Gnome-like Negro Kills Human When She Says No

HUNTOON MURDER MONTAGEHer bereaved mother set up a “Go Fund Me” page where you can make contributions. She might call me a “racist” for doing this story but that’s only because us Whites have been so brainwashed about these violent ugly animals over the decades. Forgive me, I do this site to awaken fellow Whites to what’s truly going on.

By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

OK, I don’t know for absolutely, positively sure that’s what happened (how can anyone but God, the victim, or the perp really know?), but most likely the ape tried to come on to the woman considering the brief facts gleaned from local media websites (you certainly don’t expect seeing anything about it nationally).

Jeanne Lyn Huntoon, 34 — a friendly, occasionally homeless woman — was leaving a parking garage in Grand Rapids, Michigan, at 2:30 am last Saturday morning (April 30). Way too late to be out and about when such violent, criminal two-legged apes freely roam at will and murder us Whites at the drop of the hat. But this kind of thing can literally happen to us White people anywhere and at anytime in today’s Jewed America.*

A witness said he saw a man (the media dropped the race description, no doubt) go up and speak to her for a minute or so, before he pulled out a knife and stabbed her down to the ground. While laying there, he punched away at her crazily. The witness then saw the primate drag her off caveman-style across landscaping mulch into some nearby bushes bordering a parking garage ramp, where a low concrete wall might give him some cover. Whether he raped her there or not, wasn’t reported (and probably never will), but it is indeed possible with these nasty animals. He certainly stole her life from her.

Police called it a random event and said she wasn’t robbed. So the traitorous news people reports the killer must have been trying to “befriend her.” Right. They actually wrote that out. Sounds all so sweet and innocent, huh? More likely, the ugly ape was trying to pick her up and she refused. If he was all so nice and friendly, why would he whip out a knife and stick the girl in the gut like it was nothing? These are murderous animals, no doubt whatsoever.

Former 49's football player, Dana Stubblefield was recently arrested for raping a developmentally disabled woman, who was probably White. This kind of thing happens all the time with these dirty animals. Over 130 White women are raped or sexually assaulted by blacks every day.

A former 49’s NFL football player, Dana Stubblefield, was recently arrested for raping a “developmentally disabled” woman. These ugly animals do this kind of thing all the time. Over 130 White women are raped or sexually assaulted by blacks every single day.

When researching the story, one might notice the police chief and the TV reporter are both black. Doesn’t that ever register with blacks at all? Us Whites have bent over backwards for the last fifty years for them and they still act like we’re so evil and racist, all the while committing brutal, vicious crimes against us on the street.

And blacks trying to pick up White women happens all the time these days. Because of Jew brainwashing efforts about blacks in the media (they are always portrayed as smart, nice guy heroes all the time); these ugly apes actually believe they are attractive and White women are all sluts, wanting to have sex with them (part of the huge women exploitation pornography racket Jews have in Southern California making beaucoup bucks making totally sick crappy movies).

The dirty immoral Jews are even getting rich off destroying our race!

Harvey Neil forced a little boy to perform oral sex on him in a Wichita Falls, Texas, park restroom only last week. Black dirtbags like this guy prey on the young -- black or White -- everywhere. Just go to NEW NATION NEWS to see just how bad things are getting in today's "wonderfully diverse" America!

Harvey Neil forced a little boy to perform oral sex on him in a Wichita Falls, Texas, park restroom only last week. Black dirtbags like this ugly ape prey on White people — everywhere. Just go to NEW NATION NEWS to see just how bad things are getting in today’s “wonderfully diverse” America!

What’s doubly disgusting is the fact that a high percentage of blacks are infected with various STDs and HIV (AIDS). The CDC reports a half million black males alone have the infectious, and still deadly HIV virus. All because of their willingness to engage in unprotected homo sex with each other while in the jailhouse (laughingly, blacks call it “going on the down low”).

Why anyone would actually sleep with these disease-ridden, bootlipped ugly black apes is simply beyond me.

It’s the Jews behind all of it. Why do you think Jew-controlled Hollywood freely gives movies titles like “Black Snake Moan?” Or constantly shows White women having relationships with blacks? Hell, you can’t turn on your TV for five minutes before you see a White woman paired up with a black man. They especially love to do this with blond White women. If you’re a White guy, you should be totally pissed — or a brainwashed idiot.

These devious, stinking Jews are everywhere in the media, pushing “PC” so us Whites are too intimidated to say anything about what they are up to, to say nothing about how blacks are really like.

And just what have are these Jews been up to?

To quietly and gradually destroy our race’s political power, moralities and family values before we fully realize it and come together; so they can totally control our lands with a high tech police state and institute their long-dreamed for Talmudic, Communist Jewish empire over the West (the NWO).

It appears the Nazis were damned right all along about these backstabbing, devious Jew rats. Tell a friend!

*The media suppressing black crime goes on everywhere. They actually have orders and various editorial techniques to do so. A White couple was brutally murdered just the other day by blacks near where I live, and the local press hardly reported a thing, not even publishing a single photo of the two White victims. Just basic facts, like it was all nothing — just a “garden variety” crime like a callous bitch newspaper editor once termed it to me when I called them up about the lack of reporting of the unbelievably horrific torture murder of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. The bastards in the media don’t care anything about us White people — never have — just pushing their insane BS multicult agenda.

We need to HANG these worthless black apes, by the neck — UNTIL DEAD.


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. Anna says:

    Donald Trump Assassination a Real DANGER

  2. Smitherines says:

    @ Bailey

    Why Rap groups get inducted into The Rock Hall of Fame???
    Maybe PC Bailey???
    How Public Enemy, Beastie Boyz and other got in before Deep Purple or
    Chicago or Steve Miller is ridiculous here I agree With Chaim (Simmons)
    that shit should be Soul or RnB HOF,

    The N.W.A.-Gene Simmons feud is still going strong

  3. Hoff says:

    Didn’t take long for Sheldon Adelson to come out for Trump:

    Sheldon Adelson Says He Will Support Donald Trump

    The casino magnate Sheldon G. Adel

  4. protocolsRtrue says:

    This is how stupid white people have become. I was just watching the local news from Nashville the closest big shitty and they are looking for a new school superintendent because the one they hired before backed out of the deal once he seen how many niggers were teachers and nigger teacher unions and how many of the “students” were niggers. So just 10 minutes ago cant believe this shit cant make it up they say 2/3rds of the students are minorities. Let that soak in my early 70’s classroom stuff when we had wood shops and auto shops and printing classes and the girls had typing and home economics and I don’t know what else. Two thirds of the students are minorities. Hey it sounds like to me the other third is the minority asshole dickwad maybe you should go back to elementary school do another few news stories live from grade school.

  5. squarepegroundhole says:

  6. Frank Fredenburg says:

    West Point Launches Inquiry Into Cadets’ Fists Raised Photo

  7. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Trees In National Parks Are New Symbol Of “Racist” Hatred

  8. protocolsRtrue says:

    And we didn’t have no transgender bathrooms back then either. Boys used the boys room girls used the girls room. And if you got out of line some teachers had their own paddles others sent you to see the assistant principle to get your swats. Mr. N+++ could really lay it on you every morning he had a line of boys outside his office waiting for their sentence to be carried out.

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