Orlando Homocaust… Or is it Homo-HOAX?

SANDY HOOK JEW FALSE FLAGI’m not saying any of these mass shooting “events” did NOT happen (as in real people getting killed); just exactly how they happened is questionable. It’s hard to understand but the devious creeps behind the curtain believe the ends justify the means — no matter what they have to do to bring about their “Agenda.” Since they own the media, they think they can fully get away with murder. The victims were what I call, “convenient collateral pawns.” Think about it. (INCOG)

Orlando Shooting: Still No Evidence

By Paul Craig Roberts

In response to my challenge ( http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2016/06/13/orlando-shooting-paul-craig-roberts/ ) readers report that they have found no evidence of bodies or blood. One person reports that a TV station posted names of some victims, which is the way the absence of Sandy Hook bodies was handled.

One person who said he is a veteran said the AR-15 can have a 30-round clip. That would mean four reloadings in order to shoot 103 people. The veteran said that the rifle can be reloaded in 5 seconds: one clip is dropped out, another put in, and the bolt released. But 5 seconds is not fast enough to prevent being rushed. Remember, sprinters can cover 100 yards—300 feet—in less than 10 seconds. Ordinary people who are not couch potatoes can cover 300 feet in 20 seconds. That means they can cover 150 feet in 10 seconds or 75 feet in 5 seconds or 15 feet in 1 second.. In the crowded club, people were likely no more than 10 feet from the shooter, 20 feet at the most. Moreover, if there is only one shooter, he can be rushed in an arc that he cannot possibly cover. It is difficult to imagine that there were no veterans in the club, no people aware that guns run out of bullets and have to be reloaded and that so many people would miss four opportunities to disarm the shooter. It is hard to imagine that none of the hundreds of people present were capable of presence of mind. Bottles could be thrown at him, glasses, chairs. And no one did anything?

Mainly what readers have reported is evidence that the Orlando shooting is a hoax. One reader sent me a video in which a skeptic uses a RT video to show that the same three allegedly injured people, who so far are the only victims we have been shown, are being carried toward the night club, not away from it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wiLk-V9DFpc

Another person sent a video that shows the man with the red shoes who is being carried is put down after the camera walk-by. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IaNewsknuBw

Here are readers reporting their inability to find any real evidence. Somehow 103 people were shot and there is no visible evidence.

Dear Mr. Roberts, in response to your request for evidence regarding the Orlando shooting, I held my nose and forced myself to watch about an hour and a half of fox and cnn. No blood whatsoever. Nothing real about any of the videos or stupid interviews with alleged victims. I knew we were being lied to the first night when Fox News trotted out Bernard Kerik. We know that traitor lied to us about 911. Why would we believe anything that evil bastard said about this event. Thanks for such a great article. You really nailed it. Dutch

I was watching one of the networks at a local eatery. My working assumption on these mass shootings is that they are fake, either entirely so, as you mildly suggest in your latest article, or perpetrated by government informants. The cameo profiles of victims began appearing on TV last night, as my wife and I sat at a bar-restaurant eating chicken wings. Who believes this stuff? Pepe Escobar and others are also articulating skepticism on their Facebook pages. Is this a distraction from some important stuff going down at Bilderberg?

Thank you for your great work. I agree with your take on Orlando, San Bernardino, etc. Do you think there is a legal way to expose the people that perform these fictitious acts (I.e perhaps class action lawsuits against the crisis actors, etc).? Thanks again for all your efforts. Husni

A fat, crying woman under shock yells out a detailed story to the cameras, without stopping. It seems she practiced the script for a week or so. Such poor acting just causes pity. Someone should have said : \” Madame, please slow down. Fetch your script and come back for a second take, OK ?\”

It took 3 hours for the police to proceed with an assault. 53 wounded
people lay officially inside the establishment, crying for help. Are there recordings of these desperate yells ? Fifty three folks !

I searched Orlando on You Tube (easy, fast, no sound, and no blood). Thank God, actually.

Was wondering what your take is on this. Veterans Today has it as most likely another false flag. Like you pointed out, many groups to benefit from this. The DEMS are pushing hard for gun control, Israel is ecstatic of more hatred towards Muslims, the DOD loves more war money, and the beat goes on. I was looking for ambulances and paramedics, but saw none. Then the BOZO, known as the President here, gets on TV asap and pushes gun control, never mentions anything else. He was cold and remorseless, and walked away fast. Meanwhile, the Congress and President and Homeland Insecurity are bringing in crateloads of questionable immigrants, some handled by religious groups no less (raking in the dough).

I have not seen any evidence, but I am a bit \’over-the-hill\'(62 yrs old) when it comes to comprehensive internet searches. However, I asked my computer savvy 24 yr-old son, and he has not found any videos of the carnage inside nor out. He did suggest to me that if anyone did capture anything on their cell phone, etc., that the police/authorities would immediately confiscate it. I don\’t know though… Please let us peons know if you find anything remotely credible. thank you PCR

I appreciate readers bringing to my attention more evidence that suggests we are witnessing another drill, like the announced drill at the Boston Marathon, turned into a fake terrorist attack. That indeed might be what the Orlando shooting was. However, remember, our purpose is not to disprove the official story, but to find evidence in its behalf.

So far all we have are official statements and testimony by what seem to be crisis actors. 103 people cannot be shot without there being real evidence.
It has to be somewhere.

My cautionary statement was that we should not believe massive terrorist attacks without evidence, especially when we know for an absolute fact that the government lied to us about Saddam Hussein, Assad, and Libya. These lies have kept us at work destroying Muslim countries for 15 years, with a consequence that Europe is being overrun with refugees from our wars based on nothing but the government’s lies.

It is not an unreasonable conclusion that a government that will lie to us about Iraq, Libya, Syria, the economic condition of the country and that will lie to the 9/11 Commission might also lie to us about Boston, Sandy Hook, San Bernandino, and Orlando.

My point is simply that we are given stories based not on visible evidence but on claims. These kind of events have to leave massive evidence, but somehow it is not visible.

To recap, we are trying to see if we can find real evidence that supports the official story. We are not trying to disprove the official story but to prove it.

If we cannot prove the story, we are entitled to disbelieve it.

withkitties_150_120Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts’ latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West, How America Was Lost, and The Neoconservative Threat to World Order.

I don’t know if there’s any green screen or not, but this Jose Colom guy is definitely lying his big fat spic ass off — just like that old Jew in Sandy Hook who ruined the whole scam by crazily ad-libbing past his role for reporters. Colom describes being both outside the club when it started and then describes what happened inside the club. You can easily tell how he makes sure to say the killer used an AR-15, like he’s been coached hard on that point. Colom also has a highly questionable background, busted for drugs and local political corruption. (INCOG)


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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51 Responses to Orlando Homocaust… Or is it Homo-HOAX?

  1. S O G says:

    they were all stuck to their stools …hmmm …
    http://theinjusticefile.blogspot.com/ a little off topik for this arty …
    as herr hoff likes to say “this site is mandatory” —>http://theinjusticefile.blogspot.com/2011/04/main-menu-page-white-black-inter-racial.html
    learn all about the suntanned whites and poor oppressed nigger morlocks …
    this site even has a nigger on nwhite crime log all the way back to 1900 and before i recon ,

  2. Cowboy says:


  3. Bailey says:

    No time to read the story here but that video if jose colon is BS, it sure as hell looks green screen to me.
    I guess the spic can see through walls, pretty amazing stuff.
    He also has a great recalation of time.

  4. Bailey says:

    Recalection? How the eff’ do you spell that?

  5. Anon says:

    Yes it’s a homoHoax alright. You’ve set it straight incogman.
    This could backfire on these creatures. If somehow the Amerikwan sheeple could see how obviously fake all this is…well I don’t guess they wouldn’t do anything anyway so why the fuck does it matter. The real answer is right there. The Five Percent of us that are awake and can see these critters for what they are will have to deal with this problem. The jew problem. Know what I mean?

    Let’s talk about jew Expulsion.

  6. S O G says:

    Omar Mateen, the Florida gay bar killer, exposed as a gay man by his ex-wife…..
    Orlando shooter was a regular at the gay nightclub he attacked, used multiple gay dating apps…….
    The man who the police say killed 49 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando early Sunday morning had visited the club at least a dozen times before carrying out his attack, a witness told the Orlando Sentinel on Monday.

    The shooter, identified as 29-year-old Omar Mateen, may have also used several different gay dating apps, according to reports from MSNBC and the Los Angeles Times.

    And a former classmate of Mateen’s told The Palm Beach Post he believed Mateen was gay and that Mateen once asked him out romantically.

    Three additional witnesses confirmed that they had seen Mateen at the gay nightclub more than once before.



  7. S O G says:

    Hillary Clinton and the Communist Inspired Women of the New World Order…
    remembering some of the most brutal mass murderers were jewish commisars in russia ..
    black supremecists ..mexican supremeicists ..female non feminine man lioke supremecists ..jewish supremeicists ..muslim supremicists ..the only thing whites dfo to be compared to these sick fuckin grouos is stand our rightful ground ..oh yeah so fighting for our rights is racist and supremicism ….is this why they rallied against reason and logic last year saying that reason was a white construct …irrational twisted thinking is then jewish construct ..niggardly kikes pointing thier satanic finger at us when in reality 1000 fingers are pointing at them as the real enemy and instigators behind suble innocuous names like labor party and socialist party etc …vote bernie he’s a socialist jackass jew communist ..his provenance is not unlike the jew jackass valerie jarret communist et al unlimited ..her provenence is communist jew parentage ..she lives in the white house on the working tax paying middle class americans backs ..she is the handler and referee for the two sexually mental miscreants sorass obongo and his he she ugly ass michelle …she is a disgusting ugliness of another persausion ..unearthly hatred of whites ..satanic thru and thru …
    there is also a satanic supremecy going on as well ..a billionaire supremecy ..idiotic idiopathic political nonsence supremecy …i think the list is longer

    They’re ruthless, shrewd, and calculating. Recruited and empowered by their boss, Hillary, these are the women who tell Bill Clinton what to do.

    Big Sister Is Watching You unmasks the coven of brutally correct women who would rule over us. Militant feminists, these women possess awesome Gestapo powers. One heads the FBI, another the IRS. Five are members of the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations—subversive organizations whose goal is to end American sovereignty and bring about a global Marxist paradise.

    George Orwell’s chilling and prophetic novel, 1984, warned us about Big Brother. Amazingly, Hillary Rodham Clinton was once asked, “Which book has most influenced your political thinking?” Her startling answer: George Orwell’s 1984..
    she will destroy syria for israel and seize all fire arms as well as further the nwo in america …she and shit stain billary handle a fund they stole from its handlkers called the childrens fund a fund consisting of 700,000,000 $ in bearer bonds reagan started to make black op payouts aka anything they didnt want the american public to know …
    jfk was against secret societies and the cia …a govt by and for the people cant abide a secret agenda that intrinsically has worked inexcorably against the american middle class …there are way too many secrets in america …
    warning ……graphic ..http://100percentfedup.com/stunning-betrayal-43-republicans-dark-night-vote-approve-obamas-transgender-bathroom-decree/
    obama is a muslim supporter and a communist jew supporter and a leztransgender supporter ..go figure why a homo sexual president lives with a “woman” when he is gay and pretend to have chirrins n sheeyit ..michelle is a man or was a man physically ./..

  8. Jesse says:

    I was thinking false flag but then I found it hard to believe that the satanic Jews would kill their beloved queers. They are desperate for more fags in our Christian lands and I can’t believe they would do that to one of their elements (fags) to the equation of nation wrecking . They would rather shoot white Christian children ( Christians getting killed with an added bonus of gun control) blacks again ( to divide races and incite black hatred towards whites like they always try to do) , anyone or anybody other than their precious gays. Bottom line – I don’t think the zionists would want to decrease the fags numbers , they are intent on increasing the queer population. homo glorification and transgender glamorization seem to important to the nation wreckers. Just sayin..

  9. Bailey says:



    You’re right squarepeg , if you can see them your too close.
    Albany jew york, last i was there was the eighties there were no niggers.

  10. squarepegroundhole says:

    Bailey, I use all those type videos I can find to show family members.

    This is NOT Norman Rockwells America any longer…

  11. Bailey says:

    Certainly not , i don’t think he even had niggers in his work.
    I tell many people to look at shit like that and they refuse to listen.
    When they get stomped – or worse- i’ll have little sympathy.

  12. Smitherines says:


    Damn, they blocked the body of the message again, had to attach article
    in a “Word attachment” soon they’ll have software to read that and block it
    too, attachments, have to put encryption on soon ???

    PS Notice mention of Veterans Today had the story? How Hasbarrats question
    their legitimacy on here??? Some like Duff are pathological liars, but others
    are very competent, and have great sources and resources.

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  14. Fred says:

    Your last post you posted in the comments something to the effect of “if you have some info this is a fake show me”. I was out of town when it went down with no cable tv or tubes access, I briefly was aware of the event and inevitably my first thoughts were must be another false flag event. I am sorry but anymore this is just normal thinking on my behalf, the list of events where this is actually what happened is now extensive. You do not have to be a full blown “conspiracy theorist” nut case to hold such beliefs. All you have to do is put in a little effort to read something other than the (((main stream))) reports and inevitably you will find many things that don’t quite add up. Now this is rather simple if they report “A” there are many supporting factors that should be found that substantiate “A”. There are too many to even list and far to varied. Let us take the homocaust 100 people shot 50 dead there should have been blood everywhere and nonstop ambulances arriving/departing the scene. Do we find such evidence? Here is the little link I found for your query but I see you have already posted an article refuting the (((media reports))).


    I should do like Bailey showed and use html but I will save it for another day.

  15. We of the alt right are a clever and witty crowd. Within two days of this phony Muslim killing event (yes, again!) we had coined the tidy term “homocaust”; but to be even more contrite and realistic the event more properly came to be referred to as the “homohoax.” Bad news is 50 homos did NOT die in Orlando the other night. It’s a hoax. There are still 50 more faggots walking this earth and the DS is still engineering false flag events in order to sway the gullible GOYIM and their craven representatives into abdicating their own freedom, rights and power so that the jews may trample them unopposed. This is nothing but a gambit for a jewish autocracy. They can’t help themselves they are so foundationally wicked. They can’t put on the brakes: they have an inherent impulse to do evil that they cannot separate from themselves.

  16. Meant to type DHS above, not DS.

  17. FakerThanYouKnow says:

    stateofthenation2012.com “Broadcasting Board of Governors”

  18. S O G says:

    gay muslim killer who had frequented the niteclub and had texted his wife during the shooting which took 2 hours …so where does fast loading clips or weapons even come into rel;evance here people ..in 2 hours you could use a reload shell kit and make your own cartridges and pour youre own lead into molds and then press the bullets onto the cartriges and still kill more peopel then this moslem gay clown ….he DID NOT use an ar-15 in the crime ..it is a perfect orphan object to kick and beat on by liberals and jews in polotix all of whom have armed gaurds and ccp weapons on them for protection …why would a marxist cock sucker politician be in any danger ….
    “…….. In the wake of another muslim extremist attack, (this one on a protected subclass) the call has – once again – gone out to ‘do something’ about something that is NOT the problem…with a twist.
    As usual , when someone goes fubar, ‘the usual suspects’ wail (EVER so theatrically) and blame the gun the nutjob used. This time is different. It is never any real surprise when the call goes out to ban whatever was used in an atrocity…the usual shooters are on anti dees and muslims and nigger cockroaches ….
    but this time, the ‘we want to render you statutorily defenseless so you can be safe crowd is going after a gun that was not used because they really want to remove all guns like in armenia ,palestine ,russia ,post ww1 weimar germany …any infringement on the 2nd amendment is unconst…..thomas jefferson made no understatement about people ,individuals having the god damned right to defend themselves from harm in any setting “ie” personal ,household ,militia or civil conflict ..self defense ..you can read all about jeffersons desires on this subject ….on the one hand the govt doesnt trust individuals with guns and on the other without guns we cant trust the govt or the police to keep us secure and safe on the streets …neither does the bloated nepotistic dhs and the patriot act do ANYTHING to make us more securte or safe especially when muslims out of the 1.3 buillion that exist in the world are being shoved down the throats of america and many euro countries …1/10 of these ar radicalized fanatics …eventuall the rest follow the pathways to rqadicalization …have we not seen nations beinf raped and stricken with week long riots by god dam moslems and niggers ..never forget that it was a nigger ,namely the mayor of baltimore who allowed the riot …or any of the other riots in america that mlk sparked
    n 1775, General Gage ordered that all private arms in Boston be deposited with the magistrates, supposedly to be stored temporarily and eventually returned to the owners. Those citizens naive enough to comply with the general’s edict turned in 1778 muskets, 634 pistols, 973 bayonets, and 38 blunderbusses. As the Declaration of Causes of Taking up Arms passed by the Continental Congress stated: “They accordingly delivered up their arms; but in open violation of honor, . . . the governor ordered the arms deposited as aforesaid . . . to be seized by a body of soldiers …..

    The AR-based rifle is the most popular semi-auto longarm in the US, by a margin; so it makes a juicy target for the ban advocacy. The Orlando nutjob didn’t use one, or any variant, or even just one firearm. The rifle was a completely different platform (it does fire the same round as the ‘most common’ AR) and he had a handgun, as well; but the push is still on to ‘ban’ target rifles.

    Why? Well, the ‘theory’ (as forwarded by the ban advocates) is that the AR-based rifle is ‘designed’ to fire rapidly. Why that mattered in an event that spanned more than two hours is unknown, but lay that aside. There are a number of people; who demonstrate fabulous ignorance of firearms and their operation when they opine; who, nevertheless, feel qualified to write policy regarding guns. A gun is ‘designed’ to do just one thing: push a bullet out of a tube. Everything that happens past the end of that tube is user influence, not design.

    So here’s a little help for the ban advocacy. If ‘we the people need to ban any semi-automatic rifle, ‘we need’ to ban all of them. They all function in essentially the same manner: one trigger pull = one payload downrange. It only follows…but they use the ar-15 as a stepping stone to complete elimination of guns like the jews bolshevik bloody revolution in russia against the indigenous peoples and soverign benevolent monarchy of mother russia in 1917 …they got the guns during and after so no one could defend themselves …door to door shit and people were shot ..they should have opened up on the cheka kike functionaery morlaocks when they came a callin …
    dod we you they anyone think the jewish supremecists wont repeat the same fuckin thing in america ..they will use ground apes niggers and shit smelling fly ridden moslems to cull us ..but in actuallity many in the monolithic white countries are invitinfg the destruction on themselves and kissing commkie jew ass ..the cunt that wants a harris bombing of germany again is saying that a country cannot be soverign or self ruling ..theis demonic filthy twat is saying that peopelhave to accept the communist jew destruction with a smile and not reseist or ytou will be called a racist or anti rapist ..
    over at heretic3000 there is astupid woman holding a sign that says she will trade racists for rapists ..think she isnt a brainwashed jew ..it wouldnt matter what she is at this point as she is one and the same as a talmudic mind set rabbi …she wishes for children to be raped ..you arr anti multicultural if you dont want syphilus or ghonnorhea or aids from a turd world corksucker …islam is on the inexcorable lockstep march across the free worlds …
    Jefferson’s proposed Virginia Constitution of 1776 which provided: “No freeman shall ever be debarred the use of arms.” An avid hunter and gun collector, Jefferson carried pocket pistols which may be seen today at Monticello……
    better to have a gun and not need it than to not have a gun and need it and thousands of rape and robbery and murder victims across the usa every year would tell you they wished they had a gun to protect tehmselves with and 1.5 million others in the usa every year stave off aggravated circumstances by thugs by simply showing the gun …
    so it prevents ceime and more people die from in home slip and falls every year …200,000 people a year die from bad prscription medicine or 500,000 die from cigarets or 150,000 die in hospitals die from incompetence and mistakes …car crashes kill more than guns do …ban the cars no we make em faster and bigger …
    the moslem queer didnt even use a ar-15 ..it was probably a 22 hunting rifle short or long shell ..there aisnt nothin wrong with a .22 in any form or length pistol or rifle ..
    I think i wanna ask santa for a 50 cal for christmas ..lol…every american should own a m-16 ,ar-10 ,ar-15.ak-47 ,and a 50cal ..we have the right to constitutionally posess expressly especially military grade weapons as members of the state militia ..they say now we have the national gaurd but it isnt a militia and it is govt sanctionaed and abused by same during wartime ..operation stoploss fucked national guards over more than 1 or 2 extra tours …made em active duty and reserve for 25 years onn official record …

  19. protocolsRtrue says:

    I was going to make my stupid comment of the day earlier. Great news everybody. chelsea crapped out another clinton -miskinjewlipski today. No wonder the jews on wall street and goldman-sucks pay her $250,000 of fake jew printed federal reserve notes per hour to talk. After all the trillions spent bailing those swindlers and crooks out I’m sure they still have plenty left to throw around to each other.

  20. Anon says:

    allovertheplace- That was very well said, concise expression of the truth. The very thing that does them in every time when the population finally snaps because these creatures have innate impulses- they just can’t stop being filthy, greedy, vile jews! Nasty? YES Filthy? YES almost like they are reptilian hybrids, cold-blooded, soul-less parasites. Question is whether they learned from the last 109 Expulsions? Answer-No.

    Now let’s talk jew Expulsion.

  21. Hoff says:

    Who are you sog or S O G?

    There is a key to the left that reads: CAPS LOCK. Hit it and type. Then hit it again and write.


    Mike King is a genius at putting words together.


    Their rallying cries of “Liberty, Fraternity, Equality” are empty words that attract gullible mobs.


    Douglas Reeds masterpiece Controversy of Zion, about France and Napoleon.


  22. protocolsRtrue says:

    Her husband is a hedge fund manager. Go figure. They’ve been hedging my funds called social security and medicare ever since they started them. I got this new hedge trimmer with titanium blades on it though just to cut those hedges down. .


  23. Hoff says:


    The Jacobins (forerunners of the Communists)


    Israeli attack on USS Liberty (US Navy ship) —- 5 min. Supreme short explanation of the whole Mossad jew attack on America.


  24. Anon says:




  25. Dave says:

    Everyone arguing whether this shooting is a hoax, false flag or real is missing the point, and that is gun control and gun confiscation. Everything else is irrelevant.

  26. protocolsRtrue says:

    I can see this as a tongue twister no pun intended in the future. The misvinskies invite you to a bar mitsvah of our unknown transgender kid we named aiden for now. Aiden as in a nigger always aiden something. And if it changes into a girl in three years after the rabbie bit off his dick a little too close they call it a bat-mitzvah. As in vampires.

    Chelsea Clinton announced Saturday that she has given birth to her second child, son Aidan.

    The 36-year-old daughter of former President Bill Clinton and current presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton lives in New York.

    She and her hedge fund manager husband Marc Mezvinsky have a 20-month-old daughter, Charlotte. Both Charlotte and Aidan were born at Manhattan’s Lenox Hill Hospital.

    Mezvinsky is the son of former U.S. Rep. Edward Mezvinsky and former U.S. Rep. Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky.

  27. B E Devil says:

    Most of our fellow kwans here in jewmerica are just like “Big Moe”
    They are going to keep falling for the lies and eventually will
    agree to be disarmed.
    All I can suggest to ya’s is prepare for it.

    In case this doesn’t begin with “Big Moe” go to the 17:05 starting point.


  28. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Official Victims Paymaster, Kenneth Feinberg, To Dole Out The Goodies In Orlando


    Of course the paymaster is a jew.

  29. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Official Victims Paymaster, Kenneth Feinberg, To Dole Out The Goodies In Orlando


    Like the last time a link didn’t work that I posted, I spelled the word correctly when I shouldn’t have. It should work this time.

  30. Frank Fredenburg says:

    It works.

  31. Tom says:

    Mateen’s IMDB acting page (The Fix and Love City, Jalalabad) has been scrubbed. But, as he was seeking to attract the attention of Hollywood mogul, his other page (with Anglicized spelling of last name) is still up under Omar Matten but only lists “love City” as his filmography. The IMDb credits page for “The Fix” has also been scrubbed, deleting Mateen from the credits for playing himself as a G4s (Wackenhut) guard at the BP oil spill. Mateen house supposedly searched with everything put back neatly (ha, ha) and his expired Florida security guard gun permit left on table along with ISIS literature–how considerate. How do we know? Because the FBI supposedly forgot to put up a crime-scene perimeter and let the press in–which would make any evidence left in the house inadmissible because there is no chain of custody. (Just like San Bernadino–they don’t do such things by accident.) Mateen’s ex-wife appears to have been coerced with threats of prosecution to change her story from Mateen being gay (hence the 4-month divorce) to him plotting an attack. The report to the FBI about body armor 5 weeks earlier seems a stretch–why would a security guard with his background and security checks arouse suspicion to that degree for trying to buy ballistic armor? Mateen’s alleged psychological evaluations at G4S done by a (((psychologist))) not even in Florida at the time who also denies doing it. The Orlando police stated they may have accidentally shot some of the victims (hence the multiple casing types.) A Sig-Sauer NOT an AR-15 said to be the weapon used. No gurneys, no ambulances, alleged gay victim being carried wrong way toward the Pulse–which was supposed to be closed. G4S offers violence simulation and crisis actors to corporate and government clients. This is a real stinker.

    Why not start asking the government why, with hundreds of millions spent on combating terrorism since 2001, not one government official has been disciplined or relieved of duty for gross malfeasance? For instance, the 911 false flag–supposedly the worse security lapse in U.S. history–NOT ONE HEAD ROLLED. Clearly all this spending has been wasted if these terrorist incidents keep happening. Yet we don’t see massive restructuring of departments since this chaos is apparently what’s wanted to relieve Americans of their weapons.

    I remember what that “terrible forgery” the Protocols said of this situation: “(((We))) shall take away their freedom on one pretext or another. We needn’t say how long it will be until they get it back again.”

  32. h says:

    “Here are readers reporting their inability to find any real evidence. Somehow 103 people were shot and there is no visible evidence.”
    Well…some say there is.
    Apparently there was a bullet the size of a ‘dildo’ recovered from one body…
    ; )

  33. S O G says:

    the idiot talkin about quick change clips ..imagine a person defending themselves with a shotgun or a 357 at an average 1500 ft persecond velocity ..what a concept ..defending ones life against a maniac muslim or nigger or mexcrement ..everyone who would rather sit there and watch everyone die raise their hand …i personally wouldnt want to feel that helpless or vulnerable in this new age of accellerating violence …a person wpouldnt even have to run ..just aim and shoot ..oops yeah be careful of other pop ups and cut outs in the way of , or behind the main target ..and when the shit bird is down put a coup de grace in his confused brainwashed head …costs less money to taxpayers if they dont have toi try to save the fucker …just pronounce him and feed his mooozlim ass to the pigs …target practice made fun ..kill a commie for mommy ..
    “…….Orlando nightclub massacre eyewitnesses: ‘More than one shooter …”
    it was a false fag er flag event ..or not ..or maybe not or whatever …
    whatever it was the fucking asshole jews are always hard at work depriving normal people of money and freedom and will use any event to further their purposes like the shooting of james brady

    splc hopme of dconvicted child raper moriss dees says now people who were holophobicx are now racists ..confusing ? ,,,, moriss dees is a white hate inciting jew shill and making very good free money i might add off of isiots donations to his worthless ass ..lessee what is the asshole at splc saying out his ass ..read this shit for the shit it is …they never relax and always blame whitesd for any and every crime on earth …splc is such a patronizing pandering scam instituion ..they are fleecing people out of their money by using anti white hate and clueless factless emoptionalism …like holocaust propaganda that you arnt allowed to laugh at for its obvious ludeicrous patent bullshit ..one word ..HAVAARA agreement …or when goebbels became gauleiter of berlin and cleaned it up from its decent into jew weimar post ww1 moral cess pool of filth and hopelessness most jews chose to leave germany and practice moral degeneracy elsewhere and live stage sex shows which has branched and blossomed into the eternal internet porn links from jew hell ..no one stopped the jews from leaving ..get it ..they were free as hell to leave ..so where is the hol,ocaust here …mass murdering kikes in russias state police appararus reinvented themselves as H victims and signed up for reparations under several names as it were ..liars ..filthy murdering jew liars ..i wont go down this street here now but its all true ..
    morrise dees is as much of a carnival barker selling snake oil or doing deceptive m,ajik tricks ..like his counterpart the rabbi rev-rearend on thew wings of eagles eschiel yeckstein ..fucker lies to america on teevee which is fraud and peole send him millions which is 1 charge of mail / wire fraud each time ..eckstein c ollects 800,000$ salary off the top ..aka skimming money off the fleeced fund ..its mail amd wwire fraud so it is with rapist morris dees ..collecting money fraudulently for some vague service which he doesnt provide except to his own pockets ..mail fraud wire fraud …each time ..he has a feww hundred million dollars in account ..i sure he embezzles from what is supposed to be a legal operation..i doubt it is ..wire fraud ..mail fraud ..the splc are criminals getting rich off of american idiots…
    and the muslim fag didnt have an assault weapon ..an assault wepon label is 100% ambiguous arbitray ..an assault weapon i always understood to be a rifle that can go to full automatic …any weapon like a baseball bat can be an assault weapon in thet regard as it is used in an assault …aggravated assault is annopuncing your intention to fuck someone up while weilding a bat and no contact even has to be made etc …
    there are reports of witnesses seeing more than one shooter …like the navy yard ..the provost marshall and ncis had the duty of investigating something the potus pooftus wanted covered up …if it saw the light of day it was too sinister …as usual …more than one shooter..even tho sandy hook was a false fake flag the non existant witnesses saw the non existant m,ultiple shooters ..lofl …at columbine there were definitely multiple shooters …people shot sniper stuyle to shut them up ..the witnesses ..and people even police and firefighters left town in ahurry as peole wwere continuing to be assasinated ..clintons reign of terror then like waco where we had def multi shooters in ninja pajamas shooting survivores and they wanted to resucue the children ..hmm ..i think i smell shit …
    uh oh … https://www.sott.net/article/320228-Orlando-nightclub-massacre-eyewitnesses-More-than-one-shooter-snipers-fired-at-police-someone-blocked-exits

    and we are to blame for this asshole ..http://www.masslive.com/news/index.ssf/2016/06/who_is_orlando_shooter_omar_ma.html
    he was democrat …democide false fag ..is he dead or is he still alive ..is timothy McVeigh still alive …some say yes ..i could fuckin care less ..is this muslim fuck still alive as it says constables killed him …blah blah blah give up all your rights and weapons and you will be safe ..FUCK YOU …..

  34. ICU says:

    My finely tuned and calibrated BeeEss-O-Meter pegged so hard over The Orlando Show that it blew up and went “Ker-Sproi-oy-oy-oing” as it spewed it’s little wheels and springs and nuts and bolts all over the place….like one would see an overwound or smashed alarm clock do the same in an old Betty Boop or Koko The Clown cartoon.

    The “Carried Victims Parade” going the wrong way, and Beaner Poofter With Funny Poofter Haircut And Earbuds describing the 3 inch bullet sticking out of some other victim poofter’s ™ leg and Hoser Colom, SooperMang with X-Ray eyes and Sooper hearing almost using the English language to describe what we’re intended to know…
    iz whut dun it, yo.

    Those actors, producers and directors of that lame TalmudVision show are getting the bill for my ruined BeeEss Meter.
    Should I send the bill to Valerie Jarrett or Ken Feinberg ?

    Will UPS or FedEx overnight C4 or Semtex ?
    Curious pissed off Patriot potential Lone Wolves want to know.

  35. Anon says:

    “Curious pissed off Patriot potential Lone Wolves want to know.”

    Who Needs Congress? Filthy Dirty jew-Puppet Groid Signs Unconstitutional Unlawful Executive Chimp Order Banning Sale Of “Assault Weapons” –


  36. Smitherines says:

    British Immigrant Issues Warning To Americans (Barney please LISTEN!)
    Published on Jun 18, 2016

    Lewis, an immigrant to the US born in the UK, explains why it’s so important for Americans to defend the constitution.

  37. Smitherines says:

    @ Barney

    He’s a Brit who’s been “De–Jewified” their lifelong brainwashing that “God is fake”
    no religion and things like the Pope are fake, God, Christ are as real as the NOSE on
    Barney’s face!

  38. Smitherines says:

    False Flag Weekly News breaks down Orlando

    By Kevin Barrett on June 18, 2016

    But we missed the James Wesley Howell story

    This episode got lively during the last half hour. Fortunately we’re broadcasting from different locations and can’t throw food at each other.

    For links to all the stories we covered, click here.

    Update: We didn’t cover the potentially huge story of James Wesley Howell’s arrest in Santa Monica, California. The official story in the LA Times is that he just happened to be maybe planning to attack a gay pride parade around the same time as the Orlando shooting. The unofficial story is that he turned himself in to Santa Monica police for his own protection, saying that the CIA and/or FBI had trained him, Omar Mateen and several others for a simultaneous-attacks-on-gay-targets operation…but that when he heard Mateen was dead, he got cold feet.

    See jpg and READ it:


    Rest of the URL here:

  39. Smitherines says:

    his Bloody EU Referendum

    By Stuart Littlewood on June 18, 2016

    Dirty Tricksters Swing into Action

    by Stuart Littlewood, 18 June 2016
    Front page Daily Star announcing Jo Cox killed by Brexit gunman

    Jo COX on front page:

    The question whether to remain in the EU or leave has been distorted beyond recognition by political pimps and spivs on both sides of the argument. They were not invited into our living rooms but set themselves up as our advisers all the same.

    Every political party (except UKIP) has hitched its waggon to the EU. They can’t afford to lose. The public therefore cannot rely on their politicians for a balanced view. Here are some of the silly things they are telling us to justify their insistence we remain enslaved to Brussels.

    URL here: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2016/06/18/this-bloody-eu-referendum/

  40. S O G says:

    not to mention the fact that it was lenin i think who said you can control a hundred people with one gun ..they would have been paralyzed and immobile so why would any gunman need to stick a clip in in under 5 seconds ..he wouldnt be thinking that ..he would be enjoying the chaos for a moment and non chalantly pluck a new clip and ram the fucker in and continue to fire but oh waith oit wasnt an ar-15 anyway so i guess he didnt think it was important enough to have this semi fire weapon ..in BIG WORDS ,it did not fucking stand out to him that he absolutely needded to have an ar-15 so the weapon itself is innocent of this charge …
    there is somethging like 100 million ak 47’s in the world and he didnt use one of those either because im sure these aree banned in his state probably so he only bought what he legally could and he would have bought hot shit to if was that motivated …
    stiill sounds like a false fag shhooting …oh wayciss devil ..so splc admits that fags are a different race or even a different dspecie all together …

  41. S O G says:

    yeah hoff about once a year i have to tell you to gfys ..ok …
    i haqve no tolerance for pedestrian petty arguments over graqmmer or punctuation or spelling or the alleged abuse of the capLOX bBBBbBbuTtoOn …have fuN ..
    and while im here i need to tell you im blocked at hofflandia and you alkways tell me im not ten weeks later i am again …fix it or fuck it i dont give a fuck ..
    peace ..
    aOTp do i get credit foir the moniker “false fag” ….heh heh …
    here howziss S.O.G………

  42. Barney says:

    No-one shot at the fictitious “Pulse” nightclub. Even the name hasn’t existed since 2013, and the tiny building shown as “Pulse” only has 11 parking spaces.

    It’s Henry Makow again, but he’s quoting Ken Adachi. There’s a link to the original, which is a bit long, and this one’s easier for people who may not have much time.


    Also, questions are being asked about last week’s false-flag murder of a UK politician. She may have been killed, but where’s the blood? Why would a usually-docile “nutter” with no known political views have done such a thing?

    The shopkeeper quoted as saying the attacker shouted “Britain First” denies saying any such thing, and the “hero” who “was stabbed” trying to help her has been dead since January 2013.


    We know the devil’s gargoyles aren’t very bright, but these false flags are so full of holes that it seems they want us to see through the lies.

    Perhaps it’s a case of jew arrogance, as if they’re saying “So you know what we’re doing, but what are you going to do about it?“.

  43. Barney says:

    Smitherines – I’m not taking the bait. Who cares what may, or may not, have happened thousands of years ago? We’re supposed to be White People opposed to a common enemy NOW, not squabbling about who believes what and whether or not anyone here knows things that can’t be known until we leave this world.

    I respect your views on most things, but to quote Harold Covington, religious disagreements generate heat rather than light.

    You believe Yahweh/Jehovah to be the creator of this world. I don’t. Neither of us can prove anything either way, and ancient legends prove nothing, so let’s just agree to disagree and get on with the job at hand.

    You’re a good man, but we can’t all believe the same thing.

  44. Anon says:

    RETRACTION: obongo didn’t sign any execuchimp order banning assault rifles.

    It was a filthy jew hijack article put out by filthy kikes. It’s time to get the rope on these filthy creatures. Expelling the scum is too much trouble and it might come back someday.

    Gutted and Swung is probably the best bet.

  45. Barney says:

    Anon said (June 21, 2016 at 11:51 am)

    Gutted and Swung is probably the best bet.

    I’d have settled for swung, but a jewess on the radio said the other day that jews “can’t be properly buried” (whatever that means) if they’ve got anything missing, as in the case of amputees.

    What you’re suggesting (gutting them) would mean dey poor widdle kikenvermin couldn’t be “properly” buried.

    Good idea. Let’s do it.

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