Gnome-like Negro Kills Human When She Says No

HUNTOON MURDER MONTAGEHer bereaved mother set up a “Go Fund Me” page where you can make contributions. She might call me a “racist” for doing this story but that’s only because us Whites have been so brainwashed about these violent ugly animals over the decades. Forgive me, I do this site to awaken fellow Whites to what’s truly going on.

By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

OK, I don’t know for absolutely, positively sure that’s what happened (how can anyone but God, the victim, or the perp really know?), but most likely the ape tried to come on to the woman considering the brief facts gleaned from local media websites (you certainly don’t expect seeing anything about it nationally).

Jeanne Lyn Huntoon, 34 — a friendly, occasionally homeless woman — was leaving a parking garage in Grand Rapids, Michigan, at 2:30 am last Saturday morning (April 30). Way too late to be out and about when such violent, criminal two-legged apes freely roam at will and murder us Whites at the drop of the hat. But this kind of thing can literally happen to us White people anywhere and at anytime in today’s Jewed America.*

A witness said he saw a man (the media dropped the race description, no doubt) go up and speak to her for a minute or so, before he pulled out a knife and stabbed her down to the ground. While laying there, he punched away at her crazily. The witness then saw the primate drag her off caveman-style across landscaping mulch into some nearby bushes bordering a parking garage ramp, where a low concrete wall might give him some cover. Whether he raped her there or not, wasn’t reported (and probably never will), but it is indeed possible with these nasty animals. He certainly stole her life from her.

Police called it a random event and said she wasn’t robbed. So the traitorous news people reports the killer must have been trying to “befriend her.” Right. They actually wrote that out. Sounds all so sweet and innocent, huh? More likely, the ugly ape was trying to pick her up and she refused. If he was all so nice and friendly, why would he whip out a knife and stick the girl in the gut like it was nothing? These are murderous animals, no doubt whatsoever.

Former 49's football player, Dana Stubblefield was recently arrested for raping a developmentally disabled woman, who was probably White. This kind of thing happens all the time with these dirty animals. Over 130 White women are raped or sexually assaulted by blacks every day.

A former 49’s NFL football player, Dana Stubblefield, was recently arrested for raping a “developmentally disabled” woman. These ugly animals do this kind of thing all the time. Over 130 White women are raped or sexually assaulted by blacks every single day.

When researching the story, one might notice the police chief and the TV reporter are both black. Doesn’t that ever register with blacks at all? Us Whites have bent over backwards for the last fifty years for them and they still act like we’re so evil and racist, all the while committing brutal, vicious crimes against us on the street.

And blacks trying to pick up White women happens all the time these days. Because of Jew brainwashing efforts about blacks in the media (they are always portrayed as smart, nice guy heroes all the time); these ugly apes actually believe they are attractive and White women are all sluts, wanting to have sex with them (part of the huge women exploitation pornography racket Jews have in Southern California making beaucoup bucks making totally sick crappy movies).

The dirty immoral Jews are even getting rich off destroying our race!

Harvey Neil forced a little boy to perform oral sex on him in a Wichita Falls, Texas, park restroom only last week. Black dirtbags like this guy prey on the young -- black or White -- everywhere. Just go to NEW NATION NEWS to see just how bad things are getting in today's "wonderfully diverse" America!

Harvey Neil forced a little boy to perform oral sex on him in a Wichita Falls, Texas, park restroom only last week. Black dirtbags like this ugly ape prey on White people — everywhere. Just go to NEW NATION NEWS to see just how bad things are getting in today’s “wonderfully diverse” America!

What’s doubly disgusting is the fact that a high percentage of blacks are infected with various STDs and HIV (AIDS). The CDC reports a half million black males alone have the infectious, and still deadly HIV virus. All because of their willingness to engage in unprotected homo sex with each other while in the jailhouse (laughingly, blacks call it “going on the down low”).

Why anyone would actually sleep with these disease-ridden, bootlipped ugly black apes is simply beyond me.

It’s the Jews behind all of it. Why do you think Jew-controlled Hollywood freely gives movies titles like “Black Snake Moan?” Or constantly shows White women having relationships with blacks? Hell, you can’t turn on your TV for five minutes before you see a White woman paired up with a black man. They especially love to do this with blond White women. If you’re a White guy, you should be totally pissed — or a brainwashed idiot.

These devious, stinking Jews are everywhere in the media, pushing “PC” so us Whites are too intimidated to say anything about what they are up to, to say nothing about how blacks are really like.

And just what have are these Jews been up to?

To quietly and gradually destroy our race’s political power, moralities and family values before we fully realize it and come together; so they can totally control our lands with a high tech police state and institute their long-dreamed for Talmudic, Communist Jewish empire over the West (the NWO).

It appears the Nazis were damned right all along about these backstabbing, devious Jew rats. Tell a friend!

*The media suppressing black crime goes on everywhere. They actually have orders and various editorial techniques to do so. A White couple was brutally murdered just the other day by blacks near where I live, and the local press hardly reported a thing, not even publishing a single photo of the two White victims. Just basic facts, like it was all nothing — just a “garden variety” crime like a callous bitch newspaper editor once termed it to me when I called them up about the lack of reporting of the unbelievably horrific torture murder of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. The bastards in the media don’t care anything about us White people — never have — just pushing their insane BS multicult agenda.

We need to HANG these worthless black apes, by the neck — UNTIL DEAD.


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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70 Responses to Gnome-like Negro Kills Human When She Says No

  1. Ray says:

    Hey, White Boy. At least the niggers go to political rallies and yell and shout or protest outside. Nobody is listening to you because you don’t even show up. You couldn’t organize a three car motorcade. I don’t care about your closet full of guns. Just show up with signs and get on TV. The press isn’t going to come to you. Do something!!!

  2. squarepegroundhole says:

    Ray, the ONY reason filthy Niggers have a political presence is because the Jews are using them as a wrecking ball. Jews like Ilya Sheyman, George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg,Sheldon Adelson, and Shari Arison have poured billions into remaining behind the curtain while using Niggers to do their dirty work.

    These are unknown truths that are not on grape Kool-aid packages, in rap music, or on welfare checks- boy.

    Once the role the Black Cancer is fulfilled don’t look for the Silvermans and Goldstein types to keep showering Niggers with unlimited welfare. Take a good look at Africa and those areas.

    Niggers have absolutely no ability to organize or strategize whatsoever. This is evident in many of the comical “mastermind crimes” witnessed on a daily basis. There is not one medical center, Car Company, space program, or anything of value that the coloreds have contributed to society. If it were not for political correctness, affirmative action and integration your ass would be toast. Despite decades of failed attempts to educate and socialize the Negroes, they remain ignorant violent animals. I don’t care how many Niggers are dressed up as doctors, politicians, police officers, All-State men, or even the president they are and always will be filthy dangerous Niggers to me. Niggers are a pure plague on lands. Want to ruin a good area? Just add Niggers.

    One thing I will give you credit for is highlighting our failures. Apathy, voting, crying, and praying, will never cure us of the Israeli financed plan to exterminate White people. White men must start to purge the lands of tyrants and vermin such as yourself. The secret to carrying on is not getting carried off. So half assed plans like Glen Miller had will simply not do. The problems must be hit hard. All Jew media types should be reminded of Alan Berg and not look forward to rock star status. White men must be far more strategic. White people need old-fashioned solutions to these problems-

  3. Steamed McQueen says:


    Well of course blacks always show up to protest and riot.

    White people don’t do those things because we are civilized… and have jobs to go to.

  4. Bailey says:

    Hey Ray , you sure your name isn’t Karen ?

  5. Tom says:

    The perp is a dead ringer for JESSE JACKSON! Perhaps an illegitimate offspring?

    Blacks have taken the kindness and charity of whites for more than 150 years and made little progress from their shiftless state. They repay tolerant whites with bloodthirsty acts such as this. Bringing to mind Aesop’s fable of the donkey. A man and his son were heading to market with their donkey loaded with wares. Well meaning passer-by’s criticized the load on the donkey. So the man and his son started carrying the load. Still other passer-by’s said the donkey should have no load at all. And so the man and his son began carrying the load with the donkey walking ahead. Finally, as they got close to town, those on the road suggested the donkey should be CARRIED by the man and his son. (Where we are now with the Negro!) As they crossed the bridge, all three fell into the river and the donkey drowned. I consider this a happy ending–our situation will end in much bloodshed.

    If whites survive they will have learned a basic lesson of the universe. There is no such thing as “equality” but, what Nietzsche called the will to power.” Despite the rantings of Martin L. Communist, blacks never wanted “equality” with whites (proved by “affirmative action”) but dominance over whites. This is being further proved by a violent crime rate of 40:1 against whites with more to come.

    It’s worth looking of how freed blacks returned to Africa treated their fellow Liberian black Africans. Did they peacefully meld into the “Motherland”? No. They beat, chained and whipped their “soul brothers of color” and made them into THEIR slaves–which some of them are to this day.

  6. Bob says:

    Whites can start by refusing to watch or patronize any form of nigger ball. It is beyond me how an intelligent white person can derive any enjoyment at watching a pack of niggers chasing a ball. You have nothing better you can do with your time? Yes, they can do a few nifty tricks with the ball since they are jungle monkeys, but it is boring and if you have seen one nigger ball game you have seen them all. And who cares if one group of niggers wins some kind of “championship” over another group of niggers? How does that affect the white viewer? Plus you will probably get early Alzheimer’s watching this mindless nigger mush.

  7. Bailey says:

    Never really watched nigger ball , gave up negro felon league and spic baseball around 1985.
    Was into nascar until it became too jewed.

  8. Bailey says:

    The only niggers i watch are those featured on The First 48 and Cops .

  9. John Taurus says:

    White people have a mental illness that causes them to believe anything the media brainwashes them to believe. Their “empathy” has cost them their civilization. Their “empathy” has cost them everything because the Jews know how to use this weakness of Whites against them. The race wars are a coming. Whites must unite or suffer extinction. We need to move en masse to the Southern United States, take over the governments and secede from the Jewnited States.

  10. Ray says:

    Bailey, my name is Ray. Your inference that a woman posted instead of me is nonsensical. I don’t even understand the logic of your inference. Explain your statement.

  11. Ray says:

    Squarepegroundhole, I know the jews are behind this. Yet, they are succeeding. When my father was in the Marine Corps during WW2, he trained down at Quantico. He said, blacks would step off the sidewalk and walk in the gutter until you passed them. If I send you to Detoilet, Baltimore or Chicago, you will be the one stepping into the gutter. I went down south, when I was young in the 50’s and you would see signs on hotels and motels, White Trade Only. This is all in my lifetime, tell me who is winning? It will only get worse as we diminish in population, in the USA or EU.

  12. Ray says:

    Steamed McQueen, I like your username. The whites are civilized in a country that is being increasingly decivilized and degenerate. The jew media control, Weinstein and crew, have done this. The jews see themselves as the aristocracy and we are beneath them. Penis size being discussed on stage in Presidential debates before the country, I never would have believed that. Those jobs you go to, are quickly disappearing, off shore or performed by robots. But, you may get $15 an hour minimum wage washing cars. If you are so busy to try and change things, I have a suggestions for you. Start learning how to cornrow hair, it will be helpful for you with your granddaughter. Also, learn rap lyrics so, you can understand your grandson’s favorite “musical” songs and group.

  13. INCOG MAN says:

    Ray: I believe readers here want a little more positivity. You are right in a way, but things are indeed changing around. It takes a lot to change course for bigger objects. The pendalum is swinging. Soon, we’ll be taking it to the creeps in a big way!

  14. INCOG MAN says:

    I also can see “search strings” to my site. The Whites are awakening!

  15. Smitherines says:

    INCOG MAN says:
    May 4, 2016 at 7:20 pm

    I also can see “search strings” to my site. The Whites are awakening!

    What that’s mean “search strings?” PS on Ray the Karen detection meter
    is starting to jump, my little antennas are rising like Uncle Martin, my Jewdar.

  16. Smitherines says:

    typo that mean

  17. Hoff says:

    You gotta see the picture that goes with this text 😀


  18. Bailey says:

    Sorry Ray , It’s just that your post was kind of insulting and it fit the kind of rubbish that a non white woman spews here.
    Can’t be too careful these days , especially when someone comes here and imediately calls us white boys and dares to compare us to niggers.
    Like it was said above, we work for a living and have no time to disrupt social order not to mention that ” white boys” would be gassed by the pigs and locked up for protesting here in the JewSA.

  19. Bailey says:

    In reading Rays comment at 6:58 i must say i take my apology back.
    No need to explain.

  20. Bailey says:

    Agreed Smithers !

  21. Hoff says:

    The faggot Black Obama is set to declare a national monument recognizing the right of men to have anal sex with other men.

    It is good to know that Obama is focusing in on real issues.  After all, the right of faggots to have sex with one another is a cherished and fundamental human right.  It is recognized by the UN charter and is enshrined in the American Constitution.

    Thomas Jefferson once said that America can not be a free nation unless men are freely allowed to violate each other’s rectums.

    Takeaway the jews and there would be no everlasting homosex propaganda. Nada, nill, zero.

  22. carnac123 says:

    Blacks are enjoying their hey-day while they can. It is going to end soon with or without Trump. The advertisers and the companies of this country are just as white hating as the government. I have learned that these race-mixing commercials and the companies they are advertising have received hundreds of thousands of protest letters but have these companies listened to their constituents? Not one bit. In fact the sent out letters saying they were proud to represent ‘racially mixed families’. That is not what these a$$oles are doing. They are trying to propagandize and make racially mixed families. White people,,,,,,,PLEASE boycott each company that makes a commercial like these race-mixing commercials. If it comes to boycotting all American made goods I will do so for my kids and grandchildren’s futures. It is time for white people to mobilize for war.

  23. Tom says:

    Carnac: A good start. But to really make these guys sweat you have to cause problems with the shareholders and directors. Buying 1 share of stock, writing to the boards of directors and attending annual meetings can have a major effect. (In Japan, companies pay off Yakuza to beat up anyone trying to do this. And, companies that don’t pay find they get unruly shareholders.) Short-selling their stocks can also be effective as lower prices cut the bonuses of race traitor and Khazar executives.

    A problem with many of the sleazy anti-white companies, however, is that the members of their board are often bankers with side curls. This is because they hold paper and convertible preferred stock of the companies they’ve hollowed out through usury. Like a company deliberately bankrupted by the mob, they can use their captive companies like cars in a demolition derby. But the quicker they go out o business the better.

  24. Bailey says:

    And White people should learn to enjoy good music, where ever it comes from.

  25. Bailey says:

    WTF ?

    Let me try that again,

  26. dan says:

    @Hoff “Takeaway the jews and there would be no everlasting homosex propaganda. Nada, nill, zero.”

    Really? What about ancient greece?

  27. dan says:

    Blacks suffer from unusually high testosterone and early puberty, both of which correlate with teenage onset mental retardation.

    This explains why black children score just as well as white children, but then fall off as teenagers.

    The solution? Castrate them.

    The Ottoman’s figured it out, what’s wrong with the white race to be outsmarted by these islamic turks?

  28. Bailey says:

    #Blacklivesfecalmatter video of the day,

  29. MonkeysBeGone says:


    Uh…..jews had heavily infiltrated Greek society…..duh!

  30. dan says:


    Actually The Sibylline Oracles claim the 1st century Jews were the only culture on earth practicing pederasty.

    The fact Jews are promoting it today shows they are abandoning Judaism. We should all be homosexuals then. hahahah

  31. dan says:

    ****not (practicing pederasty)

  32. DICARLO says:

    When you see all the black Mayors, police chiefs, nigger educational administrators, Whites themselves have voted for and condoned for five decades, you have blame the unbelievable gullibility and stupidity of Whites.

  33. protocolsRtrue says:

    How could you possibly fuck a nigger bitch? I mean my penis would be like mr. prt you cannot possibly be that drunk. I’ve been through some heffers and beefaloes and sixpackers and twelvepackers but a fucking gorilla? Forgheddaboutit I aint doing it.

  34. protocolsRtrue says:

    Happy cinco demayo stupid white taxpayers. That’s the day that the Mexicans celebrate their victory over the gringos in North America. Be careful if you drive tonight some states give drivers licenses to illegal immigrants ( I mean undocumented workers) in other states the beaners don’t care since they’re in the country illegally anyway. Can you believe that shit? If I get pulled over for an unnecessary lane change because the road was smoother in the other lane the cop demands my license registration and proof of insurance. If I was wearing a sombrero with 200 kilos of coke in my back seat the cop would let me go because it was profiling .

  35. dan says:


    I thought cinco de mayo celebrated mexico’s victory over the invading french army whom were incited by jew bankers to invade because mexico defaulted on its debts?

  36. protocolsRtrue says:

    I was being sarcastic. The Mexican invasion is ongoing. Funny how we can secure borders on the other side of the world with our giant sized military but people can walk across our own borders and give middle fingers and wear sombreros and wave Mexican flags here in America the presidential candidate has to stop and hop over concrete barriers to give a right to peacefully assemble and free speech in califaggia.

  37. protocolsRtrue says:

    I was being sarcastic. The Mexican invasion is ongoing. Funny how we can secure borders on the other side of the world with our giant sized military but people can walk across our own borders and give middle fingers and wear sombreros and wave Mexican flags here in America the presidential candidate has to stop and hop over concrete barriers and be brought in the back door to give a right to peacefully assemble and free speech in califaggia.

  38. dan says:


    Well to be honest I left ‘murica when Obama was elected, and learned that the civilized world doesn’t use toilet paper, but bidet’s and “bum guns”.

    Having become civilized, no longer inserting my hand into my ass to “clean it” (which that doesn’t even do), I could no longer live in the US, there would be nowhere sanitary to take a shit.

  39. Gemjunior says:

    What are search strings?

    I just wanted to let you know that white people protest all the time. Especially in Europe, there have been massive protests with tens of thousands of people and the traitorous media won’t show it. If average joe people get a hint that there are thousands of other whites protesting they will go and join, so one of the jew media tricks is to quell any protest by not even showing that ANY other white people are dissatisfied. If none of the other whites give a crap, why should you? is a very effective strategy for disheartening any people that might possess any fight left. Fucking sickening Jews.

  40. Hoff says:

    Top niggers in Jewmerica. 5 min.

    “Debate” American Style: Our Top Orators in Action

  41. Hoff says:

    Israeli Media Reveals The Secret Behind Communism —- by David Duke, 15 min.

    David Dukes book: The Secret Behind Communism, full text, 285 pages, pdf.

  42. protocolsRtrue says:

    Like Incogman mentions in the picture above. Like Bailey and I know from watching “first 48” so many times. Like the police and homicide detectives know. Look at the eyes. There is nothing in there. No soul. No humanity. No compassion for their victims. No regrets. No remorse. Like looking into a sharks eyes. Predators. Like staring at an alligator or a crocodile. So what? I murdered the 19 year old store clerk so I could steal 20 bucks and a pack of ciggerattetts? What? Is there something wrong about doing that? So what? I raped and killed the bitch because I was horney. Is there something wrong with that? Sometimes they giggle. Sometimes they laugh. The ones that did it before say get me my taxpayer funded lawyer. Prove it. They been through the system before. I especially hate the ones that say get me “MY” lawyer. I want to say ok who is he give me his phone number. Oh you mean your taxpayer funded lawyer . OK I’ll get the jew bitch on the phone right away did you need some coffee or warm soup too? They are animals but they are worse than animals because they have opposable thumbs and know how to steal guns and bullets and cars. They aren’t born with rabies but after 4 weeks with baby momma and baby daddy they develop rabid behavior.

  43. Recon Ranger says:

    Where in hell is Adolph when we need him !!!!…. I think we should all buy 2 inch diameter hemp ropes ( the kind that burn around the neck ) and get them ready for real action…. if you don’t have a tree then build a gallows…

  44. Smitherines says:

    An Iraqi security official revealed that an Israeli woman intelligence officer arrested in the holy city of Najaf holding American identity card journalist. Iraqi security secret service discovered and arrested her immediately. The judge in charge of this issue ordered her release under US pressure. Iraqi interior minister after reviewing the details of the case ordered Najaf intelligence Directorate to keep her under arrest to be transferred immediately to Baghdad.

    URL here:

    In the end, as a result of increased US pressure on Iraqi officials, she has been released and handed over to US forces.

    Women information that has been captured by:

    Name: Baras Tamir Aviva. Born 24 | 6 | 1986. Place of birth: Tel Aviv. Identity Number: 026559518

    Israeli passport number: 21488124 date of issue of the passport: 26 | 3 | 2014 expiry date. 25 | 3 | 2024

  45. MonkeysBeGone says:


    Is Israel the country you moved to? It’s the best place for jews, after all. You are a tribesman, no doubt.

  46. dan says:

    My youtube exchange with a quasi-literate nigger, or how to convince them of the cure:

    +Jake Star Jim Crow and redlining didn’t keep sub-saharan africa in the neolithic age.

    The fact is, blacks never evolved past this period, they were discovered by civilized europeans to still be walking around naked and hunting with spears.

    The only successful attempt to civilize the black race has been by the Ottoman Empire, because they castrated the black males, thus ending their brain damaging disease of high-testosterone, which is typical among people walking around naked hunting with spears and running from lions.

    Infact, studies show that higher educated blacks have testosterone levels of whites.?


    +Probably Offending You …son of a bastard….ur stupidity is outstanding…ever heard of HIP HOP AN ITS ORIGINE ..look that up u pig face .. before u open ur dog kissing mouth …Even nature rejects ur kind…I guess the sun is racist too right u moron…..U BASTARDS ARE TOO AFRAID THATS WHY U HIDE BEHIND THE COPS…VERY SOON UR WHITE LIES CANT PROTECT U ANY MORE?





    typical of a high testosterone low IQ black to only think of sexual insults. But lets be honest, didn’t you feel like you were falling from a plane while typing in all caps like that?

    That’s testosterone, cutting your balls off would cure you of this disease and make you human.?

  47. dan says:


    I’ve been all over the world, my passport is 40 pages. I’ve only seen toilet paper used exclusively in the US and China. The Chinese invented toilet paper.

    The chinese are the filthiest people on earth, its no coincidence they would invent toilet paper.

  48. protocolsRtrue says:

    My stupid story chapter 711. Cinco demayo. I once had an amazing love affair with a Spanish woman. She was from Bolivia. And when I say love affair we were fireworks she had the gunpowder and I was the match. Magnets she was the south pole I was the North. We met at a place that rhymes with us postal service as Christmas casuals workers they treated us like shit dogs while the regulars take leave in Christmas season. She was beautiful. She was smart. She was hard working. She was what could be called loyal to her man. She was smarter than me because she spoke two languages English and Spanish and I only understand English. I’m jumping ahead in the story but when we were making love she reverted to Spanish and I wasn’t sure what she was saying but she didn’t kick me out. I tell her right up front that this is my situation. I’m married. My wife and I are separated I have two kids that I get to see every other weekend. I also have a woman who I love that lives with me and sleeps in my bed every night. I cannot be whatever you want me to be right now. The long story goes on she has children also her husband is back in Bolivia and wants his kids back too and maybe her. It was a night shift job and things just happened. It was hard to pull myself and heart away from her it was a natural love. She said just come and see me if only once a month inferring that if my girlfriend was on her period. Eventually I told myself that prt you cannot go on living like this. Two lives two women that you love pack your stuff and leave. Plus I was still married to my first wife that I loved we had to finalize the divorce over that we were only still married anyway for the benefit of our children she was living with another man anyway also. So I packed my stuff and left. I paid all my bills my whole life this one hurt. I loved her it ripped my heart in half. One day when I was with her I said happy cinco demayo her beautiful brown loving eyes turned blood red in an instant and she said you know I’m not Mexican I am Bolivian.

  49. dan says:


    Nonsense, if you want to save the white race you need to join fundamentalist mormonism or islam i.e start actually breeding.

    Should have conquered that bolivian and the first wife at the same time like a real warrior.

  50. Hoff says:

    We be sisters:

    VIDEO 2 Black Trump Supporters UNLEASH on Megyn Kelly And Its Going Viral

  51. Smitherines says:

    In all your years how you never show Groid abuse on our elderly White mothers
    fathers, that these helpless individuals are like mice for cats to toy with like
    the two SheBoons caught on camera teasing and hitting old White man whit
    Alzheimers, again it’s Groid White abuse the media hides at it’s worse!!!!

    Two Nursing Home Staff Didn’t Know the Camera Was Rolling When They Did This To A Patient. TO a WHITE patient! If this was two White nurses doing this to
    an elderly KneeGrow they’ve be facing HATE crime charges!

    URL here:

  52. dan says:


    You are obviously posting hate propaganda, this article says the groids had jobs.

    We all know that groids don’t work.

  53. Smitherines says:

    Nursing homes hiring Groids and Hispanics with record because of affirmative action.
    Other fact many Jews have much more Whites in nursing homes for their elderly and
    in these establishments if the Black did abuse an old Jew he’d face hate crime!

    “This is a lie. There is a massive over representation of poor black and Latino people saddled with a felony conviction, compared with whites and Asians, in any given population sample. Far more poor black and brown people are arrested and charged, very most often under very dubious circumstances; precious few, if any, ever see a jury (5%, nationally) or a judge.” Comment extracted

  54. Smitherines says:

    One Jewish retirement place look at the comment below typical diversity Libtard
    Kwan but when it comes to Jewish care most of the time, they’ll have
    mostly White or Asian caretakers, Gehh i wonder why??

    Somehow the Jews love of diversity goes out the window???

    “this is a good place for elderly, but unfortunate it is short of hand in every dept. but most workers are Asian, management is white. residents are white too, they need to get more race in”

    URl here:

  55. Smitherines says:

    This one for Bailey:
    Cars don’t play nicely with Black Lives Matter protestors:

  56. Smitherines says:

    dan says:
    May 6, 2016 at 11:22 am


    You are obviously posting hate propaganda, this article says the groids had jobs.

    We all know that groids don’t work.

    They do if they have parole and it’s part of probation and they have access to
    steal Y-T precious jewelry or a watch or money, while the dude is half
    out of it due to dementia or pills!

  57. Bailey says:

    Thanks Smithers,

    We need to see more of that, white drivers prefered!

  58. Hoff says:

    RA Fiebel say the Abrams tank is too heavy for the desert and my friend who was a war correspondent in the Middle East for three years says it was made for the desert. Not sure who is right on this point.

    However, if the Abrams tank was designed for the Middle East you could date the time a decision was made to go to war in Iraq by the date the decision was made to design and produce large numbers of Abrams tanks.

    It would mean the plans to go to war were made long before either 9/11 or the weapons of mass destruction B.S.

    It would be nice to know 1) Is the Abrams tank designed for the desert? 2) Who ordered it made in such large numbers? and 3) when did the design and manufacturing begin?

    That will date when the decision was made to go to war which may have some bearing on 9/11. America doesn’t need a desert tank to defend itself from Mexico. If the Abrams is designed for the Middle East

  59. Hoff says:

    The jew ruled Soviet had an armada of 3-3,500 tanks of a model. The unique feature of this specific tank was not that it could run on tank tracks, it could run on rubber wheels. If I remember correct it could do 55 mph, 100 kmh on tar roads.

    The error here is that Soviet at that time didn’t have any paved roads, only west Europe did. The plan to invade west Europe was on the wall, now the jews needed a custom made tank for paved roads. Pre-war production.

  60. Anna says:

    Donald Trump Assassination a Real DANGER

  61. Smitherines says:

    @ Bailey

    Why Rap groups get inducted into The Rock Hall of Fame???
    Maybe PC Bailey???
    How Public Enemy, Beastie Boyz and other got in before Deep Purple or
    Chicago or Steve Miller is ridiculous here I agree With Chaim (Simmons)
    that shit should be Soul or RnB HOF,

    The N.W.A.-Gene Simmons feud is still going strong

  62. Hoff says:

    Didn’t take long for Sheldon Adelson to come out for Trump:

    Sheldon Adelson Says He Will Support Donald Trump

    The casino magnate Sheldon G. Adel

  63. protocolsRtrue says:

    This is how stupid white people have become. I was just watching the local news from Nashville the closest big shitty and they are looking for a new school superintendent because the one they hired before backed out of the deal once he seen how many niggers were teachers and nigger teacher unions and how many of the “students” were niggers. So just 10 minutes ago cant believe this shit cant make it up they say 2/3rds of the students are minorities. Let that soak in my early 70’s classroom stuff when we had wood shops and auto shops and printing classes and the girls had typing and home economics and I don’t know what else. Two thirds of the students are minorities. Hey it sounds like to me the other third is the minority asshole dickwad maybe you should go back to elementary school do another few news stories live from grade school.

  64. Frank Fredenburg says:
  65. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Trees In National Parks Are New Symbol Of “Racist” Hatred

  66. protocolsRtrue says:

    And we didn’t have no transgender bathrooms back then either. Boys used the boys room girls used the girls room. And if you got out of line some teachers had their own paddles others sent you to see the assistant principle to get your swats. Mr. N+++ could really lay it on you every morning he had a line of boys outside his office waiting for their sentence to be carried out.

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