INSANE! Trannys Now Allowed in US Military

US GAY BRIGADE 3This just in to the INCOG news bureau: Ash Carter, secretary of defense for mulatto boy, Obongo (who might be a big secret homo boy himself), has just announced the US military will lift ban on transgenders OPENLY serving in the US military. God knows what kind of freaks will now try to get in. Our military is going to be the laughing stock of the planet. American POWs are going to get raped by the enemy just to mock our country. They already allowed your general sodomite sickos to get in and dykish women to serve in combat roles. Are they GD insane?

Can you believe the BS now going on?



100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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33 Responses to INSANE! Trannys Now Allowed in US Military

  1. Klaus Koepp says:

    So they disarm the enemy by pullig their pants down and wiggling their asses !!!

  2. guiltfreewhite says:

    It is insainity, to do this, while also allowing them the chance to achive higher rank. DON”T think they won’t take advantage of that.Read somewhere, that Jeffery Dahmer had his fun, while in the service, abusing lower ranked men.The system then, doesnt want to hear about it.I see families whove prided themselves for generations on joining up, calling it quits.

  3. protocolsRtrue says:

    Yeah. Stepdad Jim and George are flipping in their graves. George is saying take my name off this monument and put orpah on the quarter. I watched and listened to ass Carters speech today. My head was spinning around like that girl in the exorcist movie. I especially liked the part when he said the recruiters will make sure that the new recruits meet all the regular requirements for mental health and must be settled in their new gender for at least 18 months prior to joining . Now how in the hell can you check the box male, female, transfaggot and on the next line check the box meets minimum mental standards on the same form? Are we really this “hardup” (no pun intended) for new recruits? Then maybe we really do need to “downsize” and get in less wars. And I saw yesterday that the kaitlen jenner thing was going to be on the cover of sports illustrated next month for the first time since it won the gold medal in the Olympics in the 70’s. I’ve heard of doping and taking steroids and performance enhancing drugs and shit but boy you were taking the wrong ones.

  4. Smitherines says:

    Ashton Baldwin “Ash” Carter (born September 24, 1954) is the United States Secretary of Defense. He is also a physicist and a former Harvard University professor of Science and International Affairs. He was nominated by President Barack Obama, and confirmed by the Senate by a vote of 93–5, to replace Chuck Hagel as the US Secretary of Defense.

    Maybe should be renamed “Ass Carter??”

  5. Smitherines says:

    y Mike Householder

    Dozens of military veterans have come to Detroit to rebuild neglected areas of the financially distressed city.

    protocolsRtrue says:
    June 30, 2016 at 6:23 pm

    Look at this Protocols, they have to bring in Veterans to clean up “DeTroilet”
    the DINDUs on social programs there, are too busy making more social state
    dependent babies, and smoking crack!

    It marks the latest — and largest — effort undertaken by St. Louis, Missouri-based The Mission Continues, a nonprofit that encourages and aids volunteerism by veterans to ease the post-military transition.

    Teams of volunteers fanned out Monday to three locations in a neighborhood on the northeast side of Detroit. At a park, Iraq and Afghanistan veteran Ben Eichel, 33, and others picked up trash and built benches.

    More below

  6. Red Pill says:

    in 1962, military men who engaged in homosexual activity
    were given 6 months in prison, 6 months with out pay,
    and a dishonorable discharge.
    now fast foreword to 2016.
    what a difference time makes.

  7. Hoff says:

    Well, it could be a good thing. To the jews America is nothing but the jews proxy war machine for jew world conquest.

    Maybe this will mess up the whole US military.



  8. Smitherines says:

    “Fecal Fetus” DINDU strikes again in NY: this time caught on video sticking
    a bag of his Negro shit down a White women’s rear-end, while LAUGHING
    and running away. Earlier it was reported, he had flung his terdage at
    someone else , ARE THESE PEOPLE FOR REAL??

    NYPD hunt man who shoved a bag of feces down a woman’s pants in broad daylight in Upper East Side horror attack

    The woman was walking through Manhattan while talking on her phone
    The suspect, who is in his 40s approached his victim stealthily from behind
    He grabbed the woman and shoved a bag of feces down her pants
    Before running off, the attacker grabbed the woman’s buttocks

    Video @ the link below:

  9. Tom says:

    Seems like this will destroy morale of normal troops. Can you imagine what would happen to these creatures if captured by peoples whose normal sexual fare is goats, sheep and camels? Well, perhaps they will enjoy getting the Kaddafi treatment…only this will not happen. These freaks will “be in the read with the gear” in more ways than one. It will be the demoralized normal men and women who will die and be maimed–further reducing the white population whose median age is now reported to be 56. Yes, the producers of the next generation–white women–will be going into the next meat grinder thanks to republi-rats and demi-cucks.

    If alien powers wanted to destroy the ability of the U.S. to resist conquest, and that includes eliminating a cohesive and self-replacing white population, they could not have found a finer candidate than Barry Soetero.

  10. Hate faggots. Super hate faggots. Am I a homophobe? You bet your ass I am a homophobe.

  11. Harri Karri says:

    Like my mother used to say, just put them in the front lines.

  12. Do I hate kikes or niggers more? Y’all are wondering. I hate kikes more.

  13. S O G says:

    yep it was blanket party ,tune up in the orderly room ..and public confession to the whole company standing in a formation that was required to be at in the hot ass sun ..son why do you want out of this mans army ..little did he know that had he waited 45 years or so he would welcomed in by all the other cocksuckers and rump pirtaes son why do you want out of this mans army ..and i would like to side bar here that since the women have been com ing to that army in bigger numberrs so hhave the rapes aginst someones daughter sisiter wife mother increased ..hell now the dumb nigger mother fucker wont hacve a clue what he is hittin ..muh dick gone awry do you fuck a transgender addadicktome ..have you had your vagina grown in a lab and attatched to where ever ..good gaaaawd a mighty …remember sodom and san francisco oops gomorrah it begs the question again …so son why do you want out of this mans army ..his answer not so audible at first mutates to a louder and more false determined affect …uh cuth iyeemm gayyy …
    billary clinton said dont ask dont tell ..when someone os murdering the english languiage with lisping and swishing and poofing i dont have to ask ..i dont wanna know ..the speech impediment fags manifest make me nauseus is wrong with talking normal …maybe the vocal cords are damaged and there arre callouses in the throat ..and faggs listen dont blame hetero men for your oppression like niggers do ..its still falls within the self inflicted failure parameters …only yall have your “partners” aids in fected cork to blame when they let it in places it dont belong …gays are killing each other like niggerds do …by ass-alting each other in the pooftus with aids …yikers ..
    personally i dont give a fuck about queers unless i have to listen to them talk ..then o wasnt to knock their teeth out ..there is just something evil in their tones is a conspirastorial self destructive gene or a misanthropic mutation ..
    true that…..most gays are jews and most jews are gay ..certainly all the white serial killers are jewish ..dahmer gacy bundy gein bar -jonah etc ..the fuckin dr. dhipman in clucked england killed 3-400 of his patients …a jew to rights ..anyway most of todays shit mediacal care and pharmicide are all jew extentions of mass murder of gentiles …especially the vaxxine contraversy ..this shit kills and maims ..and the jews are making laws (sic) to make sure jr gets stabbed with disease causing slop ..even the rise of auto immune autism and lupus are medically reputed to be lniked to vaxxines …lupus ..yes but for F-N sure autism is caused by vaxxines ..100% //
    amish dont get autism ..gee willachers really ..they dont get vaxxines either …
    but the caring usa govt wants to make them safe from diseases and is continually meddling with these people..some tretiary form of infection has been recorded among the amish as a result of some kind of medical poisoning program against the amish ..
    i read where men are actually being sexually ass-aulted in the military now …if they had tried that shit back then they would have sure died one way or another …but rape of women in the military is a disgusting epeidemic and carried out mostly by niggers ..

  14. Barney says:

    No time today, so apologies if this has been posted already.

    More TjB. Thanks to Jim Stone for this one.

    Parents should be allowed to have their newborn babies killed because they are “morally irrelevant” and ending their lives is no different to abortion, a group of medical ethicists linked to Oxford University has argued.

    (I’m sure I’ve read about this kind of thing going on in parts of America for years.)

    The original article seems to have been taken down, but here are a few more links.

    The obvious response MUST be to declare all jews (and their enablers) “morally irrelevant” and suitable candidates for “late term abortion” up to age 100 or more.

    “God’s chosen”? Only if their “god” is the devil (which it is).

    Time’s running out, jews. The sooner you devil’s gargoyles are swinging from trees, lamp posts and bridges, the better.

  15. Red Pill says:

    no problem, no worry.
    Beware Your Dangerous Normalcy Bias

    Normalcy bias causes people to act as if life is going on as normal while the world is falling apart around them. They’ll say everything will pass as the disaster worsens.

    Normalcy bias
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  16. Smitherines says:×245.jpg

    [BRIGADE] PJB: Why Trump Is Routing the Free Traders

    Why Trump Is Routing the Free Traders
    By Patrick J. Buchanan

    Why Trump Is Routing the Free Traders

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    Friday – July 1, 2016

    In Tuesday’s indictment of free trade as virtual economic treason, The Donald has really set the cat down among the pigeons.

    For, in denouncing NAFTA, the WTO, MFN for China and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, all backed by Bush I and II, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, Trump is all but calling his own party leaders dunderheads and losers.

    And he seems to be winning the argument.

    As he calls for the repudiation of “globalism” and a return to “Americanism,” a Republican Congress renders itself mute on whether it will even vote on the TPP this year.

    On trade, Bernie Sanders is closer to Trump. Even Hillary Clinton has begun to renounce a TPP she once called the “gold standard” of trade deals.

    Where have all the troubadours of free trade gone? Why do economic patriots seem ascendant? Is this like the Cold War, where the other side gets up and goes home?

    Answer. As Trump pointed out in Monessen in the Mon Valley of Pennsylvania, the returns from free trade are in, and the results are rotten.

    Since Bush I, we have run $12 trillion in trade deficits, $4 trillion with China. Once a Maoist dump, China has become the greatest manufacturing power on earth. Meanwhile, the U.S. has lost 50,000 factories and a third of its manufacturing jobs.

    Trump is going to start a “trade war,” wail the critics.

    But the damage wreaked upon U.S. industry by free traders already rivals what Arthur “Bomber” Harris did for German industry in the Ruhr.

    In recent decades, every major U.S. trade partner — China, Japan, Canada, Mexico, EU — has run annual trade surpluses at our expense. How do 40 years of trade deficits in goods, run by a nation that rarely ran one for a century before, make us stronger or wealthier?

    Or is what is best for the world now more important than what is best for America?

    Read more @ link below:

    Read More At:

  17. Smitherines says:

    By the way this is some MORE “cultural enlightenment” from one of

    Smitherines says:
    June 30, 2016 at 10:49 pm

    “Fecal Fetus” DINDU strikes again in NY: this time caught on video sticking
    a bag of his Negro shit down a White women’s rear-end, while LAUGHING
    and running away. Earlier it was reported, he had flung his terdage at
    someone else , ARE THESE PEOPLE FOR REAL??

    Video @ the link below:

  18. protocolsRtrue says:

    For what? I ask. For What? Kill the best goyim. Killing out of the goyim. Today in history 1916 battle of the Somme begins. 20,000 dead in 1 day. It says British soldiers but a lot of good Irish blood was wiped out here also. And in America 1863 the battle of Gettysburg begins also. Is this some sort of secret jewish day of celebration?
    At 7:30 a.m., the British launch a massive offensive against German forces in the Somme River region of France. During the preceding week, 250,000 Allied shells had pounded German positions near the Somme, and 100,000 British soldiers poured out of their trenches and into no-man’s-land on July 1, expecting to find the way cleared for them. However, scores of heavy German machine guns had survived the artillery onslaught, and the infantry were massacred. By the end of the day, 20,000 British soldiers were dead and 40,000 wounded. It was the single heaviest day of casualties in British military history. The disastrous Battle of the Somme stretched on for more than four months, with the Allies advancing a total of just five miles.

  19. Hoff says:

    So there is no such thing as jew power?


    The Stupor Bowl; the most pathetic spectacle in Idiot America!

  20. Steamed McQueen says:


    Are you a homophobe? Do you FEAR homos? No? Then you aren’t a homoPHOBE.

    That’s what any type of a phobia is- a fear of a certain situation or group.

    Homophobe is another made-up BS word that is used to shame whites.

  21. Karen says:

    Trannys in the army…there goes the U.S. military, but seeing as how recent wars have been fought for the benefit of Israel (Jews don’t get their hands dirty) it’s a good thing. Men instead should finger the military and instead form their own armies protecting their borders and their neighbouhoods, no trannys allowed, sane men only.
    Sog said “personally I don’t give a damn about queers unless I have to listen to them talk, then I want to knock their teeth out.” I second that. I spent some time among them years ago, going in open-minded, (“they’re people like us, only misunderstood”)and came out the other side a fag hater.

  22. Smitherines says:

    Steamed McQueen says:
    July 1, 2016 at 12:05 pm


    Are you a homophobe? Do you FEAR homos? No? Then you aren’t a homoPHOBE.

    That’s what any type of a phobia is- a fear of a certain situation or group.

    Homophobe is another made-up BS word that is used to shame whites.

    All of their words are made up BS: “racist, Nazi, homophobia, conspiracy nut,
    Islamophobia, urban myth, White Supremacist…..etc” Cuz in Israel it’s
    ILLEGAL for two men or two women to be wed, Donald Sterling the ex owner
    of the NBA Clippers, on tirade, had openly stated (the Zionist Jews sanitized it)
    on that tape (whore was taping him) along with Blacks stink, smell bad, no one
    wants to be around them, he also alluded, to the fact, that Blacks are, & have been
    “second class citizens in Israel since it’s inception, along with Palestinians.”

    Yet, who was the most vocal with boycotting South Africa’s Apartheid,
    Global Jewry, all over the world, while conveniently IGNORING their it
    own Apartheid right in their own backyard of Israel?????

    Like Martin Luther, the Reformer had said, “Jews are a nation of born LIARS
    and DECEIVERS!”

    The best trick a Jew pulls is accusing you of everything they are GUILTY of but
    only 20 times more GUILTY !

  23. Matt says:

    Trump needs to pick Pat Buchanan as his running mate. Gingrich is a waste of space.

  24. ICU says:

    Matt, Buchanan would be a great V P choice.
    How about Jim Webb ?
    Trump /Buchanan
    would landslide any Diebold voting machine scumbaggery, just like the landslide BREXIT vote overrode Brit jew/stooge Stalinist vote counting/scumbaggery.
    Trey Gowdy for Attorney General.
    Nooses for The Mulatto Mafia and their doggies.
    LET’S ROLL !

  25. S O G says:

    hadda go to the dam store today and i heard 2 womens voices at the counter who worked there but lo and retch behold it was only 1 woman and a wtf gender speaking ..who knows and it spoke in a high pitch so i guess the nuts are gone or fake …i guess niggers in the military dont care if it is a man or woman they will rape it anyway so the new army is food for thm i spose ..
    i remember decades ago i watched in utter disbelief as my “neighbor” went from an ugly ass man to an oooglee ass woman steps
    this fucker was a flight attendant and was taking the whoremoans an all …wasnt pleasant at all to watch this vermin like critter turn from a girlee man to a wildebeest grew tits an i knew it was for real ..cus in my constantly intoxicated condition i rationalized it as heavy makeup or transvestitie behaviour but it was sataniac shades of nausea farther from adam and eve ….
    why not hate fags is a normal response to seeing mental or genetic failure ..they hate heteros …and what is with dykes who hate men but spend their mornings in the mirror trying to look and act like a truck driver …or the male specie fagg ..who tries to look and sound like a woman …ass backwards ..bass awkwards lessee here a gay can be male or female and a dyke can be a gay male who got his shit lopped off and then his gay male partner was a dyke and gay who had a dick added to the apparatus optional menu ..does it get hard or is it just rubber ..rofl ..i have the answer for public restrooms ….buoys and gulls ..his and hers ..sheilas and jackasses ..
    male and female separate and all sexually unidentifiable miscreants have their own gaaawdam bathroom …maybe the plumbing is so fucked up by a mad jew suergeoun they shit out their mouths ..who the f knows …some lady in austrailia did throw up shit for 3 days before she died from a kike surgeon incompetence and a alleged hysterectomy ….remember 40% of doctors cheat their way to medical skkkool..
    its why docs specialize ..anyway whooeey who cares …
    i do tend to wander a bit ..
    does israel get to chime in in the changing condition of american gollum military since the usa fights all of izraels wars for em …i dont think some hormone infected cross sexual misgiven miscreant is going to pull any trigger except maybe his boy-girl tranny ‘s wank..ehh

    hey private sloshengash go blow up thet bridge ok ..oohh i caynt doo thayat ..i coood never hurt thumwun anni dwon wanna hurt anywunn ..
    hilarius ..ludicrous ..cognizant who gives a fuck disonance moment or is reality being stained with jew excrement ..where is mr. wizzard ..heh heh ..
    attention world ..your reality and your culture and your economy has been ruined by the jewish parasites for jewish dowrys of obscene kike wealth and human kind destruction …the only thing humans should do is get a clue and then exterminate the reprobates ..simple as fuck …
    and remember jews are perfect god like critters and holy and chosen …the laws sez you must worship the jew cus a jew sez so ..
    kikes like blacks are zenophobic and ethnocentric ..they both seek superoiority ,extra special status and the means to an easy life on the backs of altruistic middle class white taxpayers ..
    little do the fags know they are part of a theatrical jew reality show ..noahyde laws demand the heads of all christians and even moslems and gays …and chabad lubavitch is the sect that rules the jew roost ..they are the armed and dangerous praetorian gaurd of middle eastern and global talmudism …and sr. bush wrote the noahyde laws to ours years ago ..
    i wouldnt be surprised if the religious fanatical chabad kills off half of jewry as well ..none of these clowns are even normal thinking humans ..non of em are truly racially or religiously related to ancient israelite tribes under the mosaic levitical laws and 10 commndments …a whole different mixed pop of heinz 57 ..a simple dna test will prove this fact to be true …absolutely hilarious how they take their fake dummasses so seriously ..but they are dangerous to the world anymore ..
    there is a whole list of disorders and diseases gays get for poking around in nplaces not ment to be …ahhye ..its like they try to out gay each other and talk in ever increasin gly rediculous poofter tones and lisping ..accck
    so male gays are women with dicks and female gays are men with pussies and from there it goes dark and untraceble ..
    i said before thet i dont giuve a fuck about a fag unless it talks but the way they look or dress is also an abomination …

  26. Matt says:


    Web is married to an Asian gook, which I believe would make him biased and unfit for doing what’s in the best interest of European Americans.

    We need someone who puts white Americans first, builds walls, nationalizes the Jew owned Fed and once again makes America great. Webb is a soggy piece of milk toast, we already enough in congress.

  27. Barney says:

    Very true about homophobia. Who the f**k would be scared of a disgusting pervert? Most normal people are just disgusted by them and would love to machine gun the whole stinking lot of them.

    Ugly is Nature’s warning. If it makes you feel sick just to look at it, stay away as we’re not (yet) allowed to shoot it.

    If the word “homophobia” actually existed, rather than being a made-up word invented by faggots and their jew enablers, it would mean a morbid irrational fear of things that don’t change (homo=”the same”), not our natural aversion to things that shouldn’t (be allowed to) exist.

    If they were to keep their filthy perversions private, and wash the shit off before going out in public, we’d be more inclined to tolerate them, but they have to keep pushing the boundaries, demanding rights normal people don’t have and parading their perversions in crowded town centres for little kids to see and emulate.

    It MAY be true that not every queer is a child abuser, but it IS true that every child abuser is a queer of one sort or another (fag, dyke, whatever).

    Another of their words, paedophile, correctly used (which it never is) would refer to people who love kids, as all normal people do. It’s Nature’s way of protecting the young. People who truly love kids could never harm them.

    Perverts don’t love kids or they wouldn’t want to do the things they do to them.

    Queers don’t even know what love is. They use the word a lot, but by choosing to remain in a permanent (and particularly vile) state of adolescence, they deny themselves the possibility of ever finding out what love really is.

    As for an army composed of faggots, dykes and assorted perverts, just shout “BANG” and they’ll all drop their guns, burst into tears and run away.

    If they don’t, or even if they do, just keep shooting until they’re all made good. It will only take a few minutes.

  28. Arch Stanton says:

    While the military has always provided the captive audience required for their social experiments, Jews are now setting America up for the fall. What hope will it have of defending itself when toughened, invading troops are faced with little more than dancing narcissist faggots?

    This is the final step in the long march to destroy America’s military might, the only remaining true threat to Israel and its Jews. Even as they turn the human element into a bunch of worthless, weak pansies, Jews spend trillions of worthless, interest-bearing dollars on developing unmanned, automated weapon systems that need no mincing faggot to operate. When they finally achieve their wet dream of armies consisting of automated golems that will follow their commands without question, FEMA death camps will open their doors for wholesale genocide, after which America will be “left to dry up and blow away” as Ariel Sharon once said.

    It began during the civil war with the Judaeo-American “union” bringing Negro troops into the army. This effort at integration was later expanded in WWI. That was enough to bring about tightly segregated divisions among army troops. That too was overcome with WWII’s beginning desegregation programs and Negro officers. Negro troops were then used by Jews to literally rape Germany into a miscegenated, polyglot of half-breed bastards. While introducing such creatures as presidential material was still well in the future at that point, the integration program for the military was complete by the time Vietnam was ginned up by drunken Jew sycophants in Washington.

    I can remember the uproar when the army began issuing “time out” cards for recruits as if they were in nursery school. I remember Marines laughing at the weak sissy-faggot army recruits and their time out cards. Not many years after that, the Marines began issuing the same time out cards to recruits.

    Those were minor steps compared to the all our assault presently launched on what little remains of military discipline and morale. While I am no supporter of the “need for a strong military” bullshit propaganda foisted off on the gullible American faggots, with their American rags tattering gaily behind their speeding gas guzzling, dually-bob pickum-up trucks, I will say, when there is a threat, a feminized faggot army with women commanders will come up short in the art of war.

    War is a man’s game, it always has been. Outside of rare anecdotes of women serving in combat, examples always heavily highlighted by Jew propagandists, women in the military was a twentieth century scam and women in modern combat was pioneered by the Jewed communists of Russia. Just look at what these sick Jew fucks have done to white men and women with their normative inversion of traditional sex roles.

    When you have Jews running the world you will need to maintain a strong defense. Even then, as National Socialist Germany proved, sometimes that is not enough when Jews have overwhelming military proxies to do their dirty work. It’z coming and it’z coming fast. There will be blood, rivers of blood. Jews have set up America and all western civilization for a monstrous bloodbath, the likes of which humanity has never experienced and each step of the Jew’s social engineering takes us all one step closer to that bloodbath.

  29. Bailey says:

    Excellent !
    Especially the last paragraph.

  30. protocolsRtrue says:

    The commissars were Marxist commie Bolshevik jews. The soldiers were soldiers. The commissars goal and orders was to kill all the best goyim on each side. The more killing out of the goyim the better. So Hitler said take prisoners but any commissar is to be shot on sight.

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