I like Trump, he can flip a coin and end up with a profit. He is gifted in that way.

    So the question I struggle with: is worse better?

    Demographics shifts are disturbing, that may be the final nail in the coffin, and this evil government is moving fast sans abatement to out number us with the most feral of all bipedal filth, and apparently arming them as well. As can be seen in Iraq and Syria as well in inner cities in our neighborhoods.

  9. Smitherines says:

    Red Pill says:
    May 22, 2016 at 10:41 am

    Smitherines says:
    May 22, 2016 at 10:00 am
    my fathers brother was a flying tigers pilot, shot down over Burma and rode his
    plane into a mountain side over being machined gunned in a parachute.
    all we got was a small american flag.

    My father didn’t even get a medal, just a bunch of BS VA denials cuz they
    couldn’t keep records on spies, and used it against him until he died 1997.
    Suffering many things from that jungle like malaria and yellow fever
    several times, that never leaves your body, he died at 74 but looked 94.

    Couldn’t even have his name on WWII Memorial in Washington DC, until they
    released O.S.S. records but he was dead by the time, my brother had them
    add his name.

    Now I have watch the same Gov want to give out 1000 times more to fucking Ns
    and Mexcrements instead of a soldier. That lost much of his health in 1944, also
    had sever back problems: several back surgeries in the 1960s and 70s when
    they butchered you !!! He got this from parachuting in real low, as the night
    before the Japanese shot everyone out of the sky, so he HIT REALLY hard
    probably jarring several lumbar discs, which they also denied.

    But such is the ZOG that Kwan all love and salute!

  10. Smitherines says:


    Spyware Linked To NSA Discovered In Hard Drives Across The World

    By Ian Greenhalgh on May 21, 2016

    All computing devices designed by Western companies likely fatally compromised by in-built backdoor

    URL here:

  11. Tom says:


    Revelation says the whore, “Great City that sits astride many peoples and nations”, Mystery Babylon, harlot, deceiver that makes the nations “drunk and reeling”, fornicator (producing the false religions of the world for its benefit), abomination of desolation, etc. IS THE CITY WHERE ALSO OUR LORD WAS KILLED. So it’s NOT an accident. Trump may actually fulfill Biblical prophesy when he recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of “the state of the Jewish people.”

    P.S., This amazingly prophetic book–regardless of what one thinks of organized Christianity–has a great ending. Hint: It involves the harlot being utterly destroyed by fire by the red (warlike) beast she rode to power on and “dying by her own hand” (the U.S.)

  12. Barney says:

    I’m one of the millions who have to use a proxy to get here. I don’t know whether it’s zog-uk doing the censoring, or whether they’ve instructed my ISP (British Telecom) to do it.

    A while ago, Cannibal Rabbi made a brief reappearance and said the reason he hadn’t been able to get here was that his ISP was blocking access. Now he’s gone again.

    I use HMA ( https://www.hidemyass.com/proxy ) to get here. It’s reliable, but most graphics don’t appear, even as blank rectangles, and videos are just black rectangles, so I’m effectively viewing this as a text-only site, but I’m able to post comments and feel I’m among friends.

    That’s the “trap” with farcebook, the sense that you’re not alone.

    I was a member of a “how do I … ?” computer forum for several years. I learned a lot and made some real friends on that site. I’d be there from the time I got up in the morning until the time I went to bed at night. I was learning about computing, and it felt good to be able to educate people who needed help.

    Kids nowadays (and most adults too, it seems) don’t appear to have a social life in the “real world”. All their “friends” are on the other end of that electronic gadget that’s super-glued to their hand at all times.

    The devil’s vermin have found a way to isolate people by creating the illusion that we’re all connected through their spy networks. We’ve got “friends” all over the world that we’ll never meet, and we don’t even know where they are unless they tell us.

    I do my best not to participate any more than I have to. Farcebook is for the gullible, twitter is for twits, and all on-line communication is monitored by the sworn enemy of God and man. My mobile ‘phone cost me £2.99 (about $4½ US) in Tesco’s (yes, I know, cohen). It’s used for emergency calls only, and only ever switched on if I need to make a call.

    I’m still vulnerable when I’m sitting at my big, powerful desktop computer, but at least I can’t carry it everywhere I go, and it’s never had any version of $eattle $pyware (Windoze) on it. I’m sure Linux must have at least a few backdoors by now, but I’m probably safer than most people using Microcrash $pyware.

    Give people, especially the young, a way to convince themselves they’re among friends, and they’ll become addicted. Why waste their hard-earned jew-money going out to meet people in the physical world when they’re all there at the touch of a screen?

    The danger here, and one the jews were fully aware of when they set it up, is that we won’t know where to find our “friends” when the shooting starts. What good is an electronically-generated image when you need someone to watch your back?

    That’s what it’s all about. Isolate people while giving them the illusion of connectedness, and they won’t be able to organise “when the time comes”.

    The enemy will know where every “dissident” is, but we won’t, so they can pick us off individually.

    We need to get out in the real world and physically meet other people.

    A few years ago, people were talking about something known as “internet 2”, a more fully controlled version of the internet. Farcebook and twit-nest seem to be that more tightly-controlled version.

    Listen to the radio, if you can stomach the endless crap they put out. Those with an even stronger stomach can watch tel-aviv-zion. What do you see/hear?

    Whereas fairly recently we were invited to visit a website, now it’s farcebook and twit-nest all the time. “See more on our farcebook page. Twits can visit our twitter account.

    A few years ago, ISPs were making “webspace” available to subscribers at no extra cost. Not any more.

    We need to read Orwell’s “1984” and act on it. If we see a surveillance camera, we can be sure we’re surrounded by hidden microphones, in streetlamps, park benches and wherever else a couple of “dissidents” might get together to discuss the problem.

    After initially setting up a meeting, Winston and Julia went out into the countryside for a bit of privacy, away from the eyes and ears of big brother.

    We need to do the same.

  13. Tom says:

    Great comment Barney. I use a proxy and even that sometimes gives a warning that Incog’s a malicious site and not to give out passwords, etc.

    The “web” is not called the web for nothing. If you are from the UK, you may be unaware that Obongo instituted an Internet kill switch. In moments he or his Kosher handlers can shut down the Internet nationwide. And he or they probably will at some point.

    In my small town they cut the fiber optic cable one day (by accident?) All the cell phones didn’t work, the stores mostly did not sell because POS terminals went down, the gas stations did not pump gas for the same reason, and land lines and Internet went down. Was it E.M. Forester who wrote “The Machine Stops”?

    You are right about social media. Not only is this a spy tool but a predictive tool used by the enemy for planning countermeasures. Hide your searches as well, because these are also useful predictive tools for the enemy. (A few alternatives that don’t track: PrivateLee, StartPage, qrobe, dogpile and duckduckgo–not an exhaustive list.)

    In the U.S. we have CB radio. No license needed. You can use a scrambler. (As a kid I once got skip and talked to a station 150 miles away with a 1-watt CB walkie talkie.) Some Southern boys use linear amplifiers and run 75 watts or more (illegal–5 watts max output) and can be heard up the East Coast and to the Rockies. Solar cells, batteries and a good CB worth having. I just got a good quality CB for $10 at a thrift shop.

    This would probably be illegal in the UK and I think the same goes for Canada.

  14. Barney says:

    Tom – I agree. A web is a trap, designed to catch the unwary.

    I use Start Page for searches, but the thing I never see mentioned is the fact that everything has to go through our ISP before it can get to anything we use to try to hide from zog.

    There’s encryption, but that’s mainly for one-to-one communication with others who use the same system. I’ve got the last “safe” version of TrueCrypt (7.1a) from before the people behind it were forced to give up, but even that may not be as secure as we hope it is.

    I could also use PGP, but the same considerations apply.

    I’ve been saying for some time (in the hope that at least a few Good White People are listening) that when the internet goes down, the balloon goes up.

    Translation. When we lose the internet, or even just “our part” of it, we need to take that as our signal to act against “the enemy” – all enemies. The revolution must start the moment the internet goes down.

    Here in the jewnited queerdom, CB radio never really took off, and it’s little more than a memory now. I believe we only had it for a short time, but I’m sure there are a few sets still to be had. It may even be that they’re still being made. I couldn’t afford one at the time, but I sometimes think I ought to find out what’s available now that I’m a bit better off financially.

    Another potentially useful gadget, mainly with jew war 3 in mind, would be a Geiger counter.

    Communication after “the event” (financial collapse, revolution, jew war 3, natural disaster, whatever) is a bit of a double-edged sword in that, while enabling us to locate and communicate with other “survivors” or “rebels”, it also exposes our location to the enemy. It needs careful thinking about. Be prepared, but be wary.

    Being crippled (just general degeneration, so no sympathy needed), I won’t be playing an active part in the revolution, but there’s no reason not to become a “support worker” of some kind, and radio could be a part of this.

    Here’s a link to a (free) .pdf of E.M.Forster’s “The machine stops”. I’ll get it as soon as I’ve posted this.


  15. Barney says:

    I’ve just read “The machine stops”, and it’s almost exactly the way the world is today, with everyone “connected”, but everyone isolated, with their electronic gadgets permanently welded to their hands.

    It’s the same with jobs. We’re slaves to machinery and to the jew “machine”, working six million hours a day, six million days a year for barely enough to survive on while the slave masters reap the benefit.

    Everything nowadays is over-computerised, and one day someone (us?) will pull the plug and it will all come to a stop.

    That day can’t come a moment too soon.

  16. Bailey says:

    Exellent comments Tom and Barney !

    Have a laugh at this,

    I agree with you both and i’m ready for when the plug is pulled but i could use a CB radio. It’s on my to do list.

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  18. NigHater says:

    Try proXPN vpn. It’s reliable, secure, and free. If you want uncapped bandwith you can pay monthly it’s very cheap. You don’t have to worry about searches or history or your proxy going down. It’s all encrypted. It will however of course not protect you from tracking cookies stored on your computer or sites where you login. If you want that I suggest you have your browser delete all data upon exit.

    I just can’t stand the sight of this guy Zuckerberg he creeps me out to the core. Last week I posted a JOKE video about Obama on FB. I supposed it was deemed racist because it did not show up even after re-posting twice. On some type of blacklist…

    Deleted my FB then and there.

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