Dyson Says Trump People are WHITE Supremacists


By Phillip Marlowe

You can now watch how the liberal, globalist media has gotten a bit worried since the Brits voted for BREXIT. They have been doing reports left and right on how bad a decision it was by evil White Brits to leave the EU. They act like it’s the doings of White racism — anything against immigration and globalism MUST be bad.

I should hope you recognize exactly where the media stands in all this. It really is a “MEDIA/GLOBALIST BANKING complex,” versus what Eisenhower once said — right when he was getting out for good — warning us about a “military/industrial complex.”

Michael Eric Dyson, the big blowhard black who memorized every big word he could to advance himself in a brainwashed White PC world, said today on ABC’s “This Week” that Trump’s success is only due to WHITE RACIST SUPREMACIST NATIONALISM. But the lousy creep is only voicing what the dirty rat Marxist Hillary people want to get out there.

This Dyson guy is such a huge buffoon it used to be hilarious to watch him using ridiculously big words left and right like he was so intelligent. I believe someone has since alerted him to how he was being laughed at and is now working hard to dial back his wordy black BS. He’s still a big fat horse’s ass, as you can tell. But he’s not the only horse’s ass out there these days — read on.


Yep, lots of lefty White-haters say the same BS every day. You can actually see the TV people carefully tip-toeing around the issue — it’s like they want to say it, but are working hard not to because they fear more of us will soon get their lying BS. Which we already have, as you can see.

The leftist media has been putting this over-paid sometime college professor and now radio host on TV news shows for years trying to showcase black intelligence, but you could easily tell from the start the guy was really nothing more than a White-hating black panther militant, who memorized a few big words in the dictionary while a teen jerk off so he could sound all intellectual.

If you wanted, you could easily memorize the Swahili dictionary since it’s only about 125 pages, minus those White words jury-rigged to sound Swahili. Whatever words created by these two-legged primates for jungle crap until civilized White man showed up, is a mere pittance.

Gloria Borger, CNN "chief political strategist." Just try to tell me this lefty bitch is not Jewish.

Gloria Borger, CNN “chief political strategist.” Just try to tell me this lefty bitch is not Jewish. It’s total creeps like her who the Jew media puts on to brainwash Whites to commit race suicide.

CNN’s Gloria Borger, whom I’m pretty certain is actually a Jewess, said the BREXIT vote was due to “older, uneducated Whites” (I watched her actually say that in real time). She pointed out London voted to stay in the EU like they were more urbane and intelligent enough to appreciate globalism.

Uh, lefty Jew bitch, London is stuffed to the gills with non-White immigrants and traitor media leftys. Of course, they are all for globalism and Whites not coming to their senses when it comes to their lands being flooded with non-Whites.

I once saw Gloria Borger and Obama lover, Michael Smerconish, have a huge fit over something minor a TV sacrificial lamb Trump supporter said in the studio. It looked like the two were going to have a heart attack right then and there. NY urban homo Anderson Pooper had to step in to calm down his lefty brethren.

This business with “older, uneducated Whites” is actually a carefully maintained MEME emplaced in our population for us to look down on anyone who doesn’t go along with the lefty BS they have been pushing down our throats.

It’s kind of like when you say anything bad about homos, they’ve been trained to accuse you of being a latent homo, meaning you secretly want to engage in anal sex with other men. It’s an effective intimidation tactic MEME emplaced into our population by Jewish interests to make us keep our mouths shut about disgusting sodomites running rampant.

Plus, these anti-White multicults freely say they can’t wait for all us supposedly old White racists to die off. It’s like the baby boomers are all klansman. Once that happens, they believe they can finally have that multicult Nirvana where everything is sweetness and rainbows — no matter how criminal blacks truly are, how Third World America looks, or how perverted the GD Jews get.

What it actually will be is us Whites being openly discriminated against everywhere. Hell, it’s getting that way pretty much already. Blacks say all sorts of racist, anti-White crap and it never gets reported.

Then there’s this “UNEDUCATED” BS. That’s code for Whites who haven’t succumbed to Marxist indoctrination on college campuses. Everybody knows just how GD ridiculous colleges are with PC enforcement. It’s so bad that every special group can have their own organizations except for White people of European, non-Jewish heritage. Should any White have the temerity to do so, results in howls of PC indignation.

You know, it’s actually pretty funny: This guy on Bill O’Reilly’s show, has a segment called “WATERS WORLD,” where some Jewy-looking guy goes around asking “regular” people on the street questions of the day so we can get a hearty chuckle over their stupid responses. It’s amazing how retarded some of the young leftys really are around college campuses. Hell, skinheads are way more intelligent than leftwingers. Way more.

You better believe our Jew BS, Whitey!

Rhonda Fink-Whitman: You better believe our Jew BS, Whitey, or else we’ll stuff it into your kid’s heads so they think you’re a Nazi hater!

This smug Zionist, Israeli-Firster Jew bitch, Rhonda Fink-Whitman (left), has been going around pushing for Holocaust/PC brainwashing programs in colleges and schools. She recently complained that the young doesn’t even know who Winston Churchill was, so that’s why we need mandatory classes everywhere so Whitey can continue feeling guilty over every GD thing that’s ever happened on the GD planet.

Winston Churchill? If that’s how stupid the “ed-JEW-cated” young can be, then what’s that say about us older “uneducated?”

This arrogant Jew bitch actually wears a bracelet that says: “history will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.” Man, talk about the lying Jew’s favorite motto!

Then there’s the operative word Michael Eric Dyson felt so free to us on the ABC’s Sunday political TV show, “This Week with George Stephanopoulos.” He said “WHITE racist supremacy.” Make clear note how he got away with saying “WHITE.” If you stop and think things out, this is really racism.

You could tell the other members of the “round table” were a bit taken aback by Dyson blurting out his anti-White racism so openly, but didn’t have the guts to call him on it, or risk being called a “Nazi” themselves.

GEORGE WILL INSETOh, yes indeed, there are idiot Whites. Like George Will (right), who just made a big stink about Donald Trump and even quit the Republican party over Trump being the presumptive nominee. Sayanora, traitor!

This phony conservative punk has undoubtedly made himself a great living over the years stabbing the White race in the back by pushing the Israel-Firster, Zionist Jew brainwashing on TV.

This is the rat they have on Brett Baer’s FOX news show at 6PM, along with Charles Krauthammer, a turtle-faced Jew boy whom we need to think is all-so-wise because he’s confined to a wheelchair after jumping drunk into a shallow pool when he was a college punk. You sometimes also see George Will on other Jew channels when they need a designated phony conservative, or what we now call a “cuck” for cuckold to the White race.

When the time comes, we’re going to have to remember to find Mr. George Will and drag him kicking and screaming out of his nice rich fancy home (since you know he won’t show up to the TV studios that day). He’s probably got himself a really nice Georgetown digs. Traitor punks like him need to spend some quality time in a hard labor camp making up for more than a few things. While there, we’ll insist he wears a bow tie with his bright orange prison duds.

Yep, it’s a total Jew BS head job being done to the White race, alright. Black worship, Israel-loving, globalism, faggotry and immorality of all sorts — subversive Jew brainwashing crap all designed to destroy the White race.



100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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88 Responses to Dyson Says Trump People are WHITE Supremacists

  1. protocolsRtrue says:

    Oh wait… This is the “OTHER” dindu michael brown. The one we won’t hear about on the national jews 24/7 for the next year and a half. As a matter of fact you won’t hear much at all about this dindu murdering somebody while robbing him unless you go to new nation news or websites like IncogMan.

  2. protocolsRtrue says:

    Somebody call the erection holder and the Loretta lynch to get the department of jews and their stupid-ass pet fucking niggers Michael brown task force back together and head to Cyprus creek right now to investigate how and why Michael brown was shot by an evil white supremacist racist Nazi!! Take some splc jews with you too.


  3. protocolsRtrue says:

    I’m going to roll with this michael brown story as long as Incog let’s me. First of all thanks to the harris county texas homicide division. I watch them all the time on first 48. I don’t live in Texas but boy do I like seeing these ruthless murdering animals taken off the streets and away from civilized humans. And if anybody needs to be on death row please let it be in Texas. So now I go into the metaphor about this michael brown if it had been in North Carolina. Okay. We have a dead man on his front porch. But look! We have a trail of blood. So me being the good sheriff I am I pull out my flashlight and my gun and follow the trail of blood. And lo and behold I find a nigger laying on the ground bleeding and a ski mask next to his head. Hmmmmn.
    So Barney comes up and I ask Barney if he thinks it’s cold out here. No, says Barney. I thought so to it’s not that cold around here in late June. So then Gomer shows up and I ask him if he wears a ski mask in late June around here. Gomer says no also.
    Now I know I aint the brightest bulb on the tree but you just might be what we call a “person of interest”. So we taxpayers take him to the Medicaid obamacare hospital emergency room and fix him up so we can put him in the cage and try him in front of a jury of his stupid-ass nigger peers and then that’s when the department of jews and their stupid-ass pet niggers show up and accuse me of violating this niggers cibil wites. Sheriff Taylor did you shoot this man? He’s still alive isn’t he? No, I didn’t shoot him. How about Deputy Fife? Did he shoot this man? Let’s ask him. Barney , did you shoot this nigge… I mean man? You know that you don’t allow me to have any bullets in my gun sherriff Taylor. Ok then we didn’t do it madam department of jews and your stupid-ass pet fucking niggers. Maybe he accidently shot himself or his accomplice shot him while they were committing that robbery and murder over there. Wrap up a long story short if the ski mask doesn’t fit you must acquit.

  4. S O G says:

    horse abuse …comparing these piles of steaming shit to the orifice that ejected it is specie-ist …heh heh ..
    at least a horses ass has some use …
    “………Thousands of Typhus Victims Buried by British in Bergen-Belsen………….”
    jews olny represented a portion of totasl inmates in camps …unlike the propaganda ..
    Bergen-Belsen was established in April 1943 as a detention and transit camp. In 1944, from July to December, 1,900 Jewish people from the camp emigrated to Israel. From September 1944 to March 1945 over 25,000 former inmates of Auschwitz and other camps arrived. In early 1945 an outbreak of typhus spread through the camp killing thousands of inmates……………………………….the allies began bombing auswitz ..ahshitz was a work camp ..an industrial production camp ..a work of german masterpiece …there were no fences around it ..except for one inmate doghouse …something like 100,000 civilians worked in this place also …
    yeah john ball has gone to ground either quite literally or as euphamism for going under radar ..he is incommunicado for a long while now ..

  5. Israhell on Earth says:

    What an obnoxious and dirty whore that Holohoax-peddling jewess Rhonda Fink- Whitman is. She’s obsessed with everything related to the Hoax, look at her twitter account: https://twitter.com/94maidens?lang=de

    At least for me she’s one of the most despicable kikes out there, along with Lucky Larry Silverstein, Neo Cohen war criminals turning the middle east ino a purgatory, and kosher-tax extortionist rabbis and chabadnik scum.
    That tramp deserves everything that’s coming to her, even a painful death.
    I’m a peaceful guy and i’ve never hit a woman, but i swear to God that i would slap that bitch around like a ragdoll if i saw her on the street for brainwashing young children with those malicious jewish lies.

    And what the hell is wrong with Michigan’s governor Rick Snyder and all those politicians voting for mandatory Hoax “education”!? He apparently is no jew, but rather a practicing Presbyterian.
    That church seems to be on the right path:

    Presbyterian Church USA Voted on Erasing “Israel” from Prayers
    Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/26310/presbyterian-church-usa-voted-erasing-israel-prayers-biblical-zionism/#2GrcYUGgm2wUo8xW.99

    I’m fully convinced that Donald Trump will improve America economically, in terms of security, and that he even adresses the Basketball American plague, but once these Holo-laws are passed in every state there’s no turning back. Organized jewry will push until you go to prison for questioning the sixty gorillion myth. You know it’s true.

  6. S O G says:

    this site has xxx rated shit all over the pages but the articles are good ..


    15 Million Germans were driven from their homes,post ww2, many disappeared without a trace..16 million were routed out of surrounding countries starting before ww1 and continuing to post ww2 ..england ww1 germaniphobia caused many germans to be murdered ..
    German city of Breslau was seized and Germans living there ethnically cleansed. The city was then renamed to Wroc?aw………………
    A collection of orders which were seized by the Soviets after war and were not released until 1990’s show that SS authorities dealt harshly with guards who mistreated laborers at Auschwitz and elsewhere…………
    In January 1945, laborers at Auschwitz were given the option to stay behind to be “liberated” by the allies, or to evacuate to Germany with the SS – a majority chose to go with the Germans………………..
    Alleged former concentration camp inmates like Otto Uthgenannt and Enrico Marco have been exposed as frauds as have all other accounts by sociopathic pathalogical liars while tens of thousand of jews told the real story about camp life and no massmurders ..
    it was ilya grigorevich ehrenberg minister of russian propaganda who invented the 6 million lie ..they also claimed 15 million jews were murdered in ww2 ..right ..lol..that was all the jews in existence globally ..and this on the tail of 6 million who supposedly died in ww1 and prior to ww1 ..the way any mass cremation would have occcured without any glitches would have seen 5.85 milliom kikes left over stacked like cord wood all over waiting for cremation ..you cant bury people inn any of the so called death camps in poland ..these were train stations …its like time travel ..it only makes sense if you belive it ..

    Germans worked hard to develop the means to save the lives of everyone in labor camps, which is why they invested in the development of Zyklon B, the purpose of which was to fumigate clothing and barracks in order to stop the spread of deadly and highly contagious Typhus, spread by the lice…there again ,why feed inmates who are going to die aand why use dangerous cyanide which they used the mellow version in impregnated diotomecias earth for slow release …cyanide in deadly form has to be equal to the amount of people in the room ..a saturation level that would have surely leaked out and killed everyone else in te camps and exploded …it is unususally explosive in concentrated use form …and you could not have people comin in and grabbing dead jews as the cyanide dust would kill the laborers ….there again just starve en to death ..but the doctors many of whom worked the corpses post ww2 tested them for death and found typhus to be the cause …the biggest crime in history committed by the jews against rurssia and probably exceeds 100 million deaths ..
    Large number of German POWs died in the clutches of the allies who crammed them into camps in Rheinwiesen and held them exposed to the elements, diseased and malnourished……classifies as def
    It is really kind of despicable that to this day, the Jews continue feeding us with their lies about the alleged Nazi extermination camps that never existed, yet in Russia the jews ran extermination camps we know existed, in which they’d killed more people than in any other event in history, but people are hardly told about it. And if they are, it is never clearly communicated that it was the Jews who were behind the Gulags and that it was the white Christians who were their primary targets set for extermination. It’s time for the world to know the truth about the greatest mass murderers of all time who to this day have not slowed down with the millions of innocent civilians they ethnically cleanse each year. Denial of russian genocide perpetrated by the Jews in the former Soviet Union is the denial of the greatest mass murder ever perpetrated in the history of the world …such as palestine the land they stole and have murdered 4 million palestinians since the early 1900’s ….
    one year 1937-38 the purged 10 + million russians christians and other non jews …
    Mass Execution of “Enemies of the People” by NKVD – These Mass Murders Began in 1920s in USLON (Solovetsk Special Camps Command), the Predecessor of Gulag, Creation of the Jew …
    a jew confesses to jewishness of the monsters responsible for russian genocide against russian people ..

  7. Hoff says:

    Hitlers Germany had female test pilots. Didn’t know that did you?


  8. Israhell on Earth says:

    @ S O G

    Great post, it’s all true. Ok, i doubt that 4 million Palestinians were murdered in the last century. Most were expelled to Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, or Egypt and still live in refugee camps today because these countries diden’t absorb and integrate them into society for political reasons. These refugee camps are like open sores for the whole world to see, and it’s all intentional. The Pals still have a “right of return”, but Israel will never let them return to their ancestral homeland.
    The Zionist jews have become so brazen in the last 10 years, they insist that these people never had a claim to that land in the first place.
    Of course the polar opposite is true, the jews from Europe are mere converts to judaism and actually lived in the ancient kingdom of Khazaria. DNA tests don’t lie, only jews trying to push a certain narrative do.


    One of the most sadistic jewish commie mass murderers was Salomon Morel, a polish jew who often tortured his victims to death. And those victims were usually German civilians. Wehrmacht soldiers allegedly shot his entire family in front of him, but he was still a war criminal.
    In 1992 he fled to Israel and the Poles tried to extadite that monster in vain. He died in 2007 and was never held accountable like all the National Socialists.

    Unfortunately i can’t link the english metapedia article, i have no access to the website. Morel was probably a lying holohoaxer himself; he additionally claimed that he lost 30(!) family members while he was an inmate at Auschwitz…


  9. protocolsRtrue says:

    I’m not saying that no jews died in the course of jew war 2. But unless I’m mistaken, didn’t tens of millions of non-jews die and suffer also? And all the destruction and waste of human achievement? It makes me angry and it makes me want to cry at the same time.

  10. Bailey says:

    The “Burning Brigade” ?
    Be sure to watch the holohoax story on NOVA now pRt.

  11. Smitherines says:

    PTR, Bailey
    protocolsRtrue says:
    June 30, 2016 at 8:40 am

    Our daily dose of holohoax.

    Their fairy tales do get imaginative 🙂 Maybe Spielberg can do another movie “Schindler’s Spoons???”

    Spielberg’s Hoax – The Last Days of The Big Lie

  12. Smitherines says:

    Press TV: Israel spreading Islamophobia in West through false flags

    By Kevin Barrett on June 29, 2016

    Press TV interview with Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

    Israel and its Zionist supporters in the West have carried out a series of false flag terror operation in the US and Europe in the name of Muslims to spread Islamophobia, says an American scholar.

    British Muslims are facing an “explosion” in faith-based hate crimes, which will get much worse following the UK’s exit from the European Union (EU), a survey warns.

    Tell MAMA, a project which records and measures anti-Muslim incidents in the UK, said in its annual report on Monday that Islamphobic incidents in Britain increased by 326 percent last year, rising from 146 to 437 cases.

    “We’re living through a historical period, not only in the UK, but throughout the West and throughout the world where Muslims have been scapegoated,” said Kevin Barrett, an author and political commentator in Madison, Wisconsin.

    Muslims have been “made into the great civilizational enemy to replace the lost Communist enemy of the cold war,” Barrett told Press TV on Tuesday.

    More @ URL below:

  13. Hoff says:

    Gotta love Mike King, a genius with words. It’s swift and to the core. Everything written by Mike King is mandatory!


    It was private profiteering pimps (both Korean & Japanese), not the Japanese government or military, that organized the prostitution operation that “serviced” Japanese soldiers.

    Many of the prostitutes were willing participants. There were also women who freely cavorted with and sometimes fell in love with Japanese soldiers.


    Think about it — Ms. Park’s alternative history of the “comfort women” makes perfect sense. For if prostitution is indeed”the world’s oldest profession” — then pimping the whores out for profit has got to be the second oldest.

    Like flies drawn to Moochele Obongo’s armpits, so too do pimps and prostitutes buzz towards a well-funded army of single men in their twenties. What is so bloody gosh-darn hard to believe about that?



  14. Hoff says:

    Any male here who has been to Pattay, Thailand?

    Go to the most remote village in Thailand and after five minutes you have a “comfort women” on your lap and telling you she love you long time.

    You want a man? Same thing, five minutes.

    You want a virgin? -Tomollow. (Tomorrow).

    I don’t know why this is, but many asians will give their doughters for free. Falang, long nose and white is very good.

  15. Hoff says:

    I call it Swindlers List.

    Muslims have been “made into the great civilizational enemy to replace the lost Communist enemy of the cold war,” Barrett told Press TV on Tuesday.

    More @ URL below:

    I was speaking to an older man about eight years ago. I told him that we have been brainwashed to hate Muslims for decades.

    -It’s older than that. His instant reply was.

    It started in 1972 after the Munich massacre.

    I was in chock and asked him at least five times if he was sure about the timeline.

    The timeline make perfect sense. I told you before that jews ruled Soviet. What happened in 1917 was in fact a jew instigated and jew lead Jewish coup. What the Jews really did was that the stole the world’s biggest country, killed off the entire Russian elite and then the jews stole everything.

    In 1922 the jews was so confident over their total control of Russia that the jews changed her name to Soviet Union in December 1922.

    What the jews did then was that the communist jew gang turned Soviet into their proxy war machine for jew world conquest.

    In the late 50s or early 60s the communist jew gang realized that they could never conquer the whole world by Soviet as their proxy war machine.

    What the communist jew gang did was that they joined the jew zionist gang in Washington DC. Today America is the jews proxy war machine for jew world conquest.

  16. Hoff says:

    The man held his ground. He was dead sure the hate all Arabs propaganda started in 1972.

    Not in 1971 or 1973, but in 1972, after Munich.

    Munich was a Mossad false flag op.

  17. Hoff says:

    Now the hour has come when it is necessary to respond to his plot by Jewish-Anglo-Saxon warmongers and the Jewish rulers of Moscow’s Bolshevist headquarters.

    If the wave of more than 20,000 tanks, hundreds of divisions, tens of thousands of artillery pieces, along with more than 10,000 airplanes, had not been kept from being set into motion against the Reich, Europe would have been lost.”

    The great sacrifice of Germany and the 500,000 foreign SS Waffen volunteers prevented Stalin from taking ALL of Europe.


  18. S O G says:

    if they found tunnels at camps they were nmost probably used by black marketeere jews and smugglers ..people could go in and out of the camps at nite ..but they would come back ..jewish sheisters sold protection sex drugs and extra food top any inmate inn the camps as many did not have fences or strategic armed sentries ..3 hots and a cot and given whatever they needed in wartime it was far far better to be in a camp thann to be tortured and raped by russians and bombed by allies …i read about the partisans who were alll jews and ran black marketeering groups and robbed and stole during the war ..they were peculiarily mercenary as alot of kikes did not like others as the ringworm scandal in israel in the 50’s will tell ..zio shitbirds did not neccesarily like the galisheners and the yhekke potz ..i mean the global jew and sayan thing is concrete but most jews will always disagree with each other and was the main reason heberew died 700bc ..and reserected with yiddish alfabet ..who cares ..germany put criminal jews and poles ans slavs and many others besides jews in camps and mainly after communism ban inn germany these saboteurs were rounded up and incarcerated …
    all countries did the same to japs and germans during the wars ..germanophobia is what the shit stain kikes push 24/7 …like they pushed islamaphobia now we arre racist for noting that the asshole islamix immigrating here hate us and want ther own laws and immunity from ours for seriuos crimes ….everywhere is coming unglued ..deteriorating ,jewified ..

  19. S O G says:

    i read the last battle a long time ago and caught the page where jews lived openly in germany during the war ww2 ..i thoght did they miss these fuckers but these jews worked everyday so they wernt hiding and they wernt communists ..so much for ann franks…
    meyer levin filed a plagiurist suit aginst anne franks uncle for stealing his story and the state of new york awarded meyer levin 20,000$ and that was several decades ago …it was written in ball point pen ..we caught that..irregardless it could have just been copied from original manuscript in ball point which was invented the but not for sale for a few years ..the point is that the uncle was trying to market the ball point version as anne franks original which would have been catyegorically impossible …all the holocaust stories are lies and all the tellers of such germanophobia are always jews ..NEVER any of the other racially diverse inmates …ok tyhat is a hold the fuckin train moment ..where are all the non jews and their statements ..jews dont want em as it would jeopardize the coming chabad lubavitch hell the asshole jews are trying to cement into place …way i always read it the jews accounted for less than a third of total inmate pop ..

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gas_chamber skip the jew propaganda and scroll to
    —–>Method of use —>Using hydrogen cyanide
    one of the reasons they discontinued it waqs the extreme preliminary work and the aftter sterilization of the death chamber …
    one read on how reaL cyaniode workls and you can see the jewiosh holhoax story is shit all the way to the middle …
    add john balls airphoto proof ..treblinka and belzek and sobibor were all towns with train statins and trees and houses …i looked at belzek and its all woods and has been for centuries …
    the gas chamber was purged with thru a filter for 7 hours or more and a guy in a space suit comes in wioth ammonia and sprays the mother down …he would die without the protection and thats after 7-10 hours of venting ..there is still cyanide dust …this shit is really lethal at saturation levels neccesary to effect a death let alone 3-400 kikes in a garage …yes time travel is perfectly reasonable believable as long as there is a law mandating this belief ..holohaax is the same …would never pass the scrutiny of light and science …never ….the speed of which it takes to creamate a fucker would still be cremating fuckers till 1980 and that is with all systems full steam ahead with no glitches 24/7 …..the ovens broke and they wernt ready for the mass epidemic ..the towns even brought their dead to creamate …you couldnt bury a fucker sick or not in the high water table ground and neither could you have pit fires ..saaavy ..capishe …jews are the biggest liars and murdereers in the world ..sometimes i sit up at night and remember the dead and tortured christians in russia undder the sovietization of lenin and stalin ..one year they killed 10 million russsians ..37-38 …i have to step back and i rrealize there are a dozen other holocasts the jews perpetrated around the world …we must visualize the pain of our white relatives globally who died under jewish communism …there arre alot of brain dead whites today tho.sad shit

  20. Barney says:

    (Second posting because this is so important it needs to be seen by as many people as possible.)

    No time today, so apologies if this has been posted already.

    More TjB. Thanks to Jim Stone for this one.


    Parents should be allowed to have their newborn babies killed because they are “morally irrelevant” and ending their lives is no different to abortion, a group of medical ethicists linked to Oxford University has argued.

    (I’m sure I’ve read about this kind of thing going on in parts of America for years.)

    The original article seems to have been taken down, but here are a few more links.




    The obvious response MUST be to declare all jews (and their enablers) “morally irrelevant” and suitable candidates for “late term abortion” up to age 100 or more.

    “God’s chosen”? Only if their “god” is the devil (which it is).

    Time’s running out, jews. The sooner you devil’s gargoyles are swinging from trees, lamp posts and bridges, the better.

  21. Barney says:

    One more from me, again via Jim Stone’s site. Automated car kills driver.


    Does anyone remember this?


    Wikipedia doesn’t tell the whole truth about this (when do jews ever tell the truth?), but what was reported at the time was that the pilot “asked” the computer for more power at the end of the low pass, and the computer refused because it’s programming told it the aircraft was landing.

    Video here.


    Remember the Chinook that crashed into (I think) a Scottish island because it’s computer couldn’t cope with whatever the pilot was trying to do?

    All this over-computerisation is primarily for one reason. It allows zog to track and hijack any “modern” aircraft or road vehicle. Remember Michael Hastings? Jorg Haider?

    If anyone here is planning to “Get Out OF Dodge” when the SHTF, make sure you’ve got an older, pre-computerised vehicle and all the spares you can get.

  22. Karen says:

    I have a homosexual friend, buddies since grade school, and he despises homosexuals. Needless to say his sex life is near nil and he drinks to much.

  23. carnac123 says:

    It is true. Anytime a person speaks out against any leftist, liberal program the leftist media begins to call that person ‘uneducated’ or ‘backwards’ or even a ‘hater’. They shame some spineless people into silence that way. Look at what they have called any white people that have spoken up against the discrimination of affirmative action. They have been called “racists” and “klansmen”. Whites are getting passed this barrage of liberal words. Whites now realize that the liberals and the blacks are the true haters. They realize that there is no sting in words if you do not allow them to sting. White people realize that, in spite of what we are called, we are the ‘good guys’ in this world and the rest are two-bit animals. We must no allow pure trash to identify us. We must lash out against the true haters and refuse to conform.

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