Beautiful Melania Trump NAILS IT


By Phillip Marlowe

God, it’s going to be so good to see that ugly-as-hell sheboon, Michelle Obongo leave the White House. Special Servpro teams (the best minds in the company should immediately be tasked) are going to have to be contracted out on the morning of January 20th, to steam clean, fumigate, radiation and UV light blast the entire upstairs area where gorilla woman and her mother stunk up the place. Hell, a fresh coat of paint and retiling the bathrooms might not be such a bad idea, either.

michelle versus jackie O insetAll joking aside, I remember back in the fall of 2007, immediately after Obongo boy was elected (a truly horrible day in American history), the traitorous media actually had the nerve to say she would be just like John F. Kennedy’s wife, Jackie, in the class department. Hell, the manipulating mothers were comparing Obongo himself with FDR before he even served one single day in office.

And we all know how that turned out, don’t we?

Anyway, Melania Trump, the beautiful super model from Slovenia who married the Trumpster back in 2005 (wealth does have it’s perks), gave a speech tonight at the Republican convention in Cleveland, Ohio. The poor woman must have been nervous as hell, but she handled it with poise and conviction. This lady is light years beyond Michelle Obama — and not only in the looks department, either. She’s a total class act. Smart, too. She’s fluent in 5 languages and studied Architecture. Michelle is a secretly disbarred failed lawyer who can speak English and Ebonics.

Marcus Luttrell, the famous “Lone Survivor” of a Seal Team mission in the Afghanistan mountains where things went horribly wrong and his bros died in a vicious running gunfight against overwhelming Taliban forces, gave an emotional, off-the-cuff speech. Pat Smith, mother of a Benghazi terrorist attack victim Sean Smith, also got a little emotional as well, describing how Hillary lied her fat ass off to her about a video being responsible for her son’s death.

CNN’s (((Jake Tapper))) immediately came on to explain that away by implying Smith was nuts and Hillary did no such thing. MSNBC’s (((Richard Engel))) also came on to spout Hillary’s line of BS on that lefty, White-hating channel. These media rats are obviously big Hillary lovers.

CNN had the usual rats explaining things: Michael Smerconish, some sort of weird liberal phony conservative White guy; a smirking mystery meat mulatto woman with artificially straightened hair; (((David Axelrod))) openly gloating they might not be enough Whites for Trump to win; (((Gloria Borger))) a total Jew witch with demon-like eyes; (((Dana Bash))) chief political crypto-Jew and her estranged Jew convert lover boy, (((John King))). All this, hosted by a fudge-packer homo, Anderson Cooper, (((Wolf Blitzer))) and (((Jake Tapper))). Triple enclosure marks indicate known brainwashing media Jews.

The CNN rats ran Hillary’s anti-Trump commercials all the time during convention coverage. Hell, they’ve been flooding anti-Trump commercial spots on the airwaves like crazy these days. The brainwashing Hollywood Jews must have gave Clinton’s campaign hundreds of millions already, or maybe the networks are simply giving away a few backroom freebie deals for their obvious favorite. Would not surprise me in the least with these manipulating backstabbers.

Donald came out in a bright smoky futuristic light with the song “we are the champions,” introduced his wife and soon departed after a quick kiss to his wife. Clever Anti-Trump media creeps speculated over the last few days he would first talk incessantly.

Speaking in a sweetly accented European voice, Melania explained what a true patriot to America Donald Trump has always been. She said Trump will be for everyone and work constantly for success. She said the Donald is a kind and caring person. I’m sure some liberals laughed about that. We’ll hear White-hating creeps trashing and making snide “White privilege” comments about her over the next few days, I’m certain.

I truly cannot believe how anyone could possibly vote for Crooked Hillary. God, imagine her and Billy Bob being back in office, diddling all the Jew intern chicks assigned by MOSSAD and Hillary giving away the country to the spoiled black race for every stupid perceived race injustice they screech about 24/7?

On a side note, I was so happy to see Trump NOT select Newt Gingrich as his running mate. I was indeed worried. God, I can’t stand that slippery creep one bit. Christian Indiana governor Mike Pence is a great choice, if not David Duke. Imagine the media uproar if that happened!

Melania is going to be great first lady, no doubt at all.


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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51 Responses to Beautiful Melania Trump NAILS IT

  1. Bailey says:

    Check out Hillary speaking at the NAAP today and you’ll wonder why she deserves to breathe our air , infostormer has it up.

  2. American born says:

    The White House is going to need to be torn to the studs to get the nigger stench out.

  3. PicturedLady says:


    You nailed it on Newt – I was very concerned that he was even being spoken of in such a capacity – I do not trust him.
    AND YES,
    Our Nation’s New First Lady, Mrs. Melania Trump, WILL be such a breath of fresh air!

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Thanks, PicturedLady.

      Now the media Jews are making up some BS about Melania plagiarizing Gorilla woman. Total BS. There’s a few similar words but that can happen easily. The media is going to make up ANYTHING to bring down Trump. Note how they came out with it IMMEDIATELY on the AP wires. This is a sure sign of deviousness from the Jews.

  4. American born says:

    The speech writer is probably trying to sabotage the campaign. It would be interesting to know if it is a Jew.

    Trump needs to be more careful of who he involves in his staff.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      I think they have a speechwriter with the last name of Miller. There’s tons of Jews with the last name of Miller.

  5. American born says:

    The sodomite nigger on CNN is having a good time laughing it up about the so called plagiarism.

    These niggers need to be put in their place ASAP.

  6. American born says:

    Yeah, not surprised. Bush had some slimy Jew writing his speeches too.

    He needs to be very aware of Jews near him, he is big time now and they will subvert his success in any way possible.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      These filthy Jews and their pet black monkeys are going off on Melania all over the place. They love trashing any kind of pro-America politics. I can’t wait till everyone catches on to these rats!

  7. Hoff says:

    Special Servpro teams (the best minds in the company should immediately be tasked) are going to have to be contracted out on the morning of January 20th, to steam clean, fumigate, radiation and UV light blast the entire upstairs area where gorilla woman and her mother stunk up the place. Hell, a fresh coat of paint and retiling the bathrooms might not be such a bad idea, either. —-incogman


    Funny, I was thinking about the same thing five minutes before I read Incogman article. But I really don’t think it’s enough, I’m more with American Born, … to the studs.

    A commenter over at Bro Nathan latest video about the jew hag Ginsburg at Scotus tell about a BBC “documentary” about Trump.

    The Travesty Of Justice Ginsburg

    Programme reporter Hilary Andersson wouldn’t be Ruth G. daughter?? —– The English Man


    You are sure about “her” name? Is this the ugliest “journalist” jew ruled BBC has?

    The narrative is typical jew ruled “media” in Europe. White Americans are ALWAYS portrayed as straight out of KKK, nazis that want to gas 666 zillion jews.

    All darkskinned are ALWAYS portrayed as ohhhh sooo oppressed minorities that can’t do nothing wrong.

    You can compare the propaganda mode that the jews use about the jews vs white, in essence all white people are insane jew hating nazis, and the ever so inocent jews that can never do anything wrong.

    The narrative is exactly the same, only difference is that the jews exchange jews with Mexicans, blacks, faggots or what ever “oppressed minority”. And you get the exact same narrative. Jew-propaganda page 1A.

    BBC Panorama – Trump’s Angry America (2016) —– 30 min.

  8. Hoff says:

    Hilary Harper Andersson (born 23 September 1967) is a BBC journalist. She has been a correspondent for Panorama … Wikipedia

  9. S O G says:

    im thinkin to it will also need to be tented while filled with real cyanic acid ..
    it will need 3 stages of purge …the final stage will have pure co gas to absolute kill all pathogens left behind …and while they are at it they should laeve the commie mamma jarret in their while they spray for parasites and vermin ..or all of em ..and the jew chefs as well ..
    this parasite jarrett says thet the things that made america great must die ..sounds like satan is talking right out her ass …what is tearing america down needs to die slowly and extremely painfully..see how commie scum always turn it all upside down …
    hillary gets in ,stick a fork in it ,but billary will enjoy the pick of interns again no doubt and hillaries enemies be they many will prbably see silent stelth executions …
    she is a bolshevik at heart and so as well are american and global jews ..there aspiration is to be that jew …
    cant imagine the ghetto condition the pooftus and his shemale have probably reduced the white house to ..
    good riddance to little fairy faggot asshole biden ..i mena how worthless can aperson be ..just look at biden …
    this buffoon was obamas life insurance …who would want biden to have to take the reigns by defeult …scaaaary shit …
    so who in the hell would the psycopath hillaries running mate be …maybe she will stick billary in their as vp ..president of vice …lol….naah she will get the most deranged nigger muslim sob in there as vp …
    will the revolution be filmed this year ..the revulsion …the horroer ..ayyhe ..
    what a fuckin freeek show …michelle from hell and barry fairy and valerie jarret ferret …ok im done ..

  10. Hoff says:

    22:41 Typical anti-American jew propaganda in Europe. Portraying all white Americans as trigger happy crazy KKK nazis.

  11. guiltfreewhite says:

    I can say, from seeing it first hand, that leftest women absolutly DISPISE any female, with a vicous hatred, who stands up against the dems.They mock them, deride them, spray venom all over them.The media will now do to her, what they did to Palen, if not worse. Expect to see SNl tearing on her pretty soon.The next three months are going to be incredibly ugly.

  12. Red Pill says:


    Melania Trump is the least-liked potential first lady since at least 1992
    a Washington Post propaganda piece.


    MSM = Diarrhea of the brain

  13. protocolsRtrue says:

    Too bad that Mrs. Trump hired the same speech writer as Mrs. Obama. Whoever it was should come up with some new material or be fired.

  14. Hope Trump is for us and not just another ZOGITE………hopefully using sneaky tactics playing up to the Serpents so he can get in power….No true Open White Man can run for any office….and win….anyway…THE ZOG MATRIX,,,,1.) Overbreeding Darkies Greatest Threat to Future,,Not Climate Change 2,) ZOG MATRIX is everywhere on earth 3.) The Control Structure of ZOG is Judeo Masonic Masonry—-infiltrated everywhere..Politicians, Cops, high rank military, Judges..CEOs, Administors in all branches of GOV and private life..Zog Media and Control….4.) Culling Necessary after Victory over Zog Matrix..of White Nigger Whiggers and Secret Crypto Hybrid Mixed Jews that look just like us…. KEEP IN MIND THAT ZOG JUDEO MASONRY IS USING ISLAM TO DESTROY they have in past history using raghead sand niggers to create their new NWO… and as a final good note…Maybe CRACKER HACKER can Hack into the Main Frame Computor of the Cell Towers World Wide and ZAP and Barbeque with the freqs..Gated Walled ZOG Living areas and compounds and then Zap all the Darkey Areas world wide…and Cracker Hacker can Hack into Military Control Main Frame Computor and shot some Titanium Rods Of God at Mecca, UN Building in NY and Mile Square City in London and sends a few on Isralie…Death to ZOG and all the Anti Whites… For the Future White World Empire…Hail Victory….

  15. Barney says:

    What a weekend! On Saturday there was a 50-year-old jewess in town promoting it’s book of lies about it’s time in the evil nazty nazi death camps 20 years before this piece-of-filth “author” was even hatched.

    It was real in my (twisted, undeveloped) jew-mind“.

    Fortunately no-one seemed to be taking any notice of the lying kike and it’s group of cake-stuffing, tea-drinking accomplices.

    Monday the few trains that were still running were stuffed with herds of wild dindus and their vast amounts of luggage, making it difficult for Humans to get on and off.

    Every week I’m seeing more monkeys on the streets of this formerly-White retirement town. Soon they’ll have the numbers for a major chimp-out. Wherever I go nowadays, I hear monkey-chatter.

    It’s not only niggers that are nearing danger levels. We’ve got black monkeys, brown monkeys and too many “white-looking” whigger-monkeys (jews?) from “Eastern Europe”. They’re all monkeys as far as I’m concerned.

    Being unable to walk more than a few yards, I have to use an electric vehicle.

    Niggers are arrogant bastards, deliberately getting in the way and daring any Human to challenge them.

    Muds and light-skinned “Eastern Europeans” are less openly aggressive, but no less obstructive.

    In general, real White People are helpful, and often apologise for innocently getting in my way.

    Monkeys never apologise for anything.

    America already knows about simian (mis)behaviour, but we Brits are catching up as the jews flood what was once our country with their shit-coloured pets.

    The day of the rope is coming.


  16. Barney says:

    I agree that it’s going to be a hell of a job cleaning the brown house and making it White again. Perhaps a president Trump would have the place bulldozed and rebuilt, but I don’t believe he’ll live that long – unless his pro-White appearance is completely fake.

    I wonder why so many people keep referring to faggot obongo’s faggot boyfriend (Michael/Michelle) as a niggerine (female nigger) though, as if they actually believe it’s female. We know obongo’s as queer as a nine-bob note (or a nine dollar note if you prefer), so why pretend it’s simian boyfriend is anything other than another male monkey just because it wears a dress?

  17. Barney says:

    I’ve just discovered something interesting. When I was growing up, we’d hear odd fragments (never anything derogatory) about moslems. A few decades ago, this was changed to muslims.

    I’ve asked my (pain in the rear) Iraqi neighbour about it a few times, but he always refused to answer.

    I’ve just looked it up, and found this.

    A Muslim in Arabic means “one who gives himself to God,” and is by definition, someone who adheres to Islam. By contrast, a Moslem in Arabic means “one who is evil and unjust” when the word is pronounced, as it is in English, Mozlem with a z.

    So now we know, and from now on I’ll refer to adherents of the “religion” of (taking the) “peace” as moslems.

    They’re not muslims. They’re moslems.

  18. Steamed McQueen says:

    I’ve often remarked that it will be necessary to gut the WH to the supporting walls and powerwash the marble with bleach just to get the stank of the last 8 years out of it.

    Regarding Melania’s speech: It was a great one, although this morning I’m reading tales of how she didn’t really graduate college and may have lifted some of her speech from elsewhere.

    The college thing: Maybe. Having lived in former Soviet republics I can tell you that a degree from one of their universities isn’t exactly like a similar one from an American college.

    In terms of study, it’s a bit more than a Bachelor’s degree but not quite a Masters. Also, all final exams are oral (get your mind out of the gutter!) so as to minimize cheating.

    About lifting parts of the speech- Where would that have happened? Has there been another potential first lady who was born in Slovenia and grew up to be a model, then later a businesswoman? Because I’m not aware of any?

    I’m loving every minute of this. They threw EVERYTHING they had at Trump and it was all for nought.

    For the first time in a very long time I am hopeful about the future of The United States- and have had a significant portion of my faith in the election process restored.

    But the work isn’t done yet. Not until the morning after election day. And even then, a whole new task starts.

  19. MonkeysBeGone says:

    Ken O’Keefe is a damn fine jew-hater. Fuck all jews everywhere.

  20. Hoff says:


    At first I thought Mike King at Tomatobubble lost it, but … Well, read it and tell what part is wrong.



  21. Annie Oakley says:

    These white women who showed up at the RNC nude with their mirrors make me ill. I’m more upset at these white cucks than anyone else. Where were these stupid bitches when Shannon Christian was raped, sodomized and her breasts cut off? Huh? Nowhere to be found. Hypocritical sluts.

    If a white woman is raped, beaten, sodomized or caught on fire like that poor kid in MS these white women are nowhere to be seen. I’d really like to bitch slap some of these women into next week.

    A white cuck relative of mine is upset with me over the comments I made about the Idaho incident. I’m a terrible person for bringing up the Twin Fall assault of that little 5 year old white girl. So I asked the dumb ass so I guess if they urinated on YOUR daughter, that’s be ok, huh? He’s not talking to me right now.

  22. MonkeysBeGone says:

    @Hoff. At first I thought the Nice, France attack was for real. Mike King is right, though. There would be blood all over that truck if it mowed down 200+ people.

    Peekay Truth has done some great videos on Nice and other hoaxes. He has actually named the fuck state of IsraHell as being behind it. Peekay is an Aussie so he’s going out on a limb naming the fucking jew.

    The guy who got film of the truck coming down the street is a fucking kike who is married to an Israeli politician who is a former Mossad asshole. No surprise there.

  23. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Prevent Israeli Training Of US Police

    There is a link at the bottom of this article if anyone wants to sign. I signed it.

  24. Smitherines says:

    Barney says:
    July 19, 2016 at 9:57 am

    In honor of your monkey post:

  25. Fred says:

    @Hoff & RP
    You know I read both of those articles as well. This is my only problem, although I am inclined to believe it is fake, in spite of the media reporting the truck was going 70mph, when I watched the video the truck was barely moving. Those pictures showing blood splattered all over vehicles are obviously from vehicles traveling at a higher rate of speed not less than 5 mph. Also hitting a few people I doubt will tear the front end off of the truck. The rest of it all seems highly plausible. I do remember watching on cable news a video of the truck moving rather slowly while the reporter stated it was doing 70 mph and I go WTF? But aside from all of that the speed I saw the truck moving at was rather slow and Stone did point out the time vs distance abnormality.

    The (((msm))) and their almost immediately going on about plagiarism after Melania’s speech and dissecting the fuck out of it was rather reprehensible. But typical.

  26. Dave says:

    I wonder if the Jew media will mention the plagiarism of MLK when his holiday comes around? Nope, not a word or a peep about that nigger fraud will be mentioned. The Jew media and all the so called conservative talking heads will so what a honorable man MLK was.

  27. Hoff says:

    Females and speed

    Most women have no conception of speed whatsoever. Let me give you a case from real life. I was driving my brothers car, a station wagon, they are light in the rear.

    My brother in the front seat and his girlfriend in the backseat. Driving late at night and it start to snow as hell. The tires are summer tires in poor condition. Add two inches (five cm) of snow and you got a bad situation.

    It’s hard to see anything really. Where is the road? So of course I drove slowly. Now we are almost home, 200 yard/meters or so.

    -DAMN! Now we are in the ditch. A little skid and a few inches at the wrong side.

    We abandoned the car and walk home. Next day it had stopped snowing and no wind. A very nice and sunny winterday. Not cold really. So towing the car up from the ditch is no big deal and the car started as it should.

    When we discussed this afterwards my brother’s girlfriend claimed that we had at LEAST 65 mph/100 kmh.

    -Say what?! I did no such thing. Top 25 mph/40 kmh. The front fender got a little dent. I have wrecked cars and there is no way I could have driven at 65 mph given the snow.

    No logic argument would stick with this women. Point here is, when you hear a female “journalist” talking about what speed anything has. Forgetting it, they have no clue what they are talking about.

    Well, I really don’t know what to think about Nice, France anymore. From the pictures at Tomato bubble there is no blood stains whatsoever.

    A roadkill at 60 mph with a deer och kangaroo should leave som blood stain. Elk meet a train at 60 mph, the elk loses everytime.

    To rip apart a human body takes some force. The body don’t crack open that easy. But a truck that hits 80-90 bodies … it got to be some blood stains on the truck, but I can’t see any.

    And why is there no bullet wholes where the wheel is on the left side?

    There are remote controlled cars. So that is not impossible. But to me right now is the riddle: Why is there no blood stains on the white truck?

  28. Bailey says:

    Hey Hoff,
    Is that why every time i look in my rear view mirror there’s a woman on my ass ?
    And jew statistics say women are safer drivers than men.

  29. Hoff says:

    Forgot: And the fender would be damaged beyond repair had I gone at 65 mph. Now it was a little dent that could easy be straighted out.

  30. Bailey says:

    That is good news squarepeg but that’ll never happen here.

  31. Ruther says:

    Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Ivanka’s husband is wealthy Jewish and own’s a NY newspaper. Ivanka converted to marry him. She and husband Jared Kushner are Trump’s closest advisers. He wrote Trump’s pro-Israel speech to AIPAC. They got Lewandowski kicked out to get Jared in his place. Trump says he loves Israel, adores Jared his close link to the NYC Jews, and is controlled by Ivanka. Lewandowski likely had a more balanced influence on Trump’s perspectives. Jared and Ivanka are now the Israel firsters in control. No matter how Trump has campaigned, he has already been compromised on issues. How many Jews will be in his administration?

  32. Red Pill says:

    FULL SPEECH: Donald Trump, Jr. Brings Down the House at RNC (7-19-16)

  33. Nationalist says:

    White liberals are out of excuses as of right now. For all of the lying they have done they have failed to prove they are right about anything. It is time for our long lost brothers and sisters to throw in the towel and come over to the right side – the Nationalist side that is.

  34. Red Pill says:


    we may want all the jews gone from the face of the white world.
    be realistic, it ain’t going to fucking happen.
    they will be with us to the end of time.
    to judge a man by his contact with the jews is incorrect.
    it is impossible not to any contact.
    the wheat and the tares have grown together.
    the roots are intertwined.
    one can’t exist with out the other.
    i don’t fucking like them.
    they deceived us.
    i have become jew wise.
    just don’t buy there reality.
    the only power they have over us is by consent or default.
    until the end of the age that’s the way it will be.
    the good news is the end of the age ain’t far away.

  35. Red Pill says:

    Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell gives a tear-jerking RNC speech

  36. Whitepride says:

    God it was so gooooooooooooood to watch Mrs. Trump talk! She is so beautiful, classy, and smart! That black POS Michelle Shithead Obungo is pure black trash! Taken out of the ghetto but is pure nigger trash! Yep they are gonna have to really clean the White House after those those filthy apes! Niggers have a disgusting smell and the bastards try to cover it up by focusing themselves in perfume! Death to all niggers! Onward and upward Trump! Go Trump!

  37. Whitepride says:

    God it was so gooooooooooooood to watch Mrs. Trump talk! She is so beautiful, classy, and smart! That black POS Michelle Shithead Obungo is pure black trash! Taken out of the ghetto but is pure nigger trash! Yep they are gonna have to really clean the White House after those those filthy apes! Niggers have a disgusting smell and the bastards try to cover it up by focusing themselves in perfume! Onward and upward Trump! Go Trump!

  38. Whitepride says:

    God it was so gooooooooooooood to watch Mrs. Trump talk! She is so beautiful, classy, and smart! That black POS Michelle Shithead Obungo is pure black trash! Taken out of the ghetto but is pure nigger trash! Yep they are gonna have to really clean the White House after those those filthy apes! Niggers have a disgusting smell and the bastards try to cover it up by focusing themselves in perfume!

  39. S O G says:

    Michelle is a secretly disbarred failed lawyer who can speak English and Ebonics….
    barely speaks english ..what would you pay for a secret tape od hpw they talk in the white house ..pure treason and monkey ebonox ..bonobonix..obamabonix ..sheetiy mudduh fuhhta wher my sheeyit ayat beeeeaytch ..shutchyo mouwth baer obama ..
    etc ..keeeeeriyse …imagine beoing a fly onn the wall for that shit and listyening to ferret jarrets jew communist treason in the white house i fuckin lying ..
    these peop should all swing from the nearest appendage thaT would supprt their weight ..micheal ovommit tranny girl would need somerthing alittle more subsatntial to hold her rotten carcass up …
    adolf heidler seig heil mother fuckers ..he had a bunch o kikes around him to …people should study the menshevik vs.bolshevik parties inn russia …
    but the problem and i write point backwards too much //the new german rennaiscanc was in full swing long after the mensheviks lost their bid to take russia on a different kind of ride..i think that they would have initiated jew first protos but therr might have not been a bolshevik style mass murder ..but i kind think no …
    point is hitler took his 8 million registerd ethnic german registered communists and turned most of em around in the camps …communism which should been banned here was there in germany 1933 …if you p[ushed that effun slop you got the ticket to concentracion wo0rk camp …arbeit macht frei …work commie jew shit ..
    point now salient one is that hitler had jews in general staff and many registerd nazi party members were jews …kinda blows the propaganda about SS purpose and membership requirements …reinhardt was half jew as were many in the party and socialist infrastructure …hitler made many honorary aryans …i dont think many of them had much honor ….the pact between russia and germany the no agression ..was hitlers way of stalling for time agoiinst uncle joe who was amassing a large contingent of military forces ion the western region of russia for impendiong attack on germany …
    many generals said it is suicide to attack russia and it was .,.the attack was stalled when hitler had to go ina and free greece from shitkikery …the winters in ussr arre over nite …one day autumn and next freezing ass cold ….enough of the history …hitler tolerated alot of shit ..he unified the separate confederated sections of the rhineland ..
    easier to maintain and he made the protestant churches unify as a better way to be strong for the people…more triv …he implemented the paid vacation in germany ..he returned farms that jews has swindled poor farmers out of during the post ww1 depression without compendsation to the filthy jews because they paid pennies on the reichmark for the land ..he ensured thet farms would never leave the families ownerships ……and for all this something went terrbly wrong …jews ..
    being that there wasnt a holocasut because the havaara agreement and the cities hitler paid peole to vacate so he could stick rich jews there out of the way of the war pretty much says that ….the 150,000 jews that served inn wheremacht also says no holocaust and no seizure of arms from jews like they did in turkey in 1915 when they strippped 60,000 armenian soldiers of arms and executed them so tney couldnt defend their countrymen as turkish feces and kikes massacfred armenians ..
    women today are shittier drivers than men in my expoeriance ..i have bitches tailgating me all the time ii mean 5 -6 feet off my bumper more than bastards do ..
    wanna shoot at em ..used to pull shit and scare people lol ..but the annoying camera phones now took that fun away ..
    HOFF or is it H O F F or Ho f F ….heh heh …just wanted yo let you know i cant post a thing over their on “soggies” thredd..ahhy ..i have tried several times to no avail …
    just wonderin …..
    the micheayle monkey comion off the airplane looks liks an escaped girlilla ..
    how did this cunt ever smooth over americas rough edges and be lioke a woman to the people like a real first lady …look at the love jackie kennedy had and lady diana ..
    no fuckin body liked ugleeeee asss michayle ovommit …nasty lo iq humangatan communist suck up muslim jizz bukkit …
    i think they may get on a space ship aqnd return to planet apeshit when they are expelled from the white house cus do you think they will go willingly …
    one thing we never saw the first wildebeest do was engage kids in a spelling bee like the sasqautch moron dan quayle ..what a fuckin buffoon …
    she would have given them a menacing look like whuhthufukaryoulookinat honkee and the kids would have cowered ….
    ask hillary asshole shit bag clinton about the childrens fund thet pres snoozee reagan started ..last anyone heard it had 700,000,000 $ jew notes in nnegotiobale bearer jew bonds and then it vanished …maybe rooted out and moved usinf promis software by inslaw,,,word or rumor was vince foster liked to dance with the devil ..i dont know which one crossdressed but it changed him ….when he grew a conscience and a healthy fear of the clintons ( see “newsfollowup obamabodycount”-google the shit )
    ron brown tried to cross the caBAL dis a plane load of provost martial and high ranking miltary and politicos and there we have it another plane crash ..they were on the way to the white house to serve legal arrest warrants to clintons …basically there was tree in the ay and the jet hit the tree etc etc …pilot maybe was drugged or oxygen generator was crossed with jet exhaust ..who knows …people know …ron braown was murdered with a plane load of people in bosnia ..said he would tell all the fed agancise what they wanteds to know ..hmmmm …rumour was that hillary took all fosters money out of his accounts everywhere with the promis software to blackmail him to stfu ….he got mad and he got dead …common story in the clintons junta….
    i heard someone say that the mexican drug lords and the spanish jew indiaN mix of people known more aptly as hispanic right because they speak spanish but anyway they want to kill trump …i hope trump can get the military on hios side …ovommit has spent the last 8 years firing and killing righteos white military patriots to dimninish the capacity of a military constitutional coup …….
    bernee sanders is just another menshevik wavering on bolshevik who is about 3-4 faced socio path …
    trump is surrounded by jews and so is pootin and so is everyone else …i talked to a jew today was joking about throwing him in the big oven where he works ..he dont care he laughed and said he hated all jews ,he hated orthodox bastards also and any other idiot ..i said there may be hope for you yet mother fucker thats 1 in a million right ..
    God bless trump anyway ……i hope he puts soldiers on our borders but they shoot dope over in barrels from cannons and use remote aqirplanes and submarines etc …
    just to stop the human sewage from washing up on our land would be a start …

  40. carnac123 says:

    As an American I am sooo ashamed of Obama as president and his wife as first lady of the most powerful country on earth (for now). When these people go to Europe and take their group pictures with the European leaders and their wives,….Obama looks like a waiter and his wife looks like a big-ass dyke. They both look so ghetto and with that sullen look on their faces they know they are out of their league in every way. I am sick of classless people running this nation. It will be so good to see a white person and his wife in those photos from now on.

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