Cincinnatti Zoo Gorilla Boy is BLACK


By Phillip Marlowe

Lordy, this is so rich! Turns out, the 4 year-old who jumped into the Gorilla enclosure, forcing the Cincinnati Zoo people to shoot the Gorilla named “Harambe,” was a black kid.

Because they thought the little boy in the enclosure was White, “black lives matter” militants and idiot “social justice warriors” (SJW) were coming out of the woodwork, screaming that the Gorilla shooting was but another example of “White privilege.” They seriously believed zoo people would immediately make the decision to kill the beast because of evil White supremacy!

To be sure, the video of the event is hard to make out — the kid could indeed be White or black. But a photo of the black parents has since come out and by process of deduction (which us evil racists are so prone), such would make the kid black. While verifying the matter, I found photos of the family on some idiot Hollywood entertainment site. Also, the kid’s father, Deonne Dickerson, has a lengthy criminal history — not so surprising when it comes to this filthy, crime-prone race. The fat sheboon mother, Michelle Gregg (apparently, the two are not married), insists she’s a good mother, even though plenty of witnesses say the kid was telling her he was going in.

Now, back to watching the wonderful “Roots” program across 3 national cable channels, like the so-called “history” channel (plus the High Def versions), repeated a second time at 11pm and again before the next installment in the series. Oh boy, we sure do live in a racist country don’t we?!

The Isaiah Dickerson kid will grow up to murder someone, possibly even one of us evil White racist type persons who fully deserve it for treating Kunte Kinte so bad. Perhaps the little chimplet at the zoo foresaw himself as a bitch for a big black gorilla while in jail and wanted to jump in? Hilarious.

This “Roots” thing is so full of anti-White Negro militancy crap and total BS about how advanced Africa was, it’s ridiculous. Every minute, us White people are committing all sorts of evil crap on the poor black slaves. The Jews in Hollywood are now going overtime jacking up the homies!

Did you know the natives in Africa all rode around on horseback? Of course not. Horses were a rarity in sub-Saharan Africa since they would die so readily from the many insect born diseases of the Dark Continent, like the bite of the Tsetse fly and God knows what else. Early White explorers never saw blacks on horseback and remarked on how much Africans feared the animals. Hell, explorers had to use porters for centuries because of how hard it was for horses to survive, until White men invented veterinary inoculations.

Re-writing history is one of the Jew’s favorite brainwashing tactics in undermining the White race.

Poor little Kunte Kinte wanted to go to the “University of Timbuktu” until he was captured by slavers. Of course, they were trying to inject anything to make Africa look advanced. They did make the slavers in Africa black, so I guess they figured out we already now know Africans were heavily involved in slavery (they have it over there even now in some places). But the voice-over narrator in the beginning says it was “Europeans” who instigated slavery with greed and guns. One way or another, us evil Whitey must still be behind it all.

Tonight’s episode was great. God, this “Roots” thing is so chock full of evil Whiteyness it’s actually kind of funny. All the PC tropes are there, even female empowerment. Kunte Kinte’s daughter “Kizzy” is a deemed a brave Mandinka warrior and taught how to master the horse like he did so she can eventually ride to freedom.

Did you know abolitionist preachers were allowed to freely preach in Virginia? Seems they were, according to this non-stop BS fest. Christianity is also carefully slimed here and there in the show. One of the evil racist White girls Kizzy is playing with said the Bible makes Whites the bosses — even when playing with dolls. Kunte happens to be a Muslim, BTW. Had to get that in there somehow. No scenes of evil Arabs as slavers, either.

Kunte Kinte runs off and joins the British army to fight the American slavers in the American revolution. But the Brits are still evil Whites and use the blacks and Indians (excuse me, Native Americans victimized by evil White Europeans, too) as cannon fodder armed only with pikes while trying to capture a bridge in a swamp.

Our brave black hero Kunte survives and makes his escape with another Negro victim of the White race — an effeminate little black man, possibly gay, with a gory-looking burned eye — put out by an evil White guy’s cigar, natch. Like I said, the “Roots” thing is full to the brim with Whites treating Negroes badly.

In the real American revolution, the British General Cornwall is holed up at Yorktown and decides his black slave “soldiers” are not worth the food to feed them (perfectly understandable). He kicks them out to fend for themselves. Both Washington’s men and former British soldier allies laughingly took pot shots at them as they scurried to and fro trying to get away. Hell, I can see that happening.

The slave “Noah” (poorly played by the vacuous Mandela Van Peebles, son of smiling mulatto bisexual, Mario Van Peebles) is seen getting shot by a crowd of flint-lock wielding evil White slavers as tries to escape by running flat out. The evil Whites led him perfectly with the primitive, slow-firing rifles, scoring multiple hits, one right after another. Plenty of blood sprays and giant exit wounds in super slow motion as the poor black man tragically crumbles to the hard earth of racist Virginny.

His love interest, the intellectual Mandinko warrior babe, Kizzy, gets dragged away from her screaming, crying parents to a new slave plantation because she had the gall to learn how to read and write from the plantation owner’s spoiled idiot White daughter — who is nowhere near as smart and brave as the black slave girl under her control.

After trying to escape, Kizzy immediately gets raped from the rear by her next evil White owner as he drunkenly swills sidearm from a earthenware rum jug, while spouting colonial nursery rhymes. He says “hellooo, now what have we got here?” while obscenely licking his lips in anticipation. The drunk White guy paid $600 for her and now he’s going to “get some” tonight!

His White wife is just outside and is totally pissed at her husband’s Whitey male behavior! White females can get the deal when it comes to us always-so-evil White men.

This Jewish media brainwashing is getting so obvious these days it’s not funny. Well, maybe it is funny. I say great, because more Whites will start to notice all the efforts and put two-and-two together.

And yeah, I’m proudly a White “supremacist.” Negroes are totally stupid, violent and criminal. They need to go back to their beloved GD Africa and STFU.

But I’m not holding my breath for that to happen on their own. No government freebies, Affirmative Action, or Mickey D’s over there.


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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48 Responses to Cincinnatti Zoo Gorilla Boy is BLACK

  1. Ivan Ruzic says:

    All over twitter crazy dindus and SJW retards how been screaming crap like racism and supremacy and in the end it turns out this is ” black on black crime “.Their hatred for us is shown they way they would sooner protect an animal than a child.

    They do not really care about anything , simple robots programmed by Soros and Jew crap media.

    P.S Gorilla was actually sheltering the kid compared to his parents.

  2. Red Pill says:

    Gorilla Lives Matter
    to hell with the blacks

  3. Bailey says:

    The niglets parents are being investigated so that means the niggers can start whining about racism again.

    Meanwhile over in crown heights, jews are whining about breaking recycling laws.

  4. The Elder of Zyklon-B says:

    Affleets dun gone wild n sheet!

    Big, big African Ball news has been brewing down in Texico since last week revolving around a huge name in Texas football, Art Briles.

    Texicans LOVE their football and their affleets too.

    This is really plays into everything incogman has written about over many years now. We have the oh so righteous Southern Baptists and their Private University, Baylor with none other than Ken Star as Chancellor. I do believe Kenny boy is married to a Jewess too.

    This is a prime example of White men knowingly recruiting violent negroids, some of which have even been kicked off other teams for misconduct. Briles and his staff brought these rape apes down to a mostly White and wealthy student body and turned them loose to rape, pillage, and assault and turned a blind eye to it all because exposing their crimes would hurt the team’s chances of winning.

    Anyone watching just a few minutes of Baylor’s games since the arrival of Briles could see the type of negroid thugs Briles was recruiting. He let them turn the sidelines into a real Zulu Roots chimpout spectacle.

    It is all about the wins baby!

    Oh, and by the way, Baylor has a real albatross around their neck with that damn ten foot stature of their roid hero Robert Griffin who came to Baylor and impregnated a White girl. He won the Heisman and sheet so dat be ok.

    The Baptist zionist hypocrites got exactly what they bargained with the devil for. Just think of all the other universities across the country where the same crap has been going on for years, so they are not alone.

    The Waco cops apparently did their part to cover up for the rape apes.

  5. squarepegroundhole says:

    Love the pic LOL

    @ 44 sec mark

    “not sure why they killed me i was doing a better job watching that ladys kid than she was”

    I could not find that picture to post here but it has some real Rorschach Inkblot Test value………

  6. squarepegroundhole says:

    Wrong Place Wrong Time?

    Wake up White People – protect your family

  7. Barney says:

    Off-topic, but …

    Get it while you can. Thanks are due to Harold Covington for finding this.

  8. Vidar says:

    “Re-writing history is one of the Jew’s favorite brainwashing tactics in undermining the White race.”
    If the white people out there would get that one thing through their thick heads, our troubles would soon be over.

  9. Red Pill says:

    Texas Zookeeper Who Raised Killed Gorilla Mourns His Death–abc-news-topstories.html#
    video enclosed

    fucking niggers

  10. Steamed McQueen says:

    Meanwhile over in Phoenix, yet another stupid white young woman is discovered buried in a shallow grave after she dates a nigger that she meets on craigslist.

    I blame the parents. They should have done a better job educating their daughter about this savage race.

  11. Recon Ranger says:

    The street war is coming to a town near you and me and everyone…. white people better wake up and fast…. this whole thing with the nigs is just starting… the worst thing about it is that stupid white idiots will sell us out to side and protect them… I love the way you have uncovered the whole story Incog…. great job indeed… when I first saw the thing on tv it seemed like a white kid but then it looked like a little chimplet… no wonder I never saw the kid try to get away or even appear to by crying or freaking out… because that is the way his sheeboon mother deals with him… he probably thought this gorilla was just another family member of his jungle bunny clan messing with him…. poor damn silver back had to get shot….. just shows how far the boons have come out of the bush….” NOT FAR”

  12. Red Pill says:

    from the Jim Stone site

    About the gorilla that was shot
    I have to be race specific about this, because of what happened in social media. GUESS WHAT? According to some of the black communities, the gorilla was shot to “protect white privilege!”

    In case you do not know, here is what happened: A black woman with numerous criminal offenses was texting her butt off at the zoo, rather than watch her children. One of her children then crawled into the gorilla cage, and fell a large distance, and got hurt. A large silverback male gorilla took a protective position over the child, and did nothing to the child other than protect it. Animal experts have analyzed the video and concluded the gorilla would not have hurt the child. But the gorrilla was shot dead.

    Then media censorship kicked in and obscured the facts, and in addition to obscuring the facts, made mention of the gorilla being shot as being caused by “white privilege”. The black community then jumped on the social media bandwagon, outraged that “white privilege” killed a gorilla, and did not even know that it was a black woman being totally ignorant of her children that caused it all, and that the gorilla was in fact shot to protect a black child.

    The media obscured the facts so badly that I did not know what was the truth until I saw pictures of went on that were posted by news sources that were more honest with this story.

  13. Nationalist says:

    It’s our turn now to point out the facts as they really are but again Negros manage to do amazing damage and mostly get away with it. It is really the fault of White liberals for going against basic common sense about what we Whites have learned about Negros over the past several thousand years and now in less than 100 years are being told a story of equality with Blacks that goes beyond preposterous. I would rather be the equal of a Gorilla than a Negro because then I would be of a higher order, at least Gorillas don’t mate with our people and produce sub-humans the way Negros do. Whites have a choice and it is about time they make the harder choice of agreeing with the truth despite the glaring hate that comes our way from the brainwashed multitudes of Zombies hell bent on destroying our race, religion, culture and quality of life. This is only a phase we are going through, liberals cannot win in the end because we cannot build a world based on fantasy.

  14. Tom says:

    The niglet’s mother may have been entering him in the “black lottery”–waiting for that multimillion $$$ settlement soon. I did notice the gorilla first take a protective stance, then smell the picaninny, and then start dragging it around. Gorillas are frequently killed by Negroes in Africa and eaten as “bush meat”. The hands are a prized delicacy among Africans who can no longer openly practice cannibalism (Source: “Congo Kitabu” by Jean Pierre Halleck.) So it’s just possible the smell of a Negro triggered off repressed painful memories–perhaps biological memories akin to “Holocaust trauma”.

    As a young man I used to eat lunch in a small city zoo with a caged gorilla. I felt sorry for him because he had no companions and not much of a life. In addition to this he had to put up with abuse by porch monkeys outside his cage. One day several of these Negroes began pelting him with soda cans and rubbish. The gorilla tucked his chin against his chest with his eyes cast to the floor of the cage. The Negroes got more daring and, taunting him, came closer and closer. When they were a few feet away the gorilla jumped up and dumped his washtub with about 40 gallons of slimy water on them. He looked at me with a twinkle in his eyes–clearly the more intelligent party in this encounter.

  15. Rory says:

    When that gorilla got hold of that little niglet, it must have thought it was “family” right away.
    After all, don’t niggers all posess a monkey-like appearance?
    The flat, broad noses, flared nostrils, and the skull shaping – like primates.
    You cannot deny this.
    I swear, sometime in past history, a gorilla screwed a human being, and the result was a morphed mutated critter, now evolved into a gun-toting vicious slimebag of society.
    The brains of these beasts nevertheless harbor the typical survival skills of wild gorillas.
    Do I hear anybody wanting to debate this?
    Put a gun into a gorilla’s hands and once it learns how to use it, it ain’t gonna be no different than your typical nigger.

  16. guiltfreewhite says:

    The zoo was in a no win situation.If they had delayed shooting 5 seconds,or used a trank gun, and the kid had either had his arm torn off, or brains bashed out,They would now be having tens of thousands of blacks protesting and rioting there.Her color may keep any charges from being made as well against the mom.More proof of “racism” it would be.At the least, you KNOW that there will be a lawsuit against the zoo.The parents will end up with a big paycheck in the end.You can bet that every zoo in the world is now taking extra precautions because of this.

  17. Israhell on Earth says:

    Roots (2016 miniseries)
    Written by

    Lawrence Konner(Jew)
    Mark Rosenthal(Jew)


    Ann Kindberg(Jewess)

    I had to dig deeper to confirm the jewishness of the three rats above – ((they)) probably hide that whenever possible ie when the hollywood jews are not as famous as Stanley Kubrick or Steven Spielberg. (Director of “Amistad”, “Lincoln” and of course “Schindlers List”) All of these movies distort reality and rewrite history, and all of them demonize whitey and give the tribe a free pass.

    I’m glad that i don’t watch TV anymore, the trailer of that filth alone makes me angry.

  18. Israhell on Earth says:

    Fantastic comment from a Daily Stormer poster:

    “Roots is a Jewish Narrative and Mythology not a Black one.
    Roots serves the purpose of the Jew/liberal by manipulating grievance in blacks and guilt in Whites.
    It doesn’t help blacks, it uses them.
    Snoop has realised this. They don’t care about Blacks. The most angry, stridently ‘anti black’ White Nationalist has more genuine good will towards blacks than this Jewish manipulation.
    Most WN would be happy to let Blacks develop in their own way, would respect them that way and would even help them so long as we could stay reasonably separate. White ‘hate’ doesn’t exist, what exists is white anger at what is being done to us and white love for those that have been victimised.
    The Liberal/Jew doesn’t want to leave Blacks alone, he wants to bait him into attacking Whites.
    Look how Jews have promoted “Sth of the Border” Mexicans to bolster their White Genocide immigration campaign, not caring that it profoundly undermine Black Job niches and prospects, destroying the bread and butter income and a source of meaningful toil for the Black man.
    If it weren”t for Jewish baiting, bringing up semi fabricated history race relations between Whites and Blacks would be much better, they would be normal.”

  19. So let me get this straight… An innocent Gorilla gets shot and the so called “parents” will get off scot free?

    There is no justice in the formerly free nation called the US…..

    These blacks are now out of control… Sadly they are just too ignorant to realize that they are being used as tools and fools by the criminal and very psychotic Jewish scumbags…

  20. Ray says:

    The zoo shot the wrong animal.

  21. It does make you wonder why the kid was so adamant about going in… Maybe he saw life with Gorillas better than the abusive existence he was having with his “parents” and decided to make a break for it!

  22. Amazing that this bullshit story called “Roots” never states WHO the slave traders really were…

    The fact is that the slave traders and operators of the slave ships were all 100% Jewish scumbags…. That is the truth and we will never see it on Jew spew Talmudvision…

  23. Slim says:

    Fifty bucks says they “paid” their admission to the Zoo with EBT, WIC, Welfare, Food Stamps or one of the multitude of other “Feed and Breed” programs we pay for.

    Can only get here via proxy. Hope this makes it.

  24. _ponerologist,.The says:

    Cast of Characters

    Blood Suckin Murderer: Blake Leibel
    Ukrainian Girlfriend, Murder Victim: Iana Kasian
    Prosecutor: Tannaz Mokayef
    Defense lawyer: Unnamed Jew
    Judge: Keith Schwartz

  25. Ray says:

    This Roots garbage is as old and entertaining as a Paulie Shore routine.

  26. And “Paulie Shore” was another hooked nosed Jewish prick operating out of “Jewlywood”….

    Yes, “Roots” is more propaganda bullshit… And the ignorant blacks will lap it all up…

    Thanks Jews.. For fucking up our planet!

  27. antuerius says:

    Probably too much to read here, but crime negroes leaving their niglet to get into the gorilla cage is more slave trade digging for a legal settlement. Rodney King swimming pool on the way, your honour! It used to be they had separate days, and parks and areas of their own, so they could be found mutually accountable for their own behaviour, now it is always the fault of whites and their civilization, technology, legal and moral frames.

    Roots propaganda does a lot of moral damage to white families. In the 1980’s it was being pumped through the TV and a book was going around. In tandem with criminal pervert Bill Cosby show, and the weird spectacle of the Oprah Jemima show, a palpable public guilt complex ground down the most basic racial identity consciousness. Nogs were pitiable victims, and jews were smart, compassionate arbiters of historical truth. Whites were guilty. Jim Crow was a great shame, etcetera.

    In the Great White North, we now have state multicult media (CBC) doing a show; not dissimilar from an Semitic Slave Trade advertisement for healthy negroes, made entirely of damn dirty rotten lies about blacks, “The Book of Negroes”. Glamourizing negroes in false histories of moral transference from jew slave traders to white national Europids really is just more slave trade, the same as the black pro-sports mercenaries and NABJ “journalists” who love to push their pugs into white broadcast technology.

    Further into the internet, digitized copies of the 1971 historical docu-drama “Goodbye, Uncle Tom (1971) is posted on black channels without censorship, while on channels with Occidental names, it is censored with a sign-in wall. It is a lively film, and Jacoppeti & Prosperi do a lot of interesting and pedigogical moves. They also have a film, “Africa Addio” which is similarly rich with reality based content on blacks in Africa. Fat jewish slave trader critics like Roger Ebert, claim these films are racist — so they are worth a viewing. Though probably not for white children.

    Goodbye, Uncle Tom (1971)

  28. Barney says:

    I managed to avoid the “Roots” crap when it was on tel-aviv-zion, but I did once have to sit through “My big fat Greek jewish wedding”.

    What a load of CRAP. Nothing Greek about it at all, just a bunch of kikes acting like the vermin they are.

    I haven’t had a tel-aviv-zion for years, and I don’t want one. It’s the most powerful brainwashing tool ever invented, and I see more than enough of that CRAP while visiting friends.

    Over here, we have to buy a licence to be brainwashed by the electric jew.

    During my (life-threatening) illness last year, when I was too ill to travel to my own place, the bastards sent a number of letters threatening to break in to my home and search it in the hope of finding a brainwashing box so they could fine me up to £1,000 (about $1,500 US?) for not having a licence.

    F***ing arrogant jew bastards! I nearly died ffs!

    Fortunately I managed to get their letters in time to prevent them breaking in, and I told them in my reply exactly what I thought of them, but if the illness had gone on for a bit longer, I’d have had my home ransacked, my door wrecked (leaving the place vulnerable to burglars) and a bill for about £300 for the “cost” of breaking my door down, plus the real cost of replacing it.

    They’d probably have stolen … er … I mean “confiscated” my £2,000 plus computer as well. The pole-lice do like to do that in their never-ending hunt for freebies “terrorists”.

    I was f***ing livid about that, and I still am.

    Now we’re getting more crap in the “news” about their imaginary “dark web” whatever that‘s supposed to be when it’s at home. Probably they’re referring to sites like this one, places that expose their LIES.

  29. Smitherines says:

    Clinton Might Not Be the Nominee

    By VNN on June 1, 2016

    Senator Sanders tends to underperform in pre-election surveys and over-perform on primary and caucus days, thanks to the participation of new registrants and young voters.

    URL here:

  30. Bailey says:

    Hey Smithers , I was in jersey over the weekend and at the rt 70 fleamarket there were as many jews as there was filthy mexicans. I’ve never seen anything like it, one yid i saw bought a rusty shovel , wtf is he gonna do with that ?

  31. Tom says:

    ROOTS is simply Jewish incitement of blacks to “chimp out.” Was the so-called author of this plagiarized work of a white author falasha (black Jew) like the one-eyed “bad Sammy”? Wouldn’t surprise me. Follows in the fine tradition of Einstein.

    It’s sad that a black pimp like Snoop has more sense than most blacks and white cuck liberals.

  32. I was in the local YMCA the other day, and there were a bunch of those migrants from North Africa all coming in at once with their children…. I noticed one thing that I could not help but to mention to the workers at the Y…..

    They all stunk to high heaven! Yes, it was disgusting and it was beyond “body odor” that could have been covered up with actual bathing and deodorants….. I had a hard time walking by them to the change room after a work out, and my nose had that very pungent odor for minutes afterwards.. It was disgusting…

    These migrants all want to come into our nations and pollute our nations… And many of them do not practice hygiene at all… It is so disgusting…

    Which leads me to a big question about this Gorilla and its dragging of that black kid through the water … Was the Gorilla actually trying to give the kid its first bath ever? Honestly, considering how many of these blacks are so disgusting and do not practice hygiene, it does make one wonder….

    I want to thank the freaking Jews for them turning this nation, Canada, into a “multicultural” cesspool of filth…….

  33. BTW… I am NOT a “racist” but a realist…. I observe and I take note….

    I cannot help but put up the facts that many of these blacks, especially the ones that are all infiltrating our nations now, are absolutely unclean and quite honestly bring in so many new diseases into our nations… Sadly, this is fact….

    Yes, we are watching our nations being destroyed… The Jewish pricks are using them as their primary weapon now to destroy the Caucasian race and sadly they are succeeding…

  34. protocolsRtrue says:

    I have not been able to confirm this yet. But I was watching a fuxnews legal section with John Scott whom I have respect for. If I heard them right the sheboon baby-momma has indeed got an ambulance chaser now (2 days after saying she had no intention of doing so) to sue the ZOO!!!!! for “allowing” her niglet to get into the guerilla pen. What’s worse? Niggers or ambulance chasers trying to hit the nigger lottery? You know when people go to the zoo with their kids so that they can actually SEE the animals they should know to get off their free obamaphone sailfones that they cant seem to get unglued from their hands for more than 10 seconds and watch your kids. So now what? Bring your own binoculars and climb this ladder to the top of this wall? Even then the nigger would fall off the ladder texting while climbing and get an ambulance chaser.

  35. NinjaJohn says:

    They shot the wrong primate.

  36. Bob says:

    I never knew the kid who fell into the gorilla enclosure was a niglet nor that his parents were niggers. Nowhere is this alluded to in the jewstream media and there were no photos of the family of course. I saw the video of the niglet being dragged around but he looked fairly white. I see now that he is a light skinned niglet which is kind of odd considering his two parents are the color of dark diseased shit. Maybe one or both is not the biological parent. It’s beyond repulsive if they sue the zoo but if they do, the zoo should refuse to pay and go to trial. Of course, they won’t since their management, probably a department of city government, has no courage to fight frivolous lawsuits. Revolting.

    Regarding Roots and nigger slavery, all intelligent persons in the US and elsewhere should become aware that jooz owned and controlled the slave trade for centuries. Learn the truth here:

  37. Barney says:

    They told us decades ago what the plan was for the extermination of the Noble White Race, but most of us didn’t fully understand at the time, having been brainwashed all our lives with anti-White propaganda.

  38. Yes.. It is all written in their Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion… These Jewish scumbags want their main opposition to world domination, the white race, destroyed…

    Too bad the dumb ass blacks have not the brain power to understand they are being used by these Jewish swine to destroy the whites….

  39. Liberty Anne Justice says:

    Gorilla is a Good Daddy : D

  40. Barney says:

    It’s happening over here too. At the weekend they were showing “12 years a slave” on tel-aviv-zion.

    My brainwashed friend assumed it “must be a true story” (and probably quite recent) until I pointed out that black slavery in the US ended more than 150 years ago.

    No doubt “Roots” will be shown again any time now.

    We watched something else. I don’t remember what.

  41. Tom says:


    The Muslim slave trader captured or purchased and sold the Negro. The Middle Eastern Sephardic Jewish bankers funded these slavers. The mostly Jewish-owned slave ships carried the Negro and sold him (90% elsewhere than North America). A high percentage of Negroes died in transit and were thrown overboard. And you get the above. A Negro who says the white man is his enemy, converts to the Muslim religion and loves Jews.

    OY. People even have to pay to get tickets to his funeral.

  42. carnac123 says:

    If blacks would open up a book sometimes ( those capable of reading) instead of simply watching propaganda from television 24 hours a day; perhaps they would learn a few things about their plight. Let me explain something. The men who hunted the Africans to sell them to a slave ship were not white nor even close to white. African slaving had been going on for a while on the African continent. Slavery is not new to Africa. They have been enslaving each other for centuries. Do you remember the war in the Sudan between the North Sudanese and the Sudanese in the southern part of the country? Remember the news media making a big deal over it and the way Sudanese government troops would come into the villages of southern Sudan and rape and kill everyone there? Even Hollywood stars got into the hype wanting people to send help to the southern Sudanese. Well that war is still going on but now you hear nothing of it because the media decided that if the war did not match with their propaganda about the evil whites stealing blacks right out of the garden of Eden. The fact is that most ‘slavers’ were African but considered themselves ‘Arabic’. The people of Northern Sudan (for instance) are black and Muslim and consider themselves to be Arabic….not black. The Sudanese they are killing in the South are Christians or pagans but they are not Muslim. Muslim blacks in Africa do not consider themselves “black” and have no qualms about capturing jungle-living blacks and selling them on the docks. Look at the Muhammed Ali funeral. I read an article that said some blacks complained that they were ushered to the back of the room when they arrived (unless they were a big sport figure) while black Muslims were all sitting close to the front. Look at Obama. He is Kenyan (and not eligible to be president IMO). The blacks of this nation thought they finally had a black president but it has been proven he has not done much for the black. He does just enough to make them think he is on their side when his policies (especially on immigration) have done nothing but further destroy black jobs an standards of living. The truth is Obama is an Arabic black and is most likely Muslim. He does not consider himself black. He talks the talk to get votes but you can bet he considers himself Arabic. Blacks are the enemies of civilization and even enemies of themselves.

  43. carnac123 says:

    The man tasked with the shooting of the gorilla must have been in a quandary. Should he shoot the gorilla who, up to now had done nothing to anyone. He was minding his own business and suddenly a small creature fell into his domain. He went to investigate. He must protect the females and do his guard-job. He towered over the threat trying to make his small brain decide how much of a threat this small thing was as it crashed into his world. He was probably leaning toward the decision that this thing was a baby gorilla. He grabbed it by the arm and drug it through the water to a safer place. That is how he treated his own young ones. Who are all of these humans screaming and crying all around him? What do the want? Are they warning him? After-all….all the humans he knew before were very nice to him. The shooter would have felt that all of this was going through the gorillas small mind. Then there is that stupid little kid who is probably not much smarter than the gorilla. He is just growing up and already he disregards rules because he wants to. His daddy is an ex-convict and he will certainly be one too. How many armed robberies and rapes will this little renegade pull in his lifetime before he is arrested? What a choice? Should he shoot the gorilla who has done nothing and probably never will? He can hear it now. If he waits too long to see what the gorilla does he will be penned as the worst “racist”ever. Lawyers will be lining up to sue the Zoo because “they put the life of an animal over the safety of a black kid. He has no choice. He squeezes off a round into the head of Harambi the gorilla. Thanks to a black mother with her inborn tendency to let everyone else watch her children (IMO),…..a rare animal died.

  44. Tom says:


    Small correction: Obama was born in Timbuktu at a time when it was a separate state, i.e., Obama can swear under oath he was not born in Kenya. Timbuktu is now part of Kenya, but I’m sure the records of the old state were in relative disarray. And I’ve read the Hawaii recorder who certified his photoshopped HI birth certificate had an unfortunate fatal accident.

  45. S O G says:

    cant tell the difference between the gorilla and the nigger …the ape thought it was a baby gorilla they should ahve left the shitbag nigger picanniny in the pen with gorilla .it might have taught it how to be civilized ..i said maybe …
    unfortunate for the gorilla ,,fuck the nigger ..too bad the gorilla dint toss the little home invader back up over the fence after it separated his worthless fuckin head from his shit colored body ..
    lol right carnac ,,i would have been tempted to shoot the nigger kid asd he was the interloper and the reason for the problem ..he tresspassed and the gorilla should not have had to pay for this with its life ..whoaa ..this sounds like the american nigger crime on whote victim reality show everyday in afromerica

  46. S O G says:

    cant tell the difference between the gorilla and the nigger …the ape thought it was a baby gorilla they should ahve left the shitbag nigger picanniny in the pen with gorilla .it might have taught it how to be civilized ..i said maybe …
    unfortunate for the gorilla ,,fuck the nigger ..too bad the gorilla dint toss the little home invader back up over the fence after it separated his worthless fuckin head from his shit colored body ..
    lol right carnac ,,i would have been tempted to shoot the nigger kid asd he was the interloper and the reason for the problem ..he tresspassed and the gorilla should not have had to pay for this with its life ..whoaa ..this sounds like the american nigger crime on white victim reality show everyday in afromerica
    all the stupid niggers who thot gorilla was shot because the child was white are complete consummated idiots buffoons who should be exterminated …it is easy to see the kid was black even from 50 yards and it would have been immediatley fuckin obvious from the wailing nigger baby mamma sow that the shithead tresspasser was a baby chimplet humangatan ….who the fuck could not have known this in the first 5 secoonds of the incident …see how twisted these fuckin niggers are about “white privelige”propaganda ..its all dogma hokum ..they are on jenkem ..
    when niggers are finally punished for their role in ruining america it wont be white privelige that they see it will be justice and fed up whites taking out the trash ..
    all we need is large numbers of people ..

  47. S O G says:

    cant tell the difference between the gorilla and the nigger …the ape thought it was a baby gorilla they should ahve left the shitbag nigger picanniny in the pen with gorilla .it might have taught it how to be civilized ..i said maybe …
    unfortunate for the gorilla ,,fuck the nigger ..too bad the gorilla dint toss the little home invader back up over the fence after it separated his worthless fuckin head from his shit colored body ..
    lol right carnac ,,i would have been tempted to shoot the nigger kid asd he was the interloper and the reason for the problem ..he tresspassed and the gorilla should not have had to pay for this with its life ..whoaa ..this sounds like the american nigger crime on white victim reality show everyday in afromerica
    all the stupid niggers who thot gorilla was shot because the child was white are complete consummated idiots buffoons who should be exterminated …it is easy to see the kid was black even from 50 yards and it would have been immediatley fuckin obvious from the wailing nigger baby mamma sow that the shithead tresspasser was a baby chimplet humangatan ….who the fuck could not have known this in the first 5 secoonds of the incident …see how twisted these fuckin niggers are about “white privelige”propaganda ..its all dogma hokum ..they are on jenkem ..
    when niggers are finally punished for their role in ruining america it wont be white privelige that they see it will be justice and fed up whites taking out the trash ..
    all we need is large numbers of people ..
    exactly RR ..the chimplette was probably more scared of his baby mama sow than some ol gorilla fact he probably thought it was an uncle and all ..

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