Last Chance for British Sovereignty?


By Phillip Marlowe

Coming up this June 23rd is a vote for Britain to remain or leave the European Union (Britain-EXIT or BREXIT). I know Obama recently told the British people they had better vote against leaving the EU, or else suffer increased terrorism. Sounds like a threat, doesn’t it? Now why would this be?

And all the Jews are all for the European Union. They understand that the EU is a big part of the Jewish New World Order — where they control our lands from behind the scenes. Already, they have been busy with immigration of non-White Third Worlders into our lands and promoting us to breed our race away. Folks, these rats are destroying White nations for the Jewish globalist agenda — no doubt anymore.

What worries me is the vote will be RIGGED to keep Britain in the EU forever, no matter how many come out to vote to leave. Apparently, they just ripped off the electorate in Austria, by illegally counting postal votes without the legally required witnesses. This stole the victory of a conservative, anti-Immigration guy named Norbert Hofer and gave the win to a commie lefty. They might do the same backroom BS to rob Trump this fall and put Shillary in office.

Look, I don’t claim to be an expert on British politics. It’s hard enough keeping up with all the bull inflicted by subversive Jewry on this side of the pond. But I’ve embedded a video below that explains this BREXIT and European Union stuff. I urge everyone to watch it to realize the extent of the HUGE Jewish NWO agenda rip-off.

Parts maybe watched here: BREXIT THE MOVIE. Also has info on how to get involved and contribute. Please take a look — especially if you are a Brit!

The British government is using fear tactics to get non-White immigrants to vote to stay in. Check out the following ad campaign they put out showing a White skinhead versus an old Indian or Paki woman. The lousy bastards in the UK government are clearly anti-White. This should prove to you what the rats are doing to our race.



According to a statement on its website, the UK-government funded OBV said that it had “partnered again with the advertising giant Saatchi & Saatchi” to create a hard-hitting poster to encourage black and minority ethnic (“BAME”) communities to register to vote in the EU Referendum.

The poster shows a white man dressed up as a “skinhead” shouting abuse at an elderly Indian woman while both are sitting on a see-saw, with the slogan “a vote is a vote.”

Any poster which portrayed the opposite stereotypes—a nonwhite thug threatening an elderly white woman—would of course be instantly attacked as “racist.”

However, because of the establishment’s institutionalized anti-white racism, the OBV campaign will proceed without protest from the controlled media, their political parties, and their allies.




100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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85 Responses to Last Chance for British Sovereignty?

  1. Frank Fredenburg says:

    I didn’t realize TruTubeTV was gone. I just tried the link on the side of this site and Christogenea pops up. I checked online and back in 2015 it shut down.

  2. Bailey says:

    Florida chainsaw massacre and an acid bath,

    When white women date niggers.

  3. kerdasi amaq says:

    They’ve been working hard for a Brexit for years.

    Although I believe that the only voter who counts wants a leave vote.

  4. Tom says:

    Israeli Company To Tag American Faces
    For Homeland Security:

    Non-Jews in America could soon be lined up for extra scrutiny, strip searches and even arrest because algorithms provided to the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security by an Israeli company—FACECEPTION—link the structure of their faces to potential terrorist activity!!! (I say non Jews because we all know it is impossible for Jews to be terrorists!)

    The Israeli company’s claims, and the apparent facile willingness of DHS to accept them, bring to mind the discredited science of phrenology, physiognomy and Lombrosianism by which physical features provide a direct indication of criminal activity. (Certainly these can be indicators—in context—like a large bulbous or hooked nose might be an indicator in the case of a destitute debtor being evicted onto the street in the dead of winter, a fat pedophile spokesman for a food chain who rapes little boys, or poor elderly blacks being cheated out of burial insurance money by a perpetrator who then absconds to a foreign country in the Middle East.)


    Think of the large data base that must be required to even hope to make such associations. Now imagine the facial characteristics of an “enemies list” consisting of thousands being entered into that database. It would be impossible to detect without a painstaking examination of its code the company would not allow and the government would not undertake, in part because it is too inept to do so and in part because dual-loyalist Congressmen would “chew their asses out” for interfering with a sacred Israeli company.

    It’s a not-so-closely guarded secret that both the U.S. and Israel possess missiles that are capable of targeting individuals by facial recognition, hence the proclivity of many combatants to now wear balaclavas or ski masks. What this means is that databases of actual individuals to be targeted must already exist someplace and these could be injected into such a predictive database either during or after (or by governmental hackers.)

  5. protocolsRtrue says:

    I’m going to honor one of my favorite veterans named stepdad Jim (RIP) . He was mean and he was tough. But he also had two ships sunk out from under him by the slant eyed japs. Worked his ass off almost every day at the Cleveland Ford engine plant after the war . He was a mean guy but a tough love type of guy. You don’t know it until many years later. So 2 rules for sure. Don’t walk on his grass and do not park in his parking space. And don’t do anything else that might make him mad. Just like me. Just don’t do it. You never know what might happen. So in Cleveland he gets up at 4 in the morning every day to go to the engine plant in the winter time this is just like buffalo we have to dig the car out of three feet of snow he drives his three speed on the steering column to get to work when I say do not park in his parking spot that he just dug out of snow so he can get to work I mean it. When he get’s home if there is any mfer in that parking spot the bullets will be flying. And all the people in the neighborhood knew it. Do not walk on Jims grass or park in his parking spot.
    Jim was a great man from west by God Virginia. Rest I Peace.

  6. protocolsRtrue says:

    Rest in Peace Stepdad Jim. Thank you for your service to this country and helping me become the shithead asshole I was destined to be. Somebody’s got to fight against the bullshit. Sick of the bullshit. What does it say at the top?

  7. Matt says:

    In this article they assert that Angela Merkel allowed her women folk and country to be turned into a cesspit of Islamic crime and depravity.

    To start with, Angela is a crypto Jew who has a somewhat Germanic look. None of the Germans are her people or her women folk. There’re nothing but dumb Goys to her, to be defrauded and fleeced, and enslaved in matter of time.

    Jesus warned us, he said they come as wolfs in sheep’s clothing, looking like honest Nordic people, but are nothing more than devil’s children the Jews, seeking to genocide, impoverish, enslave and murder our white Christian people.

  8. brian boru says:

    I’m going to step on your toes PRT regarding your stepdad Jim. He wouldn’t have had two ships sunk from under him by the ‘slant eyed Japs’ if it wasn’t for the actions of ‘his’ government, the Roosevelt regime who did everything in their power to bring about a war with Japan and Germany. The Japanese, probably the best of the Asian peoples, only ever wanted to be left alone by the US, just as do any of America’s current ‘enemies’, such as the Iranians. The part America has played over the last century all over the planet has been an utter and criminal disgrace and many Americans, especially the generation of your stepdad, have never figured out that the nations destroyed by the US government were never enemies of the American people in the first place. To this day a majority of Americans approve of the savage policies of their government against anyone deemed ‘enemies’. They have even stated that the US should use nuclear weapons indiscriminately against civilians if a nation is seen as a threat to ‘the arsenal of democracy’. Americans have only one true enemy and that is their own government and the gangster state of Israel, which are effectively one and the same. Unless Americans, and the British for that matter, get rid of that mentality and realise where the real threat comes from then there will be no end to US criminality. You Americans are the ones who must deal with the insane monsters who misrule your nation for your own sakes and the sake of the planet as a whole. Do you think the Germans and Japs would have flooded the US with millions of Third World trash and driven your culture into the toilet if they had managed to defeat you? Your government was responsible for the rise of Communism in Russia and China and the ensuing slaughters. You ensured the enslavement of half of Europe and the destruction of European culture and the on going death of our race. Your veteran stepdad worked his life in Cleveland but it wasn’t the slant eyed Japs who turned that city into the nigger-filled hell hole that it has become but your own government. Americans need to stop looking at their country as a beacon of light and hope for the world; it isn’t and hasn’t been for a long time. It’s a real land of Mordor that commits incredible crimes against the world at large and against its own people, the people who need to use their Second Amendment for the purpose for which it was originally designed, which was not for the right to go hunting or to defend against nigger thieves and rapists.

  9. jimbo says:

    personally, i don’t give a damn!

    from my experience, most Brits are slimy shite-eaters any-way(s)…bunch of fckn nigger loving kike-kissers!….most of the so-called ‘Royal’ family has been jewed for the last several hundred yrs plus the common-or-garden variety Brit bastard still thinks that they ‘fought the good fight’ in Jew War II…..

    so…yeh!..FCK ’em….let the muds gobble ’em up…..
    (note: i exclude the Celtic parts of the UK from the abv…..Scotland, Ireland, Wales, parts of Cornwall….the rest of it can go to fckn HELL, AFAIMC !)

  10. Dave says:

    Jew pedophilia runs rampart in Jew controlled Hollywood .

  11. protocolsRtrue says:

    BB I couldn’t agree with you more. I could have wrote exactly what you just said. I ask why? Why? I sometimes want to cry when thinking about our own so called “civil” war. I want to cry and then either get angry. jew war 1. jew war 2. korea. Vietnam. And all the other conflicts that we are still involved with. Why? Why the death and destruction and suffering and refugees ? This is not a natural disaster like a hurricane blamed on George bush or an earthquake or a tornado. This calamity is human man made. And the man behind it always seems to be the jews who make profits and get rich off of every other peoples hardships. They fuck shit up and cause problems. That’s what they do. They’re trying to start a nuclear war with china now over the south china sea. Hey assholes in the pentagram it’s called the south china sea for a reason. Now get the fuck out of there and come back to our waters and sink some of the boats smuggling drugs and illegal immigrant sorry undocumented workers into our country. It’s the jews stupid.

  12. protocolsRtrue says:

    100 years and we have learned nothing. War is a racket General Smedley Butler. It’s the jews stupid who always wins and who always profits? Killing out of the goyim and death and destruction and suffering to Gentiles. Displacement of property so the jews can exploit it. Either outright steal it or buy it get title to it for pennies on the dollar. Slumlords. Section 8 housing. Bank bailouts. Troubled asset relief funds. Who always gets paid first from taxpayer money? Not the actual working taxpayers with legally earned income. Hey look on the bright side. That social security and medicare “Trust” fund that working taxpayers have had deducted from their paychecks for their whole working legally earned income jobs? If you live to be 87 you may be able to get some of that money back because we are going to bail out Puerto Ricans first.

  13. Red Pill says:

    get a load of this up the old wazoo

  14. protocolsRtrue says:

    I’m not trying to start a worldwide debate over who has the best parenting skills. My real Dad had a big hand also and said boy this is going to hurt me more than it hurts you. Did it hurt your hand because my ass sure hurts. But stepdad Jim had a different approach. He took off that belt and said boy this is going to hurt you a whole lot more than it’s going to hurt me.

  15. Red Pill says:

    when you receive the full truth of the deception of our life in America.
    that being every thing we were ever taught to believe in.
    you are dead in America.

    you can’t bring the dead back to life.
    that is the reason so many refuse to open there eyes and hear with there ears.
    truth is a double edged sword.
    most people would rather believe what there told to believe.
    it’s sort of a life insurance policy.
    but we all know it does not benefit the holder.
    truth is death insurance.

    i will never love America again.
    and never put my faith in it’s agenda.
    never will I believe that a human can lead us out of Babylon.
    Babylon being the confusion called the rule of man.

    but i have come alive in Christ and rebuilt my belief system.
    no longer do the problems that used to plague me affect me any longer.
    you can’t step away from belief in government with out having a alternate destination
    to place your reality.
    you can only serve one master
    and not the masturbator in charge of our government.

    ever been in a church?
    the one that has the stars and stripes inside with the gold fringe around it?
    that is religion, a government approved a 501c3 lie machine.
    religion is a theocracy.

    do you vote? then your a member of that religion.
    do you believe that Donald Trump can save America?
    do you think it can be saved?
    America is dead, deader that dog shit.
    deader than road kill on a hot summers day.
    just like that road pizza, it can not be brought back to life.

    so what are we going to do? piss in our beer?
    you tell me what options we have left?
    i have made my decision, buried the bitch and moved on.
    the last 3,800 years of man kings have never brought us closer to true freedom.
    that’s a long road to go down to find out it leads to a cul-de-sac.

    all the truth in the WORLD is worthless.
    just like that fake money we desire and spend a life time accumulating,
    only to lose it at the end of life if not before.
    what the fuck do we take with us?
    it’s only a individuals decision to comprehend.
    no group therapy here.
    and so are our false beliefs in her.

  16. Thor says:

    @Red Pill that’s why I Always recommend you to come back to Europe.

  17. Hoff says:

    The jews plan is to exterminat the white race. Make no mistake about this! Yes, the jews plan is to exterminate the white race and the #1 on the jews hitlist is Sweden.

    Sweden is a madhouse at large. The patients are the “doctors”. PC, Political Correctness is state ideology in Sweden.

    Norway is on the same path, only five years behind Sweden. Of course the jews are dead set to do the same thing to Jewmerica, so if you want to know what is coming you only have to look at Sweden.

    What is going down in Sweden has nothing to do with immigration, it’s an invasion and Sweden is committing national suicide!

    The invaders are replacing the sweds high and low.

    Every school in Sweden – except the jewish schools, of course – are forced by law to take in the invaders children. Every county in Sweden is forced by law to give the invaders apartments.

    You have Affirmative Action in Jewmerica. Take AA and think a thousand times and you got Sweden today.

    This man, Tino Sanandaji has been on state TV, and the got the numbers correct. Here he is on TV in Jewmerica. One hour in total.

    Sweden’s Immigration Crisis and Political Correctness Problem (part 1)

    Sweden’s Immigration Crisis and Political Correctness Problem (part 2)

  18. Hoff says:


    The land of Palestine (95% Arab populated / 5% Jewish) was under Turkish rule. But the Zionists of Europe wanted it for a “Jewish State”. The war was their opportunity to have Britain grab it for them!

    Zionism was first discussed at a British Cabinet level in November, 1914 — just four days after Britain’s declaration of war on the Ottoman Empire.

    Installed through the Jewish-rigged 3-Party election of 1912, the American PresidentWoodrow Wilson was owned by the Zionists of America. Giants such as Bernard Baruch, Jacob Schiff, Paul Warburg, Samuel Untermeyer, and Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis controlled Wilson just as surely as men like Haim Saban and George Soroscontrol Obongo and Hillary today. 

     “The Zionists in London had sent cables to the United States, to Justice Brandeis, saying “Go to work on President Wilson. We’re getting from England what we want. Now you go to work on President Wilson and get the United States into the war.”

    The Zionists are gearing up for to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Balfour Scam in 2017. (here)

    The 1918 entry of the U.S. turned the tide against Germany and Austria-Hungary, while freeing-up the European Allies to divert forces southward for the eventual Sykes-Picot dismemberment of the Ottoman Empire, and the establishment of the pro-Jewish “British Mandate” over occupied Palestine.

    Once the British finally put the dirty deal in writing (Balfour), “neutral” America activated its forces in Europe. With the help of vicious atrocity propaganda, formerly pro-German America turned anti-German overnight!

    Without U.S. entry into the world wars, there would never have been such a thing as “the state of Israel” — a project which was finally completed in 1948, and has been causing new problems and new wars of expansion ever since.

    3- Red Star of David and the occult number ‘6’ represented the “6th Infantry” division of America’s World War I force. Why would the overwhelmingly Christian U.S. military use such a symbol? When we consider that the ‘Great War’ was actually fought on behalf of, Jewish Reds and Jewish Zionists, it all makes perfect sense.

  19. Hoff says:

    On November 2, 1917 the Jewish people got public validation of our ancient hope and another step towards building a state of our own when British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour sent a letter to Lord Rothschild-the head of the Zionist Federation that expressed British support of a Jewish State in Palestine.

    This was the first recognition by a world power of both a potential rebirth of the national home for the Jewish people, and their historical link to the land of Israel.

  20. Tom says:


    Notice the countries outside of Germany targeted for mass rapes and invasion are countries considered “overly friendly” with the German occupation in WWII. The Jews are in a position now to extract their eternal Talmudic revenge. This includes revenge on most of Europe’s white populations. Even Poland, which was induced to start the shooting war on their behalf, is now accused of mass murder of Jews and reparations demands are made. (In their demented minds, every non Jew is guilty of the claimed “Holocaust.”)

    Japan is not exempt from this Talmudic revenge imperative. The Japanese population is crashing after years of austerity and, after decades of resistance, Japan is being flooded with Muslim Rohinga, Vietnamese, and other Asian detritus–while U.S. military and contractors (most often Negrosities) continue a decades-long rape and murder spree on the young Japanese females of Okinawa. The first mosques have been built and Japanese are scrambling to produce halal foods for the new immigrants who will eventually replace them. (The two exploded MOX reactors of Fukushima may worsen the population crash of native Japanese.)

  21. Anglo Saxon says:

    personally, i don’t give a damn!

    from my experience, most Brits are slimy shite-eaters any-way(s)…bunch of fckn nigger loving kike-kissers!….most of the so-called ‘Royal’ family has been jewed for the last several hundred yrs plus the common-or-garden variety Brit bastard still thinks that they ‘fought the good fight’ in Jew War II…..

    so…yeh!..FCK ’em….let the muds gobble ’em up…..
    (note: i exclude the Celtic parts of the UK from the abv…..Scotland, Ireland, Wales, parts of Cornwall….the rest of it can go to fckn HELL, AFAIMC !)

    Hey Jimboon

    Given the choice of taking out an Australian kike or a gobby mouthed asshole like you – the kike would be laughing.

    You appear to be consumed with more hate for English people than you are for anything else bar yourself. They’re not ALL as you describe and thousands of them could kick your ass with eyes closed. I’ll bet one has already hence the chip on your shoulder

    You write/talk like a “Celtic” Pikey or the Antipodean settler equivalent of “Trailer park trash”….

    Get a life you pathetic POS or else fuck off and die in no particular order

  22. Hoff says:

    The Genius Mike King.

    1950 – 1953: Thank you Globalists for theKorean War in which 36,000 Americans were killed in a rigged no-win war designed to maintain a permanent trip-wire between the two Koreas.

    1965 – 1975: Thank you Globalists for theVietnam War in which 58,000 Americans were killed in another rigged no-win war designed to drain and destabilize America.

    … we the people lost every war of the last 120 years. Only the Globalist-Zionist crime syndicate wins wars.)

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