Memorial Day: NEVER FORGET The 53 Jew Dead

ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERSArt by “A. Wyatt Mann,” colorized and type added by INCOG MAN several years ago.

By Benjamin Garland @DAILY STORMER

Some claim that Jews only start wars for goyim but don’t fight in them.

This is a truly vicious anti-Semitic canard.

Sure, Jews may start a bunch of wars, but they most definitely fight in them as well, valiantly. How could, according to the Jewish Daily Forward, 53 of the 6,800 American born soldiers who died in Iraq and Afghanistan (about 1/13 of 1% of the total) have been Jewish if it were otherwise?

You might be thinking that more Jews should’ve volunteered for these wars, considering every single one of them views them as good for Israel, their Jewish homeland, and considering it was Jewish Neocons who started them to push a Jew agenda. This is a very insensitive way of thinking. Have the Jews not suffered enough? It’s not easy to brave a war after already going through a debilitating trauma such as the Holocaust, which is passed down to baby Jews through stress hormones in Jewish breast milk.

Try having your family turned into bars of soap and then see if you’re up for a war to defend your homeland, you heartless goyim.

On Memorial Day 2016, the Forward salutes the Americans who have died in recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan — and reminds readers of the dozens of Jewish servicememebers [sic] who perished. Here is a look back at how we have covered their wrenching stories.

Of the more than 6,800 Americans who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan since fighting began nearly 15 years ago, we know that 53 called themselves Jews. The Forward profiled 37 of those Jewish servicemen and women in February 2011 and 13 more in September 2012; since then, three more have died and have been identified as Jewish by such groups as the National Museum of American Jewish Military History.

Did you catch that? Dozens, goyim! Dozens of them have died for your freedoms, even after a Holocaust, you ungrateful goyim!

It’s hard to even imagine what our country – our world, even – would look like today if it weren’t for these 53 Jews laying down their lives in the name of freedom.

Make sure you have a moment of silence for our 53 fallen Jewish comrades this Memorial Day.

Nay, not just Memorial Day, but every day.

Whatever you do: never forget the 53 dead Jews.


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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42 Responses to Memorial Day: NEVER FORGET The 53 Jew Dead

  1. Hoff says:

    Did you catch that? Dozens, goyim! Dozens of them have died for your freedoms, even after a Holocaust, you ungrateful goyim!

  2. Michael Krausler says:

    Satan’s house is divided.

    They don’t know what they want,but as long as there’s trouble for everyone else they’re happy.
    Example :

    Easier to destroy Christendom than create anything of their own, on their own, worth more than shit.Can’t deny THEY & ALL OTHER RACES CAN’T SEEM TO NOT BE OBSESSED WITH WHITES & WHITE LANDS.

  3. Israhell on Earth says:


    -A Vietnam War memorial in the Venice area of Los Angeles has been extensively defaced by graffiti
    -In Kentucky, a driver deliberately drove across grave sites marked by white wooden crosses
    -Looters ripped up parts of Virginia’s Petersburg National Battlefield in an apparent search for relics

    Read more:

    “Henderson, Kentucky: The Usual Suspect is Under Arrest for Celebrating the Holiday by Knocking Down 160 Crosses in the Town’s Memorial Day Cross Display for Fallen Veterans; the Crosses were in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time.”

    Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

    I thank reader-researcher “W” for the following story.

    Note that the suspect is no teenager, but rather 27 years old. White racial socialists typically act as if most crimes by blacks were the product of youth, which the racial socialists currently rationalize via the pseudo-scientific talking point, asserting that the human brain is underdeveloped prior to one turning 25, causing one to have inadequate powers of judgment. If said talking point were true, we’d see whites under 25 running wild, as well, but we don’t see that happening. Blacks commit seven to ten times as many crimes as whites. Besides, judgment has nothing to do with the sadistic nature of so many crimes committed by blacks, especially the racially motivated black-on-white crimes. And increasingly, I see all manner of “youthful indiscretions,” or as the current talk has it, “mistakes” (you know, rapes and murders) being committed by blacks of all ages.

    Arrest made in Memorial Day cross display vandalism
    May 29, 2016 12:30 P.M. EST
    Updated: May 29, 2016 1:59 P.M. EST

    A Henderson, Ky. man has been arrested after he allegedly damaged more than 150 crosses in the city’s Memorial Day cross display with his vehicle early Saturday, according to officials.

    According to Henderson Police Public Information Officer Jennifer Richmond, Anthony Burrus, 27, was arrested in connection with the incident that took place in Central Park at around 6 a.m. Roughly 160 crosses were knocked down and about 20 were destroyed.

    The vehicle Burrus was driving, a 1979 Ford Thunderbird, was found with pieces of a cross and ground stake embedded in the tires after he left it at the McDonald’s restaurant on South Green Street. Richmond said Burrus denied causing the damage in the park, but confirmed he was driving the vehicle earlier this morning and left it after it stopped working. [I wonder why it stopped working?]

    Henderson police officers and deputies from the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office investigated the incident.

    Burrus was found and arrested at his sister’s apartment complex on Zion Road, and is being held at the Henderson County Detention Center. He is charged with first degree criminal mischief and leaving the scene of an accident.

    Richmond said a large number of tips, Facebook posts, and vehicle searches helped officers make the connection and arrest Burrus.

    Richmond said earlier on Saturday that the damage appeared to be deliberate because the driver had to jump the curb to get to the display. She said the incident took place shortly before 6 a.m. Saturday.

    Members of the Henderson Fire Department, the WARM Center, and local residents joined members of the American Legion to repair the display.

    “For somebody to do this to a veteran who gave his life, I don’t understand. I don’t have any words. I’m speechless,” Jim Hanley, a member of the Legion, said Saturday morning.

    The display in Central Park contains more than 5,000 crosses, each bearing the name of a Henderson resident who served in the military.

    Family members arrived to see if any of the crosses that bear the names of their relatives were damaged. Some arrived and were relieved to find certain crosses unharmed, while others were brought to tears by the damage.

    Bob Dutton Sr.’s son, Robert K. Dutton, had a cross in his honor displayed in the park, and it was destroyed by the vandalism. [No; the cross was destroyed by a vandal. The operative who wrote this wrote “vandalism,” to depersonalize the crime committed by a black man, in order to make it sound more like a natural act, as if the crosses had been hit by lightning.]

    “I lost my son seven years ago, and this is so sad to know somebody would do this without thinking about the consequences,” Dutton said.

    [Oh, but Burrus certainly did think about the consequences. He wanted to break white folks’ hearts, and he did just that. His victims need to learn to feel hatred, rather than sadness, or this country is finished.]

    Kathy Tigue has lost three brothers who have served in the Armed Forces, one of which most recently died in March of this year. While the crosses in their honor were not damaged, she felt the sting that other families were feeling Saturday morning.

    “This is heartbreaking,” Tigue said. “How could someone be so cruel, so heartless is beyond me. God help whoever did it. It hurts these people, who have worked so hard.”

    Richmond said as of Saturday morning, Henderson Police only have a vague description of the vehicle, but the department is working with local businesses to see if the incident was captured on surveillance video.

    “With so many people going out of town for the holiday weekend, that makes it tough, but we hope we get an answer as fast as we can,” Richmond said.

    Each cross costs around $90 each, Richmond said. The display is cared for in conjunction with the American Legion Worsham Post No. 40 and the Henderson War Memorial Foundation.

    As members of the community continued to file into Central Park, Hanley said he was reminded of the significance of the display. He said the Legion and other organizations will work to make sure all of the damaged crosses are either replaced or repaired by Memorial Day.

    “This town loves their veterans, and this is proof,” he said, gesturing to the crowd. “We take care of each other around here, and this situation is no different.”

    WBIR contributed to this story.

    [Actually, a WBIR staffer wrote the entire story, and the update. As far as I can see, it is WRCBTV which made no contribution whatsoever to this story.]

    Styx thinks the Vietnam War Veterans mural in Venice/CA was defaced with graffiti by mexican gangmembers.
    The worst part of the video below is that the LAPD doesn’t take that incident seriously.
    I mean what the hell!?

  4. Israhell on Earth says:

    Frank Fredenburg says May 29, 2016 at 12:23 pm:

    “Veterans Sites In California, Kentucky, Virginia Damaged”

    Sorry for posting the same story again, Frank, but neither Yahoo nor the Daily Mail posted a mugshot of the black perp in the Kentucky incident. Nicholas Stix did.
    I should have read the previous thread more carefully to spot the story, though.

  5. Israhell on Earth says:

    “I didn’t notice many Jewish names coming back from Vietnam on any of those lists. I don’t know how the hell they avoid it. If you look at the Canadian-Swedish contingent*, they were very disproportionately Jewish. The deserters.” – Richard Nixon

    “I had to bury many comrades at the front, but not once did I have to bury a Jew”
    – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    These are no antisemitic canards by evil jewhaters, yiddish draft-dodging is well documented throughout history.

  6. Red Pill says:

    2 dozen of ‘worst of worst’ Gitmo prisoners to be released
    Published on May 24, 2016
    Pres. Obama to transfer of 22 or 23 detainees out of Guantanamo Bay sometime before the end of July. Fox News chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge reports for ‘On the Record’

  7. protocolsRtrue says:

    I’m going to make another stupid comment. For what ever reason call it fate or call it destiny I end up living in a double wide mansion in Tennessee where there are no state income taxes to feed the government jew pigs. So I have my 6 acres and I know it borders on three sides with an old overgrown cemetery. I’ve been in there I looked through it before there are headstones that were broken by the growing oak trees and there are little stones no more than bricks Amanda was born on sept 16 1891 and died in October 1891. So there is no question that there is a cemetery back there in those woods and don’t fuck with it. There are some civil war confederate graves and some yankee graves too. I would bet most of them are Irish. There are some things you should not fuck with. So whenever my dogs start barking and going crazy there is somebody out there I get up and ask them who are you and what are you doing here/there? OK nobody owns that cemetery but if you are punk ass kids trying to deface the graves of dead people you just might be the next permanent resident of that sacred place.

  8. Smitherines says:

    The Bars of Soap is a MYTH: when I was in high school in the late 1970s, we
    lived in a high area of American Jews and Jews from the camps, and we had
    to have “Holocaust Studies” as part of the curriculum to graduate, or the
    wouldn’t give you a degree even if you were the valedictorian!

    Anyway ,this lady came in you know supposedly from Auschwitz, she had a bar
    of soap in her hands crying saying it was relative (Jews LOVE props for propaganda
    purposes). Anyway I find out two decades later via the the Internet that this
    concept of the Germans turning Jews into soap and lampshades: their bones And
    skin was completely FABRICATED by the allies to develop hatred (again Jews
    are great for spreading HATRED) for the defeated Germans.

    So think about that, this soap myth propaganda went form being TAUGHT AS
    FACT to high school children has been DEBUNKED, yet Jews Neva…Neva.. Neva
    official came out to clarify this, some morons still believe it, and the lampshade

    Of course the Wikipedia is sanitized by Jews and they say”

    “The Yad Vashem Memorial has stated that the Nazis did not produce soap from Jewish corpses on an industrial scale, saying that rumors that soap from human corpses was mass-produced and distributed were deliberately used by the Nazis to frighten camp inmates.” The Yad Vashem,

    Soap made from human corpses

  9. Smitherines says:

    @ Bailey

    JFK’s legacy was putting a man on the moon: Obama’s legacy will be putting a man
    in the lady’s bathroom! 🙂

  10. Smitherines says:

    Subject: Memorial Day now HOLOCAUST Memorial Day! -ADL By Kevin Barrett on May 28, 2016 So skip the BBQ and visit your local Holocaust Museum

    Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, is one of America’s best-known critics of the War on Terror.

    Memorial Day now HOLOCAUST Memorial Day! -ADL

    By Kevin Barrett on May 28, 2016

    So skip the BBQ and visit your local Holocaust Museum

    By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

    In a surprise announcement Friday, the Anti-Defecation League has unilaterally abolished the holiday formerly known as Memorial Day. According to the ADL proclamation, expected to be ratified by Congress in a special emergency session this weekend, the last Monday of May will henceforth be known as Holocaust Memorial Day.

    Abe Fuxman, Fuhrer Emeritus of the ADL, explained:

    The only dead people worth remembering are those who died in the incomparable big-H Holocaust. It is an insult to Holocaust victims to remember anyone else who died for any other reason.”

    Fuxman urged Congress to add amendments to the Holocaust Memorial Day Bill apologizing to the Holy Jewish State of Israel for spending all those years remembering dead American soldiers on Memorial Day. He added that the US is expected to pay Israel billions of dollars in reparations and trademark infringement penalties.

    Fuxman said he hoped Americans will stop having barbecues and picnics, and instead celebrate the last Monday in May by visiting their local Holocaust Museum: “Since there are more than fifty Holocaust Memorials and Museums in the United States, it would be anti-Semitic to spend the last Monday in May having a good time in your backyard.”

    Survivors of the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have died in Middle Eastern wars since 1990 or as a result of toxic exposures in those wars are expected to raise mild objections.

    Fuxman responded: “What’s the point of remembering all those dead goys who lost their lives in service to Israeli expansionism? Sure, they’re part of the big blood sacrifice to the state of Israel. But they’re a trivial, inconsequential part. The only dead people worth remembering are the six million Jews, not one Jew less, killed in gas chambers whose existence must never be questioned. That is the one absolute metaphysical truth of the modern world.”

    Fuxman also said that plans to turn the Fourth of July into a celebration of Israeli rather than American independence – and to make Christmas a vilification rather than celebration of Jesus, and Easter a celebration of the crucifixion rather than the resurrection – were expected to be implemented sometime during the next decade.

    URL here:

  11. Smitherines says:

    Google wipes Palestine off the map

    By Kevin Barrett on May 28, 2016

    The only “Palestine” Google knows is a town in Texas

    By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

    I had just finished recording a 30 minute interview with the famous anti-Zionist Israeli Miko Peled. I needed 30 more minutes to fill up my one hour radio show.

    How about Palestinian professor Mazin Qumsiyeh?

    Before contacting Mazin, I needed to get my time zones straight. So I googled “What time is it in Palestine?”

    URL here:

  12. Red Pill says:

    EVERYTHING IS UPSIDE DOWN (everything gripes my ass)
    Three teenage girls were arrested on animal cruelty charges Saturday after a video surfaced on social media showing a bunny being thrown repeatedly against a wall

    these 3 teenage girls could presumably get abortions with no problems.
    when is a “bunny rabbit” more valued that an unborn child?

  13. Red Pill says:

    Google wipes Palestine off the map

    not so, i found it off the west coast of Africa @-9,340’underwater
    on Google earth

    The State of Palestine, also known simply as Palestine, is a state in the Middle East. Its independence was declared on 15 November 1988 by the Palestine Liberation Organization in Algiers as a government-in-exile.
    Capital: Ramallah
    President: Mahmoud Abbas
    Prime minister: Rami Hamdallah

  14. American born says:

    History Channel and most of the the other cables channels are promoting “Roots”.

    Th Jews remade the anti white series from the 70’s.

  15. Smitherines says:

    American born says:
    May 30, 2016 at 2:59 pm

    History Channel and most of the the other cables channels are promoting “Roots”.

    Th Jews remade the anti white series from the 70’s.

    I saw this this, i think, on The Discovery Channel, I saw Forest Whitaker ( The
    Last King of Scotland: movie about Idi Amin, dictator of Uganda, during 70s).

    Again, it just portrays White Christian Southerners as slavers, when 3 out of
    4 Southern aristocratic Jews owned slaves, much more than the “common
    White Christians.” The African Slave Trade was so heavily Jewish dominated
    they would shut down slave auctions on their holidays like Yom Kippur,
    in many Southern cities, now they have totally DELETED their role in
    history of this event!

  16. Smitherines says:

    I’m sorry it’s The History Channel, yeah “Jewish Revised History Channel”
    it should be called.

    ‘Roots’ Trailer: The History Channel Resurrects a Classic For 2016

    URL here:

  17. Smitherines says:

    An African-American apologizes for misattributed perceptions of white racism against blacks perpetrated by Jews and their African Slave Trade:

  18. Smitherines says:

    “They came with ships carrying African blacks to be sold as slaves. The traffic in slaves was a royal monopoly, and the Jews were often appointed as agents for the Crown in their sale. They were the largest ship chandlers in the entire Caribbean region, where the shipping business was mainly a Jewish enterprise. The ships were not only owned by Jews, but were manned by Jewish crews and sailed under the command of Jewish captains” extracted

  19. Smitherines says:

    “The Birth of a Nation”

    How many “Knockout Games” and “Inner City Polar Bear Hunts”
    will these movies incite in these brain dead people, so easily prone
    to rioting, looting, and protesting????

  20. Tom says:


    The “Jewish soap” myth can be traced back to Judeo-British propaganda from the First World War. This myth held that, in addition to crucifying Belgian nuns with bayonets, the evil Huns “made soap out of the dear Allied war dead.” The myth was resurtrected in connection with the Jews by Stalin’s wartime propagandist Ehrenberg (immortalized in the movie “Enemy at the Gates.”)

    This transmutation of an old myth should not surprise us. The “holocaust” of “six million Jews” was repeated more than 35 times dating back to the 1890s. Czaist Russia was first accused of this heinous crime and then the blame shifted to Germany.

  21. The Elder of Zyklon-B says:
  22. protocolsRtrue says:

    The reality of socialism is hitting Venezuela. Looks like they ran out of other peoples money. Can you imagine the niggers in America when they walk into the grocery free food stores with their ebt cards and SNAP and only see flavored water and cleaning products on the shelves. There’s nothing in here even worth stealing.

  23. Smitherines says:

    Tom says:
    May 30, 2016 at 10:05 pm


    The “Jewish soap” myth can be traced back to Judeo-British propaganda from the First World War. This myth held that, in addition to crucifying Belgian nuns with bayonets, the evil Huns “made soap out of the dear Allied war dead.” The myth was resurtrected in connection with the Jews by Stalin’s wartime propagandist Ehrenberg (immortalized in the movie “Enemy at the Gates.”)” Tom

    I didn’t knew it dated to WWI I know the Allies used it as a “prop” along with the
    “the skin of Jews was turned into lampshades,” to incite HATRED of Nazi
    Germany and the defeated German people, just what they do today with
    The Arab/Muslim World and now Russia.

    This women came into our class, Id say like 1978ish, Tom, and she preceded to
    shed tears, and pull an old discolored bar of soap of a bag and start to tell us
    “Dis is Vhat Da Nazi did to my people and family, Neva..Neva.. Neva Faget
    chill-dreeen!” just like you see them LIE in the brilliant EXPOSURE of the fraud
    Stealbucks, in “The Last Days of the Big Lie.”

    These people are born LIARS, DECEIVERS and ACTORS, why so many are in
    Jewish controlled Hollywood! They actually believe their own bullshit!

    Looking back today, you figure how could you be that naive: but remember, you
    are being brainwashed by them 24-7, from womb to tomb!!! And the most easily
    influenced and “brain implanted” are children of that high school age, and
    believe me, they know this and they are still teaching these same lies today
    to our kids at level of school , this and homosexual agenda!

    “Neva… Neva… Neva… Faget, Chill-ren!” sounded like Dracula.

    Holocaust Education Program Proves ‘Invaluable’ for Local Students
    April 14, 2016
    – See more at:

  24. Smitherines says:

    Will There Always Be an England?
    By Patrick J. Buchanan

    Will There Always Be an England?×245.jpg
    Share Pat’s Columns:
    Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google+ Share on LinkedIn Share on StumbleUpon
    Tuesday – May 31, 2016

    In his op-ed in The Washington Post, Chris Grayling, leader of the House of Commons, made the case for British withdrawal from the European Union — in terms Americans can understand.

    Would you accept, Grayling asks, an American Union of North and South America, its parliament sitting in Panama, with power to impose laws on the United States, and a high court whose decisions overruled those of the U.S. Supreme Court?

    Would you accept an American Union that granted all the peoples of Central and South America and Mexico the right to move to, work in, and live in any U.S. state or city, and receive all the taxpayer-provided benefits that U.S. citizens receive?

    This is what we are subjected to under the EU, said Grayling.

    Read More At:

  25. Smitherines says:

    Neva…Neva…Neva.. FAGET!
    Corbyn’s Latest Sin: Ignoring Summons to Visit Holocaust Museum in Israel

    By Richard Edmondson on May 30, 2016

    Labour Leader’s Niceties in the Face of Zionist Blitzkrieg


    Poor Jeremy Corbyn. He’s in hot water again. His latest offense? Ignoring an invitation from the leader of the Israeli Labor Party to journey to Israel to visit the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum.

    And the Israeli Laborites are incensed at the absence of a reply, while the Blairite centrists in Corbyn’s own party are reportedly in “shock” at the news.

  26. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Tragic Shooting Of Gorilla Yet Another Example Of White Privilege, Says BlackLivesMatter

    They are calling it racist because they think the child was white. They are saying if the child had been black they wouldn’t have shot the gorilla. As this article points out, as well as others, the child is black! I’ve looked at pictures of the kid and he certainly looks black.

  27. Barney says:

    A homicidal gas chamber is a ridiculously complex and inefficient device, so I propose gasless chambers for when we really disinfect our world of the devil’s plague.

    Sealed underground rooms filled with air, so not entirely gasless, but let the vermin devour the oxygen, knowing it won’t be replaced.

    Lure them in by telling them it’s a gold mine.

    No poison gas to worry about. No crematoria. No expense after the initial building/excavation costs.

    Problem solved. Fill it and forget it.

  28. Smitherines says:

    Frank Fredenburg says:
    May 31, 2016 at 2:19 pm

    “Tragic Shooting Of Gorilla Yet Another Example Of White Privilege, Says BlackLivesMatter

    They are calling it racist because they think the child was white. They are saying if the child had been black they wouldn’t have shot the gorilla. As this article points out, as well as others, the child is black! I’ve looked at pictures of the kid and he certainly looks black”— Frank Fredenburg

    I heard from my friend and others the child was a “mud baby” Mulatto not White,
    but 1/2: which where I a from is a Negro like Obama!!!

    Now, I think they want charges brought on the parents, and the only reason
    I think they haven’t, is you’ll see it’s one of the Jew’s wonderful DIVERSITY
    couple???? Which they go to GREAT length to protect from SHAME, as you
    stated if the child is fully White, they’d have been charged with child
    endangerment, for letting him wander in the first place, cuz if that was
    a bear cage, or lion, tiger, leopard, or any of the big beasts of prey, that
    kid is dead now, mauled, and maybe partly eaten????

    What I heard, the Silverback Gorilla only grabbed and carried him when
    everyone was SCREAMING he thought they were trying to hurt the
    kid, and one witness stated it looked like he was doing just that: protecting
    him and for that he gets shot and killed????

  29. Smitherines says:

    Michelle Gregg and Deonne Dickerson, the boy’s father. (Facebook)
    Yup two fat DINDUS not watching their fucking little chimp and for
    that a beautiful animal had to euthanized???
    DINDU parents

    The parents of the 4-year-old boy who fell into the Gorilla World exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo, leading to the fatal shooting of Harambe the gorilla, has been identified as Michelle Gregg and Deonne Dickerson.

    The 32-year-old Cincinnati mother posted a now-deleted Facebook post thanking the zoo for making the difficult decision to shoot the gorilla to save her son. Gregg and the boy’s father, Dickerson, 36, have faced online backlash after the incident.

    Harambe, a 17-year-old western lowland silverback gorilla, was killed after dragging the boy through a moat inside the exhibit.

    “The Zoo security team’s quick response saved the child’s life. We are all devastated that this tragic accident resulted in the death of a critically-endangered gorilla,” Zoo Director Thane Maynard said in a statement. “This is a huge loss for the Zoo family and the gorilla population worldwide.”

    Here’s what you need to know:
    More URL below:

  30. Smitherines says:

    USS Liberty coming up soon on 50th Anniversary: 8 th of June 1967, WTF,
    we still haven’t heard all the details???

    The USS Liberty incident was an attack on a United States Navy technical research ship, USS Liberty, by Israeli Air Force jet fighter aircraft and Israeli Navy motor torpedo boats, on 8 June 1967, during the Six-Day War.[3] The combined air and sea attack killed 34 crew members (naval officers, seamen, two marines, and one civilian), wounded 171 crew members, and severely damaged the ship.[4] At the time, the ship was in international waters north of the Sinai Peninsula, about 25.5 nmi (29.3 mi; 47.2 km) northwest from the Egyptian city of Arish.[1][5]

    Special Series – The Day Israel Attacked America

  31. protocolsRtrue says:

    @ Smithereens. I am on your side but Even I had read the attack on the Liberty first hand accounts. Calling the USS Liberty a US Navy technical research ship kind of stretches the line where hiliray says I had no idea that using private email servers and private emails system could constitute operating as a spy. And I am no apologist for isrial believe me. Even the erection holder said that eric snowden in some way did a public service for exposing the nsa and cia and homeland security spying on Americans. Did you know that Ballard and his team with their undersea drone for the Titanic were actually a cover for cia operation to find a lost and presumed sunken Russian submarine. Cia spent millions to howard hughes to bild a special ship crane to try and dredge up a Russian submarine to get at its missiles and warheads and internal workings and communications systems. USS Liberty navy ship was a technical research ship . Yeah just like the USS Harry S. Truman is a technical research vessel to see if we can launch airplanes with bombs off of the deck of an aircraft carrier.

  32. protocolsRtrue says:

    Again I am on your side Smithereens. The Navy vessel was not there on a fishing for goldfish but then again if you were to be fishing for gold off the coast of isrial may be a good place to do it. They weren’t there to study shrimp on a treadmill or clams or the mating habits of dolphins. But the facts are pretty close to the same false flag attack shit they try to pull with Iran now. Remember them with the sailors claim they got lost and ran out of gas and drifted into Iranian waters and got captured? I aint buying that story and even my brother ex-marine and coast guard say he aint buying that story either. The first thing you do not do is give up your ship so long as you have the arms and ability to resist. I’m sure stepdad Jim who had two ships sunk out from under him by the slant eyed Japs would have said the same thing. Now do not tell me in this day and age that you fuckers just somehow got lost with this boat and ended up getting captured. Shrimp boaters can do better than that. I aint the sharpest tool in the shed but even I can read a compass.

  33. protocolsRtrue says:

    My stepdad Jim and my Brother 4 year Marine and 16 year Coast Guard and I am kind of skeptical. Stepdad Jim is like look dude my ships were sunk out from under me by the slant eyed japs and kamakazees with a very powerful navy back in jew war two in the south Pacific. You got captured by the Iranian Navy? C’mon man. Pfffhgt. And don’t give me this bullshit you couldn’t call back to the mothership and fleet for help. If you claim that on BOTH boats your batteries died and you ran out of fuel I say total bullshit lack of good command or leadership or that they were navy seals special operators trying to test the Iranian coastal defense forces.

  34. American born says:

    “Roots” is currently on three different channels right now. History Channel, A&E and the Lifetime channel.

    I have never seen networks show a miniseries on three channels simultaneously before.

  35. Hoff says:

    Boobus Americanus 2: Yes. Putin is definitely a fascist; and Trump may yet turn out to be an American Hitler as well.


    “Oh pleasse God — let that turn out to be true! Let that be true! Oh pleasse!

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  37. Hoff says:

    The document in the American Archives, reporting the widespread famine and spread of epidemic disease in Iran, estimates the number of the deceased due to the famine to be about 8-10 million.

    Sadegh Abbasi*

    One of the little-known chapters of history was the widespread famine in Iran during World War I, caused by the British presence in Iran.

    After the Russian Revolution of 1917, Britain became the main foreign power in Iran and this famine or–more accurately–‘genocide’ was committed by the British.

    The document in the American Archives, reporting the widespread famine and spread of epidemic disease in Iran, estimates the number of the deceased due to the famine to be about 8-10 million during 1917-19 (1), making this the greatest genocide of the 20th century and Iran the biggest victim of World War I (2).

  38. Why on earth are there Holocaust museums here? Whatever happened in Europe did not happen here! I do wish American Jews would just shut up; especially if they didn’t lose any people in the Second World War! Also, Nazism only comprises 12 years of German history. Being part Jewish– buy also a staunch paleo conservative, veteran, and gun owner, I am also disgusted by the Jewish bullshit in this country. Yeah, some people on my dad’s side died for likely being Jewish in WW2, but so did millions of other people. Also, saw that blurb about few Jews.dying in the war on terror. Don’t recall seeing many Jewish Marines when I was on active duty.

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