Media Jews Turn Ancient Hero Into Magic Negro


By Phillip Marlowe

"Roots" producer Mark Wolper. Daddykins was David Wolper, the Jew responsible for "Roots" brainwashing back in the 1970's. Subversive Jew creeps like this punk have been busy jacking the homies and White liberals for decades. It's little wonder so much BS is going on!

The head producer of the 2016 “Roots” White-hating extravaganza was a Jew named Mark Wolper. Daddy-kins was David Wolper, behind the first “Roots” brainwashing back in the 70’s. Media Jews like these two have been busy jacking homies and White libtards for decades now. This is why America is going straight to hell with immorality, globalism and immigration.

The brainwashing Jews at the so-called “History” Channel have done it again! The other night they ran a BS show called “Barbarians Rising,” where they felt quite free to turn an ancient historical figure, the North African Carthaginian general, Hannibal, into a sub-Saharan Negro. Total… unmitigated… BULL CACA.

Hannibal was well known at the time to be half Phoenician and half Iberian. The Phoenicians were a mixed eastern Mediterranean race — a Semitic and Greek bunch, more or less. Hannibal would have looked like a cross between maybe a Lebanese and Spanish guy, since Iberia was Eastern Spain and the people there were Indo-Europeans and Celtic tribes down from Europe.

No way would Hannibal have looked like the White-hating criminal race that have long turned America’s cities into crime-ridden, murderous crapholes and so freely live off the government dole.

These brainwashing Media Jews spent practically the entire last week jacking the homies with White-hating slavery crap in the series “Roots.” They ran all the episodes about a million times on several national cable channels, in addition to doing follow-up slavery documentaries and behind-the-scenes crap, featuring Jew faggots like Mark Wolper spouting more BS about ancient Africa being oh-so-great and how terrible the poor Negroes were treated by us evil White people.

Jews have been behind slavery from the very beginning, black or White. Jews had a network of criminal abductors in Europe, selling White Christians to the Muslim world.

The Jews have been behind slavery from the beginning. In medieval times, Jews had networks of abductors across Europe and Russia, selling White Christian girls and boys to the Muslim world. Little White boys were castrated by these Jews to serve oily, fat sodomites in faraway lands. This is but one reason why “pogroms” against Jews sometimes broke out among host populations.

Not one single word was breathed during all this “Roots” BS about all the Jew-owned slave ships nor all the slave auctioneer blocks owned by rich Jews down in the South (Charleston, South Carolina was filled with Jews milking the slave trade). Jews get away with it all by knowing exactly what they need to stay silent about.

Jews are well-versed in intimidating the “Goyim” (what they call us among themselves) with PC. Any word exposing Jewry’s real history is met by screams of “anti-Semitism,” “racist” and “Nazi.” They all got the whole PC/Holocaust routine down pat.

This Jew/black militantcy and worship crap has been getting totally insane by the day. The Jews are busy turning our lands inside out racially. Once they’ve turned us Whites into moronic mud race slaves, they’ll change even more. You can see how they’ve jacked up race frictions over the last few years and promoting our women to mate with blacks.

Look at how TV puts on black worship all the time, like recently going on and on and on about the deaths of homo black musician “Prince” and boxer, Mohammed Ali.

Look at how they put blacks everywhere on TV — commercials, anchor spots alongside White babes, documentaries always have to have a supposed black expert — while blacks freely have their own little channel all to themselves, even called BLACK Entertainment (but runs black SUPREMACIST documentaries all the time). Hell, you can have any kind of special black crap in America but the one minute you do or say anything specifically for Whites, all hell breaks out.

On top of all that, the spoiled bastards still accuse us Whites of being racist all the time, and occasionally riot and loot costing the taxpayer and little local businesses billions.

Global Jewry Now “Niggerizing” History

NIGGERIZED ANCIENTS xprtABC’s Week World News Tonight (the nightly dinner time news for Goyim in America owned by Jewry) ran a story back around 2007 about a new “scientific computer recreation” of Cleopatra, but said nothing about her being black — only showing the image and letting viewers fill in the blank. I knew it was part of the Jew’s ongoing racial brainwashing program working to implant a MEME into our conscious.

They are already working on turning the ancient Egyptians into a black civilization, simply because it was on the continent of Africa. They often try to get away with making Cleopatra black (she was of a Greek WHITE ethnicity) and sometimes try to say Queen Nefertiti (wife of sun-worshipping pharaoh, Akhenaton) was black, even though a statue of her at the time exists showing her with White Caucasian features and a fairly light skin tone.

In fact, it actually might be possible the Egyptian kings, at least from the old dynastic period, were White Celts from an area in France! Indeed, various DNA tests of ancient mummies have been quietly kept from public release by Egyptian antiquities people just so this does not become common knowledge. Just like the Rooskies over black propaganda against Nazis during WWII (now used by Jewish “Holocaust” lying) and the Turks about the Armenian genocides where they massacred at least 1.5 million, certain people don’t want certain things made too widely known.

It’s only us Whites who can’t say a GD thing in our defense anymore!

These effin’ damn black and Jew history changers drop any evidence to the “Narrative” contrary. EXACTLY like they treat crime or “entitlements” data today that shows the black race as total worthless bastards in any White nation they live!

Jews feel quite free to change history any GD time they please. In the series “Roots,” a black hero (aren’t they all?) character named “Chicken George” (descendent of Kunta Kinte, the sacred African enslaved by evil Whites) is taken to England as a slave to train fighting rooster cocks for a rich, sporting British gent.

But guess what? Slavery had long ended in Britain by this point in history. “Chicken George” gets back to the US right before the civil war was starting and said he was over there for 20 years paying off a gambling debt for the evil North Carolina slaver and rapist of his mother, Tom Lea — a character made up to say poor Whites also owned slaves. They wanted to spread the White guilt around!

In fact, it was White people who ended slavery in ALL our lands. Believe it or not, slavery actually exists to this day in many black African countries. Us White people don’t get credit for jack because of the Jewish mental enslavement of our lands — meant to keep up the BS so we don’t go all “Nazi” on the Jews.

Simple image searches reveal the amount of copying going on in Jew media. The movie "Hannibal Rising" (left) is about a fictional serial cannibal killer who gets his horrific realistic violent "just desserts" on evil White Nazis as a younger man. A total Jew jerk-off movie!

Simple image searches reveal the amount of copying going on in Jew media. The movie “Hannibal Rising” (left) is about a fictional serial cannibal killer who gets his “just desserts” on evil White Nazis as a younger man. He kills them in unbelievably horrible ways — realistically depicted by sick Jews in Hollywood. A total Jew jerk-off movie!

This whole “Barbarians Rising” is on various White tribes fighting the evil Romans. For several reasons, the Jews love portraying the White Romans as the evil Nazis of the ancient world.

This is because the Romans took over Judea and slayed a bunch of them during several big revolts. Jews also love hating Romans because they were the original “fascists,” coming up with the symbol later used by Benito Mussolini’s black shirts — the Fasci or Fascio.

Jews simply cannot allow Whites to come together as a race and look out for our interests. If we did, we would surely figure out the Jew’s various scam operations they have ripping us off.

This is “the why” you have so much PC BS these days — they have to keep us at each other’s throats in any way possible!

Another thing that dovetails into the equation is brainwashing foolish Christian Zionists with this Jesus business. They want them to blame only Romans with putting Jesus on the cross, when it was the Jewish leadership class that insisted the Romans execute him for threatening their money changer dealy on the Temple mount.

Yep, making out the Romans as evil Whites comes in handy when brainwashing ‘muricans!

Black racist militants think anything to do with the continent of Africa automatically means sub-Saharan Negroes did it. The lousy Jews controlling “the narrative” in our lands want Whites to go along with such wacked imaginings — or else we’re evil racists!

And black militants have gone off the deep end trying to come up with any sort of evidence of them having civilizations on par with the Western White world in Africa. They fully realize their race is just about the most worthless ever to exist on the planet and are still mostly worthless even after living in our lands for so long.

It’s actually kind of funny reading some of the insane crap they come up with. Unfortunately, the bloody damn Jews have no problems pushing the lies — except when it comes to the Black Hebrews, natch. Yep, some blacks are so totally insane they think they were the original Jews!

How can these Jews get away with doing all this? Because they can, that’s why.

Just stop and think: Say one thing about any of it and fellow Whites will start screaming in your face “RACIST” or “Anti-Semite!” Our race has been totally brainwashed for decades now. We were just too nice and stupidly allowed these Jews to gain power over our money and media. They’ve been busy getting rich and brainwashing us ever since.

The Jews have been in a quiet PSYOPS war against us, and using our own goodness and sense of fair play, to boot.

Look at all the hell in the media directed at Donald Trump for simply saying the judge might be biased against Trump’s case because of him talking about building the wall on the border with Mexico. Very understandable concern. The Jews have got it so you can’t say anything these days without Whites screaming about racism. Hell, even FOX news people said bad things about Trump over this.

Truth of the matter is many Mexicans are really Spanish WHITES to begin with (it’s the Mestizos who are Indians or half-breeds). Devious GD Jewry has completely turned Latinos into a non-White race — specifically to drive another wedge in our countries for them to exploit. Just like they did with women by pushing Women’s liberation to screw up our personal sexual relations and families so we don’t breed as much.

Think about it all and you’ll see everything fall into place on how these stinking lousy Jews have screwed us up.

These dirty Jew rats are working towards the day where they can change anything they want historically. They want to completely disarm and turn the White race into a spat-upon minority in our own lands so we can’t say or do JACK. They have gotten things almost as bad as that now.

What these stinking Jews are really doing is getting us to SUBSUME our great White race away. Think about all the bull going down and you too will see this is what’s being done to us. The Jew’s agenda has truly been DIABOLICAL.


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. protocolsRtrue says:

    @ Bailey. Your response was good, however, you know as much as anyone else that the jews and hasbaras are going to crawl out of the gutters again and troll this site and every other. Yeah! yeehaa there was a terror attack now our contracts from homeland security will be renewed and we still don’t ever have to work for a living! I can still sit in my mommies basement in my pajamas and troll the internet all day and never have to get a real job. The only things worse than these pathetic jews who keep getting taxpayer funded government contracts to do nothing but sit behind computer terminals in their mommie and daddies basement is the scumbag cowards traitors committing treason piece of shit zog agent tough boys and girls that do the same thing violate the Constitution that they swore to support and defend and they do it only for the fake jew federal reserve printed money also. Right johnny and lewis d? As long as you keep paying them they will keep doing it. I hope your proud of yourselves all the taxpayer time and money and resources you spent “tracking” me and fucking with my life and livelihood for twelve years and all the other scumbag coward traitors committing treason piece of shit zog agent tough boys and girls that you enlisted to help you do it. For your personal reasons because you stole our toolbox and hid it somewhere like a little punk ass kid would do stunt and I got in your face about it. Yeah you thought you set that up good johnnyshit coward but it didn’t turn out the way you expected did it? But I’m sure you never tell anybody the true story about that though punk ass bitch boy tough boy from jew York shitty with an uncle lewey. Just like paying nigger bitches without a job or an education or a husband with a job and no way to take care of their own damn selves let alone 9 niglets. But as long as you keep paying them they will keep doing it. We need more surviellience. We need more gun control. We need more Americans to die in the middle east to keep isrial safe and build the israili empire . Fucking jews. Main motto? Never let a perfectly good crisis go to waste when we can use it to advance our jew world order jew supremacy agenda. Again. You fucked with my life and livelihood for 12 fucking years tracking me for johnnys personal reasons. I hope you are all proud now. .

  2. Solutrean Warrior 14 says:

    Good article, however recent DNA testing on an ancient Phoenician skeleton does indeed suggest they were in fact “wholly” White – not half Semitic. Some People cannot imagine a people who once lived in Lebanon – could be as White as we are. Look at the features on that bust – they wouldn’t look out of place in todays Britain or the US! People need to understand our Ancestors lived in many parts of the World including: India, Iraq, Iran, Tunisia etc – not just Mainland Europe!

  3. A new musical “Hamilton” with rap crap ‘music’ has 2 lead characters:
    Jefferson: who is a black actor and Hamilton who is a Mexican and wrote the garbage for Broadway

  4. putnamvt says:

    Some whites would rather believe lies about their own ancestors than the truth about jews.

  5. putnamvt says:

    It truly is amazing the world hasnt yet turned on jews and ripped them to pieces because it’s exactly what they deserve.

  6. S O G says:

    great article …
    the great bootlipped asshole l;eadere of the nation of apes in islam who litterally founded the kill a white boy and become a charter member of NOI …one can deduce ior wonder as to the astronomical increase in whites being hunted and killed JUST becuase they are white and the number of nigger morons join ing the noi ..nigger farrakon was there in the beginning and when the niggers started killing whites in the bay area san fran cal it was dubbed the zebra killings ..they attribute 70 or so killings to this but this was nationwide and started before this and continues to this day …the beltway killer was a nigger supremecist cult member and im sure led a white killing safari so niggers could get some white body counts makes sense from the historical behaviour of niggers ..they been acting murderous and rapinmg fpor centiuries …

    if we had a white entertainment channel or a white mayors or white sherrifs group etc ..look up black specific only nigger groups one says boo ..niggers have 200 black only colleges in america where nigger staff can really cook the books and collect job security dollars for trying to teach violent idiots …
    you have the lazy nigger caucus in wash dc …the dindoonuffin slugs who really dont do anything except sleep all the way through congress and senate assemblies ..
    niggers have advocacy groups and business men black only clubs …the list is exhaustive ..just about everything blacks are involved in there is a black org for it ..
    could you imagine a national association for the advancement of white people …they would call it racist i think ..heh heh …shit the neighborhoods niggers live in are black only and whites not allowed but they can roam freely through our white neighbs ..
    even black bitches have their own grouos based on levels of evolution i would imagine ..
    insane amount of niggerism here on the above site …
    imagine if whites had 1 group ..hmm call it the save our lives and homes and cars and daughters from feral ignorant niggers org…..
    they dont want eqaulity whatever the eff thet means ..they have always wanted special; staus and extraspecial rights we dont have as whites …they get appeasement even as much as jew bastards in judicial syst can give them ..cases dismissed ,grand juries fail to indict ,nigger kikkers sentenced to 6 months or case dismissed ..or the law believes the serial mass nigger killer when he tells em the white boy attaxd me i din do nuffin ..etc

  7. EnemyAmongUs says:

    This “barbarians rising” bullshit really pissed me off. I think they hired a nigger producer for this show. I emailed this history channel and really laid into them for this bullshit. I urge others to do the same. I am worried that stupid kids will actually believe this horseshit… when I saw that monkey in roman armor I was just NO NO NO

  8. American born says:

    This is great news.

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