50 Responses to ABC “Forgets” To Mention Rich WHITE Victim

  1. Rosalie says:

    And Fox and CNN mouthpieces as well as their police spokespersons, just now on tv about the massacre of cops by black murderers in La. are going on and on about the NEED for community-police relations without once denouncing black criminals writing to kill police and whites. 100 white women are raped EVERYDAY in the USA by blacks, land nary a word denouncing this, on the tv.

  2. Red Pill says:


  3. Great truthful article……Jungle Bunnie spear chunkers really running wild now,,,,all my life the ZOG MEDIA and Power Structure has pushed this ANTI-WHITE crap…..What really makes me sick is these ZOG SODOMITE LIVIN ANTI WHITE POLITICIANS and other ZOG ADMINISTRATIVE CRUDE CREEPS…telling us to hate White race and its evil for WHITES TO LOVE THIER OWN RACE….Guess these creeps will do more Insitivity classes for all the ZOG COPS like they did with the Marines in 60s….All Darkies are enemies of WHITE RACE and these damn stupid White Niggers..WHIGGERS will in the end get zapped by the simians and other darkies nd beaners…unless they morph back into being WHITE…

  4. MonkeysBeGone says:

    With a name like Halliburton and living high on the hog, methinks she was part of the tribe. I’ll save my sympathies for murdered aryans.

  5. matt rodriquez says:

    hey incogman you retard, most murders (and other violent crimes) happen between people who are known to each other, and are of the same race. less than 10 percent of homicides cross racial lines, but i wouldn’t expect your inbred ass to know that. i could post dozens of stats and news stories proving this, but you’ll just reject my comments cos facts make you asshurt…fuck yourself

  6. matt rodriquez says:

    white-on-white murders happen every day fuckboy, i’ve posted links proving this yet you still write bullshit articles like this repeating yourself, try changing your focus once in a while dickhead

  7. INCOG MAN says:


    You can kiss my White ass, you stinking little faggot, your comments are not getting in.

  8. Ed Nozirev says:

    Good Story

  9. Red Pill says:

    President Obama: Nothing Justifies This Violence
    liar, liar, pants on fire
    that does not apply to the government

  10. Red Pill says:


  11. Karen says:

    Looks like it’s going to be a long hot summer in the U.S. Lock and load.

  12. Im new here. Another great article Phillip. Keep doing your good work. You are the best site for truth in exposing the reality whites face today living amongst the criminality of the black African race. The filthy jew media would have us going to war to stop the genocide that the murderous black race is commiting against us whites. Not a word of it though they only keep spewing their PC crap. Everyday I go to work with idiot whites that are brainwashed by their PC crap. We need to keep waking up whites to our reality especially the young ones. You make me realize their is hope for our people. You’ve got a cup of Joe coming from me soon

  13. Red Pill says:

    some people here like to gloat,
    but all they are is the Judas goat.

  14. Whitepride says:

    Niggers and the while fuckin black race are Satan’s children! They are soooooooooooo evil! I hate niggers! What a legacy: raping, robbing stealing, and killing! And the whites including g my therapist think they are so innocent! I was born in Jew York and the niggers were evil then! Now the black scum are killing g cops! This nation needs God and Trump to survive! I would love to see death for all Niggers! May they all go to HELL! I am just a poor weary, proud to be white woman trying to live in this effed up world! Great job IncogMan!

  15. S O G says:

    the worthless welfare stock crack baby is synonymous with a 2 legged land crocodile ..they almost have the same teeth …
    nigger will claim racism or slavery or she called himm a nigger or he will say it was a consensual affair and his dna was sposed to be there and he dint doo nugffin ..
    whacked nigger antics ..those teens and their wacky antics what will tney dream up next.
    i can imagine how she died ..the methodical ape taking total control of his catch and showing her his power over her …she should have challenged him to a spelling contest ..
    a gated community full o jews ..uh oh ..we gonna hear from munckle sharpton or jackson or any new asshole they are grooming to take their place …if they show up on media to castigate the negro antics with a “come on guys ” cool it ,and your acting a little crazy ..
    after some jig with a death wish went up tpo crown heights and wooped on a jew they came out and said something but a serious conversation about killing each other ,,nahh ..niggers should be fenced in ..they wanna call it a ghetto …
    how did thei nigger even know which house to go into with a lone woman and a worthless security function ..
    weeeel down in the old sout africa nigger paradise ,whites have good security systems or they die and alot of times the security system doesnt help much …niggers down their kill 30 whites a day with jew and muslim blessing ..oh yeah christians are also on jews hit list and many killings have been attributed to christians etc ..
    a jewish gated community ..yeah shit is gonna roll out heavy on this …halliburton maybe has some good contacts for keepin it in home …if i was him i would wipe out the niggers family his extended family and any body i thought even knew the fucker ..the guy is dead inside ..i seen it before ..devil is in the details but as we know the jew cabal can get you anywhere anytime god willing i spose ..
    maybe her hrusbren a chrink uh had her krilled fror burnong the eggfooyun ..
    i can bet she didnt have any fun but i bet the nigger was grinnin the whole time ..the nigger cant just rob the effin place and not kill someone anymore and so its really about niggers hating whites in reality ..
    but how did he wind up in such a high profile place ..sounds like a hit for hire to me…
    the slope didnt want to pay alimony or share his assets …were thjey getting along ..who the hell does ..anyway just a therory ororyryr er ..
    30 white women a day raped by the filthy nigger occupieers ..i am proud to know of 3 niggerd dead by retal for rape and 5 mestisos shot execution style ..thje most eloquent kind ..1 to the back of the head …5 raping mestisos on the east coast and long enuff ago ..they all truly got justice ..the criminal justice system that gives unfair justice to niggers and other sick fucks does not work and was designed of late to facvor the criminal ..
    yeah thanks i-man ..if the niggers will kill cops they will kill anyone and vice versa and have shown us their propensity for such violence the last 400 years ..we have been under the yoke of slavery to the nigger….
    no matter what if they keep killin cops shit is going to flash over ..
    the NATION OF NIGGERS IN THE SLAM AND ISLAM are 100% behind these organized killings no different than they have been for 100 years in america ..it kind of boiled over with the zebra killings and the beltway safari killer …i think he brought other niggers with him to execute innocent white people to be able to confirm the kill to the islam niggers for membership ..
    i dunno know about othere but it doesnt take long to lose it a bit if you feel like your in the cross hairs all the time ..
    it was only iron fist law enforcement that ever kept the niggers from going full chimp like now as law enforcement is on the decline ..
    answer would be to hit all the knwon places of islam niggers and exterminate them as they are all corporately guilty ..the fbi probably wont do a thing and neother will homoland ..nat gaurd nahh ..niggers are on the loose ..whites must be 5 times more careful and alert than last year ..is the end of this shit in sight ..naaah ..the niggers are just gettin started ..they even have the full support of orthodox jews who have mobilised nationally to lend legal help and sup;port to niggers onn the run or aperested …yeah hell get the jewish sheister to post bail and put the nmaniac nigger back out on the street ..they already let felony suspects mexicans back onto our streets…
    not my best work what the hey …my 2 cents ..

  16. Red Pill says:

    Outrage as West Virginia politician demands Hillary Clinton be ‘hung’ on the National Mall for ‘treason, murder and crimes against the US Constitution’

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3694553/Outrage-West-Virginia-politician-demands-Hillary-Clinton-hung-National-Mall-treason-murder-crimes-against-Constitution.html#ixzz4El7UZN3S

  17. Smitherines says:

    @ Pill, Bailey, Protocols:

    Make sure you get Y-T for High Voltage: result One Dead KneeGrow!
    Or they try to STEAL the copper from HIGH VOLTAGE !!!! zap!!!!!!

  18. Darren says:

    White people we need to start fighting back now or else.

  19. Darren says:

    Wake up white people were in a war!I think your doing a great job here incogman i been reading your post for years now first time posting,im from Ireland your message is getting out there im trying to wake everybody i know up to our situation.

  20. Ray says:

    All the coverage of the shootings and it seems every Chief of Police is black. I never hear that brought up by the press. It is always the fault of White Policeman and to argue otherwise is absurd.

  21. MonkeysBeGone says:

    @Darren Hell, we needed to start fighting 30 years ago or else.

    A very interesting book is March of the Titans: A History of the White Race. The book accurately shows how the whites of Europe have been on the ropes several times. However, what’s going on to whites today is worse than anything we’ve ever faced. I’m not so sure, we’re going to make it this time, but I hope we do.

    The problem is that whites as a whole have no racial awareness and half (or more) are completely asleep at the switch. I give whites ten years at most to wake the fuck up or else.

  22. Smitherines says:

    INCOG MAN says:
    July 17, 2016 at 4:46 pm


    You can kiss my White ass, you stinking little faggot, your comments are not getting in.

    Where is Chico’s comments, I don’t see them, what did he say???

  23. Red Pill says:


    20-year-old Danesha Couch of Kansas City ( a black woman) shacked up with a white man . Couch and her fiance plan to marry in September
    Kansas mother gives birth to 3 sets of twins in 26 months.

    KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A mother in Kansas has her hands full after giving birth to her third set of twins in just over two years.

    PUKE ALERT (nasty picture)

  24. Red Pill says:

    INCOG, post his shit , me and Smitherines will tear him a new asshole
    Smitherines says:
    July 18, 2016 at 1:06 pm

    INCOG MAN says:
    July 17, 2016 at 4:46 pm


    You can kiss my White ass, you stinking little faggot, your comments are not getting in.

    Where is Chico’s comments, I don’t see them, what did he say???

  25. MonkeysBeGone says:


    This is a segment of Dennis Fetcho’s old radio show where he is dealing with a jew caller. The little hooknose happens to be a host on the same network and is giving him shit. Fetcho handles this little kike masterfully….an excellent example of how to deal with these devious little bastards.

  26. Red Pill says:

    you would be deft, bind and stupid to believe otherwise

    Prepare for the onslaught. The jews are behind the racial tensions in the USA as well as the Immigrant influx into the USA and Europe.

    The Jews Behind “Black Lives Matter”, Racial Tension & Cop Killing of 7-7 of 770 Eastern Parkway


    The jews are behind the Turkish false Coup.



    Jews are behind the false Bogey Isis to divide the Middle east to be easily conquered


    Jews are behind ISIS Nice attack

    France Was Given Fair Warning


    The Jews will be behind the planned global economic collapse, for their Moshiach that “king strata of the earth


    The Jews are behind gun confiscation efforts, Martial Law could easily do the trick

    The jews foment their false Gog Magog, which actually occurs after the thousand years when Satan is loosed, Gog MaGog are they who deny Jesus the Christ the KING of KINGS and the LORD of Lords, however for that Old Devil to finish global deception they make their schemes then work to bring them about, so the masses will believe their prophets unto Lucifer.


    In order to increase their Eretz Itsreallyhell, to finally eliminate the Palestinians from Itsreallyhell, the world must be in complete confusion. None will be worrying about the Palestinians when Chaos is ripping their own countries apart by global civil unrest

  27. squarepegroundhole says:

    As the race war heats up- Jews target the money

  28. B E Devil says:

    Just saw hildabeast speaking to the naacp practically telling them when she
    becomes prez blacks will be able to behave however they want and won’t
    be held accountable for their behavior. You know just like her.

    Also saw republican convention that got under way a little over 2 hours ago.
    Of course it began with the national anthem which was immediately followed
    with a rabical salesman firing up the goyim to do the jews fighting.

    If anyone hasn’t figured out who pulls the strings in America well what can I say.


  29. protocolsRtrue says:

    Niggers and their white ho slut whore bitches in the no fighting zone at wallymart. She is saying this is MY EBT card I had to have niglets to qualify for this free shit I did most of the work to earn this free food.


  30. Bailey says:

    Yea, Hillary speech to the niggers was a real WTF? moment for me.
    Thankfully her desperation at this point is only hurting her.

  31. protocolsRtrue says:

    Today in history a jew named gold name-changer led a bunch of stupid niggers to their deaths. Now you would think that even a nigger could say Colonel this is not a good idea. Oh yeah abe Lincoln and niggers freed the slaves if you read today’s schoolbooks.
    Civil War
    Assault of Battery Wagner and death of Robert Gould Shaw

    On this day, Union Colonel Robert Gould Shaw and 272 of his troops are killed in an assault on Fort Wagner, near Charleston, South Carolina. Shaw was commander of the 54th Massachusetts Infantry, perhaps the most famous regiment of African-American troops during the war.

    Fort Wagner stood on Morris Island, guarding the approach to Charleston harbor. It was a massive earthwork, 600 feet wide and made from sand piled 30 feet high. The only approach to the fort was across a narrow stretch of beach bounded by the Atlantic on one side and a swampy marshland on the other. Union General Quincy Gillmore headed an operation in July 1863 to take the island and seal the approach to Charleston.

    Shaw and his 54th Massachusetts were chosen to lead the attack of July 18. Shaw was the scion of an abolitionist family and a veteran of the 1862 Shenandoah Valley and Antietam campaigns. The regiment included two sons of abolitionist Frederick Douglass and the grandson of author and poet Sojourner Truth.

    Union artillery battered Fort Wagner all day on July 18, but the barrage did little damage to the fort and its garrison. At 7:45 p.m., the attack commenced. Yankee troops had to march 1,200 yards down the beach to the stronghold, facing a hail of bullets from the Confederates. Shaw’s troops and other Union regiments penetrated the walls at two points but did not have sufficient numbers to take the fort. Over 1,500 Union troops fell or were captured to the Confederates’ 222.

    Despite the failure, the battle proved that African-American forces could not only hold their own but also excel in battle. The experience of Shaw and his regiment was memorialized in the critically acclaimed 1990 movie Glory, starring Mathew Broderick, Denzel Washington, and Morgan Freeman. Washington won an Academy Award for his role in the film.

  32. Smitherines says:

    INCOG MAN says:
    July 18, 2016 at 1:46 pm

    OK, Red Pill, I released them. Don’t hold your breath the punk will be back.

    All you got to do is show the KneeGrow or Hispanic the link below.

    If the fuck can’t read or comprehend what this HONEST scholarly Black man
    (read the history he provides to back himself up) states for his OWN and
    other minorities, and by the way many of these slavers were SPANISH
    Jews and propped up by Spain or Holland! No one is asking for their
    fucking flag to come down like our (and I’m Northerner) country’s
    Confederate flag, whom our country’s greatest general Robert E Lee
    (who never owned slave in his life or CONDONED it) defended
    his Southerner RIGHT to sovereignty: which is guaranteed in our GREAT

    We Thought They Were White. My name is Dontell Jackson,
    “The reality is that the white race had little to do with the slave trade that took our ancestors away from Africa and sold them into bondage in the New World. That crime was committed not by White Europeans, but by Jews who were engaged in transatlantic commerce between the Old World and the Americas where they hoped to establish a New Jerusalem from which to rule the world by way of exploiting all races who were not members of their tribe of “chosen people.” In their efforts to accomplish that goal, the white race has been hoodwinked and manipulated as unsuspecting pawns almost as much as the black race has been.

    More @ the Linc below:

  33. Smitherines says:

    matt rodriquez says:
    July 17, 2016 at 3:28 pm

    hey incogman you retard, most murders (and other violent crimes) happen between people who are known to each other, and are of the same race. less than 10 percent of homicides cross racial lines, but i wouldn’t expect your inbred ass to know that. i could post dozens of stats and news stories proving this, but you’ll just reject my comments cos facts make you asshurt…fuck yourself

    Matt look at my last post: read your ancestors history before you comment on others

  34. Smitherines says:

    Logic and Reason Can and Will Destroy the Holocaust Establishment

    By Jonas E. Alexis on July 18, 2016

    Should we suppress the bad news of the orthodox Holocaust narrative and other claimed Nazi crimes because it could spread hatred against Germans among some folks?

    by Jonas E. Alexis & Germar Rudolf

    Germar Rudolf is a German chemist and a prolific writer. He studied chemistry at Bonn University and the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research. Part of his academic journey is provided in this article. See JPG

    Alexis: The Holocaust establishment seems to put a bounty on your head by attacking virtually everything you have done or written,[1] and you have certainly been misunderstood (sometimes deliberately). David Patterson of the University of Memphis has postulated that people like you have contributed to anti-Semitism across Europe.[2] Clear that issue for us right at the outset. Are you an anti-Semite?

    Rudolf: Whoa! That’s a loaded question. It’s like asking me whether I have stopped raping my wife yet. The answer depends on how you define an anti-Semite. And that’s more than a rhetorical question, because there are many ways of defining it. But let’s not waste time with this.

    Let’s say that an anti-Semite is someone who hates people because they are Jews. I’m sure that people who know me understand that this is not the way I operate. I don’t judge people by their ethnic or religious background. I judge them by their behavior, their manners and attitudes. As a matter of fact, I hardly ever ask people I interact with whether they are Jewish or not, or whether they belong to any other group of people, for that matter. It doesn’t matter to me.

    So, no, I don’t hate people because they belong to a particular ethnic group. Hate is too strong a word anyway. It shouldn’t be used when dealing with any person.

    More A the link below:

  35. Smitherines says:

    @ Pill, Mat, Fredrick, others

    Logic and Reason Can and Will Destroy the Holocaust Establishment:

    “Whatever you have said in the dark will be heard in the light, and what you have whispered behind closed doors will be shouted from the housetops for all to hear!” (Jesus’s words: Luke 12:3)

  36. MonkeysBeGone says:


    This is an article from the New (Jew) York Times about rabbis who suck the blood from the circumcised (mutilated) penis. Many of the little jew babies who had their penis slit in two and their bloody cocks sucked have contracted herpes from the pervert rabbis. No shit. What sick bastards. Throw them the fuck out of here now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  37. S O G says:

    i posted it yesterday and i repeat ..thje filthy fuckin niggers at terrorist nation of terrorist niggers of morns in islam aare 101% behind all theis shit …
    every day now i see a cop injured or shot by a nigger during a traffic stop …so it really is true that when police pull over niggers they should just fuckin shoot them in self defense and thenn plant a gun ..
    whites need to declare war on the niggers in islam and niggers in general and the filthy fuckinn rabbi jews that rudder the bolsehevik shevbang ad hoc et al fake kike unification ..hasidics orthopricks ,chabad malingerers ..moslem freeks from hell ..why are the fuck are we tolerating this shit ..
    take a look at newnation dot org …nigger slashes a dog for sniffing his dog ..its like last year a man and his toddler daughgter came out of a store and the white guyts dog axxidentally brushed by the filthy nigger mother fucker who got aLl chimped out and being a racist white hating jibbering orangutan he shoit the father ….we need to be armed ,,this war is ramping up ,eescalating ….niggers ambushing cops i say we return fire god dammit …or we are going to be like the fuckin unarmed south african whites who as we speek are beinf mutilated and murdered and raped by filthy dead end niggers ..
    fucking filthy fuckin worthless niggers ..
    isnt white america tired of being victimized by niggers for 3-400 years and being victimized by kike mother fuckers and the fuckin muslims ..man these muslimes of all races need to be exterminated ….EXTERMINATED ……
    what will trigger a global retalliation against jewish monkey sheins aand all their documented foot soldiers …
    every shiotbag who has been injected into our once proud white nations is a rapist murederer and parasite …killing them off would be gods work …soemthing to hail as good and righteous …

    whatever faggot ass sucker matt rotregus says is total bull shit and he is just here to causew trouble …
    look at the DOJ stats under even holder who hated whites and the stats show a clear spiraling trend of black on white murder and violence ..
    matt riodereegus is a fuckin ana l felching soacial justice cockroach ..fuckin shit kike …hey matt your mother fuckes niggers and sucks their shitcocks and io wouldnt doubt if you fuck your own mama ys faggot ..
    nobody here guves a fuck what you think ..you are very stupid or stubbornly reprobate ..either way america stats prove you dead wrong ..
    go to anmy college site and type in google for crime stats for that college ..most of the crime is by niggers ..wonder why there is white flight ..you half to be dummer than a nigger not to know why ..
    things are heating up in oakland which is hard to do since it has been nigger on nigger killiing each other for 20-30 years and what about the 900 niggeres killed by other niggers in chicaongo already ..or is it detroit ..same same ..
    pretty soon black worthless parasitical lives arent going to mean shit ..they already dont to niggers anyway or they would be marching for peace amongst tem selves ..
    i knew the fuckin nNOI was behind this new “ZEBRA ” and “BELTWAY” style exectuions of whites …..
    \this has been going on for 200 years ..niggers should have all been shipped back to the majical chocolate paradise land of aunt fuckin jemillah and jenkem …
    lincols was ending the refuse back to africa …he knew the worthlessness of niggers ..
    he sent about 4000 back …too bad he didnt live to get rid of all of em …
    whites should better be getting cranky and ready to throw down ..its at that point ..
    the nation of islam ios a clear and present danger to law abiding white people and they make no bones abvout it ….they want to come off as scary and lethal …
    do unto others as they do to you ..
    all muslim and nigger terror organization s should be handled like the fuckin asshole feds handled WACO ,only they would be right to exterminate these vermiin ..like they went after mr.weaver or the freemen or bundy ranch and mr.finnicum who these scum fuckinbag agents of zog murdered while had his hands up …
    america needs a break ..

  38. S O G says:

    matt rodreeegiz must be akiras new pen name …
    uhr matt are ru hravring probrims encing wrords ..ahhr fukin soo asshrole ….
    come on prt yrr mistasken there is no no fighting zone in walmaert ..wally ville .lol..
    in fact there is no place niggers wont throw feces at each other and huff jenkem ..ahhye ..nigger smart drug ..maybe thhe genius african bonobo humangatans will market the cow urine hair care solution …i wonder if it straightens out the brillo rats nest on a niggers knuckle haed ..
    africa is calling on its lost ribes to come home and join the pyramid pilot program and build dat time macheen n shyyet ..the land where any thought of improvement would die of lonlieness …gonna rite dat bill o riots and da new constipation for africa in readable ebonix for slow morons …

  39. Frequency Weapon needed to make Malatonin in Darkies Boil…and maybe Freq that Zaps certain DNA MARKERS…..would be wonderful to wake up in a WHITE WORLD….Hope Cracker Hacker hacks into Main Frame Computor of Zog that controls Cell Towers and Gwinn Towers and ZAPS all the Darkie Areas and ZOG Living Areas and also the Military Main Frame ZOG Compute and shoot a few Titanium Rods Of God at Mecca, White House, Mile Square City in London and UN Building in Jew York…and a bunch more at Israelie….Death To ZOG and the total oblibaration of the Juedo Masonic Control Stucture that keeps ZOG in Tact……

  40. S O G says:

    black lives murder …
    speaking of copper thieves …some interesting reverse architectural engineering that nie bad guys ggers are good at occurs on a daily basis in deeetroyt …it involves driving up and pulling the front wall out of a house and then gutting the wires …
    oy vey ..70,000 street lites in detroyt and 35,000 of em have been stripped of copper wire …must be the copper recycle center of america and the darkest place at night …miles and miles of white flight empty houses …oh yeah but just remember whites are the bad guys ..we must be chasing our own tails out of the ghettos…
    remember pruitt -igloe housing in st louis the n iggers ruined the place in a couple decades and it had to be torn down …
    this blogger says nahh it aint trues in so much as they wanted to give all the nasty fuckin destructive niggers a section 8 pass into white neighborhoods and force diversity on peaceful white neighborhoods …after they built new jack pruitt city most whites moved out within weeks of completeion due to nigger hijinx and nigger sheins and endless violent behaviours from niggers to whites …endless home invasions robberies murders rapes …got rape ,just add niggers …
    onj this site …. https://cincinnatiisadump.wordpress.com/page/2/
    it shows some worthless decendants of bolshevik mass murderers also trying to guilt the whole woprld like morris child raper dees from thje mail and wire fraud capital of the SPLC as it spreads its innocuous anti white messga e of hatred towqrds whites an encouraging it yet they still manage to get millions in donations from idiots under false impressions of splc work ethic …etc ….

  41. S O G says:

    ok that should have been proofed above ….after they back up to pull the wall out they have the pickem up truck right there up to the porch for afromercan nigjenuity ..shotcut to convenience …the typing upsets the computer and it skews words around ..i think this laptop is a leftist commie pinko ..
    “………Closing statement: What a worthless race of people. I am simply without words to describe what loathing and disgust we feel over all of it. Ive simply had it. It will not weaken my resolve but further strengthen it. t nigger scum targeting children, the elderly, women and the blind. I’m just tired of niggers ….. ”
    the answer is no but the following says “….$20 TRILLION blown on social spending for black niggers since the Crypto Jew (LBJ) Lyndon Johnson administration, monies completely wasted in this authors opinion.
    John S. Mosby wrote: ‘For almost 150 years the United States has been conducting an interesting experiment. The subjects of the experiment: african niggers and working-class whites. The hypothesis to be tested: Can a people taken from the jungles of Africa who were already slaves and put into work labor force as “slaves” be fully integrated as citizens in a majority white population?….the answer is blowin in the wind which is the sound of gunfire and wooping hooting looting niggers every weekend in destroyt chimpcongo elewhere in the nigger twilight zon e …
    black pastor says black people ainn nevuh bin sheet ,,,wrong ..black niggers have always been shit …
    BLM social justass retards etc Violence Supporters Wont Protest black on black crime which account for 99% of black homicides….thjey should kill each other ..who cares ..its a viscious nigger cycle …if they dont kill anigguh then that nigguh might just kill him ..
    imagine what it could be like if we could fence them in where they shit …
    this situation repeats and repeats itself continually …

  42. Yeah the Nigs like to get aluminum from the rails and fences on expressways and bridges and take off all the copper wiring used as grounding on telephone polls and take it to the scrap yards..they even take hack saws and cut down the aluminum poles..Maybe the koons will try to get those silver cables in the Gwinn Microwave Towers that go all the way to the top of Towers… and maybe they will get zapped by ZOG ELECTRIC SECURITY..ha ha ha…these koons will try to get them when they find out about them.and how money a cabel costs…..These Melatonin Cosmo Nigs say they can give us the evil eye and with their third eye ..and. give us Melanoma and that their SUN GOD will kill us all to…….hell smart White Man can invent a zapper to NUKE burn boil and fry all the darkies MELATONIN with a certain freq….and like I said before maybe Cracker Hacker can get in the ZOG Computor frame of all the Cell Towers in the world and pull the trigger switch to fry all the Kikedoms and round up and get rid of the White Nigger Whiggers and cull them out or make them slaves and servants and brand their forheads with a T standing for Traitor and give them a PILL to make them turn dark since they love these darkies so much…This Judeo Masonic Crap about we are all ONE is crap…to hell with all these ball licking ass kissing brown nose Zog Zombie Sol;diers COPS DHS FBI and all the the creeps who worship ZOG as their Masters of the world..especially the Judeo Masonic Politicians..To hell with ZOG …Hail Victory…For The Future WHITE WORLD EMPIRE….PS) Looks like the inbred raghead and niggers not only will use vehicles to ram…but they like to go on knife stabbing binges and ax hunts also….and thesePoliticians want to bring more and more raghead sand niggers in…..damn better hurry up and get that Zapper workin….

  43. S O G says:

    lol white warlord …good comment ..heh heh …there are peole who can find that trigger nigger switch ..its why the gubbamin of social retards and nikggers aqnd bolsheviks have been signing hackers on for 20 years now to get thenm to sign national security contracts which are heady ..but to find and utilize thenm for evil ….
    the equipment sheds that house cellular tower padles have a capability of transmitting 40,000 watts of energy ,,fuckall there ….they run normally on 12-15 watts and there is no check and balance menaing no one checks or cares iof the company turns the shit up to 1000 watts creating microwave microwattage per sqauer cm of 5-700 microwatts ..this is ludicrously dangerous to human and biological critters physiology ..
    break it down to fizziology ..what these signals do at 12 watts is bad enough and what smart meters do is bad but try your hair dryer that knocks out 100 x that or the microwave ..toss it …
    electric shaver putts out gauss microwattsa and other shit on your face ..its safe to say we are swimming in a sea of hybrid and super heterodyning microwave media range transmissions by the hundreds of thousans not to mention the constant sweeping of mother earth with special sattelites and other satteliites that the frikkin dish teevee shit can work ..
    the cellphone and telephone act of 1996 saw an increas of towers put wherever the hell they wanted ..and sickness and heart palps and heart attacks thru a lengthy cell respiration process …what is intresting is san fransyco has 2600 cell towers in 300 locations like right above you in an office building or pointed right at your window etc .
    they make microwave resistant paint for houses now and curtains for the windows when a cell tower cone is rudely pointed at your desk from across the street ……..one dam thing is for sure there arent anymore payphones and we used to like pay phones ..
    niggers and spiknix like to try to take wire out of hi volt boxes …the internet is full of these pictures ..people fused together ..they deserve to get fried …
    we have NSA—UTAH DATA HUB —CARNIVORE —–ESHELON —-AMDOCS –ETC …it was good to hear that utah data hub kept melting down ….someonbe hacked nsa several years ago and added all common words to the word watch list and the fucker came a hair away from complete melt down ..lol…
    so the system called active denial which shoots milimeter waves to 1000 feet and beyond only causes 2nd degree burns but that is when it is on stun setting ..rumor had it that the israeli helos in iraq and afghenni were melting people ,with some kind of intense wave gun mounted on a chopper ..shit …https://www.rt.com/news/weapon-us-microwave-cannon-363/ ……………………………………..
    covered under 1st amendment of the constitution of the united states ..
    so if they turned the trigger nigger swiitch on in the cell towers they could cause a ruckus ..

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